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Rt l/I > DtltAZZO l\ SF1TE OF
Negotiation* Fur IVuov are l?rogrc*
s sing at llaght? he ii ix I Great Power*
are Exchanging l*ro|x?*uiM for OfcsV
?rrence U> Settle Whole Question.
London. Nov. 2H.?The Servians, Ig?
noring the proclamation of Albanian
Independence, ha*e occupied the port
of Duraaso without resistance. This
Information c ?mos In a direct dis?
patch from that town tonight. Thus
the conflict Is raised to acute form be?
tween Austria and Servla and It re?
mains to be seen whether the Aus?
trian government will take any direct
action ir will be eontrnt to have the
question for after the war settlement.
The Pervia action, coupled with
the eminently warlike feeling pr? | I
Ing at Vienna, Is likely to keep Eu?
rope In a state of anxiety. On the
other hand the fact that the negotiu
tions are progressing at Haghtche arm
that there is no sign <>f the resump?
tion of operations on the Tchatalja
lines while the great powers are ex?
changing proposals for the i ssembling
of a European coniereru e. all make
for a peaceful settlement.
8hould the proposed conference
materialise ? for apparently Austria
has not yet consented to participate?
It would be considered as preparatory
to a later conference, which would
nclude the Balkan Statea ant. Tur
*ey, for a final settlement of iS oues
.ton*. Nothing as to where the con?
ference will take place has been given
out Great secrecy la preserved re?
garding the conference at Haghtche
and it is not known whether the prin?
ciples are discussing on armistice or
It is reported from Rome that a
provisional Albanian government has
aeen constituted at Avalon by 80 Al?
banian delegates.
The Turkish fleet with the exception
>f the cruiser Hamldieh Is reported
tf special correspondents fca Constan?
tinople to be ready to go out and
Ight. It Is still doubtful, however,
rhethrr the Ottoman military author
ties will agree to allow its use against
.he Greek fleet despite the reported
ntrntlon of the Greeks to transport
urge forces to Xeros bay behind the
Dardanelles. Thf move would seem
0 give the Turkish destroyers the
haru, for which Turkish naval offi?
cers profess to long.
1 Ifen MsfVM Pn?*a Is now In
.5?m*tid of the garrii? >n goardh.
fast fen* of the Dai Lint lies. The I
troop** ussier hl? bowtfn ir-.t *]. r.. ? ? J
f*r*?nrlv retrf r< ? d and . r ? said Is I
lesst four divisions.
rt of the arrest of 600
T . cers and a number of
1 eluding Dr. Naxim Hey,
t ganls?*r of the committee
o* I ! Progress, by the Greeks
H Is telegraphed by a spe?
ed -ident. The arrested men
h ported by Greece. The
CC says this step by the
t>i jstlfled because ?he
Tv 1 the terms of capltu
lat their parole and got
aw cases by using fraudu
len i ,.>uifd passports.
Th*? correspondent adds that the
Importance of this develonm? nt will
be v nd? M.1 wh'-ti it ?* realized
that th? character of th<- w.ir in Ma
cedonl ? ho* cha'g?d and that the
Greek army is now seriously harassed
by numerous guerilla bands largely
composed of liberated soMtera.
Mortn.< r tvo Buasartaa sowsad*
era have i Slplalasl that Turkish
officer* ha\.- left by steamer from
RaiomKi to pfosssl Is Coaatsntlaopls
for th.- purpose of JotnlSJl Ihelf Com*
rud. s tik,'?inn?c at T< h ?t.ilj.t.
It was discovered that 1 >r. N.i'/lin
Hey was organising meetings ind
leading numerous intnguts against
p.%ki m>iti vnc i'<?m
rshag hsssjpn fstvtspj iHsraasn WMch
M o lU eonio Hour of ( oiitentloii
Itetv*. . n I wo Nation-.
I'utjsso. Nov. 3i? ?The Servian
troop* SSSWgtted '1 ?' tOWS toil i>. No
rMtstaie Was off. red.
t?o AiMtrian Lloyd sis ass si Oral
Wurnit'Dind left immediately with a
number of refugees.
iMiraxxo is the put on the Adri?
atic wbie?, s?T\m deeares to rrtmn
and which Austin* deti rinmed S? rv in
shall not hold.
