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M aimm? KNEW OF
The Pence Note Leak Investigation
Develops Sensational Aspect When
TMioiaa W. Lawson Trat iAcs That
He Had Information Connecting
Cabinet Member*, Ncnutor* and Of?
ficers of Federal Retter te Board
Wrth Scandal.
Washington, Jan. 16.?Thomas W.
I., ??on, hale<; before the house rules
coblmitte? to tell what he knew or
had heard about a stock market It ak :
on President Wilson's peace note or,
be punished, calmly declared today
that the mysterious congressman who j
told him a cabinet officer, a senator
and a banker were e gaged in a stock
Rambling pool was none other than
Representative Hent.v, chairman of
the committee.
Than* t. ore his hearers had time
to recover from the shock, Lawson
sprung one sensation after the other
by declaring that the cabinet ohicer
referred to was Secretary McAdoo,
\hai the banker was If. Pllnk Flsk
of New York and that he knew the
sans tor by the initial "O."
To complete the explosion Luwson
weut on to charge that Paul M. War?
burg of the federal reserve board had
k now ledge of the leak machinery; re?
peated a rumor that Count von Hern,
storff, the German ambassador, had
mads $2,o?o.oat, in the stock market.
4ad mentioned a list of well known
man whom be thought should he. ques?
tioned. The> committee promptly is?
sued subpoenas for all of them.
Mr. Lawion auld he had been told
thai Malcolm McAdoo, the secretary's
brother, knew of the leak; aa did C.
D Barney e> Co. and Steward O. Gtb
boney of New York. A Mrs. Ruth
Thoriiaaon Visconti of this city, he
an\d. had declared to him in the pres?
ence of her attorney that Secretary
TvmuUy "received hie bK" and W. W.
Price, one of the White House corres
pendents, was the "go-between for
Tumulty and others."
H. Pliny Flsk, Lawson aaid, was
tha tanker he referred to previously
as nominating a cabinet officer and
Ar :hibald IV White, he said, had given
him this Information.
ftcweaontatlva Henry was said by
L?w?>n to have told him <et the con
th* Han investigation of reports con?
necting the cabinet officer, banker and
senator, and also had told him of re
po ta that Secretary Lansing had been
?sea conferring with Bernard Baruch,
the Wall street operator, who is said
to have .made a cleanup on the falling
markot which accompanied the peace
Lav son declared Henry had asked
him on patriotic grounds not to press
his cl arges. At no time, the Boston
financier testified, did ho ever safr ho
bad direct information.
Whisn Lawson had finished his re?
cital, Chairman Henry took the stand
and s vore that at no time had he
mentioned to Lawson the names the
financier brought out on the witness
stand; that he had no information
than and had nono now of his own
knowledge; and denied generally and
completely all of Lawson's testimony
relating to him.
Wven he had concluded Lawaon
rose aid solemnly declurcd that c\er;
word he had uttered on the stand
was the "truth, so help me God, with?
out variation."
Ta hack it up, Lawson said that
immediately after leaving Henry at
their first conference had laid his in?
formation before John O'Hare Cos
grave. Sunday editor of the New York
World, Krman J. Rldgway, president
of Everybody's Magazine, and Donald
McHonuld, published of a Boston fl?
au net* paper
"Call these men," he demanded,
"and they will bear me o ' in what
I say."
Almost In tears at Henry's abso?
lute denial ?>f his statements Lawson
"1 II make good bore, and I won't
go to Jail as the goat."
Serretarles McAdoo and Tumulty
and Mr. Price at once Issued state?
ments denying Uwsun i references to
them. The committee promptly or?
dernd subpoenas for Kidgway. Cos
grave. Harburg, Flsk, Price. White.
Malcolm McAdoo, Gibboney. Barney
A Co., Mrs. Visconti and John R.
Hath'uii. editor of the Providence
Journal, who published some articles
ahout "leaks." Secretaries Tumult\
and McAdoo will appear without sub?
Pittsburgh. Pa.. Jan. 13 ?Stuart Q.
Gi'.lxncy. named by Thomas W. laiw
son In the investigation at Washington,
l.r In Pittsburgh appearing as counsel
Uefore the I ntted States court.
"1 never knew a thing about tho
president's note until It appeared In
the newspapers," he said tonight. "I
ne\ci ReJttffM SJf sold a share of stock
m my lifo and I have no conne? Ii ?,,
with any of the others Mr. Lawson
named. X am a friend ol Secretary
McAdoo ami in the pre-eonveution
campaign oi I91| before the Haiti
more convention was associated with
Mr. McAdoo and W. F. McComlis, thou
national Pein<)cratu< chairman, in or?
ganization work for the first Wilson
campaign. 1 am ready and perfectly
willing to go to Washington and ap?
pear before the committee of investi?
gation at any time. I have no connoo
Mon with the administration. The
only possible cause 1 can conceive |
for my name being mentioned is be
eause 1 am a iriend Of Mr. McAdoo
or possibly because I am counsel for
the comptroller of the currency in na?
tional bank receiverships in New York
Washington, Jan. If,?The house
committee investigating the "leak" t>
day summoned a group of the nation's
most powerful P.nanciers, headed by
?J. 1'. Morgan and Frank A. Vender- j
lip, to Washington to shed any pos?
sible light as to how the president's
peace note reached Wall street. P. J\
Davidson, Sol Wexler and Arthur Llp?
per were among those summ ancd.
