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The watchman and southron. (Sumter, S.C.) 1881-1930, July 24, 1909, Image 1

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tion. Mm l.rad Dimu'rn'iis ROVOU?
Ihiyne In \rm>r-rYngplmlvca Ibdd
i ?mferem e.
Washington. July 2??. ?The tariff
bill was hoisted above the blckertltgl
of congressional conferees today and
transferred bodily from the capltol
to th* White House. |>e.id|oeked b
cause of the attitude of Represent"?
tt\e I'ayne. wie? apparentlv |MM hi
come obsess.i| with th. growing eon
%iction that he l* in the minority, th
eonfere?M gbaad ?ned the usual iit? I
hOOf] session. Senator Ablrich and
Speaker t'itni'nn repaired to 111
Whit,. HOUSS haste to eOflSUit
with President I'aft. literally lakitlg
the tariff bill l th them.
What h.ipp* ned at the Whit
Hones bet wees IIm nfeeldont ami th
?COAtl gftd hjOfMM N aders is a sealed
book Wh? n Messrs. Ahlrich and
i'.mn.)Ti r? turned to the capltol tie >
minimi/...I the difference* that bad
aroused bitternin the confereue
room and insisted that n stfllng tin
usual had occurred,
N?'\ertheb-*.* there has been tnniM
behind those c!n?*?i| nnd miftrdcl
do..is th;it -hut the pnldie from th
room wtnre to. ft*] tariff ?all |g b*
Itm e oi-tnu t. d. Some v;iy th it the
difference* between aenntof Aldrlch
and pre. ,nt itlv e I'ayne have taken
such form that pfogreea is ImpoewlbU
unless th? peeeMeal hai Inflnen
eieojuh to ? ornp. I action
From .i oredltnble eourc* it we
lenfawd that a erlabt went reach**!
when an erTort WM mad. kite v
lerem) t.. \..t. . .n lumber, Mr. Payn
protected and a re, tied that stub
move w<ojbl be unfair t>> the pi
dent as this was on.- of the sub', pti
praethalh M.bmitt'd t<? him fOff ad?
justment, providing he could
\ ?te* enouuh in the I WO houct -
ad ?|U . omp- omi e tit. s.
Mi I'ayne is reported have said
that b<< would not sInn ? confers
report gserOl) l.eiljx ,, 111 I jof 11 \
the betete Republican conferee* hut!
aejreod t.? it. WHk ins nm\ talk) lurl
ed about him. Mr. Payne .-t.iik< <i an
uriis freejg the room.
When .i-k.d whv an earl) ;oliou n
ment for the day w is tohen loduy,
Mr Aldi eh and other conferee* mi I
it was to are* ill ??f them en r?p|mr?
tunity to consult with collenguee mi
? oi ? tuen! - it ..at proposal* for tie
itb in. nt
Tb. gi n
W ho ( ilb d
i ? n'l\ |n pi
from hi* p..
111 i I... 11 - w ?
t ?d.<. nhog
Pa) at '* act l
nniiil . r w a*
support oj :
West vh mi
e . ?\ that \
f th
to. i 'i
uhllenns n
ma Preelek
i with hit
T ?ft
i? at ?
I.. .,
in ih. . .
I;, p.
Ill o|.
? i: ? || IS ?
pi .. ? m m
aalao ii
ih. 'I Mi
A ? ? ?Ii ???'?? ol l?,. ;. . . y, I I
amhlk .hi ? ii ii 'i h?d?l lmnt<
di itetj aftof ib. ... n ih ml.?
Afh i ib. i onft I 11
tai -hi
-Th. lb puble v ho
to \..?? f.o 11..- pendln i i in t. 11 I
Hb. ii i? p i v. d th.i. h
gfeatrj pi- |S*?| and ? ? o b\ .
efforts of the pi. she ni lo ? It il ii
th. . am i*??r of th. ne i tii ? e i
euere be of hi htnHienci with 'b < ?>,,
1.mvnlth ? i? i 'in . ii to- t
b ?|?i lb i' |e v> II ?? U ?. ?-*\ ill in
ear log real rovlaloa
"it i- 11 Ideal f' oin vn h it in- ii >
-he?! April, 1850.