KM I ri Ml \ I IN \\ ^1 HI V
t .ov , rnio. ol - |'i epuratu.n- for Waf
Mir Dual Mitimn In
Vienna. Nov. Much e\. it. t o tit
has h. en oci asloro d by the action oi
tbr government in arranging f??r the
mohollia ..on of lie Austrian arrn>
Th- parlinrn? tit ?rv ISftdSfl met to?
night and d? ? id. d to ,(lb - w rm-b. 1 ua -
thin It SM 1.mo itt.. wbhout tie
customary first nadliu
Ac ording Is Jn,> NSAM Krie |--esse
the premier in mnounclng the bills
|g ,1,.. p| . daft rnmlttee told the
pa r 11 < 1111 ? 11' or v ItrWf ri there wn ?? M
change In th
Tho papers i
?Ion that the altuation is still critical.
At an extraordinary meeting, the
municipal council tonight made a
?I? nionstration of groat loyalty. Amid
rousing cheers for the emperor the
council adopted a manit' sto declaring
that "the maintenance of peace is
>Nv>rth great sacrlllces, hut the econo?
mic prosperity of riattOM and the full
blessings of industry are only vouch?
safed to states which maintain peace
not by dishonorable weakness, but
forcefully. supported by the con?
s' musness of a just cause "
After the meeting thousands of per?
sons formed in procession and sinn?
ing patriotic hymns, marched to the
1 >? utchsmaatt r monument, where the
burgomaster delivered a patriotic ad?
interesting news Of Win?
Game Ooeh Lodge" PogMSd Among
Sumter's Twenty-live Reprosonta
tiw* at the College.
Winthrop College, Rock Hill, Nov.
LT?.--The Correspondence Club of
Winthrop College has a memlo from
almost every county in South Caro?
lina. The girls meet every two weeks
and discuss the way in which the
Winthrop news can be made interest?
ing io the home people. It is the duty
of each member to write the general
news of Winthrop College and the
personal news of the girls from her
county, to one of tho county papers.
Thi.- club had its picture taken for
"the Annual" about two weeks ago.
The twenty-live girls from Sumter
county are doing all in their power
to uphold the reputation that tho for?
mer Sumter girls have made. We
feel as If we are holding our ground
very well, because out of the twenty
five, the following have college ojfi
ces Miss Harlot Herbert, Co?lege
Marshall; Miss Margaret Cheyne,
Vice President of sophomare class;
Miss Mabel Rooth. President of
Freshman class; Miss Katie Pitta
basbet-ball manager of freshman
Many improvements are being
made around the college. An annex
is being added to the infirmary, the
laundry is being enlarged, and pre?
parations are being made for enlarg
ing the auditorium. The Winthrop
Training school is almost completed
and it Is hoped that the new science
hall will soon be finished.
The head of our English dep.i t
~ ?? T>- K'n^rd and one of our
tetchers Miss Withers, w.r?- r..?t'i. d
g feU dnys aip.? th | tvt ir Bag sh
I ramm.ir ?was being ?Pad as a ' |
B ;o ihOMglil, Cv na i
our dancing nan oh- boon mad*
much smaller by the sides being taken
away for practice room. This makes
the hall much too small for Ok r
man. so the 'lrst German wlich wlb
be given by the Terpslchorean Club to
the Thalia, on the night before
Thanksgiving, willl be given on the
third floor, main building. Among
the girls who will attend it are:
Misses Maggie May Scale, Caritti Itan
dle, Eleanor Hughson, Susie Dick,
Adele Pitts, COOttS McKagen and Oor
dan Field.
Among the many pleasures prov'J
ed for the students during Thanksgiv?
ing v * ek is a musical by ProfOOasf
F.aur. the head of our music depart?
ing nt. on Monila> night. F. very sum?
mer Professor Daur returns to hi* oa?
th ? tiome, (ieimany. to pursue bb
study of Music. He is a gradual-* of
Lelpolc University and s muslelan of
unusual talent. Profoss?r l'.aur has
he. ri at Winthrop for more than ten
yea rs.
?Knapp Agricultural i?ay" will be
eeb-brat. ,j <>n Wednesday. a special
program has boeg arranged with
Professor l. a. Ntvon, former head
ot iiis agricultural department as
special speoker. Professor Slvenwlll
speak ol ihp. Knapp's service to the
Mouth, The children of the training
school have als.? arranged s special
Of eoorSS gre are looking forward
to Thanksgiving with the greatest of
pleasure Pot many tins win be the
first Thanksgiving away from horns,
but Winthrop is like a big family
with sight hundred children( we hope
all will be happy. We will have Our
usual tug dlaner with everything on
tb. market
The Sumter girls have organised
a Marne Cock Lodge.' We meet
every ones la walls snd dlsouss
gumtef ro ws only, however, it doss
not lake the "Lodge" to keep up the
"Qasae Cook" spirit.
