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The watchman and southron. (Sumter, S.C.) 1881-1930, January 13, 1917, Image 1

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u ? el ? ? H B U y e ,g J ,b ** :ji 2 * 9 .?? .fc *; ?- ? -i & a g ig s ??> I ;s - . j U
Mil MM1II! U VKIIMW, I ?tnbll Ii <l \;t.l. ISM).
Consolidated Aus:. 2,1881
11' .t??i? Let nit U>? . ?u? Xnon Anna i m k ?iy < iwum-j * inj uoa* ??*? ir?e*?.
SUMTER, 8. ?., SATURDAY^ j?Tf?ARY 13. 1911
) ii L. 1 ?
? Vol.
XLIII. No. 43.
?.<>\ I i;\in: v| I,ii i |>| sit.v
I D Til < l i Ml IT mi !>??;.I .
iMawn l?\ l.aw in.<u? t- ami In?in
Mm, nnd i> in Katun? of < hi ;
?del ?Bill |<i limn limcrix r hi * >*t
I 'our > r.i p Tvnu him I hi '.?*<? Iii ?
mal htm i?mi-.
Columbia, Jan, II. \ >
???1 le ?w n f ?:?? 111 ii? ??1**111 ? '? '? ?
wan1 Introduced ? > m ? lit in
Um governor? Ttm bill \v< i< r u
a loiuiiuS-.M ??:* '??!.' Iv "Miitera an i
las ,it nte men, Tl ?? bill . ( . r?.n ?
nremtoe? Tin roinpnnica i re ." ?
t?? Make ratem nuj i.. ? r*lut< rthcr> ?
tin- right lu determine th y m
discriminatory or unrc ? ? m : .
ICIeaeU of ai ? i Ml' In* re cd
MU railing i<?r biennial mvwJ >nn of il
ItjilnlnHirr und ? n oxh n Inn ? r ? '
terms for Itwte oM< * fr?u . t ? ?? i
four >? ms Tue rhlel ? s?
i ? Ineligible b ft ? i one t( no,
A bill was in?rodder I I y ?u
Chrteteneen und Hherrard, ; r?-\ ;<!.::;:
let ?h,> rotabitahineiti ? ??? p u-?i
m neel Int ine feebl ??mlndi d.
Momc I * 111 >! n ; - IXst U \ s
Celnntt tu, Jan, II.- Mr. M?!*e, ..
Pointer Inti-oriuccd In the hour.** lud y
th* ntvtii blthi f<?: ike i mult v.**v < r
Bre lanurnnet In Heuth Carolina, i
sored by IIh In unmet cotnmlsj'ioii.
They were referred In the commit
t an Km', nsj and Insurance*
Tue nejuss m. t..,i. y we f ui n ?
?d by the Introduction of many
nnd tv.v rtndlni ?? the <?? mm ?
annalntnienta o;' Ppeaker Hoyi
nnuts (?i iN-t ?*\\(?: mi i
OntoMaea, Jan, 11 .?The i 11
sjsjeeed nnen by the In iran***e ?<?..??
mundest, nnpolntetl by Qov, Menu n
la fetters, ihe tir*? Insurance Hunting
in South Curollr were Irani ii
la loth ihe senate and the hotiw ?
rOSM**es*ntatlvea today In special m<
nnfne from the governor, There
seven h.ll>?.
"It in my betlal that If lh< m bl!
ar. fjMfctted iut?i law.*1 ntnti i Out
Mnnnlm i?i hli pperinl mei ?
iransinis-i???i. ';!?? InaurailiM sltuutlo,
u ui r lleved? our Intereet? i r ?t ei
tn\ and fi : ? hi i. fair t<? ill/'
T'ir moMt ln*|iortnnl men ? f *!i
; i?- . n h Ihe r. t n:r bill, v. hbdi U ?
