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The watchman and southron. (Sumter, S.C.) 1881-1930, June 26, 1912, Image 2

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1 II \\<.l OF 1*1. WS.
Hill Remain In I ??n\( ntioii l4i |kf
I i..I mill Mn> Thru Nominate
IC?.*.-? \, 11 on mi IikIi'IH'IhIciU Tick?
et und ( lllilll that Mr hi flM Krai
Itcpntdh an t audiilalc.
Chicago, June 2??.?Col Theodor*
Roose\elt tonight Indicated thai un?
der certain condition^ he might with?
draw fiom the Republican party to
take th?- i,-a?i in the formation of I
nee i?.irt> .
"if t.n- people waal i prog r seal vs
party. I'll bi in it. he .-aid.
Some oi the i otonot's supporters
urged Ih. ir iiss.M i it. -i tonight to pre?
cipitate the ? i i?*is in the Republican
national eonventlon ai Ihe eiirlttal op?
portunity lesngfroW. More conser?
vator counsels llnall> prevailed and
it W9t denied tbOft lllOtltd Df IlO
?*holf* from the regular eogvonttog
ft was the plan of the Boosevell d.-l
?gate* tonight to iiink* their last
stand on th.. renoft of the credentials
committ.. . if the 7^ gr legates claim*
ed by them to he fraudulent are si at
ed. th.? Koose\eit forces will remain
in lbs eonventlon until the .mi. hut
Will not vote.
It Is their plan then to proceed to
the n of the i ? lonel In the
Coliseum, und then claim vularlty
for tni
Qol R t bag not th t ni'ely
committed himself to the latter part
of this plan lie is considering the
BdvlsaMlity of d?'la\ing e t on f? -r
several week, mil then to summon an
ewttreK n.w Convention. This would
aot be held until after the Democrats
have acted in Baltimore.
Cid. Ko?Me\elt said em| in* i'ca 11 y
tenlaht that he would nut1 ? th. in
dependent tight fof the ,. esldeticv if
gr u i* - "in ne ed tlot e w a popu
hir d? m ind tor him.
"I shall have to see f there Is a
popular ib maud for no- 1? run.'" In
?aM. I
11. ftgged th it tin I tu ttlOg was
su< h a kaleidoscope one that it
would he Impossllde for him to out?
line what he would do. It might take
?ome - ne. h.> s iid. to ' t i t tin the
nrattntenl of the people and learn
Wheth-i there ffSJ i n- BOnobls basil
for the form itn-n of wh.t he termed
a "t?r ?-.. party.*1
One i.f Col i:.
^jrho tulU*-?l with htm ted * id ih..
he had d flared h ivilUnr i to
run f<?r pr< >?:? nl if any cm si ? ? i >b
numher of the delegates wished him
to. e\en If he did not < nr\ ,i single
elector if district in the eonntry.
If Miid he helicv
r ?? t ? count upon
.ulk of Itepuhll
i States and that
? ? \ ... ? * io derive consider?
ate gth from the Democrati
He ???MM not express any opinion
how .i afi.-r the idjournment of
fbe present convention the new party
sroi M ..- formed, should that con
CM: I real heil
The opinion WSJ c\pi. s. d by some
sf his aupporters that the outcome
at Baltimore would have a consider
aide bearing upon the situation.
Col. ItooseVelt said there had I celt
tone difference of opinion among
his supporters * to ihe advisability
sf batting.
Th.- ?h|.? d< kgSJtn, h. i .id. felt
ghat adet their Instructions they
ghast ?I t. iuain in the Convention until
after tin nomination.
Ofhef delegates. Including some
troni cnttfofgin, wet. in favor of
gftthdl S Ing at one-.
Th. igrsemsnf Mlafly arrived ul
tun reached at a CnUCUS in which
?(T< ' o rsprsnsntatlves from each o|
the Males bavtng Boose veil delegate!
i? well as from Ihnes rttatei from
whti t. -in- Ronan vi If delegates can*
dul.it. i for seats In the convention
v ? lie. it excluded.
"Tb?- caucus paased unanimously
4 i' io|i tlon " sold Col, Roosevelt.
?Th.s t. v,,-,i? nn n i io tit. effect that
in*r* l: pil.ll?an pari) would n?l lllb?
