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She watthm
? fttl
MWrCR WATCHMAJf, Established April, 1850.
'Be dual mod Fear not?Im all MM ?ud? Tbna Alnu't at be (h. Country's. Thy God'* <uul Tntk't"
TUE ran.. bOtrnmON, Established Jobs, i SM,
OotnaolidAtod Aug. 2,1881.
VoLXLIV. No. 7.
MM OaViai* Believe He Will Act
Tans Week While Others Expect
Mem to Wait Until the Extra Scs
ata* Baa Been Cain d.
Weehlngton. March 8.?Indications
?r? cumulated that President Wil?
sen H? likely to act at any time in th:
armed ship situation. Although the
praiUerq la abed with a severe coM.
H la said he la atlll considering the
Some administration officials believe
?| ^tfA act this week, while others be?
lieve m will wait uatll tht senato re
vleee Ita rules. There is also a strong
sentiment that the president will act
aiaaj' the line of calling an extra ses
tu the very near future.
tueh as It la the general agree?
ment that an extra session will be
oecaamry sometime before July 1st to
e?*nstd#r the appropriation bills there
as some disposition t> think it will
be railed at once.
ami Hepuoilcans Agree on
New Rule* Senator lewU Oflor
Washington. Maxell 8.?The clo
tare amendment *o the senate rui -s
wttfeb has been approved by both I:
9*1)1!can and Democratic caucu.-o
wa? taken up In the senate today on
4mr Unanimous consent.
StMator Lewis, the Democrat Ii
whip, announced that he would In
trodUce a resolution declaring* It to
.be Ute sense of the sonate that the
President -by virtue of the power of
hin a mem," ban the right to protect
American commerce to foreign na
ttoaa, equally with the commerce be
tweaa the States The resolution will
99% fcjgve any effect except to express
t?* ?e*Urnent of the senate.
Raker, Lane and Houston
K Oafumbia. March ?.?The Intar
eVMjsWtmental board consisting of Sec
gaearlea Baker. Lane and Houston
and a corps of government expertu
beard Columbia's claims as a lo?
cation for one of tho nitrate fixation
piaata. The official's train was lato
and the trip to nearby power sites
was abandoned.
WiO be Submitted to Federal Grand
Jury in New York.
New York. March 8.?Documentuty
?vtdence purporting to show that Dr.
Coatidre Chakraberty, a Hindoo phy
nt?lan. and Erneut Sekunna. a German*
aliawilnt. arrested in connection
with uil"K??'i plots to foment a revob:
tlea In India and the approval of the
Oerman Foreign Secretary Zimmer
nant will be laid before the federal
gr%r 1 jury In Its Information concern?
ing ilcrman plots
r: *
Cool ned to Brd With Severe <
Canned by Exposure
Washington. March 8.?Preside' it
Wllaon, wno Is suffering from a io;.|
taken a week a to and aggravated
irii g the Inauguration cerement' .
lined In bed today by orders of
physician. Dr. Grayson. No cn
?rnenta are being made for him.
Dt Orayson said the president'^
kperature was above normal and
an a??solut? rest In bed of severs i da
was necessary. although his conditio.:
was not serleus.
Duke* I one Making Swiit
Advance In Persia.
New York. March >.?The Russin us
n Persia have occupied the town ? t
Xansavar. south of Asadabad I
nit. It was captured last night 1 i
their pursuit of the Turks neatag
from Hamadan. according to th
Petrograd official announcement. On
the ether war fronts only rnldinp o.
eratlons and bombardments are r
ported. Parla says spirited artillery
activity Is under wny between Hi
Alsnt and Olse. while Flerlin report
bombardmcnta in Champagne.
Berlin, March I.?Tho admin p .
announced today that twenty-one
uteamships. ten sailing vessels and
sixteen fishing craft, with nn aggre?
gate tonnage of ninety-one thousand
tone have been sunk by German sub
ramee recently.
- -,
British Take Ship to Falmoutli, to bt
Deal* With by Prize Court?Name
on British Admiralty Blacklist. I
London. March 5.?The American
Kchooner John G. McCullough hM
hcen captured on the charge of at?
tempting to run the blockade. She
was taken to Falmouth. where her
cargo Is being removed for the prize
No American schooner John G. Mc
Colloogh is listed in available records
The American steamer of that name
was reported in marine advices re
celed In this country on February j
as having arrived at FahuQiith the
day previous from the Azores.
Carried General Cargo.
