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OI.I? s| < IUT\HY s\>s (.<><>|)-H\ |
gr \i\ ran,
Many Member* of Chaiultcr Attend
Smoker ami Rally Wednesday
> Itfttl in Honor or Two strrrlurirh
?Hfvml Inuwetlng Talk.*.
The Chamber of Comment Smok?
er and Rally Wednesday night hold
In tho Chamber of Commerce Hall
was well attended by a large number
of tho members of the organisation
and Secretary A. V. Snell waa bid
"tlood Speed" to his new held of la
bor and the new secretary waa wel?
comed In a truly "Game Cock" atyle.
Interesting talks were made by
the retiring and the incoming secre?
taries) and by Dr. Raker, president of
tho Chamber. The meeting was call?
ed to order shortly after 8 30 by Dr.
Raker, who stated that the meeting
was for the purpose of allowing the
departing secretary to make his fare?
well talk to the peopio of Sumter and
giving the business men of Sumter an
opportunity of rffletlng the new secre
cary, Mr. O. A. Waterman, who be
gtna his duties here on tho first of
December, takln* up the work of
tne Chamber wfc ere it 1? being left
off by Mr. Sn. 11.
Mr. Snell thanked the people of
Sumter moat heiixtlly for their gen?
erally courteous imd cordial r--e. ptIon
of him when he first came here, and
during his stay of eighteen months
with them He Mpok. in the highest
terms of the backing and co-operation
of the business men of Sumter which
he had received in every undertaking
which he had set about to accom?
plish. He spoke of the growth of
Sumter. past and future, and tho
bright prospect* of the State, special?
ly In the Pee Dee and coast sections.
Mr. Snell's farewell spe? -h waa list?
ened to with tho greatest attention
aad he was most heartily applauded
when he ceased speaking. As Mr.
Snell still remains in South Carolina,
the people of S'umter do not feel that
they have lost hl:n entirely. a>s he will
still be working for South Carolina,
although not living In Sumter.
Mr. Waterman, the Incoming secre?
tary, made only s short talk which
won for htm the good will of his
hearers. He stated that he could not
then say what he would do, what lines
of work he would push and what new ,
undertakings he would endeavor to
carry through, until he had learned
more of local conditions and tradl
Hons, which he was now trying to
absorb. He was much pleased with
what he hud seen of Sumter and with
the people he had met. Mr. Water?
man was given a cordial welcome by
the business men present to whom h
was Introduced during the evening.
Dr Haker spoke on the harmful ef?
fects of allowing people to carry pis?
tols, which he termed "a Weapon used
only for slaughter .' HS gSTTOOatsd a
law making It unlawful for the man?
ufacture of pistols except for the use
of soldiers in limes of war. Upon a
motion of Mr. H. C Haynsworth, it
was resolved that South Carolina's {
t epr. MetitKtl\e? be requested to do all
In their power to pass a law to this
Dr. Baker also spoke on the dread
diseases which might be brought into
this country through tho opening of
the Panama ('anal and thought It well
that measures fee taken to have all
possible prevetitutlve measures taken
to keep out disease from the far
Mr Neill '?'Donneil, as chairman of
the eommltte,-. read resolutions which
had been prepared by the Chamber
of Commerce thanking Mr. Snell for
his work In Sumter and congratulat?
ing him upon h < **s i i .i 1 irger
field of 1 ab.?r. The resolutions, which
were as follows. was unanimously
Wberem Mr A V Stud I. after ser\ -
Ing ih?? Sumter Chamlwr of I'm i
merer, is S.m r. tury for the past In
months, has now been called to a sim
liar position with the Charlcatoti
Chamber of t '<? imorce,
Therefort lie It Resolved, Thai the
Sumter Chamber of Commerce ci
gratubit-s Mr. Snell ..n In, >i ina*?
ment and den In * to express to bin. IS
appreciation of bis faithful er..rt* and
earnest and ? then nt work wh b with
us. snd that wo f. . I in add thm to
th?? results actually jo bo ved be hai
laid the foundation ..f henotit? th
will accrue t.. Sum'* r for years to
% II.? If RggggfSJd further. That |
ropy of them, resolutions be presented
to Mr Snell, that they be spread upon
the minutes of this gSSStltig. and thai
a ropy be also forwarded IS tlo> Ctiai
leaton Cham'? r "f lornrto ?
?A Mitchell, a general no r. h -nt
near Itagd n|. K v . write* us. "I
think Palsy KM nay Pills ?... af the
gr? ? kidney no dh ine.. there Is. My
d ioifhter w is In terrible shape with
Vi- trouble and I g'd her to take 1
fjp |fl , inideteiy cured now. I think
it on. of the greatest medicine
i bert'a Drug Store.?Advt.
