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FIRST \oi viu 1: t. \|\s
In TliU Mate lt?a*?e\eli Qffj l ight.
While l're-dd? nt U (.Ixen s|x.
Chicago. J u n.- II,?Contests d? nl
?d tod iy by the Republican n.11 >? n.tl
commit*. ?
I ?elegateS ( 'redlted
lb .se
Taft. velt.
Mississippi. II 0
Missouri. 6 s
W. Carolina. 0 4
Total today. II II
Previously settled .141 1
Total.159 II
Total number of delegate* < "H
Total ?.ur |bgf g| I onte-ts pend?
Chicago. June II,-Bight delegat 4
f.a ? ?? ? I: .: ! : > ' I .
?ient Taft marked the day's gain* of
the tw(> chief rivals for the lb-pub- I
licsn presidential nomination, from
the decision of cnt* r - . i the
Republl. an national * omu-ittee. In
addition the committee settled dis?
putes between rhal Koosevelt fac?
tions In two district.* of North Caro
llan. thus clearing the colonels t tie
to votes from these sections.
It wa? 'i tt *> of Koosev elt victories
Hut victories achieved with the lull
acqutes. em I ot the Taft tnajorltv on
th* committee. Missouri's conte-ds.
which threatened mother battle be?
tween the Taft and ROOSSVOH fac?
tions. In which the lines Would be
Closely drawn. w?r?- ? omprotoISOd SO
Sffsctlvely that the committee was
unanimous* In giving RnOOQISU tSjht
and Taft six of the SOfttSjgfted dele?
gations front 'hat S'ate.
F*u Taft Two each fro n the So
end. Third, fourth, Sixth. Seventh ? nd
Eighth Magrfnslppl distrb t. |WQ each
from the Thltd, Seventh and Four?
teenth Missouri districts. Total 1?.
for Koosevelt Four delegates at
large fron? Missouri; two ea< h front
the Fhst and Fifth Missouri districts;
two each from the Third and Nin'h
North Carolina districts. Total. 12.
At the end 'f a week of constant
work over the contested delegation *
the committee has given Pre. d m
Tuft a total of 1 .">'.* delegates and Cfcl
Roosevelt of 13.
In the Ninth North Carolina dis?
trict thi o, ? : ., ?. r] v . aj .
fftnsn-Fnrrei delegation hut th.
to** di?i nol Invol pros ... lal ? tr
Ing up this tontest the committee
considered the Third district contest
and Seated the two Koo<eVelt dele
gstes. Marlon Ritl.-r and W, S. < \\.
When adjournment was taken at
3.16 It was the belief that other SOOV
promises could be ? ft'. t ted to dtSnoOfl
of some of the remaining COntOStl
without the formality of irg utnents.
In th-- Missouri cases as soon M Qo>
If !?! i- I I s\OQS SI elt i\> b-gatioc had
beer, defeated Conferences were mi
nertt'v.n auo.ng the Missouri f o tiuis
won b reealesd hi Ihs dividing ol he
seng' tied delegation* between Rot ie
veit seal Taft. Smiiiar eonfereneei
are ggpSjl ltd in the result In th*' c?n
en'idatton <?f several of the other
JPtnte * ases before the commltte*' le
som* - \\ oi k tomoi row .
T%OSSJ compromises will not iiffi*? t
r. \ i- i i Washington, u is nndorttt o I
hut sng] lake in speogn| of th*? other
The committee will settle another
fad|| n 11 tight in North Carolina to?
morrow ami will bike up the Third
Oklahoma district.
Tbc oiiteyi4 remaining Involve t\v?>
eVeg it. > from North Carolina; eight
from Tennessee; from Texas; .a
from Virginia; II from Washington,
two from Ala-ka: |We from ?Okla?
homa, two tiom South CaroMni and
two from th*- District *?f Colombia.
Marriage ia? ? n-c Record,
Marnage license* wen Issued to I he
following colored couplet Thursd v
And I i ?I iv
l.evi Jones and Agios Williams of
W* <lg*-m Id. nitotl IoiikIi and
i.. ?,. Oeeen, Bnaatof] and Robert a.
