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e ???? imI at ihn l''*(>>(h< e at ?oiuiter, S
tL a* Nioml Cla** Matter.
Mian Ethel Jon??* returned Monday |
to h?r home In Newherry after
?pending several ?????? ;? with her s'.s
ter. Mm J. t\ Pro^don.
Mrs. W T. I5r..gd< r ????' Miss Kate
Brogdcn left for TanIgg Tuesday
Mn. Theodore Scarborough and
children are visiting relatives at
Miss Eunice Hurkett of Sumter, re?
turned t.? her home yesterday, after
a visit to friends here.?Hartsvllle
Messer ger.
Mr. Alex l>lck has returned from a
visit to relatives at Sumter,?Harts?
vllle Messenger.
MIim Lula Clark, of Sumter. Is the
attractive fruest of Miss Cohen for the
week.?Chsrleston Post.
Her many friends will he glad to
know that Mm. Witherspoon. of
Florence, the daughter of Mr. D.
James Wlnn of this city, who was
brought to the Sumter Hospital sev?
eral dsys ago for medical treatment
Is getting on nicely.
Miss Martha Brinkley has returned
to the city after spending a month In
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. MUlard. who
have been spending a few days in
Sumter with Miss Pate, on East Lib?
erty street, have returned to their
home in Charlotte.
Mr. George Bultman !? attending
business school in New York city.
B. Krank Kelley, Esq.. of Bishop
ville passed through town Tuesday
morning on his way to Columbia.
Mr. 8. W. Colerlder has returned to
the city after spending a while with
relatives In Washington. D. C.
Miss Florence Shaw left Tuesday
morning for Greenville where she will
enter the Ore?*nvllle Female College.
Mra Gentry and Miss Annie Gentry,
?of Summerton, passed through the city
on their way to Gre?\nville. where Miss
Gentry will enter Greenville Female
< ollege.
Messrs. Willie l'.rooks Stuckes snd
John Lucius left Tuesday morning
for WcfTord College at Spartunburg.
Mr. Herbert Bultman returned to
Newberry College at N? .v berry Tues?
I ddock, of Charleston,
e time with Mrs. Nel
imes. g| st. Matthews,
is in the city on business.
Mr Allen Richardson und Mr.
James Shaw left Tuesday morning
for l urman Cniverr.lty, Greenville, 8.
Miv* Marguerite Parker, of Dalasll.
pa-*?d ghrough tuun Tu?sda> morn
ing on her way to Lander College at
Gre*?tiu ond.
Mr L. M. Jackson has return* d
fr?.in a trip |g Cincinnati and other
points of ir
Mr Wilson Spann b-ft Tuesday
morning f?r ch ?r!??1n \vh? r?- he will
attend the Cltad- I during tho coin?
ing college h. ssb? i.
Mr K W. Habbs. Jr.. first ssrgsjgpg
of on?- of the recruit companies at
th? | d. i. I? ft Tu? ^d.iy .if t. rno.m
to return to th.it Institution.
M M Maunn? 1*1001 |gf| Tgggggy
morning to attend Si tool in And?'r<i?n
during the ensuing school session.
Mfs. It. c Hatched and daughter j
have gon?? to Columbia to visit rela?
Mm. B.iiph Hill has gone to Enst
o\?-r t.? % sit rasasrvas fat ? few a dys.
Mr. J. P.. Mclaughlin, of DletlOg
\llb-. passed through town Tuesday
morning on his way to Columbia.
Mr h k pgssgpgsi b ft Wedaee*
<lay morning for Furman Cnlverslty.
Mr. Alfred f>?I.orme left Wednes
da> Homing on his return t?? Atlanta
to pgggggg bin studies at tbr QsoTgtS
sjrhoot of Technology.
Mrs. I?. W. Williams ?.f Am?n? as
<Ja Is \ .sniiiK' ISSSlhrSS In the city.
Mr II. J. M< Liurln. Jr.. has gogs
t<? H. t Springs. Arkansas to stay SggJIS
\lr< W VI Thomas, nee Mi^ stalls
\l ? r. ). n r. ' irn.-d fr??rn Fl?>r
Id i :?? the city with h?-r tw?? (laugh?
ters. Tag k?ltet ggltl as put t?> a hool
it th?- St Joseph's A? a'lemy.
