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4 tt ?te'jmuii ano ?ottfbrra.
fc>u r*xl ?t Use
Mr. Harry Bultman and stater, Miss
Louise, are visiting Capt Bruner's
family In Florence.
Mi. Held Ard spent last week In
Miss Kate Bradford, whu has been
visiting friends In Marlon, has re?
turned home.
Mr. Grimmer of Florence is visit?
ing Mr. Elliott Bradford.
Mr. Duane L Wannamaker has
gone to Sullvan's Island, where he
will spend a month.
Mr. J. C. Scott of Charleston was
In the city Tuesday.
Mr. K \l. Coo;>er of Wlsacky spent
Tuesday in town.
Mr. English, tie head of the Clem
son extension work In this State, was
In the city Tuesday conferring on
matters relative to the farming In
tares* ?ounty.
'aker of Blshopvllle was
? lay.
H Williams of Stateburg,
l ; the County Farmers' Un
.n the city Tuesday.
L, H. H. Darr c id children
gone to New Berlin, N. C, to
?nd the summer.
Miss Pattle Gage of Chestrr passed
through town Monday on her way
home after spending awhile at Wl?
sacky visiting the Misses Cooper.
Mise Mary Cooper of WUa-ky is
stopping In town for a few days with
Mrs. J A Mood. Mrs. Ash'.ey Mood
and children. Mrs. F*-uinand Levl
and Mre. Clarke have g me to Mur
rell's Inlet to spend aevetal weks.
Mr. and Mrs. 1>. W. Cuttino and
children have gone to Waynesville. N.
C. to spend some time.
Mr. Perry Moses. Jr.. went to Co?
lumbia Tuesday morning for the
Mrs, Wllena Eldrldge and children,
and Mrs. I.e?>n Cook have gone to
Niagara Falls. Canada, to &pend the
Mars t I-* * Tr ?? i n\ Ktronin
day >lo>rtiinv ? Boflsti on Nuomio?
The (. Uowlrm ca?es ^-r* r ied by
the Recorder Monday morning, some
of the offenders as will be seen being
up for numerous offenses and their
fines belna correspondingly heavy.
Robert Ktbjo, alias Robert Wright
?carrying concealed weapons, discharg?
ing firearms in the city limits, cursing,
disorderly conduct and vagrancy, was
found guilty on each charge and sen?
tenced to serve 30 days or pay a tine
of $30 on each charge, making a tc -
tal Of $140.00 or 140 days.
M A. Partln and J. C. Windham
were tried for disorderly conduct.
Partln was found guilty and sentenc?
ed to pay a fine of It'1 or serve 20
days and Windham was discharged.
Prtn .? Holsjiao. arr' lng concealed
weapons, dlschaglng firearms In the
city limits, cursing, disorderly ton
du- t, r-sistlng a-r M md assault and
l iit-rv w I.- it.urd guilty and sen?
tenced to p. y a tine of $30 or serve 30
days for each of the offenses, a total
of $180 or IS" d >\
Adam Wilson. riding Ueycle on
forbidden sidewalk and reckless rid?
ing, was given a sent* re e sj| $1,04 or
4 days and $3..r ?'. day" ..n the two
? h ?rge?, respei rlvely.
Wall o F.pp?*. p. tit i tr. en>. steal?
ing cross tl??s. was found guilty and a
sentence of $30 or davs was im
p ? 1
Harry Cantey. alias Harrison Can
tey to 011 % l I Of Ben ::? da> ^ for
Indecent exposure of person.
I .his Johnson, carrying 0OB?
tealed weapons, forfeited bond of $15
i BOO failure io appear for trial.
South i iirollita Crop Show. lmpro\
iii? ot of Four Point-.
