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Mfts* licmnHm Kor in * Rome Deiu
?MMlBlliiB, Canning and Poultry
Clnhs In One Dar.
Miss Mary Lemmon, home demon
St ration agent for Sum tor county, m t
With splendid success yesterday at the
organisation In one day of a home
des* on strati on olub, a oannlng and to
ssato olub, and s poultry club.
These three club* with the domes
tte science rieb already in existence ct
that place will stimulate Interest la
the live at home plans of the pen;
ef that progressive and Intelligent
sect!si of flumter county, and will ho
the means ?>f tasking tho homes more
economical, efficient, beautiful, and
The ladles and pupils, and a num?
ber of boys In goodly numbers woro
at tho organisation meeting, and man?
ifested keen Interest In the details oi
the organisation.
Tho names of the oftlcers elected
for tho new clubs will bo given out ar
an early date.
Haay Teachers Ex peeled to Gather in
Columbia This Week.
Columbia, March 11.?Columbia !
ready to entertain the greatest meet?
ing of the State Teachers' Associn
n ever held. For weeks the variou
mltte?s have been at work c>f
everythlng Into readiness. Pres
t Wm. C. Bynum of Georgetown
arranged a very strong program,
of the principal speakers will
Dr. ijii?*. Clructon. of Washington*;
J. D. ?Jggleston of Blackslmer.
Dr. Chas A. McMurry of George
body College for Teachers; Dr.
wton B. Eva is. superintendent of
hools, Augusta.
?cores of the teachers will v'slt th .
uonbia schools Thursday morn
g. The department meetings wir
be held Thursday afternoon while
Hie first general session will be held
ursday evening. Dr. Claxton Wiil
the association Thursday e\c
An Important meeting of the Conn
II of Delegates will be held Thur*i
mjf afternoon S o'clock. This coun
? has chsrge of the business of th
Twelve colleges vlll hold renn;?
irtag the convention. This will
e of the enjoyable features. TV
iversity of South Carolina will g;v
reception on Friday afternoon.
Perhaps tho best part of the pro?
gram will bo the practical program*
to be carried out Is the 16 department
Dai tea Announced for Celebration i
* Manning.
Manning. March 10.?The commit
lee appointed at tho recent meeting u
the Clarendon County Teachers' asso?
ciation to arrange a programme fo
? ?elO> day has announced the dat*>
agreed upon as Thursday nlgnt. Apt
IS, and Friday. April 13. The d <
lamatlon contests for pupils over 13
years of age will be held Thursday
eight and like contests for pupils be
tween 10 and 15 years will take plac
from 10 to 11 o'clock Friday morn
Columbia. March 11.?W. W. l-on;t
State farm demonstration agent, v.
lb Cc'umhla yesterday, returning fro
?Clio In Marlboro county, where b
?grossed a Isrge group of farmer: I r
day night on the prospective inv
Of the boll weevil. Although far r<
moved from the Immediately th: i
Oned sono, farmers of Marlbor?? co m
ty, Mr. I,ong s.i i I.
terested In withstanding the lnroo<
of this disastrous pest as he hi
found In the border counties whe*
the weevil Is expected to lnvad'31
fear. Mr. Long Is pleased with th
Spirit of cooperation he Pndl 0%<
the Rtste.
There Is a silent but concert)
effort to meet the conditions." h< su!
"They s-e not making any fuss ar
feathers over the situation, but
few of the lending former In I
community are taking th^ Initnth
and are getting the nm
tlve in line." Mr. Lonv OXp< t.
Influence of these leaders to pi
meate the rural districts whi 11
cotton Is grown.
/One way of meeting tho h
vii is the propeeltloa of rreame
route establishment. The con
report of tho first month ef th ? n<
year for the Darlington counts
hss been tiled with Mr. Long. A
though the DariiiigtOfl im I bai
? operation ? ut one year, the n
proceeds for the dui.c- t'
inonth of January was ISll.il Tl
la particularly pleasing to Mr. I ?
mm this high average of prodm
Was maintained in a district
was swept by severe ;
mor. la conseqeunre of which 111
forage was harvaited. ' To ?,
this r?#aurt In the month when fi
had reached their hUhest ? <? t ' '
Long pointed out.
South Curolina \ntl-Tul>crculo>is As
mm ?Int ion to Ho Organised nt Meet?
ing to be Held In Columbia Martth
Columbia, March 11.?South Caro?
lina Is to have a Stato nntl-Tubcrcut
1<V Is Association which will start an
intensive campaign against the whit
plague, according to announcement
made today nt the ofllce of the ?tnt<
Hed Cross Seal Commission.