\; i ??- t;? u|>|**>lntim-ni ??f u
If.i h*tl I ! !im i jm ????. ? , - \\ !i ? v. ::
hav? i"i? 1 over rate iwiU
total In Houth t.'nrollnn, The hill |iro
\-f wiihln ?"' uftcr ita
pi ? l by t ? i m**\. i m?r, Ihn t th
?????n.1? **< l?f i'l" ?????!:?; ?svi'i:, i
v. ? m |p hi ???? i? ?'i?11.i? i.? 1111 hj tl.
Ineiirati?'?* romm?niduii i* .-!??it ui*nthe
hf the njttin** Itnr??. ?? hivii y ii-.
I nretnl wt >nilM*n?ni|i In f*outli 0 ??<? i*.
be nfl? Inte I bj the ??:<?. ?m?r, Tl
? ?
? ? ? * -?. i??n i . ? in ????% irw
??? > ? ? i 'i ? ! ? .? ? ? uutliotity,
i i ?.i ?i > i iHs :?? \ ls| i ( j? \tft.i:
i * ?\.
? ? iml in, i ? Tin |i?m t>
? : . ? ? .. uii ittn*M d?*d ln\ Mi I ?
? t i .. f 1? ????? i ??.: if it nun i y -1,
.. s ??? ? ? i.i i<-r- l .v.. ?... ? J
st r.kv r i t. :. ,.| i T |? }: q "\; y m
n..*. km ? ere Int n duti d la lh< h>i i
'l .. mi ? from ?'??? v.... i.... i<
III V - ill pii" ?II i \\ l < ? >MM>
I I i v
.\ ? ? ? ?.!: u ? ? . S ? n?hl . H11?111 ? ? 1
i. md ii i. \h?i ?. Km .'? i
fr i-???itIm i ? ? ... ? ? ?.' |?< . I*??! 1
? in ? i ilb i : . i. .
9h n ???Inn
Th* Im? ?? . ? i i?
? N fill I ?
i . .1 ? w
HIKiVIIM ?* f oil M si I'l 1:1
ISduMildj I lh ?
I fm t
III mill
? ?? I
l.it of t m
SAN r'HAXtisl'U ??? K> riXlis
i i >\ ?i ; i.i \ i \:\\ H< >l?r \N .?
HU II AM \< HKS ?t'lLTl.
hefcudaiit* TrUnl <>?? Tun Act inns
llotli :,if ( mi-iit'.i' y ?i? I lion up \l?
lieV Munitions ?iupiillcH?Motions to
IV H< aid lij c ourl on IIda>.
. .i.i I'i.i Ii. i ??<'. Jut), I", I i a . .
UupP, Herman loiisiil general lui
u.ul i" ir hi- uUatii ? i w et i?'<?> es
. re iollltd liity tonigiit l?y a jury
.n ihr i n.I< ?I St?u a tin trict cow i
o| having violated li-- country's neu?
All live i*? ? i"? Lints Wi ? accused i !
;.. vin ? \>\ mud t?? l?!o\v up munition^
ii) A mi l ira Uaaudu, ships
tarrying munitions to entente ;ii
lies, railroad liritlgcy .1 .-i military
i ruins,
'!",??> fiction* wui't ?? :.-??! 11 ?1? i .11
the 'rial. 'J'ii?- defendants were
el,; 1 . .1 U'Uh Violat i"Ji the a t
i .1. ly j. |&uo, 1 y conspiring lo
restrain Interstate und foreign com
. ? ?? destroy in 4 factories, rail*
rmdu and *t< unifhlpH,
Tii.- i.i h< r action wni for alien .1
\ oi' tion* if sections I ' and of tli 1
1'ultcU tftate* criminal rode In
11 ??* u., to set <..i fool nod to provide
and prepare means for n illtary cn?
lerprlsc t?? carried 0*1 from with
? > the I'niied r-'tate? u.'Taiust the lerrl?
nmi ilomlnk>ti 0? hu king "i
'..real ? Iritaln and I it Is n ?
i < 11' . h Imon, thi defendants wore
K, St. von Rehach, vice consul; W1I?
helm von lUln ken, .1. i\ v an Km.;.
