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, ?XI)e tofltcljmftii trad S<mtl)ron.
Tin si MTCK WATCHMAN, Entablliilu-d April, 185?. 'Be Jut and Pear not?1?? an the ?Ods Thon Ahne't et be thy Coimtry't, Thy God'l and Truth'*." THE TRUE SOUTHRON, Blabllihed J?e, MM
Consolidated Aug. 3,18 1. SUMTER, S. 0., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1912. Vol. XXXV. No. 14.
Argument? Made by Mc*?re, tie?. I).
Lory and J. H. Clifton for Defend?
ant and by Solicitor for State?
's Ti ail am ay?Bateman not
00 Stand. *
f The casa of tha State agalast 1. W.
Harper, charged with the murder of
feddle . Bosaard, a colored hack man.
at the passenger statlou on Christ?
mas evening; lilt., was closed for all
time Thursday morning when tha
jury, after being out for forty tala
Lutea, returned a verdict of not guilty.
'relieving him of the senons charge
which has been hanging over him
for almoat two years. \
The plea of the defense was not
guilty, their efforts being te anew that
Harper shot Eddie Doasard in self
}detfease. when be himself was tn
grava danger Crom Hoaaard. Har?
per was the last witnasa to take
tha stand la his earn defense. He
was called up Wednesday of tarn 00a
vhan 00art convened after dinner.
H.? statement was in effect Che same
an that he had made tat ?S afBdavh to
aecare ball after ha gave hksmeif up
to tha shartSL
Harper testified to hsimg hud
words with Kdale etoasard at a store
on Manning avenne darlag tans even?
ing. Later he anw Beerend at the
iat*Uoa and words mere again ex?
changed. Rosnard bsjeawm enraged
at something whieh wan aatd and
?truck Harper across the dace twice,
knocking him dowa. Ha then at?
tempted to cut hint, oatdng his cloth?
ing and hat. Mai pat, aynssa on the
ground, drew has pistol end fired, the
s^lrst shot going wild and Che second
taking effect. Harper mad Seen walk?
ed off and later went Isssne.
Arguments were made by Mean?.
Oeo. D. Levy and J. H. Chiton "tor
two gsjjssjsjj and by the gottcltor for
the State. This closed fan case for
I AgedntM**uy. but It >>u.? taken np ugsfta
ess soon an asset eenewned fnursday
mernlag. when the Judge made his
charge and the case wenj to gjM Jury.
r In* umhrnu of Thrusse* tVur fir Their
Power If innre Haall> s-uics on
the Mountain*.
Berlin, Oct. f.?A general war In
the Balkans ban been practically In?
augurated hi the ophuaa of botV dip?
lomatic circle* and the press of GOfv
Jdnany. At the foreign oftlce It Is be~
"llevad the attitude of the Balkan peo?
ple leaves only the *bsswHt hope of
the measure taken by tne pon?ers
t>rorlng suureevfsl s." ?tii> concession*
made by th> > 1 iv.\' i iinui n
would threaten the security of tae
<ip.tnt* .f the thron??* of Bul?
garia, Montenegro, Greece and Servhk.
Kor| this reason thetr government*
dare not yield.
<>ae of the lead uj banks rarelved a
teletrun today fr<?m Belgrade, statin*
that the de?duration of war by Servla
vrebabty would be delivered Imme
^dlatery. Servian trops it was stat?
ed, were being rushod toward* the
frontier from the mohfllsatlon ? en
Another telegram from Belgr?*le
statea that the reply of the SerVUn
minister. M. Pasltrh. to the Austro
Rumian represent.Iglssjg was tanta
n ount to rejection. He declared
that the Montenegrin declaration of
wsr had created a new situation
h waa dedalve for Servia* fur?
ther action The solidarity of the
Balkan allies would, he aald, be ma.n
* talned at nil coats, and the popular
Ie ng In gervla was so strati* that
It would not permit the government
to dwwr-nt from the course In which it
had embarked.
