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he t?otchmon onD
/<?r. MMfMi WATCHMAN. ffSSaultahed April, ISM.
'Be Just and Fear not?Lot all five ends Thou Aims't at be thy Country's, Thy God's and Truth's.*
THE TRUE SOUTHKON, Established June, 1
Consolidated Aug. 3,1881.
Vol. XXXIV. No. 36.
l*R*:s|l?KNrs FOLLOWER* >l(o\v
TMUK imimi\\\( i ot MSR?
in?, on i wo TOT VOTES.
With I.ik Renomlnation on lirM
Itnlloi a foregone C <>M< 111~i<>11, Only
Tiling I^ ft,for Squabble are Plat
form. Itul?and t ??clo?*? Relegate*.
? !Ma> Adjourn by Tomorrow.
1 ?hkago. June 21? The IU pul.Iii'm
lj ' 'e? a t ? ? i n< rh- ?Hins .f tic
national convention are going to try
tomorrow to ci -wd the work of three
days In1? one. With permanent or?
ganisation yet to be effected, with sev
?1 Important contests cases yet to
heard, with rules to adopt, plat
m to he threshed out. and nomIna?
th?ns for president ami \ i< ?? presUb at
to be made, the convention will be
culled to order at 10 a. m. and every
possible effort will be made to dis?
pose of the a< cumulated business \<< -
^|re adjournment of the session is
fa ken.
It is a foregone conclusion tonight
hat President Taft will be nominat?
ed on the tlrsf r illot. c.,1. Roosevelt
ndleated that his name would not he
? resented to the "tainted convention"'
?als wishes were followed. Talk of
compromise randnlate. dr< pp*'d two
days ago. showed no sign of revival.
? It wss generally believed that the
delegates Instructed for Col. Roose?
velt would ffer his name, despite his
expressed desire.
The Roosevelt forces have got
?abandoned their general flg'it in the
convention by any means ard a hard
struggle is In prospect tomorrow over
the Texas and Washington contest.*.
The new i ules. which the Roosevelt
I.pb - <y are framed to perpetuate
4ghe present system of con.rolling a
^jjrttlonal convention, arc sure to pre?
cipitate a heated debate, while th?
platform may be assailed by the I*a
Follette delegates as well us some ?
the progressives In the Roosevelt fac
t Hon. go It Is with some ttepldation
|that the leaders look forward tonight
Rs accomplishing the hercculean task
^before them by Sunday morning.
The platform makers determined
tonight to disregard entirely the ques?
tion of woman suffrage. A com?
promise has been reached on the
Jftariff. the platform declaring the
?tariff to be a mat*v*r for consideration
sod recommendation by the tariff
Justice Hughes <>f the United
States supreme court, evidently dis
turbed by the prominence gl\en his
name In talk ,?t i compromise e.m
^tl)date several days ago. has sent tW?
telegrams to Senator Root, eaajt gad
In most positive terms, to the effect
that his name must n -t be considered
under any i rc nustan-es for the pres?
idential nomination; that if he be
jfftornln it* <l he would l?e under the em
^?aarraesing necessity of declining the
honor, so that the convention would
hsve to r-- onvene gf*f MSN SOSne
body else.
Mr. Roos.velt s |ead?Ms WOTS loath
us? - -light the probability that
the colonel would not be placed In
' nomination.
V Mr. Roosevelt himself has repeat?
edly declared that he would have
n-'thing ' ? do with the convention
unless It is purged al tainted dele?
It was reported |ate tonight that
*>Col. Roosevelt had already lg|d Wll*
Ifllam A. l*r nd< rg >**\. who w;is to
placr* him in nomination, not to pre
sent hl4 name unless the present
control of the body sb.ciid by - h\n <?
he overturned.
other Roosevelt leaders Indicated
strongetf that Mr. Roosevelt's name
^Would red be presented
Frank Mm -" v, one of the ROQSSVSll
for? s,?id t?Milght
Mr Rggggtstll will be nomlnited
for president o> a new party. He r. -
fuses to have anything more to d<?
y*ith the Repa bits aa convention now
0S)n ?n hi tb lb I OUld got
now take a nominalem from I hat
body If It were given to him Taft
probably win be nominated late to*
morrow. It Is now the . irr.? d wish
gj Mr. Roosifvlt and all fronds |ha!
fcth* aom Ina this go lo him. They re?
gard him >i-i tin* nfonot nomine* of
sm h a < onv ontton."
