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The watchman and southron. (Sumter, S.C.) 1881-1930, November 16, 1912, Image 2

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$28,000 Worth of Merchandise
. Wreck No. 1.
Iei2 pair* of Hens' liiert? Grade Shoe*. Thcer
shoe* mrr all tLe wanted h'uther* such a* tan, colt
-mu. calf ?klii, patent Icslher, %k-l kid buckskin, elk
skin, ho* emit, ?tc.. ami <m?n*d*t of auch well known
brand* a* the Hoiuclas, V?arry, Hooln, Pmllcott,
Johnson ami other %%e?l known brand* which retail
at $.V:?o to 6.YO0 i pair.
Out Price $1.98 a Pair
SIM Pair* of HojV Shoe* In Poltskln, Calf a?ln Gun
Metal. InfM SlKM>t rt ta 11 at Jnun $2.50 to $3.00 a
pair. Our prkt at Thl* groat Itallroatl wreck sale.
Pair .$1.3?
one (.rent Ilia I m of Hoy*' shoe* In all the Wanted
la-ather*. Thewe shoe* retail ut $1.75 ami $2.50 a
Pair?to be sold for per Pair.OHc.
\tniV Tan shoe* north up to f.Yoo a Pair?:o Im* Sold
f-.r Per Pair.$2.??
Thm Slots ire the Litest Styles and Up-to-Date
2.ta7 Pain* of Men'* Hea\ > Ian Work Shoo* That
II? tall at $3.tN) a Pair?Our Price |Wff Pair. $1.70
\,oi- Ileaiw W%rk Shoe* Worth $3.50 a Pair at per
pair .$1.?H
One Ml* Lot of Meie? llca\> Work SIhms* at per
Pair .
I In- above i.oo<t>. were Wreeked ut Maiia>uiik. Pa.,
on Xugu-t 1*4. MIS, ine] trOfO t onsl>rne<l to II.
? o*tcllo and t o., of Ken*urojr69a\ K>. Thl* Plrm ef>
iiimnI to ll?'oei\e C.ood* on \ro?nnt of Delay und the
Banehi wom eltlpgajd to < on*oi)?iat? d Mercantile t'o..
o, in- nnhl tjm, k. Una hi your Closure of a Llfattaae
io pjel ?li.li Onnh- <,<hnU ut *n? h Low Prieis*. Tliore
laeeA Mtend lani sab?, us it hi of njeecaal Advantage1
io reea
Attend This Great Sale and be Gonvinced
IlanirO' Hen\y Work Siioo.*--at per Puir. ?Sc.
Pauli? s Shoe, in all Leather*, all Sl>los und all.
Width's?Worth up to $3.50 per l*alr?tit pet
Children'* Shoe*?Worth tip U> $1.50 per Pair?to be
Bold for pee Pair.7?c.
Children'* Shoe*?Sizes from 3 to H?at per Pair I9c.
Infants' Shoe*?to be Sold for per P?lr.190.
The ahvra ?jood* were Wrecked at Southuark. N.
.1.. while being sliipiH'd to J. P. Lofton & Son. of
llaltlinore. Mtl. At the time of this Accident the
ubow Pinn went Into Bankruptcy mid the Good*
wer*- let on the Hand* of the Railroad, Therefor**
rid* Great Opportunity i* Your*. Gmap n wlitio
you ha*e the cliuiicc.
Wreck No. 3.
-Worth up to
$1.50 at
.. .,89a
.... Hoc.
Wreck No. 2.
Itfd pair* of Ladt?*' shoe* lit ab the wanted
lent here, uii *t/c* and ait irMtlK ail *i\k*. riie*4
eiraea an- made by lb. be-t m..n.i?ae mur* ol Ladle*
hImmm in tin- country, and retail at preren ranging
Irena $-V5o m ai.on. Prlre at tin* grant *ni?' ut
$1.98 a Pair
MYl Paen afl i-u ?n?-*' High Grude Mlearu wMca re*
tittl at from %2 M IO 66.66 pat pair, will he BOid at
rani Mnreoeani aalt for pre Pair,, ... .$1.23
on, I oi of High (.rude lonlwri Ntenf? at |m-r Puir 07c.
tiln Pah1 of \|l**e*' und < liildreii * Shoe* In llij;li
cut ami Basalem Heran Nmes uro nil the botest
Nyfc .mil .in W 01 tli up lo $2.50 per Pair. Wo,
-.11 tle ni all at the Luiighuhle prbe of Per
Men*.* WimiI flannel Bhtra
Men * Henry Work Shirt*?Worth up to
Puch. . i.