The organization meeting will 1
held i-i the Y. M. C!. A.. Columbia, <>
Tuesd iv, March 13th at 8:30 p. in
A constitution and by-laws will be
adopted and officers elected. Sever;)
prominent speakers have eonsente
to be present and address the meet
ing. Frederick D. Hopkins, field BSC?
rctary of the National Association fo
the Study and Prevention of Tubercu?
losis, is in Columbia assisting in \.\
formation of the new association.
The Red QrOU Seal Commission hai
acted as State agent for the Red Cvos
Christmas Seals for the past foui
years. The money received has en?
abled several communities to carry
on anti-tuberculosis work. It has nbc
n- adted in tho collection of a stnall
fund to start the permanent Btatt as
soclation. One of the objects of tli
new society will bo the dhsMfnlnstlOl
of knowledge concerning causes, tiea
ment, and prevention of tuberculosi.
It is hoped aivo to organize an ant:
tuberculosis committee or association
in every county throughout tho Stat
where some local society is not at
present doing tuberculosis and oth?
er public health work.
The members of the Rc J Cross ;
Commission; which is acting as th;
organizing body for the now ninoclll
tion, are: Jas. H. Fowles, chairman
Miss Elizabeth Sumnor, executive sec?
retary; Dr. Snrah C. Allan, Mrs. J
Mi Visanska. Charleston; M. H
White, Chester; Dr. C. Fred William
Mrs. T. II. r'lsher, Mira Julie Hey
wars. Prof. Reed Smith, Columbia
Mrs. Ii. K. Sturdivant, Greenville; Dj
Ia Rosa II. Gantt, Spartanburg; Mrs
Nina Solomons, Sumter.
Senator Martin Announces That Pa: ?
ment Rill to Panama Will be Oha
cd ut Special Session.
Washington, March 12.---S n ? ?
Martin announced in the Democrat!
caucus that an effort will bo ma^ 1
get a vote, at Ihn special session o
the treaty with Colombia, prr.v\!;n
for the paying of fifteen million dob
lars for tho partition of Panama. It
is understood that the announc
reflected the president's wishes.
WOULD moriiaze na\ y.
Naval Officers Call for Gathering 0
l-titire lighting Strength.
Wash ngton, March 12.?Naval oi"
fleers have recommended a com pic.
vnoblllzotion of the lighting Strengt
of tho navy. The approval Ol Pic
dent Wilson Is necessary before th
orders arc sent out assembling the i..
val militia, calling out reserves an
releasing officers on shore duty. Tin
11 Medsljsj graduation of the Aral
class at Annapolis Is Included in tl
las to make up as tar a> possible tl
threatened shortage of officers.
Washington, March 12.?The Stat
department today gave permission fc
bs enters m e of the P i sn< h Ui
liochambeau. the first heilig-in U
nerchantman arriving in an Amor)
an harbor with a g n mountedi bot)
on- and aft. Tiie department ruli
bat merchantmen are entitled to ta'.:
?teps for adequate protection.
The Telephone Coward.
'iu *i v-ak to a telephone operator
like speaking in the dark to n Btrani
?r. in such a situation cotul
would seem to be tin first rt Is Of '<!
oad. Unfortunately, courts y Is >
;nvarlably the tone whic h people em
:>ioy with telephone operal 1
During one of the national cornea
'i'>ns something went wrong With tii
?vires; Bgessages were delayed SB
nixed; oAees and correspondent
were losing their temper.-. In tl)
nldst of It .lames Morgi n. with th:
Impurturbeble good humor of his, sei
back to the Bost in Globe n teles
bearing merely th*- Words thai >
?orn in the dance ball of a Weste
mining town:
"biin't .-hoot the pianist. Ii
bdng the best be can."
Don't bully the telephone operate
me is dotni the best she can. If b
verc not she WOUM not be where b
s. Doing a telephone operator i
beet busy days is no sinecure.
Tin- siiiust place to loss one'i tern
mm is into a transmitter, it is th
in i eswardly Place, also, Te ai?u
telephone operator (who is n lor
ray off, i woman end an em
;* about as heroic sport as s!i
oblns. The operator cannot g<
ormont.?r dlschsrged. she rann
?von anSWer bac k. Discipline forbid
, ? Boston Globe.
Union County Furnier Brought Be?
fore United States Commissioner on
Serious Allegation.
Union. March 10.?Sims McDanicl,
a prominent farmer of this county,
Wll brought before John Gilbert,
United States commissioner at Union
today by Deputy United States Mar?
shall J. L. Adams, on a charge of
violating the Mann white slave law
McDanicl gave bond in the sum of
$^,000 for appearance at Dynehburg.
