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C?fcarlrwtontait ami ?rccnvllle Man
Start (?real Demonstration for
Near Jcr>ey (Governor ? Wilson
Sentiment Abundant?4 an it ho
Transformed Into Votea.?Dead?
lock Not Iniprohobh . Hm Likely to
br Very Short.
- \
New? and Courler.
Baltimore, June 87,?At 8 o'clock
tonight it was the general belief
among the 1 >emo?-r,iis assemhl?d in
Baltimore that Clark's candidacy had
spent Itself, that the nomination ol
a genuinely progressive candidate was
assured and thst the platform would
be satisfactory In all Important re
epects to the great body of the par?
When the convention opened for
the night session, the huge audltorl
: m was jammed with people who
had flocked there in the confident he?
llet that thi hemociat?. would at
once get down to the business of
nominating a candidate. Instead
there came Mr. Hrpan's remarkable
resolution that the -onventlon oust
Ryan and lielmont from its meml r
shlp and pledge itself in advar to
nominate no candidate enjoyin* heir
friendship or th it of J. i terpont
Morgan. The elTect was paralyzing.
A large section of the galleries hurst
into applause but the uelegates were
thunderstno k.
Everybody felt that the fate of the
party was trembling In the balance.
Men who have been most resentful
of Ryan'a presence here nevertheless
united In feeling that Mr. Bryan's ac?
tion was. to use one of his own
)hrases, criminally foolish* and un?
necessary. When Mr. Bryan con?
cluded his argument for the suspen?
sion of the rule* so that his resolu?
tion might have immediate consider?
ation, It looked as if the party were
facing certain wreck. Then came
Congressman Flood's speech.
Its tone was independent and de?
fiant to the last degtee. "We ask no
concession of any kind of Mr. Bry?
an." he declared. "We reject the
Insolent proposition of the only man
who Is bent upon wrecking the Dem?
ocratic party." Yet even in the face
of this ringing challenge Mr. Bryan
withdrew the last clause of his reso?
lution, demanding the withdrawal of
Belmont and Ryan, and the resolu?
tion was left stivgless.
Even though he resolution might
have 1 i en defeated but for the ac?
tion of the Virginia und New York
delegation there was a good deal of
resentment at Mr. Bryan's course.
The States first on the roll-call voted
heavily against him. The leaders
saw. however, that it would be a fa?
tal mistake to refuse Its passage.
Al*e in i < hi nged its \ote from no
?o yes. Illinois voted hi the atTlrm
atlve. The voce of Virginia was an
poun .1 from the speaker's stand
eut of order and that of New York
followed. The Situation w s saved, at
l*e?t for the moment. What the ul?
timate outcomt is to he no man can
predict. The "onventlon I-? now en
geged at 11 c clock in listen.im to
? pee-"'.. . noic.n .tin.' i n.lul i i< s for
the pre.dden* >
A d-' dlock h riot in the lea.-t Im?
probable, but it is not likely to be of
long (I u ?tion. The delegates are not
enam ?, d of ) altimofe as a Conven?
tion ? nd Baltimore is alread>
tir< d . f Uo- c .n\entlon and sick ot
Its action in 'ringing It here. Be.
sides there Is no reason to believe
that Clark's deb gates will mak" an.\
long fWht for him. Iiis chances are
generally regard? d as having dwtn?
l.itth real enthusiasm for him ha.
been manifest? d on the Hour of the
convention. The overwhelming een?
ttnient . f the i lex Is f?.r Wilson,
lie wn? gdv?sa " Kr?'iH iloni.ii ? i.i; ?>!.
laat n I k Ii t i?n?l ??n??tl'?-r thU morning.
Tli? latter w .?* Ssd Offj tn.- u ? ? .
amonc the del.gat?-s ?>y It. S. Wkahy
of Charleston, and Villa M? on? y. of
Mono' ??ne in th. gilleii.-. iai.-??l a
rry for Wilson v i> .? Bell, or (\.:,r..r
ala. a Clark man, was speaking. It
was taken up g?-n? rails ami in t
Shoot that time Mooney raised aloft
? Palmotto Mag with ? lag picture of
Wilson painted on it Mr. Whahy
caught the other end at it and he
and Moon.-> started dotgn th?" aisle
to the front. They \s? r?" follow??| by
Jodx?- King, of Oregon, hearing
bann? r with tae Inscription ?lise uh
Wilson and we v. ill gi\?? you Ore
in a seeeaeal the w hole houae was
on it* feet chtering w ildly. the friends
..f ail the ethef candidates shoutlni
for them and hoisting thelf hann. rs
a Im*. But th?- demonstration remnln
Ied Wtteasl'l b? the ciiil.
