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The watchman and southron. (Sumter, S.C.) 1881-1930, October 02, 1912, Image 2

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THUM Btlrlrfuf H>K CU(Ks.
l\u I>E \o-UN E.
Fit) I mler Martial Im\s?Street Car
t ompany Kef use to Arbitral*',
Iii?.null llu>inoHH llodlcs Cull for
IViM'c Move IJibor Meeting Pro?
tect* \galnM Troop,**.
Augusta, Oa., Sept. 27.?As the cul?
mination of the rioting in this city
and the shooting of three citizens late
today hy State trops. (low Ilrown late
tonight Issued a proclamation declar?
ing "the city of Augusta to be in a
state of Insurrection." and ordering
the Immediate enfoieement of martial
Adjt. ('.? n. Willi im n'Hear has been
ordered t?y the governor to proceed
here at once from Atlanta and as?
sume charge of the situation. Another
company of militia ?Iso was order. ?1
here from VYayneshoro to relnforoi
the four hu-il -oinpanies under Mai
Le\ y.
Subsequent :o a gigantic mafs
meeting here tonight at which res ?
lutions were id opted asking Oov.
Brown to wlthiln w troops, two arge
mobs of striking str?-? t i ar no n and
sympathisers were only pre ented
from attacking the local power plant
by Impassion >d pleas of strike leafi?
At midnight the .nobs began to dis?
perse. At that hour the officials of
the railway company maintain* d
their former position that they had
nothing to arbitrate and would fight
the strikers to the end.
During the day ceaseless efforts
have been made by every business In?
terest In the rity to bring about an
adjustment of the street car strike,
whi? h ii now hut an Incident of the
The chamber of comment, the
Merchants' and Manufacturers' asso?
ciation and the cotton exchange, in
Joint meeting. demanded immediate
arbitration by the company and the
striker*, commended Mayor Mairett's
position of enforcing protection of
property and live* and the measures
taken to hold down mob rule. In
response to the demands of the busi?
ness interests the striking carmer*
have unequivocally accepted the sug
gc?,?'"n Of arbitration but the com?
pany. In an address aigaed bj Oen?T?ti
Manager I* il. flai'y refun? arblr t
Hew ie. taring it | , nothing to u -
bi'r?'. ?,id. f irmer t .iut men
sfto k it o* emploj
declares. Joined In the rioting last
night, have no connection with or
further claim on the company. Mr.
Peal asserts that the company stand"
ready to operate all its cars so won
as they are given sufficient protection,
which It claims ag a right.
This declaration has been like a
flebrand In a pile of tinder, and the
portions of the city, particularly
West End, the mill district, are even
more turbulent than last night.
Fr on one end of the city to the
Other the news has been spread ol
the sltC >tlng by tfOOpI on F f'teenth
Strret ind l" ?de, do- th<-u mil. of
mor. pgwplt eongr? gated || Wet
End. the 7"'. blink ? r Broad street,
In H ? ?.t of the business district.
Is er? .\ b I
In r .ru the n.'.ddb* of toe <| ,y Infor?
mal i was conveyed to ?he author,
ties that strike sympathizer* h:>d
plann? d t. plant a mine und? r the
powi r home tonight. Inirlng the sf
ternoon i military guard was thrown
around the Fifteenth str?-?-t property
of the eompany. where one of the
pow? plant.- is located, and a d. id
11n' a rxt iblished at each i n I of
the p.op.rtv The troops were g'\eii
Inatrin iion?* to challenge an>body at?
tempting to pass through the line .nd
stop C?m; t?? fire if the challenge
gjMSJl ? be Ignored and any effort
shou' l h. m ?de to pass through the
lln? * nfttff the Shalleges TlM troops
are provhled with riot cartridge*, and
urn stationed on duty with )?? id> d
Hoheit t'ristle, a b*;.?dncss mm, Wgfl
driving by In tit automobile and, evi
dentlv did not hear the challenge <?f
thf? sentry. lie had gone but a few
ftet when he was shot through the
lungs. Me la at a hospital, where he
will die.
