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What the President of the Schaefer Manufacturing Company, the Largtsst Manufactory of Cocaine, Strychnine
and Other Deleterious Alkaloids, Says :
I BB i z:rr~irr-. r-y-r --r
This is to certify that I, Dr. Louis Schaefer^ President of the ; analysis of the obtained sample, using the best knowledge of not a trace of Cocaine, which has very pronounced char*
Sh - MTT Alkaloid Works,, Maywood, IST J,, manufacturers of j my long experience in chemistry of alkaloids to isolate thej ac:-eristics, could be detected
wTeine, Cocaine and Strychnine and other Alkaloids, have, ? a??a]?ids of the sample. I found the sample contained a small ! ^ne a?ove experiments prove, to me conclusively that the
m request from the Coca-Cola Company,, bought a sample j percen?age of Csfftme, which is the alkaloid of the Cocoanut j Co?a-?ok T % Coca-Cola Company, does not
?o? Coca-Cola liquid in the open market for the purpose of j which ak) ^ ?n qua?tities ? ?ea leaves ?7ld co{fee. beuns j contain S, trace of Cocaine:
analyzing the same with the view of ascertaining whether the j 0utside the Caf?ine ? could not isolate any other alkaloids ? ! (Signed) . BR. L. SCHAEFER,
syrup contains Cocaine or other deleterious alkaloids. j especially directed my effife? to the detection: of Cocaine. For! Acknowledged before me this eleven-th day of March,.
I On March 7th, 1901 Invent to the drug store of J. Miihau^^ . j made ated fractioi)al extractions of the total ^v?: 19W.
Son 183 Broadway. INew York City, and ordered a pint oil T . . .. . [ 1X . T
origil Coca-Cola syrup. I obtained a bottle, which the drug-1 ^abids obtained.from the syrup. I narrowed the tra?ons (Mgned) ALBERT PRENKEu,
gist as erted was taken from the original cask. I winch should contain all the Cocoaia&e of tne samp??, if there j Notary Public,
I ; nade during the 8th, 9th and 10th ot March a thorough ] was any present,, repeatedly down, to lind that in each case-that \ No. 68. Kings Co, New York.
tronga/ij-iuK w?KiK--rv.ro:w.rM.VBUi^^
? ;: ii?tem aili) jad?to
The Ju?iiier Watchman was founded
1850 -?.i. I the True Southron in 1S66. T
'vfaicltv-.ato and Southron now bas the coi
hmed reola tioii and izL?aence of both
ifciee aid pape: s, and is manifestly the be
- ?^Ycniilng metfrom in Sumter.
Theodore Price has renewed h
fight on cotton prices and in anticipa
lion of the Cotton Growers' Associa
lion r/.c-eting in . New Orleans has is
-sued a broadside consisting of cotto
Jes and specious arguments t
; create the impression that there i
pow e. surplus of cotton in sight and
Recrease in consumption, owing: t
high prices, a foregone .eonclusior
3dr. Prices'' bearish tactics may hav
?some effect on the sp?culative market
Tbut the cotton growers have the sit
lotion well in hand. They own th?
^surplus cotton, if there is a surplus
M men authorities equally as reliabb
as Mr. Price dispute, and they are it
^position to reduce this year's crop t<
jj^jeh an extent that there will be ?
^fi??t. The price of cotton really
nrake? :" .:le difference t^the manufac?
turer ir. ;he long run, fof they inereas*
of the xn&sufactr?.re<i pro
?iently IQ cover the addec
;tton and leave them a big:
gia The South can better a-f
; ?y high prices for cotipe
^oods th stn to sell the raw cotton at
jgjfervation prices in order that the bal?
ance of t he world may be cheaply
S&td. Mr, Price's advice to cotton
grow J s is gratuitous, if not altogether
geiflsh, . .d his object is very probably
own the price of^potton so
manufacturers may make
even greater profits on the contracts
they- have sold ahead on v the basis of
J2 ip ?0 cent cotton,,
* * *
. >artanburg correspondent of
v and Courier makes the fol
jfowing - iservation: "The election of
a cb ? ;ostice is attracting some at
rjion vp this way amongst the law
? intelligent laymen. Several
r;awy- skilled in the law, with, clear
Jioznpn honsion and with ab?lty to
write their decisions in concise and
: : st /. .able l?nguage, have been
mentored in a quiet way in connec?
