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JfLY 15.
Whoaw??r*er Nominee Selects For
Leader Will bo Chosen?Senator
Ttlhnan F.*i>res?*?>? IIojm ? of South
Seagirt. y 4.?Thirty-five
members mocratie national
commute i Oov. Wilson at
Seagirt t y came up from
Ralttmor %0 ? clal train and on
the way d of the aeleciton
of a *ea- ger for chairman
to run th \ campaign. When
they left hours later, after
friendly chata with the nominee, most
of them declared that any one whom
the governor might name would be
elected to the place.
As to who this tftU be, whether
William E. McCoomb*. Fred B .Lynch,
Robert s. Hudapeth or any one of
half a dosen others mentioned for
the place will have the preference of
v. Wilson, had not been decided
tonight. The governor will meet the
committee July 11 in Chicago, stop?
ping off en route probably at In?
dianapolis to take Oov. Marshall, his
running mate, with him.
There waa much diversity of opin?
ion on the way up from Baltimore
among the delegate* as to who should
be elected chairman. Mr. Lynch,
manager of the campaign of the late
Oov. Johnson of Minnesota .and Judge
Wado of Iowa were frequently men
Honed, It seemed to be the concen?
sus of opinion that a man who knows
the pirty leaders and the ?>?ai would
male? an Ideal leader .
Some of th* members of the na?
tional committee desired to meet in
New York Juiy 16. for organiiation.
but after conferring with Qov. Wll
fQp. and after a new canvass of the
committee. Chairman Mack announc?
ed tbat Chicago had been selected.
Thomas Taggart of Indiana suggested
that the meeting be hi Id at French
Lick, at his expense.
There was a great deal of surmise
at to <;..\ Wilson's choice for chair?
man. Mr Hutl-?peth. wh.. managed
the eastern end of the campaigns In
1904 and 190H. I? a close friend of
Oov. Wilsons and was frequency mm
.... I
??pttsonaTty I am in favor of Mr.
MeCornbs." Mr. Hud'pcth said. He
hag managed the governor's campaign
brilliantly *?o far. ind I see rc> r.a <>n
why he should not continue to do so.
It la a mistake. I think, to ftWOp
hon?, * In midstream."
A. Mitchell Palmer. : nother close
friend of the governor, who ha/ been
spoken of as chairman .also said Mr.
MrComb* In his preference.
"If the governor feels that I can
to any good In this respect. I will
put sr'de person i. Inclinations, how?
ever gt\?t the as -rttUe." said Mr. Me
Cosnfr*. who arrived late today from
? Norman C. Mack, the retiring
chairman, said that under no ctreonv
Stances would he entertain B thought
of taking the i Oov. Wilson*!
choice will prevail." he added.
Senator Tlllman, Wlllard Suulsbury
and John I. Martin .>l*o called on the
nominee. Senator Till man as he took
Mr*. Wilson's hand, natu1
"I am nur* von win be the next
tad> of th.> white House, i onfj ?le?
ttre to live long enough to ?et your
bushaod Inaugurated."
I If. all the assurances of support
which were \ deed :hr?u.gh the com
sattte* no n. and ill the runndont pre
eHetb \* of fU rtb n m >U .none pleas
ed tt. etn? t more than on* from
F.d* i ' Wood, of M lofclg m.
"I hove in my pocket," he told the
go\r: i telegram ?i'.'nrtl h> six of
the in ird? nt Bepnhlicnna of De>
trolt You cant Irnngtne what they
say "
"No. ' laughed lh? governor. "I
oan't nay whut."
"That they will vote fo r>ou."
Oov. Wilson unnourp.d th.it 'Olli?
Jamea. who * ig permanent elanlrsnna
?.f r Hou, v ould i awl him to
m<>r ( v. or <aturd?\ to arrange flu*
date and dataHl for bl< formal notltV
ration ,,f nomination
Oov .wihon v\.im high \ gratified ;?t
the st ad t ik. n >e^t. 'd V hy ?luv. Os
borne of Michigan with legard to p?|,
t SJgOt e|f and himself.