?nit p. ha ring i1 i itomtnatton foi
pfsmgenl determined bj theft, und it
the eonventlon declltied to sent the
gsiegates fraudulent!] unseated, liy
the national commltt^n the Roosevelt
,delegates srould declltie In be hound
ii> sj) ei'on ,.i the convention, h
sseond resf?lwtlon waH paused iHtei
?tgeul itlng thai 11" k. ? II d< l<
gates would labs part In the c??g ? n
tlon if T"< itelegntes which W? .?re
ssjtUK i a ere sated ind -f lh< wer<
fi?,i -..ii.il the) would remain in the
sapventloa ami not pnrtl< pate it.
? ..i Ri.? ell ? splalned lhal Ihe
m? lion ? f I be 1 ?? " Ul did fe?f oo . n
lhat any delegates would bolt, lull
Hi.? i Me . reserved Ihi right t.. t ike
* bat ? our e the) pn f? i red n 1 ? lee
mg t h. I on .. m ion.
Beans. \ eH h ad. r* i ild "> M H was
Ho ananlmous decision of th. n men
gbat tin v would hot .pill ih. . nv
lion. They will remain in their se its
grbBs Ho- Tin programme Is curried
brvtiigh Ihej s,i d, ? i d when th.n
lent Ion ** over wit' continue in hold
I in would n< t rapport on) compromise
candidate nominated b> the conven?
tion ni now constituted. He declined
i?? mnha ;?ri> statement ir. regard t"
Oov. Kadley or any other Individual,
confining bis r. marki t.. an explan i?
lion ol h'.s general
i? aii> man remaining in tins con*
rentloa as now < om] osed will n<>t be
tolerated bj ins Rooaevelt delegates,"
he said. No definite itatement t ould
be obtained from tht Roosevelt lend?
ers as to the a umbel of delegates
the] believed would luppori thii pro?
The colonel expressed confidence
that there would i>?- no serious de?
feet loa. it wai explained that one of
the chief iias.>ns the Roosevelt dele?
gates decided ti"t t'. withdraw from
thi et nventlon wai the action taken
loday by tit* rulei committee which
would enable the n itlonal committee
t<? till the seats thus vacated by other
The plan "i action ndopted by the
Rooasvelt leaden Ij an abrupt change
from the position Which was taken by
Cot Roost veil and hli closesl asso?
ciates vest* rday, but they denle i they
IhOUghl it was an admission Of weak?
ness .in their port or thai then- de?
cision not to bolt was because they
could not obtain the support of a iuf?
R< i. rn number of the delegates.
At't.r Col, Roosevelt had person?
ally discussed tile tens, situation of
the afternoon he had among his
caih-rs Qov, Btubbi of Kansas. When
the governor had 1. ft thi con erence
room h. too innounced that there
Will he no holt.
This tail, of a boll Is foollshnt IS,"
saai Oov. Btnbbg, "Col, Roosevelt
navel has mentioned the subject of a
After tin- |at< afternoon conference
in the Florentins room of the Con?
gress hotel, wh.te the Roosevelt State
delegation- and campaign leaden
counseled together, thti formal itate?
ment wa- Issued from Campaign Man- j
a get i>i\on'?- headquarteni
? The Roosevelt delegatei decided
that they .Mil let permll the title of
the presidenc) of the United Btatei
to bs stolen.
"if the notion of tin convention
on the report of the committee on
credentlali does not remove from the
roll of delegatei the names fraudu?
lently placed th.ie by tin- national
commlttt the Roosevelt forcei win
t n. nd by en
" A' M?lUtel] ? ?? i w ? h< de
where they were addressed by Col,
"We will g" int. the convention
and Agni it out ami In the ? nd Col,
Roosevelt will bs nominated," h id
QOV, BtUbba, af'cr the night CitUCU*
w as over,
"Oov. BtUbbi is riyht." said Abx
gnder P, Moore of Pittsburgh, friend
and adVlSOr of the Colonel, "There
win i>e go holt in this convention,
While the events of the last 24
hours have done much to diminish
talk of j, third candidate, there -till
is some compromise talk.
it fails however, t?> crystallae and
apparently is largely the favorite ion
asplrntloni by the mnsn of the dele
gnti i,
This compromise tail, wai the topic
< f a statement given Ottl b) William
Barnes, Jr?( of New York tonight.
Which stated without equivocation
thai the Tall people were not con*
?Iderlng ti" ami would not consider
j ny com pro ml st.