Mr. H nr\ ]. lb IVOS w.nt to C
hssaMs Wed as gas aiot glgg t?? enter
the Columbia Theologteal gemlaary.
la.i?f a' i ahesj, of Ploreneoi
st vssttlag Pslatrvss m Ihs ? Ij
Mls?. Lsjttli l'? l.??rm? luff WsdnSS?
da. SSarglgg fof Colon i.la. iff?r i
ygsg la to r MStSSff in tins ?it\.
Mi- ?; ?> i'. Rpp< rsofi \%? fit to I'??
hisahls Wedw daj morglgg, i ivlns
|.? ??:? ? i|b ?l lb? re ?n ?.mt of ttlS
s|< V fe N ?-f gel d lughtt r .t th pi I ?
yr. gsussgel I???%%?!i. a formal reui?
d-nl ? f this elty, b it n??w g rvin ; ; 1
, n ? ? hatii'1 in th" i ?. I A i I P- i <.
agsi agog at gtatea I land, is in lli<
i.\ f-" the first time in seven ? ??-?
on a vlstt to his parents here. Mr.
V< well has served out one term of en?
listment und Is now nerving the sec
Og 1 term. He will be In the city for
several weeks of his two months fur?
M s. K. F. McLellan and children,
accompanied by her mother, Mrs.
Henry ll Gregorlo returned to Sum
t' r aftt r spending a delightful sum?
mer North. OtM of thi pleasant
? v. nts of the visit WM the reunion of
all of Mm Qrtfjortt'l children and
|f imli hihlrcn.
Policeman 1>. Gallagher is serious!}
11? at his home on Kast Liberty street.
His many friends are sorry to bear of
his illness and wish him n speedy ft
ooi try,
Mr. K. M. Cooper, of Wisacky. spent I
Thursday In the city. |
Col. W. JX Scarborough, of Dalzell,
waj a visitor to the city Thursday
Mr. J. K. Rom bort and daughters
of Rembert, spent Wednesday In the
Mr E. A. BrOWdtr has returned to
the city as operator at the Postal Tel?
egraph Company s office, taking the
place which he vacated several months
ago. and which has been tilled by Mr.
I* & Brown, who left here Saturday
to retire from tin telegraph business
to take up farming In Anderson coun?
ty. Mr. Sholar, of Columbia, has been
filling the position during the absence
of a regulur operator.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Tisdale, Jr., of
Monroe, Ga., are visiting relatives in
the city and the county, having come
on here to wind un their wedding trip
with a visit to Mr. Tlsdale's relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Tisdale were married
at Louisville, Ga. about two weeks
ago. and will return to that place In
a few days. Mr. Tisdale is a former
refident of this city and Mrs Tisdale,
who was Miss Leona Anderson before
her marriage, is a former resident of
Mayesvllle, but has been living in
Georgia for about two years
Messrs. Kugene Cuttino and C. C.
Hammond, of Wedgefteld have gone
to Charleston to resume their duties
at the Citadel.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Scarborough
have gone to Buffalo Springs to spend
some time
Mrs Francis llultman has returned
to the city from Hendersonville.
where she has been spending the
Mrs. M. S. Chase left Wednesday
? ?\enlng for a stay In Florence.
Miss Elizabeth Brunsen has return?
ed home after a visit to relatives in
the city.
Miss Moselle Alderman returned
home Thursday morning after stay?
ing several days In the city.
Miss Maude Chandler, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. U. W.
Humphries on Church street, left
Thursday morning for her home at
Mr. Eugene Myers returned to Co
lumhla Thursday morning after a
visit to relatives in the city.
Mrs. T. G. Harbor! ami children
returned to Colombia Thursday
.ruing after a visit to Mrs. Herbert's
mother, Mrs. M. J. Hill, on Church
? treet.
MeOara John A. Lewis and Frank
Koalfleld left Tuesday f?r a Week'l
I'lOtt St Tampa. I "la.
Mr. ai d Mrs. YV. 1. Ilarby ha\e t. -
ned le the city fron Caps Vincent,
\. a York.
Marriage of Internal to Banter Feopln
Took Place in Savannah.
a wedding of eapeclal Interest to
many Bumter people to??k place in
Savannah Wednesday at noon when
Clyde i mRan! <-f that place, tha
daughter of Mr .ami Mrs. J. Walter
DuHant, was married to i?r. Bdgar
p. DuRant of this city.
