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2Wi xl M | Kit III MNK.xs MIN
M MM ii to 1H \iv Um l\\
M MTKH H\\l>.
gpre< in ? Made r > Mnuir .leaning" of
M?mi?r, Mu)?>r Aaiiedie of Rich
nmml, President Raker oi the mihi
irr 4 I u* iii bor of t ontmerce, William
Hahr?), SriTrtnr> of the Richmond
t Iimi iber of I'ainmrrcr and Shti1
tarj V V. Sih'II at t ouri House?
I hou-umU of Nouteiiir*. RUt rihut
Suint. i" .lid herself proud Tuesday
when 200 business men marched 10
UM ah into ?feast Um dt i ?I at 4
P. M. to mivi th. Richmond BOQStsri
who I mi.' in ..n ? opeoial train. Th*
? SjttSg had I een arranged hy a
special commr.t?. Mr. Herbert
Moses was marshal of the day. As
always. Sumter did her -elf proud and
Incidentally Secured a lot <>f valuable
advertising. The Ki hmoiul patty was
thoroughly pleased with the reception
accorded ov Sumter. which was c??n
aldered one of the very best they had
received thus far.
A special committee from the
< .Amber of Commer? e. consisting of
D. It NbCalium. H O. Osteen. A. V.
Snell, M. II. Flaum and W. J. Archer
met the Richmond train at Darling?
ton. Here a committee from the Dar?
lington <'hamber of Commerce escort?
ed the Hooaters up town to the Com?
mercial Club where refreshments
were served. From Darlington the
specta train went to Florence. A
committee of fifty business men were
at the station and the reception was a
very cordial one. Every member of
t*e p .rty including the Sumter com
IgHsSl received a white badge which
the Florence business men pinned on
the coats of the Boosters. The Joke
was on Florence, however, for the
Sumter committee had alieady gone
through the train and plnntd a Sum?
ter booster button on e\ery Richmond
man. They had also *><?nied out the
8umter Fc. ler. and the Florence
Boosters were amased to find that
Sumter had again won first blood.
Fh.renec took It all in good part and
their reception of the Sumter party
was Just as cordial as that of Rich?
mond. In fact. In the march through
the Florence streets, th* Florence and
Su ggsr men marched together. A
special feature at Florence was a re?
ception by the ladles who served
punch to the thirsty marchers. The
'?tee admitted after
? that Sumter would
to beat out the Flor
nd It was Joy to their
y came into the Sum?
ter depot to hear the Sumter band
and to tlnd that Sumter had turned
? >ut with the lar*. t crowd that they
had yet seen. It was the only place
along the entire line that the Rich?
mond Roosters had been greeted by
??nd Sumter should certainly
be proud of its band.
The march up Main stret was also
greeted by more people gg the street!
than in either Darlington or Florence.
8e\cral of the Richmond party re?
marked upon th if.in.'
the Bum' -1 streets tod agon the n
buildings that were going up. Just
bef.-re reaching the court house the
Sumter business men who were had?
ing tt ? pal ule parted Ig two columns
and the Richmond Roosters, |ed by
their Musd anarchll between them.
At the court hou^e Mayor Jennings
made a short speech of welcome
which w.n resp.-nded to by Mayor
Alnslle of Richmond. President I
C. Raker of the Sumter Chamber of
Commerce. William Dat.toy, Secretary
of the Ru hmond Chamber of Com
r meree and Secretar> Snell also made
short ?|ierches. Roth on the march
up toWn and 08 tfcoly return, the
Klcmond boosters distributed hun?
dreds of souvenir- to the crowds on
the ?Idewalks.
Ith bmoiitl IV.H.-I. I- hi ( iliiinhia.
Thi State.
The Richmond Boosters? i bodged
ib leg ition ..f ibout I representa?
tive Inmii ti a n eu of th. < >hl Domin?
ion city, loaded i.\ a braas bund. In?
vaded CetosafetJ last evening for the
? a\ow> ri psjrpssn of sdrertlslng their
home kadostrtea 'olumbla, throngs,
what egpsofi t?. have bees ? mlsun*
rierstandlng. ?It*l got gttfS the visitor*
the royal welcome that they should
have re?ekverd. .-ut gaVS them, never?
theless, a saost b. >n. md sordini last
I mo. I ? ? fOt eptmn.