Now York, March t>.?The ?;tcamcr
John O. McColfouKh left here Deecn.
bcr 10 for Gothenburg. She was clear ?
ed by United States Steamship co n
pany and it was said today at their
office here that she tarried a genera!
cargo, including a qunntiiy of wax. |
The vessel was reported by cable tw
having put Into the Azores to repair
damages sustained in u storm.
Cable reports fron? London on De?
cember 16 said the McCollough ap?
peared on a new list of ships black?
listed by the British admiralty..^ Ot!i
cisls of the company said the shjp put
iBti l^almouth on their orders for ox
aminatlon of her cargo and that by so
doing her name was aut omatically re- \
moved from the list. They added that j
no word had beon received of her be- j
ing captured while trying to run the I
blockade or of her cargo being re- |
moved for the prize court,
?-? - \ ? ?'
Cumin it tee Reporte That He Was Re?
sponsible for j Dardanelles Expedi?
London, March 8.?The Dardan elk ?
expedition as far o? flrfHt Britain was!
concerned was undertaken on the
initiative of Col. Winston Spencer
Churchill, then first sea lord of tho t
admiralty, according to the majority
report of the commission appointed
to inquire into the responsibility for
the expedition. The report declar< 1
the question was broachod before th? |
war council on November 25th, 1'J ' ?
by Col. Churchill, as Ideal way to
defend Egypt. Later a proposal alor.iT
this line was made by Ruseia.
After first deciding on a naval at- i
txck on the Dardanelles as an "cx
lieilmcnt," it was decided to ones!
h oops in that vicinity, the invcstlga- j
tors' report said. Then there was de?
lay over the movement of troops and
misunderstanding between the nav \1
and military authoritcs. The report
says that Lord Kitchener failed 10
use his general staff un l tried to dO]
more than any one man conld <u>, n fl ;
that Lord Fisher MM wrong In main-!
talnlng silence or resigning bOOSuee
he differed with the chief of his de?
President Authorized to SSVpSSttl Con-!
stltutlotial Guaruulccs ? liberal
Lender Captured.
Havana. March I,?Frestdenl Mer-|
oral has signed th.^ bill authorising
him to suspend oonstltutlonal gear
antces recently passed by the Cuban
congress. It is reported that form? r
President Gomez, who was captured ?
l?y government leaders in Camaguey
province, is expected to b* brought
to Havana by Secretory of the In?
terior Hevia.
Secretary Hevia has arrived nt
Havana with noun/, and other cap
tured robel leader*.
\mer1< an Skipper Didn't Obey U?
Boat's C ommand.
Newport News, Msreh I.?In ad
? ion to demanding fo'ir barrels t
cylinder oil the German tnbmailr.e
commander who fired on the Atmr
ean steamer WoetWegO ofT Fattnet ?,:>
January 31 ordered tlie Weetwego'F
captain to dump his entire ll.SS0.004
SU cargo overboard or take tin eoi
sequences, according to the .d >i y of
tho incident told here today by Cap;.
The captain said that after z. Itln?
? he eyhnder oil and delivering the ul?
timatum calling for destruction of t! c
remainder of the cargo bet?rt II
next morning, the ?submarine cor.t
mnnder returned to his vessel. sii>?
mergfd and was not Keen again. Menv.
time the West we go had proceeded on
her way. She arrived^ In Hampton
I Roads yesterday
Accept New Orders on lint Ten Per
Cent. Basts and Pledge Speed In
Washington, March 7.?American
shipbuilders engaged in govern men ??
work entered into an agreement with
Secretary Daniels today to accept new
contracts at a flat rate of 10 per cent,
net profit and pledged cooperation
to the fullest extent of their ability
in rushing to completion the navy's,
construction programme.
Virtually all the larger private j
plants in the country were repre-!
sented in the conference. The build- j
ers who have been netting from 20 j
to 30 per cent, on merchant steamers |
said they were willing to turn to gov?
ernment contracts at 10 per cent, as
a patriotic duty and the secretary) on
his part agreed to protect them from :
undue loss. As a result, for the pres?
ent at least, the government will not
consider exercising the authority given
by congress to commandeer plants I
The next step of the department
will he to call upon builders not en?
gaged in government work to under?
take such tasks as they are equipped
to carry out. For the most part thi j
will consist of building submarine j
charers and possibly some destroyer .. J
An understanding also will be sought
to prevent yards doing private work (
from drawing? men from those with I
navy contract.
The companies represented today
will furnish Secretary Daniels not
later than Monday with schedules of
all commercial work in their yards
or for which they have contracted.