I'.en. F. BahOf and AI fr? d Dom?
also bwstwawj men. nttewiptod to drive
through Fifteenth street a fatl min?
utes later. A few bloc k * from the
pow? r idant some MM * * ? I?I Bakt r. In
whose buggy they ?a ? r. n.bng. that
the soldiers were firing blank rgfl
r id:: ? \ be 11 r . i ? h. d the j, .
plant he whipped up his horse, im
geedlately, sftef ehallenglngi one sea*
trv fir??i. and others Joined In Iht
tir? i:?ker wai wounded, but will
gswawbl) recover Dorn was literall)
shot pi? ? ? ?ml h ?I? nd,
An unknown white boy, npparentls
?bont N fi nld ittemptlng In rtisl
the s?n??\ iinse "ii i motorcycle ant
on*' handle "f his machine n is she
off t'Ut hg w i* unlnjnn d,
i'hart?? Wilson, whs operates i
poo| r.? :n one of th. |CM ?! hotell
wan drlvhm I hough Fifteenth itre<
?n Ms mtogeoMIe with ) -* wife m<
ohtldj, end says ht was unconscious
Ol the fool that the dead ItUCS Were
betraf unforced. He clntnti noi to
k hnve heard an> challenge, though he
saw ">???* >>i the soldiers standing by
the driveway. Hla machine was Bred
Into, the ball punting thrdough the
top. He reached down te toot hla
horn, he xa\s. and Othef guards evl
I gently mistook Ihi motion ax one to
reach for a gun. <>ther ihota wa r,
(trod nnd Wllaoni though escaping
without Injur] to himself or other
oecupnnta of the car, drove onto
r.ioad street with four lug holea ahoi
through Iiis machine.
Just before dark tiie Wool End
sympathisem splhed the long Broad
strei t bridge, a double r ?w of railway
spikes being driven on ?ach side of
na?, u streel car mil the entire length
of the bridge.
At I.St a labor mass meeting as?
sembled .it the court house.
The meeting n*na far more quiet
than those winch preceded it. ths
net result being adoption of ? resolu?
tion which has been telegraphed to
Guv. Brown, demanding immediate
withdrawal of the troops. It is as
' Whereas, three of the citizens of
Augusta, while peacefully traversing
the streets of Augusta this afternoon,
were shot down by irresponsible mili?
tia, be It
Resolved, That we. the people of
Augusta, in mass meeting assembled,
request of his excellency Onv, j. m.
Brown that the State militia be with?
drawn at once."
Following the labor meeting st the
court house at 8.3?? a'clock, which
lasted over two hours, a crowd of
fully 2.0UO people inarched out on to
Broad strei t, declaring they were "go?
ing to the power house.'' At flu* cor?
ner of Kighth Street an earnest plea
made to them by one of thetf politi?
cal leaders not to attack the power
plant of do any further violence but
disperse and go to their homes. Half
an hour later a crowd more than hal:
us large congregated four blocks fur?
ther up town, in front of tire head?
quarters, and again the same leader
mounted lote on nutomoblie and
made an impassioned appeal to them.
OA the basis of a personal plea, that
they should not attempt violence, but
give him their promise to disperse.
Hundreds at a time gave the prom?
ise and left. ,\t midnight the Street!
were clear of the people who have
?Atfted trouble
r? ij ?> ft or midn ght 1 ?oro pany
of troops front Wsynosboro w i? run
Into o.c yards oi the Centn <'.?...
si d besjnn te detrain Tl ? ire to
unmediaii ?> put
Sround the power plant and the local
troops removed, by order of Maj.
Levy, WOO Is commanding until the
arrival of Col. W? I* o'Leary, who is
on bis way from Savannah to Augusta
in an automobile.
Adjt. (Jen. O'Bear, after a long dis?
tance telephone conversation with
Augusta, has reported to tne gover
r.or, and he, too, has been ordere?! to
proceed ;?t once to Augusts and.
with Coi. <?'Leary, take charge of
the city.
Tonight Gov, r.iown issued ? proc*
tarnation deeinrlng '*ths city of Au?
gusts In be m s state of Insurrec
lion." anii ordering the Immediate en?
. . cement of military law.
The customer? restrictions Im
posed during marial law ars Included
In the proolnmntlon?
