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Elects Officers for 1906-A Large Ai
tendance and au Enjoyable Smoker.
Hollywood Camp Woodmen of the
World held its regular annual meet?
ing for the purpose of electing officers
for the year 1906 in the Masonic
Temple Wednesday at S p. m. After
the election, a smoker was held and
a substantial lunch w:as served, which
was greatly enjoyed. Notwithstand?
ing the down pour of rain there was
a, large attendance o? naemoers.
The following officers Jcvere elected:
Past Consul Commander-Lu-1. Par?
Consul Commander-W. B Boyle.
- Advisor lieutenant-J. M. Brog
Banker-7-F. A. Bultman.
Clerk-R. S. Hood.
Escort-J. Ai Warren.
Watchman-J. A. Lewis.
Sentry-J. T. McCoy.
L. L Parrott, R. S. Churchill and C.
31. Hurst, managers.
Columbia, December 21.-The Su?
preme court'yesterday decided that
the city of Sumter must sell rite wa?
terworks bonds and purchase the sys?
tem as determined by a recent elec?
tion. This is the case of Geo. W. Dick
as mayor of Sumter, et al. vs. H. Lee
Scarborough et al. A writ of man?
damus was ordered. The opinion was
"by Associate Justice C. A. .'Woods.
City Clerk and Treasurer Hurst!
stated , today that in accordance with
the decision of the Supreme, court
the water works bonds will be sold
?without further delay. The bonds will
-he issued on January 1st and will be
delivered to William R. Todd & Co., of
Cincinnati, Ohio, to whom the entire
Issue of $1K>,OO0 was awarded when
the bids for the same were" opened
last summer. This firm's bid was the
highest made and was for a premium
of $500 and accrued interest. The
honds are dated July 1, 1905, but un?
der the terms of the bid the city will
not begin paying interest until. 3?n
Hr nary i, 1906; the first coupons falling
fe.due July 1, 1906. \ . .
Wt 3jrK- E- "?.'SMITH SPEAKS.
Bishopville, December '20.-In pur
. Kynance of a call issued by President ?
? John J. Shaw, of the Lee County
?^ranch of th Cotton Growers' Asso
|R?^M5on, the court house was filled by
ME: J3arge number of the best and most
'HLJSfeUigent people of the county. Xot
Swr-Ja^' farmers were present, but bank?
es, mercahnts and^^rsons^L^h?r
impressed hearers"??of*M^^fD. Smith,
president of the State Association:
Mr. Smith, in an exhaustive speech
of about an hour's length, outlined
tht origin, scope and progress of the
Association, and earnestly impressed
-upon his hearers the importance of
Immediate organization.
At the close of the meeting there
-was a rush to the secretary's table by ;
farmers, inquiring after the method
of getting up- township clubs, and by
applicants for the literature of the as
Prominent was the case of one of
the most energetic planters of Una,
Darlington county, .who carried home
with him the necessary blanks for a
new organization, and was making
earnest inquiry of Mr. Smith as to the
formation of a warehouse company.
Lee county h?s lagged last, in the
matter here, but the indications are
that the county will be out In fighting
trim in a very short time.
Building up Beulah.
Beulah-is one of the prettiest and
brightest villages in the coon try and
now that the people cf that section are
enjoying the benefits that come to a
people tbro' bavin? railroad connec?
tions they are evincing a spirit ot
.greater enterprise and will soon have
a flourishing business town there.
Commission for charters were is?
sued to the foilowhg corporations
The Beniah Mercantile Company,
?of Beulah, the capital stock is $23,000,
and ice corporations are Jno. NcSwttn
and eta* rs.
The Bank of Beulah, the capital
stock is ?10,000, aud the corporators
JBO. McSween, W. H Keith, Duncan
McKenzie, D. W. Aldermau.-Flor?
ence Times.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured,
hy local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only way to cure deafness,
..and that is caused by an inflamed
.condition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube is
inflamed you have a rumbling sound
<or imperfect hearing, and when it is
entirely closed, Deafness is the result,
and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its*
normal condition, hearing will be de?
stroyed for ever; nine cases out of ten
are caused by Catarrh, which is noth?
ing but an inflamed condition of the
mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
*^r any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hali's Catarrh Cure. Send for circu?
lars, free
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti?
pation. 12 18-lm
Primos McFadden Hobbed of Cotton
Money By Three Negroes.
From the Daily Item Dec. 20.