MtlXI* I lit i ion t ER i \iv
N,iiIiiiiii| Rc|tuh|l< an t ommliitr ( all
lo ? Oder al < III' .inn i "'III* .
?net Inl In the Dally Item.
i'hi'HR". June J I. The Nan..nil
? ? rnfolttee was ctlled |0 order todiy.
Taft men dominate the cornmiMcc.
Jind the election gg ?hainnsn. of
Charte* I?. Hill!*. Tafts Secretary,
seems certain.
The Meam Bailee Ha? Done Ii?. Work
and the BgadttCOs of Nominating
Tart Will he Completed Tonight?
H?h?m'\el( Still Talking About a New
Chicago, 10 A. If., June II.?Ef?
forts will he made to conclude the
business of the Convention before
midnight. The Talt leaders claim
th.it Tnft'f nomination on the Aral
i aii.a m a certainty. Hadley, Sher?
man tnd John Wanamaker. the
Philadelphia merchant, ure being
i.med as the running mates. Had?
ley seems to he choice of the largest
number, hut the Wanamaker boom
d growing rapidly.
Roosevelt's name most likely will
not go before the convention his
U-ad> rs el liming he won't submit to
being \oted for or nominated hy
'fraud'' delegates. Koosevelt. ad?
dressing a crowd in front of his hotel
said: ' My hat is still in the ring, hut
a hlgger ring." A big sign is today
hangng outside the Roosevelt head?
quarters reading: 'National Progres?
sive P.Uly."
The Rowevoltors win probably hold
a convention in July or August and
name a ticket.
The Taft crowd say they are not at
all worried over the new party, say
the Roonevelteri will draw equal
numbers from the Democratic ranks
and jo equalize things. They feel
sure of Taft's election, claiming that
that sentiment has turned grtatly
during the past few days toward
Last night at a aCCTCt meeting with
his delegates RoOSJOVelt said: "Where
you go. 1 go, if you go out I go with
you. I am always willing to take the
part of my friends. He ready to act
on ord n and iOt together."
Bviedonci of the breaking up of
the regular party organization Is seen
in the resignation of Senator Borah
and Frank B. Kellog of Minnestoa,
from the National Committee. Pol?
lowing the resignation of Boss i'linn
of Pennsylvania, other RooatVelters
are e\pe< ted to follow his example.
The temporary chairman and com?
mittee will most likely be made per?
manent. The committee on platform
is split became the Rooocvoltors do
n^t want it to endorse Taft ndmlnls
tr ahm. The plank declares In part
fof ship srnsidy, opposes reeall of
judges and judicial declslona High
coot of living is d< plored? Agreement
Iwai reached upon plank originally
drawn giving women franchise rights
in State elections only to be with?
drawn. There is a split on tariff.
progressives wanting radical revision
eVm nward.
Th?' credential committee has near*
\v Completed its work and the final
report is expected to reach the con*
jventlon soon after the opening at ift
Chicago, June ft,?Anticipating .1
eng session, delegates are arriving
late at the convention, which was
called to order teday at 10.40. a
largi police guard Is on duty, and a
ret ord*hreaklng crowd Ii expected
to be preeent ss there Is every expec?
? ? 1 hat Tut win be nominated
bofor? the convention closes tonight,
win: TRIEB TO swi: U17MB.
Young Woman started Into Water |<j
Reerwe Him. but Could Ho Noth?
Charleston, June 18.?Details
???.?? hed 'his . itv today Of the drown
ng lall night on the Sullivan's Island
surf of Servant Harry w. Qumb, of
Lowell, Mass. Qumb was caught l"
I whirlpool in th,? rocks, His young
wife, who was watching nearby, with
her little child, started Into the woler
t ? rescue him but could do nothing.
