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ffci tatdnun an) >outbron.
rwkltelMMl Wednesday and Saturday.
8UMTBR. 1. C.
H.lt P?r annum?In advance.
Ad vce-ta? saints;
Square Arat Insertion.11.00
?ueeequent ineertlen.60
Coatracti for three month*, or
ir will be Hi ad? at reduced rates.
All communication* which sub
re privat? Interests will be oharsjed
tee es advertisements.
OMtuartee an 1 tributes of respect
w4U he charted for.
The ?*emt?r Watchman was founc
t%t la lilt and :he True Southron In
Ills- The Watohman and Southron
osw ha* the combined circulation and
k* cf Soth of the old paper*.
Is maal'satty the beat advertlatng
isa to Suwtter.
P l"s^""f?"M?
From The Dally Item. July 3. J
An effort to raise by popular sub?
scription a campairn fund for the Dem
?crwtic party la already under way
The Charleston News and Courier and
She Columbia State announce this
morning that they will receive and
aekn<>wWMl*. i ?< ?ntributlons to this
fund and call upon all loyal Demo?
crat* to contribute of their mean.-* to
corry to success the tight Woodrow
Wilson is making In behalf of the peo?
ple. We heartily endorse the plan to j
raise an adequate campaign fund by ,
sjswolsr subscription and suggest that |
the Democrate of Sumter county eend ,
their contribution* to County Chair- j
man J. H. Clifton or some person
denlanated by him Instead of sending
It fp Charleston or Columbia. We be- j
Heve Sumter should and will contrl
gute a substantial num. but whether (
It he great or small, whatever ,
gumte ? contribute* should be sent
direct to the campaign manager*. '
Bv r-ilsing the fund locally a larger
amount can be realised and every dol?
lar that can be raised will be needed,
for the trust* and moneyed lnr*re*t?;
will fight Wilson to the finish.
[:t MR. W. M. KlRBY T>F.AO.
- !
Death of An Aged ami Respected
l^>ncbturs. Jo?y -Mr, W. M
slurb., an a? I and i bp
Itlliosj .f this i ? ? died at it ?nv
mvu lus*u?j between tsjres ?nu iuui
o'clock.' The deceased leaves a large
Hr. Klrby has been in poor health
for nom> years and bore hl? suffer?
ing- patiently a* 0 Christian should. 1
The remain* will he interred at the
Lynchburg cemetery at 4 o'clock
thU afternox>n. The bereaved fnm- [
Ity ha\e the sympathy of the entire
cpmiwumVy In this their sore bereave- '
toent. I
Worth Careful Nurturing. SNce Notn
Hm on Es'tM Can Be More
fh s.*v artk-'e in ths Woman* Herne
3bmp~nt?n on the compensations that
some to tbose *ro live awaj from
groat craters of popu'ntion there ap
soared the fOBOWlfjg sound advice:
"We are idh 1 ' sd to think that a
spa] friendship, once begun, ought to
earvhe of its own vitality; but. alas!
?XI beauty in this world, from a rose
?lip to a hum u, sooj, Bjoodf nurture.
Mietische speaks very ornfully of
those who fancy they <l ue slow thorn
?elves Si they are to th? Ir f? iends. 'For
tour friends" he Si!vised, v ear every
Idoron -at' it I* well worth vhlle to
?eve the nlgbest <heer. the brightest
daougN? the loot loot ?ttenttoBg, for
the friends. OOO should was keep
some Impersonal h pic COBVejfBB
ion ready, so that you- thOUghtl 10
tether should .. I BBidk dOW| to the
?ordid atmosphere of r; now spaces
Bo not only th? sunshine to your
Blend, but be a broad 1 utlook and a
side view! t.ove must have space and
Or to thrive In.
-Human life offers us nothing else
o beautiful as real friend-hip; not
ove, not prosperity not fame, are ??o
*air. to precious Ho foater Ii! Let no
Its trust, no abaenre. no different | ol
mvironment. dim Its tagtet Ia" iejoth
tself be powerless to rob poo of lt..
fweetoess! Never break It , nev ft loss
t, It is the sweetebt touch of mortal
Argument for Vegetarianism^
Vegetarianism has been claimed ae
a part of the wisdom of the east, and
B clearly has Ite uses, for two cen
lories ago an Edinburgh physician who
weighed 32 stone "by regular adher?
ence to this regimen reduced his
weight to almost a third, became
strong, cheerful, active and healthy."