'Be Jual ui
said through tin- presi Ihul tin pn- :
dent seeks not onlj to reduce the du?
lieg on eertnln so-c ? ? d rau matt rials
lint lo moderate Ihi high rntei upon
manufactured artlcli n,"
Democratic eenntori said the! Ren?
ntor McKnery will ?< the only mem?
ber .>r the tonnte minority who win
.??!?? for ti>e adoption of the confer?
ence report.
Tio- house rati of i conti n pound
>?ii monastic sand, med In maklnii
l.i- mantles, was Adopted by tin- con*
fireoi lode) in preference to tin sen
ate rat?- of f, cents a pound* (lei mate
ties ?crap, when th< senate has pro
Vlded with a matt ri lly lower duty
than u is mantles, wj's placed in the
same paragraph with the same rate
of duty. it was eonfc a lied that nidi
islte sand is controlled by a monopoly
?I tiie nmnazite deposits in this c??un
ritles of Soutli Will Meet to I>Im ush
Columhla. July 12.? The Capita'.
Highway Association hoi selected Co?
lumbia as the meeting plact on their
preliminary tour this fall.
Secretary Moorman of the Cham
her of Commerce ha- offered the au
tomobtllsts the vis?' of the Chamber oi
Commerce and its office fore, durlni
their stay here.
Mr. Moorman has also written to
Secretary w G, cooper of the Atlan?
ta Chamber of Commerce, Secretary
I I Johnson, of tin- Augusta Cham?
ber ' f Commerce and to the secre?
tary of tin Savannah Chamber, call?
ing tln ir attention to tin- meeting.
With Atlanta. Savannah and AUgU'tfl
in the movement, the chain "f cities
a ti:.' Washington-Jacksonville route
? mhraelag Richmond, Raleigh and
Columbia, will bs complete.
Presldenl Leonard Tufts of tie
Capital Highway Association, togeth
? r With other prominent members of
the association, will be in Columbia
to attend the meeting tns fail, and
tlte papers in the smaller towns along
the wa) at e expected to land their co?
operation to ihs movement, Bvery ef?
fort will i exerted by the ..nM?
Chamber of Commerce to make this
u.I road* meeting, which In the most
mportent yet held ay the association
a great success.
The following letter has bei n re?
ceived from Hi-. Alien potts, manag?
ing editor of The Ti me*- I >ispa tfh, '
Richmond, Vn? and may throw fur?
ther light up<?n the proposed meeting'
? I have just received your letter
md I wnnt to tHi you that tin- i:oo<i
roods movement has taken hold of tin
i" opls of Virginia an nothlns has ? ri
m> recollection. The Times-Dispatch
his already purchased an automobile
t?? USS as a good roads tar. We ore
olns from i no of the state to ihs
other and ii.i%*> already traveled some
5,000 miles, inn- plan Is to meet in
Columbia, saj some tine- in Septem
i" i or October, and i win be verj
glud lnd??ed if jrou can get Atlanta
und Savannah iti th< movement
Neither The News nor The Chrnnlch
ha* answered the letters which I hav?
*ent them. The Jacksonville Time*
Union ha-; promise*] it? hearty sup
poi t. as Indei d The State, the Rtt
leluh NVws and Observer, the Petei*
burs Indes Appeal, the Itlchmon
n ws-Leader, the Washington poi
.ind nl ? * lursc ourseh e*-.-*
.11 IX.I III DM?\ HI Ml.
I Moil at Home of III* daughter in ti
< -M ol i.ii" n\db- |1il? Morning.
Capital Konto.