tion with the office." There are, no
doubt, at least, "several lawyers, skill
. :. : law" in South Carolina who
ir; --xii respects qualified and pet
feci?y .. ailing to write concise decis
the Supreme Court. If Chief
^pe is to retire or be retired,
.11 be more lawyers than the
?dei ' term "several" implies after
feia ; - i, and their names will he
->!'.>: ?d quitely and otherwise be
v election is over. We believe,
how-; . in special training for special
also in promotion for merit,
'ore we suggest that in the event
Ch retirement of Chief Justice
Pop.- : e the retirement voluntary or
forced, one of the circuit judges bc
pro:: ?ted. The experience gained oy
years of service on the circuit bcncli
.ost poi?:ole training for a Su?
preme court judge. Eesides there Ls
net nuch risk as there is in select?
or:? : iwyer who has not proven hi*
' to fill a judicial position ac
; /. The bar of the State have
bao jortunity to form a fairly cor
rect imate of the ability of all the
eircui: judges and to be able to say
which one would make the best Chief
Sj Jus*/ e
. * *
The >umter Item reproduces the ed
* ftriai of The News and Courier ?dvo
-t eating legislation prohibiting the use
4n Sou:h Carolina of other than safe?
ty matches, and this is a sign that The
.. Item . ;ews the suggestion with favor.
We .-..<h that The Item and other
South karolina papers would give this
important matter the attention that
ii undoubtedly merits. If laws pro?
hibiting the manufacture, importa?
tion, i e and use of matches that will
friction with other substances
--* V,n-v xviii ?fl VP tr? t Vi o
; State hundreds of thousands o? doi
! lars each year, should not such raws
j be speedily 4pacied?-News and Cou
i rier.
j The News and Courier is correct.
I The Item does heartily endorse the
! suggestion that the legislature enact a
j law prohibiting the sale and use of
[any save safety matches. Such a law
j would, if enforced, prevent many fires
j and would go a long way toward re
j habilitating the reputation of the. Long
i suffering rat.
* * *
The charges made by Mr. Means/
for many years clerk, of the Sinking
Fund Commission, against Secretary
of State Gantt, call for a. very search?
ing investigation. As Tillman, was
wont to remark in the stirring days of
'90, "There seems, to.be some thing
rotten in Denmark..'"
* *? *
Congress is spending, so much: mon?
ey on irrigation in the arid West, on
building roads intthe Philippines and
on getting ready to. begin digging the
Panama canal that there is none ieft
for river and harbor improvements at ;
home, or for public, buildings.. It is an
old saying that charity should begin
at home, and we believe that congress
should apply the same rule, to- the ex?
penditure of p?nbric money for m^v.r*.
* * *' j
The legislature esonyeasd ort \
Tuesday ami will adjourn; forty ways
thereafter. We trust, the combine!
wisdom o? the law makers will be
equal to the practical solution of all
of the important matters, that must
come up for settlement at this session.
<? * * /
The dispensary investigating com?
mittee will unquestionably afford Sen-- jj
ator Tillman the fullest and freest!;
possible opportunity to tell all n&
knows of "collusion" and all other
forms of graft in the State dispensary,
when the proper time arrives. We
have every confidence in the honesty
of purpose, -..horoughness and good j
judgment cf this committee and if tho
legislature will only back them up
and give them the power to require
witnesses to testify, the investigation
will be a real investigation before they
get through with it. Director John
Bell Towill, who informed the com- ?
mittee a few days ago. that he was
eager to dance to any- music the com?
mittee might furnish, will also be giv
.en the chance to <jut the pigeon wing
the gin rickery and other fancy ?
steps he may have learned since he ?
abandoned the Y. M. C. A. for the G. !
M. I.
* * *
Governor Heyward's annual message ?
which was read in the General As- j
sembly is a comprehensive, but j
not voluminous document. We pub- j
I Va it today in condensed form to ac- j
commodate it to to our available space* j
The extracts given cover thc most im?
portant features of the message and
contain the recommendations that are
of most general interest. The part of
the message referring to the dispen?
sary system will undoubtedly arouse
the antagonism of -those people and
newspapers that have been clamoring
for months past for the summary de?
struction of the entire system root and
branch by means of the Brice law or
any other instrument that could be
made available, and we are awaiting
with interest the criticisms and com?
ments that will follow. It goes with?
out saying that The Daily Item has
no adverse criticism to make on Gov?
ernor Hey ward's views for the reason
that they are in entire accord with
the position we have maintained and
the views we have expressed from
time to time. We believe that the dis?
pensary system is theoretically the
best method yet devised for the regu?
lation and control of the liquor traf?
fic, and that the only reason that it
has not been more satisfactory in
praictical operation is because of the
men who have been in charge of its
administration. Honest men can be
found to manage the business ,and in?
stead of a machine for graft produc?
tion it oan be made a s vs tem for the
j control of the liquor evil, it is to be .