The Wilson sentiment Is here. It
(re In evidence. The ?iiiestion Is. can
t be transited Into \ ?,t. s ' What
Will Mr. Bryan gjol Whit ?-an hi
do? To help that M b??ut I? als?? a
P" i.|em. Mr. I'-f v m s f iyi gfC my
terlous and past all finding out lor
o\i:h to DOUBT \m> 9vh"
< la?rk Fore* R .Making PegpgfgtC l.'i
I'ort to Grab Nomination on Soco.nl
Ballot a* Hi' Cannot Hold Doh
gnto*?WllMM .Men Claim to IVrl
Fiicoiirugctl and Are Hopeful?
Talk of ,,l>ark Hoi?c" Hovtved and
BcudlocU Predicted.
BBiinmro. Juni 18,?The result
of Um tiist itaiict Indlcatti thai many
ballota ma\ have to be taken before
the nomination U mndt by ;i two
thirds no ijority. The manner In
which the vote ii divided makes many
think that the han< e of a "dark
horse candidate is now batter than
ever before.
As soon as the convention adjourn?
ed at 7.1.") the Clark men went Into
.1 caucus and a desperate effort will
be made today to rally enough dele*
Kates to the ClarM standard to put
bis nomination through on the St ( -
ond or third ballot
The Wilson delegates are much
encouraged becaUSS he received all
the votes claimed for him on the
first ballot This showed that the
Wilson strength is solid and will
it is generally fall that the second
I Hot may slew a radical change In
the result, since many of the dele?
gates pledged or instructed for cer?
tain candidates do not feel that it is
otdiKator.n afttr the tlrst ballot to
vote as Instructed and will throw
their VOteS to the candidate of their
Individual choice.
When the morning sun replaced
the electric lights, a remarkable
scene was disclosed in the Armory.
Practically all the delegates Ware
coatless, and many were nodding in
their seats. Only n scant few were
left in the galleries, but in the private
boxes were many women who have
followed the convention from the
start, and their fresh, clean appear?
ance was in Btrohg contrast to the
bedraggled looks of the delegates on
the floor.
Last night's session was perhaps
the most remarkable in the history
of the Democratic party. At the
opening only the usual flights of org?
tory In the speeches nominating the
candidates was anticipated, but Bry>
. n'j? resolution denouncing the mon?
ey trust, and J. P. Morgan. August
Belmont and Thomas !*, Kyan by
name caused wild excitement and tu?
multuous scenes-. But when Bryan with?
drew the part of the resolution alk?
lag the ousting of Kyan und Belm >m
as delegates he paved the way to vic?
tory for hla resolution. The conser?
vative leaders hustled around the hall
giving orders to their followers
vote for the adoption of th" resolu
tion. all of them being In a frenzy
to plgcatS Bryan and prevent him
from bolting.
Still Writing the Platform.
Baltimore, Jun< 18.?The sul ?
committee of eleven, engaged \q) the
writing of a six thousand word plat?
form, resumed their session shortly
after noon. Bryan was the last to
arrive, Most of the delegates ware
Sleeping at noun.
Bryan is perfectly pleased over the
adoption of the resolutions, "The ef
faet of the resolutions can't be esti?
mated now " tie .- ?'d. "Any delegate
aligned With* t ie B.v.iii Mot.; in and
Belmont "-rout, won't dare to go
home now :,nd face their constituents
if Ussy Hvc v n toe other side of the
A I'eghenhs The delegate! must
noa he on one side or the other,
There can he n-> compromise, no half?
way manoeuverlng. The resolution
r.iil show people where their repre
?i ntattves staut ?
ROMMCH I'ear liryam.