Primus McFadden, an aged and
seemingly respectable colored men.
was robbed of $44 in the rear of
O'Donnell & Co.'s* store today. He
had just sold a bale of cotton and
when he placed the money that he
had received from the sale in the in?
side pocket of his coat, he noticed
that he was being watched by a maa
but thought nothing unusual of it.
He stepped back in the lot and ibis
negro, together with two others, fol?
lowed him, The^one who had seen
the money safely placed away, snea te?
ed up behind the old negro, grebbed
him, unbuttoned his coat, and held
him firmly while another of the party
secured the $44 and ran with it.
The old negro was very much dis?
tressed on account of his loss and re?
ported the affair tb the police officers
of the city. One of the three was
captured at 2 o'clock and placed in
the guard house; but no money was
found on his person when the search
was made.
This case will be prosecuted vig
orousr$/and all connected wfth.it will
ye made to suffer.
Under Supreme Court Decision Al?
liance Funds Will Be Distributed.
Columbia, December 21-The funds
of the now defunct Farmers' Alliance
exchange will. now probably be dis?
tributed among the stockholders, ac?
cording to the decision of the supreme
court. In this opinion the decision
of the lower court was upheld. Some
years ago the business agent for the
exchange announced that the moneys
could not .be distributed as was desir?
ed by the stockholders. An injunc?
tion was obtained and a receiver ap?
pointed. The funds ^were then bank?
ed in this city, where they have been
ever since. A meeting of the stock?
holders will soon be called.
The Season of Indigestion.
*The season of indigestion is upon
us. Kodol Dyspesia Cure for indi
gesiaion and dysp-esia wiil do every
thing for the stomach that an over?
loaded or overworked stomach .can?
not do for itself. Kodol digests what
you eat-gives the stomach a rest
relieves sour stomach, benching,'
heart-burn, indigestion, etc. For sale
jy all druggists.
Before Judge Klugh -at Abbeville
-tp& .ati-or-ieys ~ ITT the Lucas-Millikin
case argued to. dissolve the injunction
granted by Judge Klugh in the ?above
named case sometime ago, the court
reserved its decision.
No Opium in Chamberlain's Cough
?There is not the least danger in
giving Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
to small children, as it contains no
opium or other harmful drug. It has
?,n established reputation of more than
SO-years as the most successful med?
icine in use for colds, croup and
whooping cough. It always cures
and is pleasant to take. Sold by aU
Furious Fighting.
?"For seven years," writes Geo.
W. Hoffman, of Harper, Wash., "I
had a bitter battle with chronic stom?
ach and liver trouble, but at last I
won, and cured my diseases by the
use of Electric Bitters. I unhestat
ingly recommend them to all, and
don't intend in the future to be with?
out them in the house. They are
certainly wonderful medicine to
have cured such a bad case as mine.*'
Sold under guarantee to do the same
j for you, by all druggists, at 50c. a bot?
tle. Try- them today.
Meeting of State Grange.
Tbe State Grarjge of South Carolina
beld its 34th annual sesnon i" the
Court House here on December 13th
and 14th.
The worthv mpster. W. K. Tbomc
sou, of Liberty Hill, called the meet?
ing to order prcmptiy st 10 o'cloc k
last Wednesday morning. Hie worthy
secretary, W. A. James, was in bis
seat and all other cificers ,weie pres?
ent except two. A great deal of ?ok?
ular business was transacted. This
being the time for the regular bien?
nial election, a good deal of the sec
ono was ayddevoted to the i lection
and installation of the officers-, viz:
W. K. Thompson, Master; C. J.
Rollins, O V; L. A. Moore, LP?; Mc?
Donald Davis. Stewart; J. F Bov
kin, A. St; C. D. Peterson. Chain
lain; J. W. Davis, Treas: W. A.
Jam83 Sec; J. F. Stokes, G. Keefer:
Mrs. M. M. Rollins Ceres: Mi-s M.
Gibson. Pom8ria; Mrs. W. K. Ti.onto
?on, Flora; Miss Lucia Gibson, L
A. 8".
The W. Master presented his annual
address during the afternoon of the
firr? day. N3ost of the other officers
also made their annual reports.
