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is the name on a box of Candies
that guarantees purity, quality, fresh?
ness. ThereV*None like NunnallyV*
We receive them fresh almost daily.
I - iifiJ w. w. ?HOT.
oooday flit.
TyW TT DQ f We have Just Received Our Second
D U LD3 . Shipment of Choice Bulbs
Woukl be glad for you to make your
selections at once as they are selling
Sibert's Drug Store,
No. 8 S. Main St. Phone No. 283.
T jme, Cement,
IJ ?i \' fZ r*\ t n Rice Flour, Ship Stuff, Bran. Mixed
nay, uiani, Cow and ?hicken teed.
Horses, Mules, &a**UV. w:*gon8: and:
No Ort Irr Too Larae or Too Small
Booth-Harby Live Stock Co.
, Farms For Sale!
Mi farm*, ranging from 50 to 150 acre* to Ibe farm, -ir? u-.-u.n? IM
v rat kl tili *UI be sold an a whole a* In separat?? tracts. Land makes wore
than a bale of cotton to the acre this year. Stltahle for cotton, corn or truck.
Severs! >f t he farms are admirably adapted to trucking. All within two miles
of the city.
Ms4? several ileslrable hulldlng lots on Hampton Avcihic and Hruad It,
If Yob Want A Horse, Mule. Wagon, Huggy Or a Farm, Go to
W. M. Graham, Hampton Ave.
We are Making a Drive
on several styles of carriages
which wehave been using as sam
* ? '?' pics in our wareroonis. If you
can use one we will make it an ob?
ject to purchase at once. The
carriages are all right in both ap?
pearance and make. Hut we are
getting new samples and have not
room for both. Hence this un?
usual carriage chance.
Mskee IIa bow to the business public. soliciting thalr favors,
offering It's facllltlee to analst them In bnslness or handle
ihelr crop*.
We are located at Na 12 W. Liberty * treat, call and see
us. open an account with tin and *ee bow easily we can
do baalaean together.
Money Loaned on Cotton at Six (6) Per Cent.
The Prosperity iL Bank
Increases with the prosperity of the surround?
ing country. The interest of the people is
our interest. We are working for you and re?
spectfully solicit a share of your business.
Out organization Is up-to-date and we have
the facilities t >r giving you the service that
vou want.
The Bank of Sumter
The Farmers' Bank and Trust Co.
F established 1905.
Capital Stork tad Surplus.J 165,000.00
Protection to Depositors. 285,000.00
It< I'. 1 ! nf Directors have a combined
wc~.ith of more than. 2,000,000.00
Centrally Located, Conservatively Managed, it invites
Your Btiflinesi
They Ca fry New ?orh Sew Jersey, I
Ohio. Massachusetts, Connecticut,
and Probably Iowa?Will Control
House by a Safe Majority.
New Voik. Nov. 8.?Elections held
throughout the country yesterday re?
sulted in a political convulsion of
far-reaching extent, similar at many
points to the famous tidal wave of
insl' and apparently more widespread
In its s*(act
The national hon.se of representa?
tives has i>< en carried by the Demo?
crats, w ho will control that branch
of congrssi by i aafe worklny major?
ity after March 4,\text. reverting the
present Republican majority <?f 4;?
Hepuhlican. Champ Clark of Mis?
souri has announced his candidacy
for speaker to succeed Speaker Can?
The United States Senate will prob?
ably have a reduced Republican ma?
jority as a result of legislative elec?
tions held in many States.
In New York State. John A. Dix.
Democratic candidate for governor,
Is elected over Henry L. Stlmson, Re?
publican, by a plurality of about 55,
000, reversing the Republican plural?
ity of 70.000 In 190S for Governor
In New Jersey. Woodrow Wilson,
Democratic candidate for governor. Is
elected over Vivian M. Lewis, Repub?
lican, by about 15,000 plurality, re?
versing the previous Republican plu?
rality of 8,000 for Governor Fort.
In Massachusetts, Eugene Foss,
Democratic candidate, has defeated
?ben s. Draper, Republican candi?
date for governor,
In Conn, ticut. Judge Simeon E.
Baldwin, Democratic candidate, In
elected g? vernor over Charles A.
Goodwin. Republican, by about 4,000
plurality, reversing the 16.000 plural?
ity of the Republicans.