Wdson. Mave-vilb- and F.llen RtctV
nfdjaon, gnmter.
nVsngng or OsnAnaeadS fee Cnlaeih
I bat Contain Mercury
ss no r< ury will ??n Iv destroy the
sens* of ggsoll and completely de?
rariK?- lite wb<o* system when enter
lug ?t through the mucous surfaces.
siH-h ertletef shontd novel he uned
gn> ..pt on preaerla4lons from repu?
table physblurs. as the dnSJiag? Hoy
will do Is ten fold to tin- good yog
can posnthrj derive fr*?m them. Hall's
I'starrh l'nn?. mannf.o tor* i by I'. J,
i'heney a ? . Toledo, *?.. contains no
mer? urv. and Is mken Interaallv. a. t
ing dlreetly upon the blood and mu
' on- -ui f m ..f the system. In buy?
ing Hairs Cutnrrti Cure be surs yog
g.-t ito gesjisjlg . It is taken Inter
II? U ami mob- in Toledo, t ?hi**. bv |\
j. Chonoy d Teothnonlnhi free,
H* Id by druw'glsi?*. Tri? .. T."a i,*>i
Take ib,it < Family Pills r-r eonstl
e iton.
rn?\\t. roMMirn i i*i/
ReesSMS fuf \?li?Mnmiuiu Run I-'miii
l?cep l'olitual MotlVfM to l'ho?*? of
Con\ciiiciicc?I Vi 1111 Side still Claim
Control of Convention?
Chicago, June 13, The "Missouri
compromise'' decision and ths quick*
iy following and entlrel) unexpected
sdjournmeni ol tii*? Republican m
tlogjg eommlttes this afternoon
brought about a iitu it ton fun of un?
certainty md conflicting rumors,
which lasted throughout the evening
nnd refused to crystallis i nt< ? any
definite form.
Explanation Iravereed s long and
rafted stale, all thS way from the
sta lernen I that the compromise and
?addon adjournment presaged g gen?
eral getting together of the Tatt and
Rooeevolt factions to the nalvs theory
that it was t., give the convention
carpeateri a chance to finish their
sawing and hammering in the neigh?
borhood of the committee room.
The explanation which best tits the
various known facts is that the Taft
BUPPOrtOTJ were gl ul to take advan?
tage of the three or four hours of
time saved by the compromise of the
Missouri cases t>> take account of
stock and prepare for the struggle ex?
pected over the Texas and Washing?
ton contests.
Roosevelt's supporter professed to
bg greatly Slated Over the seating of
their delegation at large from Mis?
souri and asserted that the outcome in
the whole Missouri business exceeded
their most sanguine hopes. The Taft
people, on the other hand, seemed to
take the outcome complacently and
abated none of their claims on that
Chas, Nag? i. national committee*
man of Missouri. Mr. Taft'a secretary
of commerce and labor, who left Chi*
cage yesterday on the eve (,f the Mis?
souri content hearing, which he had
been counted upon to present, oame in
for considerable criticism. The com?
mittee action marked the llrst appar?
ent concession of the light to Roose?
velt Taft men on the committee
while mute fof publication, said pri?
vately that Mr. Nagle's departure
from Chicago had much to do witr
the argument in the Missouri cases.
The cabinet officer, pressed to pre?
sent the Taft side of the controversy,
known that the secretary had left
town some of the Taft members of
the committee determined to stand by
the Had ley-Re icevelt delegates. Today
nbeolutely no one appeared to chal?
lenge GoV, Hadley'S presentation of
the case, and the Taft leaders said
there was nothing for them to do hut
Anyway, tin- lUbjsCt was the topic
of sad lees diet usolon among both fac?
tions tonight, and the Roosevelt peo?
ple unquestionably showed tin- more
? ontentment. Interest in tomorrow's
SsSSkm of the national committee was
The tight promises to centre about
contests Involving the delegates from
Texan The eeateets preceding that
on the calendar are Inconsequential
Compared with the Texas situation.
where the political life of Cecil Lyon,
nation.ii con mltteeman, and the
strength ol tin Roosevelt machine in
the State ate at st ike. The ROOSS
\eit managers declared no com pre
miss would he considered with re?
gnd to TeXaS, Tie Tafl managers as?
serted they would ftghl tor ail of the
contested Texns delegations on the
ground that the Lyon organisation
had chosen its delegates in defiance of
the district apportionment plan of
the Republic in national committee.