At midnight th.- railway c >mpan)
maintained Its former position that n
has nothing to arottrats ami that, so
fir as it is concerned, the strike win
be fought out to the end With them
It still remains U test Of strength be?
tween the company ami organised
Governor Drown'i proclamation
-.m In part:
"i. Joseph m. Blown, governor of
the State of Georgia, do hereby pro?
claim a state of Insurrection in the
I My ol A ugusta, t Ja.
? The mllttur) commander will as?
sume ?.'.Ii,-,, oi the situation, report*
iitg dlrecty to m< f ?r Instruction.
All persons who may heretofore
have g ion aid lo oi otherwise sup*
ported lh( lawlessness hitherto exist*
ag In this ciu who shall return to
peaceful occupation holding no com*
munlcntion of nn) kind with lawless
persons, will not be disturbed.
"Mi rights of proper!) of whatever
kind will be held Inviolate and will
m?t be disturbed), ex< epi a ? the exigen?
cies, of the public welfare may neces
?Huts ami by direct command of the
commanding omcei of the district.
'Cxceptlng sa herein provided, or
vhere the existence ot martial law
'implies lo the contrary, the usual
laws oi the eotnmi.ni?.. will be m
lon e, ? 11moi will be Iried by niili
tur> ? mmission or by <uii courts sa
may Im mo t pi i" ul h us Ihe
I ? noi ' i d< ? \6i
v llV j" rSOII |"UJ ,| .n I he t I ee| -
w h<> ap| i to bi hnbM i.i ||) Idle ami
w iti out ,. ? up it Ion w ill be placed un
<b i n r. rt,
" Win n 11 Iii? opinion Ihe < i v i I au
thorii . ?. 11? . o\ i,, ?, m< their or?
dinal \ f in< ti- n - ii" military com?
mander will eoinmunh it, with the
k vernoi Ith i ev, In withdrawing
i the troops upon ,? hli h Mm civil au
thorlttei will resume full control,
(Signed) "Joseph M. Brown,
"i lovernor.
Adjt. Gen. William O'Bear will as<
mil" command of tin- cit) tomorrow.
Mayor Uaynor Asked to Order im
modlato Investigation,
New York. Sept, -7.?Tho report*
ed mysterloui poisoning of Mr.s. Dora
Gilbert, former wife of tin- gambler,
Herman Rosenthal, received official
confirmation today In a letter address*
ed to Mayor Oaynor by i>r. u l, R.
Eilbbe, who was called In to treat the
woman. lit- gives no details Of her
Illness, hut avert that ho was denied
admittance tu Bellevue Hospital af
t< i sh1' had been removed there and
demands an immediate investiga?
"The fact that the woman Is an im?
portant witness for District Attorney
Whitman in the Becker ease," gays
the letter, "makes my request for an
Immediate and thorough investiga?
tion an Imperative necessity. Coming
along so soon alter the notorious po?
lice Intimidation of other wltnessea
it reflects not only upon the hospital
authorities. I ut teemi to be anoth?
er intimation that members of your
J administration are endeavoring to
protect Becker in every possible
District Attorney Whitman has
instituted an inquiry Into the reported
poisoning, He said he expected Mrs.
Gilbert to figure largely at the Beck?
er trial. She was a witness he could
not spare, he added, and he thought
an investigation advisable. Tonight
Mrs, Gilbert was reported to have re?
A Sanitury Suioukhousc.
My plan for building a sanitary,
fly-proof and rat pr<.of smokehouse
The door should be concrete, the
silis should be act in this so as to
be ab.?ut three inches above the
surface; tin- floor should be nearly
level with top sills. The posts to
be seven feet high, well braced at
corners. Matched aiding should be
used, The joists to be 11x6 and
placed two feel apart. They should
I e level on top after being placed
down, and the overhead celling,
winch should be common gum
loorlhg, nailed down r top of JolsU 1
? '">, ? ti ? rsfterj ire put ?..p,
I Let thi joists dowi the_plates
I . v ;i ch should be Iv i i I ??.;, * ill
1 lust two Inches abov th plates
t ill |n between the joists at each
end with short pieces of 2x1. Then
put up rafters and gable up ends.