There wss almost a repetition of the
s* enes which took plae?. ' Black Tues
fi n ' vi ?< t"??, r 1. on the bourse today
^under the c-?nv|. thm that .1 ganofnl
Iwar In the Balkans was Inevitable.
There was an all round fall of from
two to eight points and the dump * im
|g| ked ??nly slightly Juat bSgOM the
clone It a ?<* understood in authori?
tative clrelea here th?t 3.-.' mania has
taken the \. ell ml nary Step? for the
mobilisation of her army. Nothing Is
krown as to h? r intentions.
Heal I -t?te Tran<*fer?*.
The following trmiffra of feOl es?
tate have been left at the auditor's
erTV e.
I tr. M Caldwell to A. ii. Mom,., lot
on Manning nventie. ?1 ?;00.
Abbev Meldend, et al. to \,.w\ on
Kibbr Adam ivrry. I'. W Hick*.
f?r . trustee*, t acre* In OsntSfl
township. 9150. ,
IL M. Sutlers Plead Guilty and Sen?
tenced to Serve One Year?Ullis
Returned by Grand Jury, at Work
on l'rvMviitincnt?Grand Jury Made
Special Presentment Before Reso?
lutions of Colored Cltisens Publish?
_______ i
From the Dally item. Oct. 10.
The case of the State against John
Davis and Thomas Wilson, colored,
Is now In course of hearing in the
General Sessions Court. Davis and
Wilson are being tried for the al?
leged murder of Joe Randolph at a
hot supper near Brogdon Station on
th?- night of February 2. 1912. Ran- j
dolph was shot at that time and died i
from the effects of the wound two
weeks later.
The evidence pot up by the State
was in effect that st the hot supper
Randolph had become boisterous and
was put out of the house by John
Mprvls. In the yard Randolph com?
menced cursing and Davis and Wil?
son started to put him out of the
yard. Randolph opened fire on them
and they ret urn Ad the fire. Some of
?he witnesses stilled that the shots dt
Randolph were fired after he had
turned and started to run.
The statements made by Davis and
Wiksoni were pcaotically the same as
that put up by Ae State's witnesses.
Duvis had goa* into his house, aft
whlcfc the supper was being held, and
secured his rem after Randolph had
started the diatarrbanre in the yard.
When he came out he asked Wilson
to aid him In patting Randolph out '
?of the yard and Randolph opened j
lire upon them. They returned the
f.re, but could net see Randolph be?
cause of the smoke and the darkness.
The arguments m the case were is
progress at 1 o'clock. Messrs. L. D.
Jennings and R. D. Epps represented j
the deefndants and the Solicitor rep- i
resmited the State 1? 'the cose.
R. \L Sanders plead guilty In Gen?
eral Sesstnfe^tllflT-TTrtn/sn*ay morn- \
Ing to the charge of forgery. It was ]
alleged thai he signed Mr. J. IL Scar- !
borugh's name to a check which he j
had cashed. In view of his pleading
guilty the Judge, re pronouncing the
sentence, made the sentence lighter
> * 1
lhan it might have "been otherwise.
He was sent< iced to serve on the!
public works of the county for one
year and to.pay a fine of $1.0? o,r to
serve for the* same time in the State
psgiltentiary and pay the same fhie.
A true bill was brought ir. by the
grasid Jury against Primus Hopkins,
charged with violation of the. pro?
hibition law.
It is understood that the gTand
Jury w now at stork on their tinul pre?
sentment which wdll contain a num?
ber of recommendations of an In?
teresting nature.
The netl<?n of the grand jur> in
the saSsn t of making the special
presentment requesting the Judge 1?
set In motion machinery for the ar?
rest of Cd M. Young and If, J. Mor?
ris was previous to the publication of
tb?H resolutions passod by colored
citizens of Sumter, the presentmetrt
being mads <?ut on Tuesday after?
noon, although it did SOt 00BIS be?
fore the out?. until Wednesday
si ones. ?
IHsSSi Returned lo the tity Thuisslu>
Morning Wltltotit Prisoners.