The COUple left Savannah imme?
diately after the marriage ceremony
? i pel formt d for Burnt* r, coming
by way oi Columbia and arriv ing here
Thursday no-ruing.
Mrs. DuRant was f??r several years
i reunion! ??f this city and hni many
rrlendf here who will be glnd to w?l?
come her bach to the city, Dr, DuRant
is a well gftowg dentist Of the c.t.v
and an rnergetl< young man. Phe
voung eoupla have tin- beet wishes! of
their many frlendl Who x\ i 11 be glud
t" welcome them into Bumter society,
I uncial of Mm, M M. Willefoid.
Th< funeral \\ u held lo re Wed*
m idsy "f ilia remains ?>f Mrs. m. >\.
Wllleford, Mrs. Wllleford died in
Florida Kunda) morning; she was a
! oi mer ??. id< n! "f Humter. The
funeral proci i ion mov< rt from "??
train direct the cemetery, where
the services were held the grave,
i ?onmo~i<M,. t <a | '??? ti-ai.
Tin- following eointnlHslonern <>f
election for Hunifei county hnvc been
Htate- II.
i in Marlon I torn
er Din
Hoys to Go on scouting Trip to
White's Mill. Saturday, September
Th?- weather Is fins now, and ^tui
warm enough to go in iwimming, so
th?? boyi are planning to go to White's
mill next Saturday. September 21st.
Thll will be an all-day hik?-. and the
boys will walk as usual, They will
carry along lunch, cameras, tlahlng !
tackle, halls and mits, etc.
a camera club will be organised.
and it Is hoped that a large number
o| the hoys will take a special Inter*
est in this branch of the scouting ac?
tivity. There is nothing more excit?
ing than stalking a bird, rabbit, or
.snake to tako his picture. Special in?
structors have bee n interested to help
the boys in the art of picture making.
They ask that you bring along your
camera whether large or s nail, and
at least one Mm.
Mr. C. a. Wltherspoon, Assistant
secretary of the V. M. C. A, will be
in charge, and he assures the boy.s
of i most enjoyable time ah the boys
in town, twelve years did and over,
are Invlt d to go, and to take part in
the day's activities.
I'llll.l.ll's CASE POSTPONED,
Mr. Phillips' Attorney Not Present
liaise* Objection to Jury.
The Phillips case which was to have
been heard Wednesday morning be?
fore Judge of Probate T. E Itichard
son was postponed on account of the
fact that Mr. Phillips' attorney, the
Hon. M. L. Smith of L'amden who is
now engaged in a murder case in Dar?
lington, could not be present.
The counsel for the railroad Wanted
the case to go to trial, ut would not
preai the trial Wednesday because of
the absence of Mr. Smith. Mr. Phil?
lips also raised objections to the try?
ing of the case before the jury which
had been selected as there were citi?
zens of the city of Sumter on it and
thfse he regarded as parties directly
Interested in the railroad.
No date was set for the hearing of
the case, but a time will be set by
Judge Richardson as soon as the at?
torneys for the two sides agree.
The Day of Atonement.
The Day of Atonement, Yom Kip
pur, the holiest day in the Jewish
calendar falls this year on the 21st
day of September. The Hebrew date
is the 10th of Tishri. The festival is
ordained in Leviticus XVI 29-34 and
XXIII 26-82. In both passages it Is
Styled "A Sabbath of Solemn Rest."
The purpose Of the Day of Atone
no nt is clearly indicated by its name.
It is intended to complete and crown
the work Of the penitential season,
begun on the first of Tishri (New
Year), by Anally reconciling the soul
with the Almighty. Implicitly trusting
in the Divine forgiveness, the Israel?
ite believes that bis contrition, if it
be really sincere, will atone for him.
will make him "at one" once more
with his Heavenly Father. The day,
then, Is devoted to a supreme effort to
penitence, to a mighty endeavor after
communion with the Almighty. It is
spent in prayer and meditation,
it is kept, too, us a fast, in obedb n
to the command given In ? ach of the
two passages above cited where the
expression "afflict his sou " must be
understood, as it is throughout the*
Bible, IIS synonymous with fasting.