In Ohio) Judge Judson Harmon,
I>emocratic candidate for reelection,
appears to have carried the State by
about 40,000 over Warren G. Har?
ding. Republican candidate.
In New Hampshire, Robert H. Bass
Republican candidate for governor. Is
leading Charles E. Carr, Democratic
candidate, by about 6,000 plurality.
In Pennsylvania the election of
John H. Tenor, Republican candidate
for governor, is claimed by a large
In Rhode Island, Go v. Pothler,
Republican candidate, is slightly in
the iead over Lewis A. Waterman,
Democratic candidate, with a plural?
ity much reduced from that of 190y.
In Tennessee, th*1 fusion candidate,
Hen. W. Hooper, is apparently elected
by 15,000 plurality.
Democratic governors have been
elected In Alabama and South Caro?
lina. . i
In Iowa the Democrats claim the
election of Claude R. Porter for gov?
ernor, but this is not >*et conceded.
In Wisconsin the election of the
Republican candidate for governor,
Franics E. McGovern, Is claimed by
a reduced majority and the return of
Senator I^iFollette to the United
States senate Is assured.
in Michigan, Chas E. Orsborne, the
Republican candidate for governor,
appears to have a safe lead over L.
T. Heman8, Democrat.
$10,000 Offered in Cash Pi let* at
Corn Show.
Columbia, Nov. 9.?President Hud?
son of the South Atlantic States
Corn exposition which Is to be held
in Columbia from December 5 to 8
Is receiving many letters from the
farmers of North Carolina. Georgia
and South Carolina with reference to
the exposition. ,
it is expected that several thousand
farmen will send exhibits to the
exposition, The sum of approximately
110,000 has bet a secured by the ex?
position for the best corn to be
grown In the three States
The exposition win i.e educative as
well as entertaining. It will mark the
climax of corn production in the
South ami often prizes that make it
Worth While to send In exhibits.
Every farmer in the three States
is requested to sen l his exhibits to
the exposition.
There are a number or corn shows
being held in the various counties of
the State. Each countv will be asked
to send ;iu exhibit to the exposition.
Besides several well known speak?
ers, there win be an aviation meet.
All farmers who desire to enter
exhibits i 't the different prises should
communicate w ith a. l?. Hudson or
New berry.
Reel Wagon Called Out.
Ati alarm of fire was sen* in Tues?
day afternoon from box .r?. but
uhf'ii the Wagons reached the Cur?
tis House on s. Main street, the sup?
posed scene of the tire, there was no
fin for it bail hem extinguished al?
ready and the wagons had their run
for nothing,
No damage was done by the (ire,
\hl. h was >aused by the overturning
? r a keroslne lamp.
Male Works on an I'phill Case Ow
lug to Influences Which Tend to
Lighten Offences of Grafters.
Chester, Nov. 7.?-The "graft" cases
which have been pending in the
courts ot this state for two years
were called to trial here today. Af?
ter the grotesque verdict of a Rich
land Jury In the Farn urn ease a year
ago When the defendant was acquit?
ted ana later pleaded guilty to almost
the Identical charge, the attorney
general decided to go to trial in some
Other county with the remaining
cases. Cluster COUnty was selected
because the principal in the conspir?
acy charge, Joe It. \Vyl!e, is said to
have gotten the graft money in
Chester as an outcome ol his part
of the alleged conspiracy. Had the
cases been tried here a year ago pub?
lic sentiment doutbless would have
forced a verdict, but there are said to
have been at work here agencies
whose presence can be sensed rather
than explained, and the State, with
all of its mass of evidence and con?
fessions, may have an up-hill tight.
The defendants are John Black,
Jodie If, Uawlinson and H. Lee Solo?
mons. The original indictment named
also Morton A. Goodman, Jno. T.
Earley, Joe R Wylio ami James S.
Farnum. These four will not be tried
at this term.
After the attorney general, Mr.
Lyon, had read the indictments this
morning, A. L. Gaston of the Chester
bar endeavored to get Mr. Lyon to
tell why these four were not under
trial. Mr. Lyon said that was a mat?
ter belonging to him. and in this he
was sustained by the court.
The indictment charges the defend?
ants with having conspired to defraud
the BtatS of South Carolina and with
having taken $13.1.000. which be?
longed to the State of South Carolina.