The poaat whu h left her?' Wsdnee
day sftemoaii for ffhttoh returned at
nine o'clock Thursday morning with?
out bsingtni In the prisoners with
them. All night was spent at Shiloh
and the hOUSSS of Mack Morris and
Ham Wilson srera sesrehed, but with?
out lueeeaa.
There wei rery little Information
obtained by the members of the posof
upon which Ihey could rely. Nearly
ail of the p? room aaked coneerntnsj
the w here.tbotit<? of the two men told
different tales and there was no WSJ
Of telling whether any of this.- *t ite?
meats mads t?? them vets correct,
asps dally as moat of them were based
on supposition, rumor and similar
, nnaahataatlal ground*.
As there was no information to be
obtained Which WOUld help them In
locating and arresting the men the
posse deemed It best not lo lengthen
their eta) end returned to ths city
Thursday morning.
in Point of Inalety.
Son in-iaw (auperlntendlni moth
es-inlaw's funeral I luppoe n
roU*YS dug It deep enough0
Pigeon lie onging to F. M. Ehrlich
Whu Race from DanVUlo hi Good
A bird belonging to K. If, Ehrlich
of Columbia was the winner of the
pigeon race from Danville, Va., which
was lluwn a few days ago by carriers
from the lofts of ColumblA fanciers.
The birds were liberated at 7.15
o'clock in Danville Monday morning
by J. If, Davis, agent for the South?
ern Express comnany.
The pigeons were well bunched In
the finish, only six minutes difference
In the time at which the three win
ners wore clocked. Mr. Ehrltch's win?
ning bird arrived at 11.29 a. m. Frank
Qlenn of Columbia clocked the second
bird at 11.30 a. in. and Dr. A. B.
Kendall, the third bird at 11.35.
William Maxwell's birds were an
in their loft when he reeclved a tele?
gram from Danville that they had
been liberated. The message reached
him at 11.25 o'clock, and, since he
failed to clock his birds, on account
?)1 their unexpected arrival, he may
have won the race.
The Columbia Pigeon club will have
another race soon. Mr. Ehrlich's
winning bird flew the 210 miles from
Danville to Columbia at the rate of
1,156 yard* a minute, which was close
to the record for the club.?Columbia
Spurgeon Johnson Killed in Presence
of Family.
fNewbcrry, Oct. 8.?News was re?
ceived in Newberry early this morn?
ing of the horrible assassination of
Spurgeon Johnson, a white man, in
the northwestern section of Newberry
County, near the Laurens line, at
I about 9 oVlock last night. While
I sitting in a room of his home, in com?
pany with his wife, his little son and
an aunt. Mr. Johnson was shot on the
left side of the head, about the re?
lation of the ear, with a shotgun, the
' load coming through a window and
!-killing him Instantly.
Mr. Johnson's home is on the
I plantation known as the old Jim Hill
1 lace. Tie Wan about 35 years of age.
j The pence Officers, in Newberry re?
ceived telephone messages telling Of
the tragedy at about 1 o'clock thD
morntllg. Sheriff Hnford. accompan?
ied by bis two rural policemen, left
immediately for the scene in an auto?
mobile driven by Mr. Forrest Sum
mer. Constable and Sheriff-elect
Cannon G. Blesse waited in Newber?
ry until shout ?.'clock this morning
for bloodhounds, which had been re
queeted from Columbia, and driven
by Mr. Waldrop in an automobile, he
left with the bloodhounds imme?
diately upon the arrival of the train.
A messe go from the section of the
killing this morning to newspaper
men here was to the effct t that Mr.
Johnson had just come in the house,
after hauling some cotton, and had
t?at down near a window, when the
fatal slvtt was llred. It is said he
had had no trouble with any one re
oentlv, and the pepotrator of the deed
?und its motive tire unknown.
