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?t)C iUatcl)inan anD Sontl)ron.
H?t Ht MTKH WATCHMAN. W?Ml ill lid April, lMt. 'Be Just sod Fear not?Let ill Ute ends Thon Almu t at bo thy Country's, Thy God's and Truth's." THE TOOK SOOTHKON, TMtoturrt tmm% MM
Consolidated Aug\ 3.1881._ SUMTER, S. 0., WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 1912. Vni YTTry w0 37
- -- - .-'?- ?
inging III?. Vote at Fourteen (Ii
Charglu? I?h Vote et Fourteenth
B*llot?licmlhxk Ma> L?M Sever?
al 1*3"*.
Baltimore. June 29.-?With Qovir
f*ar Woodrow Wilson gaining on
?h ballot and Speaker Champ
k constantly losing ground li
race for the presidential nomln
the fVmoerutlc National Com
len at 11.#5 tonight adjourned
Monday morning at 11 o'clock.
Twenty-afx ballots had been taken
first call of the States and thore
no hope of a final verdict t<
it. '
la against all political precedent
a National Convention to sit on
ly, but tomorrow will be a day
conference among party leaden*
day of hard work for cum?
in managers.
rhen the convention took recess
tight, Speaker Clark was hurrying
Baltimore from Washington. In
?onse to en urgent call from his
ipa If n leader.
liana Joinings Mryary at the
?n session. attacked Clark
eatd he would not vote for any
in willing to accept the nomlna
at the hand* of "Murphy, of
imany H ill."
wa* the^pian of Mr. Clark to ap
ir t?.*fore the Convention and
answer this. In this way his man?
agers hoped to bohrter the falling
The haltots today ran from the
thirteenth to the twet ;v-sixth. Wil?
son began A* .156 1-2 and ended at
17 1-2. a n t gain during the day
%X vytva. Spe >kj*r Clark began at
tell to i 1-2. lose ef 90 1-3
I^Cbxrt- lrao?r* in the eon
g?<? nttos) to the fuel
*7lark hy *.he New
breaks to Oovorn
rlhvin we.'** coming from many
delegations as the balloting closed.
His taanugeri* believed that once be
hag V ertuk. - Clark, the switching
of derasjat s would become general.
The Clark forces plan to make n
ie-i ite effort tomorrow to win
k Home ttt the delegates lost to
My and lr this. work they probably
111 have the personal direction of
gpeaker himself. The Wilson
?es. meanwhile, expect to fight
?t only to hold their trains today.
i? t.? Induce more to desert the
ther candidate*.
Senitor Some of Missouri, tonight
made a motion to eliminate the can?
didate receiving the lowest number
of rotes ?in each succeeding ballot
after tha twenty-seventh, until only
one?the winner?was left In the
race. There was a storm of ob?
jection and the subject was pressed
no further.
The Harmon delegate.* from Ohio
threw their support to Speaker
Clark on sevenl ballots, hut they did
not materially help him toward the
necessary two-thirds, because of the
gradual Inroads made by Wilson.
They then changed back to Harmon
and remained there until the last
ballot of the evening:.
The great hulk of the Massachu?
setts delegation deserted Clark to?
night and started a Foes boom. It
created !!? tie excitement.
The (!?? idloek confronting the
convention Is the most remarkable
In the history <-f modern politic*.
No one to the convention todaj
was able t.? recall another Instance
in recent \. r- \\h?re It hol rei|tili.*d
anything- Ilka tin- number of ballot.*
t# nominate that so f ir bad been ta?
ken without result.
Bavin* failed to nominal with
the werk end it is n??t anticipate <i
that the delegate? will hurry to a
decision on Monday, ind the flicht
may be prolonged f"i > i ?I
The Clark p< ? I? are still conti
dent that en otirh of their .1
* 111 r-.-M ? ieadfaat to eonatttuts
the necessary DIM ?-third t?? prevent a I
Manv <>f the deb-gate* wire hcjc
ful that hi rnriy ieclaton ti.tgiii re
reached, but the two lending onudl- I
dite? were tonight ??. fai short of
the 725 1*2 \<<t?' ^neecseary to nom?
inate that the agoMesg ?bond sennit d
a most difficult one.