111 i s , j t >, ilii'd
? tu
1*1 ? H ie I I ?? I - M IHiO||-i '
i?h ? ..i ??lift i
ml. I. t. d to
i m I hi Ho iii< oi Kan
HI I. on t? ? rut lib i
\ ilued at man) millions.
nd Fear not?IjcI all the endfl Thou A?T
Hank Ulli Not ho Crippled?Has Sur?
plus Enough to Charge on* Lout
Without I ImhurrasNinont?Nuiner
otm Olfen or Aid.
Anderson, July 21.?There were n<>
new developments today in the cast
<?i Cashier J, T. Holleman of the Hank
of Anderson who disappeared Sunday,
leaving a letter acknowledging ?hat
h<- was hort 136,000 in his accounts,
state Bank Examiner Wilson and his
assistant, Mr. Rhame, have been
working on the books during the day,
and it ha- become known toright
from the directors that a complete
statement of all the facts will he
made public tomorrow just as soon
as the examiners complete their work,
As far as the xaminers have frrone
they have found SVerything as rectt
ed by Hollemnn in his letter of con
fesslon. He stated that not one false
entry had been mach- in the hooks,
ami that tin- only thing tampered with
was the cash box, So far this has
been found correct, and the directors
tonight believe that the shortage will
not exceed $35,000, the figures first
ah during today telegrams and let
ters poured into the Hank of Ander
sofi from hanks far ami near, from
bankers* from cotton mill presidents
anil from financiers offering assist?
ance. One ha nit In Greenville, through
it.-- president offered $100,000 if that
much Were needed. The directors ap?
preciate all the offers, hut the Hank
? a Anderson has surplus enough to
? hurge off the loss and not he Impair
? ti ?'!? crippled In tin- hast.
When the doors of the bank opened
for business this morning sphere wa*
the usual amount of business to be
transacted, but there was not the
least semblance Of a "run." It seems
that no one has lost confidence in th<
i ank. and there Is no withdrawing of
Ail Anderson!ans have expreese?
sympathy for the defaulter's wife am
1 hlldren. Holleman's friends heri
numbered i?> the hundreds am
many of them have stated th:,i the;
would bt glad of the opportunity 1?
repay the shortage and allow Holle
?hui tu start lifo over again, if'
whereabouts are unknown, hut hi
rrlonds and relutlve* are trying to i<>
cute him to have him return whe
the) xv ill come to his assistance. I
is known that he went from here t
Oreenville on Sunday, and it is bi
lieved that he departed from Green
vllle Of h southbound train Sund;?
nfteri.n. It Im not believed that h
carried much cash with him for If h
had desired to do so he could take
till of the currency In the cash box ?
the bank. There was considcrah
< :ish "ti hand In the box where !
deposited the letter of confesslo
ilo!!eju,i : was president of the Pe
pie s t?:l und Fertiliser Company, ar
an examination Into the affairs of ti
company shows that the company h
not h..n affected at all.
Mrs. Holleman did noi know of her
hu-halid's troubles Until Ittte yester?
day nl'iernoon when the news uns
broken to her bj her brother-lnlaw,
Mr. I.-- ? ; Holleman, She is pros*
1 rated.
Stumlli ? ft fore a mirror In his
t? -? ? t? i .n his home at Hyatt's Park.
Lou - ii i? \rndt, of I 'olumbia, aged
"ft, look iii- life late Tuesday by
M-ndinu a f?llet crashing through hb
brain. in health and despondency
are KI veil ns tin cause for the net.
He w;i- w( !i known In Columbia, huv
inu been employed by u hieal drim
-to|. im ;, dl im elork, He is surviv?
ed b> a mother, brother mid sister.
M .de, Mr. \' Mullory, coniinittcd
? ui< hie four yt arx ago h> chokinu
binisi If
??? Stanley, of I lampion, .i w ell
t" do former and ;i bridegroom id it
kvoek kilb'd himself neni thai place
'i in ? 1;i> b> bloM me I he top ol hi -
In ad off v. itli a shotgun, My i< i >
I tin lea on for h * act.
wonderful ho,\ nuich nu??