Law son continued on the stand
this morning He was constantly
'lathing with < hairimm Henry ami
others of the committee. He said tht
Mexican wur news had been peddled
on Wall street for month .
New York, Jan. 10.?J. P. Morgan
will probably go to Washington to?
morrow to appear before the house
committee that is investigating the
peace note "leak." Frank A. Van
derllp says he is ready to testify
whenever tho committee desires.
Krman Rldgoway and John C'osgrave
refused to comment on l^iwson's
Washington, Jan. 16.?Spreading a
dragnet over the financial district of
New York, the house rides committee
today extended the peace note leak
investigation to a general inquiry into
the stock market. At an executive
meeting the committee considered the
advisability of employing expert coun?
sel familiar with financial affairs to
conduct the examination of witnesses.
It also planned to ask congress to?
morrow for an extension of time to
As the first step in enlarging the
scope of the hearings, the committee
subpoenaed- J. P. Morgan, H. P. Da?
vidson, F. A. Vanderllp, Arthur "tap?
per, Sol C. Wexler and J. S. Bache.
New York financiers.
+*B^f^4k*rtSfa*K' tflfl? IBs" IllJn
moning of the financiers was the dis?
appearance of Mrs. Ruth Thomason
Visconti, who Thos. W. Lawson says
told him Secretary Tumulty "and oth?
ers' had profited* In the stock market
by the leak and that William W.
Price, one of tho White House Cor?
respondents, had acted as the "go
between" in the niTair, and received
$fi,000 for his work. Sergeant-at
arms Qerdan and several assistants
tried In vain to find Mrs. Visconti.
Mr. UwKnn expressed great surprise
at her disappearance.
Mrs. Visconti surprised the search?
ers tonight by reappearing at the
apartment house in which she llVCfl
and which had been under surveil?
lance since last night. A deputy ser
geant-at-arms promptly served a
subpoena directing her to appear be?
fore the committee tomorrow morn
!nir. ?he promised to be there.
Ijiwson, whose sensational testi?
mony yesterday aroused the commit?
tee to go to the depths of the leak
rumors occupied the witness stand
again today, reviewing and supple?
menting his statement.*. At the out
ret Uiwscn attacked Representative
Henry's denial of his testimony and
emphatically declared that he or
Henry was guilty of rank perjury. In
a characteristic outburst, LnWOOh
shouted hM reiteration that he had
told the truth.
"When there Is a direct difference
of opinion ? stronger than a, question
of veraepv," said I^twson, "It is per?
fectly obvious that one or the other
of us is committing perjury, deliber?
ate, rank perjury. Fnless your C .ir
man said the things that I have sold
he did, I am guilty of foul perjury and
I am unlit to be here or anywhere
nut.-id" the bars of a Jail."
I?nw.ion again brought the names of j
Secretary Irnsing, Count von Bern? i
storff and Itornard llaruoh into his
testimony, as the men Chairman
Henry hud told him he had bend
l. ak" rumors about, and elaborated
on his story told yesterday regarding
Henry's alleged statements Concern?
ing them.
Marriage Licence Record.
A license to marry has been grant?
ed to It. R. Sanders, Jr., and Miss
Nan Iconise Team, Sumter. fJoensoi
(?? colored couples are: Dave Slall
mil Nora Wright Sumter; Ma: ens
found and Nealle S'-ot t, Brogdon;
fgjorlte McFaddeii and Rebecca Mc?
Donald, Mays viiic.
tiroeks A.vopt Allies' Demand-.
London. Jan. IT.?Brlteh Mine d r
flrecoo telegraphed from Athena to?
day thai the Oroeka had accepted the
demands of the Allies in their entire
I ty.
CLEAR Through!
You have to go some to keep up
a reputation as a Southern gentle?
man?a SOVEREIGN?King of
Them All. Yes, sir! I bet I get
more attention than any youngster
on earth!
"You come from the finest South?
ern stock of Virginia and the
Carolinas," they say. "You are
made of the best tobacco in the
world. You are clothed in a fine,
clean, white suit of genuine im?
ported paper. Keep clean; keep
clean; keep clean clear through.
The folks in the factory are always
at me to keep clean and sweet and
You. Folks of the South KNOW good blood!
You Folks of the South KNOW good tobacco!
So a clean, sweet, wholesome cigarette makes heaps of friends down
South." And you, friend, I would like to know you too! So here's
another big thing to think about?'
I am guaranteed by ^^^^..C^^^-Buy me.