Details of the capitalization of each
concern, its tlxed charges, material
contracts, plans of plants and yards
showing possibility of enlargement i
an<t number of employes will be in- j
eluded. A definite statement of amount j
and kind of additional government j
work that could be undertaken with
an estimate of what might be ac- J
.epmpiished in n year's time also SrHl
be submitted to ench builder.
{Secretary Daniels said the list ofi
subjects to be covered in the state?
ment had been worked out with the
intention of supplying all information
n prospective purchaser of the plants
would require. It will be valuable in
determining the wisest wny of placing
contracts for new ships and would be
essential should it prove necessary in
the end to take over any establish?
The department is in correspond?
ence with steel makers and other
manfacturers who inipply material
for navy ships. Similar assurances
of cooperation are expected from!
them. Mr. Daniels said he hoped to
Interfere with commercial building,
just as little as possible but that noth?
ing would be allowed "to stand inj
the way of supplying the navy with
ships and munitions as rapidly asj
Another element of the speeding!
up programme Is the t isk of getting j
labor. Samuel Gompers, president ofi
the American Federation of Labor I
and a member o? the national de- i
fonat council udvisory committee, has
railed a labor conference in this con?
411 the conferences and Other pre- i
limlnary measures are preparatory to!
the issuing by President Wilson ol
n proclamation declaring that a na?
tional emergency exists Which re
QUlree the use of the unusual powers
granted him by congress to hasten
naval construction. After that step
has been taken the emergency fund of
more than $100.000,000 provided for
the purpose w 11 be available to pay
for high speed construction and 1ho
department will be in a position to
require any shipbuilder or manufac?
turer to begin at once on work as
Signed to him.
When the problem of placing new
ships in yards best fitted to do fast
work hai been studied out the ques?
tion of getting Ways clear of nie?
( bant tonnage under construction Will
be taken up, Wherever possible BU:dl
ships will be rushed to completion
and delivered to their owners. No
new merchant ships will be laid
down, however, until the needs *?f
the navy have been satisfied.
in some Instances it Is expected
that because of shortage of skilled
labor nnd the domnnd for structural
steel, merchant ships on the ways
would be completed only to the point
of launching and then held up while
navy vessels took their places.
Marriage License Record.
A license to marry has been issued
to Barney Moore, Lynchburg, aud
Miss Ida Wise, Hyaian. ,
Warlike Premier, Tuan Chi Jut, Re?
turns from Tien Tsin and Agrees to
Retain the Reins.
Peking, March ii (Delayed).?The
immediate braking oft ot" relations
With Germany is expected here and
it is generally predicted that China
Will join the entente
This belief is due to the fact that
dispatches from Tien Tsin say thftt
Tuan Chi Jui, who resigned Man ii j
?1 and *eft for Tien Tsin, has decided I
to return to the capital Immediately
und resume the premiership. It la!
Bald that President Li Yuan Htinft
has agreed to give the cabinet pour;
to frame the foreign polity. Tb
cabinet is known to favor the Sever?
ine bf relations with Germany and
parliament is showing a disposition
to follow the leadership of Tuan Chi
Jui rather than that of the president.
A dispatch from Peking March 4
said the cabinet had decided to join
the United States in severing diplo?
matic relations with Germany i>ir
that the president refuse ! to approv<
of auch action. Thereupon the pre
mler resigned and left tor Tien T;' ii,
accompanied by several other mem?
bers' of the cabinet.
Promoters Call Mooting in Colombia
Next Tuesday?Much Interest is
Columbia, March 7.?The fox hunt
crs of South Carolina will form an
association at a meeting' to be held at
the Jerome hotel next Tuesday after?
noon at 2 o'clock. Several States
have these associations, Including
Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Ala?
bama and Iowa.
Tho purpose of the organization ! ?
for the protection of the fox; for the
Improvement of the dogs; field tria".
meets; and to encourage a better so?
cial feeling between the hunter an 1
the farmer. The purpose also In
eludes the encouragement of legisln
tion friendly to the hunter and hi?
doprs. Much interest is being mani?
fested in the organisation of the as?
sociation and a number of fox hun?
ters will he present at the meeting
next Tuesday, it is expected,
Arkansas Governor Signs 1MU Allow?
ing Them Franchise In Such S]l<? -
tions in Tliat State.
Little Rock, Ark., March 6.?Gov.