?Imhje Issues Order Directing Sheriff
te Bend Men to Arrest Young and
Following th<- receipt of the spe?
cial presentment <d tru- Qrand Jury
in which the jury requested the Judge
to t ike steps to let in motion efforts
i) have <'. Mi X*OUng and If, J, Mivr
rla arrested, Judge T. H, Spain Wed?
nesday morning issued an order di?
recting the shot iff to semi a posse to
the Bhlloh section to arrest the two
men. If possible.
in accordance with these Instruc?
tion! sheriff Bpperson formed s
pos.-e consisting of Bam Newman,
and Alex Norris, the two remaining
rural policemen, Messrs. II. D, Hoy
kin. .1. D. Shir... K. I.. Dueoni and
!!. M. Bangle! and sent these tO
Rhlloh to see if they COUld arrest the
tWO men.
The p..s o left the city in BUtO
mobllei at tWO o'clock and spent the
nigh! In the Bhlloh section. They
were directed lo take whatever itepa
they deemed necessary In locating
and arresting the two men.
Men who are overly anxious to
he,?l the procession don't hesitate lo
snatch the banner away from b
blither and leave him In the ditch.
AmMtlon has both selfishness and
me mm i in it Wilmington Star,
Mrs. Mann, of Georgetown, is visit?
ing her mother, Mrs. Jessie Bradford,
So Uth?rn Railway Company Show?
Work of Southern Farmer at Va?
rious Fairs.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 9.?The
Southern Railway System is making
exhibits of horticultural and agricul?
tural products of the Southeast at
eighteen fairs which are being held
this fall in Alabama, Mississippi,
Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina,
South Carolina and Virginia. These
exhibits are entirely educational in
their character and represent what
the Southern farmer by intelligent ef?
fort can produce on his own land.
Expert agriculturists are in charge
to disseminate helpful information
and it is hoped that the thousands of
farmers who will be in attendance
will be Inspired to adopt methods pro?
moting better and more profitable
Bays Meant Steel Trust "Behind
Third Party in ThougtK."
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 8.?Gover?
nor Woodrow Wilson, in his speeches
in Topeka, Kansas, and here tonight,
replied to Col. Roosevelt's request at
Albany, N. Y. last night, that
the Democratic Presidential nominee
"prove or retract the declaration that
the United State? Steel Corporation is
behind the third party programme for
regulating trusts."
The Governor reiterated that the
Steel Corporation was "behind the
third party programme in thought,"
and added he knew nothing of any
financial support. The Governor am?
plified his position and made a new
attack on the tariff policies of huth
his opponents.
"I understand from the newspa?
pers," said Governor Wilson, In his
Topeka speech, "that Mr. Roosevelt
was distressed by my suggestion the
other day that the United States
Steel Corporation was back of his
plan for controlling the trusts.
"He interpreted my remark to
mean thAt, they wer? supporting him j
with money. I was not thinking abouy'
money, 1 do not know whether they
I are supporting him with money or
I ant; it does not make any difference.
I What 1 meant was they are support?
ing him with their thought, and their
thought is not our thought. I meant
land 1 say again, that the kind of con?
trol he proposes is the kind of con?
trol that the United Statea Steel
( oi poratsMi wants.
??I am perfectly willing to admit
j that they think it Is best for the
i ountry. My point is that this is a
; method conceived from the point of
? view of the very men w ho are to be
j controlled."
The Governor^ charged that the
Roosevelt programme "was not pro?
gressive at sj] In Its fundamentals,"
and remarked that Blbsrt H. Gary,
head of the steei Corporation, and
I George \\. Perkins, a director, sug?
gested the plan of governmental con
! troi of trusts.
I Referring to the tarHf, the Gover
I i
I nor said:
'"The utterances of Mr. Roosevelt
with regard to the tariff are practical?
ly the same as the utterances of Mr.
i Taft, and If you look at tht Saratoga
, progamrae, the Saratoga platform,
j which Mr, Roosevelt himself endors
; ed, you will And there an unqualified
endorsement of the Payne-Aldrich
tariff, just at unqualified as Mr. Taft
made In his Wlnons speech."
Governor Wilson had a strenuous
day iu Kansas, making several
speeches. For twenty miles of V*is
journey he rode in the locomotive cab
While the train was running a mile
a minute.
