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Threatening I* 'turn Have No Effort
In Causing Hint to !>rop 111m Ae
Ui U l.x Aguln?t Vh*i\
Nsw York. Nov. L?Bist riet Attor?
ney Whitman w.?* warned again to
day of an alleged ggg| against him
and was told that with the conclu
alon of the murder trial of Chan.
Backer, deposed police lieutenant, the
'"lid" was being lifted gradually in
the Tenderloin district and that gam?
blers were resuming business.
The prosecutor declined to discuss
the warning except to admit he had
received a letter and a telegram say?
ing four Chicago "thugs" had left
that city to "get him" and were due
to arrive tomorrow by train. He also
said these were not th? first threats
and h* would not care ahout it were
In not for hia family, but It is known
that u lusual precautions are being
taken to guard him. A detective was
at hit* side practically all day.
Investigation has failed to verify
rumors of activity in gambling circles
but a number of houses are said to
have reopened quietly.
Many gamblers who left the city
at the time of the exposure of the
Becker-Rosenthal case have returned.
It Is known.
Ths prosecutor made It known that
as will not rest his case against the
"system" with the conviction of Beck?
er. He la working up evidence re?
garding police laxity and grafting to
say before the extraordinary grand
Jury which will continue the John Dos
prsesedlngs immediately after the
case of the gunmen in the Rosenthal
suurder are disposed of.
War One of Extermination and
I Thousands Killed,
i ? ?
London. Oct. 10.?The full horrors
and excessive sacrifice of human life
la the Balkan war are just beginning
to dribble through the censored tele?
graph lines, startling Europe by their
The realisation Is forced here to*
day that thi? struggle bids fair to be?
come a war of extermination.
( Diplomats are trying to grasp the
foil significance of the burning! of
f?tt< I ?die* on one battle field. Other
startling detsMs today ar* as fol?
officially admitted to
Im 1 . ' ought to be twice this
Bulgarian loss stated ss 25,000.
i Servian loss at Knmanova alone.
400 dead and 2.000 wounded.
Turkish loss at Kumanova and
Vellen. 7.100.
Tl e !Ug Increase In Crop*.
Albany Journal.
Os ths known acreage of potatoes
m the tinted States and the conti,
tion of ths crop reported for Septem?
ber I. the estimate Is based that the
yield will be about 398.000.000 bush
T? 05,000,000 bushels
* r's production of
ggf, Is and ?9,000,000
n the harvest in
In other terms, the Increaa" is the
equhalen'. of more than one bushel
for every man. woman and child In
the 1'nlted flutes.
li !s therefore a certainty that as
gar an potatoes are concerns*.1, the
cost of living *rgfl be matcrla ly de
gggggl I And everybody eats potatoes.
And there will be ahout 69.000.000
busreis wheat more than last yea.*.
Consequently the supply of flour will
be materially greater and lower prices
are to be expected.
And that Is true likewise of other
foodstuffs produced from the soil, "f
which there will be a gre.itly Increased
supplv when the harvests are In.
Ktitgnhlp of M.i' oli.iil.i
OsgS rihajc? n. t ?et ;il Brime liar
?Id. the King of Brnmark s hrother.
gas been naked by the Balkan Stat? s
dipb.mut'? ropfseeatatlves if he grill
gggsjgd the efwwi of ih? gftssaeetlvs
kingdom of \|o?donia it was report
?d today
The Balk >?i allies' plag is under
Stood to be to make Marion a in In
dependent <-on?r\ gftetf unsung it
fron? Turkey and I hi n to federate it
with Bulgaria, lefirhv Moateejegro
and (Hat I ax well as with Houmankv
if It will Join
Kma Oeerge of llreece has be. n
mentn-ro' I a* a e.indulate f? -r in?"'
denr . f ires f. gerat loa
The rr<>wd at the feat ball game n?
t?o ii Clssaaon tad Carol I as ai the
state V i r grounds Thursday was set!
mat'd bv man. b ?% er* of the game
and ft I . I Ith ndi ntl UpOfl I be big
ggggsge gggeag Ig Ihk Mali le hi 11m
largest wbh b has attended any foot
ball game plated* |g the State. A
eonserMitlve estimate put tie- ?i ?wd
of up* i tat ?rs at 4.n00.
lings u> Fly at Half Maat from All
(?ovoriuncnt Buildings and Yosm-is.
