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riT\ IVltlKKs Holl? |{IaII,\I(
s| MI-MOM III \ I \l ;?.! k.VI
\M? \l?.lol UN I. VI I
Man? IVtlt loner*, tame up with lit
quo*?*?-No PUx'ordcr Appointed?
ihMsia Re*e?rvd to i H] \u?m ii( >.
The City Fathers'* met In regular
monthly seese-n Tu Im niKht
the City Couneil chamber with all of
?he ? ???ui. lim? m j.r. ,.nl wi'h the < \
eeptton of Alderman M Laurln. who
wan out of town, ind touched lightly
nut erttt a iv upon iihid matters
whleh they rial not tin illy di:.p <?i
The meeting showed that the , oun
etlmen have got into the habit
keeping late hours when away from
home, refusing t > i Ij oirn last night
until almost midnight
When the session of council open?
ed there were several person** pres
wieio make varlocs requests. Mr. T.
M. Kreesr wee present for l>r. A. C.
Dick on behalf of Miss Kllsabeth
Wh.te. He asked permission to re?
place a decayed silt with a new still
sa the old White building near the cor?
ner of Main street and the Court
Mouse square. He stated that he
had looked Into the matter and that
ander the charter of the city he had
?She right to do this but that the po
gce hat*, sopped the work and that
he cime before council asking that
gflr werk be flowed to proceed. He
stated ihet the supreme court of the
State A decided in favor of parties
who wished to repair buildings at
ether places, but that to savo tlm -
he had decided t.m ? hi-fore conn
ell to see If It would not accede to
his request. The matter was taken
up In regular order.
Dr. J. A. Mood appeared to request
She same favor at his building on the
eorner of Main und l>ug,in streets,
?e stated that he thought that to
seplace the rotten sills with new slIU
and lower the fire risk and make the
building more homely in appcaran
Just here Mr. Olenn asked about the
matter of eneroa hne-nt upon l>r.
Mood's land by the city. that hat
been brought up at a previous meet
tag of council. Dr. Mood stated that
he had not come before council to
say anything about that matter, but
since it had been brought up, he
would state his side of the question.
He said that the city had encroach?
ed upon his land to an exte*.t
about twelve or thirteen lnahel and
that the reeol itton p sod at a pre- .
v? wesws meeting* of sojjavH w*s not at I
all aatlsfactory to him This matter ,
also raine up in the regular ordi r of '
Mr. fbirkctt asked th??t council r
fund certain money paid feg him
as a flno In the Recorder's court for
eerrylng s pistol, n i that the pistol
be restored to him. He said that
several parties had threatened his life
a few days before the time that he
was caught csrrylng the pistol and
that he knew they were In town on
that day. and that he thought, un?
der the circumstances ha was Justl
Oed In csrrylng It. The mstter was
taken up later.
f W T. Andrews asked that he be
permitted to dig a dry well on his
place out on Msnning avenue, to be
used until the city could extend tie
sewerage line to that part of the city.
Me stated that the well would be al?
most two hundred feet from the
nearest pump and that he did not
think that It would be Injurious to
?he health ->f his neighborhood at
that distance. If** said there were
ealy a few persona in that neighbor?
hood who had city water. Council
then reverted buck to the regular
?rder of business. th? minutes of the
two previous meetings were read atel
-?proved, after which th.- report of
eemmlttees were heard.
Mr. Wright reported for th* Polle"
?mmlttee that a new Janitor was
needed in the CM] I .all Mr. Hooth
Stated that be h i I already male a r
rangements for getting a new one
und the matter was dropped. Mr
Hooth also stated that he would have
lights put In "Wall" street, the alley?
way north of the Sumter Savings
bsnk. st once Mr Weight then
read the report of the Chief of p..
'Ire for the month whleh was recelv
td ss information Me stated thct
the Humter lee. Light and Power
eompsnv was short on lights for
about IHK hours. lie said that he
had done what he could In the mat?
ter, but that he would go to Mr
Moses ax tin a Mb th- mitt i ind
If some satisfactory .mange meat
???ul I n .t mad. cs at present the
arrangeno tds WOPS not MtlafactOf
to eirher parts, lie- Ity 01 the habt
*nd power compans It was dec ided
te put a small im udes? ent tight on
TaVndrh k street hetweeti Hurvln and
Magnolia streets. A largo hole In the
middle of the street was ordered fill
??d dortnic the coming SffSl if pos?
