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Urn lHty of Convention Wus Filled
With ttclunwiit and ltooMr\elt Men
<<?iit?-stnl b'.wry Point?Tuft l***d
f? In Complete- < outn.l and Steam
lloJJcr Run?? on Sctiedule.
Chicago. June 18.?Against the
threats, charge* ard bitter Invective
of the Roosevelt forces, Taft sup?
porters In the Republican national
convention today put through the first
portion of their programme by elect?
ing Senator Ellhu Root of New York
temporsry chslrman. In spite of the
fact that Victor Rosewater. chairman
of the national committee, consistent?
ly ruled out pf order every motion
made hv the Roosevelt forces, it re?
quired more than five hours to reach
a vote on the tempoary chairman?
The roll call wsj benet with diffi?
culties, but at the end. when the tu?
mult had died away. Senator Root
was found to have won by a vote of
iii to 502 for Oov. Franc!? E. Mc
Oovern of Wisconsin, with 14 scat?
tered votes and four not voting.
Tonight ooth the Taft and Roose?
velt force* are claiming this vote In?
dicate* that thetr candidate Is abso?
lutely Aiire to win. The advantage ap?
pears to be with *be president, how?
ever, for while h?. * sure to lose some
of the vote* that were cast for Sena?
tor Root, it Is claimed he will gain. If
Instructions are observed. Some of
the votes were independently cast for
Those leaders who have been urg?
ing a compromise candidate ever
since they arrived In Chicago, point?
ing to angles In the figures, claim
they show that it Is essential to
name a so-called "dark horse" to save
the day for the Republican party.
While Mr. Root was made chair?
man today and managed to deliver
his "keynote" speech, the fighting Is
to be renewed at 11 ?? lock tomorrow
when th*. motion of the Roosevelt
leaders to substitute a new list of
delegates for those credited to some
of th< contested States Is to he taken
up as the antinlshfd business. No
committees were named tonight and
none will be until this motion to
"purge" the tomertlon of 'fraudu?
lent' delegates is disposed of. Today
It wan defeated on a point of order,
but the Roosevelt forces declare that
parl'amentrv pf . ??; will Ii ?I
permit led to ?tand in Iheli way I
Tne Roosevelt people nnd ths Taft i
people i* fried out iheif programme
as announced In * advance almost to
the letter. The Roosevelt people said
tonight they are going to light every
inch of the way.
There were cries of 'bolters" hurl?
ed at the Roosevelt delegates at
limes during the session. but the
?natlogency of \ h >lt again tonight
seemed to be far distant.
California, under the leadership of
Jov Johnson, assumed a belligerent
ittltrtde almost with the start of the
?oil call. * hen 'he t.Vo Roo?e\clt del?
egate* from the Fourth district, seat
>J by Uli n tion.il committee. were
dlowed to vote, Bnt Ihey soon found
heir prot.st of no elf eel upon the
ggt for M?>o.\,rn.
There in nsnnjpaet of seel more
?truxK . tomorrow, when as "untln
? ^h. d ' us' re ijT the eon*, entlon will
take cp a motion Of QoV, Hadley of
Mlssoi.rl to strike fn in the temporary
roll of th.mention us prepared bj
the national committee ths gnmef of
ft delegate* seated bj the national
committee in contented elections, and
?UStitCte therefor RooHeVelt con- j
it wa.? in nfantgat] gssng effort, that
the -ahoi. di\ g is Spent, The chap?
lain b I hirdi\ gnjehod his mvoes>
tlon of Ihe dl\ine blessing upon the
ssjsjeantsng before Goar, Hndley wan
On hl? feet objecting to the pcl'Solim I
gf Um ?oii\,ntion Itself, TiiH led to
a long ami latrteats parliamentary
argeno nt
vu p.r Rnsewator, chairman nl the
nation.?i tasnnitttsf npog e/nnag
ih.i" had fal!.n the ordinarily
p?-rfur ? lory duty o| calling the con
\ention to order and presenting the
recommendations of the committee
for temporar> otllce s found himself
With an aide-bodied man's Job of pre?