1 ??? . .v.. i:;. '?,. 1 t'orn .!. C\ I' h
? ?.<? i. ? and Louis .1. Smith. \" ut
Keolherxen ?tu of the country
. 1 ! ?oiild nut he drought here t 1
'. ..d Irin! us alleged offense wji*j
? on i ?1 1 l' . Me, mi: t Ii was th
\ uiiiat tit'i star wilm hs,
The grand Jury Invcs > gated the ul?
? . 1 emu piracy the 1; tu .? pi rt of
..?.-. . nil in. Inil?< intents were Hied
.'< I ruary 1 ?. lvl?;, a 1 March <.
i: 10, The eases u< m t. th Jury
1 ;?. in, 'Pin' verdict wua reached > 1
p. in.
>;:uith, twchnlcully a defendant, was
given Immunity for testifying for the
' ? ? ri : :. I ipp und voll Sch ir!;
ue**c! r< ^; -i d .?t? their own recog?
iiinaur ?, Mrs, Cnrnwell, i*rowley and
von 1 1 'il ? 11, \ )<?' '..< ? i- rc'iuircd *.<>
? ? . iU* ??'"? I" .?!. ut Hie tine- of
t????it" Irdicteunt, u ? ? ? ?..n t i.i .??;
er?; oil those. litiUils, The court s't
Kri lay at ID a. m, to h< motion!
ml tlx a- .V 1'onds.
TIIJ..M.W K.\l?l?.\l\s \ t >!
Win He tt|i|h?.M*il l?Niriet of t'oluni
bin I'rolilhition Hill,
Washington, .1. ... !'. Home cxpres
?*l??n oi' furpr.se uns heard today
when ttenator Tilhoan voted ngainh':
1 he . "ir ppard I .11 f< r |n dnbl! Um I 1
: he I >lal rl< t ? t' ?'olunihia v. h< 11
? ? m.i up I..: I j: in, - i \. - the .)
ntr I:?!"?? r tin ill !? at of U; I'lider
wiKid ameuduieiit, proviilluv :??. ;. n-f
ereiiduin tu a**c rtain the wishes <?;
the i>i-ti ie| . a.-1 ij.. \\ |n t; u?Uo t
? ? Th ? Nf ? .-? utiil i 1? ii k'i .-? coi re?
spondent for tin explanation of 1.1.
V'U- . S< nuloi' Tiiliiu.n v iiil: "l su l: ?!
' 1 10 ? 1 ? ? ? with my mother's in ilk,
ami I t'iMiii. I he ? have ;i i Ifflil
tfi ?!? ? hie for t I i ir. ? ..? ? as i.? I lie
< ??In:" a ol '? \u : peri oiuil liahits, l
d mi ;: .? i 1 .i v ...,.| i ?,. 1 end um
.? iiieiii|lni nt and i 10 1 .1 I..- . . otcd
' h- hill If tl t 1 'ii' mill! .'Ill hud :i
?d'.:>t. ||, I did i.... . i'.,,- i. |,i;. 1 ,.
:i Konth I'1 rid ilia than any um: el ?
\? 1,.
\l. i III |.\| I? I >f!.ee HidilM .1
( losi:d in j oiii: supiiEifE.
TIMlil \ Wj.
? i ,
i . \ -Sit imI That Deri ion of ? ? i_:i
(oinl \vm 5?;- v.acle Wlllild Kcvi
n u Weeks,
\" r'.i; in, Jan. :>*. RnaAarsru-1
v ? ? lifai'il l?y Hi" ??brcme '
?.mm i .a ih case testlnw ? on
i i.y of the Adnmsop act.)