The Commit!.n Public- works
then macb It h report Mr. Lee, at
?he request of Mr. P.ooth, the chair?
man, stated that hot h Ibrghaus ?
Moffitf of Drangeburg ind Ihs Char?
leston Knglneerlng and Contracting
rempany had BgSJl "? their bonds
sad that both yirth -c had already
? r I < i <nmi' of the necessary ma?
tt rial for the work, that they SfOfi
going to do and that they would be?
gin the work in a few days. The
bonds were turned over lo the City
Attorney to he Investigated to see if
they wer.- for sutlU lent amounts and
It they fulfilled all specifications.
Mr. I.?-e then took up the matter
Of work done on the streets, stating
that M4? ??" and some cents had been
. Rpeg led on them In the past month.
He said that the work on Hugan
street was completed and that prep?
arations had been made for work
on Harvin street H, said that ho
though* that it would be bette.- to
put i c uerett curbing on Herein
street that a brick one. as it woij'l
last longer rthd would be much bet?
ter In many ways. He submitted csti-N
mates of the cost of the two curb
ings. the brick at a cost of lit I and
Ills concrete at an estimate of $00.
The committee on Public Works was
ordered to have the concrete curb?
ing put In.
He stated that on ten acres of corn
land the city had raised 216 bushels
t?t e..rn and 8,620 pounds of poavine
Maj. Lee also stated that the Char?
leston Engineering and Contracting
company would, while here, endeav?
or to place concrete paving on the
sidewalks of several of the streets,
they working the matter up among
the t ltirens on the streets who would
pay half of the cost of the paving.
This was sanctioned by Council.
Mr. McKelver for the Opera House
Committee reported that the rope for
shifting scenery had been put In and
that the matter of redection of
insurance rates on the building had
been taken up with the insurance
people ami that he thought the in?
surance could be reduced somewhat.
The matter of allowing bicycles on
Broad street was brought up by Mr.
Qlenn who stated that he had been
requested to ask that they be allow -
el to go back on the sidewalks. The
matteitfcwas discussed for some time
but when it was put to a vote, the
resolution to allow bicycles to go
on the sidewalks on that part of
tBjSJTg was defeated. It was decided
that extra measures of precaution
would be taken to keep them off, as
it was now against the city ordinance.
A letter from Mr. J. Q. DeLorme
was read asking thai he be allowed
t<> build a galvanized iron building
sock of his store on South Main
street. His request was granted.
A letter from the colored Masons
was read thanking council for allow?
ing them to parade the streets dur?
ing their meeting in this city. It
was received with thanks.
Mr. J. 1'... Raffleld's r. itgnatlon
from the office of Recorder w? im ae
- epted.
The matter of selecting | tt coord*
si nee then brought -p nod debated
for the greater part of a half hour,
letters were read fom M. L. R. Jen
Ings and Mr. Charles Piskney, apply?
ing for the position, but. as it was
shown that no regular office hours
had been required of the Recorder
previously, and It was doubtful that
i her of the applicants would hold
the position for anv length of time,
if elected, and If they would be Ofl
hand at any time to 111. out warrants
should they be needed. It was decid?
ed to defer the matter until the next
me ting of council. Mayor Jennings
xh* in favor of filling the position
at once as he refused to hold court
for the Recorder any longer. He
stated that he would resign his po?
sition as Mayor before he would take
up the duties of Ret order for any
ugth of time. Several motions
w .e made and afterwards rescinded.
At one time it was moved that the
? unt il go into election and several
had already cast their ballots when
it was decided to rescind the motion.
Mr. (Ilenn stated that he had tried to
get several persons to apply for the
position but that they had refused to
do SO, stating that the salary was not
sufficient. Some members of council
thought that either man was a good
man for the place but Stated that
ihev did not want to elect someone
to have them resign iti ? .short time,
and that they did DOt think that
? ither applicant knew how much of
his time was expected of him and
that Council end thS police did not
know whether they would always be
nearby when It was necessary to have
wnrmnti Ailed <?"t. Mr. Cuttlno
thought that they ought to go slow
and look around thm before select*
iuk anyone at all and at least find
out i! the persons applying could
aiv ? the proper amount of time to
lh< ??thee it was finally decided to
put off the election of ? Recorder un?
til the neal meeting of council, and
to iee In the meantime if other np
plleants could not be secured for the
position so that there would be a
larger number |o choose from.