Federal Offieers to Aid Georgia Rail?
road in Operating Trains To-day
Augusta, <?a, ??et. ???Until almost
midnight to-night the Georgia Rail
I'OUd situation was simply a waiting
K.iine. .\t thai time Superintendent
Brand announced that the road will
begin operation of trains to-morrow
morning, each train to be guarded by
United states marshals, The lirst
train out, No. it ;,t about eight o'clock
to-morrow morning, will leave Augus?
ta with Marshal George White in ths
esb a ith the engineer.
The order of the Feder <i i 'ourt,
granting a temporary injunction
against violence, and naming the
sheriff of McDuffle County as one of
ol the defendants, will be served by
Marshall White tomorrow morning,
through :i special deputy,
Mi^s DuRnnl ol Lake <"it\ in \isit
in* lo-r COUSln, Mis* Iras Skinner.
Moxm - * troops GAIN THE
Drive Baek die Moslems From
Strong Position on Mountain After
Several Hours of Fighting. King
Mcliolas Directing Operations. "
Podjorttza, Montenegro, Oet.? 9.?
The Montenegrin army opened war
against Turkey this morning by at?
tacking a strong Turkish position op?
posite Podjoritza. Prince- Peter, the
youngest son of King Nicholas, fired
the first shot. This was the signal
for firing all along the line and an
artillery duel ensued. Within 21 min?
utes five Turkish guns were silenced
and the Turks retreated from their
first position on Mount Planlnltza. By
noon the Turks had evacuated the
At 8 o'clock the rlrst shot was di?
rected at the Turkish position on the
hills by Prince Peter, who is a cap?
tain of artillery. At the booming of
the gun the band In the Montenegrin
headquarters struck up the royal
After the Turks evacuated the
mountain, a general advance of Mon?
tenegrin infantry was ordered. Cov?
ered by a concentrated artillery flr*e
the foot soldiers moved toward the
strongly fortified Turkish positions in
Detchitch mountain, which commands
the road to Scutari. At 2 o'clock the
Turks landed troops on the shore of
Lake Scutari near the Montenegrin
frontier. A general engagement fol?
lowed and was still in progress at 5
o'clock over an extensive front.
Crown Prince Danielo, commander
ln-chlef, has just ridden in with
Prince Peter from the battlefield to
the king's headquarters for fresh in?
Serious Conflict on the Border Be?
tween Montenegro and Turkey.
Saloniki, Turkey, Oct. 9.?Serious
fighting continues between the Turk
Ud) and the Montenegrin ?orees on the
Moneteglin frontier.
ESssad Pasha* the Turkish com?
mander of (he force marching to the
r?iif!' of Scuttarl, passed the River
Boyana without encountering any
The Albanians in ithe frontier dis?
tricts have promised to restrain the
Montenegrin troops without any help
from the Turkish troops.
- / /
TUB K1: Y t < >\ Fl I >FNT.
Faces tlie Future With Faith in Its
Constantinople, I ?et. 9.?The Turk?
ish government awaits coming events
with calm assurance, according to
Noradundghlan Effendl, the ottoman
foreign minister. In an interview
given to the Associated Press today
he said: "We fate the future with
perfect confidence. 1 should like to
point out, however, that the declara?
tion of war by Montenegro was made
contrary to the practice adopted by
all civilized States. It want against
the stipulation of The Hague conven?
tion, of which Montenegro was a sig?
"in the hrst place no attempt was
made to seek the good offices of a
third party in order to Und a mean!
of avoiding a conflict.
"Secondly, the declaration of war
did nol set forth my real or tangible
cause for war.
"Thirdly, Montenegro opened hos?
tilities withput granting the usual
preliminary delay and actually before
the declaration of war was presented
to the porte."
The Turkish government has decid?
ed to make a selection from among
the Greek vessels detained 'n Turk?
ish ports and will hold those best
suited for militan transport purposes
and release the others.
Large Numlior of Members Begin
Work in Four Classes.
The winter work of the athletic
departments of the Y. M. <'. A. Pe?
gau Tuesday when four classes were
put through their various "gym"
stunts by Physical interior B, A.