The attendance was the larges!- and
most enthusiastic we have had in sev?
eral years, ara while the second day
was an extremely rainy and disagree
able one, still the attendance and zeal
I ? as unabated. Late in the afternoon
of tl e 14th the Grange closed its la?
nnis iii ter a vcrv busy ?ind prcs
perous session. The Master's address
was an able paper and showed that
tbe Grange was a power in fbi N< rth
and North West anil are remese in
the reforms that are now K h< ld
of our .people to root out rascality
and corruption whenever it exists -
Bisbopviile Vindicator.
Spart?pburg December. IS.-The
entire Glenn Springs property has
been sold to a syndicate of Spartan
burg men hy the Messrs. Simpson;
who have owned and conducted thc
famous resort for many years.
The transfer includes 5G acres of
; land, the hotel, bottling works and
everything else connected with the
springs, where thousands of South
Carolinians and persons from, ali over
the South have spent so many pleas?
ant days.
Tbs purchasing syndicate is com?
posed of the following well known
business men:
A. L. White,' president of the Mer?
chants' and Farmers' Bank of Spar
V. M. Montgomery, president of Pa
colet mills.
W. S. Montgomery, president of
Spartan mills.
Aug. W. Smith, president of the
Eank of Woodruff and the Woodruff
I cotton mill, 'and the owner of the
j large dry goods establishment in
J. Eoyce Lee, a local capitalist.
A new Glenn Springs company will
be organized, for which a charter has
already been applied for, the capital?
ization, of which will be $20$OOO.' It
is the intention of the purchasers to
deve?.op the property in every way and
to make of the place a resort even
more popular than the springs have
heretofore been, and with such strong
financial and business backing there is
no doubt that this will be done.
The Last Chance.
Our clubbing 'offer will remain open
but a short time longer and those
who wish to receive the Watchman
and Southron, the Review of Reviews,
j Cosmopolitan and Woman's Home
Companion during 1906 for half price
should send in their* orders at once.
The Watchman and Southron and the
three magazines named will be sent
to any address for $3.50. It is the
best combination subscription" offer
we have ever made.
King of All Cough Medicines.
*Mr. E.' G. Case, a mai] carrier of.
Canton Center, Conn., who has been
in the U. S. service for about 16 years,
says: "We have tried many ' cough
medicines for, croup, JMt. Chamber?
lain's Cough Remedy is king of all
and one toW relied upon every time.
We also find it the best remedy for
coughs and colds, giving certain re?
sults and leaving no bad after ef?
fects. For sale by all druggists.
Appclt Preaches Temperance. j
Tne amen?t of whiskey sold in tb? j
Manning Di>pensary for the year
endlos: .November '?Otb, according tc
tbp State Commissioner's report, wrs
80*5,504 25 This is a fearful amount of
money that conld have been r sed
for netter purnose?. Think of it at
?00 per bale it represents a mo ev
value of 1,100 bales ot' cotton. At ?5
per barrel it represents 11,101 barr-]s
of flour- brtad enongfa to sustain life
in the entire;popnlatio:i for month*.
At 82 per prir 'it represents ?7,752
pair of sloes-enough to pur a good
qnaiity of shoes on tbe feet of nearly
every mau, woman ana child, white
and black, in the county. There are 20
school districts in the coon ty, and if
this ra*t amount of money was to he
divided rqually between tbe districts
each district would receive -5*2,ISL77.
an amount snffici^ut to build elegant
school houses and equip them thor?
oughly. People, what ure we think?
ing about to continu* this condition
of tbinss? How many debts would
this vast amount of liqour money pay?
Bow many morreases it wculd lift
from the homes? How ma-y farms
conld be equipped completely? How
many homes wculd be made happy?
The thought is appaling, ano yet we
go on and on sowing this seed of
ruin. Asida from tbe moral phase
look up the business side, and let
each man ask himself the question,
Does it pay?-.Vi ann inp Times.
Clear the Way.
?The mission of "Early Risers" is
to clear the way and give nature full
sway. These famous little pills rid
the stomach and bowels of all putrid
natter, thus removing the causes of
headache, constipation, sallow com?
plexion, etc. Dewitt's Little Early
Risers never gripe or sicken. A safe,
pleasant, perfect pill. Mack Hamil?
ton, hotel clerk at Valley City, X. D.,
says: "Two bottles of these famous
little pills cured me of chronic con?
stipation." Sold by all druggists.
The Delineator for January.