Little Used Roman Numbers.
Ten thousand In Roman IBBIBOfi Is
denoted by the letter X with | Both
ever It; or It m v hi Wfttfc I tWO 0
end an 1 followed b] tWO Inverted
('.?*. Or.c ni Bjdrod IhOWBaBd Ifl intle
rat?a! by i C with a dash over it. or
BjfW* C s. and an I followed by three
saveiu ! (' *s.
Feasibly Most Demonstrative of All
Was WllHani>burg Audience ?
Klngstree Folk Ccpudiatc Effort to
Harass < 'a ml Mute for Governor ?
J. Fr?ser Lyon Wins Day Over All
Klngstree. July 2.?"Here is the
difference between Jones men and
Please men." said Judge Ira B. Jones
at the Stale campaign meeting here
today: "Blease men don't want to
hear the truth. They squirm and
wriggle and holler and try to howl
down the man who la rubbing it into
them." Thus spoke the opponent of
the present Governor of South Caro?
lina to an audience of some r.ine hun?
dred WHllamsburg voters, which was
possibly n ore .-trongly Pro-Jones
than any yet gathered in the course of
the 1912 campaign. There^ was not
such a corcentrated effort to howl
down Judge Jones today as that of
Georgetown Saturday; it appeared
that the object In view was to so ha?
rass and to ment the speaker that his
arguments would lose their effective?
ness. The Blease rooters were scat?
tered throughout the audience; not
grouped directly in front of the speak?
er as at Georgetown.
The kernel of the situation at
Klngstree today is In the remark of
Judge Jones concerning efforts to
howl him down. Some of the very
best cltlaens of Klngstree repudiate
the unsuccessful attempts to mark
out a VOCky road for Judge Jones.
They declare that it is not chargeable
to WHllamsburg citizens, but to In?
truders from all points of the com?
pass. This repudiation is In the face
of the fact that again today Judge
Jones completely routed his adversa?
ries, and carried his audience with
him. The rout of hi senemies was
hailed with a very healthy specimen
of applause, the like of which they
say, has not been heard in WHllams?
burg In a decade or more. In fact,
the day appeared to be conceded as
strictly a Jones day.
The WHllamsburg audience was
demonstrative; they seemed to have
something for everybody?only, of
course, IQON for some than for others.
It may be said without fear of con?
tradiction that Judge Jones and At?
torney General Lyon were unquestlon
14 .....^ .v ."Hl H U lift I v.-..- ... . . ... . ? .
Kvans almost reverted to his methods
of campaigning of two years ago:
His charges were promptly denounced
as lies by Attorney General Lyon?
Blouse (.one Back on 11U Word.
It will bt remembered by every
one who hoard Governor Blease speak
here on campaign day that his ene?
mies were telling it all about that he
UrtM Governer only of his friends, and
that if a candidate should be nomin?
ated In the oraua.N. he would not
com mission hint, If that candidate did
not vote for him (Blease.) lie stated
from the Stand that that was a lie.
and if r candidate ?eis me nomina?
tion through the Democratic primary,
no win oommlesion him sis the choice
of the people.
\.<w we a 'tu every one of those
silent voters at the meeting to note
tin.- carefully. At the Georgetown
meeting the Governor In paying his
fi -meets lo his "enemies" declared
that he did sol want Hum to vote for
him. he woi noi trying to get their
\otes. and waning warm, vehemently
said. "I never expect to sign a corn*
mission for my man for s single ap
polntlve office unless 1 know he voted
for COlS L I'.bas.."
How does that strike the average
mnn nrhu stand** for honest govern*
men! nnd fair de illngel
How much dependence can he plac?
ed in s ui'T. a ho smites an assertion
at one place and at another gO< N back
on b ' Btehopvllle Leader and Vindi?
Buy it now. Chamberlain's Colic,
(.'holers and Dlnfrhees Remedy Is
almost certain lo lie needed before
the summer Is over, Buj :t n??w and
be prepared for such an emergency,
For sub by :.ll ?lealers.