$10,000 AID FOR ROADS.
niOVIDKD vr\n: will PUT W
not hli: AMOI NT.
Hlca^c Itcveivos Trriiw of PfOpOM?
Hom llltchcook and Wilson as to
IMM AKl for Koaul Building In
South (an?Ulm ? Willing to Build
? Fifty-Mik' Stretch.
Columbia. Nov. 26.?"If you will
rauHo to be selected in your Stuto a
Hultuble road about Ufty miles long
over the entire longtb of which there
la delivery of mall by rural car?
riers and will arrango to havo $20,
000 raised by the State or local sub?
divisions thereof, In accordance with
tho requirements of the law, the
government will set aside $10,000 ad?
ditional from the appropriation grant?
ed by Congress and will expend the
sum of $30.000 thus provided, or so
much of It as seems wise, for the
improvement and maintenance of
the road selected," is a paragraph
contained in a letter from Postmaster
General Hltchoock and Secretary of
Agriculture Wilson addressed to Gov?
ernor Bleaso.
Th? letter ask* the Governor to
cause to be selected a piece of road
which would best meet the require?
ments of tho bill and adds, "Which
the qualified authorities are prepared
j to give sufficient guarantee that their
1 proportion of the cost will bo mot."
Any road desiring to take advantage
of this opportunity should notify the
Governor at onco so ho can send their
name on to tho Federal authorities.
Congress appropriated $500,000 for
the improvement of tho public roads
and provided that any State or local
subdivision taking advantage of this
appropriation was to put up double
the amount expended by the National
< b>\ernment, all to bo done under tho
National (Jovernment's direction and
supervision. Tho Postmaster Gener?
al and the Secretary of Agriculture
wero to havo charge of the distribu?
tion of this IfHtttO. and they de?
sire to divide it equally between the
St ites. This is the opportunity to get
Homo Federal aid and some good
, roads, and any road in South Caro?
lina willing to comply with the term*
can get a line road. Any section so
Interested should notify Governor
Bleaso and this is where the cham?
bers of commerce can get in some
i;.I work. I
?I>an J. Jo>ce. Sanville, Henry Co.
Virginia says: "I took a cold with a
SOUSjtl which hum; on for two years.
Then I commenced using Foiey's
Honey and Tar Compound and the
couirh finally left me and now I am
perfectly strong and well." Is best
and safest for children and contains
no opiates. Sibert's Drug Store.?
Advt. !
Marriage License Itcx-ord.
Marriage licet.sen were issued to
Robert ?Mark and Fannie Kord and
HamptOg Mitchell and Mattie F.lh n
James, colored, of Sumter. Friday.
A (.reat Building Falls
? when its foundation is undermlnded,
' and If the foundation of health?good
J digestion?is attacked, quick c ollapse
follows. On the tlrst signs of indiges?
tion. Dr. King s New Life Pills should
be taken to tone tho stomach and
regulate liver, kidneys and bowels.
Pleasant, easy, safe and only 25 cents
at Sibert's Drug Store.?Advt.
It will be Some wicks yet before
the upper part of South Carolina re
OOrofS from making Jokes about
there being no water pissing over
Charleston bars; about Charleston
sehooaeri being elossly inspected,
anil so on, et cetera, before getting
down to brass tacks and interpreting
I the real Significance of 1*1,000 tons
Of dreadnought lighting strength in
this harbor. But, let it be said, the
significance h n already appealed to
B?HM of the more wide-awake sec?
tions.?Charleston Post.
Only a Flro Hero
but the crowd cheered, as, with burn?
ed h inds, |m lu l l up a small round
box. '?Fellows'" he shouted, "this
Bueklen'i Arnica lalvs i hold, has
everything beat for burns." Hight!
rtlso for gotta 'dcers, sores, pimples,
ecsema. cuts, sprains, bruises. Surest
plls cure. It pnbdues Inflammation
kills pain Only 18 cents at Sibert's
Brug Store.?Advt.
MsaaU Imoanf ol Isasnagc Done si Mr.
I?. M. Hick's lb"ddenec.
Twice Friday the hose wagons were
railed nul b) alums ..f Area the flrst
alarm cams from tin otton platform,
but up",, investigation turned out to
be a fnls?> one This alf tn w is sent
In about one o'clock,
The second alarm came from the
residence "f Mi I M Dick on Wash
Ington street, where tie- bnlldlng was
caught fr<>m tim Hue Only nominal
? I 111 i.? ? \i is done by the f ??