Po?? maater Geo. D. Shore Friday
morning received a tclegri m from
Washington Instructing him to have
the Fnkted States tlag lowered to half
mast Saturday, and in accordance with
these instructions the llag over the
l-oBtofflee Saturday will tly at half
nu.st. This is done as a *.oken of re
? pect to the late Vice President James
Sohooloraft Sherman, who on that day
will be burled at his former home at
Ft lea, N. Y. In every city where there
u a government building in the Unlt
? d States and on board every United
States vessel where telegram or cable?
gram can reach and the news of the
muth of the vice president be re?
ceived, flags will fly at half mast dur?
ing the day In honor of the man who
for the past fosjf years has been the
second highest executive officer of
tho nation.
Long Felt Need It, ?allied?Town
(.rowing and Prosp*vts Bright.
The new Hank of Rembert was
opened a few days ago with bright
rrospects for a fine business. The
deposits the first day were $6,500.
Mr. O, A. Lemmon of Sumter is
I resident, D. V. Keels, vice president,
J. Edwin Kembert, Cashier. The
tuilding Is brick and a perfect gem.
This long felt need is at last realized
and the town Is building fast and In a
few years will be a large business
The Moat Serious Side of the Balkan
Each fresh piece of news from the
Balkans' makes it more and more ap?
parent that the most serious situation
of all will arise when the fighting be?
tween the Turks and the allies Is over,
or nearly so. For the great question
Is whether or not the Powers are to
te involved in this warfare, and the
crisis in that connection will arrive,
when the matter of the disposition of
the spoils of war has to be settled.
Despite the reported determination
of the Powers to preserve the status
quo, it is very doubtful if that can be
done. If the allies are successful, they
will want to drive Turkey out of Eu?
rope and Install Christian govern?
ment:; in those principalities now un?
der the dominion of the Sultan. If
the Powers veto this proposition and
say that these territories must con?
tinue subject to the Turk, that would
only insure a continuation of the evils
which have led to the present war and
make a repetition of it inevitable, if
Turkey wins, it may be taken for
granted that it will govern these de?
pendencies yet more rigorously and
with even less consideration than in
the past. There can be no permanence
in such a situation.
If there should be any attempt to
apportion the Turkish European ter?
ritory among the Powers, the prospect
cf a peaceable distribution is by no
means bright. Russia nnd Austria
Hungary are extremely jealous of
eacn ather in this connection, and if
they should clash it would seem im?
possible that their allies. France and
Germany, nhould not (dash also. Then
Kngland would be drawn into the
quarrel. If, on the other hand, the
attempt should be made to make re
publlCS, or self-governing nations, out
of these dependencies, that would be
impossible unless they were guaran?
teed the protection of the Powers,
and in determining Just how this pro
teetloa should be aOCOTdsd there would
be farther opportunities for discord
imong the Powers. As for the sug
sjaated Balkan confederacy, it may be
taken *or granted that Austria and
Kussia would oppose strenuously any
movement that threatened to build up
mother strong military power as a
neighbor of theirs.
These a.e some of the reasons why
a general European war Is feared
wh? n the present oae is ended or end?
ing It is the dark side of the picture.
The bright side Is to be found in the
fact that all the great nations of Eu?
rope seern sincerely desirous of main?
taining the peace, and all are fearful
of oofhtng out of the small end of the
horn in ease] there should he a general
Kuropaaa war.
IssuUm in BsshopvUto.
Blahopvllle, Nov, 1 Busjeen Kel
!? who had been sick with fever
for some time, died last Tuesday evan?
about 4 o'clock st his home near
hopi Die, and Was buried at Heb
n i Wednesday afterioon Mr, Kel?
laj a ai about 10 i eat - of age and
bares a family
I BtShopVM!; . No I. - After an ill
toss of a f?w dit\s the little two
I v?ar obi son of Mr and Mrs. J, I?
Hill died last HatUrday night. The
funeral service w.is held by Rev, i;
r. Bdwardi and R< \ i ... i,? st< r
ami w.is bum d .at the Presbyterian
but I Ing ground
The price of stump llghtwood li a
shocking Illustration of the nigh coat
Of living.
MeBOflal f??r PreMdent und Vuronu for
Vice President Beam to Have Won.
Habana. Nov. I.?The flection of
Oen Mario Menocal and Enrique Jose
Vuronu. candidates for the presidency
and vice presidency of the republic
on the Conservative ticket, and of all
the other candidates of the Conserva?
tives appears practically assured at
den. Manuel Sanguilly, secretary of
State, on leaving the State department
late tonight, told the Associated Prem
representative that while it would be
impossible fully to determine the re?
sult until tomorrow, the trend of the
balloting everywhere was strongly
favorable to ths success of the Con?
servative! and the defeat of Algredo
Sayan, candidate of the Liberals for
president, and the others on the Lib?
eral ticket.
Advises received at Conservative
headquarters here Indicate that Gen.