I 'iiu building hoom which ? now
going ?.n m town, and which prom*
Ines to continue for quite while
longer, attatki the attention at once
I of all visitors to Htimter and man.?.
jof them have been heard lo make
coi, jdimt nta: > remarks concerning
jtie apparent proaperity and tie
seeming growth of the town
I _ _
Poring !h< summer montl ' moth*
|ers .f young children should watch
i for any unnatural loosem ?? ?d the
I bow is When given prompl ottcn*
It Ion at this lime serious trouble may
i be avoided Chamberlain^ Colic,
Chop ra i e< Dtarrl.i Remedy can
inlwnvn be i encncU d upon. For ?? >'<
by ?H denk 11
\ui,r. TO SPEAK.
stij?|>ortcTs or Candidates Tried to out
Yell Each other und Prevented
Manning, July 3.?Honors were
even On the howling down game at
the State campaign meeting here to?
day. Partisan? of Jones and partisans
of Blease were so vociferous and per?
sistent In their attempts to Cheer on
their respective favorites and to howl
down the cheers of the opposition.
that it was Impossible for either
Judge Jones or Gov. Blease to make
himself heard connectedly and Gov.
Blease evidently deemed it preferable,
from reasons Of policy as well as of
prudence, not to attempt a speech.
Judge Jones, however, did not flinch
from the ordeal presented. He laid
before the people all of his argu?
ments that the people would hear.
Neither candidate was able to control
his supporters In the crowd, though
Gov. Blease Implored his friends not
to give occasion for the accusation
which had been made against Blease
men elsewhere of howling down his
opponent and Judge Jones after com?
plimenting the citizens of Clarendon
upon their love of free speech and
fair play, said he would guarantee
Oov, Blease a respectful hearing.
The cheering and counter-cheering
did not cease with the meeting, but
continued for some time afterward
wherever small crowds gathered
about the street corners. Judge
Jones spoke vigorously in the inter?
vals when he could make himself un?
derstood, assailing the governor's
claim to have made a record of
economy, reading the telegram re
celved at Georgetown Saturday from
Judge Memmingcr, which contradicts
part of the governor's explanation re?
garding the Horry court, and charg?
ing that Gov. Blease had been long
associated with railroad interests.
There was a rough and tumble in?
direct interchange between Gov.
Blease and Judge Jones over the be?
havior of their followers.
Candidates S|>eiu Lively Day In
county seat to spend July ; wa* u ??ant j
ajj .1 DJ l( ']- ?1 Joke. I at it so the
humorists on the itinerary committee
were balked of their intent, for the
day was anything but one of boredom,
'.he meeting, which opened tamely,
gained rapidly in interest and wound
up with as warm a little list tight on
the side us one could wish to see. At?
tendance was unexpectedy large. Ex?
pectation had been keyed up and the
surprisingly strong Jones following
which enthusiastically proclaimed its
preference put the Blease forces on
their mettle, so that the contest in
Cheering were frequent and spirited.
This has been considered a BJease
county, and it was to be expected
that the governor's friends would at
lea*! im mpose the majority of the
crowd, as they did, but it was con?
clusively shown today that Judge
Jon.s has many ardent "supporters
among the "braves of Berkeley."
Nol the men of Berkeley only, but
the women also, showed lively in?
terest in the meeting, and a sharp di?
vision of sentiment upon the race for
governor, A bevy of lovely young
young girls headed by Misses Onibel
D?ren, formerly of Barn aster, .Marie
.i. iies and Eliza Hyrne of Monek's
Corner, gave Judge Jones enthusiastic
backing, They carried pennants let?
tered hit 11. Jones,"' and when their
favorite was Introduce and when he
com bob <! they waved these over his
his head ami heartily cheered him.
Oov, Blease also had his friends
nmong the women present, and a
pretty rivalry between the two di?
visions of women In applauding their
favorites was a feature which set 'his
meeting apart from others.
it w;is indirectly over the group of
yoUUS. weinen which the Misses l>u
ren, Jone* and Hyrnes led thai the
fisticuff occurred which enlivened the
closi of the meeting, alter Judge
Jones, the last speaker of the day,
had retired, smld a babel of cheers
for Jone? snd Blease, Several men
engaged In making a passage through
he ' lewd for the young women had
thorp words with spectators, and u
brisk but brief Mst light resulted.
Onl; one or two blows were passed
before bystanders laid hold ol the
belligerents, forced them apart and
restored order, it was h slight affair,
due entirely to a misunderstanding,
ami was over in a minute.
Both Judgt Jones and Oov, Blease
were presented with flowers by ad?
mirers. Blease men. tis the meeting
?was ending, enughl up theli ehnnv?
plofl, hoist, d him to their shoulders,
land besought him to make a second
n li. but he declined. Exo< pi fui
half an bear during which refuge
a is lukcti in ibe sawdust ?trewed
court room from a shower, the meet?
ing was held out of doors. About H00
persona Stood patiently under the wal?
nuts and water <?;iks surrounding the
court house.