"The 11* tose veil camp ha* gradual'v
divided into two groups, said tic ?ige
L. Record oi N'? w J< rs< y tonlghi "A
n> w part;, i- in ih< process ot birth
As to the Immediate steps lo be t iken
to usher in this m-w party then are
almost ai man) opinion. ? there ure
men. in the Inner council* of the
Ri Iis? ? lt < amp two m oups arc
forming tha< group is atixb us t<> beul
t ft ami ua e a moderately progres?
s've candidate named. Tin- Second
group belleAei thai the se'tlnH nsldf
of i>,. ;i ufter he h.oi carried tin
primaries would within it-, u spell
d foi t. If .1 compromise Meket is the
out, on !? we most w tit for other
tlinen and nthe| conditions lo shape
ihe ie-a nun i m< nt, if Itoos? 1 ell
taken th> a* id ui ? amlldate, under
whatever part) name, Hie neu party
i horn."
"'en I 'ix? n t*i||)glll issui d a
statement claim Ins. that Itnrtu IVn
roso, Cram and other soe.illod Pafl
i' oi. i - hud determined not In nomi
n <t? Mi. Tafl and w ? i ? dickering 1 "?
la compromise candidate, The state
mi ni ? |aIms tii.H the Instruct* tl T ift
! delegates from ,.n> State hoi offered
In vote for Hughes, i nd that Oov,
J Had', v had i. ippl oaehi d w Ith
Ioffer to ii rill ? Taft Ii hi woo d
? Tb. \ are looklnu for ti it in, Tin >
have made in irtyr out of H. .'ell
i and v I > ii \ on ?o i in i' I i oil! of
a m? be win- "
Itl K now WHICHF Till \ ARK
hi \i>i:i>.
Ktcnm Hollci Min iii (iootl Working
Order Willi Tall ICtigincor in Con
Chicago, June 81,?Governor De
vine, speaking for the Illinois dele?
gation lays: '"UV will .support I: >ose
velt as long as he is a candidate, but
we won'l lolt." A caucus decided
;.<ainst bolting by n vote of 76 to 1
Qeo, M. Record, a radical Rooseveltcr,
says of the new party movement:
'"it is a nation wide movement) and j
it makes no difference what the dele- ,
Kit?-s in Chicago do, if nol even ten
walk out, it will not weaken the
movement. The strength of the move?
ment Is the hearts ol the people,
and it cannot be ohecked by anything
the delegates <io or don't <i<?.
There Is b difference <d* opinion be?
tween Taft leaders, beci use a major?
ity w- at at least a parti ii report iron",
the credential commute ?, so the con?
vention can on. Chaltmsn Devins,
? f ti,?. credential committee, opposes
thll plan. MaH iy. of New York, on
the committee, says: "The commit- j
tee has much yet to d<>. don't hurry
through, or the ? h.nge of gang rule
will be made again by the Koosevelt
lana, i think we can conclude the
work Saturday night, there will ho
no Sunday session. If the Roosevelt
ers insist on calllni a separat.- roll on
each separate delegate In the conven?
tion it will m< in thai the convention
will last until a week from next
it is feared if this plan Is adhered
to many delegates would return home
before tin convention is finished. The
opinion exists thai If Taft is nol nom?
inated on the first ballot, he won't
win. The Hndley boom is .-Mb on. i
the Root boom is growing. Lafollette I
and original d irk horses hopes ar? i
'.tinning high. |
Special to The l tally Item,
? 'hie,.go. |0 A, M., June 21,?It
looks now as If the convention will
go over until next week, A longer
option has been secured <ui the Coli?
seum and delegates are renewing
their hotel loom contracts.
The credential committee has been
? ontlnuously In session since yester?
day ? ihI two of the members are
nearly exhausted, but the Tafl lead?
ers will not excuse them, fearing
the loss of the majority.
h. the first .''T < ;is. i disposed of this
eon tnittee ratified the ruling of th?'
National committee, seating none but
Tatters. Little protest is nou. made
by the Roosevelters. as they see they
are beaten.
The sub-committee which Is drafting"*
the platform favors changes In the
A drlch ? urrency bill, ignore.-; the la?
bor unions' protest for labor planks,
women suffrage demand for right to
\ote up to the States, favors Tafts
i.i, i of tariff reform. The document
is more conservative than thai of
l Jt08,
The credential committee m ly not
report until late today, and it verj
i; !>? tb> convention will meet onls to
adjourn until Saturday morning.