His body will be shipped home to
d y.
1 dumb was member of Ihe hos?
pit ! <<?ipH it the Porl Moultrle army
Hryan lh?c*n'l lake 11
Chicago, June 81.??Win, J. Hryan
sent a telegram t>> the l>emncratl<
ders of ti.<- Baltimore convention
today deploring Ihe selection "f Alton
it. Parker as temporary chairman,
He colled Parker "the man most
onaplcuoualy Indent Ifled with the ? ?
actlonary elemant of the pane.
Marriage License lt? <oid.
a marriage license was uwued Prl
dav to Mi. LudUS P.. Philips and MISS
Honor L, Lang, lumter,
Assembling Democrats Fliul Ready
Made Fight in Baltimore?The
Contest Ii Bel wet* n Old Bosses Mid
Progressives Willi Bryan Hacking
Baltimore, June 24,?Bryan said
when ihe National committee want
Into session ai 10 o'clock today to
i ? ??- i\ - committee report selecting
Pitrker as temporary chairman:
,-Ther.' will be no cam promise, a
progressive must be named." It is
believed, however, that the committee
will ratify Parker's selection despite
Bryan. The fight must then come on
the convention door.
The candidates for president are
already making claims of victory,
but even the figures put out by each
faction show none controlling. 7:1!*
votes are necessary for a choice, it
is believed that Clark with 512 votes
<?n the first ballot will cast full
strength, and that delegates will then
slip awa> from him.
The Wllsonltes claim 400 ??n the
first ballot, and say thai Wilson's
nomination wi I come on the second
or third ballot
That some one other than Parker
must he chosen or else defeat must
he accepted on the convention floor
was the Ultimatum delivered today
by Bryan to Boss Murphy, of New
York, and others who are supporting
Parker for temporary Chairman,
The National committee men are
favoring Parker In control, but Bryan
is feared, and a compromise candi?
date will most likely he chosen. Bryan
is given 'nations wherever he ap?
The boom for Mayor Qaynor, ?>f
New York, is increasing, The anti
iBryanltei are preparing to steam rol?
ler him, Upon the light on Parker
rests Bryan*S political future. Bryan
says he is lighting for principle, and
to keep the party intact next Novem?
ber. He doesn't seem *o he worried
by his enemies.
There is no bitterness among the
arriving delegates such as character?
ised the Chicago convention. The
platform Is to be along progressive
lines. It looks at present like there
will be a deadlock over the nomina?
tion of candidates, and that the antis
f->r Bryan will make a speech carry?
ing the delegates oil their feet
by enthusiasm and nominate Bryan
for 0 fourth time. The candidate
boom for Bryan li growing. Mary
Arkwrlghf Putton, of Spokane,
I Washington, one of the two women
? delegates Instructed for Clark, wants
! Bryan. Bhe predicted Taft s nomina?
tion and now predicts Bryan's.
Hearst >M urphy C? ?nihinc.
I Baltimore, June 24, 2.30 P. M.?
Bryan, in a statement given out late
l this morning, said tint he would be
ja candidate for temporary chalrman
[Shlp, If no other progressiva* came
foreward to fight for the Job; he
I heatedly said . "We will light them to
the finish." The deal is said to have
been framed up by the Clark lead?
ers, with the Murphy. Taggart and
Hulllvan crowd to boom Clark, The
Baltimore Sun asserts thai William
R, Hurst and Boss Murphy heretofore
hitter enemies, have Joined In the
light of those supporting Parker.
Hearst's toward is to be a participa?
tion In the distribution of offices on
tin New York State ticket nexl fall.
Brand Whltloek, Mayor of Toledo.
Ohio, siid: "The people are pro?
gressive, If this convention names a
cot lervatlvc, it win ne in the form?
ation of :i new party, and the de?
struction of the Democratic party,
Main Will till In Manning for Cam.
paign Meeting.
Plnewood, June 23,?Mrs. (1, w.