Marriage Licence Itccord.
Mr. Joseph A. Ilcvell and Mise Be*
sie L. frescott of St. Churles were
granted a m<itrlnge license Friday
Thought That New cVtdtf GOTCtnOT
Will Win on Third Ballot?Clark
Boom Dead Sa> Politicians.
Dtltimore. July 1.? 'Wilson will
he selected on an early ballot In the
long drawn out battle" Is the opinion
of the progressive and conservative
factions here today.
The Wilsen men are working hard
to get him :n on an early ballot and
j claim that ly the third ballet he will
|bd far enough In the lead to justify
I the groat western states, originally
for Clark, to swing to Wilson. Wil?
son now has a good chance to win,
if he r akes good on the early bal?
The Clark men claim that Hryah's
espousal of Wilson will go against
The shrewd politicians say that the
Clark boom is dead gnd all he can
hope for Is the defeat of Wilson.
The delegates are wen out and
short of funds, and implore that fhe
deadlock be ended.
I _
New York Pai?cr Alter Boosting Har?
mon and Voder wood Comes Out
for New Jersey Man.
New York. July 1.?After having
boosted Harmon and ?Underwood, the
New York Times now comes out for
Wilson, urging tr.e democrats to
ncminate him.
Jlcssrs. A. C. Thompson Re-elected
for Sumter and W. S. Chandler for
M aye sit lie.
At a special meeting of the county
board of commissioners held this
morning in the Supervisor's office.
Mr. A .C. Thompson was reelected
I for a term of three years for Sumter
|and Mr. W. S. Chmdler was reelect?
ed for u tot m of one year for Mayes
Both of these gentlemen have
I served as cotton weighers for a num
jber of terms and iave always given
satisfaction. There was only one
?other application for the position at
ISumter and no e ther besides Mr.
Chandler at Maye.v ille.
Not Known Yet Who Will Comprise
Siinitor Team?Fifth Man Chosen
Four of the bowlers to go to Flor?
ence In the match with the team at
that place were chosen Saturday
night and the fifth man will probably
be chosen tonight it the second pre?
liminary trial. Those who have been
chosen on the team are: Messr.-.
Darby White. Reginald Kmanuel,
Fr?ser Dick and Hal W. Harby.
These WOTS chosen at the preliminary
tryout Saturday night and the fifth
man will he chosen at a second try
out tonight.
There were quite a number to COO
tust In the tryout Saturday nigh*,
but only those who made averages of
ever fifty per cert, in three games
were eligible for the big team.
Popular Young Laily of Sumter to
Wed Abhexllle Man.
j Im itations have been issued by
I Mrs. Oeootta f. Schwerin to the mar?
riage of her daughter. Octavta Har
by. ami Sei Herber! Rodenberg Wed
la] evening, July 10, at 7.90
o'clock at iiu north Washington
street 'no ceremotti will be fol?
lowed by s reception for the bridal
?do pie.
; Mies Hchwertn ?-* a Bumter ^oi
well Known in tin- younger set, Mr.
J U ? enhei g Is i bu Iness man of ?*b
4? rtlle,
Mrs, Tinman t.et^ Divorce.
Cincinnati, June 14.?Mra B? R.