?Huntsvtlle, Ala W, ?'. Pollard.
I v ? II knon < i'1/' n, I SJ "I have
used Foley'i How and Tsr < fom -
pound nnd found it a most excellent
preparatlon< In fact, it suits my oase
better than sny cough syrup i have
svsr used and i hn\-- used ? food
many, for 1 tun rmw ov< r seventy
years old.*' Sibert's l*>\\y Store.?
( huciK ) Extended to Several Con*
vlctcd on ( harm' of Murder and
Given Life Terms,
Columbia, Nov. 127.?Thirty-two |
prisoners wer?- liberated from the j
penitentiary and tin- Jails of south \
Carolin* yostorday by the governor. |
Twenty-nine parolei and three par- i
?Ions w to granted.
Tho governor granted a pardon to
?J. Btobo Voung. former secretary of
the Semlr.ole Securities company who
was serving a sentence of one year in
the penitentiary. Young has been
out of prison on parole for several
The following is a list of those
paroled and pardoned, according to
the papers filed with the secretary of
Ulbert Wallace, convicted of assault
with Intent to kill, court of general
sessions and common pleas for Aiken,
June term, 1907, before J. C. Klugh.
Sentenced to 12 years in penitentiary.
Plumar Ashley, convicted ot man
slaughter, court of general sessions
and common pleas for Abbeville, fall
term. 1911, before Judge Goo. W.
(Jage Sentenced to seven years' im?
Jim Lnvis, cnovlcted of manslaugh?
ter, coi rt of general sessions and com?
mon phase for Chester, March terra.
1911, before Judge Robert Aldrich.
Sentenced to two years, Imprison*
Sam Langford, convicted of assault
and battery Of i high and aggravated
nature and carrying concealed weap?
ons, court of general sessions and
common pleas for Laurens, June term,
191L' before Judge F. B. Gary. B. i
tetneed to 1| months on ehaingang.
Travis Blight, convicted Of mar -
Slaughter, court of general sessions
and common ph-as for Cherokee, fall
term. 1911, before Judge Drnest
Qaryt Sentenced to two and one-half
yeat s' imprisonment.
James BoulWgro, convicted of man?
slaughter, court of general sessions
and common pleas for Falrfield, Feb?
ruary term, 1 909, before Judge Klugh.
BontSI CSd to ten years' imprison?
J. Hi Horton, convicted of highway
robbery. OOUrt of general sessions .and
common pleas for Spartanburg, No?
vember term, 19<?S, before Judge R.
w. Memtninger. Sentenced to io
years in the penitentiary.
H imle Fields, convicted of murder
with recommendation to mercy, court
of general sessions and common pleas
for Darn Well, March term. 1903, be?
fore Judge Finest Gary. Sentenced
to life imprisonment in penitentiary.
g. c, Bummey, conv'cted of aasauit
gnd battery with intent to kill, court
of general sessions and common pleas
for Greenville, May term. 1909, be?
fore Judge K. C. Watts. Sentenced to
four years' imprisonment or line of
Charles Hugher, convicted of man?
slaughter, court of general sessions
and common pleas for Dorchester,
April term, 1010, before Judge Geo,
W. Gage. Sentenced to six years' im?
Will Dunlapi convicted of murder
with recommendation to mercy, court
of general sessions and common picas
for York, April term, 1908, before
Judge R, C. Watts. Sentenced to life
imprisonment in the penitentiary,
Alonso Camack, convicted of man?
slaughter, court of teneral sessions
and < ?mmon pleas foi^ Fairfield, Sep?
tember term. 19M, before Judge R.
C Watts. Sentenced tr. three years'
im prlsonment,
William H. Mills, convicted of mur?
der, with recommendation to mercy,
court of general sessions and com?
mon pleas for Cherokee, July term.
1907, Sentenced to life Imprisonment,
Robert Duncan, convicted of lar?
ceny, court of general sessions and
comn pleas for Greenville, Septem?
ber term, 1910, before Judge Frnest
Gary. Sent.need to seven years' im?
Jake Thompson, convicted of man?
slaughter, couri of general sessions
and common pleas for Chester, July
Ft"^. term, before Judge Goorge W.
Gage, Sentenced t?> ;j\ year's im
Rufus Jon.s. convicted of murder,
couri ot noral sesslo is and common
pleas for Orangeburg, May term.
1901, before Judge w. C, lien et. Ben
ont i for life,
j. ii. i'op.-, jr? convicted of man
daughter, curt of general sessions
ind common pleas for Hamilton, fall
term, lao.;, before Judge ESmesI
Gary, Sentenced to ton years* im?