B York. July 1. -? h SI III r. -
- of special rorreapondenti <>t ths
Join na I i.l i nmmen i and ?'ornmei
cla.1 Bulletin, hearing all average date
of Jur. |4t saahi the condition of eot?
t?>ii as It I not lent, oomsjorod Blth
IH.'J per ? -nt last month, or a rise of
4.4 points. Thl| SOSOOOrSf with l|,f
per OOBl ?' year ago at this time, and
80.2 per cent as the ten-year average.
ah Blot eg shared in the Improve
bjsosjI esci ot MBBoorli which declined
0.1 point. Important changes occur?
red In South Carolina, which ShOWl
S rise of I point-*. Alabama. I T
points; Louisiana I po'nts; T. MO,
4.7 points; Arkansas, points, and
Oklahoma. I?f OotOtS, while Qsorgla
iolvnne. il i.nl" e ?? point*.
Use Today.
Seize the present day. giving no
redlt to the 111OOflllg or.es Hor
Nnmlx r of Young People Spend
F\cuing in Armory Hull Knjoylng
the Dancing.
There were quite a number of
young folks in the Armory Mall
Tuesday evenig to enjoy the fourth
of the. series of dances to be given
during the summer by the Summer
I? uicing Club. Dancing continued
from nine to after twelve
The music was furnished by the
Sumter orchestra and was moat en
Joyalde as dance music. The recent
rains had cooled the atmosphere and
the hall was therefore not a3 warm as
it has been at other danced which
I have already been given .
Activity Throughout the South.
Manufacturers' Record.
Indicative of the spirit of develop?
ment throughout the South are two
letters from South Carolina, reaching
the Manufacturer s Kecord at about
the same hour. One is from Sumter, S.
On and in this Mr. A. V. Snell, Secy,
of the Chamber of Commerce, writes:
"Sumter is going ahead by leaps
and bounds, and 1 believe that any
impartial Investigator would bear
me out when 1 say that no city of the
old South for Its size is doing more
than sumter right now. It is having
a building boom. Two new hotels are
under way. one costing $100,000 and
one $50,000; two onice and bank
buildings, one to be seven stories, are
under construction, as are two new
churches, one to cost $40,000, and a
$75,000 gas plant Is being ins; tiled.
The S. W. R. R. Co., reported to be a
branch of the Seaboard, is being
graded Into Sumter from McP.ee.
where it connects with the Seaboard,
and from which point north but a
few miles will connect with Monroe
thence via Charlotte to IWstlc and
the Clinchfleld. From Sumter It is
Oeftatn to go routh to Charleston.
Glan? e at a map. and the impor?
tance of this extension is easily seen.
In Sumter on every hand smaller
buildings * nd dwellings are going up.
Seventeen stores are in course of con?
struction. The Southern Express Co.
is to have a new home. Recently a
new wholesale tlry-goods house has
been established with local capital.
This has been followed in the last few
days by *he Witherspoon Rros. Shoe
Manufacturing Co., with $35,000 cap?
, a Poulh I ? dins "?* rath r, w?*
t-l ?'?til'l en y ?> ty tor In id cOmes tr<>]i, I
I good eld Charleston, ' "t the ru-l
taking place around that city. Mr.
James .Allan of the Allan Jewelry Co..
wholesale jewelers, writes :
"There Is great development Just
now taking place In Charleston in
suburban property, and there will be
a demand for mechanics of all sorts
and building contractors. one hun?
dred and twenty-five lots have recent?
ly l?e?n sold In the Hampton Park
Terrace. Just opened up. and as soon
as the sewage and water pipes have
been completed houses will be built.
I have been elected president of two
other development companies which
own some large tracts of land In the
same section of Charleston, the Park
View Co. and the Riverside Park
Co.. and also a large tract, of land
outside of the city known as the
Manor Company. All of this property
win i.peneel an for development)
"Charleston is very much congest?
ed. Rentl are very hi^'h. and tperc
[has been a large Increase in land val?
ues within the last few months."