The roof should he metal rooting.
Besides a good door, there should be
two window* to let in light and give
proper vetllatlon. The windows
should have screen wire tacked over
them on inside and be protected by
sliding wooden .shutters from out?
side. The door Should have a good
screen opening on inside with wood?
en door opening On outside.
Galvanised hooks should be
orewed Into Che joints to hang meat
on and Inside painted ,,r white
it ashed.
Such a smokehouse would i*o a
I eat Improvement over what most
farmeri already have, and will not
cost very much to build. For the
average fanner, s smokehouse 10*
l i feet Ii large enough.
The majority of smokehouses now
n. use are very crude affairs, unfit
for the t urlng of b o on, let alone
protecting it from vermin, dust. etc.
j, E. Hill.
Boardman, N. <
Preaching at Baker School,
Th.- Rev. j. p. Marion of the Pres?
byterian Church will preach at the
1 ker School house Sunday afternoon
.,t 1,30 o'clock.
A Charleston news item says: "A
Buttery Boulevard session of city
<'ouncll was hehl today." Not** the
capitalisation? it must have been
some session.??Augusta Chronicle.
1 H \CT IN sot Til t.l OKt.I A.
Write today for my booklet of "one
hundred farms and timber tracts for
sale," In the banner counties of Thom?
as, Brooks, Orady, Decatur and
Mitchell. Large tracts, sn all tracts,
Improved oj unimproved, tin*- level
sandy loam and red pebbly land with
red clnj subsoil; labor abundant, best
road in Georgia; besi cotton lands in
thi South; good neighborhoods,
schools and churches; pure fie. stone
intl artesian water; plenty hog snd
h. iiiin\ ; saw mill limber, turpentine
locations, < ut over land'', colonization
lands; lino it or I raising section; 'it',
property paying 10 per cenl and over.
Wl lie me wh it > ou v. nnl n nd I
will inswer \'\ early mall describing
die property which you want.
Yours to seni
ThomasvtUe, na.
Everywhere Crowds Flock to Stations
to Cheer Democratic Nominee ami
Hear Ihm Speak,
Bridgeport, Conn., Sept. ?7.?Oov.
Woodrow Wilson said tonight ho fell
as if he had "arrived." He finished
a three-day trip through New Eng?
land and In the scores of places where
ho stopped people called him
"Woody," "Governor" and "Old Boy"
enough times to make him feel inti?
mate with the crowds.
At one stop an over ailed workman,
spying the governor on the car plat?
form cried out: ' Hello, Woody, old
"l like that," smiled the nominee
as he stepped down ami shook hands.
With a whirl Of speeches and re?
ceptions, the governor completed his
Xe\v England trip, making an td
dress before ' ig crowd here.
Throughout the day as the nominee
journeyed from Boston people crowd?
ed the itat\om cheering and clamor?
ing t'"r buttons. The governor had
passed through Hartford three times
hut found another crowd there to?
"1 thought you'd bad enough of me
at Hartford." said the candidate.
'?>h, no," came in a chorus from
the crowd, and the governor shook
hands with a great number.
At Williamsport the governor made
a bri*tt speech. "As 1 stop at this*
particular place," he .-aid, "I can not
hut tl-vink of the absentee landlords
who own the thread industry and do
not live here because, of course, one
of the d1rh>ulties of our w hole political
arrangement in the United states is
that the people that run us don't have
anything to do with us, and stand
off at a distance and find it very diffi?
cult Indeed! to judge actual condi?
Sttmter County Xearing $200 Mark
Hut Contributions Arc Coming in
Formerly reported.$148.L'5
C. S. Anderson.
J. L. McCallum.
K. C. Haynsworth.
L. 1?. Nettles.
Florida-South Carolinian..
Mark Reynolds.
T. P. Lynam.
C. E. Hurst.
1 an
H. i>. Barnett..
Neil i O'Donnell
T. J. Kirven. .
A. W. Newman.
Geo. H. Hurst,
rroii.pt attention to day or iu;,'u
cm 11?,
Main Street.
Day Phono 539. Nlghl Phone 201.
If you arc thinking of buying
\ DIAMOND, we beg to haw the
honor of your attention to our
gems of pur eat ray.