Menocal has a landslide in his favor,
carrying all six provinces of the Is?
In the city of Habana Gen. Freyere
Andrade, Conservative, was elected
mayor by a mujority of 3,000.
Absolute order prevailed in all ports
of Cuba today In the balloting for
president, vice president and other
The election was held under super?
vision of specially detailed army of?
ficers commanding sufficient men to
compel maintenance of order. Care
was taken to see that the soldiers and
rural guards remained at a respectful
distance from the polls. They pre?
vented more persons than could vote j
simultaneously from passing their
lines and compelled all persons after
voting to leave the polls.
Patrols of cavalry and Infantry
constantly circulated In Habana to
prevent the gathering of crowds, but
their services were not needed while
the police did not make more than
the usual number of arrests.
After the polls had closed enormous
crowds gathered before the various
political headquarters and cheered the
display of bulletins. Cavalrymen rid?
ing in pairs circled the outskirts of
the crowds and did not have to inter?
fere, for the utmost cheerfulness and
good order prevailed.
Gllreath, of Greenville, Puts Quotation
I p to Governor.
Columbia, Nov. 1.?Ex-Sheriff J. D.
Otlreath, who was arrested at Green?
ville, charged with assisting T. U.
Vaughan to escape from the Green?
ville Jail, the case having been drop?
ped because of insufficient evidence,
today telegraphed Governor Hlease
asking him if he ordered his arrest
and the Governor replied that he
would not answer if his t'-iegrain
would be used against any l>emo
cratic nominee. Mr. Gllreath wired
as follows: "Did you order my ar?
rest. Kindly wire at my expense."
Replying* Governor Hlease wired
Mr. Gllreath as follows: "Your wire.
Primary obligations, in my opinion,
bind all parties. The violation of the
oath in one Instance relieves all oth?
ers therefrom If my wire is to be
used against a Democratic nominee,
I shall remain silent."
It will be recalled that Hendrix Hec?
tor, sheriff-elect of Greenville, ar?
rested Mr. Gllreath, and the latter's
friends are so Indignant over the mat?
ter that they have placed an inde?
pendent candidate for sheriff in the
field against Mr. Hector, who won the
Democratic nomination for sheriff
over Mr. Gllreath by a majority of
sixteen votes. Mr. Hector is a Hlease
man and Mr. Gllreath an anti-Blease
At Home From College.
Messrs. Noble Dick, Robert Purdy.
Bdwln Boyle, Wads Wiiiiford.
ami Raymond Sehwart7. were at home
from the University of South Caro?
lina for the week-end. the students
being allowed two days vacation on
BCCOttnl of the State Fair. Mr. Noble
Dick in one of the players on the
Carolins team, but was not put in the
Clemson gams Thursday because of
Injuries received in the gams with the
University of Florida two weeks ago.
In New tJuarters.
The Haids of Dlshopvllle has been
moved t<> its new quarters, which is
one of tin- handsomest as well as
tuest bank buildings in the State. It
is ; ?1 s< massive as some of the large
bank buildings In the Btote, but for
elegant finish ar< hitecural design it
is second lo none, lllshopvllle Vndl
< at or.
\^ Sure a* Bryan,
While the Democratic walkover
may not !??? lhal in fact, yel victory
is almost us pertain <^ Bryan. Thai
is saying quits s lot 'Darlington
Men i nml Pr? as
Mary Wesbrook strike** Anna Wll
11ains After Being Dismissed by Mag
Thursday Mary J. Wesbrook was
arraigned before Magistrate Wells on
the charge of assault and battery
against another negro woman, one
Anna Williams, but was dismissed by
the magistrate as there was not suffi?
cient evidence to convict. Judge Wells
in dismissing the woman informed her
to behave herself in the future and
nut trouble the other woman any
more, but Mary had been incensed by
Anna in being brought into the Mag?
istrate's court and as soon as the two
got home, a second quarrel commenc?
ed and Mary struck Anna across the
As a result Mary J. "Wesbrook was
again arraigned In court Friday morn?
ing for assault and battery and was
found guilty, $10 or that many days
being her sentence by the magistrate.
As she did not have the money at
hand she was Rent to Jail, although
she promised to have the money be?
fore night.
Four 11 n mlrt d Twenty Name? on Poll
Fists not on Auditor's Books.
Auditor Wilder some time after the
Democratic primary secured the club
roils of the various voting precincts
from the secretary of the county
Democratic party and went over the
list of names carefully, making a new
list to be compared with his tax
books to see that all names of tho <
voters were on the tax books. By
making the comparison he found
some four hundred twenty names on
the club rolls of persons of age to
pay poll tax who were not on the ta:;
By his work the county gets this
much more money every year in taxee,
besides getting the names of thSSI
persons who have been dodging taxes
on the county tax books. He at once
notified all of these persons whose
num.'s were added to the books an J
gave them a chance of pay log their
taxes without cost which will be addei
if the taxes are turned over to the
sheriff for colh>ction.