The spirit of homc*bulldlng ac?
tivity and the opening up of ?utbur
ban property around Charleston, the
general building activity of all kinds
in Sura tor, are but types of that wide
development Of every kind Which is
seen In every part of the South. One
of the most striking phases of South?
ern advancement is that activity ll
not confined to s few towns or titles,
but Ii about universal in the broad
region that stretches from the Po?
tomac to the Rio Grande. Itt this
widespread activity, covering every
phase of btietnesa, Of building opera?
tions, of road construction, of Im?
proved furmipf operation-, l the
aura and certain evidence of a broad*
? r and greater prosperity than tl e
Sent h has ? \ et known.
Ruh My-Thm wilt cure you.
Now I- h good time for all who
have not registered In the city or In
the count) to get their regiateratlon
certlflt it- - ah county certlfh atei
whiih were given out in 1908 or
sln< e that timc are good,
Rub-My-Tlsm will cure you.
There was none nl the *tir or
i rotn d iti ton ii Tue-,i iy for the sen i
toii.ii campaign which marked the
state campaign several weeks ago,
The noun crowd wan larger than
usual however.
I ,,r donee III will break any ease
of (hill and fevers it acts on the liver
better than Calomel, and does lot
gripe or sicken lie
?pond ? Most Enjoyable Tsne in Flor?
ence Whore They are Treated Roy?
Prom The Dolly item, July 3.
The Sumter Bowling team, wh'ch
represented the Came Cock City in
Florence at the bowling tourney last
night came hack this morning in high
spirits, having won the honor of the
occasion and been most royally treat?
ed by the people of Florence, with
whom they were associated on their
Those in the squad which went to
Florence were: Messrs. Darby White,
Hal Harby. Scott Rumph, Reginald'
Emanuel. Fraser Dick and Walter
Carr, who composed the team, and
Danny McKeiver. Jim Ard, B. F.
Creech and C. E. Lord, who stayed
on the boosters line.
The Sumter men wa?re net at the
station in automobiles, given supper
at the hotel and kept at the Y. M. C.
A. They were treated royally and
said many complimentary thing*
about Florence on their return this
morning. The Florence i?am means
to return the visit next Tuesday and
the Sumter boys are preparing to give
them as good a time as they enjoyed
In Florence.
Three games were bowled, Sumter
winning two of th*?m and also win?
ning the greater number of pins,
which was the object of the game.
The first game resulted: Sumter 853.
Florence 779, second game, Sumter
820. Florence 8 36; third game. Sum?
ter 789, Florence 788. Carr bowled
the highest individual score and
Darby White secured the hicrhest ave?
rage. Six men bowled on each team.
Seventy-Five BboIbOOI Men Including
Hand to <>o to Columbia Next
Tuesday?Special Train Ordered?
GrOBt Time Fxpected.
Sumter will be heard with no un?
certain voice at the tlrst meeting of
the business men of the State at Co?
lumbia next Tuesday. Seventy-five
men will make the trip and the Co?
lumbians and the business men from
all over the State will hear them com?
ing when Professor Schumacher's
band comes marching up the Colum?
bia streets with the Sumter delega
? b.n
? in Kumtei deles, a ? >? vill meetl
prompt!) . front of :'>> City Hall : t
1 ?:' 18 ... t m ?? h i the .*' >uth nn pas
[aenger d-jpot led V- the band, where
...ii uti\i- lot; special train tor
Columbia. At Columbia special street
cars will be provided. From the
Capitol they will march to the meet
Ins place and they are sure to let
Columbia know that they have ar?
rived. Mr. J. H Levy, Sr.. President
of the Retail Association is having a
special banner for the occasion. A
chantlcker costume Is needed. This
is a hint to the Sumter ladies. Res?
ervations are oelng made from all
over the State and each city .and
county will have -rood size delegations
at the meeting. Orangeburg plans to
go in thirty-five automobiles. Flor?
ence has chartered a special Pullman.
