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nun art Saui?wi.
Tri? ??atrr Watchman w?u found
ail in ISIS and the True Southron In
lift. Tile Watchman and Southron
tmw has the combined circulation and
tort i sets cf both of the old papers
aad la ?manifestly the beat advertising
ssedtaia la Sumter
The Democratic party has won a
feat victory at the polls, but as
there la a Stand-Pat Prealdent in the
White Houee and a reactionary senate,
it will be a fruit lees victory, Insofar as
progressive legislation is concerned.
Ihe beat that can he hoped for Is
that the Democratic House will block,
far the next two years, any more of
the iniquitous legislation that the
eld-line. trust-owned Republicans
Uave been forcing on the country for
? ? ?
The dispensary graft trials n ?w in
progress at Cheater are Interesting as
a matter of history, but the Indie
Isens sre thst the graft-grabbers will
escape all punishment, except that
which their own lawyers will Indict
upon their bank accounts, and this,
we Imagine, will he quite severe. Re?
tainers snd counsel fees will probably
absorb the greater part of the Mpot
ef monev" the grafters out of
the dispensary muck h. tp
Dark Comer News.
I>ark Corner. Nov. 9.?There is
nothing Interesting hereabouts to
?' OottOfj Is almost all gathered
and sold, it bringing a good price Put
yet many farmers are not out of
. debt.
I attended the election at BtOOSS
Hill yesterday, everything passed off
pleasantly. Nearly all the colored
eaters foted for sll or part or the
State and county ticket. and MM
eelored man voted straight tor LtW?
sr. There was very little interest
shown for 'l H Klchardson l?y the
eelored voters, not near as much
as was two years ago. Perhaps, and
1 hope*the time will come, when they
<the colored voters) will not look up?
on the white man as his en nr. In
I have heard that Mr. John I In?
nram of central Privateer, lost l Ss>
horse one dsy last week by the h >r?ie
petting off of mi" of the bridges over
Pecotsligo swamp, near Peck's Swlm
aeing pool, broke his hack and i
?sained In the water all the night end
waa pulled out next morning. The
horss died shortly after N was got?
ten out of th?* water.
Mrs. Douglas Weeks has been quite
sSek but is better again.
Mr B. D. Geddings and Mr. A. S.
Weeks killed a seven-foot gator in
the mill pond last Monday even
lag* It is getting Iste In the year
?*er gators, so thinks old II. T.
News From Hock? IllufT.
Kocky Bluff. Nov. 9.?Owing to th.
et l dews these mornings and the
a> l>alng so short, not mOft than
gU as much cotton Is picked now.
n there yas a month ag ? The corn
la almost sll gatlv red, ind those
grist have ary i> tatoes are digging
tbem. Som<* are still hauling hav.
of which so Http) hot been gathered
there in danger ?f '.H'i^s and cows
?tar\ itig n fc< y *ar.
weath r (hangen so often
nearly every body Im suffering with
Mr. arid Mm. Jervey Kandel- base
both be?n v*ry sick with few?, Ml
Sanders Is up again, but M - Sin
dors Is ?t.11 "tight StSl
lira llrcsdway of Sumte?, retll H
ed lemi list Wednesday iitei . |. ,
G\jr ,Icssant visit at hot dOUtfhter's
Mr \\ ' i
Mm. J. I.. M<L?*od. tni tp Don
aid. ?pt-nt one ?rtern.in la-i w*->-U
Wtth her slater. Mrs. Crown
?' Johnson Whit*- and family
spent Saturday night an I Bunde)
with his trents
Mr. J. J. llattbdd a> d f und spent
S?n lay at Mr W. P. linker's.
Mrs. J. M. Pog|.> and little saw,
James, went to Humtcr today.