Prough tonight signed the bill grant?
ing women the right to vote in pri?
mary elections in Arkansas. The bill
previously adopted In the senate waj
naaPOd by the house today. The gov
I crnor affixed his signature at a suf
i trage mass meeting. Previously h<
delivered an address in Which he in
i dorsad the votes lor women ca>?
palgn and rode In a Euftrrgc parad
about the streets of the city In e<;.
bration of their victory. The mfi *
inci ting was a feature of the p:<
gramme of the suffrage ochool bcln;
conducted here by the National \Vi;
man Suffrage association.
Supremo Court Sanctions Action In
Washington, March 7. ?The qi
pre mo court of the United States,
pursuance of an agreement rcnoh*>:l
some time ago, hai permitted the ku'
?I the Peoples National bank of
Greenville and others agalmt the
Pouth Carolina tax commission to
withdrawn at the request of t'i ?
plaintiffs. The banks beMcvod Iben
selves aggrieved by a decision entoi
ei by the supreme ocurt of South
Carolina over tax returns and valu.e
tlons said to be against the'.r Interest.'
The withdrawal was sought pursuant
to an agreement reached last mont'i
Ralil to I3:? Contemplating Publlshbiy
Statcmcni of What it Unites lo Get.
Hav re, March 7 - Th > German gov?
ernment, according to Information >?
eclved her1 through confident
agents, is considering the publ
of Germany's terms of peace. I'm.
these terms Belgium WOtil I !>?? <?
elared independent, subject onl>
permanent German garrisons ui \?.
werp, Liege and Namur, and t ? tb
control by Germany of port ti
Belgium under the torms would
have no national army but would be
policed by gendarmeries.
Speech to National Democratic Com?
mittee Marked by 1 rank Talk About
Washington, March C.?President
Wilson expressed in forceful language
big disappointment over the senate's
failure t ? p.sss his armed neutrality
bill and discussed at kugth his con?
ception of the underlying basis of
permanent peace, in an informal talk
today at a White House luncheon to
the members of the Democratic na?
tional committee.
President declared he. was "mad"
over the attitude of the little gro
of senators who held up the armed
neutrality W!l and indicate i that he
hoped for bolter results If he tried
again to obtain lbs passage. The
present, , he said, is no time for parti
Ran or factional consideration in in?
ternational affair:., because the need
I thate America prove united in efforts
! to safeguard its interests is Impera?
tive, lie decried bitterness in public
discussion of the situation,
i The Underlying principles of de
; mocra< y We re declared by Mr. Wilson
pa the only principles on which gov
? rnments can, endure and on whieh
! permanent, world peace can be main
I i tine 1. He said tin,- consent of the
governed must be behind govern?
The president refined to the ren?
dition of Alsace-Lorrane as typical
! of causes of war which must be avoid
, ed If permanent peace is to be achiev
'ed. Reiterating his hope that the
United States will play a part in build?
ing up a structure for the maintenance
! of permanent peace after the present
war, he declared that such a peace
i can be found only on Just principle*;
meeting the aspirations of the people
of the world.
No stenographer was presnt dur?
ing the president's speech and its text
. ?ras not made public. The lunch Vi
( given in honor of Vance C. McCor
mick, chairman of the Democratic na?
tional committee, and the other mem
bers who atsiste? in Mr. Wilson's re
j ejection.
At a meeting of the committee to?
day a movement was started for
'; ringing about a uniform hour for the
closing of election poll-* in all parts
; of the country. A. Mitchell Palmer,
national committeeman from Penn?
sylvania, discussed the question in de?
tail and finally it was left in the hands
; of the executive committee. Tee
claim was made that in the last elec?
tion Republican victories in the Rast
, were reported to Western State, be
' fore the closing of the polls ami that
as a result many Democrats gave up
j hope and did not vote.
Plans for the next congressional and
presidential elections were discussed,
j Mir.. George Bass, chairman of th<
committee's woman's bureau, told
' bow t< n of the 12 suffrage Btateswere
co cried for Wilson.
I Chairman McCormick announced
' the appointment of the following ex?
ecutive committee: Homer B. Cum
mlngs, Connecticut: Isadora B. Dock
Veiler, California; Carter Glass. Vir?
ginia; Cordello Hull, Tennessee; A. A.
Jones, Pennsylvania; Frederick K.
j Lynch. Minnesota, and E. H. Moor .
Ohio, it war, decided that permanent
work at headquarters here will he
conducted under the direction of W.
It. Holllster, assistant secretary; IV.
D. Jamlcson, assistant treasurer, .? ,]
Mrs. M. W. Dennett, secretary of I ;
women's organisation committee.