Men * Drew Sliln*?W orth up to $2.00?at Paeh 69c
Men * Die** shirt*?Worth up to $1.00?at Pauli 39c
\ Large Lot of Men * Shirt* at Each.20e.
Men * Henry Fleece Lined and Ribbed Underwear,
rid* Underwear Retnlle all over the Length and
Breadth of This Entire Country for 75c net Gar
mcni. our Price per Garmenl.$*c.
'ven * Henry Work Suspenders?Wurtli 85c per
Pair?at per Pair.19c.
Men * High Umde Pant* in Wool, Worsted. Cheviots.
Etc. Merchant Tailor-, retail these Pauls ait from
$3.00 io $5.00 per Pair. Our Prlre at this Sale,
per Pair.$LuH
Men'* Pauls?Worth up to $3.on per Pair ?I per
Men'* Pants?Worth up to $2.oo per Pair at per
Veil's Drear anil Work Pants?ait per Pair. . . .69c,
(Some oi These Pants are Worth up to $2.50 per Pair
Men'* Suits?Worth up to ?10.00 Pau li?to be sold
for Each.$4.0?
Men'* Hails?Worth iVom $2.50 to $5.50?al
Puch.SI. 10
Men's High Grade Hatl-Worth up to $2.50?at
Men'* lleai\y Wool Hose?Worth up to 50c |mt Pair
?ait per Pair.i "<?.
Men's PIllO Hos?-?Worth up to 15r per pah?at per
Men'* Regular $1.00 Overall)-at per Pair.IHe.
Men's liest Grade Linen Handkerchiefs at.Sc.
Men'* Hitndkcrcliicfs at.to*
Men's 50c Necktie* at.1??\
Men'* 25c Neckties at.12c.
These GoodT were Wrecked Bent, tith, at uiuo
liehi. W. Va.. Conalgncd to J. s. Turk, of Cleveland,
Tenn. These Goode will he put on Sale at the ubove
Low Price* in order to liaise Money for the above
Wreck No. 4.
Lcd'es' Long Coats in lllaek liroauh loth, Caricul uml
Rcrerelble, and Pony Coaits in all Style*, all Color-.
'I hose Coals retail up to ?15.00. Our Price
Ladle*1 Coate?Worth op to $10?at Each... .94.01*
Ladies' Coats?Worth up to $8.00?at Puch. . .64.98
Ladle*' ( tails?Worth up to $0.50?at Pauli. . . S2.18
A Large Lot of La dice1 Long Coate in Plaid* und
Pluck to he Sold lor. Each.$1.10
Ladle*' Laiti'st Style Whip Corded skirts in all the
Latest style*. These Skirts Retail ait from ST.00
to sio.vMi^?Our Price, Each., j.$4.98
Ladle*. We call your Special Attention to the
Above vkirts. ais it is Very Seldom than You hnvo f
Cluince to Gel such High Grade skirt* at euch Low
Ladies' Skirl*?Worth up to $6.50?ait. Each. .$8.98
Ladle*' skirts?Worth up to $1.50?at Each. .$1.98
l adies' Kkllta?Worth up to ?3.00?at Path. $1.10
Lattice1 Skirts?Ml Color* and all Styles and atll
Klzoi-at Pauli.98c.
one Large Lot of Ladle*1 Flannel Night Gown*?ait
Ladie*' Drawer*?to be Sold lor per Pair.10c.
The above Goods were in ai Car Wrecked near
f*alnc*i Hie, Ga., ?I?iwchI to .M. lEaletteld, of Home.
Ga, These Good* were shipped to Consolidated
Mercantile Co. to be Turned into Caish at Once?