We are always in u position to
show you diamonds of the most
exquisite character, Quality gems
onl\ Is oui' way. We have them
at right price* ami will give a
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hajC Marks
Copyrights Ac.
AntiiHi) landing n BkSt<*tl atol rtMCliptlon tniiv
no'ckly ascertain our opinion frvewhsUMf iui
invention Isprobably paiantabje Comraunlra
?, nn strictly fonBdaiillal. HANDBOOK onPat?nts
h'ut frr<?. ?'l!?>*t iif*ici fol Mcnriug pstsiits.
Pun i i4 t ibruufn lluan \ ?'o. receive
r. i ii ?i tic*] etthoot oaarse, is the
Scientific American.
ft handaomaly Illustrated wssklr, Laras?! elf
rulation ol an? ?elssUflo learns!. Terms, t * s
N,,ia \>v * a rmwiwleMlara.
j nur ? f> >'?r month! si
Eoives Will be Withdrawn from Ni?
caragua as soon sis, Possible.
Washington, Sept. ?With the
?hort hut bloody Ntcaraguan revolu?
tion practically terminated by tho sur?
render t<> Hear Admiral Southrland
of Gen. Mena, the principal leader,
the state department is already con?
sidering the next steps to be taken in
Nicaragua. As soon as complete tran
quility is restored with sound evi?
dence that President Diaz's Govern?
ment is in condition to afford the full
protection to foreign life and prop?
erty and repress anarchy, the Ameri?
can naval forces will be withdrawn
from the country, thus again afford?
ing evidence to the World at large and
particularly to the now suspicious
Central American republic*, aC th?v
altruistic motivei that have animated
the United States Government In in- 41
tervening in Nicaragua?
' >111 y one guarantee is to be exact*
ed from President Diss'e Government,
and that is that the next President of
Nicaragua lhall be the free and 11 n
trammeled choice <?f ? majority of the
population of the country. This will
he following the precedent reeently ,
s?-t in Panama. *
As in that ease it may be necessary
fur the United States to supervise the
approaching elections in Nicaragua.
Officials here are much pleased
with the conduct of the American
bluejackets <tnd marines under Rear ^
Admiral Southerland, who guarded
foreign life and property in Nicara?
gua and forced the opening? of the
railroad from Managua to Granda
without bloodshed.
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to . - pel aer< ist th? bevhnaisur ???? that i r- . U> *30 to f fl< pel i renew.
? Mari - Marlon? Darlington ? tntiee now s*llinc at more than lino
per a-ire, and yet farming eossuuiiena ....
bor. railroad and marketing- facilities of any of the counties in the great ag?
ricultural section embraced ut the upper coastal belt?admittedly the best
farm lands of tho State.
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It. tv HEUSER.
Sumter, S. C
eh?"est Fl em?.
If Its Merchandise
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the crowd to our special bargain days?Wednesday and Saturday.
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Removed with MOLKSOFF, without pain or>dtonger, no nsnttnr
how iartt?>. or liow tor raised nbove [lie surface of tin? -km. Ami
tiicy will never return, and no trsjre or sonr will be left. MOLES
orr is applied direcJy to the MOLK >r tYART. w bkh entlsntj
disappears in shout six da>s, klUhtg list* grtm and leaving the ?-k.u?
smooth and naJural
MOLESOFV Is put up onlj In One i^jr bottle*
Bach bottle !?* neatly packed tn a plain ta.se, accompanied by full
directions, .utd contains enough remesty t<- remove ?igh; etr ten
ordinary MQMSS or WART? We sell UOLESOFP under s peaftUve
GUARANTEE if it fails to remove ysUC MOLK er \\ A KT. w,> s/UI
promptly refund the doll -r
Florida tilaurlbuUng Cossgjuny Irrpartmrni. Pmuncnla. Flu.
^Awn ..... >
tlft 11 \m> mom a
Money spent on teeth is a good
Investment and one that gives you
dai'y returns.
Mem*) llic Medium ??t I rrhsusjo
is only good so far as it given us
the th tu:i \\hi? h contribute to our
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Ultcn it on the TVeth it brings
i - all Three of the Above,
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