A large number of bills, were then
!? id and referred to the various com?
mittees for approval The matter
of payment of a certain bill in which
the city, Mr. f \v MeKetvsr, Mr. H,
W. Hood nnd So, '?'> reel team war-*
Interested was sgaln brought up and
discussed lor considerable time, Mr,
McKelver stated that he wanted the
Uro boys protected, No sctlon was
l ik? n In the matter.
It w n< p elded to grant the petit?
ions of Dr. a. c, Meli and Dr. I, a
Mood, while it the same time I mo?
tion was carried to |he SffOCt that
the City Attorney be Instructed to
look Into the matter <>f whether or
not the ordinance was constitutional j
nnd could be enforced or not,
<?<> moll wanting to know the exact
ntatui of the ordinance.
The matter of the city's encroach?
ment upon the land of i>r. J. a.
Mood wi?s again brought up but it
O/ai decided t? let the matter drop
ttntil I >r. Mood took some further
action In the matter.
The request of Mr. Burkett that
h<> be refunded the fine money paid
to tii" Recorder was refused. it
was decided to refer the matter of
the pistol to the City Attorney to
see If the city had the right to con
JQsWfHsthe weapon.
The drY WSll which W. T. An?
drews had roqihjgi ?d permission to
build oams In for if> jjiii share of
discussion, some of whlchSNLS rather
heated. Mr. Cuttlno moved ihtt
the Request be not granted, but af?
ter the discussion Mr. Wright substi?
tuted a motion to the effect that
council refer the matter to the Hoard
<d* Health with the recommendation
that it be granted, until the city can
build tt sewerage main that far out.
In the discussion renders! by the re?
quest it was shown that there were
several dry wells now in use in the
city where there as a sewerage line
rrnning near by to which the sinks
OOUld be attached. Mr. Cuttlno said
that he thought that all of them
ought to be closed up at once and
that the ordinance passed in 1899 to
the effect that no dry wells be allow?
ed In the city be revived and en?
forced. He was opposed to them and
thought that they were very injurious
to the health of the community. Mr.
McKeiver and Mr. Wright thought
that, as the city could not afford to
furnish the sewerage line for those
living out on Manning avenue, it
ought to grant them the dry wells.
After the matter had been referred
to the Board of Health It was drop?
There being no further business
council adjourned to meet again at
the time for their regular session on
the fourth Tuesday in the month.
Muyor Jennings settles several Gases
to the Advantage of the City.
There wa re several cases up In the
Recorder's court Tuesday tor the first
time in more than a week. As there
is no llecorder at present, Mayor Jen
nnlgs acted as such an | gave out a
fen .loses that will not K forgotten
In a short timr by the often lers be?
t?rt him.
The. tust criminal uj v. the Itov.
M. M. Martin, who was charged
with cruelty to animals, the cruelty
having been shown by his driving a
horse which was not in condition for
such work. He pleaded not guilty
but upon his own testimony it was
shown that the horse was a very
sickly animal and was in no condi?
tion to be driven, so he paid a fine of
$10 Into the city treasury.
After the first case the crimi?
nals came up in pairs, whether from
timidity or because they could not
get along well together was not shown
by the seidenes. Abbls Brallsford and
Jerry Ford were up on the charge
of fighting, to which they both plead?
ed guilty. The evidence showed that
they had indulged in a little fracas In
which a bottle was broken on the
head of the one while a brick was
used against the head of the other.
Mayor Jennings fined each of the of?
fenders $5 or 20 days.
Warren Robertson and Tom Rich
ardson were charged with drunken?
ness and breach of peace. It was
shown that Richardson was not at
fault and that Warren Robertson,
who had knocked Richardson down,
but who had forgotten all about it.
was much at fault, so the one was
allowed to go "seott free," while the
other was asked to pay a fine of $10
or to serve :10 days on the gang.
Charley Brallsford did not like be?
ing guyed about his brother, so he
jumped on Richard Williams, threw
him down and showed him what he
could do for him If he just tried.
Richard was smaller than Charley
so could do very little except get a
police officer to help him out of bis
trouble which he straightway did.