Halt tutor.-. .iuu<- ,2*.?Bryan hi ?tili j
tgwt :itiy by the boHMi und ttiey
in. vrtlftna to eoneede htm everything
bot the nomination, They want him
to gO on the .-tamp this fall for ihe
Candidate Ol the part] and are anx?
ious to do anything in the way Ol
minor conceaslons to Ke. p a hold on
When the nomination speech was
mad. th. Underwood demonstration
lasted 88 minutes, tin- Clark demon
-ti n. n sixty mlnUtei and th? Wilson
demonstration on,, hour and fifteen
mlnUtae, Ft Was tin Wildest of the
night Tbi galleries took up the
cheering, there were pnradei around
the Armory, collage yells, pictures of
Wilson wert hoisted on Ash poles,
umbrellas and canea. and pandemoni?
um reigned,
n in., i whose professed desire is only
to promote tite party welfare, Pew
people believe DOW that Byan find
Murphy will he able to dictate tin
nomination, but there are many Who
t'< ir in the event Wilson cannot win
Mr, Bryan may consent to the nomin?
ation ?'f a weak man. for Instance, i
n an like Senator Kern, who ?nuld
pot possibly enthust the voters,
b iberl i. nth n.
Bossj-> \T HKA As HOW TO PRO?
liarkltes Hope. Thej May Hush
i 'lianip Cinrk ? In?Thouglil Boast
? nrpliy Mny (??? to Underwood?
Wilson's Men nre Holding Tlielr
LI net-\? bod) Can ItUestf How it
W ill End.
Convention Hell, Baltimore, June
-"???At 3.03 thi> morning, after com?
pleting the 18th ballot, the conven?
tion adjourned until 1 o'clock today.
The VOte Of the last ballot stood:
ciatk. r.iT: Wilson 8j54 Under?
wood 138; Harmon 29; .Marshall 30;
Kern 1; Bryan l. Not voting 2 1-2.
Throughout the session there had
been much speculation as to the
The first real break came on the
tenth ballot, with ;i sensational jump
Of the Xcw York Vote from Harmon
to Clark. This carried the speaker to
a total of 688 of the 1,088 delegates,
but still left him 170 votes short of
the two-thirds vote necessary t.? a
The balloting was continuing at an
early hour this morning with the
Clark forces outwardly confident and
the Wilson managers doggedly claim?
ing that the final "break" would come
to the New Jersey governor.
The Clark managers jubilantly
claimed that t very Democratic can
date who aver reached a majority
in the convention succeeded In even?
tually getting the required two
Baltimore, June IS.?A monoton?
ous su< ceaslon of roll calls brouht no
nomination to the Democratic con?
vention. Late tonight 11.80 o'clock
?the sweltering delegates still wen
answering the droning voice of the
reading dark.
The results of the roll calls up to
the tenth were dlSCOUraglngly similar
so far as actual developments were
concerned. None of the leading can?
didates made any material gains or
losses, There was no change of more
that six votes in the totals up to that
time. The Steady gains of Wilson
had culminated with a count of ?">4
on the sixth ballot. (?n tin- seventh
Wilson i< st l 1-2 votes.
Bryan, Kern. OUle James and
Mayor Qaynor "f New York each re?
ceived oneXor two votes In the course
of the balloting. Harmon lost slowly
but steadily from his 148 of the first
i.allot. Underwood gained ? trifle.
The heat in the hall was Stifling.
Tin proceeding! dragged heavily.
The delegates gossiped among them
selvei or perused newspapers. The
lenders of the various f ictions hur?
ried about the hall. The air was full
of rumors of "deals" and "trades."
A shift that would throw a deciding
vote to one < andldate or another waa
looked for on every ballot, while
othen expected an all-night session.
The long predicted "break" In the
New York delegation came on the
tenth ballot when Murphy announced
vi of tin 80 votei from that State
for Clark. He got no further when
i great remonstratlon broke out
among the speaker's delegates and
While it was in progrt II there were
several fisticuffs on the floor.
Those Who ''aimed to be In the
c ?nfldence of the New York dele
ur ite predicted there would be b
switch away from ('buk on subse?
quent lalb't.-.
Baltimore, June The session j
adjou m d nt 3 05 thli morning until
l p. m, after the twelfth ballot had
been taken without n nomination,
The result of the tWelth ballot Was
Clark r?iT 1-2; Wilson 854, Under?
wood, 1881 Harmon 28j Marshall
80, Murphy, of New York, asked for
a recess at 'bat time,
The ?Ituath n Is I idl) muddled,
.n..1 ,i conference of the boaaes today
ma) i? . it in form kins Olarlt. it is
known lli:c \!u:-|.!'.y last nlnhi pro?
mised the Clark lead ?rs that he would
threw ninety votes to Clark when the
Clarkltes told him that such un act
WOUld stall a stampede. .hat Clark
would surely u<> over on that ballot
or the first or second, ?ucceedlng
ones, it wu? pointed out by Clarkltes
t>. Murphy that Bryan was favorable
tu ('lark, ami the nomination of
Clark would plnoatt Bryan* and
? ement t he pa rty.