A large number of ?mailer towns in
the State lia\c re it'y organized
Chambers of Comm. .ce in order that
they may lend 90 organized delega?
tion to the meeting. The feature of
the meeting will be the big $1.00 din?
ner. The entire coat of the trip will
be $3.50 Whit a will include the cost
of the banquet. While the Southern
has given the committee a tlat rate of
(wo cents per mile based on the short
distance Of 41 miles, they have guar?
anteed a minimum of seventy-five and
are also paying the expenses of the
band and other incidental*. They
have, therefore, charged a rate of
$9.50 h,r thi* round trip. As the spec?
ial will leave Columbia for Sander af?
ter the banquet! all hotel bills will be
laved. Those who have igtned tip to
make the trip f aun Sumter are:
Eugene Poren? ?? E. 1. Reardon, A.
V. Snell. J. B, King. S. (Baker, M.
B, Randel w. P. Carr, R. i?. Lee, Jr.,
Luclan Ptrauss, s. a. Harvln, T, B,
Hlnson, Jr., W. B, Boyle, J. J, Tlnsley,
E, Boney, C. H. Parks, R. W. Dabbs,
R, B. Reiser, J. IT, Chandler, J.
Home, .1. li. Levy. Sr., R, w. Humph?
ries, w. T, Rowland, II. L Tlsdale,
?'. L. Btubbs, W. C. Wise. ii. V. Heid.
Ii. C. Cuttlno, B. F. Estrldge, E, D.
Wltherspoon, C, L, Cuttlno, J, H,
Grndy, J, W, McKnlght, H. n. Por
restt r, Wm, Dultmttn, H. L. Scarbo?
rough, ii. Q. inn. Perry Krasnoff, M,
Qordln, T. II. Ringham, B. F,
Cret eh, I". P. Finn, W. a. Thompson
s K Rowland. L Alpert, J. K Net?
tles, Harold McCoy, Turner White. R
s. ii.i .i. \v. Lawrence, i >. D. Mit
eh.mi. w. K. Dunne, R. K. Piier
Praser Dick, .J. K. Crosswell, a. Aver
bu. k. \\ . M. (Irnham, H, C. Wallace
lb.bt. Keels, .1. I'. ?!onp< r, I?. W
Brown. E. ft. Wactor.
Tb,- Jldth of June Is the end of th<
a ieal year for the auditor and th
county treasurer. These officials havi
been busy for icveral days making
out their papers for their annual set
I Enrollment Over 800 ? Value of
property G\er u Million and a
Quarter?Ninety-four Teachers and
Degree Courses:
Agriculture. Agriculture and
Chemistry. Agriculture and Ani
j mal Industry. Chemistry. Mechanical
and Electrical Engineering, Civil
Engineering, Textile Engineering, I
Architectural Engineering.
Short Course*:
One year course in Agriculture.
Two year course in Textiles. Eour
weeks Winter Course in Cotton Grad?
ing. Four weeks Winter Course for i
Cost per session of nine months
including all fees, heat, light, water,
board, laundry and the necessary
uniforms $13:;.50. Tuition $40.00 ad?
Th? College maintains 1G7 four
year Agricultural and Textile Schol?
arships and 51 one-year Agricultural
scholarships. Value of scholarships
$100 per session and free tuition.
(Students who have attended
Clemson College or any other col?
lege or university, are not eligible for
the scholarships unless there are no
other eligible applicants.)
Scholarship and Entranec Exami?
nations will be held at the County
Court House on July 12th, 9 A. M.
Next Session Opens
SEPTEMBER 11, 1912.
Write AT ONCE to W. M. Rtgga,
President, Clemson College, S. C,
for catalog, scholarship blanks, etc.
If you delay, you may be crowded
Dysentery is always serious and of?
ten a dangerous disease, but it can
i?e cured. Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has
cured it even when malignant and
epidemic. For sale by all dealers.
New York Cotton Market,
New York. July 3.