All of the speakers excepting these
for governor were given a quiet aid
attentive hearing, and those for gov?
ernor had only slight difficulty in
reaching most of the audience with
their full arguments. Much of the
credit lor the fair play shown was
due to tlie insistence of the county
chairman, W. P. Russell.
Mr. Russell at one stage restored
order and won applause for himself
by threat to resign forthwith unless
the people made good the guarantee
of a fair hearing which he had given
in their b half.
S|Hidal Presentment to Judge Wil
! son Points Out Needs of the Coun
j ty?Disapproves of Actions of Bar
; Association.
State of South Carolina, Sumter
I County?Court of General Sessions.
To His Honor Judge Jno S. Wilson,
I Presiding Judge:
Your Grand Jury beg leave to sub?
mit the following special Present?
The Board of County Commission?
ers has called your Grand Jury's at?
tention to the crowded and there?
by unsanitary condition of the Coun?
ty Jail. That recently one prisoner
charged with murder confined in said
Jail, after suffering from the day of
his confinement, recently died of
tuberculosis. That in addition to the
prisoners awaiting trial at this term
of Court, there is quite a number con?
fined therein serving sentences. In
addition to the request of the County
Hoard of Commissioners your Grand
Jury begs Your Honor to use your
authority in clearing the Jail of these
prisoners. 11' it is possible we ask
that your Honor direct that the pris?
oners in the jail serving sentences be
put to work on the outside some?
where. Your Grand Jury is ignorant
of the law governing such a situation,
but We appeal to the court to give us
some relef from the present situa?
tion. In our opinion it is absolutely
necessary, in view of the recent case
of tubereulosls, that the jail be
thoroughly fumigated and renovated,
but we are informed that it is impos?
sible to do this in its present crowded
?would he derelJet In *. h It duty ?
citizens ?nd I < payer* of Sumtei
to lUeil uihjaOiuL . i .
approval of the resolutions passed
by the liar Association of Sumter
wherein it recommended that Court
be postponed for one week and that
only Jail cases be tried. Your Honor
has Observed, no doubt, the disastrous
effect said resolutions has had upon
the business of the Court. The Ju?
rors have been in attendance for two
days with practically nothing to do
and all State witnesses have been
here at considerable, expense to the
County, and will have to return at
another term of Court, their mileage
and perdlem in both cases being paid
by tlie county.
R ectfully submitted.
Blessing In Disguise.
Many a man is being saved by the
tard work that ho thinks Is killing
For soreness of the mUSClCS,
Whether Induced by violent exercise
or injury. there is nothing better
than Chamberlain's Liniment. This
liniment also relieves rheumatic
pains. For sale by all dealers.
[Political Advertisement]
Mr. Tatum on the Solicitorship
To the Edtior of the Watchman and
Inasmuch as Mr. Stoll hai publish?
ed his record based upon his reports
to the Attorney General, showing a
summary of acqultalS and convictions
in the Circuit for the past three years,
j and as the pleas of guilty are un
jdoubtedly placed in the column show
, in?: convictions. I deem it necessary
i to publish the follow ing certificate of
\ the Clerk of Court for Sumter County,
and analysis of it. which I think gives
a fuller and more complete record
as far as Sumter County is concerned:
County of Sumter.
I, L. I. Parrott. Clerk of Court of
j Common Please and General Sessions
for Sumter County, do hereby certify
that the records of my office show
that since and including the Spring
Term. 19<>9. of the Court of General
Sessions for Sumter County to the
29th day of June 1912. the following
I number of cases were handled and
disposed of in the Court of General
Session! in the manner following:
Number of No Bills returned by
the grand jury. 67
Number of "Nol Pross" Indict?
ments. 70
Number of Dismissed or Dis?
continued cases. 25
Number Of Pleas of Guilty. 46
Number of verdicts of Guilty. . . 40
Number of verdicts of "Not
Guilt v". 55
j In witness whereof. I have hereun?
to set my hand and affixed the seal of
my office this 2nd day of July, A. D.