Tlllman. Jr.. of Bdgefleld, South Car?
olina, was this mottling granted H
I divorce from her hi.shand. who Is now
practicing law in Portland. Ore, This
brings to i eloee I i isc lhal has at
Iracted wide attent on because of the
prominence of the two families con
cerned and also because ol thi fa
moos suit whk b \irs. Tlllman In
itltoted in tin- Booth Caroline courts
some years tlncc for the poeseeslon
of her ? hihir? n who were at ih it time
held by Senator end Mrs !'.. K. Till
min. geand pa rents of the two little
N>w York Belogation in Bittet Mood,
bin Vote Does not Change When
is Challenged?Foee Bays He is
Candidate Oidy in Cgeg of HopelOBe
Baltimore, July \,?With no ad
m if el i n tickets required today the
convention played "a free show*' to a
Cgpeotty house.
Pre-teseton conferences failed to
accomplish anything Governor Foss
told Bryan that he was not an a.tlve
candidate unless there was a hopeless
deadlock. Representative Sultzer, of
New York, said: "We won't nomin?
ate today, tomorrow or Wednesday,
hut will stand just where we were
Saturday." The New Y'ork dele?
gates were in a hitter mood when
the convention was called to order
at 11.03 by Chairman Ollie James,
immediately after the prayer Bryan
entered amidst an uproar coming
from the galleries.
The twenty-seventh ballot was or?
dered. Murphy's New York vote of
! ninety for Clark was challenged in
i order to asceratin how each delegate
[stood. As the delegation is instruct?
ed to vote under the unit rule it is
probable that the vote will continue
for Clark.
Baltimore, July 1.?The twenty
seventh ballot resulted as follows:
Clark 4?>9; Wilson 40G 1-2; Under?
wood 112; Harmon 29; Marshall 30;
Bryan l; Foes 38. t
The New York delegation polls
shewed Clark 78. Wilson 9, Under?
wood 2, one absent. Under the unit
rule all ninety were cast for Clark.
After h lively caucus to determine
whether to shift from Clark to Wil?
son, the Illinois delegation stood pat
for the present giving all for Clark.
On the 28th ballot Indiana gave
Wilson 28; Kern 1. No choice on
28th ballot.
Wilson 477 1-?, Clark 44b* 1-2, Harmon
14, Underwood 119 1-2, Kern 2, Foss 28.
Twenty Men Besides Hand Going to
Columbia July Ninth.
Twenty men have already signitied
their intention of making the trip to
Columbia on the ninth of July to
as-ist In the organization of a State
Chamber of Commerce end to boost
for Sttmter at the banquet. The train
will leave Sumter at 1 P. M. The
Sumter Boosters will meet in front of
the City Hall and. led by the band,
will march to the train. At Colum?
bia they win march to the place of
meeting led by the band. The OOSt
of the round trip will be only $2.*>'?,
returning after the banquet that
night The cost of the banquet will
be 11.00. It any should wish to
in ike the trip to Columbia with the
party ami not attend the banquet,
they win be gladly welcomed. The
Southern will provide two coaches
Which will give ample room for the
party. The railroad fare is based on
two cents per mile with a minimum
of 7.". The committee believed that
at b ast BO tuen of Bumter should be
Willing to make the trip, outside the
band. The railroad fare of the band
will be paid by the committee and is
Included In the estimate of $2.60, a
is therefore neceesary that at least
fifty names be secured by Tuesday.
it should be rememberod that by
returning the same night all hotel
bills will he saved and one-hair day
only will be lost from business. Sum?
ter has an opportunity of proving to
the test of the State that she is on
the job. We must have tin- fifty.
Mr. Rieh? who la building the Sum?
ter Uas Plant emphatically denies
ih i* the gas people wore fooling away
their time with the view of selling
the franchise, He stated In i
letter to the Chamber of Commerce
today that tiny have been prevented
from moving taster by a number of
obstacles, This concern has epent
nearly $10,000 In the last sixty days
in materials and contracts. They
are building two plants a1 the si me
time, one in Richmond and one In
Bumter. Mr Rleha states thai a
arge force will be pill oH til" Sumter
job in the ne>I fifteen d lya,
Marrtt\gc License Record.