Miss Plant h Kdens Is getting alont;
nW-. hj with her school here. This
I? only her second vi-nr of teach?
ing, out she does he doty by all of
her scholars and won the live
aad reaprct of both the chil Iren and
? heir parents
Th?re i?i no need .?f our larmeis
buying mu-b V? stern corn when
asere thr?n a hundred bushels Ohg be
mad - to th' ?? r-- ??? sumII boss
<|ulte a crowd of SjetJfOOS hOVt
gone from here to Columbia this
waek to attend the Colored State
Fair and many more have passed
through here bound for the same
SdSjSt This morning si* s|? - - i ? I
narhoi were itta hed to the i otum?
ble train to take all of those who
gsJMhhl to go
Light Is the hrst p.inter. Tl.ct?
?? no objet I foul that intens.? lUbt
? ill no? mike ?? ?.. luttful -Pnorson
A men has as much right la be <
K.pu'dann as to be ? Denwei.it in
these days, but no nun his a ti^lit
to be ? >th ? Durh im < N. C ) Sun
Varied Duties of Thss* Life Saver* of
the Sea*.
No men in the employ of Uncle Sam
render more efficient service than do
those of the revenue cutter service.
The term "revenue." which would lu
?Heute that tbelr duties were restricted
to those pertaining to the proper en?
forcement of the revenue taws, can
fire but a faint notlou of the varied
duties of this splendid corps of men
Aa s matter of fact, revenue cutters
are the life savers of the seas. They
patrol the coasts on regular beats, on
the watch for vessels In distress. They
must suppress mutinies, preveut smug?
gling and illicit seal bunting; they must
examine ships' pspers, enforce quar?
antine regulations, supply lighthouses
and in genersl do all kinds 'of police
work. Then, too. they have been
dubbed "the messenger boys of the
Alexander Hamilton aas the father
of the revenue cutter service, for it
was under bis administration of the
treasury department that, In 1791 ,*ten
cutters were built and put in eommls
siou under rules of bis own devising.
In time of pence the cutters are under
the sui>ervls!on of the treasury depart?
ment, but In times of war they are
transferred to that of the navy depart?
ment. Sluce the wnr of 1812 they have
always rendered excelleut service In
the event of armed hostilities. Every
one remenmers the remarkable work
done by the McCulloch. under Dewey.
At the battle of Maulla Bay.?New* York
Maybe It Wss ths Hfjgt Thst Msde It
Burst Into Being.
Stewart Edward White. William
Kent and myself were burning moun?
tain sheep in the ranges of Mexican
California. Perhaps because the sav?
age beut of the desert which we were
crossing bad somewhat gone to our
brains we fell to making poetry upon
various nsi>ects of desert life. White
rbapsodied upon the tarantula; Kent
dithyrambed over the pack mule; I
sang the dispraises of the Juck rabbit.
Finally White, who was cook for the
day. offered a special prize of duff
wltb ralsitis (the last remnant of our
storei for the premier verse to be
turned out before sunset. At noon we
met up with a wandering prospector,
who Introduced himself as J. Noel
Benson, native son of California, and
observed upon learning of our literary
efforts that he was some poet himself.
On being Invited to enter the list be
retired to the top of a mesa, where the
thermometer was something like 110
In the absence of shade, and after
half nn hour of self communion re?
turned with the following gem of
THE g5j at.
The gii.tt he is a noisome mite.
He loves to buiz. He loves to bite.
He shawl* upon you when you're hot.
1 love the naughty gnat?nit?not!
The .duff was awarded to him with?
out protest from the other contestants.
?Success Magazine.
How Leap Year Started.
Hampsou. In bis "Medll OEVl. Ka
landailum." quotes the following
quaint tradition from an old Saxon
treatise: "Some assert that the bis
sextus or leap day comes through this,
that Joshua prayed to God that the
sun might stand still for one day's
length that he might sweep the hca
then from the land that Cod had grant
ed Iiitii und his followers. It is true that
the suu did stand still for one day's
length over the city of Gebaou, but
the day went forward In the same
manner as other days. And the bis
sextus Is not through that, us some do
In Prum e and some parts of Span,
and Portugal there exists a tradition
known ns -the nhost 0f leap year."
Hclie\ers in this say that a tnurvelous
monster annuully npp Iff Ml leap day
and disarranges huiuat. atfuirs for the
remainder of the year
A Royal Apology.