\'a.. March IS, His bondsmen are:
ft A. Jones, C, A. Jeter and I. Frank
Petite, When brought < before tin
commissioner McDaniel entered a plea
of not guilty.
Country Ecournffed by American
Declaration 61 ideals.
Parle, March 11,?"President Wil?
ton's declarations of American policy
ha\'e been a moral refreshment to
France," said Albert Thomas, min- j
ister of munitions to the Associated
Press today. "America comes forward
toward the end of the war with tin
assertion of ideals, of which the Eu?
ropean peoples, amid all the strain of
combat, of hatred, of sufferings, of
determination for specific national
aims need to be reminded.
France has been stimulated, cheer?
ed and supported by President Wil?
son's message to congress and by hb'
inaugural address."
"What do you think are the im?
mediate effects of the American rup?
ture with Germany?" he was Asked.
"The hour that America is ac?
tually In the war" replied the minu?
ter, the ilow of supplies will be re?
sumed at full tide und sssentlo?
credits will be easy. That is the way
it would seem now."
"The active cooperation of the Unit
ed States In submarine chasing in
transport and in the supply of ma?
terial and money would contribute
enormously to shortening the war.'
said M. Thomas and he added: "It
would be an Inspiration for France
to have an American contingent
lighting on this side."
State lH?parfment Semis Out Notice ol
Arming Merchantmen.
Washington, March 12.?Formal no?
tice that American ships trnversin."
German submarine zone are to cam
'armed guard for the protection ol
the vessel and the lives of person
aboard" has been sent to the loreig
embassies and legations here by the
>tate department. The not^o de
la red that tho United States govern?
ment determined on this "in view of
'he announcement of the Imperial
German government on January 31st
'hat all ships, those of neutrals in?
cluded, met with in certain zones,
?vould be sunk without warning."
The notification will be sent to Ger?
many through the Swiss legation.
Civic League Notes.
Tha Civic League has been long
ritlelfted because of the seeming fact
imt bo little has been accomplished
.; the department of Civic improve
? < vt? tbut-is the beautifying of tr<
'Uy, It i3 Claimed that many ui.
dghtly places in the town should have
hecn taken In hand by the league an1
Improved. It Is true that no one spot
shows great achievement along
this line, but on the whole tiv
charge is an unjust one. To do this
work extensively two things are nec- !
essary. Money and cooperation, and
in this particular work we have had
little of cither at our disposal. In
several instances where owners of Uli
kempt, untidy lots were asked to im
PIOVC BUCh property, or to allow lb
league to do so, they have refused t<
aCejUieeOC In either place. Not
withstanding those two barrlorr. how
over, it must be admitted by the fair
minded person that the appearance ol
bunter on the whole, has ImproVOl
wonderfully these past few years. To
those who return aft r an absence
some time the general i ^provement ??
ho town is striking. The removal o
ragged fences, planting of |, wns I u
gardens, better care of the tr. -i ami
ippearanes of the homes, all have
? Hing effect and we> know tha: th?
icrsisteiit efforts put forth by th<
r?cague, through the various rhannol
?f lectures, public and private ap
oeals, endeavoring to keep always !<
ore the people thai ti,?? rb ii urn
snltsry < Ity i ten ft r tou ird be
omlng a city beautiful that n spirit
>C civic pride ha." been awakened
N"ow that our strcts have been paver
ind grsdod no well, it will be uaslci
0 accomplish more and with tin
icautlful spring season opening foi
s, when naiuro seems t<? be cabin;
a us to ren ove the debris of ttw fni
nd Winter, t:i m ike ready our place
if the wondt rful beauties she hold
1 store fnr us, If we will only pre
are the way for her, Wo hope I
tave eplendld results, and the mo
.ute? tu] year's work.
House of Representatives Approves of
Foreign Policy Including Ruptmv
With Germany.
London, March 12.?A Pekin dis
patch says the house of representa?
tives at a recent session aproved tho
government's foreign policy, including
the rupture with Germany.
University Representative for Stale
Contests to be Selected This Evening.
Columbia, March lli.?The pre?
liminary contest to select a represen?
tative from the University of South
Carolina for the State oratorical con?
test to he held at Rock Hill in the
spring, will be held this evening in
tho university elm pel, beginning
at 8:30 o'clock. Six competitors arc
to be heard, three from each of the
literary sociciies. The contestants
are: ESuphradian, B. P. Hodges, C
D, B rear ley and T. K. Collier; Clarl
osophic, Swift Tyler, W. C. Mann and
U. It. Harley. A special programme
of music has been prepared. Mise
Marion Salley of Columbia college
will give a vocal solo and Schumach?
er's orchestra will play several num?
bers during the evening. J. H. 13oui
ware will act as chief marshal, as?
sisted by Robert Moorman, Jr., W. O.