A Word to the Wise is sutiicient. Take Advantage of
kite AlM?\e ElMirniOUal) Low Prices.
Wreck No. 5.
Men's Heavy tirade Overall*, Ktrletl) Cnion Made.
MaiiufaeturcHl hj one of the Momi Famous Overall
Concern* in the Country. To he >ohl tor |n?r
Men's Heavy Bweatcra, all Wool?Worth up to $1.00
?ut I'aeh.41c.
Men'* Henry Sweaters at Pach.$1 98
Men'* Henry Brrantere at Pach.\)fk\
Hoy*' Sweatei-* at Each.-19c.
Boy's Sweater* at Back.Srto.
Chlldren'a Sweater* at Pach.2:\c.
Boys' Suit*?Worth up to $f.oo?to be Sold for
Hoy*' Suit*?Worth up to $2.50?to be Sold for
Boys' I,ong- PaatS?m be Sohl for per Pair. . . . Itte.
Hoys' Knee Pant*?to be Sold for |?or Pair . . . .39c.
Hoys' Knee Pant*?to bo Bold for iht Pair. . . .29c.
Hoys Knee Pant*?to Ih' Sohl for per Pair. . . 19c.
Men's Work Hose at per Pair.7e.
Wreck No. 6.
Ladies' Ribbed and Pleoce Lined Pndcnvcar at i>or
Ladles1 and Misses House and street Dreseea?Made
of the Pin?**! Servian Donarsttr and Glnglmrni?lo
be Sold for Pach.
Ladles* Short and Long Kimonos in all
Worth up to $2.00?to lie Bold for Pach
Clnrldon Bod spreads?Worth nn to
Extra [Arge Hemey piunketi?to i?c sold
Lange Lot of BlunketS ait per Paiir.
Large Lot of Blankets at per Pair.
Ladles' 15c Hoar? to be sold for |mt Pair.
Ladies' liea\.v Ploeeo Lined Ho^1?Worth
pair?for |m'r Pair.
i.auiie** Heavy Gray Hose i>cr Pali
Laniies* Embroidered Handln
he sohl at Pau li.
ladies' Handkerchiefs?Worth
. . . .98?'.,
. . . OOi-.
for \H*r
. . . .$1.88
. . . .96c
. .66e.
25?' a
. . . . 12 l-2?\
.7 c.
?Worth 25c?to
to be soi?i for
..en's ll?ai\> Jersey Fleece Llnctl Top Shirt?worth
si.oo?to be ><dd at Tills sailo for Pauli.I9e.
.? ?.?? .
imported French soap. Buttermilk, Oatrnenl, Castile,
Wlteh Hasel, Tar. Violet. H?>s?- and Carnation
Soa|)?to he s??hi :t Bnrs for.I6e.
Ladies' sj(ie Combs and Rarettee at.7e.
Paill Tliread, Black, White, and Turkey Red, 7 Hall*
..The above Goods were in ai rar Wrecked at
Ptuspnlxvllle, <.a.. on Vugust JTih. 1912. while In-ing
SIiI|mjkhI to the Johnston l>r> Goods amd Notion t ?i..
of Wayeros*. tia. This pirm is now having a Litiga?
tion with the Railroad, in the Meantime \w will Ceil
the HimmIs at Prices I nla?ard ?>f in Bnmter before.
We also have an enormous quantity of merchandise which we have no room to specify in this newspaper,
but if low prices and high grade merchandise appeal to you, we have no doubt that these goods will go very fast.
Therefore we advise you one and all to come to this, the greatest Mercantile event ever held in the historv of
Sumter. S. C. or any other city. Don't forget the time and place. Friday Morning. NOVEMBER 15. at 8 o'clock
J. K. Crossweirs New Block
On the Main Business Street of Sumter, S. C
Fifty Experienced Saks People Wanted. Apply to Joe Wynne.
^iPKCM A I ? Merchants it will pay \<>u lo take .1 dio <?if to attend this sale, you will
w71 j j w I / \ I j ? fjnt| Merchandise here al prices below wholesale cost.
EOTrntii^^ i t '?tl. tw riTnmmii?iiiiii

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