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The watchman and southron. (Sumter, S.C.) 1881-1930, November 12, 1910, Image 3

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Here's an an?
nounce ment
that will be
welcomed by
a 11 people,
who contem?
plate buying
an automobile
Model T Touring Car $780.2=?
The same car without the following equipment:?Extension
Top, Automatic Brass Windshield. Two 6 inch Gas Lamps, $700,00 The same car without the following equipment: - Extension
Generator and Speedometer
"Buy a f ord
Car because it
is a better car
not bacause
it is cheaper."
?Henry Ford.
4 Cylinders.
22 Horse
Model T Roadster $680.2?
'Freight Extra.'
The ?? n-a.?<m niiy" cub be given in very few words: We are in the position
to do business on s small profit.
There is no philanthropy in this; we believe it to be good business judg
When Henry Ford built bis Hist automobile, hv realized its ini|M>rtan<v as
a factor In the progressive business life of America and he determined to
build a motor car that would have the largest demand from ALL the people.
He knew that such a car must be light in weight, reliable in construction, In?
expensive to maintain and low in price.
From that memorable day In 1903 when the FORD MOTOR company was
organixed. there has been no halt in the'march of achievement. Ford has
been "doing things" every day?working to one purpose: A ear for the poo>
ple with a price tlic |>eoplo can |>ay.
To i'i? 11 > achieve (his purpose FORI? cars must !>e made la such large
qantltles that a small margin over the cost would produce a satisfactory
pfifaH ' "ntinuous quantity demand could only be assured through quality.
To establish this quality, there must be specialization and organization to
accompany Inventive and mechanical genius.
From the beginning ull FORI> efforts have been concern rated upon one
model. Concentration Is a fixed principle with Mr. Ford, in order that per?
fection of product may be had. And so, throughout the entire vast plant, in
every department, every man and every machine is busy on the production
of this model.
The Ideal FORD Model 1 was attained In 1908. ItaOS that time there hag
been little change in Its dealgn. but a continuous refinement in mechanical
I rutruction. each year bringing the Model T nearer the perfect automobile.
We are going to make FORl> Model T indefinitely
periments have been made and paid for.
mi the necessary ex.
We have built and fully oqulp|>cd Jie most complete automobile manufac?
turing plant in the world. All has been paid for from the profits earned on
the business of previous years.
We have no bond i*m> to pay off. Tliere are no mortgages upon our prop?
erty We hsve no loan* to repay. We have no indebtness. We do business
on the "spot cash" discount basis, purchasing in large quantities, command?
ing UN lowest prices in the market of materials. Therefore we can well
afford to sell the FORD Model T at the above low prices.
The FORD Model 1 costs us the same to make this year as it did last year
and there has been no sacrifice in quality because of the lower price.
Our factory Is built for quautlty production, complete FORD car
have been turned out in one day.) We can make ;;??,000 cars cheaper than wo
can make ten thousand. Where labor cost* us one dollar, our overlo ad ex
penses coat a dollar and a half. Our factory is built to profit from quantity
production. Thus, by reducing overhead cost per can we will build 30,000
cars for 1911 at a less ratio of overhead cost per car than it did to make tin
20,000 cars In 1910?though materials and labor command the same price.
I ?
Our normal working force \n 4,000 meu, building 16,000 cars. Contrast
this \sith factories employing from 7.000 to 12,000 men and making only 10,000
cars. Wages are a part of the cost of any car. lien 's where FORD factory
..pupment and manufacturing organisation reclines cost of production, While
accentuating excellence In th*? quality of FORD cars. We can therefore af
tor.i r>> sell on a small margin of profit.
Iln -e arc SSSSSS ??f ISSJ rOaWOSJS for the price quoted abOTC.
Top, Automatic Brass Windshield, Two 6 inch Gas Lamps,
Generator and Speedometer.