siding over what teemed llkelv to
be a turbubnt and passionate war nl
lie was not In goo| \ol.e. and what
he - d \\ ??? barel> audible at tin
fron? ?f the plait..rm. bUl Ills loud
gejgsad slaetu with gessjnphones ?in
sll the nece^sat y Ignoum |ng, im lud
ins Ml ruling ng Ihs H oll, v motion
This ruling S SJ |u UM Sffe< t tha
nsjiH tin- nation ii rtmrnlttes had pre
gnsjAnd Ina lesapoenry roll mnds ?? i
from the ? redeiitlals from the Individ
ual Stales and dlstr els and Its Jink'
Hon? ipoM tionlesta liiere was n.n
x.r.tlon. He held that gtssotntel* n?
buslnes wo* in ord t sa\. the (hoi.
of t? ioporar\ officers, He allowed -
gsHinjtel to . ?i gkif t" pfsaenl argil
sjssgjsi eg th- Hndto) motion.
?i h? ? irg menu were presented b
I Oov. Hadley and eX-Gov. Fort ??f NtW
Jersey on the Roosevelt side and
Representative Sereno K. Payne of
New York and ex-Representative
Ja me* K. Watsun of Indiana. in he
half of the Taft people. After the
arguments wer?? finished. Chairman
Rosowntoi renewed the ruling that
nothing was in order hut nominations
for tempor ir> i hairman. Hi present?
ed the national committee's recom?
mendation of Senator Root and asked
for further nominations.
The ROOOOVOH men made no fur?
ther opposition to this ruling, and the
roll call was begun at 3:15. The
name of every individual delegate
was called and It consumed three
more hours, yet every step of the
proceedings was heard with the
keenest Interest.
The RoOQSVSlt men did the best
they could; demanding the omission
of the name of every one of the dele?
gates objected to on the ground that
he had been improperly seated by the
national committee as set forth in
the sidetracked motion of Gov. Had?
ley. but the roll call went on merrily,
sometimes amid deafening confusion.
The shifting of the vot? brought
dramatic sequence of emotion and of
applause. Hurst of cheers greeted
one vote after another. With Oregon's
three for Root and the six for Mc
Govern the net plurality for Root
stood at 36, but Pennsylvania's 64
for MeQoVefSJ threw the ballot the
other way. I'ntll Tennessee was
reached, when Root again appeared
with a net plurallt> of 10. and from
then on the margin In Root's favor
Increased, and with the vote of Pat?
rick Halloran In the Washington del
egation, cast for Root at 5.42. amid
a storm of cheering from the Taft fol?
lowers, the total vote for the New
Vork senator reached the necessary
540 and the Taft victory?at least in
the matter of the temporary chair?
manship?was assured.
Aside from the practical absence
of the "rough house" tactics which
had been so elaborately prepared for
by the heavy polh e guard and the ex?
traordinary pnlns of the national com?
mittee officers to guard against out?
breaks of any kind, there were sever?
al remarkable things about the con
ventlon. It was desperatel> serious
business from beginning to end. There
was absolutely gone of that long con?
tinued uproar. extending Into long
minutes, even hours, which has lately
become a feature of political conven?
tions. On ?he contrary there was
marked tenseness and an atmosphere
surcharged with watchfulness
Well Kn mn It gO I ? into Mo
ha" unnoticed there was, entire
senct of tributes o| ppleuse by fiMel
Ui.i^auui^ tu tot t. tont Tip
growd gathered somewhat fllOWly and
ggee for the music of the band there
was nothing bU| the undertone Of con?
versation. AfrVr Root's elec tion, when
he came up to the platform, the wel
eeene le him lasted perhaps :io sec?
onds, and when he began his speech,
Pennsylvania showed Its bitterness
towards him with jeers and caustic
remarks which went far to discount
the cordiality Of his reception.
There w as one promise of real trou?
ble, when State Senator I'lynn Com?
pelled the repetition of the call of the
Pennsylvnnla dslegetes, lighting the
rote of one of the alternates, who. he
said, was being called out of proper
order. The point was that the man
who was tailed and who voted was
tie- seeond on ihe Its! for Root, where?
as the men first on the list of altern?
ates from that district would base
\oted fop McGovern,
"If you Steal that vote." shouted
i-iynn. "there will be no roll called
in this convention today."
Thai e. as iu there was to it. The
chairman overruled, and the minding
voice of Beeret iry Oleason went on
rolling out the rote?