\ marriage license was Issued Sun?
day to Hannibal DOW and Braz? ?!<>
Dyson, of Sumter, colored.
l'inow hHI and Suniter Team.- to Con?
test Three Days This \V< ek?Good
Game* Expected*
The Sumter baseball fans will have
bastball galore this week. Three
game* f.f excellent class ball are
promised for Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday afternoons between the
fast team from Pinewood and the
fast team picked from the c:ty
league teams. The games are open
to the public and a good crowd is
expected on all three occasions.
Monday afternoon the game com?
mences at 5:30 o'clock and Tuesday
the Sunter-Pinewood game will com?
mence at 4 o'clock, so that the regu?
lar city league team game can be
Played at the close of the first game.
The Game Cock City League con?
test is growing more interesting with
every same and the pennant win?
ners are still an unknown quantity.
The last game went to the Pirates,
1 ;t this is not saying that they will
c p the next one. At present the
iD ?dgers stand at the head of th^j
1< tgue nnd they with the Athletics
will be in the contest Tuesday.
Houmi Today Parses Resolution Un?
animously Expressing Full Confi?
dence In Clark.
Baltimore, July 1.?Answering Bry?
an's charges that Speaker Clark was
leagued with unhealthy political in?
terests, the house today unanimously
voted full confidence in him "regard?
less of political affiliations."
Official Minutes of Special Meeting of
City Council.
As a matter of information, in view
of the general interest in the action
of City Council in granting to the
Bank of Sumter the rights to use
seven inches of Main Street, the offl
*3\ ivi^citefi 5j[ tjte irtactaj mfeoring of
council, at which tnVj gift was made,
are published below.
Council Chamber, June 17 th, 1912.
Present at Special Meeting. 4
o'clock P. M.? L. D. Jennings May?
or, and J. W. McKeiver, R. K. Wil?
der, H. J. M 'Laurin, Jr., J. V. Glenn,
D. W. Cuttino. It. L. Wright B. EL
Rhame, and J. P. Booth, Aldermen.
The Minutes of Special Meeting of
June lIth were read and confirmed.
The Mayor stated the object of the
meeting to be that the Bank of Sum?
ter. whb h had requested the use of
three inches of tht sidewalk at the
corner of Liberty and Main Streets
whit h were naked for at the Bpecial
Meeting Of June 12th, had been
found to be Insufficient to accommo?
date the protrusion of the pilasters
whthc are to be used in the building
of the Bank of Sumter. and that it
bad been called to his attention that
the said Bank were using about seven
inches. Mr. it. I. Manning appeared
before Council and stated that when
he made the request of Council for
the use of ihre? inches on Main
Stre. t. that this request was made in
good faith and that he did not know
until told today that tin- Contractors
were using more than this amount.
Ho stated however, that inasmuch
as it required this amount t?? keep
the Bank building In line with the
adjoining property that he thought it
would be very much better not to in?
terfere with the building, as to recess
the main body would make it have an
uneven and odd appearance, and
thus spoil the view on Main street.
Mr. Glenn moved that Council ad?
journ and visit the ground, which
was done. ? >n re-assembling Mr. W.
Lee Harbin, the contractor of the
Bank of Sumter said thai for looks
the Btreel would he Improved by
granting the additional ground, and
agreed \\itii Mr. Manning that to re?
cess seven inches would put the build?
ing "'it of line with other buildings
ml for this reason he hoped that
the requesl would be granted.
.\!?\ Cuttino moved that the request
he granted, in order t<? bring the
main part of the building on a line
with the adjoining buildings.
Mr, Wright said that nothing had
been done or Bald since the Special
Meeting of the I'Jth t.. change hie
min?', and that h was sti'l of the
opinion that the Cltj Council had ab?
solutely no right to grant the request.