KlH| IM Ward VII, Was never at a
loss for a quick, suitable answer. One
day be was coming urouml a street
corner on one of his periodical walks
In London when he collided with a
very stout pgfpjQB, who. bel?g near?
sighted did not recognize the king,
took htm by the lapel of his coat and
gave him a tongue lashing.
"I?o you know, sir." finished the
irate man. "that lama member of the
London council?"
"In that case I beg your pardon."
UpMed the king, "for 1 am only the
klug of Qreat Britain."
Just the Other Way.
Hudysrd Kipling was once visltiug
st a country house at which Miss I>or
etby I tow, the famous granddaughter
of Mr. Gladstone, then a little girl, was
also staying She was sent out into the
garden with the distinguished author.
letter on. when the other grownups
Joined them, little Miss Dorothy was
asked, "I hope you didn't bofe Mr.
"No. but he bored tue frightfully,"
wHi the unexpected and resigned re
Wait s Bit.
Guest look here. How long um I
going to huve to wait for that half por?
tion of dttCl I ordered? Walter-Till
somebody orders the other half. We
can't K'? out nnd kill half a duck ?To
i,-do Blads
"What really constitutes flirtation?"
?sked lb# roung men of lbs women of
the world
"Attention wlthont Intention?" re?
plied the experienced one - S< taps.
There Is no tine* miserable but
i mart may ???? true.?Shakespeare.
Piano Publicity Contest
Beautiful Upright P'ano Absolutely Free
1 st Prize .... $365 Piano
2nd Prize . . $125 Credit Certificate
3rd Prize . . $100 Credit Certificate
And Over $5,00c in Additional Prives
The <3??:> piano will be Riven away absolutely free to the person writing the four wards. Ballet Mid Davis Piano?, toe largest number Of limes in accor?
dant^ with (he simple conditions below, Second prize next best, etc.
You Have the Same Opportunity as Anyone Else 10 Win.
Having demonstrated to oursei ves tlie merit of this advertising contest [both to t he prise winners who secure a piano at u tremendous Saving, and to
ourselves in the vast number of names *e secure, of people who do not own ? piano ami the extensive publicity and s Idespread int ?rest troused], we have secured
fur the fall campaign the biggest-best c >nte*t of all. St art loday and send your list in early.
in the contest we havethe combined co-operation of t bo Mallei ft Davis Piano Co. and the Con way Co.. whose combined wealth equal* P.500.000, surely a
GUARANTEE OF THE WORTB and real merit of the con est This contest pats us in direct touch with piano buyers, us *e reac i only the people Interested in
pianos. It saves us thousands of dollars of advertising and can rassers' expenses and It saves thla money, and more too, to the fortunate prize winner* direct.
made as
will b
dlslntc ivst
e selects t
Au ardf e in
follow s:
l imminent
cd Judges
and their
Prise winners will
FIltfsT PROBE?a line new
$MS Piano.
certificate for $115.00,
certllicatc for glOO.00,
Bach Of the contestants
sending in the next live
highest lists will be given
a credit ?heck for $90. Fol?
lowing these in groups of
live c?r more, each of the
contestants sending In the
next highest lists will he
given a credit cheek for $1
less than thOBS previous
(llrst five at $90; 2nd live
at III, etc) until the en'
lire amount is awarded.
How Many Times Can You Write the Name
On a Card or Sheet of Paper, Measuring 3 x 4 inches.
This space within black border is supposed to be exact
size. Use any plain card or paper, size as indicated by
border. Contestants must fill out coupon or exact writ-"
ten copy and attaeh to or enclose with card.
Thsss credit checks sre good on the purchase of any new Hallet ft Davis. Conway
or any piano or player-piano In our warerooma at regular retail price Time ?f
credit check Is limited. Credit checks cannot be applied to any purchase made pre?
vious to November 36 1910. Only one credit check may be applied on the purchase
of one piano.