I In Semite I'.in work in ii led
II In i week had been as pb i
- Itils on, . Hu 11 i mi i. Hin ?
inueh ? i...111. 11.. ih, count!:
have enjoyed,
isionall) ii woman llki I i ha v<
pi "pie i.i IK about hel In ? mi
givei lie- a- h a spli ndlil thai
you ? ? ? I inellned lo erit lei ? sonn
stand in fi onl of i mirror,
you can bribe s man by throwlni
dusl In hin eyes, if Id's gold dust.
. i ?
is i at be Uiy Country's, Tliy God's an
rRDAY. JULY 24. 19(
MW-lilll/l lit I AV A UK I'llOVKN
IMI'UI r\ \IILI. lo W A I I lls
T en KU ? ?i Outride City?Ktorm Heaps
Its r<?ll of Dead on Pishing I'ler
lloyond Protecting Walls of the
Galveston, Tex., July 21.' -Ten dead
i> the t'?tai number of ii\es lost, so
far as i< known, in the hurricane
which swept .-vor the Gulf of Mexico
and struck Qalveeton this morning
and continued until alter midday.
While the city of Qalveeton was held
safe against the fry of the storm by
the new nea wall, far out in the gulf,
on Tarpt n Ashing pier, seven milet
from the city, where the storm whip?
ped over the jetty Into the hay. 10
persona were washed from the rocky
promotoriea Into the gulf. Boats to?
night are searching the hay for bodie
hut so far have been unsuccessful.
Those drowned ware members of a
Ashing party and employes of the
Tarpon pier, marooned from the jet?
ties. Boats were sent to their as?
sistance late today and it was team
??(1 that tin- hon-?' In which they had
taken refuse had been washed away.
While it is Impossible to get an ac?
curate list of the dead owing to th<
fact that the register has always been
kept at the pier, the best information
obtainable is as follows:
Cap! Bettlson and wife, Edward
Lewis, c. H, Dalley, circulating man?
ager of the Galveston Tribune, form
erly ol Cl Icago, Ray Teetshorn of
Houston, and four negroes. The
others are nknown.
Ft lends In Galveston set forth a
taint hope that it might have been
possible tiwit all or u pari of the part
on the pier might have secured
wreckage from the pier and flouted
to the Bollver shore.
in view of this report the Inunch
Clifton, owned by Capt. Bettlson,
made the trip to Bollver this evening,
returning shortly after 7 o'clock, thi
captain, however, reporting thai n<
trace of the party had been found.
|faa*s strength and skill wer pit?
ted against the fury of the elements
today, and man won when the city of
Galveston, entrenched behind h> r Im?
pregnable 17-foot seawttll, withstood.,
with comparative!) trilling loss, a ti
dal wave aid hurricane ecpial In in?
tensity and destructive force to the
one which destroyed the city on Sep?
tember 8, 11*00,
With wlron down nnd railroad com?
munication lestroyed, the exact loss
is impossible to estimate. The hurri
cane struck Galveston about ll
?'?iork this morning, the wind attain?
ing a velocit> of 7" miles nn hour.
uhi?h whipped the treacherous wa?
ters of the Mexican gulf Into ;i fury
of destruction. With tie pent up ;m
i?er of 10 years of hnte, the waves
blindly assaulted tht grim parapets ol
stone which man had bullded to re?
strain Its attacks. In vain it hurled
it< thousand- of tons of water upon
the splendid breastworks. Only o
feeble burst i f sprnj and a little wa?
ter reached Its objective and th. be?
leaguered cit> la\ culm and sale b.
hind the Willi.
??utsi le the limits of the city, when
t he Wall had not b<' n r- ttl'ed am
the city had nol been elevated. th<
waters hud their way, bul they wreck
ed onl> desert d huts and abundonei
territory. In ibis section of the city
which is low und sparsely settled, tin
wutor rose to n height of seven feet
I ii the warnings ??!' the weather bu
rvuu had been heeded and the Inhub!
hints had removed their possession
out o| the dai r ?one.