"This la very interesting, imbed."
Oov Wils?.ii Mal?!, after rending Oo.
Onh ni>" Matena nt, I fcSSt don I
kn?-* ahtt r., <?,.>? gbOttl M ?\ apt that
It Is most s'ariha ml. ?shnrne i- ?
ffi%r? of fOfOOl he km-v.s I own mind.
What ht- auld imil'iol me greatly.
pnftlenlnrly what he mid ibont me
?Hummer ? obis n. bard lo got
rid of and freCJtieuUy lead to fceth
ma. bronehltla. and hay feVOf Do
not l?*t your cold get a bold on yog,
but use Fol#?v's Honey and Taf Com*
pound for SjUlek relief. W. M. AI
|4?n. Chelaea. Wis.. says ' We prefer
Fogey's Honey ind Tar romponnd le
other cough medleluea k entso it
oiilcklv euren roughs and eolchv it
wii' ward off a cold if taken in
rime.' Contains r.plates SlherVs
f?r.iir stole
two score killed.
Pa??cngcr U Demolished by Bsnresi
at Coming, X. Y.
Corning. N. Y., July 4.?Westbound
Lackawanna passenger train No. I>
from New York due to arrive at Corn?
ing at 4.47 a. m.. composed of two
engine.*, a baggage car, three Full
mans and two day coaches, in the or?
der named, was demolished at Glb
?on, three miles east of Corning, at
5.25 o'clock this morning by express
train No. 11. due at Corning at 5.10
a. m. Forty-one persons were killed
and between 50 and 60 were injured.
Many of the victims were holiday ex?
cursionists bound to Niagara Falls,
who had boarded the train at points
along the line.
The wreck was the worst in the
history of the road. Its cause, accord?
ing to Engineer Schroeder of the ex?
press, was the failure to see signals
set against his train. The morning
was foggy and he said he could not
make them out.
The wrecked train stood on the
main track blocked by a crippled
freight train. There was no flag out.
according to engineer Schroeder,
The signals which he declared It was
too foggy to see, were just around a
curve. The flying express plunged
past them and crashed Into the rear
of No. 9. bringing death to nearly
two score of its passengers.
Fit einen Sern in? Moving Picture*.
Tiie news of the coming of the pic?
tures of the races which recently
came off at Kock Hill at the State
Firemen's Association meeting and
tournament will bo balled with delight
by many of the Sumter people who
??TS unable to see the races, but who
ar.- very much Interested in them.
The races of the two days, the p i
rade. the olfieers and otner features
will be seen at the Savoy Friday af
t-nioon and night.
'Goorge L. 1 lieble, ManUm. Mich.,
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and bladder trouble. He says: "I
lind for my cast- no other medicine
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SffOCt." They are a safe and
re.table mcdieine for kidney trouble
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ful drugs. Siberl's Drug store.
The Fourth of July t.atnc Thursday
was larger at this place thai it has
been for a number of years. All In?
coming und outgoing trains s/erc well
patroaHsd, Um specie] trains also did
a good business. '
?N. J. Gorham Cashier Bank of
WeodvfUa, Woodvllle, Oa., had ?
very severe attack! of kidney trouble
:ind the pains in his kidneys and
back were terrible. "I got a bottle
of Foley Kidney Pills from our drug?
gist and they entirely relieved me. 1
have more benefit from I he 01 than
any other medicine." Sibert's Drug
A photograph from Wilmington of
the nesjre n< m there for Lewis Little
who killed i mi Washington here sev?
eral weeks ago, w is received by the
Sheiiff the Aral part of the week
ami It wa< seen at once that he was
not the negro wanted lore. A tele?
gram was ?t ut at once ordering lus re?
? a. n. Neooa, farming near Ca?