Thai it was not a i uestl ti of who
was Interested ami vv.ho wus n?>j, bul
; plain question of Council's duty, as
he saw it. Council had nothing t?> d<?
with the mistakes ?'f an architect, nor
inythlng whatever to do with how
former buildings were let as to line,
and that he would just as soon vote
Circular* Mailed Out Fromo Here
This Morning to 2.000 Publications
and Comineivcial Organizations
Throughout the Whole Country?
Sent Out by Short Ballot Associa?
Sumter is getting advertising in
bunches out of the recent election to
install the newest of all forms of city
government ? the commission-city
manager plan.
This morning two thousand cir?
culars were received by the Chamber
of Commerce, all of them enclosed
in stamped Chamber of Commerce
envelops, to be sent out from here
on behalf of the short ballot associa?
tion, which has headquarters in New
York iCty and of which Woodrow
Wilson, one of the prominent can?
didates lor the Democratic nomina?
tion for the presidency, is president.
The circulars were all addressed to
various commercial organizations
and publications dealing with muni?
cipal questions throughout all parts
of the country, thus insuring Sumter
of the fact that it will be one of the
most talked of places in the whole
United States a few days from now.
The folders were attractive two
leaflets printed in brown ink on buff
colored paper. On the front is the
inscrlpiton: "The Sumter Plan of
City Government," with "The Sum?
ter Chamber of Commerce, Sumter,
S. C, A. V. Snell, secretary," printed
at the bottom of the page in smaller
type. The inside of the folder out?
lines the plan as propos I for Sum?
ter, which has already been printed
in the Item. On the back is a dia?
gram of "The Sumter, B. C. Short
Ballot City Manager Plan" showing
the relation of the people to the
commission of three, end of the com
missioa to the city manager and the
I'eiM* manager to ti e fe^a/h? of 'he de?
partments of the city. At ihe bot
tion it is stated that the plan was
"Adopted by popular vote June 12,
1912. First election. August 13,
As can be readily seen Sumter will
j get n.'JCh valuable advertising from
I the adoption of this new lorm of
{city government which will resutl
Jin any amount of good for the city.
Jit la probable that the Chamber Of
Commerce will have plenty Of re?
quests for Information concerning
the city as a result of the sending
OUt of the two thousand circulars,
and that many people will come to
j Sumter latei on to investigate into
. the workings of the commleslon-clty
manager form of government.
I for seven feet as seven inches, which
he could not do In either ease.
Mr. Booth had to vote against it
on the same grounds.
Mr. Glenn explained the reversal
] of his former vote on the ground
that he had been mis-informed.
j Mr. McKeiver Bald he voted for
the granting of tne request for the
reason that he thought it would help
! the looks Of he street.
Mr. McLaurln thought likewise.
J Mr. i'avis D. Molse, attorney for
the Bank, said that the Bank would
giv an agreement in writing that
the title of the property should remain
In the City of Sumtt \ and that when
the building was either torn down
or burned, that the city would be at
liberty to take possession of the
amount granted now.
Mr. Wright thought that the City
could soon give a way all the street
under the same conditions, and ac?
cording to this argument the <'ity not
be hurt, it was as he stated before
the question of right and not a ques?
tion ..f injury at thi.> point.
Mr. McKelvei called for the ques?
tion and the vote was: Ytas?Mc
I*aurtn, Wilder, McKeiver, Cuttlno
ami Rhatne. Nays? Booth, Glenn and
Tin- Mayor and Clerk wer? ordered
to prepare and sign an agreement as
requested by Mr. Moise.
Mr. Cuttlno stated that he learned
thai the Railroad was to transport
the horses and lire apparatus to the
Hot k Hill M< et free of eost, and that
In sta b case would not be responsible
for damage done to th< horses, and
that he would like for Council to
give him the authority to have the
horses insured In an accident com?
pany dui Ing their absence from the city
'' ho Fire Committee was ordered to
do ihu and the C >unetl then adjourn?