Open v Close
Jan _.11.55 ' 11.84
March.11.66 11.92
July.11.28 11.61
Oct.11.52 11.77
Dec.11.62 11.88
I Jver poo I Mark t,
Jiuy-Aug 040 ?89 656 *_
Aug-Sept 03 4 QoZl2
Sept-Oct / 64 5 hk I
Oct-Nov 628?27 640 V* I
Nov-Dec 686?84 638
Futures, 8 4t;?75.
Closed firm.
IsM-al Market.
Balls Middling. 11.75.
If you are a housewife you cannot
reasonably hope to be healthy OT
beautlfnl by washing dishes, sweep?
ing and doing housework all day.
und crawling into bed dead tired a.
night. You must get out into the
open air and sunlight. If you do
this every day and ke^j your stomach
and bowels In good order by takinr
Chamberlain's Tablets when need?
ed, you should become both health}'
and beautiful. For sale by all deal?
ers. _
i !? _n ? i ii i in -?rr i-T?i-j
WANTED?Men. women and stu?
dents to sell patented specialties, or
popular publications. Guaranteed
salary $1.75 per day. Addresi
Box 2:;. Boykln, s. c.
________________ , j
WANTED?You to know that I can
sell you Nitrate of Soda for
prompt shipment from any port.
Write or phone me for prices.
Phone No. !'.?. C. J. Dwyer.
LaVallleree, the jewelry fad Of the
season these dainty ornaments have
Strengthened their hold on the popu?
lar fancy, and deservedly so. The
slender golden chains and sparkling
pendants make a Charm finish to cos
turns of the previllng style. We have
a nice fresh stock of these in all the
different stones, gold head, necks,
lockets, belt pins and mesh bags, and
many other pieces of jewelry, that
Will make an ideal gift for graduate.
Our optical parlor is fitted up com?
plete; we do ail our own lense grind?
ing, Graduate optician in charge Let
us tit and adjusl your glasses.
YV. A. Thompson
Made by Seager Engine Works, Lansing, Mich.
Lorn Machinery, Feed Grind*
ers, Sawing Rigs, spray Rig*,
Ifleclllo Light and Water
Pumping Plants. Hoist*.
Cream Separators.
Include in Your Summer Plans a Trip to
the Beautiful
Isle of Palms
Every Accessory. Comfort and Amusement Belong?
ing to a Modern Seashore Resort.
See Historic Sullivan's Island?Restaurant, Hotels, Cot?
tages, Boarding Houses, Etc. Reduced R. R. Rates.
Consolidated Co. CHARLESTON
A Hobby
with some folks is saving money. It's so
easy to save a few dimes a week, and so
pleasant to have accumulated a fat bank
account at the end of the year.
is the best and safest way.
The Peonies' Bank.
The Firsft National Bank
After paying the regular semi-annual dividend of
four per cent, increased its Surplus to $100,000.00, thus
making its working Capital $200,000.00. in addition
to this, it has a comfortable Undivided Profits account.
With a Surplus equal to its Capital Stock, and an
Undivided Profits account to provide for any possible
loss, there is no institution in this section of the State
in which your money is safer, and none in a better fi?
nancial condition to take care of the requirements of
its patrons.
Is Saving Worth While ?
(2) Listen to others.
"If you want tu know whether you are destined to be a success
or a failure in life, you can easily find out. The test is simple and
it is infallible. Are you able to save money? If not. drop out.
You will lose. You may think not. but you will lose as sure as
as you live. The seed ci' success is not in yen.'"?James J. Hill.
(3) If you have the seed a savtngi account with us will help
It lo germinate and grow?Deposit? made until JULY 10th par
iicipate in next quarter'! interest.
The Bank of Sumter
An institution that wants your bank ac?
count?and on which you can always de?
pend. Established HX)5. Capital and
Surplus. $185.000.00. Assets. S750.000.00.
Growing stronger each day.

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