Wylle Alf or d, convicted of larceny.
ourl of : ? in id;' sslons and common
pleas for Florence, spring term, 1911,
before Special Judge P l< Wlllcox
Sentenced to two years on count)
Knowlton i?a\is. convicted of man?
slaughter, couri of ? lerai sessions
and common pleas for Rlchland
spring term, 1908, before Judge John
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S. Wilson. Sentenced to live years' |
Alexander Brooks, convicted of ,
manslaughter, court of general ses- I
?ions and common pleas for Richland '
September term, 1910, before Judge
8, W. Q. Bhlpp. Sentenced to live
years on public works.
Nelson Hampton, convicted of mur
der with recommendation to mercy,
court of general sessions and common
pl?as for Greenwood, November
term, l'jor?, before Judge James Aid
rich. Sentenced to life imprison?
Lonnie Hicks, convicted of larceny
of b bicycle, court of general sessions
and common ideas for York, July
term, 1910, before Judge s. W. G.
Bhlpp. Sentenced to pay b tine of $i>
and three years in reformatory for
I negro boys In Lexington county.
Will Johns, convicted of bigamy,
court of general sessions and common
pleas for Union, February, 1911, be?
fore Judge John S. Wilson. Scn
tenced to three years' imprisonment
and $:.00.
j. (McEirone, convicted of bas?
tardy, court of general sessions and
common pleas for Richland, June
term, 1910, before Judge J. W. De
Vote. Sentenced to pay the defendant
sum of $ir? annually for the mainte?
nance of the child until ^it reached
the age of 12 years.
Bishop Bradley, convicted of lar?
ceny, court of general sessions and
common pleas for Abbeville, March
term. 1910, before Judge Dantsler.
Sentenced to live years' imprisonment
in State reformatory.
Betsy Calhoun, convicted of arson,
court of general sessions and common
pleas for Abbeville, September term,
1910, before Judge John B. Wilson.
Sentenced to ten years' imprisonment
in penitentiary.
John Blrod, convicted of obtaining
goods under false pretenses, court of
general sessions and common phase
for Bpartanburg, January term, 1912,
before Judge Geo. w. Cage. Sen?
tenced to one years imprisonment
either on the public works of Spartan
burg or In the penitentiary at hard
James m. Centre, convicted of as?
sault with int. ut to kill, court of gen?
eral sessions and common pleas, for
Greenville, before Judges James, Aid
rich, January term 1906. Sentenced
to one year's imprisonment or to pay
I a tine of $;:<>o.
William Brown, convicted of mur?
der, with recommendation to mercy,
eourl of general sessions and common
pleas for Greenville, March term,
189B, before Judge James Aldrleh.
Sentenced to !if?- Imprisonment in the
i" mientlary.
Robert Daniel, convicted ol assault
with Intent to ravish, court of general
sessions and common pleas for Falr
fhdd, February term, 1909, before
.in Ige Klugh.
M. K t Jotton, 1 303 No Mm I < I St .
seys: -l heard of Koley Kidney lMls
ami took ihein for my ca ?? of kldnc;
trouble v it.-? taking them a few
i days the plain left my hack, my kid?
neys acted regular!) und the an
noylng bladder trouble was cured i
gladly r? comm< nd Foley Kidney
Bills." Bibert's Drug Store. Advt.
Cotton Fields Remind one oi January
?Visitors to Charleston?Hunters
Prepare for Si>ort.
WedgeQeld, Nov. 26.- -News items
have been at a premium In these pans
lately, but since the crops- are abbut
all harvested, folks will begin to talk
and <i" things once more.
Th?- cotton fields remind one of
January, and l would hate to say
what the hank account of the owners
<?f the fields would resemble. With
ecru. pet.tint s, syrup ar,d hog, though.
I expect We will he able tO keep to?
gether for a while.
All <?f the hunters are fixing up
guns, etc., for a hunt on Thanksgiv?
ing, it is not generally a good day
to hag much game, and I guess the
wrong way to spend the day.
The following went to Charleston
last week to see Uncle Sam's tine w ir
vessels: i?r. M. U Parier, W. T.
Brown, F. W Nettles, Richard sin?
gleton. J. J. Geddings, Alex Norris.
Mr. and Mrs John Hogers, Mr Sam
Weinberg and daughter. Rose Bud
Manning, and Misses Lucle Cas?
que and Martha Platte, and report a
pleanant trip.