"a Cock '
Hlmp Early,
Buy your Christmas presents early
early kg ths da) and early In Do*
remher or late tr* November. That
Will be you? best g|f| of the holidays
to the workers behind the counters
sod on the delivery wagons Char*
h ston Post,
Sumter county has another death
to report due t.? the work of the dt ad
W pistol at a negro hoi supper and
da io e.
Tlllman Win Probably Have Oholoe
of Appropriations, Naval Affairs Off
Interstate Commerce,
Washington, Nov. 88.?Control of
the Important committee! of the sati?
ate In the next congress when the
boUy w ii i?f under Democratic dom?
ination hai become a question of
pressing Importance. The matter is
oonsldsred so vital to the shaping of
legislation snd Democratic pollclei
that the party U aders now hers are
dlsousslnf it with a view to obtain"
Ing action.
it is expected thai some form of a
Democratic senate caucus or confer?
ence will be held nexl week to take
preliminary steps toward reorganis?
Tiie senate committees not only
SXerclse a practical control over all
legislation {>t congressi but they will
Control no little patronage. The agi?
tation In Democratic ranks has arisen
from the fact thai a few Democrats
U>ng in the senate held the ranking
position on practically all the impor?
tant committees. If the rules of
seniority are followed, each win be
allowed to pick the chairmanship of j
one of these committees, and at the
same time hold second position on
Senators Baqon, Tlllman and Mar?
tin, who entered the senate in lb'Ju,
head the Democratic membership of
many committees. Senator Tlllman
Is the ranking Democratic member of
eight committees and under the sen?
iority system would be entitled in the
new congress to take the chairman?
ship of one and hold the second place
on till the others. Under the pro?
posed plan, he would be entitled to
select a Chairmanship but then would
have to give second place on the oth?
er committee to members not now
holding important positions.
Among the committees over which
Senator Tillman would exercise con?
trol are appropriations, interstate
commerce and naval affairs.
Senator Hacon commands the first
place on five committees among them
foreign relations, Judiciary and rules,
three of the best committees of the
list. In addition to being chairman
of the Democratic caucus, Senator
Martin could be chairman of any one
of four committees, including com?
Senator Culberson, who eaime in
four years latei ih?4t either ? i these
three, it th< ranking Denvocrsg- sn
f >u ? abflSgSlttSM - iftd In : 'hftllon, I
Ma*oh 4, aim hold second plac?
appro] Nations and Judleiari
Senator Simmons, who entered the
Senate as late as 1901, whould have
his choice of the chairmanships of
as many as six committees, including
finances. other members who will
have a wide range of choice are Sen?
ators Dan ahead and Johnston of Ala?
bama; Clarke and Davis of Arkansas;
Newlands of Nevada; Overman of
North Carolina; Smith of Maryland,
and Stone of Missouri.
Good Work ?>f Fire Department Con?
fines Flames to One Hullding in
IlllSllsWi District.
Florence, Nov. 21*. ? Florence came
near having a disastrous Are in the
business district tonight. Shortly af?
ter o'clock smoke was seen issuing
from the furniture store of Charles I?.
Bray, and upon investigation \t was
found that the it terlor of the building
was in flames. Within a few minutes
the department was on hand, b-jt he
fore water was turned on tht build?
ing the flames were leaping high Into
the air. It did not ake long for the
firemen to get in their worlt, and
after an hours hard work and tinn?
ing thousands of gallons of water <m
the building the fire was brought un?
der Control. The Hray building is par?
tially gutted and the entire stork of
furniture and house furnishing goods
is badly damaged from heat, smoke
and water.
Doafejeas Cannot Do Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion the eat
There i-i only one way to eure deaf*
ness, and that la by constitutional
remedies, Deafness Is caused by an
Inflamed condition of the mucous lin?
ing of the Bustachlan Tube. When
this tube la Inflamed you have a rumb?
ling sound "r imperfect hearing, and
\. h< n it i ent re \ closed. I deafness
|a the re ult, and unless the Inflam?
mation can be taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condi?
tion, hearing be deatroyed for?
ever! nine esses oul of ten are caused
by Catarrh, which is nothing but an
Inflamed condlttoi ? i the mucoua
surf let
We Will give < ?n ? Hundred Dollsrs
for any case of Deafn< (caused by
c tfarrh ? that cannot be ctiied bj
Hail's Catarrh Cure. Semi for cir?
culars, free,
F, J Cheney ?\ Co.,
Toledo, Ohio
Sold by druggists 76c
Take Hall's Family Pllli for consti?
Capture ?>. Girl's Assailant and Dra?
matic FUghl in Darkness Come
soon After Nightfall.