Both of them were up before the Re?
corder as the consequence. Both
pleaded guilty to the (barge of fight?
ing, but as the evidence showed that
Williams had suffered and Hruilsford
had not, the Mayor made Charley
pay a fine of $1. or serve 4 days. The
sentence was made light because the
offenders were very young.
wom \\ m icm:i> to m: Mil,
Mis. Jerome Rrynnl Supposed to Have
l allen Into l ire in Cpileptie l it.
Baoley, Nov. s.? -Mrs. Jerome Bry?
ant was burned to death near Blab
town last Saturday, she was In ?
room alone and before assistance
could reach her she was fatally burn?
ed and died in a few minutes. She
was subject to epilepsy and it is
thought she fell In the fire aller one
of those attacks.
Small Vote Cast in in Count) for
Nominee*?Probabbly only One
S S J:
- 50 X
Bum ton Ward I. . 41 8 7 13
Ward 2. . 1?:? 5 7 ?s ;i7
Ward :J. 51 11 10 U
Ward 4. 7:5 2 11 10
OsWSgO. 2 2 14 5
Concord. 61 4 7 12
Rafting Creek. . . . 6 .". 19
Wedgefleld. ... 29 1 1
Privateer. 72 6 1 1
Btateburg. 11
Mayesvllle. 14 21
DaTztdl. 9 20 19
Total. 440 1 19 108 1ST)
There was a very small vote cast
in Sumter county Tuesday and the
only enthusiasm shown was in the
race for Auditor between the four
candidates for that position.
So far as is now known, with all
the boxes in the county except those
at Shlloh and Manchester, reported
Wilder has a majority of 28 votes
OUt of the 852 so far heard from. The
two boxes unheard from may make
a see >nd race necessary, but it is
probable that the vote will not be
changed, save to give Wilder a great?
er lead over his opponents.
As the State officers were already
elected in everything except name, no
interest was manifested in voting for
the party nominees. The amend?
ments did not arouse much interest
either save that for an adidtional Jus?
tice on the State Supreme court, which
was generally favored and voted
No one considered the can.
of Richardson seriously so the
sral box was generally slighted
despite Congressman Lever's r?
that everybody vote, few too
trouble to east in their ballots.
Interest was manifested Ii
election Of Governors of Ohio,
Jersey and New York, where, t
delight of the many who wait
hear the returns, the Demo
nominees were elected.
Swing Palls of Deadly Kx|
Thinkitur It Water.
Washington, Nov, 7.?Total
I noranl of the danger that sun
led her and undei the Impressb
she was carrying water. li-jeai-oiu
Mildred Anderson today tripped
along in each hand a pad of nitro?
glycerine, which had been prepared
for shooting an oil well on the Cam?
eron, noar here. As she carelessly
swung the palls half a dozen oil dril?
lers stood breathless a hundred yards
away, fearing every moment to see
the child hurled into eternity.
At a quiet command from her fa?
ther, the child set the pails down and
was taken out of danger. The men,
unnerved, suspended work for the
Negro Captured.
Joby Richardson, the negro who
shot Really Wilson on the night of the
27th at a hot supper near Brogdon,
Wilson later dying from the effects
of the wound, was captured near
Lynchburg Tuesday about noon by
deputy sheriff J. S. Sykes and con?
stable Muldrow. and i? now in jail
awaiting trial.
Deputy Bykes, as soon as be knew
of the death of Wilson, kept a
sharp look out for Uichardson and
heard several days ago that he was
In the Mayesvllle section of the coun
ty. Investigation proved that Rich
ardson had left there and gone to
Lynchburg where he was found yes
terdsy by Mr. Sykes.
He was brought on to the city last
night and lodged in jail.
Reception Given for Bride.
Mr. and Mrs. It. l>. Lee gave a re?
ception in their handsome residence
on the corner Of Main and Warren
streets Tuesday afternoon from
to o'clock for Mrs. it. i>. Lee, Jr..
who has lately returned from her
bridal trip to points north.
The guests were rereived h.v Mrs.
Richardson and Mrs. Kingman and
Introduced to Mrs. R. D. Lee, Jr..
who with Mrs. lt. I >. Lee were the
hostesses of the occasion. Refresh?
ments were passed by the Misses
Richardson and Miss Tobin, Mrs.