All four of the classes w.re well at?
tended ami there was a great deal of
Interest shown in the work by the
Marriage License Record.
\ marriage license was Issued on
Thursday morning to Thomas Juntos
and Beatrice White, colored, of Remt
Three Men Ixist Lives at Leon and
Four Others at Borram-as?Situa?
tion Salved by Col. Long.
Washington, Oct. 8.?Tales of the
surrender of the town of Leon Sun?
day by Nicaraguan revolutionists to
American marines and sailors, under
Lieut. Col. Long, and the logs of three
American lives through the treachery
of drunken rebels, were received at
the State department today from
Minister Weitsell at Managua.
The deaths Sunday brought the
total of Americans killed by the reb?
els to seven, the loss of four at Bar?
ranca Hill, on the road to Leon, hav?
ing been previously reported.
In his advices to Minister Weitself,
Hear Admiral Southerland said he ex?
pected peace in the republic within a
The chief revolutionary bands have
been crushed, and their leaders cap?
tured and exiled.
The men killed at Leon were: Hoy
O. Morgan, turret captain on the Col?
orado, Los Angeles, Cal; George O.
iturgess, ordinary seaman f Colorado,
Stlllwater, Minn.; Marine Private
John Bartels, Cook county, 111.
Although three were reported In?
jured, the name of only one private
Frank Kittsmiller, could be found in
the records here.
Those reported wounded, whose
names do not appear in the records,
were: Lamper, ordinary seaman, Col?
orado, and Dalder trumpeter, ma?
rine. Company D.
j "The credit for this successful ter?
mination of a most critical condition,"
' said Admiral Southerland in his re?
port, "Is principally due to the firm?
ness and the good judgment, ability
and tact of Lieut. Col. Long during
the month he has had charge of the
situation at that place."
When Col. Long demanded the sur?
render of Leon, Dr. 'Cspinosa, Gen.
Irlas ?.nd IF other-reb^l leader* from
Costa Rica applied for protection and
passp'orts to leave the country. This
Wag agreed to after the colonel had
communicated with Hear Admiral
Southerland at Managua, who secured
the approval of President Diaz. Tu n
the surrender of the town vIS an?
Before the Americans DOUld take
possession, however, ? band of drunk?
en rebels opened tire upon the Ameri?
cans, killing the three named. The
marines and bluejackets returned the
lire and killed about. 50 revolution?
ists. 4
The Cleveland has arrived at San
Juan Del .v'ur and will patrol the coast
for .the present. There are now. all
told, ashore in Nicaragua about 2.350
officers, marines and bluejackets from
the California, Colorado, Denver,
Cleveland. Annapolis and Tacoma,
nun bering about 1,SM ofRcers ami
bluejackets and about l,ttl -ulcers
and marines.
T. C. Hanicr Nominated Clerk of
Court in Fourth Primary.
Bennottsvllle, Oct. s. Tom c.
llano r seems to he nominated for
clerk of court of Marlboro County.
The returns so far received gi\e Ha
ner LISI and IteLaorta 1,112. This
is the fourth primary for this office.
Manier having received a majority of
three In the seeond and two n the
third, according to the not of the
returns, but recounts by the execu?
tive committee showed ties in each
The ballots oast in today's primary
are more than in either the sec end or
third. Both candidates were recog?
nised :>s competent. clever gentle
non and the remarkable ret es show
the loyalty of friends ami the popu?
larity < f both ? ontestants,
Cablegram (\mvey* iMOHIgOWC of
Truce in Hostilities.
New Orleans, o. t 1 Juan .'. V.w -
vale, Nicaraguan consul here, receiv?
ed a cablegram tonight from Nn-.t
rsguan minister of foreign relations
at Managua, announcing that peace
had been re-established there The
cablegram ga\o no details.
Consul Kavals Inter prated tit.- mee?
?age .is meaning that normal condi?
tions hsve been restored.
The Civic League library, during
the winter months, will he open be?
tween 4.30 and 5.30 in the nttor

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