Smith und dntigther, Miss Ruth, are
vlsltinit Dr. O. w. H, smith at Jones
\ mi- .
I *oke Smith \ billed I ?1 ke Olty dur?
ing th< week.
A dosen fans drove over to Wedgo
hcld l ist Thai -d.iv h. . ee Ihe I tnlscll
Wcdgcflcld game
A large crowd from here wont to
Humtot Tuesday for the campaign
meetlna und it much larger crowd
from thi section "iii go down to
M ? nnlnu. .1 uly II,
.11r?i? ?. a. p, Toomer his returned
home from Ca in po hello, Mrs, Toomer
and litt i, ? daughter, Bessie, ar<
spending the summet with parents
n< i r I 'ampobcllo,
Mrs, Hue Wat I. of Atlanta, is here
visiting bet br-dhcrs, the Messrs,
in Final Moments, as Colonel's Fol?
lowers Hasten Away, Rule Givlag
National Conunittee Nummary
Power over All Bolters i- Ruslie?l
Through?Xo Walkout of Insur?
Convention Hall, Chicago, June
22.?With nearly 350 of the Roose?
velt delegates declining to vote and
hastening away at adjournment t'?
render to Col. Roosevelt the nomina?
tion of a new party, the 15th Repub?
lican national convention, at the end
of a long and tumultuous session, tO
nlght renomlnated William H. Taft
of <>hi<. for president and James
b'choolcraft Sherman of New York
1 r vice president.
President Taft received 561 of the
1,078 votes in the convention, or 21
more than a majority.
The decision of the Roosevelt peo?
ple, under direction of their leader,
to refrain from voting, left no other
candidate near the president. The
announcement of the Taft victory was
greeted with cheering from hll ad?
herents and groans and hisses from
the opposition.
"When it became absolutely certain
early today that Mr. Taft would he
nominated without great difficulty,
the leaders in control of the conven?
tion decided to give him as a running
mate his companion on the ticket in
I All others dropped from the race,
and Mr. Sherman was? the only can?
didate placed before the convention.
A motion from New Hampshire to
make the nomination by acclamation
was declared out of order. Th<T"
were many scattering VOtei on the
roll call that ensued,
j The convention amid much eon
fusion adjourned sine die.
I At no time was there an indication
.of a walk-out of the Roosevelt dele?
gates. They expressed their revolt by
silence, 'n contusion just before ad?
journment a resolution was adopted
giving the national committee power
I to declare vacant the seat of any man
on the committee refusing to support
the nominees of the regular conven?
tion of 1 91 2.
! Sherman's vote was ."'.?7.
President Taft was renomlnated at
I !?.:." tonight.
The revolt of many Roosevelt dele?
gates Iii the convention was open
from the moment the permanent roll
j containing the names of contested
1 delegates was approved. A "valedic?
tory" statement was read in behalf of
? Col. Roosevelt, asking that hi- name
ibe not presented and that his dele
[gate* sit In mute protest against all
further proceedings.
Fifty Days of Routine Labor Con?
front Legislature When it Con?
venes in Atlanta Wednesday*
Atlanta. Ga? June L':!.?Fifty days
of routine work will confront the
Georgia legislature when it convenes
lu re Wednesday. The Tipplns bill,
providing for tightening the screws
of the state prohibition law, which Is
Inherited from the last session, la
said to be the most important legis?
lation In prospect, interest of mem?
bers is expected to centre In the pres?
idential campaign and the gubernat
oral i ontest.
Both candidates for governor will
be present John M. Slaton as presi?
dent of the senate and Joe Hill Hall
of Rlbh county as member of the
New business scheduled for the
session. Includes amendments to In
suranee and banking laws reforms of
court procedure, regulation of stock
and bond brokerage companies and
substitution of electoctitlon for hang?
ing ns means of capital punishment.
The selection ol a new site for the
governor's mansion here is expected
to be settled at this session.
i;< ir.i',1 it i\ l'l i im \n llERTH.
IV II. GikImIcii of Charleston Ropori
io Washington Police Los> of
Watch and g|23 in < hkIi.