1 (Seal)
L. I. PARROTT. (L. S.)
C. C. C. P. & G. S. for Sumter Co.
Deductions from above:
Total cases handled 292
T??tal No Bills 57 or 19p<
Total True Bills 235
Total escaping through
Nol Pross. Discon?
tinuance and acquitals 150 or C3pc
Total cases handled 292
Total escaping punish?
ment. 207 or 70pc
Total True Bills 235
Total released by Nol
Pross and dincontin
tiances 95 or 40pc
'lotai convicted bj
and by pleas of guilty 85 or 60pc
Total tried by jury
Total convicted
Total acquitted
Total handled
Total tried by jury
40 or 42pc
55 or 58pc
85 or 29pc
Total True Bills 235
Total convicted by trial 40 or 17pc
Total handled 292
Total convicted by trial, 40 or 13pc
Candidate for Solicitor.
- \
Meeting of Executive Committee.
The members of the sumter County
Democratic Executive Committee are
hereby called to meet In the Grand
Jury room Saturday. July 13th. at 12
o'clock m. for the purpose Of arrang?
ing the County Campaign, fixing as?
sessments, appointing managers, etc.
Co. Chairman.
Announces that he has secured the services of Mr. J.
K. Wilson, of Columbia, Tenn., an experienced fur?
niture man and funeral director and embalmer, and is
better prepared than ever to serve you day or night.
We solicit your patronage, and appreciate same.
George H. Hurst,
I>ay Phone 539 :: :: :: Night Phone 201
T-To-vr flroin ,:- ' F?our. Btttp stutT. Bran,
lldy, Oidlll, Mixed t'ow and Chicken Peed
Horses, Mules. Satni!?*''
No Ordci r?M? Large <>r Too Kuiall
Booth-Harby Live Slock Co.
Bad for Both.
It is do better for a state to llv
yond its income than for an lndtvl
?Providence Journal.
s Candidates' Card!
Aunou?i:?oients of candidates
be printed in this column unti
close of tiie campaign for i>.
cards accepted ?n credit.
For Sheriff.
L'opL K. S. Carson is hereby
nounced as a candidate for She
the ensuing election, having
discharged the duties of that
with prompt less and efficiency
take pleasure in recommend!r
for said office, subject to the r
the Democratic primary.
I hereby o: or myself as a cat
for the office of Sheriff of
County, subject to the ru'
Democratic party.
J. K
I hereby announce *
didat? for the office ot
Sumter County, subject t
governing Democratic prim.
W. H. Sa
Capt. G^o. C. Warren is
announced as a candidate for
flee of Sheriff of Sumter c?'tn
Ject to the rules of the i>en
I ___--???.?
j For Coroner.
I I hereaby announce that 1
candidate for the office of Cor
! Sumter County, subject to the
of the Democratic primary.
D. W. OW
For House of Representati
I am a candidate for re-elec
the House of Representatives
to the rules of the Democrat
R. B. BEL.
I hereby announce myself a
date for the House of Represet
from Sumter County, pledging
to abide by the result of the
cratic Primary.
~~. ? am
? r . . I >wight Is In reby
m? nsly nominated as a ^. adh
the Liouaa e* xv^pieseaiatives,
to the rules governing the F
We bespeak for him the sufl
his fellow countrymen.
The Wedgefleld Democratic
For Supervisor.
I hereby announce myself *
date for the office of Superv
Sumter County, subject to the
the Democratic Primary.
L. E. Wl
1 hereby announce myself
dldate for re-election to the
Supervisor of Sumter County,
to the rulea ?f the Democrat
P. M. I
For Clerk of Court.
1 hereby announce myself
date for re-election to the c
Clerk of Court for Sumter
subject to the rules of the
era Tie party.
t* I. PAR
The name of H. K* Scarbc
presented as a candidate for
Court for Sumter County in I
lug Democratic primary elec
I hereby announce myself
date for Clerk of Court of
county, subject to the actio?
Democratic primary.
For Solicitor.
1 announce myself a cand
the office of Solicitor for t
Judicial Circuit, subject to
Of the Dem? cratic Primary.
I hereby announce my sei
didate for re-election to the
Solicitor of the Third Judicla
subject to the rules of the De
For United States Senat
j ! hereby announce myself
date for the Cnlted States
subject to the roles ??f the De
party. Your support and
will be appreciated.
N. R.
Laurens, s. c.
i " ?????
Fur Congress,
T hereby announce myself ai
dldate for the nomination fo
gresa from the seventh Cong
al Dtstrti t ? r south Carolli
Ject to the rules of the Den
I a. r. LB

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