The one price Hallet Si Davis, Piano Co. plan of selling is the bulwark of our sur
? ?rs>. It Is the ptan that saves you money t save your patience and has torn away
the mystery of buying. We have detinite object In impressing this plan on y. ur
minds, hence its use In this contest. We know that this contest wlli arouse wide?
spread interest, it Is the greatest opportunity ever presented to people desiring a
piano. To any home without one. It is of vital importance. Some one will get a fine
piano free, or one of the other valuable prizes. Why not you? Nothing could be
fairer then this great contest. It Is conducted on a fair and open basis. Promin?
ent men will act as judges, and every pri/.e is well worth striving for.
Mail or bring your answer to our office
at once.
ADDRESS TO MANAUEP OK CONTEST. Stan now and send your answer
The words ? Hallet and
I ?..vis Pianos?must be
written plainly. The per?
son sending in the highest
list in accord;.nc/e with
these conditions will be
awarded first prize. the
Si ? ond best list the second
prize, etc.
Number consecutively
each time you write the
words, as Hallet and Davis
Pianos 1. Hallet and Davis
Pianos I, Halb t and Davis
Pianos I, etc.
Contest closes at 1:31 p.
m.. November 26, 1910.
Write on one side of the
cdrd only. No words can
be written across each
I >nly one card may be
submitted by one family.
In the event of a tie the
value of prize offered will
be equally divided between
those tying or a prize
identical in character and
value of that offered
Swarded to each of said
Read tliis coupon carefully and write
side of your list, as no list will I*- accept* i
ten copy attached.
I submit herewith my card, on whh
? Hallet and Davis Pianos" .times, subjcst to all conditions of
the contest and I hereby agree to abide by the decision Of the judges.
st re KT.
Have you upright oi square ptaaoor organ .' State which
rILDER appointed auoitor.
I o'clock, few of the committeemen
were present, but they Immediately
got to work on the votes of all the
RETURNS LtATE? IN COMING IN_ boxes on band and when tabulated
( it was found that Wilder bad the
majority ol votes east, he was de?
_ (dated nominated for auditor of Bum*
The Total Vole Small hut Wilder <.oi- ter county, with the prevlso that,
Almost Half of Tliose Cast?Cor- "lnc<! tm ,,ox rrom Ward 2 ot th? city
Death of an Infant.
t ie- Ever) Ward In City,
The Democratic Executive com?
mittee at its meeting Thursdu) al
ternoon declared Mr. It, E Wilder
nominated for the office ol Auditor, he
ha\ing received a majority of votes
tabulated from the boxes on band at
the meeting.
Tin vote cast was:
Sumte.- Ward I
Ward 2 . .
natal .
Ward I . .
M a in bester . .
? a
.?I i::
. ii
.11 11
. 7 :< 10
?'? 2
,61 11
Wedgefleld.19 1
Shlloh.17 11
Pahlcll. 1? ||
Stateburg. It
Itaftlng I 'reek . . . . l
Mayesvllle.It 21
Privateer.72 l
* Hrwego. 2 .'?
Totals.4tfs 313
1 I
1 3
2 !?
I 1
I 11
146 120
was not on band to be counted. Stuck
e> might Hie a protest within forty
eight hours alter derision of the
in was shown In tin discussion at
the meeting that although Mr. Wilder
had a majority of votes without the
bos rrom Ward 2. with that box he
would luck about 21) votes of having
a majority of nil votes cast. The
matter was discussed for some time
before it was finally decided to take
the action Which was later decided
upon and this was taken with the
consent of Mr. Wilder and Mr. A, B.
Stuckey, who was present on behalf
of his brother. Mr. T. B. Btuckey.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. J. Do by
Jennings died on Thursday at
o'clock at the residence of its parents
on West Hampton avenue. The little
boy was sick only a. short while be?
fore his death caused from infantile
paralysis and was a great shock to
its parents. The funeral services were
held at the house Friday after?
noon by Dr. C. C. Brown.
Mr. KtUCkey Pile* Protest.