Prioleau, H. J. Blackmon and Waddy
W. C. Dreher and Family, With Am?
bassadorial Staff, Sale in Cuba.
Columbia, March 12.?W. C. Drehe:
and family, who left Berlin last
month alont: with Ambassador Ger?
ard and 200 other Americans when
diplomatic relations between the Uni?
ted States and Germany were severe"!.
will arrive In Columbia tomorrow
night. E. S. Dreher, a brother, was
advised early last night that the party
had arrived safely in Habana, Cuba
and would come to Columbia Tuesday.
Hq expects to divide his time in the
Immediate future with his brother it:
Columbia and the family home in
Lexington county. Mr. Dreher ha?
been with the Associated Press in
Germany for 15 years.
Telegram from Cnpt. Brown Convey.*
v Information of Move.
A telegram from Capt. Roher T
Brown of Company L, National Guard
of South Carolina, received today a4
the Chamber of Commerce states:
"On the way. Eating breakfast. Will
wire again today." Signed Capt
Brown. The telegram is sent from
Schulenberg, Texas, and came in about
2 o'clock.
Gov. Manning has called ir.s staff t<<
meet in Columbia on Friday, where
the Second regiment will be reviewed
by the governor at a big parade to b<
Gerard Comes Home.
Havana, March 12.?Former Am?
bassador Gerard and party of lifty
four sailed for Key West at 10:4 5.
Ailanison Decision Withheld,
Washington, March 12.?-The decis?
ion on the Adamson law was again
Withheld by the Supreme Court.
February, 11117.
Roads and Bridges.
C. E. Dunlap, laborers, $18.10
VV, A. James, rpg. road, 12.4.1
T. J. DuBose, lumber, iJiM.ci
II. S. Nesbitt, rpg road, 12.4.1
Qeo, Johnson, lumber, 25.40
Ifirnest Wilson, rpg. bridge, C.50
H. Co< ip< .-. dragging, I 0.00
Meal Spann, rp?. road. i:j.2
looth-McLea.'i lumber, l :>.o s
J, U. 1 >cw, drni ;.. r, 3 i.-"
i. A. Floames, ura,;..; ?. j.oh
F, !i. Anderson, cutting tree, 1.00
t. A. Brunpon, cutting tr* 1.00
Munson McLeod, rpg. bridge, 3.50
I. A. .J< nklns, rpg. road, 6.00
\. L Grooms, rpg. bridge, 2.00
'tanvn**ne Burrov-s. rr?g. road, D ? ??
f. m. Coulter, cutting tree, 1.00
J. i'. Uichardson, rpg., bridge, :.< ?
Alex Sessions, cutting tree, l.
?'. \ : i mntap, laborers, ??! .
C. E. Dunk"', laborers, 22.76
itoherl \nderson, cutting tree,
L. J, Newman, lumber, I '.:<
E?. L. Dickey, rpg. road, I.
Jane Mickcns, rpg, road, .: <?
if. T. ISdens, rpg. rond, r.e.:^
r, !!. & i.. W. Warren, lumber, 1.70
Dear Montgomery, lumber, 11.1 I
r. M. Jon s, rpg, road, .:? i
i IPnrd i >u Kant. rpg. rond, g.??
'. ES, Dunlap, lahorers, ?^.r. i
-* i>57. ?"?: ?
Pros nnd Salaries,
11. FJ. Wilder, auditor, t I I I 1
n, ?*. Wallace, treasure r, 11.44
H. It. Scarborough, Clk Court, 33.3:1
J. K Bradford, Sheriff, 183.33
W, J, Reale, Coroner, 41.06
J, H. Hayns worth, spt. Edu., 121
f.. R, Widte. Supervisor, 141.66
V M. Htir l. ('M<. ('o. Com. 1 0 '.?? ?'