Th- pirn arrived <t the union Sis
Hag in th. r ago trots of >d\ Poll?
mans and a hiKtrauc ( )r about ? 1
o'clock yeaterdat afternoon. Trolleys
were t^ken from t>,. ,p got Is th.- cor?
ner of Main md Qervals itreets; and
\ from this point th. party marched
tbroo.-o Miin -".I |e I he poatofiVe,
headed bv th.- hnnd uniformed in
l i Old W bite.
in Mm gesnntlsjM s. ? reiarj M imi j
of the sham he f "I commerce, R J,
Watson, stat.- en,mi ilonei of igrl
sort sire, and other fottimbta cltlsen*
f bustled nroond foi ih< purpose ? f n
rangirig a w? 1< b.r th.
and Speeches of ? I 1- nttlf and r- Spoil
Were made .? ? ? k in t he li ran
of th?? state house, Commlsslonei
W it-ooi pre d< d and in tri dll I I ih<
nOCTEO W Dl vntoviNt;
siiiuinar> of Clutrge of Selling Otlhv
MooV PuMie?Denied gj Alleged
Ken Tork, >? pt. it.?Ths "John
i1 ? Inojury by Juetict <J??rt' to ascer
lain if ihon haj bean ?uppreaalon of
any docttmenlary svldence found In
Ihe quarter, where Harry Harowlti
and "Lefty Louie*' Roaenwetfl wars
arrested, was continued today, There
have been reports that BO of more
letteri were found which would aid
In tin- prosecution of the slayers ol
Herman Roesnthal, Deputy Police
Commissioner Dougherty, however,
denial that any BUCh letters were
.\ summary of what purports to
be tin- $ir>.ouo affidavit" which Po?
lar Commissioner Waldo referred to
the other day before the aldermanlc
OOmmlttOS was made public today.
John T. Keith is the police captain
Who 1 Mid to have made oath that
he was offered promotion from lieu?
tenant |0 captain for $15,000.
The summary of the affidavit as?
serts that Keith ?Wears be was In?
formed by an under-sberiff that the
"P -ople having the power" to pro?
mote him Wanted this sum for doing
It and that when he refused to pay It
he was passed and not promoted.
This was prior to Mayor Oaynor's
administration, the summary asserts.
Reith was subsequently promoted to a
captaincy when Waldo became com?
missioner and his affidavit is said to
contain a statement that bis promo?
tion th* n did not cost him a cent.
Alfred Q. Johnson, the fomer un
der-sheriff named in the I ummary,
declared tonight that he never offer?
ed to get Keith promoted. Hs said
that the police officer had come to
him several times "and wanted to
know If there was not some one who
could have him promoted for the pay?
ment of $10.000 or $15,000."
"I told him straight off that be was
a fool to think that money could hell
him," he added.
Mr. Johnson declared that the af
fidavlt. which has been asked for by
the aldermanlc committee, had been
brought to light in order to discredit
him as a possible witness on police
corruption. He asserted that he had
Information of the existence of
branch offif e " for the collection of
police graft at 11 S> Broadway, which
he investigated last December. His
detective. be said, had traced the
men who maintained the office to
the home of a civilian of the polk
department. The fact that he had
made his Investigation was known, h
d<?lared, t" high police officials,
What Miall be Done With Bebels in
Washington. Sept. IT..The- dtspoi
H?H of Mexican rebels who ate ih
sorting and crossing tin- boundary
mto the- United States or ate- belna
chased across b) federals threaten
<o become ? perplexing problem
Without precise knowledgs on the
p- nit at the wgf department, it is as
sumed most of ths m?-n and certafnly
the mem ben of Qen. Orosco's person
il -t.itt ond his father wlu. were cap
lured yestsrdaj by Capt, Mitchell
Preeldlo, Tex., will be turned over to
? ?dicers of tin- department of Justtc
If no charge* Is lodge-el ggslnsl the
they probably Will he released limb
guarantee that ihej will not unde
inks hostile action against Ifextt
while in aim United states.
Although it has been suggested th
the Mexican government might ha
some of these men delivered by s
tradition proceedings, uffit ials hs
are unite* certain thai no such attorn
would succeed.
Hold, i- in he Watched More CfSMH
Than Before,
Douglas, Ari/. >?-pt. IT.?Repot
that galasar's rebeln are traveling t
a*ard Hachlta, x. at*, lo convert int
? ash tiie bullion stolen at El Tlgi
ed strengthening of the border
patrol to.1.1v. Qen, Ranjlnes ordered
< ol, Munos, whose command <?f
fed*-r.tis relieved Bl Tlgre, to pursue
8alaser and word wos received today
i^e-t he had n? aiiy overtaken Ihe
rebel res t guard.
Kvery American ranch and mine in
m Ihern Honors has lieen looted h(
rebels, a. cording to ' \ I! Hookey, .111
American rancher, arriving io ta- io?