I'ii.in other cities In the uffecte?
urea eome tales of narrow escapes am
mtii'li o 'struetl m to i ropt rty. Wba
daiuaue nnd b ? of lit. will be |v
ported from 11 . innu.v r? sorts ulon
nth r sections, of Ihe low-lylny gul
.? < asl is ii> >t kiiowu yet,
There Is no communication by wir
i ?
connects i hi I vest i?n w |i It 11 ? maiula u
.? :\P sevet ed Ihe telegraph jslld |el
i on \\ ih tie ? ? i ?
lot in v\ hieb had be, eenti al ov?
the i? nil ol M< ilco for UI hotii
northeast, heaviim the w a t ? t h ->i Ga
I on ha > up i: a i ti
M.I in:- tbit .pi 11 > i which had It
Tin w 11 ? i hacked up lido (hi ma
I I . . I of Ihe < i t \ . but the I > I i I: ? I p
damage was cof lined t? * Ihn bea<
it ??tit. where bulb houses and plea
lire pats were swept away, Khippil
w as undisturbed
A hurricane for ? ui t i < \.r w
a Truths." THE Till I
09 Now Scr
forecusl at the district weather bu-I
reau in New Orleans early tins morn* |
Ing and warnings were sent out. j
When wind and rain arrived several
hours later, they found Galvestou pre*
pared. The inhabitants of the few
scattered houses in tin* low part of
tiic island had already sought safety
and tile vessels that had cleared and
prepared to sail were riding at an< h >r
in th? hay.
The fury of th ? Stenn soon abated
and the anxiety of those who enter?
tained fears of another tidal wave
were soon relieved. Small boys pad?
dling around in the Hooded streets,
even before the heavy wind had died
down, presented a scene which die*
pel led the alarm felt by the timid.
So short was the duration of the
storm that the Mai lory line steamer.
Which was hooked to sail for New
York shortly after noon. left on
schedule time.
It is impossible tonight to make an
accurate estimate of the monetary
damage. Few buildings were blown
down, hut it is believed many ware?
houses were Hooded and goods ruin?
The storm covered a wide area
along the gulf coast. Some damage is
reported as far south as Matagorda
bay and us tar east as the parish of
Cameron, La.
Pears were entertained until to?
night for the safety of the lit. Rev.
Henry .\. Aves, a missionary bishop
of the Protestant Episcopal church,
who, with a large fishing party, was
last heard from this morning at Fled
Fish shoals, San JacintO bay. Worn
lonighi was received that in-and Rev.
P, S. Sear-- of Houston were safe at
Morgan's Point.
A fishing pier, seven miles from
Galveston, was demolished by wind
and waves. Thirty or 1" persons en
Joying the day on the pier were res
CUed by the pilot h..a Texas and
brought to Galveston in safety.
As a result of damage to the bridge
that connects Gaheston with tie
mainland communication by rail hn
been cui off. Crews will work on th
bridge all night, but it is not prob
aide that trains will be allowed to
over the structure until late tomor
row. Tui; boats are carrying passen
gers, mail and freight across the ha
to Galveston totright.
Two Little I.ad- Pei'Uh in Water- ol
llll*ll) I oi k < I eck
Chester, July 20. One of the S:I1]
dest tragedies ever r?.rded in Ches?
t. v County was enacted in the waters
of Brushy Fork Creek, near Chalk
vllle yestcrda) nfternoon, when Jesse,
aged 1" years and John, aged 12
years, the two little sons of Mr. and
Mrs. Oeo. W. Chalk were drowned.
The two little fellows, accompanied
by Perry W.I-. the little son of Mr.
and M rs. Frank Woods, left th. ;i
home yesterday afternoon at about
1' o'clock and Strolled down to a Iak?
on Brushy Fork Creek in Mr. Ill
Wllks' pasture, fly and by litt!?