"Freight Extra.*'
19,?00 FORD owners are this minute proving the durability and econom>
Of FORD construction. 49,600 FORD owners know that the FORD is built so
light and yet to strong that it costs less to maintain than any other ear.
That la why the FORD Is now and will continue to be the favorite and fore?
most among all family cars.
The ford Model T is in every essential the same ford of 190?, 1909 and
1910, the only difference being an advance in the refinement of several im?
portant features.
The FORD Model T has met all the demands of city and country life. It
is the family car of pleasure, the fast ear f..r the busy business men, the re?
liable car day and night for the doctor, the dependable car on the farm.?all
because of its being built to fill a practical mission?a car for the people, and
at a price they care to pay. It is light in weight, yet of giant strength in me ?
chanical construction,?a car of Vanadium stee l.
Every strain-bearing metal part of a FORD ear is sclenttftoallj treated by
passing through from three to four ove ns, equipped with electrical temper?
ature devices. Not one vital part is thus treated, but e ach bit from crank
shaft to fender iron. 1A FORD car may be lifted by Its four fenders.)
Strains are considered?sudden shocks, torslonal strain and vibration. Plvotl
are necessarily differently treated than shaft drivei because of the different
strain to which they are subjected.
The ford sUvl treating plant, perfected by llemw l ord, i*. the most com?
plete in the world, possessing its own FORD steel analyses and quenching
The ford Model T oar weighs 1,100 pounda, poaeessJng one horsepower for
each 5:1 pounds. The average touring car possesses one horsepower for
each 70 pounds. A 1.200-pound car takes less power than a 2,000-pound ear;
therefore, in the FORD the power goe s to carry the load and not the car. A
1,200-pound car will not wear out a tire as quickly as a 2,000-pound car. A
1,200-pound car passes over a rough road with scientifically proportioned
tires much easts] ttnd qulckei than a car of 2.000 pounds. Two and two still
make four?and the light weight FORD car is still unapproachable by any
other car of the same capacity in the smallnoss of operating expenses. You
will admit this is significant.
ford ingenuity has originated brakes, with a breaking surface of 6.1
Square inches per pound weight; the average is 5.1 square inches. FORD tires
are the largest per pound weight of any automobile?2.33 cubic inches of tire
per pound. Hence the FORD tire economy. There is no necessity tor a FORD
Model T to be equipped with extra tires.
The ford magneto is an Integral part of the unit power plant. No bat?
teries are used, no brushes, gearing, or moving w ires. Trouble makers have
been banished. The whole is carried in the flywheel casing. A slight mo\?
ment e>f the flywheel generates current enough to make a powerful spark.
Vanadium steel cause's ford roimir bills to l>o lcs*. ford weight pro?
portionate to the horsepower causes fuel bills to be smaller?tires to cost less.
One gallon of gasoline carries a FORD twenty to twenty-live miles. One sot
of tires carried a FORD from 5,000 to 10,000 miles.
The quality of materials and strength of mechanical construction carry it
safely over bad roads, while the lightness in weights me ans no limit of ser?
vice for the power generated by the motor.
ford ??OWNERS' SERVICE" means satisfaction during the life of your
car. Strike a ratio of fifty miles in almost any part of the country and there
Is a FORD dealer within it. Every FORD dealer must carry a full stock of
re pair parts. At our 25 branch houses >ur stock of repair parts is in every
way as complete as our stock at the factory. With our numerous branch
houses and thousands of dealers located in all parts of the world, FORD
? owners' service" is and has been the best owner's service furnished to any
motor ear owner. The FORD repair list contains the price of each replace?
ment which an ow ner might need.
That is what ford "owners' SERVICE" mean-. Sure*} the FORD is
the cat you want.
Sumter, South Carolina.
We Want Live Hustling Agents in the Following Counties in Eastern Carolina:
Lee. Kershaw. Lancaster, Williamsbnrg. Berkley. George?
town, Horry and Chesterfield.

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