The birth of ihe neu political pal \\
i> much dlSCUSSed today, but no new
statement has yet been Issued by
Koosevelt. Just whal future cours*
1*10 proposed part) will take depends
upon convention results, which
awaits tin redentiul committi e re
i ? tri; hor.- talk is .-t; i In the air,
i l It looks like Ta i t has t he nomina?
tion cllnchi d.
Special to the I hill) I torn.
?'h.< g... June -l. The convention
went Into Herfsb n at 11 o'clock. I tool
.-?-tit a message to the credential*?
committee asking foi .1 partial re?
port on tb- deb g ites upon w hosi
1 tie committee had parsed. A
repori on iii,. Alabama ami Ariaon.i
cases was promised, but had in 1 bci?n
received in the convention hall up
to I -. 1R o'clock, The crow ?1 In thi
gallorh'H and the delegates are ' e?
coming res 1 |c -
Tin Roosevelt managers tire work*
ing out plann for a
ron>entIon to in hi Id earl
w here a nation wide orgti
lit prefected The plafo
i eon agio, d upon, nor
named, VV.Iron Wilson
a - 11 running 111 1 le foi
WINon Is not uominiiu <i
nior< . Itryan Is a bo men
Itooscvcli running mate.
Roosevelters are et-icotii
, 1,. 11.1 Vlton IV I'm
poi irj chairman, thlnkl
bring >) break In the
ptirtj ?nd lhal tin b??H
w Ith Ihe Re pa I die all ho 11
llepttbl . ,11 party in I he
Wollll K t oi.oNI I. id QriT?
Leon M. (?Ken on Probable Politicul
lOffcvl uf riiesliiw-nicOM' \ffalr.
Columbia, June 18. Coincident
with the testimony cd Muyor Grace, o?
Charlestoni .1 colonel on the Gover
nor's staff, about the charge! of graft
having bei n traced tt, ihe Governor's
office, came tin announcement of the*
resignation of Col. V. It. Cheshire, of
Anderson, nnother colonel <??) the
Governor's staff, the announcement
of the resignation having been sent
out from Anderson by Col, I.n M,
Green, stHl another colonel on the
Governor's staff. The light which
the Anti-Bleaseltes have been making
on the Governor seems secondary
with the onslaught now being made
"ii the Chief Executive by the mem?
bers of his official family, formerly
his warmest political supporters ami
idmirers, The resignation of Col,
Cheshire Is accounted the most *iur
nllieent development of the day, and
seems t" foreshadow n stampede h
Judge Jones, and n further strength?
ening of the assertion that Blease
will go down to defeat under an
avalanche of Jones votes, and
"Rleaseism" be consigned to ob?
livion, "It's the case of desertions
from a sinking ship," was the terse
comment of a strong political ob?
server this morning.
The following announcement, au?
thorized by Col. V. R. Cheshire, "re?
tired," was prepared last night by
Col, L. M. Green, of Anderson, and
soot oui to several papers ?>f the
"On the evt of Ihe opening of the
State campaign, and close upon the
recent break between Col, John P,
Grace, Mayor of Charleston, and
Governor Cole L, ill ease, is the an?
nouncement mad.- tonight that Col.
Victor 11. Cheshire, publisher of the
Anderson intelligencer, has resigned
from the stiff of Governor Blease.
This \a a political break of extreme
importance, for Col, Cheshire holds
the balance of power in Anderson
county, which polls 5,000 votes, and
which Governor lllease carried in the
last election by about S,M?. Political
observers say this break means ,1 loss
of Anderson county lo tin Governor,
and seriously affects his chances for
l e-elect ion.
"Col. Cheshire was attacked In his
office by a local magistrate and
another citizen, Whil ? a constable of
Governor Blease stood guard on R
near-by railway bridge. Col, Cheshire
asked for the removal of the two
men. and the Governor refused.
Thereupon Col, Cheshire resigned,
and will noi support the Governor In
his race for re-election.
?"The Mayor of Charleston begins
testimony to-morrow morning in Co?
lumbia -'is to his charge that he can
trace graft practically to the Govern?
or. This, with the break tonight be?
tween Blease and Cheshire. may
?hange the entire political situation
in the State.
"L. M. Green."
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