The presiding judge is Ernest
Moore, of Lancaster, representing
Judge Klugh, who is ill. ,
The attorney general, Mr. Lyon, is
assisted in the prosecution by W. F.
Stevenson and Ii. L. Abney. Solicitor
Henry is ill and is represented by J.
C. MeClure of Chester.
The attorneys for the defendants
are as follows. For Uawlinson, Wes
ton & Aycoek and R. H. Welch, of
Columbia; for John Black, John M.
Wise of Chester and M. P. Howell of
Walterboro and Nelson. Nelson &
Gettys of Columbia; for H. Lee Solo-|
mons, A. L. Gaston of Chester, a for- j
mer State dispensary leader in the
legislature and a member of the in?
vestigating committee.
The hearing of the case promises to
last a w? ek. There were no dilatory
motions today, no questioning the
venue, no plea for former jeopardy
for Black, 'but the rase was entered
upon at once. However, th? defense
has contested every inch ol ground
in admitting into evidence extracts
from the bid book, purchase vook.
minute book, invoice book and el k
book of the dispensary board unuer
which this particular graft is alleg?
Judge Moore polled the jury and
the attorneys >n both sides and se?
emed unanimous consent to go on
with the trial Tuesday, which Is gen?
eral election day and a holiday.
of the defendants, Jodie M. Uaw?
linson is a farmer of Uiehland
county, John Black is a native of Col
leton count, was shipping clerk at
the dispensary, later represented a
whiskey house and after that was
elected on the board. This board in
February. 1907, was removed from
Office by Gov. Ansel on motion of Mr.
Lyon, and the supreme court of the
State sustained the attorney general, j
Lee Solomons is now a business man
of Estlll, Hampton county. He rep?
resented in 190?) the Big Springs Dis?
tilling company of Savannah. Strauss, '
Prttz & Co., of Cincinnati.
Among the witnesses here to tes
tirfy are Jno. T. Earley. who then (
represented Fleischmann & Co.; W. |
D. Roy, head of the Belroy Distilling
Company and secretary of the whis?
key trust, and Col. C. W. Dudley of
the United states Distilling company.
Twenty-six jurors were called. The
prosecution challenged Wade Hafner
and u. A. Smith. The defense ex?
cused R. R. GUI, J. A. Barron, R. EL
Bdwards, w. T. Kllgore, Hugh Cas
key, R. T, Morris. YY. C. Nunnery.
W. A. Gladden, J. P. Hollls, B. B.
Clowney, J. Lecke and Clarence
The following Jurors were sworn:
Foreman, IV. i?. Guy, former county
treasurer; .T. M. Wilson, a farmer of
Richbug; W. M. Drennan, a farmer
of Rtchburg; S. M. Porter, a baker of
this city; J. W. Wilson, a tanner of
the Armenia section; J. W. Taylor of
Wesl ?'bester, a fanner; John Estes,
farmer; Alex Praeter, a liveryman;
IV M. Hough, an automobile dealer;
W, H. Caldwell of Rossville; J. N.
<',.t\in of llalesvllle, farmer; J, W.
Qulnton, farmer.
The jury was formed by I o'clock,
but little evidence was Introduced,
Dr. W. J. Murray, chairman of the
windlng-up commission, was the first
put on the stand, lie put in evidence
the record! of the old dispensary
board (hiring the Incumbency of the
defendants. Dr. Murray is now cus?
todian <?f the records
The next Witness was Jas. Ii. '
IVylle, who has not got started on his
testimony; f<>r, when he endeavored
to read from the minutes of the State
board of directors, of which he was
a mem her, there was an hour's de
I ate as to whether or not he could
do so. The hour for recess came be?
fore Judge Moore finally determled
What to do. Jno. B. Wylie testified
that before he and Jno. Black were
elected directors of the State dispen?
sary hoard, and While both wa re can?
didates, Black came to him and de?
clared that they "could make a pot
of money" out of the jobs. Mr. Lyon
was preparing to show how this pre
electlon foretaste became a full meal
in reality when the argument arose.
*"I am pleased to recommend
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as the
best thing I know of and safest reme?
dy for coughs, colds and bronchial
trouble." writes Mrs. L. B. Arnold of
Denver. Colo. M We have used It re?
peatedly and it has never failed te
give relief." For sale by all deal?
Light is the first painter. There
is no object so foul that intense light
will not make it beautiful.?Emerson.