Richardson presiding at the punch
The affair a*as given that young
Mrs. Lee night meet and become ac?
quainted with the young people of
the cjty the friends of her hus?
The r?.ptton. Which was for
ladies only, was a great success and
much enjoyed b) all present.
Th.- early frosl was umre damaging
to cotton than first estimates indicated,
and the yield will be considerably re?
duced In 1)\'\< sc tlon.
VnncKseans Elect Hooper Their
(?ovt?riior by a Majori!) of Abotn
15,000 to 18,000 Votes.
Nashville, Tenn., Nov. s.?Bummed
ip, the results ol today's election np- ,
?ears to be B. VV. Hooper. Republll
>an and fusionist, chosen governor
?>? 15,000 to is.iioii majority; B. A.
Snloe, Democrat and fusinlst, for
*allroad commissioner by a large ma
orlty and a possible small fusion ma
iorlty in the legislature. Both sides
?laim the s< irat<-.
Most of the middle and west Ten- '
lessee Demo? ratic counties, nearly
?11 of which went for the Independ
Mit judicial ticket In August last, r
turned to the regular column today,!
? ut by such small majorities that J
hey were overwhelmed by the heavy
Republican vote in east Tennessee
'ounti.es. - ' ??
In the congressional rares. R. w.
H?stln, Republican, appears to have
b leated N. w. Hale, independent Re
lublican. Sells, Republican, defeated
'. H. Lyle in the First. Zed Mass? y,
lb-publican, was elected to till out the
inexplred term of W. P. Brownlow.
In the other eight districts the Demo
Tats have won.
Landslide Against Dispensary is Re?
sult of Attempt to Make County
Greenville, Nov. 8.?With probably
:wo-thirds of the vote In this county
LCCOUnted for, results show a land?
slide for the prohibitionists on the
|Uestion of dispensary or no dispen?
sary. Twenty-eight precincts out of
16 give returns on this issue of
198 for and. 1.929 against the dispon
eturns for the county and State
?ers and the constitutional amend
its are very difficult to obtain,
<e issues being lost sight Of In the
?ensary question.
n section 1 I of article 10, in re ?
1 to abbuttlng property owners
ch is practically the only one on
h anything definite is learned,
res show 34 1 for and 32 against,
homes Brier, a colored candidate
congress on the Republican ticket
received a few scattering votes:
? are reported for Thompson, so
st candidate for governor.
ie election here has been very
t. The dispensary war, the main
i and ? large number voted on
alone, very little Interest being
n In the dther Issues, The. vote
'Ighter than was r\r' t< d and
probable that not much over
1,000 were polled.
The Enterest and Atteudanos at the
Christian Revival Continues to In?
Prom the Rally Item, Nov. 9.
Evangelist Stiles spoke last night
upon the subject: "The Herald of
Christ." He said in part:
"It is altogether a mistake to sup?
poses that the world is unweihing to
hear an intensely earnest and pos?
itive religious discussion. More peo?
ple gt? to hear that than any other
kinel of elise-ussion whatever.
The only one thing in which all
mankind is interested is the great
question of the salvation of the soul.
Some* people, like* the Pharisees of
del, have shrunk away from all
.jeKidness ami nobleness, and wither?
ed into the- nunnery of a soul. God
have mercy em the religious nun?
neries that are started up in our
?bundles. No skepticism, however
logical its philosophy may scorn, will
loothe the conscience or rock it to
rest with an everlasting lullaby. No
tgonsticlsm or worldliness can se>otbe
the undying worn, nor qu-neh the in
vvard tiie- that smolder:; in the rest?
less soul. Only through faith in
"hrist, the manifested love for God.
?an the- soul Uriel peace.
Christians are te> be voices cyring
in the wilderness. Tiny are to be'
witnesses. They are- to prepare- the
sray for the- coming of chirst into
Friendship, already glorious, be
?tme-s elivine- when it means not only
the bond between two human semis.
!?ut th? bringing of the' friend also
into fellowship with the Lord Jesus.
Human love, the- nrnst glorious
thing there is mi earth, becomes more
llvine and precious than anything
merely earthly when it is a golden
chain that bads the loved one' to
I 'brist.??
Miss Kimble, the' popular soloist,
sang, "Nobody Tohi Ms of Jesus."