? i i . m . \ . ' oil' ?! ippled w oh
sciatic rheumatism due he says to
uric aeid .. the Mood "I'olt y Kol
?a y piiis entirely cured toe . nd also
remorse' numoroui i-iae* specks that
wer continual 1) before toy eyes."
Foley Kidney Pil s ire a nrie acid
solvent and are effective for tin var?
ious form- of rheumatism* Mbert*i
I U Ig BtOl e
Tbjl rets as from the boxlni match
Thu sda) afternoon attracted quite
1. I ? f ? 11 * i BtloH both front the White
and ? ' !.-! !I people Of the town. all
s/hnw seemed much interested in
the ?'V? nt. although 'here was no
great demonstration ?t any time.
?An Increasing number of people
repon regularly of (he satisfactory
results from taking Foby Kidney
puis and commend their heallnii and
esjfntrre qualities, Pole) Ktdne)
Pills are carefully prepared med?
leine. guaranteed to contnln no harm*
fill ??! habll forming drug-. They
pan have ant) * beneficial efleei
erhell used for kidney ami bladder
troubles, for backache, rheumatism,
. ill bach ? r lumbago, Ulbert**
DfUg Store.
Quit* number of Suml? r people
w ni nul t. Providence Thursday to
ipend lh< Koui Iht ot her* w eal to
!? rll gt n i ihe i ?g crowd ol t he
da] mm! ? hing was at Pocallu. it
w ii estimated that more than two
Ihousaad pct?i?|< visited Ihal place
i1 i hi i t:., rlay.
Ill these d > - of Mill ros( of liv?
ing, i me,|b im t bat .'' ts a mH n up
oi.t of bed "id able to work in a few
days Is a vali ibis and welcome rem?
ed>. John Heath Michigan Bar,
? i ol u Idne! md bladder lrou?
i Ii v .is t onllnt i his 1 ed. unable
to lorn without help ' commenced
using l'olej, Kid?:'-, Pills nil can
truly say I w a% ? e < v? d ; ? on< P."
11i-t exni i- a'orth follow it .. s,
I bel ts Drtm t ft,
Meases, C. \v. smith and Peter H.
Mellette Hun Down n Prisoner
in a close and exciting race between
fenstablc Peter H, Mellette, Mr. c. W.
Smith and s negro. Bimoon Johnson.
the former captured the latter after
almost a half of an hour of very
strenuous exercise.
Simeon had been wanted by Judge
Weils to answer to oertaln charges in
his court fOr seme time and he was
arrested Wednesday evening as he
started down street. He was taken
in the buggy in which' Mr. Smith and
Constable Mellette had gone for him
in and taken on toward the jail.
However, Johnson was not ready to
spend the night in the jail, and just
before he got there he made a leap
for liberty and after rolling over in
the dirt a number of times started
out at a fast clip for some other town.
Mr. Smith whipped up his horse and
started out after him and Mr. Mellette
started out on foot. The race was
close and exciting, covering several
blocks of Sumter, Washington. Canal.
Hampton avenue and other streets,
besides a number of back lots, at each
of which places the runaway was
headed off. The chase drew to a ( lose
on the school green when Mr. Mel?
lette, who had been left far behind
and who was comparatively fresh,
came upon the negro as he doubled
on his course and started hack up
Hampton avenue, and caught up with
him as he was going past the monu?
As a result of his capture. Simeon
was forced to sleep in the jail lor the
night despite his efforts not to do so.
Hoard Discussed Matter of Erecting
Outhouse for Prisoners Having Dis?
At the regular meeting of the '
county board of commissioners held
Tuesday, the only matters attended
to were the passing on of a number
of bills and a discussion of the beat
method of protecting prisoners free
from disease from those who were in?
fected with Contagious or infectious
Th* matter was discussed for some
time ind was finally referred to the
Grand Jury tor recommendation.
Tho board deem d the best method
of dealing with the problem was to
put up some kind of outhouse in the
tail yard and have one of th*- iron
OagCS in it for those prisoners which
were troubled with contagious or in
fe< lioUfl diseases.
five Others Knocked UllCOItSeiOUS by
Same Shook at State Parin.