The chief, the real aln of the i?a>
of Atonement is the reformed Iii?'.
au the external elements of the day's
observance?its worship and auster?
ities?ars Intended to promote this
hi preme purpose. They cannot do
duty for it. The acl i f fasting is
partly to serve ai a self-imposed
chastisement, and partly it has q iv
fh'x Influence. For hunger and weak?
ness t?-li upon the conscience; they
mortify pride, break down obstinacy,
cast men down before God in humility
and contrition, Bui fasting does even
II oro than that. Taking the worship
per away from such carnal ocupa
Moni eating and drinking, it helps
t?. ti\ his thoughts upon the needs of
the soui. it makes th? d.ty one of
physical abstinence and self denial,
but also of correspondingly Increased
Peal Batate Transfers,
The following transfers of peal es?
tate have been lefl at the auditor's
Office this Week :
Frank M. spann to J. L McCallum,
lot <>n corner of Calhoun street am
llaiby avenue, $2,200,
J, M. II irby to Willi? May Folio)
ha on Hampton aven le, 7.
\v. M Graham to James II Scar
bort itfih. I "? I - 3 acres, par! withli
snd par! without the eltj limits, |2,
Man lag. i i. i Ii-?? Itccord.
Piddle I 'oopei and Eugonln With, t
license to mnrrj Wednesday,
Tbi laying of the ga n iln no
jiroci eding <>n ?'hurch sti ? ?? i betwo?
i lay nsa orth and I lr< ?ad it recta
Thirty-Six-Year-Old Suit May be 1>1>
Blli-ftcd for Lack of Jurisdiction.
Washington, Sept. 18.?The
thirty-six-year-old law suit of George
Harrington and Thomas A. Edison,
against the Atlantic and Pacific Tele?
graph Company and Jay Gould, over
telegraph patents, may be dismissed
by the United States Supreme Court
without a hearing. Attorneys for the
corporation and the Goulds today
(tied a request f??r its dismissal "be
cause of lack of jurisdiction." All
the individual parties to the suit, with
the exception of Mr. Kdison, have
been dead twenty years.
Some of the Richmond bootteri re?
marked on the cleanliness of Bum*
tor's paved street. Would it not be ;i
good idea to keep that street clean at
all times and not only on special oc
caslons ?
New York Cotton Murket.
New York. S.-pt. b.
Open Close*.
January.. .. 11.65?06
March. 11.69?71
May. 11.17?78
October. . . .11.40 11.: 1?32
December. U.M.?57
Mr. J. It. IfcCelltim is having
erected an eight room residence on
the corner of CelhotlO street and
i larby avenue.
Yes, and that means New
Rugs, New Mattings, and
Very Many Other New
Things too Numerous to
Mention. At present we
are only interested in hav?
ing a little chat with you
on the subject of Rugs.
THE day of the Carpet is past, and 'tis well, for
they are expensive to buy. troublesome to
have made, and our medical friends say they
are unhealthy as they breed germs, whereas with a
Rug it is entirely different. You know the size of
the room, and all you have to do is buy a Rug to fit
it. and when you want to clean the room take up the
Rug and throw it on the back porch or somewhere
else to get a sun bath while you are dusting the fur?
niture, no chance for germs to get a foothold.
You might think we were exaggerating were we
to tell you that we have the best line of Rugs we
ever carried, but we believe you will agree with us
when you look over the stock. To begin with we have
SIZE 27 x 54.
the same as we have sold
many a time ami others as
well at $2.50 eactl that we
bought at a price that en?
able* m t?? lot you have
I Item
at $1 69
Se the display in our itlOW
window, a beautiful assort*
inont of patterns, Then we
have the Axtitlnster in a
swell line ot* patterns, sizes
9 x 12 at
$18 and $20
If yon Mailt a l>ettor rug
than the Avministor let u<
&cll }ou a Bigelaw, they are
said to wear better than
any thing for the price, and
the patterns are beautiful.
mostly tin1 Persian cfTtvts.
Prices up to
Please bear in mind that we
handle everything in the
door covering Una, our st<?ck
of matting being particular!!
at 25c to 35c
the yard
IN this department also will be found a splendid
line of Floor Oil Cloths, from the narrowest to
the widest width.
Before buying your Fall and Winter Floor Cover?
ing take a look through this department, and if we
tail to sell you, he who does will not profit much by
the tran aelion.

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