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Expected That Fire Insurance Rills
Will Page Both Houses With Little
OppoeitIon? Women and Men lob?
bying for Passage of Equal Suffrage
BID?Many Bills Imroduced.
(By Joe Sparks.)
Columbia, Jan. 11.?Work tn the
senate I? gradually fretting under way
and by the end of the week the cal?
endar should be cleared for legisla?
tion with dispatch. With the decks
cleared of acts held over in the gov?
ernor's office and sustained by the
ho dee tn vetoes and the insurance at?
mosphere dissipated. legislation
should take definite form rapidly. Dis?
position is to restrict legislation into
limited channels, the Impression pre?
vailing that the bulk of Interest wm
centre about finances, prohfblton, ag?
ricultural effort to withstand invasion
by the boll weevil and provision for
charitable and educational institutions.
Seven bills were introduced by Sen?
ator Leney of Chesterfield. These
were of minor importance In insur?
ance regulation.
In a message from the governor
yesterday. the compromise bills,
agreed upon by the commission of leg?
islators and Insurance men, were
transmitted, and recommendation by
the governor was that they fchoul;
be enacted into law without amend?
Senators Chrlatensen and Sherrard
Introduced today the bill calling for
the establishment of a training
school for feeble ml ided. This calls
for an appropriation of $60,000.
There Is every indication that Hie
set of fire insurance measures pro?
posed In the senate will be passed > y
the general assembly. While the com?
panies have made no announcement,
it Is believed that they will return to
the State, if the hills are onncted. Gov.
Manning In his- special message rec?
ommended that the bills be enacted
?without amendment. All interests
seem to be satisfied with the meas?
ures and so far no opposition has de?
veloped. The honor and dignity of
the State has been protected as well
as the interests of the people. The
measures will be fathered In the sen?
ate by nenator O. K. Laney of Chester
ict net.
Tuto measure caused the insurance
companies to withdraw from the
The senate will next week begin
discussion of the Insurunce bills and
definite action will be taken in a fev;
d?.r#. The Several acts represent
much study and thought.
This will not be a spectacular ses
slon of the legislature. Everything
is running smoothly and both house
have gotten down to work in a re?
markably short time. There are no
great divisions in the houses and tew
great Issues are to be decided. Thero
will be no split over the fire insur?
ance question. Whiske# may cause
some talk, yet It Is believed that no
drastic action will be taken. A new
measure will be passed fn the house,
very probably reducing the amount
to one quart a month. Yl?wever, this
bill will never be enacted by the scn
ste. The effort to secure high li?
cense for the city of Charleston will
not be successful. A definite whiskey
legislative programme has not yet
been outlined by the leaders
The r^Ponchts of equal suffrage
have stormed the State house in
spirited fashion. A great lohby is be?
ing conducted and not a member Is
allowed to escape the argument or
the score or more dornen who are
Ighting for the dear cause. The wo?
men are asking that the question of
equal suffrage be referred to the peo?
ple, of the State for a vote. The out?
come Is problematical.
WonK iv the hoim:.
Speaker Hoyt's appointments held
the Interest of the house of represen?
tatives yesterday. Tho lower bod)
ntso saw the introduction of u nnro?
her of bills, some of State-wide con?
cerns, and dwlded, after some de
bat*, to ao to Charleston January :M.
The mayor, city counc il and two
?tat.- institutions of Charleston ex?
tended nn invitation to tho leglslalofs
for Wednesday of week after n
There was a rather lively debate, first
on the question of acceptance, and
second on the day. An amendment
by Representative Moore chang
el the time to Friday. January 2?>, and
In this form it passed. Later Re:>rf -
tentative Young of the Charleston
delegation explained that the feder?
al boat. Cypress, on which it was in?
tended to take the menbers around
t ie harbor would not be available
except on Jnnuarj 2 1. and so the date
was definitely settled for then.
A minute before adjournment ?
hiy afternoon Representative i
t .y,| and Walker introduced a bill
which, if passed, would abolish the
State warehouse system. The bill will
b* sponsored in the senate by Mr
Representative Horton has been
named as iloor leader for equal *uL'
fruge in the bouse. He introduced a
resolution yesterday, which won' 1
submit to the people a constitutional
amendment in the general election 'n
1 y 18 extending the vote to women.
Among the prominent equal suffrage
workers at the State house yester?
day was Mrs. Harriet Powe Lynch or
Cheraw, State president. A number
of women wore yellow badges with
the Inscription, "Votes For Both."
Representative Lesesne would have
the people vote on the question of a
constitutional convention and has ir
troduced a resolution accordingly.
The two cent rate bill made its ex?
pected appearance in the house yes?
terday. This year it is fathered by
Representatives Moore and Hamblir.