Macon. Qa? Nov. 20.?A Cordele
sp.cial to The Telegraph Bays:
* Thc sheriff of Dodge county is
speeding in a big touring car down
Into southeast Georgia tonight with a
negro, Chesley Williams, and hot In
pursuit are sev< ral more cars filled
With armed men, tent on lynching
Ihe prisoner, who last night at a lato
hour shot the Wife ->f a well known
planter of Dodge county and crim?
inally assaulted her IS-year-old
daughter. AH day cliisen posses
have been scouring tho countryside
Tor Chesley Williams, the negro,
whom both the mother and girl de?
scribe as their assailant, in an effort
to lynch him. Tonight, some time ni?
ter dark, the sheriff found him in an
outhouse not far from the scene of
the outrage and immediately with a
posse of live deputies left for parts
"t >n the presumption that he was
hound for McRae or some other point
on the Southern railway, several cars
a half hour afterward left in pur?
"The crime was committeed a tew
miles out of Rhine, some 30 miles
from here. Last night, while the
mother and daughter were alone in
the house, which is isolated, the ne?
gro, who had been B farm hand on the
place, entered the house. He was
ordered out but refused to go. He
shot and seriously wounded the
mother and then assaulted her 18
year-old daughter. Shortly after fhe
outrage the men of the house return?
ed and the women told their story.
Since that time posses from all over
the countryside have been searching
for the negro. Negroes tonight told
tho sheriff where Williams was and
he found him in an outhouse hid?
"It is understood that before the
flight of the sheriff and his prisoner
started, the negro, Williams, con?
Now Is the time to do your Christ?
mas shopping early.
Quite a large number of young men
and ladles from here went over to
the dance at Florence Thursday night.
report 1 had meet pn
feyable time.
'rh, 'rwberry Observer oboe* /es
wef! it- saying that the i si
rule In cooking a turkey is ?
to get your turkey. No easy
thing to do, comments The Ob?
server, when turkeys are selllfflj from
fifteen to eighteen cents a pound.
Nor when they are selling for trarenty
flve cents.?Charleston Post.
We lnire beforetimes called! atten?
tion to the hope that lay in the- de?
velopment of tho small farm near the
city, and we are sure that we have
i/nly to r*5int to the corn clubs and
the tomatto clubs of this county, with
tlkelr records, to show that it is really
net going to bo hard for a man and
bis family to make a good living on
a farm of t*a. acres.?Florence Times.
Dust Poisoned Pies Kill.
The corouer'c investigation of the
death of William Howling of I^anca
shire, after mating pork pies in May
last, was concluded when Doctor Har?
ris, medical officer of health, staTed
that his opi.vfon was that the Infection
of the meat in the shop was caused by
dust blown In from the street.?Lon?
dor. Mail_
"If our man doesn't mako a record
In the legislature," pays tho Whksett
Courier, "we'll send him to congress,
whero ho"H be lost sight of and cover
beard from agaiu."
Special Sale
?OF ?
Thomas A. Edison, Inc.. will not
htunilfueturc any more wav rec?
ords, Tliej ate making an III
itchti'iicllhlo cylinder record In
lead In I minute*, only at ,"?0
? col*
We Will ell while ' lt< \ |uM Of
tlu< 2 ami i mliite record**, wax,
2 minute at . I minute at 35e.
<.et your --bare of (lleMe record*
before UlOJ are all gone. Let u^
sell you an lUllson machine, cash
or eon) payments. Write for cat?
alogue if It is mi you can't cull.
W. A. Thompson,
.11 Wi l l It AND QPTICAN.
Whatever Your
Name Is hhh
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I4?yin? your bllU; then you'll never dispute an accoont, because
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waut it. We ll guarantee to treat a one dollar a'count with the
same rare as a 100 dollar account.
The Peoples' Bank.
Continuous Ap IdR ts.
Make the Effort! L
An account with a Strong, Conservative
Bank is an anchor to windward.
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to teaeh your boy the value of small uccuniulutions, tluift, economy
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whut you have accumulate 1. he will be better prepared to care
for and increase It.
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ami build an account at the
Fir^l National Bank.
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step toward Fortune and success. No man ever
reached the top without climbing. First advance
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Why not deposit with us.
The Bank of Sumter
?Msassjpessessi ?''?^?^^????ssssmsssmsssbmssisssss^^
We are prepared to furnish this product at prices that will enable
every farmer to use it. We have a very low price this year and
nothing will do your land more good, especially run down lands,
or low and sour land. It is necessary for all leguminous crops
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