?penkers after weleoinlnii the \'i r
glnlans to gouth ("?? ? oltna,
it was agrt ed thai ihe rather In
formal reception a is dm- to :| mls<
understanding on ihe part of ii ran
R, Hmlth, bti Iness manager of Hit
"ino i In p |t h and A, M< P, II m> i
rommerci I ?? t i n i w ere nol row
Inl.r t1 matter, bill the t ?
marks made by all wert rather to th.
hadou tht a irmpth of th welcome
in moii\ cit) Speech Democratic
Candidate lor President Warns
People to Beware <>r Experte, who
lie Believes Would say that Alco?
hol i> not polsonuni?Distinguishes
Between Iii? Businessi and Trusts,
Talks on Scientific I'luise of Pure
Food Quest Ion,
Sioux City, low.I. Sept, 17.?Finn
support tor i?r. Harvey W. Wiley in
his controversy over the enforcement
of tin- pure food law,; stood OUt prom?
inently in a spee< h y Governor
Woodrow Wilson at tin- Inter-State
Fair today.
Ho drew attention to what he con?
ceived to be the Ineffectuallty of
boards of experts established under
the administration of President
Roosevelt, He used it as an illustra?
tion of his objections to a commission
or board of experts to handle either
the tariff or the trust problems.
Governor Wilson voiced for the first
time his objection to the tariff board
idea, declaring it would mean "a post?
ponement of tariff legislation."
He turned early in his 3peech to the
pu:*e food question.
"Everybody now suspects," he said,
"and the suspicion is based upon a
great many facts that can be estab?
lished by proof that these pure food
laws are not lived up to, that the in?
spection is not always what it ought
to be, and that a great many things
are permitted,to be done which nulli?
fy the pure food laws.
'1 suppose that most of you know
that a great controversy arose because
Dr. Wiley, who was In charge of the
pure food administration, objected to
the use of ben*"'ite of soda in certain
th ngs that were sold to you. particu?
larly in cans for foods. Now a very
nice thing occurred. The gentlemen
who wanted to use benzoate of soda
persuaded the President, Mr. Roose?
velt, that this was a scientific Question
and, therefore, ought to have a board
of chemists to determine it. And Mr.
Roosevelt picked out some of the most
smtnent and honest chemists in this
country, headed by a personal friend
of mine, the President of Johns Hop?
kins University, and submitted to
them this question:
" 'Is benzoate of soda hurtful to the
human Stomach or to the human di?
gestion when taken internally?' Ob?
serve that that was the only question
submitted to them and that was ex?
actly what the people who wanted to
use benzoate of soda for wrong purpos?
es, wanted to limit the inquiry to. These
gentlemen had to say that benzoate
Of SOdS In ItSSll was not harmful to
the human system as I believe it is
not. But they were not asked t'ui.
QUestlon: 'Can benzoate of soda I
used to conceal putrtflcatlon? Can it
be used in thing- that have gone bad
to conceal the fact that they have
gone had and to Induce people to put
them In their stomachs after they
have gone bad ."
"They were not asked that ques?
lion, bee.nise if they i.ad been they
would have paid: 'Yes.'
i "1 want t" warn the people of t/.i>
country to beware of commissions of
experts. I have lived with expert-* all
of my life and 1 know that experts
don't see anything except what Is un?
der their microscope, under their eye.
They don't even perceive what is un?
der their nos? and. an expert feels
in honor bound to confine himself to
the particular question wh'ch you
ha\ e asked him.
"Suppose you wanted to settle the
liquor question by asking a body <?t
experts whether alcohol was poison
or not. i believe they would have to
t? II you that It isn't."
?Rut does that settle the liquor ques?
tion, there are a great many things
that you can't take Into your stom?
ach that are not poison that will
make you ( ra/.y."
Turning to trust-, the speaker dis?
tinguished between 'Hig business"
and trusts. He referred to the suc?
cess of Andrew Carnegie |n the steel
business, and declared that when Mr.
Carnegie's competitors found they
could not undersell because he had
more braiis in running the business
lh< y bought him out at four or five
times the Value <f his property and
then by what they charged after*
? irds f"i* their products they made
us pay int.i.- t on the four or five
times the amount of the value'of the
property v I l< h they had paid him,
'There i n difference between R Hie;
Slistnesi and It trust. A trust Is a big
business that hns .in irt'ungetnenl to
gel rid of a competitor ind n big has
iness survives competition l?y con*
u< rii . in :hi ileld of Intelligence
and ?? unomy, i ?. n for big business
ind I um ig Insl tin trti Is."
? ?
ol ? i i'l< nnd fever; and If taken then
I I C i '' ." e
Terror Stricken People Flee to T!al
pain. Whence Soldiers are Dis?
pu lehed.
Mexico City, Sept. IT.?The village
of Ajuico, on the edge of the federal
district. i - mllei from the capital,
was pillaged by Zapatistas today. The
30 rurales composing the garrison
were killed or routed.