I hoped that Governor- Hayward's sane, ?
j conservative and. reasonable views will \
j have their influence oa the members j
j of the legislature. The message as a j
? a whole is worthy of careful reading, i
i '
The legislature can do no better than ;
to adopt his recommendations.
* * *
Cole L. Blease, of Newberry, says !
he is a candidate for governor. He may j
be the sort of man soma people want j
for governor of. South. Carolina, but j
he is not our ideal. Newberry has the j
distinction pf furnishing a w sird as- !
sortment of office-seakers, two ot j
whom, Blease^ and A. C". Jones; cannot
be duplicated! in thear Ees3?edive pe?
Col. John. Bell Towsll: w?EB atoando:*
the dispensary - for a?, goedr Job with
the Armour: Packingg Company. He
has at lasti. reached* yeaara of discre?
tion. He would have- been: wiser to
have kept ant of t?e; d?s?ensairy/ alto- -
.Lascaster, Jan. ?:-J? Hasei Wither?
spoon, i&e popular manager of the
Lancaster Mercantile Company, of
which Gol. Springs i* president, was
?ahgerefcs?j shot today hf Tf-i. E-. S. j
Mc?pw, a pr?oticrog p&v?krias ->f
Lac causer. The cifSiraity occurred in ;
front of the compacts store and tbej
particulars as learned by yonr corres-i j.
pond^s&t are a*>cnt as? follows : i
Mt. Witaes&poGn standing talk-;,
ing to Mr. Samuel Roberts, a farmer j
froia whom, he had jost bought some j
cotton, wb^n Dr. McDow walked np.J
and asked 3ir. W?iherspoon something?!
about the company's refusal to semi j
bim a lamp which he had ordered.. Mr.
Witherspoon replied that Dr. McDow i
had not treated them right about a.
baby carriage, referring to a previous I
rnattar. Dr. McDow strnck at Mr. j
Witherspoon over the shoulder ot Mr. f
Roberts,, who was standing- between.
then-, knocking off Mr. Robertas hat. ?
W. MJPB. Brown, a clerk in the store,
ran tip and strnck Dr. McDow, knock- j
ing kim down. As the 12octor arose be j
began shooting with a revolver, which i
he had drawn, firing three shots. Two ?
of the bullets struck Mr. Witherspoon*
ojie in the body, ente-ring the lungs, andi
the other hitting him on the wrist. One
bullet struck Mr. Brown on the
Mr. George Beath, manager of. the.
Heath-Jones Company, and others ran
up and stepped the shooting Mr.
Heath placing himself in front of Mr.
Witherspoon and begging Dr. McDow
not to sheet bim again. Dr. McDow
was arrested ana taken to jail by
Sheriff Hunter and a policeman, the
sheriff having first disarmed the'Doc?
tor, who had two pistols.
As soon as a conveyance conic be ob- '??
tained, Mr. Witherspoon was carried
to his borne. In addition to local
physicians, he is being attended by :
Dr. Pryor, of Chester, and Drs. Fen- !
nell and Stevens, of Rock Hill, the ;
latter having beer brought to Lancas- '
ter on a special train.
Th's physicians regard Mr. Wither- ;
spoon's condition as biting extremely :
critical. They say thct there is some
hopes for him, however, if pneumonia ?
does not set in or an abscess term ?
around the bullet, which, they think, i
lodged in the lungs.
The shooting has caused intense ex
citemeot here. Mr. Witherspoon is one
of tue most popular young men in Lan?
caster, being a universal favorite, and !
the entire community anxiously awaits j
tidings from bis bedside.- Ne wa and
Cornier. I
On farming lands, long time, no
commission charged. Borrower pays
actual cost c . perfecting loan.
For furthe- information address
John 15. Palmer & Son,
1 3 6m Box 2S2, Columbia, S. C.
Makes Kidney and Bladder Bight
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggs?s
A Busy Medioine for Busy People.
Brings Golden Health and Renewed Vigor.
A specific for Constination, Indigestion. Live
and Kidney Troubles Pimple, Eczema, Impure
Blood, Bad Breath, Slue^ish Bowels, Headache
and Backache. It's Rookv Mountain Tea in tab?
let form, 35 cents a box. (jpnuine made by
for childrenf ?afrn, ?ur?. J?o opiato?