"What they voted for at the bal
box?strict prohibition," was the way
a memorial from citizens of the
Ninety-Six district of Greenwood
county expressed their wants on the
whiskey question. The memorial was
read to the house yesterday.
Two State highway department bills
came up in the house yesterday, one
by tho Chester delegation and one by
Representative Berry of Orangebuvg,
speaker pro tern. v
Columbia, Jan. 12.-?Wednesday
noon was designated for elections. A
superintendent of tho State peniten?
tiary to succeed Captain D. J. Griffith,
a warehouse commissioner to succeed
John L. McLaurin, four circuit judges
to succeed M. L. Smith, Fifth circuit;
Thomas H. Seasc, Seventh circuit; R.
W. Meinmlnger, Ninth circuit, an$.
George E. Prince, Tenth circuit are to,
be elected. Three* directors of the
penitentiary are also to be chosen
and four trustees of the medical col?
Columbia, Jan. 12.?A bill provid?
ing for free rent for all textile op?
eratives was introduced in the house
today by J. T. Hamblin, of Union. Mr.
Hamblin stated that this was in the
direction of a minimum wage and ap?
plied to operatives actually employ?
ed In the textile mills of the State.
A concurrent resolution, pasted by
the senate yesterday, preventing the
adjournment sine die on or during
any Saturday night was concurred in
by the house this morning.
? The Judiciary committee of the
bouse gave a favorable report to the
Uses btiL amending the present de
TinWnTWsj hiavao *S tor Vierte 'Tr1
5 per cent, penalty for non-payment
of taxes after January 1st each year.
Columbia, Jan. 12.?A bill apply?
ing the terms of the Mann act, known
as the "White Slave" act, to South
Carolina with stringent provisions to
prevent immoral acts within the bor?
ders of the State, was Introduced In
the house today by Mr. Neuffer of Ab?
The measure makes It a felony to
"procure," "entice" or "persuade"
any woman or girl Into Immorality or
a life of prostitution. It forbids the
payment of railroad fares of women
for Immoral purposes to any place
within tho State. The measure pro?
hibits the knowing operation or In
anyway assisting in the Operation of
a house of "ill famo" or establishment
to which women are brought or trans?
ported for immoral purposes, the
measure carries a maximum penalty
of $500 fine or one year Imprtson
Columbia, Jan. 12.?A bill pro?
hibiting the shipment Into South Car?
olina of intoxicating liquors, excep*
for medicinal or sacramental purposes
was introduced in the house today
by W. R. Rlchey, Jr., of Laurens, who
Is admittedly a Blcase leader.
The house adopted a concurrent
resolution designating noon Wednes
dav for balloting for four Circuit
judges, three directors of tho State
penitentiary, four trustees of the
.^tato Medical College and State War*
nous. Commissioner.
A resolution was adopted by the
house placing January 20 AS the last
day in whieh the counties can pre- 1
(tent their sections for the general
supply bill.
ATtor the house hnd canvassed the
returns and declared Richard I.
Manning elerted governor and A. J.
Bethea lieutenant governor, the house
adjourned until I p. m. Monday.
Messrs. Moise, Rogers and 1'as
saiiaiguo were appointed ? housa
comndttee on inaugural exercise*,
next Tuesday.
The Rt. Rev. William T. Russell,
who was recently appointed bish?
op of Charleston, will be conseerac
cd at the Cathedral In Baltimore by
His Imminence, Cardinal Gibbons, on
May 15th. The ceremony of instal?
lation will be held at the Cathedral
In Charleston on Monday, Und, fol?
lowing the consecration, and the ex?
ercises will bo presided over by Car?
dinal Qlbbona a number of the
laymen of the diocese of Charleston
together with the clergy are expected
to be present Jit the ceremonies I"
both Baltimore and Charleston,
I can spell my name : S-O-V-E-R
E-I-G-N. And I know what it
means?good blood and right
stock?the finest ever!
My! Isn't there a lot to learn?
Have to keep your eyes and ears
open. And the Governor says you
can't get it all out of books.
My folks keep telling me: "Re?
member ypu are a Southern
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gentleman. Be clean; be sweet;
be good. A good cigarette burns
to a smooth, even ash?it never
parches the tongue nor dries the
So I'm saying to you?it doesn't
matter how you spell cigarette, if
you pronounce it?SOVEREIGN.
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mellow Virginia and Carolina to?
bacco. Quality tells?and
ou Folks of the South KNOW good tobacco!
Now let's aH us good folks stick together. Let us be friends?and
you bet I, SOVEREIGN, will never fail you. And besides, just keep
this always in your mind? >
I am guaranteed by ^-^^^^^^ -Buy me.