Murphy, who ij superstitious, waited
until after midnight before throwing
hll \ ot,. on the 10th h lllot t.. ?Mark.
Me didn't wanl lo tak, chanoen on ;>
switch on a Friday. The promised
tamped.' didn't collie,
i ?elegatt x fa\ oral le to llarmon
and Cnderwood, stuck t.. them after
ihe New Voii. voted wi nt to t!lork,
and Murphy seem- convinced that
Clark cannot win, Murphy is known
In he f ivorable Underwood, and
nitt) throw his strength t>? him, al?
though be fear? that If in- does, Bry
an, who declare* Underwood conser?
vative, will wage i fearful flghl on
the convention floor, and tin chances
tor hnrmonj w ill ? " uli '..
Murphy doe* n?d \>an Wilson, ''"t
i H i -? believed that In would use his
power no nominate him, ii the cLad
lock continues, and Bryan loo ma up
as a fourth timer.
The Wllaon delegate! are sticking
together, and ii there Is no break In
tiuir lines, they have practically
enough votes to stop Clark from get
ting the nomination. Wilson seems
to i e gaining in favor, and Bos.- Sul?
livan, of Illinois, is said ?<> have quar?
reled with Murphy, becauae Murphj
won't line up back of Wilson.
The day is sweltering nor. and del?
egates are worn by the long
drawnout session They look for?
ward to today's session, hoping that
thi* deadlock will soon be broken, so
that a deei.-ien can be i\ ached, and
they can go home.
Wilson Denies Humor.
Sea Girt, x. J., June 2.<.?Governor
WodroW Wilson denied the rumor
that he would go to Baltimore and
make a personal appeal to the dele?
gates for tin nomination. He says
he Is content with his managers ac- j
tlvlty. 1
Baltimore, 2:4u p. m.. June 29.?
The result ot the 13th ballot: is
Clark 554 1-2; Wilson 356; Under?
wood 115 l-il; Harmon 3ft; Marsha!1
80; Fose -v. Bryan 1.
says Clark Must -Bo Quick."
Baltimore, June 29.?Boss Murphy.
Shortly after ten o'clock issued an
ultimatum to the Clark managers
saying: "Put Clark over Quick."
Clark Supporten feel that the edict is
B concealed threat that if Clark
doesn't win on the 13th or perhaps
he l ith ballot, that the Tamman)
Hall faction would forsake him.
Clarkltea are frantically trying to win
over the Bnderwood, Harmon and
Wilson deleg, tes and put the Speak?
er over on the next ballot.
The Clarkltes sent for Bankhead,
Imanage" for Underwood, and a Be?
eret court conference was held. The
details are a secret, but Underwood-'s
lieutenant says that the Clarkltes on
the first ballot this afternoon hope to
hold their own delegates and also
.-wing 12:; Underwood and 21* Harmon
votes Into line. Senator Stone.
Clark's manager said: "We will nom?
inate somebody today sure and it will
probably be Clark, for we are going
to stick to him."
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Clark Men Claiming Big Gains,
Baltimore. June 23.?The Clark
men n< >v assert that th? y will win on
the third ballot. They claim 48 ad?
ditional VOteS On the second ballot
and on the third ballot New Yoik's
DO, together with the scattering vote
that went to Harmon, Underwood
and others on the first ballot will give
Clark the Domination.
Wilson leaders, on the contrary,
claim that many ivho voted for Clark
on the first ballot will switch to Wil?
son, that Wilson will hold all votes
cast for him on the tirst ballot and
gains on each Succeeding one. and
will have the necessary two-thirds on
the fourth or fifth ballot. They are
claiming the New York vote.
Harvy Garber, the Harmon leader.
s;iys he has a list of 81) who voted
for Clark on the first ballot who will
switch to Harmon it New York votes
its SO for Clark.
ITnderwood men are confident that
he win hold hta Rrat ballot strength
and gain steadily on succeeding b il
Two hundred members of the Bry?
an league of Alleghany county. Pa.,
arrived today. They had a band ami
aeveral thousand Bryan buttona. They
siy they intend to turn loose a Bry?
an stampede.
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