Perry Woo.is returned alone, but thi
afternoon wore away, and still th.
tw<? other little boys didn't com?
home. The par.-nts naturally bee me
alarmed, and little Perry Woods was
nuestioned as t<> where the) wen
\o satisfactory Information could b<
obtained from him, however, an.
Messrs. Ell Wllks. J. it. Carter am
others organized a part) and pro
ceeiled to th- swimming place to lool
for them, fears hcitiu had from th
tirsl that some accident had befalle
then) >>n the creek. Their clotlu
v\ .fe found ? n th* bin!, ol the lnk<
which is about one hundri d I th
t.\ feet hoc; .lUd Si \ . Hi! teet lie p i
places a lid tli'- Si I: ? :i be-all. All ?1
i lc p.i t \ w - I. good w imnti r -. an
in lite
ihem to th,. shore. The two [jit'
i i ?
? ?
ii . t t It
? 1111 > ? i
Tin lw
'I II. n a lOU s uite ,.pie I
graphs never look like them 1
cause the) n> to io.?k pleasant
B SOI TIIKON, FMftMt"lted June, 18?*
ies-Vol. XXIX. No 14
oKVlild Wit It* I IT makis si;v
Longest Voyage on this Continent?
|)?m^ Some Psncj "Ktunts" During
Washington, July It.?Estabftshtng
B new record f<T aviation in America,
Orvllle Wright in the Wright eef?
plane late today at Fort Meyer made
a spectacular flight of one hour. 10
minutes. 4"> seconds duration. The
longest previous flight was of 74 min?
utes, made by Mr. Wright at Fort
Meyer last fall.
During the cnthe flight the ma
Chine was under perfect control hut
several times appeared to the spec ta?
tors to he on the point of diving for
The machine traveled a distance of
about TO miles, it was estimated by
Wilbur Wright, and at one time dur?
ing the flight the height attained, be?
tween 260 and 280 feet, exceeded the
highest point ever attained by are a/
ier-t han-air machine on the conti?
The most wonderful part of the
(light was the execution of three com?
plete "figure-eights," which required
careful manoeuvering in directing the
A thrill passed through the specta?
tors as tin- white flyer, apparently l?e
ginning to dive to the earth, would
regain its equilibrium and speed on?
ward sround the oval above the pa>
rade ground. After rounding the
course half a hundred times. th? avia?
tor directed the machine around the
? ?urs.' in small double circles of "fig*
lire-eight." It was the tir?t time dur?
ing this season, and the second time
during his career that he has sum ut
??(1 ids maneover.
To the amazement of the crowd the
machine described a second eight and
a third one, alter which it was guided
back to its former course of large
With the determination of making
a longer flight than heretofore at?
tempted, the ?Vrlghts oidered the
aeroplane taken from its shed to the
starting apparatus shortly after fv
o'clock. Three members of President
Taft's cabinet, Secretary of Navy Mey?
er, Attorney General Wickersham and
Postmaster General Hitchcock were
on hand early to witness the nigh (a.
In today's flight Mr. Wright met
ever> 1 lulremenl set forth by the
government except that of carrying
one passenger and iris king the five
mile- straight away run
Wilbur Wright, replying to a com?
ment that the (light today would hat 1
covered the width of the English
. hannel which Hubert Latham un?
successfully attempted to ?. roes yes?
terday, said ii would have I een pos?
sible for his brother to have crossed]
from France attain without landing.
He also remarked thai it would have'
been easy to have continued today**
[light as far as Baltinu ?s
< 11: i<>\ <.<M!i>s \i>\ \\ri\t.
i'riec? Continue tu ?kl i p. IVitfl
llnmtleitltig Demand?IVcek'w Print
< loth hlippl) IvhauMod.
N'ew fork. .1 uly 18. Pi U i * e< u
tinue advancing i ti the rotten goods
'u,l cotton yarn markets. The eflfts '
t . a pat lt> of I I 1-2 cents und I -
Take thingH always b> the sm
handle Italian.

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