It was learned here Friday ..hat dur?
ing a thunder storm Monday after?
noon, one negro was killed hy a
strnk of lightning and live others
wore knocked unconscious and r -
malned In that condition for several
houra, The disaster tOOk place at the
State Farm near Hagood and all of
the persons concerned were negro
The storm came up when the ne?
gro.- were down In the lower part of
the farm near the swamp, and it was
in re that the lightning did its deadly
work, Th.? Hve negroes who were
stunned in m< l ack to consciousness
after several hours, but it was thought 1
for a while that they bad also been
For soreness of the muscle. .
whether Induced by violent exercise
or injury, there is nothing better
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Marriage License Record.
Two marriage licenses were record?
ed Wednesday one to s colored and
one to ;i white couple. Mr. Samuel
Morgan Matthews and M sh Nettle
Margaret Oliver of Humter, and Har?
rison Hudlen and Louisa Robertson
of Kumtcr,
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almost certain to be needed before
the summer Is over. Buy it now end
he prepared for such an i*mergeni y.
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Messrs. s m. MrLeod. Oeo, L. I link?
er, J. Ii. McCallum and Bernard Man?
ning left here Thursday Rfternoon '.ot
Charleston to nth nd the state Bank?
er's Association meeting on the Isle ol
pulms, and iftcrwards to go on the
trip of the bankers to Nek York. ' Ubers
fron, lute who will go on the trip art
Messrs, <v.ii if. Wilson. Jamie Cut
lim? and Misses Sadie Sen> and Rdith
Bvn us.
In*eci Wte Coat* Log,
\ Boston man lost his leg from th
bite of an inseel two years before,
To avert sieh calamities from stinu
and bites of Insects use Bucklen't
amien Halve promptly to kill tht
poison and prevent Inflamutlon
swelling and puln. Heali burns
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bruises, Only 8fi cents at Albert's
I M ug Store.
New Line Put in l^mmlttftion Tuoduy
ami Holes Doing Stopped,
The repairs of the sewer line on
Salem avenue are rapidly nearlag
completion. The new line or by-pass,
was put in Commission Tuesday of
this week and has been giving good
service. Today the men were em?
ployed in (losing up the old line
where it empties into the new line,
SO that as much Of the ground Wa?
ter as possible can bs gotten rid of.
The men were busy tilling in the
excavation where ail connections had
been made and the man-holes and
other work completed.
_r_ i
Young Ladles and Young Men Stand
Examinations for Winthrop College
and College of Charleston.
There were six applicants to stand
the examinations for the scholarship '
at Winthrop College and three for the
scholarship to the College of Charles- '
ton. The six young ladies and the j
three young men were kept very busy
all the morning writing out answers
to the examination questions and
some of them seemeo to be having a
hard time of |t,
The Winthrop College examination
was held in the auditor's office and
the ?>ne for the College of Charleston j
in the office of the judge of probate. I
Dysentery |i always serious and of?
ten a dangerous disease, but it can
be cured. Chamberlain's Colic.
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cured it even when malignant and
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Homo Boys Win Best Two Out of
Three (.allies From Pincwood.
The Sumter boys by beating their
opponents Wednesday afternoon, won
the best two out of three games with
the Plnewood baseball team. The
first game went to Pine wood, the
second and third went to Sumter.
The game Wednesday was featured
by a home run of Tennant's, off ot
errors, for the visitors. There was
hee y slugging ail through the game,
tile pitcher's honors Ix-ing a little in
favor of Haynswerth .
The batteries were: Sumter.
ITaynsworth and ilogon; PlneWOOtt,
Plowden and James. Score: Sumter.
f>: Plnewood, 2.
During the summer months sooth?
ers el young children should watch
for any unnatural looseness of the
bowels, When given prompt atten?
tion at this time, serious trouble may?
be avoided. Chamberh'4n 3 Colic.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Re riedy can
always be depended upon. t'or sale
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Toubjv Delayed, by Washout.