Thc Delinestor beaits the New Year
wit!i s:? attractive cover ard a flispiay
or ah t. at is hew in the ia-hion
worio, jo say nothing of tfae many
fVat?<res lit literary excellence. Of
part k c lax (fi Kit si is article by
Pb? tm as ter Gentra! Gortelycu, de?
scribing iyotaau's place and share of
work in tee postal sei vice. Trie arti?
cle ic the "fcafe Fooa" sprits is de
v?tea io ? discussion of the real value
of ginci se a? a food px'oduct. Cecilia
L'it'tCS ?iVrS her ! pi t-SSIOCS of
Opt!-, i ia,: 1 s cbaiacTer wuicti s'.e has
aettd wi: h saectss, and N H y t? > on
Moor** britts ot "Ole*-Fashioned
beds,V "Th!- Pr: sideni of Qut-x,"
Htl-i? M. Winslow's clo fe story, is
continues, a seri cu* note bein? intro?
duced in tLe discus- lo ti cf child la?
bor, "At Spinster Farm5' is con?
cluded, as well ES John Luther Lon?!s
clever Story or ibe sia^e, "Castles in
?pal:!.'" The eaucatics of roe child is
the subject uf a tbcui?htioi pfptr by
Dr. Grace P. Murra., ana ?Mr, otner
pastimes for litii re?a- kieinde the
first i f a aeries of fairy t?l?.s ny Alice
Brown. The var uns '.;ep<s: role ii ts are
filled with matt-.r us '.Merest and
value to the woman of th? uome.
The Brooklyn baseball team . will
train in Columbia as usual this spring.
Notice of Election.
State of South. Carolina,
County of Sumter.
I Notice is hereby given that an elec?
tion will be held at the several pre?
cincts established by law in Sumter
County, on Thursday, January 4th,
for member of the House of Repre?
Polls at each voting place will be
opened at 7 o'clock a. m., and closed
at 4 o'clock p. m.
The following named persons have
j been appointed managers of election,
Sumter, Ward 1-H. G. McKagen,
A. Wedenfeller, W. A. Weathers.
Sumter, Ward 2-W. S. Dinkins, J3.
P. Cuttino, W. T. L. Marshall.
Sumter, Ward 3-W. J. Jennings, J.
D. Blanding, T. M. Jones.
Sumter, Ward 4-G. E. Richardson,
Charles Thames, M. C. Kavanaugh.
Stateburg-Henry Frierson, Guy
Nelson, Whiteford Thompson.
Providence-D. C. McLeod, E. P.
Scarborough, W. A. Spann.
Rafting Creek-J. W, Young, J. D.
McLeod, R. S. Brown.
Bossards-J. H. Robertson, E. C.
Brown, T. D. DuBose.
Mayesvilie-W. N. McElveen, J. F.
Eland. Jr., J. H. Wilson.
Shiloh-J. D. Frierson, J. F. Dennis,
W. S. Truluck.
Concord-J. J. Brunson, P. L.
Jones, Daniel Davis.
Privateer-J. R. Kolb, Manning
Hodge, R. H. Ramsey.
Wedgefield-Thomas Troublefield,
George Hartsoe, H. D. Cain.
Bloomhill-Alfred Owen, S. M.
Coulter, G. T. Geldings.
On the day of election the- managers
must organize by the election of a
Chairman and a Clerk, if necessary.
The chairman elected is empowered
to administer oaths.
The managers have the power to fill
any vacancy, and if none of the man?
agers attend, the citizens can appoint
from among the qualified voters the
managers, who, after being sworn, can
conduct the "election.
At the close of the election the man?
agers and clerk must proceed publicly
to open the ballot boxes and count the
ballots therein, ?nd continue without
adjournment until the same is com?
pleted and make a statement of the
Within three days thereafter, the
chairman of the board, or some one
designated by the board, must deliver
to the Commissioners of Election the
poll list, the boxes containing the bal?
lots and written statements of the re?
sult of the election.
One of the above named managers
for each precinct must can upon tho
Eoard of Commissioners, at the office
of the Freeman Publishing Co., No. S :
East Liberty street, on or before Jan?
uary 2nd, 1906, to receive ballot boxes,
poll lists and instructions and to qual?
W. O. CAIN, Chairman.
Commissioners State and County
For your Fruit. For Fruit Cufi?* !
Christmas at hand. Call fer Xmas
goods. Full line Toys, Candies and
j Fruits==a!I kinds.
Dealers in General Merchandise, Dry Goods,
I Groceries, Notions, Shoes and Hardware.