Washington. June 23, P, H. Clads
den of Charleston reported to ihe po
lb e toda> thai he bad been robbed
ot $125 in cash and a gold watch
value,I at g 12T?, while he was asleep
in his berth "ii a Pullman between
Philadelphia and Washington this
morning. Mr, Oadsdoii says thai he
bad left ihe money In his trouser's
pocket and ihe watch In n vest
p.. ket. Ills i lothes were in the I" rth
hook when he awoke, bul the money
and watch were gone,
lenders of Movement, Besides Roose
volt, lire Johnson, Minn, Honey,
Wright. Prendergrast and Others?
In states Where Present Organiza?
tion i> Friendly, it Will be Absorb?
Chicago. June 22.?Former Presi?
dent Theodore Roosevelt was nomi?
nated for president <?n an indepen?
dent ticket tonight in the dying hours
of tile Republican national conven?
tion In which he met defeat.
The followers of Col. Roosevelt
gathered on Orchestra) hall, less than
a mile from the Coliseum, and pledg?
ed their support to their former pres?
In accepting the nomination Col.
Roosevelt appealed to the people of
all sections, regardless of party af?
filiations, to stand with the founders
Of the new party, one of whose car?
dinal principles was to ho "Thou
shalt not steal."
The informal nomination of Col.
Roosevelt was said to he chiefly for
the purpose of effecting a temporary
organization. Beginning tomorrow,
when a call is to be issued for a
State convention in Illinois, the work
of organisation Will he pushed for?
ward rapidly. State hy State. At a
later time, probably early in August
it Is intended that a national conven?
tion will he held.
Col. Roosevelt in accepting the
nomination tonight, raid he did so
understanding that he would willing?
ly, step aside if it should he the de?
sire of the new party, when organiz?
ed, to select another standard bearer.
The speech nominating Col.
Roosevelt was mad. hy Comptroller
William A. Pendergast of New York,
who was to have presented the col?
onel's name to the convention. Dean
William Draper Lewis of the Uni?
versity ?>f Pe?"anla, law school,
who was to -., a:-, one of the second
lng speeches, delivered tonight the
address which be had prepared for
the Republican convention.
Representatives of 22 States com?
posed the notification committee
which informed Cd. Roosevelt <?f his
nomination and in a sense stood as
spoonsors for the movement.
WHIard R. ( handler, of this City, the
Inventor of Air Pressure Railroad
Mr. Wlllard R. Chandler, a South?
ern Railway engineer, of this city,
has invented and had pat.-med what
will no doubt prove t<? he one "t the
greatest benefits t.? railroads opera?
tion discovered in recent years.
The official title of the invention is
?Tin- Fluid Actuated Lifting Jack.'"
and tin- purpose of the jack is to
ift both passenger and freight cars
in order \<> supple new "brasses" and
"pat king." The mod,, of operation
.< simple; by connecting the air hose
of the train with a fixture of tin jack,
the lifting is easily accomplished in
a few minutes, and at tin- sann- time
the wheels of the car being worked
on are held down automatically,
where the present method of doing
this work requires tin- services of
thn.f four men, who have t?? push
.-1tl.I tug sometimes for an hour when
working on n car.
Mr. Chandler is re '-mng the con?
gratulations ??f his friends <ui his
Invention. He has another patent
pendng on an air brake appliance.
Agreement to Extend Current Appro.
pruliOllS ClIlH New One* \re Made
In Not Improbable.
Washington, June 23.?The pres?
ent week's session of congress is still
marking time until tie- Democratic
national convention. The Senate will
convene al 10.30 tomorrow morning
and recede it on,,- for three days
The house will convene at noon, and
it. too. will lake a three-day recess
during the Italtimore convention.
Ai'oiit dosen of the big suppls
hills ate stacked up awaiting action.
Appropriating now in force expire
.tune 30, An agreement between the
house and senate to . gtend them Into
the n?w fiscal year until the big
hills ar.' passed is not Improbable.
OMvego INtoitnutxtcr Xft*?i?*l.