?There is little danger from a cold
:>r from an attack of the grip except
when followed by pneumonia, and
this never happens when Chamber?
lain's Coujh Remedy is used. This
remedy has won lt% great reputation
and extensive sale by its remarkable
oures of colds and gs?P and can bo
relied upon with implicit confidence.
For sale by all dealers.
A man has as much right to be a
Republican as to be a Democrat In
these days, but no man has a right
to be both.?Durham (X. C.) Sun.
?Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets do not sicken or gripe, and
may be taken with perfect safety by
the most delicate woman or the
youngest child. The old and feeble
w ill also find them a most suitable
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their weakened digestion and for
regulating the bowels For sale by
all dealers.
A great many of the hunters of the
city are getting ready to have great
sport among the birds after the 15th.
Already many of the squirrel hunters
have had good luck among the squir?
rels In the swamp.
- ?
I lave Made Man> Sumte* ResMK .t
I. .tfcusia -tic
Xo wonder scores of Sumter citizens
grow enthusiastic. R is enough to
make anyone happy to find relief after
years of suffering. Public statements
like the following are but truthful rep?
resentations of the daily work done
in Sumter bv Doan's Kidney Pills.
William Burdell, 211 Church St.,
Sumter, S. C, says: "I suffered from
backache and sharp, shooting pains
through my loins for some time. I
could not rest well and In the morn?
ing my back was very lame and stiff.
I was also caused much annoyance by
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mend Doan's Kidney Pills to any per?
son suffering from kidney complaints."
For sale by all dealers. Price SOc.
Fester-MUburn Co., Buffalo, New
York, ?ole agents for the United
Remember the name?Doan's
take no other. No. 19.
Women of the highest type,
women of superior education and
refinement, whose discernment
and judgment give weight and
force to their opinions, highly
praise the wonderful corrective
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berlain's Stomach and Liver Tab?
lets. Throughout the many stages
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hood to the declining years, there
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icine. Chamberlain's Tablets are
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(ImwirikC orpnoto. For ?sport Maren im Pre* report I
rnw iiuVtoc, bow to ?'i>u?n? i-?:.. i trade Buurkal
copyright*, etc, tN Ai L COUNTRIES.
?tuimi? Ji>. t : //'/ Wa$kkngton mws tim,\\
m "i' V uvJ ?(/. >! thrp.it. ttt.
Patent and Infringement Practice Enoruslvely.
Write or <-'>m?? \<> <!s ?t
623 Nintn Btroot, opp DSttMl 8tat*? Put?' Otto?.
Tin* Scramble for Railroad Coamaaav
sioiK'i' Grow i ? laai
Columbia, Nov. tt.?Then? are now
twenty-seven appllcatloni for the
Sullivan vacancy on the railroad com?
mission, new appllcatloni today be?
ing H, \V. Hard In, an attorney of
Blackatock and B. u. Hornet, ? for?
mer magistrate of Charleston. It is
being urged in favor of the appli?
cants of secretary T. 15. T.umpkin of
the commission that. if any appli?
cant other than he, is appointed, all
the standard tariff and cotton goods
rate hearings will have to be held
?"I do not believe there is any
other medicine so good for whooplnf
cough as Chamberlain's Cough Reme?
dy," writes Mrs. Francis Turpln,
Junction City, Ore. This remedy is
also unsurpassed for colds aad
croup. For sale by all dealers.
When a man is in love with one
woman in a family, It is astonishing
how fond be becomes of every person
connected with it.?Thackeray.
?For pains in the side or chest
dampen a piece of flannel with Cham?
berlain's Liniment and biad it en
over the seat of pain. There is noth?
ing better. For sale by all dealers.
Can be Placed in the
Jewelry we Sell You
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designs in sterling silver, cut glass
anal novelties, whicTi we offer for
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Our prices will also prove to your
"W. A. Thompson,
Jeweler and Optician.
6 S. Main St. Sumter. S. C.
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Paying Employment
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r.r home, write to-day
The PutterSck Publishing Co.
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What They Will Do lor Yost
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rect urinary irregularities, build
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Anyone fencing a fket <-h und description nr?*
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Patent* tutu'ii tm ii.Muim aio.ret.-v.tr?
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Scientific American.
A handtomoiv Illustrated wo^klr. t n reatt He
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?run<*h Ofltae. C^S F Ft.. Washing n. 1>. C.

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