Rumor*1 of compromises and con*
cession in I he remaining contest lights
Were denied by leaders on both
it is expected that the Virginia con?
test in which tin RooeeVell forces
ehurgi the! the Tafl conventions
Were hetd wlo re negroes could not at
tend evlll h? presented a- a single case
hm ormshj Mctlarg, Ihe Roosevelt
contest manager, asserted tonight
th.it Ihe) argue each of the Texas
contests separately and that he ex?
pected to have at hast 86 id' the 10
Texas delegetea
Roth sides continued to claim ulti?
mate control ol tin convention an* in
this connection 'he Rooeeveli fortes
rieftnltely announced their Intention to
oppose on the poor the election of
Henatol Hoot is temporary chairman.
Thej s.ii.i their candidate for that
p!. would he Senator Roratl of
Mr, and Mrs, .1. a. gup of Wilming?
ton for 111 e 1 residents of Humter, are
in ihe <il\ Spending ? short while.
Mi Sup was formerly yardmnster
here md hns many friends in the elty
who will he glad to nee him again,
Mr. Rli hard M.1 i- al bom, fiom
< 'lemson < ollege,
Hit * oiliest* I'roin Texas ami Vir?
ginia uj lie Heard Among Others
Today ? Slxty*ElglM Convention
Meals Involved.
Chicago, June 14,?President Taft
today received six delegates at the
hands of the Republican national
committee in contests with the forces
of Col, Roosevelt, To that number the
commit. , added eight by the settle?
ment of local tights between rival Taft
delegations. Opposed to the day's
gain of H by President Taft was an?
other empty sheet lor Col. RoOSCVClt.
When the committee adjourned at
2.50 o'clock this afternoon the Texas
Virginia and Washington contests re?
mained as the struggles In which the
Roosevelt leaders are to centre th?ir
strength tomorrow, Up to tonight
the COmmltee's labors have resulted
as follows:
Today s results:
For Taft in contest with Roosevelt
?Oklahoma. First district 2; Tennes?
see. Second district. 2; Ninth district.
In contests between rival Tai't dele?
gations?South Carolina. First district
2; Tennessee. First district 2; Tenth
district 2; Alaska
Total COntMtl decided is?i. For
Taft, lTo. For Roosevelt, 13. Re?
maining undecided 88,
None of the contests today brought
out the strong partisan feeling that
has characterized many of the arg l
menti and declsio i In the commit?
tee room. In the three districts where
Roosevelt contestants appeared the
coloners partisan! on the committee
VOted against the seating of the Taft
delegates but the only strong com?
ment was on the decision of the Ninth
Tennessee, which Francis J, Heney as?
serted was a "clean steal." I
A contest from Alaska that had not
figured in the committee lists wai dis?
posed of without argument just before
adjournment. Credentials from a
contesting delegation elected at Val
des May 29 had been received by
Secretary I lay ward but the commit?
tee declined to consider them.
The NUdden and early termination
Of the day's proceedings resulted from
desire e>f President Taft's attorneys
to prepare the cases Involving the
???I ,.^??/->"? i l.i ...... from Texas.
ed and was granted a continuance j
until tomorrow morning. An attempt
to take up the Virginia and Wash?
ington caSCJ met similar opposition
from the other side. Ormsby Mc
llarg. the Roosevelt contest attorney,
said his side was prepared to present
the Texas cases, but would not argue
the others.