Evangelist Stiles will preach to?
night on "The Dlvlne-Humsn Chirst."
Miss Klmble's solo win be "He
Knows it All."
This is on?- of her best solos ami
those a*ho miss hearing it will miss
much. Bong service begins prompt?
ly at 7:45.
We regret to se that sonie> of the
irators on both sides are- becoming
Hopelessly morassed in their own ver
?al ouput, Gentlemen, conserve the
?arts of speech!-?Boston Journal.
< hange* \r? r^-:u > lo Bring About.
Demo* raiic < 'ontroL
Washington, Kov. 7.?All over the
Cntted states the people will to
morrow choose the members ?>f the
I <'ongres< to represent the forty
i ur soverign States of the Cnlon.
Maine and Vermont held their elec?
tions in September.
The total membership of the House
is now lit; majority Ho;. Present \
Republican membership, 21 ?; pres?
ent Democratic membership) 172; va?
cancies, 4: Republican majority, 4 3.
In order to gain control of the
House it will he necessary for the
Democrats to elect _4 members,
while the Republicans may lose 12
and still hold control. Of the 24
necessary to secure control by the
Democrats, two members have been
elected frMm Maine.
The vacancies were caused by
resignations and death of members.
Samuel L. Gilmore, of Louisiana,
Democrat; Chas G Tirrell. of Massa?
chusetts, and Walter C. Brownlow\-ot\^
Tennessee, have died. and Gordon
Russell, of the 3d Texas district, has
Legislatures will be elected la
twenty-seven States, by which Uni?
ted States Senators are to be chosen.
Of the 30 Senators whose terms ex- \
pire March 4 next. 24 are Republi- '
cans and 6 Democrats. Maryland,
Mississippi and Vermont already
have elected their Senators.
Reports that have reached Wash?
ington today are that both sides are
elaimi'.g victory everywhere and \
nothing but a close count will de?
termine the victors.
Never in the history of the coun?
try, perhaps, has so much interest
centered in an election that was not
for the purpose of electing a Presi?
dent. It is recognized that as New
York and Ohio go tomorrow, so, In
all probability, will go the whole
country two years hence in the nat?
ional election. In addition to this the
wonderful influence of Col. Roosevelt
has been felt keenly. Nothing but
on official count will tell what the re?
sult will be.
Henry Samuels Confesses to Having
Paid out Money for Trade.
Chester, Nov. 9.?In the trial here
Of Black and Rawlinson. former di?
rectors of the South Carolina State
Dispensary, and Lee Solomons, for
rro-?j? Ur?or?p c"> I "STY* 8 H fOC " ' *~ '"'' TC. C3T
d I aud the Stct> Attorsjp-\ Cen
eral Lyon todays offer? I In svidnnns
the "little red book, kept by iicury
Bamui is ol : h st< r, C< rmer whiskey
salesman as a memorandum 01 re?
bates, required by the board from
salesmen. Whether Samuels was
one of the alleged conspirators re?
mains undetermined. John T. Earley
of Cincinnati, who represented the
Fleischmann liquor interests declared
he paid director John Black of Co?
lumbia ' money in form of rebates."
He said: "I did so because I thought
it would influence him to give me
orders." He took the money and I
got the orders. The $2,500 draft9
made on Earley by Black in favor of
Henry W. Black was offered in evi?
dence. Earley identified it and said
that in all he had paid Black between
$4,000 and $5,000, that he usually
paid him rebates of from $1, to $3
each, on every barrel Clack bought
of him.
Earley declared Clack had not
forced him to pay these rebates.
Witness considered he was merely
dividing his commissions with Black.
C. D. Dudley of Kentucky, who
formerly represented Clarke Bros and
Co., distillers of Peoria, 111., said
that once Directors Black, Wylle and
Rawlinson ordered out 2,600 cases
of whiskey on which Dudley paid
them $4,000 in rebates. The draft
was put in evidence. Dudley said
ol this Wylle got $1.200, Rawlinson
$1.200 and Black $1,700.
Friday may see the conclusion of
the case. At least six attorneys will
be heard in argument. The State's
case has not been finished.
Senator Elihu Root declares that if
the GL O. P. loses New York It will
lose Its hold on the nation. And Ted?
dy, too, will lose somewhat his grip
on the big stick.?Atlanta Georgian.
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