?Ii lri vi - '-. I*; the courl rgntlnu
l . 11 Kj.ia 11., ir i tti\tordinniy i.i
lest i j j*,-. ( "!.??. t ijucstioiihjg Ol
.....I. !
t\ i] . on ex] eeted within ;i
o?.\ we i .. ; I tti<?ii?vli nummary faction
.i i\w I u] ??: t nit i?sti< 1 i- not Acmcd
ii ? . i' iruary II?! has I eefl men
Ion u.< .ho possible date fy.- the
. court reconvene thai
.. i'1'Ci'?.s of three wonka t<<
U' Mi re "', 1 lions, ;
Mi :m\\ Ink* i lie effoctlven, m pf the
r. i't hour Ktanthinl day cind a;l lltl
. Sun ms] mied by a1..eemorit be*
fit tin railroads ami department
if .histicc, with accounts being kept
? i m Uliti wages due under the
new law, !
Thro< ilnys of . nnimcnts wose con?
cluded 11 s afternoon. The fltosinfi,
i d dress .v:n iu\ In support of t};v
law 1 y Krank I In wer man ?>i" Kansas
t'ity, special assistant to tho itttor
e\ f^eae.tiI ii" eoin ended Vigorous*
; . that eon?;re ? hi ?* ntithority to res*
ula'.i railroad employe.-!1 wages In ex*
? , < i. .., ?, . - coi stitutionul powef over
I.i.c.'stute commerce. i
Attorm \ ????'? ? ? i ?;'.???.;oryt s0v? r.il
? n ?< h at I ;:?any railroad nndLotbe.'
.' ( to followed today's proceenings
\V ? ihtngton, ... t.. 10.?PuWlclty
. " their dispute was held tp be
i !y h ?pon.s hie for the final d's
. . rcrincut hi ? KiMiiPicp bet weed the
?t?roadj? und tin employes' brother*
lea a.-- h \V. N. * ? ??:i:c. vlco president
ol the brotherhood of Ita'droad Tr?.ia
!.???: . in a statement todav ' e ? ?. the
nenn e Interstate comme. -e^ffi
tee. Mr, bonk, continuing his *<.<;i
niony ??:; legislation proposed by
l*i ? ; :int Wilson t<? supplement
?'?>! nisoii law, t?aid ill brother*
hoods v. i e unvlt rably opposed i"
eomji i!??ory itratioil or SUSpCtlStO ?
of tli" right I ? strike, though they
11 ' ol'jeel t.) legislation providing
!'<?? Investigation of railroad contro
> ? r? U . \\- v\\ res ed the belief that
the railrt ad i und I he brotherhoods
i ???? h ?V? i-grei d tiefor ? i!;- Adam
oi uel ? p:iss*>d :i" Iherc had n??'.
' ??? '? so ; in !: publieity and the pub*
lie ha?l not ! ? <?onu so rh iroii rhly
? 11 ? 11 in? 11.
\itiu:sTi:ii, tii\\\ a'iTi:mi?i
vi It'ini
I ? : ? ?
nu r ii v. 11?> i ih uttee.ipti <| htlieidi
? hi* it. 'I n i i taken to n hospihi
!*or tri itim it. II Ua> bei n In Phil
eh Iphla v. hih< j he ;i -? horitii s v. <?[
"'"???!?; t he . tisl i'..i him, [t \x no
'i lieved that I Is Injuri'.* nrc scriou
Tit K I ?.MIVXK.N \l?i?^ \\ i \I:
.! in. 10. The eradica
Mr t:. |? |i is add? I >" I.
aith <m 2? Koui
.'? whieh have 'Mippi
duce H?| :. tu.ilbi^ t
. 1< ill . .1 I ii :
tloll Uel
i ? th
*l \.l < MM I > I ? I;
r\i>oi;si s I'.niToiu it..
\\. IV Woods sa>- l?co*|de M?vi r. \
I ? ,- VVIial TIk\> ? J liiit!? There
i-. I*'lllirrly I'oo \Iiich ! t :.i-'atI.ms.