By an agreement to consolidate the
Virginia contests and to attempt a
consolidation of the Washington
cases it was made possible to present
all the remaining contest! tomorrow.
it Is believed.
The remaining contests include
those of Texas. Virginia, Washington
the District of Columbia, and the
Third district of North Carolina. In
the Fourth North Carolina district
both delegates are Understood tO be
in Virginia the chief issue Is as to
whether the conventions electing Taft
delegates were held in building- from
which negroes Wete excluded. The
Washington contest centre about the
control of tin- Washington state con?
The contested delegates in Texas
number In Virginia in Wash?
ington i i in the District of Columbia.
two, and in North Carolina two.
Two Negro Hack Drivers on Trial Ac
<?u-cd of Killing Little Roy at Flor?
Florence, June 1 I. The Hrsl Ver?
dict against a white man in present
session of court was given this after?
noon in the ruse against Hill for kill?
ing Dorman In u restaurant In this cit>
In May, The lury found him guilty
of manslaughter with recommenda?
tion to mercy, Dorman had been senl
for to have him repeal certain abusive
statements made about him by Hill
ind Hill w.i^ prepared for a tight
when he came, lie cut Dorman ami
be bled tu death In ? few minutes.
Dorman cursed him and made at
him to ,tiik.' him, bul was unarmed
not knowing for what in- hoi been
Tio ease agalnsl Harr) Mclntosb
and John Williams, two nemo hack
drivers, charged with the murder <?,
little Andrew Jackson, a'as entered
Into and the Jury forno d after near!)
exhausting the panel, The" cur?
house was packed, man) women belni
in the crowd, There is no dlspnsll
Ion whatever toward* violence in thl;
ease, thuogli Interesl i- particular!)
Sumter Will Send Large Delegation In
Columbia Jul) l?. Special from
Florence timl Sumter Claimed?
Sumter Rund tu Attend.
Ttii' Chamber of Commerce is plan?
ning to send at leaat tlfty business
men t.. attend the big meeting and
banquet to be held In Columbia on
Tuesday. July 9th. This meeting will
be the First convention of business
men held under the auspices of the
united chamber* of commerce of the
State. Bach county lias i.n invited
to send at bast five representatives
and it is not necessary to be a mem?
ber of any chamber to attend. Ar?
rangement! are being made by the
industrial Commiteee of the Cham?
ber of Commerce and a special com?
mittee of the Sumter Retail Mer?
chants' A oclation for a special train.
Next week these committees will can?
vass the city to ascertain just how
many Sumter men will attend the
it It certain to be a great rally of
the business interests of the State.
The convention Will convene at II p.
m. and organize a permanent State
chamber of Commerce or Develop?
ment League which will have for its
object the internal development of
the state along every line and for1
?b.ser co-operation between the va?
rious Cities of the State. It is expect?
ed that the State body Will assist in
the organization of a State Retail
Merchants' Association, a state Real
Estate Association. co-operation in
securing better highways, immigra?
tion and farm development, drainage,
co-operation In bringing to the state
industries and capital to develop na?
tural resources and to manufacture
tin- State's raw material. Stu b an or?
ganization can d<> a great work In ad?
vertising the State's special advan?
tages abroad and In securing greater
publicity throughout the nation.
Every city In the State is working
hard to have a large delegation at
ibis meeting. Florence has notified
the committee at Columbia that she
will have a special car. Charleston
will bring her famous Meistersingers.
i u angehurg claims that Sumter will
be left in the dark when her big del?
egation arrives. Secretary Marshall
of Greenwood claims that his city
will put all the others |n the shade
ami Secretary John Wood has already i
held a big booster meeting which has
decided to prove to the rest of the
state that Spartanburg is certainly
ie banquet In the evening will be
?d at $1 per plat*' and all reser
?ns must be In before the 26th.
At this banquet I?r. M. Ashby Jones of
Augusta will speak on the C?et To?
gether spirit. Th*- Meistersingers of
Charleston and the Columbia Quart?
et will compete for first honors.