If you don't like me return me to your dealer and get
your money back? I have said it, A Southern gentleman is known
the world over for keeping his word, and I have given you mine.
Lieut. Kail Helton Was Native of I
Greenwood and Graduate of Citadel
In Last Year's Class.
Greenwood, Jan. 11.?Second Lieut,
j, Karl Holten of ihe United States
nlarine corps, a native of Green wor
met his death at San Pedro Macoris,
Santo Domingo. Lieut, polton landed
with a detachment of marines and
was fired upon by a crowd on dock.
This information \v;'s officially tele
graphed the navy department '?y
Cs.pt. Chandler of the battleship NOW
Shot by Native Hoy.
Washington. Jan. IL?L'.eut. J, K.
Imlton was killed and Lieut. J. U.
Henley was wounded recently by shots
fired at a landing party of United
States marines by a native boy of
Macoris, Santo Domingo. In report
ing the Incident, to the navy dep.i *t
ment today, Capt. Chandler of the
battleship New Hampshire did not in?
dicate thnt there had been any l?.oi
erai clash between the marines and
the natives.
Mr. w. McD. Green, of Ocala, inn.,
is out on a visit to relatives and
friends and gave us a pleasant call
last Saturday. A sojourn in the "land
Of flowers" has greatly improved his
health. His family is si ill up among
the mountains of North Carolina. We
hope it will not be 1? ng before we will
have him back In Lee county.? Bish
opville Lender and Vindicator.
German consuls relieved.
Bopp mid Von Scltaclc, German Agents
nt San Francisco, Removed Pending;
A pi n al.
Washington, Jan. 12.?Count von
Bernatorff, tho Gorman ambassador,
oday Informed the State department
in a note that ho laid relieved from
duty Franz Bopp and E. if, von
St hack, respectively consul general
and vice consul at San Francisco, re?
cently convicted of Violating the neu?
trality of tlie United St.ites by conspir?
ing to destroy munitions consigned t<>
the entente allies.
D C. Shaw President of Clarendon
Motor Company.
Columbia, Jan. 12.?T! 1 South Car?
olina Lumber Vulcanizing corpora?
tion of Charleston has been charter?
ed by the Secretary of State with a
capital stock of $:i00,000. The offi?
cers arc: F. K. Fish, Jr., president
and secretary and G. H. Fish, vice
1 president and treasurer.
j The Granitevilla Manufacturing
company tiled notice of an Increase In
capital stock from $8 20,000 to $1,*
020,000. The new stock will be "sev
1 en per cent. cumulative preferred
The Clarendon Motor company has
been chartered with a cat 'al of
000. Tho officers are: D. C. Shaw.
' president and J. C. Plowden, vice
president, secretary ami treasurer.
Annual Meeting of tlie "Farmers*1
Held at Olanta.
Olanta, Jan. 14.?At the sixth an?
nual stockholders' meeting of the
Farmers' Bank, held Tuesday, the
cashier's report showed that die be ik
had made during IM? $4.151.:!S,
which was a traction above 16 per
cent. The directors ordered $_,0u0,
or 8 per cent, paid oat to the stock?
holders; $1,000 placed to the surplus
f und, and the residue, $1,151.38, car?
ried as undivided profits.
The Farmers' Bank has a capital of
$25,000 and each year since its or?
ganization in 1911, excepting the lin t,
it has made from 12 to '21 1-2 per
cent, on every dollar of its capital.
This town lias a population of 350,
and this is the younger hank here.
The following are the directors elect?
ed for the year 1917:
W. H. Floyd, S. R. Floyd, 11. EC.
Smith, Sr.. B. P. Truluck, B. M.
Truluck. M. B. Truluck, W. 1). Tru?
luck, s. J. Tonil inson ami s. v,*.
The directors reelected S. J. Tom
linson, president: K. E. Smith. Si.,
vice president; R. E. Smith, Jr., cash?
ier, and P. A. Munn, assistant cash
The finance committee. R. E. Smith,
Sr., s. J. Tomlinson and S. W. Voun.r,
j sei x ing ever since the organisation of
ihe i>ank, were again re-elected.
\ Solution Which i> !m coining Ca?
inous in tho Treatniont of Tili?
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rheumatism. They can be reached,
helped and cured by a most wonder?
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nature, and Is more potent th.ii? any
other compound which has been
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Sulferro*8ol goes directly to the
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It is not strange that nature should
provide the remedy for her own af
fllctions it is only strange that people
will not believe that it has been pro?
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edy are now testifying in grateful
terms of the immense good the rem?
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it. and it does not contain even a drop
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Sulferro-Sol is sold and recommend*
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vicinity. Murray Drug Co., State Dis

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