2ZFO&T OF C?:t??EX03i O? TUE
Farmgrs' Bank w? Tryst ?y
For Quarter Ending; Bee. 3!, !9??;. j
Loans ans? Discounts,
Real ?*rate
Furnia ? anil Fixtures*
Overdrafts- Secured ULOI Un
secured r
Ca^h ora has('r. Cash It3cc<! and
in otbM San?s,
Capita Li Sfoefe paid in i
TJndivicJ?d Profit?*,
Due to Itenks and Baa4?rs=
IndividaE* Deposits, su&jeefc
$234,7877 33 j
1,901 24 j
<S.4Ii> 38 \
.8Q& 34
$6o,ooo oaf .
7,20? 45 H t
24S?324 I? Ll
$323.371 $7 ! S
I, Bw 1- Sol mur dB, .CSSBM?T of the above f .
camed Bank, do solemnly swear that the- ; *
above statement xs tresa- to tba best ?fr raj i 1
knowledge and belief. j
B. L. HS>MUNDSy Caa&tec. ' <?
Subeeribedand s warn to, before JQ?J t?as .
the 2?d day of Jan. 33*58.. 1
GEO* lu BICKEIV Notary Public, & C
Carrect Attest:: ?
C.?. BOWL?.NU Pres*.
j R.J. BLAND. ?
Jan. 2. ' Directors. I
? am aaam ready to fill your
orders*for early an/l Inte varie?
ties ot: Cabbage Plants. They
are grown in open air, near salt
water, and will ssand hard cold
without injury.
Prices $1 per 1,000 ;
larger the lots, smaller the
price per 1 OOO. Speeial in?
ducements to dealers.
12-20-2M ME6GETTS, S. C.
Gins, Feeders, Condensers. Etc.
Columbia, <S. C.
Tho strongest, ibe simplest and most
economical of all Stump Pullers. Try it
before you pay for it. Guaranteed to
pull your stumps or no pay asked. Be
sure vou write us before you buy else?
where. Write for Free Booklet giving
terms and prices.
{Johnston S. C.
Mention this paper. 10-11-x
er DRUGS, and nervous diseases
Charges more reasonable than oth?
er like institutions. $25.00 per week
pays for treatment, remedies and
Results absolutely the same.
Address for particulars,
Greenville, S. C.
Or Dr T, O. Corbett.
The- fertilizer season is now upon us, and ev
dry progressive farmer is calculating his re?
quirements. We have alway? advised small,
acreage and liberal, fertilization* as we believe
it the-safest and most economic; policy to adopt,,
md? particularly at season liise the one upon,
whick we are now entering, on account of the*
seriousness of the? labor situation- Owing, to.
>ur extensive association with farmers, we
aavean excellent opportunity of judging; ret?
raits* and our observations have convinced us
?hat small acreage in cottoaa, with plenty of
jrain, both well fertilized, yields best results.
Iiis unnecessary for us t? take up space in
idvocacy of the superior brands of fertilizers
?ve handle. They are the sam$, <as we have
leen selling for ten years, and as some of the
argest and most progressive planter? in this
md adjoining counties are our patron^ that is
sufficient. A well pleased customer ist e best
advertisement any business can have.
Already we have made some large contracts*
md we observe a growing disposition to buy
Jae higher class of goods, and we want our
xiends to know that the factory we represent*
ind for whom we are sole agents in the county*
mil make for us any grade of goods for which
?ve have demand. There is no material change
n the fertiliser situation as compared with a
fear ago, and considering the difference in the
price of cotton, farmers have cause to rejoice.
We have every reason to believe we will/Sell
ill of our old customers, but in. making our
contracts we provided for some nev/ ones, and
;hose who have never tried our fertilizers, will
io well to inquire from their neighbors, how
hey were plaasQd with them, then sse us
ts to prices.
Wishing all our Mends a Prosperous. New
On February 1st, Durant's Pharmacy will give away a hacd
ome Gold Watch worth $40.00, or its equivalent, to be se
ecteci at Folsom's Jewelry Store.
The watch will be awarded to the person who guesses near?
est the number of seed contained in the big pumpkin now on
A disinterested committee will be appointed to cut the
mmpkin vrid count the seed the day the contest closes.
With each five (5) cents purchase one guess is given. Ask
br a 1 'Pumpkin guess" ticket, and record one guess for each
> cents you spend.
Durant's Pharmacy.

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