Washington, June 21, Marlon II.
Andrews has been nppolnted post?
master :it Qswego, Fumter county, s.
C, to succeed W. J, Andrews, resign
< d.
Gathering Preeidcd Over by Mrs. Wul.
Haynswortli, Vice President of tlie
Southern Division, and sirs, Joel E
Branson, Vice President Central
Divlsloa?Interesting and Instruev
live Talks by Mesdnsnes Cruteh
ib id. Watson and Cllnkscales,
The Woman's .Missionary Institute*
of Central and Southern South Caroli?
na ended their joint meeting Friday
night after a very successful lOMlOff
lasting for the greater part of ban
days in which more than one hundrefi
delegates were in attendance ind
much good was lished in the
work which we ?>? up by the in
?titutes. J>
There w/ *^ y very charming
and beau'' ng ladies in the list
of dels .v id they made a very
decid > /od impression on the
tow .^v is citizens of Sumter, who
v v ery sorry to see the institute
session and time come for the
,tes to leave. Especially sorrr
wews some of the young men of the
town who were very favorably im?
pressed by some of the young ladies
and many of them were heard t*
express their thoughts that Sunttgf
was a mighty nice place to live,
j Four sessions were held during the
convention, one Thursday night and
[three Friday, morning, afternoon and
evening. All of the meetings were
held In the Washington Street Bap?
tist church and were extremely well
attended, and a number of those
present who had attended other
meetings stated that this was one of
the best meetings ever held In the
State, both in point of attendance and
In interest taken. The meeting wa&
complete in every detail; the pro?
grams were carried out without any
hitch or delay and much was learned
about the various branches of the
work by those who attended.
The meetings were presided over
hy Mrs. William Hny-nsvorttu *? vie*
President of the Southern Institute,
and Mrs. Joel E. Brunton, vice pres?
ident of the Central Institute. Among
the speakers were Mrs. A. L, Outch
neld, of spartanburg. president -?f the
South Carolina Missionary Institute,
Mrs. W. J. Hatcher, "f Johnston, su?
perintendent of the Sunbeam OfcunfkT
Mrs. i*. E. Cllnkscales, at Anderson
luperintendent of the Young Wom?
an's Auxiliary, and Mrs. C. E. Wat?
son, of Greenville, one of tku leading
lights In the Woman's MlSglonaCJ
work. All of these papers were ten
Interesting and were heard with the
greatest attention?
The program for Friday's exercise*,
which was carried out in full, was a$
Echoes From Southern ITnion?Mrs.
/. E. Watson, > m
V. w. A. Hour?Conducted by Mr*
P. E. Cllnkscales. Subject: "The Vi?
tal Things in Y. W. A. Work"
i dscussion.
Mission Study?Mrs. A. I . Crutch
Y. P. s. Hour?Conducted by lira,
w. J. Hatcher. Subject: "Take the
'bild and Kurse It and 1 Will Give
The- Wages."
Mission in the Sunday School?Mr.s.
W. J. Hat. her.
Tile Hilde In the Societies?M I S. Cm
E. Watson.
Personal Service Mrs. P. E. Clink
I dscussion.
\rtltlir Savage, Nitiht Watchman,
Point?? PMol at Edgar and Weaj 08
Im Dlscliargcd.
Anderson. Jene ?:{. Arthur Sav
age, night watchman "f the Pendle?
ton cotton mil ?. shot and Instantly
killed his brother-in-law, Horace
Edgar, in the mill last night.
Savage bad b - picture taken with
a friend yesterda> afternon, and ir
Ihe picture he u - iiimlng the pistol
at the friend. I. -i night he was
showing Cdu.it the position he and
his friend occupied in the pl< lure. At
savage aimed the pistol ,t Edgar it
was discharged, hldgar falling dead
The killing is considered accidental,
and Savage Is said to be prostrate*:
with rief.
Mi-?? King Entertain*.
Miss Pearl King entertained q nunv
bei of her friends Thurday Is
honor <-f Miss spencer, of Dayton,
?>hio Several games was played after
which refreshments were served.

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