Acting ?Merk.
on Tor tile Big Banquet and State
Chamber of Commerce Meeting;
?Thirty-Five Sumter Men Have
Made Reservatione a^tfteen More
The following citizens of Sumter
will attend the State Chamber of
Commerce meeting to be held in Co?
lumbia on Tuesday, July 9:
Eugens Fornhee, E. L Beard Dn, J.
E. King, Dr. S. C. Baker, M. B. R?n?
dle, W. C Carr. R D. Lee, Jr., L.ucian
Strauss, S. A. Ha 'n, T. E. Hinaon,
Jr.. W. B. Boyle T. Tinsley. E.
Boney, C. H. Par: ft. Dabbs, R.
B. Belser. J H. ^?/er, J. H. Levy.
Sr., it. W. Hurr ^*?' W. T. Rowland,
j H. L. Tisdab * u. Stubbs. W. C.
S Wise, H. V H. C. Cuttino. B. F.
Eatridge, . ^ . Witherspoon, C. L.
j Cuttino ^ Grady, J. W. McKnight,
j H. X. T .^>- /ester, William Bultman
'and x* .. Scarborough.
,n more names are needed in
to assure the special train. This
mt ting will be of the utmost im?
portance to the whole state and Sum?
ter ha3 the opportunity of showing
the real Sumter spirit. The Sumter
band, with fifteen members, will ad
. vertise the city. Word was received
this morning from Orangeburg that
j they are preparing to go in thirty
: five automobiles and would take their
I military band.
I The cost of the round trip on the
special train, which will leave Sumter
at 1 P. M. and return after the ban?
quet, will be $2.50. The banquet will
he only $1 per plate. If you intend
going, make your reservation today.
Action Will be Taken in United States
Courts to Protect South Carolina
Aiken. June 2S.?The North Au?
gusta authorities will take action in
the United States eourt wi?i a view
of compelling the City of Augusta to
protect the South Carolina town on
th .'rq?',*Jit', ? ' of t1" f5v;vj?fih^*
river trom Hood waters. Dr. W. F.
Mealing of North Augusta, is chair?
man of a committte appointed to
push the matter since Augusta has
decided to build a lev e along the
water front on the G >?>rgla side of
the river.
Asked concerning the report :hat
the citizens of North Augusta would
start at once a fund to build a levee
along the South Carolina side, Dr.
Mealing said that no such movement
had been started. He declared he did .
not see why North Augusta should
be expected to pay for damage caused
by Augusta building her levee. He
did not thinK that the matter would
be taken up With ihe Augusta flDOd
commission. An order from the
United States court, thought Dr.
Mealing, would serve the purpose to
a better and more satisfactory id^
Apprip.iate Exercises Held in Mem?
ory of B. C. Hatchcll.
Appropriate exercises were h?ld
Sunday at the cemetery in honor of
B. C. Hat?hell, deceased, a former
member of Hollywood Camp No. 19,
W.. O ,W., by the officers of that
Organisation. The address of the day
was made by Mr. R. D. Epps and
contained some very appropriate :*e
marks and v ?re well received by his
There were ahOUt five hundietl
Woodmen and friends present at the
exorcist s in honor of the memory of
the departed. The Sumter hand fi r
n she d the music for the occasion.
B|ea- ? Idds Personally ?100 to Of
hVlal offer.
Marlon, June 27.?Replying to re?
quests trom Greenville today relative
t.? the Governor's otter f a reward
for the capture of T r. Vaughn, who
broke tail there Governor Blease
wired Sher J, P. Pools that the
$loo offer >vas Increased to $(.00; that
$500 of this was from the State and
$l??0 from himself, personally as an
odd Fellow.
\ similar a ire was sent to J. J.
McSwaln, Esq., of Greenville, chair
ma u of the Orphanage trustees, as
follows: ' Your wire received. Re
w. id Increased to $600. Five hun?
dred from State, $100 from me as an
Odd Fellow. Coin L. Blease."
The escape of Vaughn has excited
no little interest in thi3 section of
the State.

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