1 Chairman McCormick was given a
watch and chain by the members of
the committee in appreciation of his
work in the campaign.
New York Grand Jury Takes Action
New York, Mar. h 6.?The fodo I
grand jure which has boon Invent -
eating the high rest of food and fu< !
returned two Indictments today nai -
inrr as defendants, in the first 1 *
corporations aed i"T> individuals, i 1
the second ten corporations and !0
individuals In the business of pro?
ducing or selling coal.
The defendants in the first Indict?
ment are charged With participating
in a combination among selling: <- *
and producers of 22.000 000 out of
is5.000.000 tons of coal produced an?
nually in the Ponhontas and tfow
fllvcr district of \V srt V!r -,in:a and
Virginia, arbitrarily to :i\ prlce.? at
which this coal is marketed.
The second Indictment rb?irt?
combinations through nine mini1"
. ompanlcs, producing S.000,000 ?o
< i* stich coal. .:nd with a veiling agent
arbitrarily to tw p ice., and to po
the proceeds of the Kale of the co;'.
Names of the defendants have not
yet been made, public.
Americans, South Carolina Governor
Says, Stand Firmly Behind Presi?
dent in Crisis.
Washington, Mareh G.?"If it had
not been for the action of the hand?
ful of senators who prevented the
passage of the armed neutrality bill,
this inauguration would have been
complete," said Gov. R. I. Manning
hers today. "Henceforth these men
will be pointed out as men who
failed at a critical period of our na?
tion's life to do their duty. Not only
their constituents but the nation at
large will hold'them responsible and
Will call thein to an accounting. It
is impossible to ' understand their
"There can be no question that
the people of the United States, re?
gardless of politics, are back of the
president in this international crisis.
1 Know that the people of South
' Carolina arc Solidly behind him and
1 I feel that the citizen* of every other
! State, North and South, arc w*th
! him.
"The president put it well when he
, said that the 11 senators who voted
against giving him authority to arm
our merchant vessels represented no
I body but themselves.,
"If we should get into war and'
the president calls for troops, South
! Carolina will furnish her full quota,"
Southern Department Headquarters
Issues Orders to Have All Guards?
men Leere Border by April 1.
San Antonio, March 7.?Southern
! department headquarters have recelv
i ed orders to "speed up" the return
, mover.ienr of State troops so that all
i organisations can be home by Apri\
1st. Troops still on the border ap?
proximate thirty thousand in num?
A shortage of funds, due to the fa?l
! uro of the army appropriation bill, 4t
is said, caused the war department to
quicken the guard movement. It was
originally planned to move the last
troops about April 15th.
I -
Impression Growing in Washington
Tluit Ships Will Ik* Armed Soon.
Washington, March 7.?The definite
impression that American merchant
: men will be armed in the near fu
; tu re gained ground after a confer
, ence today between President Wilson,
1 administration officials and Democrat?
ic senators. It is understood that of?
ficials urged the president that the
law of 1819 forbidding merchantmen
J to fire on public armed vessels of a
I nation in amity with the United
j States d<>es not apply to the present
Party Attending Inaneuration Arriv?
ed in Columbia This Morning.
, C olumbia, March 7.?That the pub?
lic inaugural exercises should be
abolished is the statement by Gov.
Manning on his return from Wash?
ington this morning. He said that the
president, his immediate successors
nnd the Supreme Court were on the
reviewing Stand, exposed to any de?
signing person. He said that a ma?
chine gun at a distance, in the hands
of an enemy, would wipe out tho
Whole government.
The chief executive said there is
intense fcelinsr in Washington and
throughout the country at the action
of the twelve senators In blocking the
"armed neutrality" resolution in the
senate, that the temper of the peo
ple la such thut they will stand be?
hind the president in any move that
he may make.
"Senator Tillman has rendered a ser
vicc to his State and his nation i?i
'.ho stand he took in upholding the
hands of the president," said Gov.
The governor said that the South
Carolina contingent at the inaugura?
tion attracted a deal of attention.
The "Inauguration Special" bearing
Qov. Manning and his staff and other
South Carolinians, who went to Wash?
ington to see Wood row Wilson induct?
ed Into office for the second time,
arrived in Columbia this morning at
10:15 o'clock.
Manning, Marth C>.?An unusually
severe elect vie storm passsd over
.':nnng Sunday afternoon. There
r.'P.a a heavy rain accompanied by hail
ih R with the lightning and thunder,
Etnd then during the night there was
n. fall in temperature amounting to it
degrees within ten hours.

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