The local committee on Industrial
Excursions has th*- matter in charge
for Sumter, Mr, Bartow Walsh is
chairman of the committee and C.
L. cuttim?. M. B, R?ndle, i^. I. Par
rott, C. H. Wilson, H. C. Parrott,
Julius Wescoat, John Clack, John Mc
Knight, E. s. Booth and W. B. Up
shur are members. The Retailers
have appointed Messrs. Julius Wes?
coat, John McKnlght and E. S. Booth
to act with this committee.
A community torn by dissensions,
r? nt asunder by strife and contention
?the people ready always to fly at
each other's throats on account of riv?
alry and petty jealousies?can never
hope to succeed. The universal broth?
erhood of man is constantly deferred
and the end of time will appear be?
fore this meat leslderatum can be
brought about, unless man shall be
brought to the realization of this, his
dominant weakness. Let him Inquire,
'Who is my neig ibor?" ?Georgetown
LaVallleres, the Jewelry fad of the
season these dainty ornaments have
strengthened their bold on the popu?
lar fancy, ami deservedly so. The
slender gold* n chains and sparkling
pendants make a charm finish to cos
turns of tbe prevlling style. We have
:l nice fresh stock ot these In all the
different stone-, cold bead, necks,
lockets, belt pins and mesh bags, and
many othei pieces of Jewelry, thai
will make an ideal gift for graduate.
Our optical parlor is iltted up com
plete; we do all our own lense grind?
ing, Graduate optician in charge. Lei
US tit .and adjust your glasses,
VV. A. Thompson,
.11 wi l l K \\i? OPTICIAN',
My Doctor Said
*Try Cardui" writes Mrs, Z. V. Spell, of Hayne, N. C
" I was in a very low state of health, and was not able to
be up and tend to my dntie?, I did try Cardui, and soon
began to feel better. I got able to be up and help do ray
housework. I continued to take the medicine, and now I
am able to do my housework and to care for my children,
and I feel as though I could never praise Cardui enough
for the benefits 1 have received.'9
Cardui Woman^Tonic
Cardui is successful because it is made especially for
women, and acts specifically on the womanly corurtitution.
Cardui does one thing, and dots it well. That explains
the great success which it has had, during the past 50 years,
in helping- thousands of weak and ailing women back to
hearth and happiness.
If you are a woman, feel tired, dull, and are nervous,
cross and irritable, if s because you need a tonic Why not
try Cardui ? Cardui builds, strengthens, restores, and acts
in every way as a special, tonic remedy for women. Test
it for yourself. Your druggist sells Cardui. Ask him.
W>n? * Udt+f ^tiwo Dept. Cfetttaoof? MHJch? Ca, OtttttMoc*. Tata,
for SnckU Instruction*, and M-d** i>ook7^l?Trtau?wt lar Wnwaa.' mtfrac ]H
T4o v riroin Rloe Kiour. ?faip Staff. Brar.
lldy, VJIdlil, Mixed Cow and Chicken Feed.
Horses. Mules. Ra&LV'
No Order Too Large Or Too *ioall.
Booth-Harby Live Stock Co.
A Thing We Would Like
Every man. woman and child, open an account at our bank.
Why??There i- XOTHIXti TO I.OSK,
Everything to Gain
?You'll not ini-s the dime> you luve?Vou'll need tliem erben
they're dollera,
Thf T
Have Business System
A careful study of the methods persued by
successful men reveals the fact that the founda?
tion of their business has been built on the best
financial system. Success is far from the man
who is uncertain in his money matters. Push
your business to success by using the Check Ac?
count system of this Bank.
The Fir^l National Bank
A Short Story, But True
For Safe. Conservative Banking.
They please others and will please you.
From NOW till JULY 10th,
A Savings Account with II.
that will hear Intereet ft >m Jnlf let ?n?l Interest will be compound?
ed quarterly.
Think it over.
We welcome the ?mall well im the la reo depositor.
The Bank of Sumter

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