With fee exceptions, the nemo del?
egates from the South, about whose
steadfastness there has been much
speculation, stood fast for Ihe Taft
i indldate, Burly In the vote Wil?
liam Mernes, Jr., who with Watson of
Indiana watched out for lh< Taft In?
terests on the Moor, said th ?>? would
huv< .".'> votes, They got two less
than that.
When Senator Root began his "key?
note speech" people In great num?
bers began lo leave the hall? He an
announeed then that he w mid sus?
pend until all those who wished to go
had retired.
Thousands then left? bui nearly all
the d< legsb i t- malned and listened to
the speech. Rven those v. ho had
most bltterl) fought his election heard
him to the end.
When Senator Root finished, amid
long continued applause, pursuant to
an agreement between b ad* rs of the
factions, the w hob- business of up
pointing committees and other pro?
eeedlnge naturally belonging to to
day'i worli went over until tomorrow.
Only the national committee's tee.
iimmendutlons for temporary officers
of th? convention w is adopted with
out iiiseusslon. Mr, liaison moved
the usual procedure f"t Ihe nppolnl
menl of committee! Oov, Hndly pr<
sented s resolution for the suhstltu?
lion of M delegales from ine ? ;.
veil ||si and Ihe whole matter weni
over as "unfinished" business for to?
morrow's session.
Chicago, 10 A. M.?Viewing yes
terdsy'i proceedings of the conven?
tion from an over-night prespectlve
the Taft man are more confident of
ultimate victory than ever.
The Rooseveltlans plan to begin a
desperets tight as I ion BS convention
Senator Root is beginning to be
?oked upon as a dark horse candi?
The Hoosevelt delegates, urged on
by Hoosevelt and his leaders, may
hold a separate Roosevelt convention
A continuation of v.heir fight on the
'stolen roll."
Rosevelt's peremptory order to
Iis leaders is: "Fight to purge the
?oil. Make the fight regardless of
anything else. It Is not a question
of my nomination. I wont accept the
nomination, if nominated by the use
of .he same roll by which Root was
elected through fraud."
Bolt talk is growing feeble. Many
think the nomination of either Taft
or Roosevelt would be fatal to the
Roosevelt Ranks Divided.
Chicago. 12 Noon, June 19.?The
Rosevelt ranks are divided. Some
are openly for bolting, but It is be?
lieved more than half do not want to
bolt the party on account of Roose?
velt, feeling satisfied with any pro?
gressive. Senator Root is looming
big as a dark horse, and the feeling
Just now Is that neither Taft nor
Rocsevelt can win. But despite this
general feeling Roosevelt was all
smiles when he emerged from his ho?
Tae convention doors were opened
at 10 o'clock and a large crowd was
already waiting outside.
The tight today is expected to cen?
ter on the plan of the Taft crowd to
permit sixty contested delegates to
vote on their own eligibility to seats.
The Wisconsin delegation is dis?
rupted. Henry G. Cochems, once La
Pollette manager is out to lick Roose?
Chicago, 1 P. M. June 19,?The
"No Smoking" rule Is being rigidly
enforced in the Coliseum by lire mar?
shals and policemen.
Congressman Longworth and wife.
son-in-law and daughter of Roosevelt,
made their appearasce on the scene
today. They entered the hall quietly
and attracted little attention.
Tin- convent! >n was c dlec" o ordei
contested delegates be unseated.
Gov. Hndley, the first speaker char?
acterized the action of the committee
"naked theft." designed to thwart the
w ill of the people. He was repeatedly
cheered by the Roosevelt faction. In
conclusion he said that "Roosevelt is
the greatest power for good in the
western world."
For the Taft men W. T. DovaTl of
Seattle was the first speaker. He
plunged Immediately into the Wash?
ington contest, saying that on the
Very day the Washington convention
was held Roosevelt made the charge
that a pb?t was afoot to steal the
State from him. "This charge was
outrageously false,** said Dovall,
"Roosevelt never carried the state."