The Democratic Executive Comml
tee oi Bumter county met yesterday
morning In the Qrand .Jury room at
Today Mr. T. B. Stuckes- was in
the city and stated that he was not
satisfied with the nomination of
Mr. Wilder as Auditor by the Execu?
tive Committee yesterday ami that
be would Hie a protest against the ac?
ceptance oi the county vote with the
box for Ward 2 left out of the count,
lb- stated that he desired b second
primary and. it the Executive Com?
mittee would allow it. he would run
In it and HaTht to the finish.
He stated that he thought Mr.
adjourned until the afternoon to glvt
time that the stray boxes might be
hunted up.
At the afternoon meeting which
took place til the same place about
Be races and Philathcas.
Tin- Baraca und Phllathea classes
Of the f irst Baptist Church, held
their regular monthly business meet?
ing on Tuesday evening.
After the business session, the two
classes gathered in the Sunday
school room, and were addressed by
Hon. t. B. Fr?ser. Mr. Fr?ser1 ad?
dress was beautiful in Its simplicity.
He pointed out very clearly, the
work for the two classes to perform,
his words were full of inspiration and
helpfulness, and were greatly ap?
preciated by all present.
The two classes are still growing,
each has a large attendance every
Sunday afternoon, but there is room
tor many more, a cordial invitation
Is extended to all, this means you.
?specially do we invite the stangers
within our gates.
For sab-: four thousand bushels
of seed oats at prICCS that will cause
you to w o der bow we can do it.
Booth-Harb) Live sto?k <"o.. Bumter,
a. c. io-20-st
the Court House In make known Wilder bad polled his full strength
their official decision in the recent! In tin- tirst primary and that he
primary for Auditor of this county 1 thought he stood a good chance
but owing to the fart thai many I should the Executive Committee nl
ol the boxes were not on hand I low i aecond primary,
and the official vote could let be le- < th< other hand .Mr Wilder i
cured without them, the committee I confident that with the b a ? i of 243
votes which he secured over Mr.
Stnckej in the tust primary, neue
than doubling Mr. Btuckey's vide. he
woui i be certain of election in o sec?
ond primary, should one be beb?.
Mii'h Interest has been manifested
Mr. and Mrs. w. D. Carson, of
Dalsell, were In the city for a while
in the ra<. by the public at large
? and no doubt, should a second prl
! mary be held, more votes should be
; polled than in the llrst primary.
Both candidates ;ire popular, have
many friends, and would light bard
I l or the election in the second pri?
The numerous streets improvements
that are being made by the city coun?
cil are very desirable, but where is
the money coming from to pay the
bills? The fixed expense of the city
government and the ordinary income
from tayes, licenses, etc, are nip and
tuck, consequently if many extra ob?
ligations are Incurred S big floating
d< bt w ill be inevitable.
O'Donnell & Co., have ? special
hoe advertisement today that is real
interesting. O'Donnell ^- Co.. have
S.n established reputation for hand?
ling on>v first class standard articles
and when you buy anything from
them you know that you get the best
article for the price. Their shoe de?
partment Is particularly well stock?
et! and if you need footwear you will
i'o interested in the advertisement.
Work has commenced on Harvir
street snd In s few days it will look
more like the street of a prosperous
town than a vary rutty country road
Which it has looked like heretofore.
It seems that it is a hard matter to
g. t the right man for the position of
Recorder, for the pines pays only
|26 per month, and he must be pres?
ent at any and all times to fill out
warrants and also be willing to spend
an uncertain amount of time trying
?los. m. Chandler, the South Main
Street Clothier, who has been on
gaged in this line of business cx
clualvely from early boyhood?it
WOUld not do to say bow many years,
for Joe don't look that old?and he
knows clothing as well as the next
man. Guided by bis knowledge of
bis business and the needs of the
trade, he seiet ted the largest and
best stork for the season that he has
ever bad. and he wants everybody to
know it. Therefore, be advertises
and in his ad he quotes a lew prices
and t< Iis something about his stock.
For sale: Four thousand bushels
of seed oats at prices that a*ill cause
you to wonder bow we ?an do it.
Booth-flarhy I've st.>, k <*.?., Bumter,
S. i* D-Je-st

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