A small washout on the A. C. 1^
road half a mile on this Side of Os
wego delaye<l Thursday afternoon's
train tor ever an hour. At the end
of that time the damage was repaired
and the train was able to go on its
regulau run.
In the morning the train was de?
layed by the big erowd going to Dar?
lington and ? Cher Fourth of July
I traffic.
It you are a houvewife you cannot
reasonably hope to be healthy or
beautiful by washing dishee, sweep?
ing and doing housework all day.
and crawling into bod dead tired at
night. Von must get out into the
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Chamberlain's Tablets when need?
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should Convince the Oreatcal skeptic
in sumter.
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ter eitlsen.
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c. 11. James, 8(M Council Btreet,
Sumter. s. C? says: "l bad kidney
trouble and the kidney sei rations
caused me much annoyance by pass?
ing too frequently. Backaches and
sharp pains across my loins kepi me
in misery and l could not rt ?I wed.
in the morning when 1 got up. my
back was 30 lame and SOTS that 1
could hardly straighten and if I
arose quickly after si'.ring. sharp
iwlnges darted through me. A frlond
told me sboul Doan's Kidney Pills
und deelding to given Ihem a trial, I
got a box at China's lung St--re.
Their use as dlrecti d entirely re?
moved my trouble and since then my
kidneys have been normal. 1 con?
sider Doan's Kidney Pills a most ex?
cellent medicine for the back and
kidneys." (Statement given March
17. 1908.)
\ l slat ii *g Effect.
When Mr, .bun >s was Inten lew ed
on January 9, 1911, he said: "l will?
ingly confirm my former endorse
no tit of Doan's Kidney Pills, for
they made a permanent euro in my
case. Von are welcome to continue
iho publli atioa of my statement."
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rents. Poster? M llburn Co., Ruifalo,
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Iti member the ' nanu I>o in
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with some folks is saving money. It's so
easy to save a few dimes a week, and so
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The Peoples' Bank.
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Undivided Profks account to provide for any possible
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its patrons.
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T-T'iir ein*.-*) Ri,'e L' our? 2 St,tttT- BrAr'
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>???? ?>)? ?? tow smiftd
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Hefen Cl:e?s"t.'./ectric:illy l.ixhtvd Train Between
Southern Railway
In connecting with V N. O. nmi T. P. Palway Oonslatlng of Oova*
blned Ravgsge snd t?aioKlug <':n. l-'lrst < Ism* reach. Pullman Drawing
Etnom Sleeping Car. Pullman Observation Sleeping ?'-ar :uut Dining car
:h>iwi betwees Charleston and tHncinnh'd on ,the Hollowing convent!
icu\ schedules
I \ Charleston.'?.?0 AM I \ Cincinnati. fcJU? PM
l.v Sunnuerville .Ml AM l.v Ashrville .\% IS AM
l.v Oraiufi burif.11.17 am Al Spartanhurg 144 pm
I.v Columbia .I .Si PM ArCotumbis. . I.J8 PM
I v Sparenburg.. 4.1?? I'M ArOransebura .?.IS PM
ArAthsvtUe .7.JS PM ArSumsservilTs .KNPM
Ar Cincinnati.MsAM Ar Charleston .... .8.4* PM
Connecting at Cincinnati with through trains for Chicago, Clere
laad, Detroit, Seattle, St-. Louis. Kansas iPlty. Itauvrr, >an Eranclsco,
and Points Weal snd Northwest,
For fartbur Inforaistloa Southern Kail war fleket Ossce.
V. P. ami t;. ML p. T. M. <;. 1*. \
W. K MofiEE, W. If. i'AFFEY, b. IL Md.l \\
A. Q. T. A. 1) 1?. A I?. I?. \.
(oludmia S. C. I linrlc ion S. V, C'oliinthla, S <

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