The manager "f the Roosevelt faction
packed the convention. Delegates
interrupt Dovall with questions as to
the honesty of election conducted by
Taft leaders,
Henry J, Alien. ..f Kansas for
Roosevelt said. "I speak for the
Washington delegates ruled out by
the Nation.il committee without their
riuhts being considered, i have two
hundred pounds of evidence that
proves Btntemeni made by opposition
is untrue. This evidence was pre?
sent,,| to the committee but was re?
fused consideration." Alien chal?
lenged Ihr New York delegation to
s. at Washington delegates on the
merits of the case ami received a
storm of "yes." Colorado rose up
with the question, "Will you sup?
port the nominee of this convention''"
Alien a I is Wiled. "I will ?>nl\ if the
nomination is gotten honorably, and
not I > fraud and thievery." The
Koos, velt men jumped to their feet
With Wild veils anil Root hail to
pound with his gavai continually for
order. Root ordered demonstration to
be stopped, saying that one disturb?
ance h ads to another,
I Allen renewed his speech, charg?
ing unfairness by the committee In
the Washington cast ?
Convention bail jammed ami in?
terest in the debate Is Intense,
Rnosevelters evldentlj prepared lo
tight fiercely at every opportunity. Al?
len charges that tie State committee
packed the roll of t he regular Htate
convention and Issued tickets to Tafl
met only. "They were afraid men
who believe hi righteousness would
stampede tie convention for Ronse
volt, so they would ti"i hi nur dele?
gates in. I have a picture <'t I he door
showing the mind of prize lighter*
wh.. kepi tie t'ogulnrl.' elected dele
gat* s out of t he hall."
Train No. 118, Leave Columbia
6.00 a. m. I**ave Kingville 8.5U a. m?
arrive Camden 8.20 a. m., arrive
Lancaster 10.05 a. m.. arrive Rock
Hill 11.10 a. m. dai'y.
Train No. 114?Leave Rock Hill
1.00 p. m.; arrive Lancaster 2.05 p.
m., arrive Camden ? 40 p. m.; ar?
rive Kingville 5.05 p. m., arrive Co?
lumbia 6.00 p. m.
Trains 117 and 118 between Co?
lumbia and Yorkvilre- will be oper?
ated daily instead of dally except
Sunday as heretofore.
Train 114 leave Kingville 9.05 a.
m. arrive Sumter Junction 9.30 a, m..
arrive Sumter 10.15 a. m. Train
140 leave Sumter 6.30 a. m., arrive
Sumter Junction 7.10 a. m., arrive
Kingville 7.35 a. m., Train 143 leave
Sumter Junction 4.55 p. m., arrive
Sumter 5.36 p. m. Train 142 leave
Sumter 3.10 p. m., arrive Sumter
Junction 4.30 p. m.
Train 117 leave Columbia 3.40 p.
m., leave Kingrville 4.35 p. m., ar?
rive Camden 5.57 p. m., arrive Lan?
caster 7.48 p. m., arrive Rock Hill
8.56 p. m., leave Rock Hill 8.05 p.
m., arrive YorkviHe 9.40 p. m. daily.
Train 118 leave Yorkvllle 6.50 a.
m. arrive Rock Hill 7.25 a. m. leave
Rock Hill 7.35 a. m. arrive Lancas?
ter 8.31 a. m., arrive Camden 10.05
a. m., arrive Kingrville 11.30 a. m.,
arrive Columola 12.25 p. m., dally.
Train 113 leave Rock Hill 5.00 p.
m., arrive Yorkville 5.36 p. m,, ar?
rive Blacksburg 8.40 p. m., leave
Blacksburg 7.00 p. m.. arrive Marion,
N. C, 10.05 p. m. Train 114 leave
Marion, N. C, 5.15 a. m., arrive
Blacksburg 8.25 a. m., leave Blacks
burg 9.05 a, m. leave Yorkvllle 10.07
a. m.. arrive Rock HiU 10.45 a. m.
I Effective Monday June 3rd, new
train No. 3 leave Columbia 11.50 a.
m. arrha Spartanburg 3.45, arrive
Hendersonvllle 6.00 a. m. arrive
Asheville 7.00 a. m. New train No.
4 leave Asheville 2.10 p. m., leave
Hendersonvllle 3.10 p. m., leave
Spartanburg 5.25 p. m., arrive Co?
lumbia 9.25 p. m. The Charleston
Ashevllle-Waynesville Pullman sleep?
ing car will be handled on theee
trains, leaving Charleston train 11 at
5.15 p. m. arrive Waynesville 10.00 a.
m. Leave Waynesville 12.05 p. m.
arrive Charleston 8.15 a. m.
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