Cake chocolate for baking. Jello, Evaporated Apple?,
Evaporated Cream, C inned Oysters, Peaches, Toma?
toes, Columbia River Salmon, etc. '
Fresh Fish and Oysters every Saturday at I
' 1 o'clock. '
How- to Conquer , .
^?SaV.ff U.!'.1 ll? IIIIIIJIII I, ? ffg'l " 1 ""'
?iflP^li? /?rT>\ *ts ?nou?h if You
o!Wm. gil I ^se the Sight -
\? /?fcV j E? stiffer from colds ? Do you realize
\ f si0^^>^ the great dangers in colds ?
jv^> ^jy\ ^^^^^^^^^L eYC>n m0rc sPce?^*t?an Jou can ?r^ve out
{??LQ^, ^OW^M Rub Corran\s Pneumonia Cure over your
X^T^S. 'iv?Sfe? S chest or throat. Gowan s goes in. It j
If w 1 S drives out a^ cold, all inflammation, al
r>v \S \ r j evil germs. Cures a cold in one night
K f =] "1 t&?^K. f Believes croup in 15 minutes-cures in on<
W y W V *^?*<^* / night. Guaranteed to cure pneumonia.
\&1 \t\^ fvyl All druggists sell
"Tt affords me pleasure to testify to the merits of CURE
Cowan's Pneumonia Cure. Last December I waa '
threatened wah pleurisy; in tact the physician pro- _ , , , -, -
nouncen it pleurisy, and treated me for two weeks (jet a DOttlC TO-uay and be prepared
for the trouble, with no beneficial results. A friend prn"n /Vnniiah fnr ?in orri i no rv <vVlr?
gave me a trial bottle of your remedy, and i waa ^roup size ^enougn lor an oramary com
completely restored to health within a very short cou^h, or a sore throat) in 25-cent bottles
time. \ou certainly have a marvelous remedy, and D i ?ii^ C1 nn Cow+. r" -
I never fail to speak a good word for it- I shall Keguiar bottles, $1.00. bent Dy mail OM
alwaya keep a bottle of it on hand for emergencies, receint nf nrire fl
"B. S. BKOWN. *COT??C Ul JJ!u.c. SD
*fcKeroersville C *'*?5^
"Salesman for T. J. Willi*."' ' Gowan Medical Co., Durham. H. C* fl
flore Horses and Mules and Betti
Horses and Mules
Two carfully selected carloads just in. They are right,
price is right and they need selling badly.
A full line of Buggies, VVa. ons and Harness ?iways on hal
I sell the celebrated MILBURN WAGON*.
October the 17th,
T"wo Ceti8 Loal
Four Matched Pairs
of Horses in the Lot.
_ v
If you have PROPERTY FOR SALE, it is my business to
sell it for you. But in order to make the sale, I must have the
matter in business shape.
Write me for 1?? s-. ri pt ion Blank, sign the contract on the
back of sai^.e. an : return to me. It the price given is reason?
able, I will advertise and sell the property for you.
The contract 1 wish you to sign is as foilows :
The State cf South Carolina, i
County of Sumter j
for a period of...
t be rate of.
terms :us follows;
bereb\* INt for sale thc within described property withK. B. Boiser
....months from date and authorize him io negotiate a sale for same at
dollars per acre or . dollars tor tire whole property, on
And further airree thai during the period herein above mentioned. 1 will not offer the
said property to any one at a price lower t nan that above specified, nor on terms more favor?
able than above authorized, and that 1 will refer all applicants to li. li. Belser: Provided it
is understood and agreed, thai I shall have the privilege of revoking the authority above
conferred after bavins sriven thirtv davs written notieeoisuch intention: bul no at tempted
withdrawal will be effective und? rthis'agreemeni ?vitboutsuch previous notice.
And further, in case of sale made by h' B- Belser. or through any agency employed
by him. whether t h rough personal solicitai ions, hy advertising or otherwise: or ii he basin
any way contributed to a saleof said Droperi v. e\en th ?ugh concluded by myself. I agree to
paytosaid lt. 1>. Bels< r. as compensation foi Ids services in affecting the sale....... ....per
cent, commission on the purchase price for said property, to be paid to lum immediately up?
on thc receipt of 'he ?rsi installment paid in hythe purchaser of the said properly.
Witness my hand and seal this.il:>>" of.190
In the presence of:
...[te all
I HAVE DEMAND for several NICK FARMS, E. g : A 10
horse farm in high state of cultivation in good community.

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