Kditor item:
A short while ago there appeared
in tin- columns ?>i' your ulway? inter
I est inn paper un it m *??:? 1 which em?
braced more common sense than an; -
i ihing of the kind thai the v\ riter ha:
road in .1 l<i. .. imil . This " o;u
culling attention to ii,i gtvm Inron
, sistency of rtHo people in const n tly
> clamoring n>; Ihn legislature or con?
gress to inaugurate some new move?
ment lor ipood ' \ pcoj ! and t c
complaining of the high ami r msta i'.
ly increasing taxes. As the editor
very sensibly und truly remarks, the;
i can't gel something for nothing, and
I everyone of the new th ii '-' . i;' put into
operation, must, of necessity, moan
an in* reuse in taxata a.
The writer Is just as urdenl an ud
vocato of improvements as can ?
found cnywhore, but we must he
'sensible about these thing: and f?d
low t k slower und wisei in en?l, pla n
i of Introducing them gradually. Tl * re
ran be m> question of the fuel tl i
. we huve, both us :i Htuto und n i -
I tion. been overdoing the business
I trying to develope our resources of 1
kinds, when ii we had been content
to move more slowly the general re?
sults "a i mid hu \ e been much m<?. ?
'lusting ; ml satisfactory, it ought In
be evident to every sensible man that
iwe have entirely too much legisla?
tion, both Stute und national, nti I
would reallj be better off w thottt ?
much of I', especially in view of th
1 fact that a great deal of it mean: t ?
creation ol more ollieials und the < .
penditurc of more money without
adeqiuttc return. Thing; uro, in tl ??
line, coining to stich n puss that tin
people oxp< 11 t national or i
I government to >\ ? . !'. manner of
things for them that tire i lit i- ly n i
side- of the functions of cither ?
eminent mal tiny sensible n?un, who
i:? not steeped In that insidious d ic
j trine of paternalism, can plainlj
; to what tbis all t?-mis. Hut jiual so
*o-7<r f, s-?a ffj ea t Oian.x a
ought to know better, think thai wis?
dom, industry, material prosperity
[und moral uplift can be brought about
! by legislation, ,'nst so long shall wi
have a multiplication <>. In >>. ??. und a
po ixcM'n nl or iv i>e in la vation for
j the puri'os'.' ??: eiiforej
consta at ly changed at
often too soon fur the
lesti d. 11 would be a
the right d irret ion if the average l< g
islator could g< t l he idea out of ' .
head thai lie must introduci a num?
ber of iiev measures or be regards 1
un a hopeless failure by th? majority
of h?s constituents.
VV. I?. Woo Is.
L?a i liiigton.
them. An
coiisid *
a ultipliea
111 move
s r ??: stoi is is \i vi'.ijs mkj"i
(Uy Joe Sparks.)
ooiems a.
?ry . ? ? '
meeting ?
lid I ?ottor Live Stock
?i> prep
lot! hol
i he svssii
Th ml
liven il T
in tin ?
\ 111.?.:; \V<>Kkl\<. L'<M N rv.
Hi ],.-> ?? mt?_i IliiiiM'lf i?>
Mil) lidlliii ' . M,i- Am i,:; i- \<
Haiti Mom \ In I'iiNc I'rcieitsc.
. vi im llial
? Was ivs a
a she was
..m.I an! -
tltllU lit hhi
? nlso loh]
mid cost l
v o\: imnatio
told her tii
hl 11? ? l ii'. i .! !:11
11 ?
AI ?
ady tha
l?:.r:: lysts a a-! death 11 ??? r at hn
ilchs she r ceived I rcr tnicnt
re pared I ? jrive .it a cord t :' i
his lady .- ut for her hushnnd. i
i etil in Held, and w hen he
lete cure, 'l* paid -': I *?". He ;?<'
lid i' wan not customary i?? r.<
ospital in ?*? ?umhin . here life
re h I
i S i s n c '.I?
itisfai tor
I mom r.
lid UMtihlii IK LAiiKO.
j _
% ; n I 1 - \ i VNXI \h Mi IT
???s \ i > it AM \ \ III -I .LI a T
i < >:iYi im Mint i < u;s.
? aw lu '-ehvt i (i a( Pirertar-.*
M"ctinj:? i!< j um- sltoii I mm i i n -
lions ii. ? [ourisZiitu: Contliikm ;i
t K'Ks.itii; l*Ax iiustiicss io 1917.