The Wedgefield folks are still wait?
ing for that long promise of a good
road from here- to Cain's Savannah,
which would give us a very good road
then to the county seat.
Mr. D. C. Blackmon, who has had
Charge of a farm for Mr. A. ES. Ay
cock for a number of years, left for
Hartsville today with his family,
where he accepts a similar position
with Ma.i J. L. Coker.
Rev. J. N. Wright, pastor of the
Methodist church, left for Anderson
today t<> attend conference.
Miss Henrietta Covington, of the
College for Women, accompanied by
a friend. Miss Staekhouse, spent t ie
past week-end with Mrs. Jas. H.
A pflrty of fox hunters from North
Carolina Spent last Week here, hut
on account of its being so dry, they
only CaUghl one fox. They are get
tlng plentiful now and in some places
a nuisance, since the law enforcing a
closed season. Some legislator evl
dentally was hard pressed, and not
thinking of his constituents at large
ulon he Introduced such a hill.
Porto Rico's New Wonder.
Prom far away Porto Rico come
reports of a wonderful to w discovery
that is believed will vastly benefit the
i.pie. Ramon T. s'archan, of Bar~e
loncta, writes "Dr. King's New Dis?
covery is doing splendid Work lu te,
it cured me about Mve times ot terrible
coughs ami colds, also ms I rother of
a s< vere cold In his i h? st and more
than L*'? others, who used it on my ad?
vice, We hop,- this great medicine
will yet be sold m every drug store in
Porto Pico." I'or throat and lung
troubles there la nothing better. A
trial will convince you of its merit
50c a nd 11.00. Trial bottle free.
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dose of Chamberlain's Tablets, and
you will feel all right tomorrow. Bold
by all dealers.-?Advt.
Inch ami Quarter of Snow Fell Thurs
Morning?Met ted During the Day.
Sumter citizens law th? -ir fist snow
for the winter of 1912-13 when they
awoke Thanksgiving morning and
went to their windows for the first
peep out to see what kind of cay the
weo.thcr r.an was giving them for a
The snow c< mmenced sometimes in
the early morning shortly after two
o'clock, after a slight drizzle of rain
from about 10 o'clock of the night
before, it commenced with a slight
fall of sleet, which melted as soon p.S
it struck the ground, hut whieth
changed to snow after a short while.
The snow, it is reported, fell fast and
furious, in big flakes, so that it was
impossible to see across the street for
the short while that It was falling.
Much of it melted, however, as soon
as it reached the Streets and there?
fore there was not more than in inch
and a quarter of it on the ground
Thursday morning at 6 o'clock when
the clouds drifted off and the snow
ceased faiflng.
l?ur:ng the day a warm sun came
out and by mid-day the snow was
rapidly melting away and by night
lo;ie of it was left, save in very se?
cluded and shady nooks and corners.
The weather during the day was, BSVS
in the sunshine, extremely cold, a
bitter northwesterly wind Slowing
strong all day.
Neither the snow nor the cold kept
the hunteri in, however, who went
out in full force, and most of them
report having met with much suc
. ess. Tiie damp ground made it easy
for the dogs the find the birds which
h .d come out and there was some ex?
tremely good shooting.
, Cause of Insomnia.
The most common eause of insom?
nia is disorders of the stomach and
constipation. Chamberlain's Tablets
correct these disorders and enable
you to sleep For sale by all dealers.
Marriage License Record.
A marriage license was issued
Wednesday afternoon to Mr. p. F.
Fatten and Miss Allcyne L. StSACllL
Licenses to marry were issued Wed?
nesday and Frida} to the following
colled COUPleS John Wesley Single
toll, and Willie Louisa Stewart, of
Sumter; Noah Taylor and Sallie Me
Dowell, of Shlloh; Johnnie Peterson
and Julia Jacobs of stayeevtlle; Jes?
sie Brisley, of Js< ksonvllle, Fla., and
Sii-.t,) Brunsen, < f !1 -ratio.
II e<l I rain \\ it It Shtl t.
Tearing his* shirt from his back an
Ohio man (lagged ? train :?nil saved it
fl om a a i e, k, but H T. Alst. n. lial
eigh, V, ?'.. once prevented i wreca
with Electric Bitters "l w.s in a
terrible plight when i began to use
them," he writes, "my Storni eh, head,
back and kidneys were all bsdly af
fected end my liver was in bad eon*
dition, but four bottles of Electric
Bitters made me feel like ? new man."
a trial will convince >< u of their
matchless merit for ans stomach,
liver or kidney trouble. Price M
I Cent! at Blhert's Drug Store. Advt.

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