If you don't like me return me to your dealer and get
your money back. I have said it. A Southern gentleman is known
the world over for keeping his word, and I have given you mine.
Attempt to Dethrone King Constantino!
Will Bring Declaration Of War
Against Allies.
Paris, Jan. 17.?The attempted de?
thronement Of King Constantino, of
QreOCe, will I?e the signal for a dec?
laration Of war against the Allies,
says an Athena dispatch today. It is
reported that the Creeks have al?
ready moved their troops to strategic
positions for attacking the Allies. A
wireless station has been constructed
at Larissa from which den. Falken?
hayn communicates directly with
cows fob CREAMERY.
Oi'ungclmrg Man Goes to Buy Cattle.
Orangeburg, Jan. IS.?W. It. GlUott,
special live stock agent who is work?
ing in Orangfeburg county In connec?
tion with the Orangeburg creamery,
will leave for Kentucky tonight to
purchase two carloads of line bred
cows for patrons of the Orangeburg
creamery. The people oi Orangeburg
county are awakening to the need of
thoroughbred eattle and much of the
line cattle Is coming in. The pros?
pects for the Orangeburg creamery
are bright.
i No wherry, Tonn., Tan. 16,? Mra.
Bdn'ard Hall, ? rmer'e wife, was
! binned to death today her clothing
i catching from an open ilreplaee.
State Warehouse Commissioner Me
Laiirin is Now Out of His Job.
Columbia, Jan. it.?Without a (Re?
lenting vote and without debate the
house this morning concurred In the
senate resolution accepting the resig?
nation of John L, McLaurln, as State;
warehouse commissioner.
The Llles bill providing for a pen?
alty after January 1 of each year K??
the non-payment of taxes was killed
by a vote of 68 to &0.
The calendar of the house was
(deared this morning before the hour
set for the elections.
Will BSnstablish Southern Headquar?
ters in Near Future.
Washington. Jan. 17.?The Southern
Railway will shortly announce the re?
organisation of the system for busi?
ness west of Chattanooga and no?th
Of Atlanta. The Southern headq li?
ters will be either at Atlanta or Blr
'mingham and the eastern at Washing?
ton. Many clerks will be Bent from
Washington to the western and south
i ern headquarters.
j Memphis, Jan. 17.?H. B. Harris
and W. W. Wooten, former randy
manufacturers, wo e ' today found
guilty of conspiring to use the mails
to defraud. F.oth formerly lived i'?
j Nashville.
_ i
Chosen Superintendent of state Pen? I
Itentfary on second Ballot**
Columbia, Jan. 17.?Following two
ballots A. EC. Sandeis of Sunder coun?
ty, in the genral assembly today was
elected superintendent of the state
penitentiary to succeed Col. n. J.
Griffith. He was opposed by Dr. L. K. I
Stuckey, of Orangeburg; J. H. Gos
nell, of Spartan burg; P. H. Lesesne,
of Columbia; J. S. Huffman, of Co?
lumbia; L. C. Wharton, of Union. Mr. \
Banders got 82 votes out of a total
of IG:! on the last ballot.
_, I
Thought That Twenty Ships Ovc due
Have Been Lost.
London. Jan. 17.?Over twenty
ships long overdue are believed to
have been sunk by a German raider.
A Japanese steamship arrived off
Pernambuco Monday with the mas?
ters and two hundred and forty of the
crews of some of the lost vessels.
Real Estate Transfers.
H. J. links to Gertrude D. 13.
Weeks, lot on West Liberty street,
$ 2,r>oo.
C. C. Heck to Isaac Rabb O'Donncll
Ueynolds, lot In town of Rembert,
James Svvinton to li. Baker Young,
10 ai i es in county, ;:'>">,
Ten m-Sa ndcrs.
From The Daily Horn. Jan. 17.
The homo ol Mr. J. J. Team on
West Calhoun street was the scene of
a pretty, but quiet wedding this morn?
ing at ? o'clock when his daughter.
Nan Louise, became the bride of Mr.
Barnwell libett Bandore, Jr.
The bride and groom were preceded
to the improvised altar, by the ring
bcarer, little Rae Wochner. where
the ceremony was performed by ltev.
W. E. Thayer, pastor of the bride.
Only th<' immediate family and a
few intimate friends witnessed tho
ceremony, after which the happy
couple loft for a few days stay In
The many frienda of Mr. and Mrs.
Sanders wish them a long and happj
Raker School Honor Roll.
First Grade?Felicia Erwin.
Adv. First?Chandler Evans, Clif?
ton Hudson. Harry Hudson.
Third tirade?Irene White, Alice
Jones, Sammy F.vans.
Fifth ?Irade?Helle I'.vans, May
ESvnns, Agnes White.
Seventh Grade?Thomas Qdom.
Eighth Grade?Bryan Odom, Jesse
Ninth Grade?None.
A license to marry has been issued
to Robert MeKnight and Minnie
i WhitOi Sumter,

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