There were practically no changes
at :in> <?!' the banks yesterday, which
hchl tin :? rcguh r annual meetings
'I tv-elot toil tin; former boards of
in < tors without exce|itlon. In tho
People's Hank one addition was made*
.'..? former otliccrs were re-elected by
the directors.
The reports made to the stock hold
is by tii.- oitieers were pleasing to
!. auk owners and conditions were
uch as ind: -;tt?- u big business dur
. i i i'.i l ?
At the Nation; I Dunk of Butntcr,
the folli .ving o.?cers wer*? re-elected:
resident, J. I'. I loot h; rice president,
1?. M'dse: vice president, W. F.
Shaw; < ashicr, llcruard Manning; as
; sistant . u iiier, W. .i. Crowson, Jr.
rhc directors uf the institution re*
I elected by i i?? stockholders at their
meeting were: J. i'. Booth, D. D,
I Mi i?c, J. \. Hood. W. K. Manning; D,
!:. Me?*allum. Jair.es Heaves, \V. P.
I Shaw, 14. i'. Moses, llichard I. Man?
ning", Ii. J. Mcl^aurin, Jr., It. B. Bet->
?er, Ii. x>\. Kegurs, s. A. Harvin, Bar*
tow Walsh, t?. !t. Policy, ii. C. Hayns*
worth, Bernard Manning.
The l?auk made a very creditable
showing in its annual :?i>?>ri to tlie
stockholders, it is in a prosperous
eondiliou ..ml pros|?ects ere on*
couraiving es i ? indicate that 1917
will lie jis Im st J i nr.
t At the annual meeting ... stockhold*'
is hi the First National Hank the
ormer directors were re-elected, as
ollows: Xeii] ??'i'o.n.i ii. i;. i?. Lee?
. I). Harn, it, ,N. Porrestcr, Geo,
IT. l?pi?ercon, C?.o. i 8hore, V\". B,
; Ppshur, An hie i'hlna, E. J'. Kieker.
? Che bank lias lu I :? very successful
year and is in u l?etter condition to
I rfcrve i!:" public than ever before.
elected: President, Neill O'Donnell;
'ie. presid ut, lt. i >. LfCe; cashier, O,
i U rates.
! The Pity Nations I bank re-elected
?i,- same directors and odicers. Its
j officers are: President, A. Lorn*
* iii-'i^: uee president and atU?ntey, I.
p. s?t?*a tss; eashier, I.. Kicker; as?
sistant cash er, .! ?!. It. Wilder; book*
].kcra. K. ?'. Williams, C P. HufC
and P. !'.. I*awrenee. 'i'lie directors
?. ? i were re-elected l?y the stock?
holders ..t the annual meeting were:
a. Lemmon, I. p. Htrauss, Perry
i.- -. ?. <;.... L. l?cker, W. B. Wilson,
? ?>. I?. Ia?v.v, k. c. Williams, T. 11.
? Marke, l! M. Stuekey, P. U Stubbs,
A. i*. s, \\ . W. 8il crt, C. U.
Elurst II. Ii r ?:? and !:. U Wither*
A; tlie People's Hunk the stock*
holuoti were so pleased with the
how big w hb*h was made of tho
'?a ikV? condition t.iat thc> voted the
i ? (he r thnnii for their sitpcesa
;ul conduct ... the institution during
ye i*. The former directors were
: t -eh ;*t< il. v .t ?? on ? addition t<? the
..... rd: i P. Ji tmings, p., p. Wall ice,
W. T. Ill uu'don. .}t M. ih'Ogdon, Joel
I*, i:. Marvin, P. i\. 11 idtuan,
.'. ?' i: . V I?. Knight, Mo*es
l.ivi a, P. i*. ? ?steen. W. S. lUyn.'id?,
J. \\ i\, W. Pi rey Kmitli, B. i'.
'.. ?. i:, K W id< i ami !'. M. Si?amu
e: P;
A. M

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