Lot the FfcUdren Come.
Manning Times.
Everybody get ready for the Char?
leston fair, it will be the biggest and
the best naval and military; parades
ever bad la the South. We wish the
schools of this county could make ar?
rangements to carry the children
down for one day, that they may see
the great battleships. We ame satis?
fied that we can help any school im
the county to- get from the railroads a
specially low rate, if they wilL let us
know ia time, of course, we mean a
school in a hiMly. Thee* is an oppor?
tunity at the Charleatan fair which
may never come again fcn many years
to learn something of our country's
resources, it will be an education of
itself to those who attand this, fair.
We sincerely h*ip? that Oaxendon. will
take advantage of it.
Applications for th?r position, of
City Majuiger are comlrjg in fnam all
sections of th* Fnited States, and a
majority of the applicants are engi?
neers and men who have had years of
experience la municipal work as con?
tractors and supervising engineers*.
The wisest provision of the Sumter
Plan of commission government is
that allowing the City Manager to be
selected from any part of the country.
By having the whole Fnited States to
?elect from it is possible to have a
wider choice and the chances are that
a more competent man will be secured.
A competent man who hss no local
affiliations is snore apt to make good
than a local man who would be handi?
capped by tho friendships and enmi?
ties he had accumulated during his
lifetime residence. A new man will
be judged by what he does as City
Manager and what he makes of the
job, while a local man would be judg?
ed, partly at bast by what he had
done or failed to do in the past.
Superintendent of Water Works W.
w. McKagen has done a very neat and
substantial piece of work in the in
' stallation of the public watering
\ trough for horses and mutes at the
intersection of South Main and Man?
ning avenues. The trough is mounted
on three Inch iron piping solidly lm
i beded in the earth. There is an over?
flow pipe connected with the open
j drain along the sidewalk on the east?
ern side of South Main and Manning
'avenue and the heretofore Blopp)
I conditions around the obi trough will
be do'-e away with In the use of the
n ? ugh Tin te w trough with
it- iron standards is a big improvement
In man) ways over the old one, and
will remain for years without cost for
Sumter was well represented at the
state Pair at Cedumbln this year, as
has always been the < a e There
were h number of Rumter exhibits,
many Sumter people present and Home
prize- went to Sumter county people.
"I Wonder Why?"
l'on't you ever hear people say that
when they are constantly reminded
that they can't afford this or that ne?
cessity ?
Nine times out of ten the reason is
lhat they never learned the saving
habit; funny too, isn't it. when it's
such an easy habit to acquire. Just
put a dollar or so a week in the bank,
and watch how it grows.
Come and vry it at this bank, and
you won't have to "wonder why."
The Peoples' Bank
SaSaSSBSBSaSBWMaaSSBI ? .I.??^am^mwmmre, ? ?? ? ????
It is Our Earnest
to establish relations of mutual usefulness with more of the
young men of this community. Come in and let us demon?
strate to YOU our ability to assist you in your endeavors to
get ahead in the world?not only our ability but our wiling
ness to help you in nny way consistent with safe, sound
Fir^l National Bank.
With our excellent and complete showing of new goods in
the hardware line. And every "brand" of goods we have in
stock is the best of its kind. We ask for the chance to prove
this to you. Right now it's stove time. We have the exact
kind to please you, and the price is right. Com? in to-day to
the new store.
Burns-Lowry Co.
Money spent on teetn is a good
lnv?astment and one that gtvea you
dally return*
Money the Met tiara of Exchaasje .
la only good so far as tt gives us
the things which contribute to our
health, comfort and happiness.
When Spent on the Teeth it brings
TJs aB Three of the Above,
The Stuntar Dental Parlors arc de?
voting thetr Ufa work to the care of
Uia teeth, let them look your mouth
Stimter Dental Parlors,
Ask For the
Manufactured By
Witherspoon Bros. Shoe Mfg. Co.
Sold by all RESPONSIBLE merchants.
Buy them and cut your Shoe bill 25 pec cent.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Ws a-j prepared to furnish tide product at prices that will enable
every farmer to US6 it. We ha\e a very low price this year nnd
nothing will do your land more {."od, especially run down lands,
or l<?w and sour land. It is necessary for all leguminous crops
such \s Alfalfa, clover, vetch, peas. etc. del our prices In Bar
lots or In smaller quantities. Sample*? on request,

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