During the lighting ihe panic
stricken residents tied toward Tlal
pam, from which place troops were
sent to tile SceriC.
The cadets in the Tlalpam military
school have been armed to repel a
possible attack cm that suburb.
The raiding Zapatistas, it is esti?
mated, are 1,500 strong.
Rub-My-Tism will cure you.
The Democrats in Xew York had
a Dollar Dinner. They probably in?
dulged in water with their sandwiches
and toothpicks.?Wilmington Star.
Rub-My-Tism will cure you.
Sheriff's Sales.
Sumter County.
By virtue of sundary executions to
me directed, I will sell at public au?
ction, to the highest bidder, for cash,
during the usual hours of sale, at the
Court Mouse door, Sumter, South Car?
olina, on Monday, October 7th, 1912.
the same being Salesday, the follow?
ing described parcels of land, to wit:
C. P. Ragln?30 acres, more or less,
hounded on north by land of E. M.
singleton; south-east and West by
Bloom Hill, in Manchester township.
Levied upon and to be sold in the
suit of State and County for taxes.
Titus Reese?30 acres, more or less
hounded North by land of J. H.
Aycock and Sons; South by Estate of
W. M. Murray; East by land of
Silas Burgess; West by land of J. II.
Aycock and Sons. In Middleton
township. Levied upon and to be
sold In the suit of the State and
County for taxes.
Elizabeth Davis?That lot of land,
siuated just outside the corporate
limits of the city of Sumter, and
designated as lot No. 32, Block "B,"
on plat recorded In office of clerk of
court for Sumter county in Book V
V. V. at page 73S, and bounded on
the North by lot No. 30, East by lot
No. 31, South by lot No. 34. and West
by Branch street. Said lot measure
50 feet <>n its East and West lines,
and 150 feet on its North and South
Urn s. Levied upon and to be sold in
the suit of the state. County ami City
tor t ixes.
Sheriff Sumter County.
Physician ami Surgeon.
Office over DeLorme'l Drug Store.
Residence 801 N. Main Street Of?
fice hours 11 A. M. to 2 P. M. Of?
fice phone 4 19, residence. 371,
Geo. H. Hurst,
Prompt attention to day or night
Main Street.
Da) Phone 5:19. Night Phone '201.
A man's
has more to do with his ?Ucee*-;-.
o?la.\ than it ever bad.
Anything thai contributes to bis
look of Mcll-toptionees la ju>titl?'d?
>,-. . < IKSA It Y.
1- there anything lluit you know of
that :ul\< 1 i-o tuoeosM more than
Certainly, noiliiii that a man wean
I-. mote 111 c\ I donee,
\ h. \s dollar* -pent mi a ring, anj
good t ing, v* ill prove til be an
Imestiuctil to nio-( mim
1 1 u- p!a< e our ring -io? u la%fore
? ,.a Mr. M tu, I lu 11 ii?W all the
I ?. '. 1 .1 H ) o II like.
,\. replace all -ton,-, 01 ?in::- we
1 ? 1. en 1 |.i diamond*
. A. Thompson,
,11 \\ I I I Ii \M> ."I'l l. I \\.
i Have You
A Boy to
Educate ?
DO you want to place
him in a Christian
Military Institute
where his health will be
carefully looked after, his
mind thoroughly trained;
and where he will be taught
habits of obedience, punc?
tuality, and industry? If so,
send him to The South Caro?
lina Co-Educational Institu?
Here each student is un?
der close personal control
and watchful care of trm
teachers, from the time they
reach school until they leave
for their homes.
Faculty composed of fifteen
successful and experienced
For catalogue and full in?
formation, address
South Carolina
Cotton Picker's
Account Books
We have on hand a supply of Cotton Pickers' Account Books
which we ordered tor distribution among our Farmer friends.
If you have anything to do with cotton in any shape or form
you will find these quite a convenience. They are free for the
The Bank of Sumter.
You often wonder how pleasant
it must be to feel as free from finan?
cial worry as some wealthy friend
you may have.
Nine chances out of ten, this same
friend started his successful financial
career with a bank accunt.
You can do the same thing,
ask you to come now.
The Peoples' Bank.
4 per cent on Savings From Day of Deposit.
necessary to the successful busi?
ness ; they are just as essential to
the accumulation of money. No
other plan for conserving small sums
and building them into one large sum
is so rational, so common sense in its
operation as s growing bank ac?
count. Try this plan.
The Firsit National Bank
?W???' ??? ???III ??III? ?????? ? I ???????????? ?i I ?? I
Deposit With
"He who spends all that lic!|makes, cannot dU
ways hope t<> make :ill that he spends.

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