P\ L Player, Mag. 16.6c,
'-. T. PosChamps, Mag. 16.66]
Vf. .>. Moore, Mag. r>::."s
J. A. Hodl e. stag. 16.66
w. ,t. Rees, Mag. 37..<?
rt. \: Burkette, Mag. 8?.16 I
... U Glllls, Mag. 16.66
i, R Plummer, Constable, lti.tJO 1
i Chap. Richardson, Con. 16.60
j Hasell Hoykin, Con. 30.00
J. F. Hodge, Con. 16.66
J. J. Geddings, Con. 85.00
|J. H. Seale, Constable, 20.00
James Rcames, Con. 10.66
\V. E. McBrkic, R. Policeman, 63.33
H, B. Roy kin, R. Policeman, 63.33
Alex Nortis, R. Policeman, 83.33
.Sam Newman, R. Policeman, 83.:;'5
J. H. Holland, Supt. C. G. 83.33
J. L. Nunamaker, Guard, 45.00
W. M. Strang*, Guard, 45.00
J. A. Baker, Guard, 40.00
C. P. Burksdale, Spt. Scrp. Div., 60.00
|C. E. Dunlap, Spt. Fit Gang, 4 0.00
l. d. Jennings, Attorney, 12.50
E. E. Rombert, Assessor, 6.00
d. w. Owens, Jailer, 38.2 3
George Holmes, Janitor, 30.00
Alms House and Poor.
Carolina Furniture Co., rocker $8.75
Q. if. Hurst, mattresses, etc 2<;.<'n
Mrs. Cleo Turner, appropriation, B.O0
.1. l*. Commander, wood, 1.00
O'Donncll & Co.. dry goods. 22.91
Mrs. M. J. Walker, Appropr., 8.00
.Mrs. John Langs ton. Appr. 8.00
.Mrs. M. J. Pate, Appr. 5.00
Mrs. Annabelle McElvene, Appr. 3.00
Sam Franklin, transportation, ,75
\Y. x. Hammett, wood. 4.50
Mrs. b. d. Mitchell, diet act. 186.50
$276.1 1
Chain Gang.
Auatin Bros, axles ,etc. $2i>.!'
Est. W. A. Green, hay, 20.2:;
Carolina Grocory, groceries, 12.05
(1. H. Hurst, COitln, 0.50
Warren Burgess, peas, 4.oo
W. B. Doyle Co., corn, etc. ' 83.1?)
I Bultman Shoe Co., shoes, 4,00
Burns A; Son, tools, etc. 31.15
Citizens' .Meat Market, beef, 3.?i
UuRant Hdw. Co., tools, etc. 8.70
Li. W. Folsom, clock, 1.25
Moses Green, corn, etc. 80.13
Harby & Co., potatoes ,etc. 6.70
O'Donncll O. Gds. Co. boot3, 6.00
Geo. I). Shore & Bio. oats, 7...on
.1. J. Whlldcn, re pa its, 60.85
J. R. Wingate, shoeing mules, 2.0<i
City of Sumter, wood, 1.50
E. W. Hurst, corn, etc. 99.70
S. M. Farabow, freight, etc. l.il
Sou. Atl. Distbtg. Co., corn, 126.00
W. Y. Spann, groceries, 6.96
E. F. Leach, shoes, 138.40
J. A. Baker, potatoes, 3.7a
II. Sanders, potatoes, S.5<>
Sou. Al. Distbg. Co. oats, 70.5?.
.1. R. Wingate, repairs, 13.75
Public Buildings.
Dixie Electric Co.. lamps, $5.87
Sumter Telephone Co., phones. 11.50
City of Sumter .water, 10.00
C. W. Smith Co., drayage, 2o.o<>
Sumter Lighting Co., lights, 37.50
S. M. Farabow, drayage, .25
Wm. Singleton, lawn signs, 2.00
Jeff McPaddln, wood, 1.00
Jas. Scott, keeping lawn, 7.50
Burns & Son, brooms etc. $3.1 f.
Dixie Electric Co., lamp, 1.00
DuKant Hdw. Co., wash pot, 5.00
b'oisrfce & Co., rpg. pipe, 3.90
O'Donnell Dry G. Go. blankets, 10.50
City of Sumter, water, 41.15
.1. K. Bradford, groceries, 66.96
? ). W. Owen:-, peas, .56
C. W. Smith & Co. drays go, 5.5')
sumter Lighting Co., lights, ?;.;:>i
S. M. Farabow, drayage, ,25
1-). W. Owens, cook, 10.0i>
Miss Mary Lemrrion, Appr. $150.00
Globe Printing Co., records, 12.0c
Osteen Pub. Co.. printing, 7.5C
Globe Printing Co.. printing, 3.00
G. F, Epperson, gasoline, etc. is.21
Jenkins Spring Co.. auto parts, 2.04
Dr. M. S. Kirk. Inquest, 5.00
R, Q, Scarborough, rib'.on, .7"
Sumter i:. 10. & 1. Co. bond, 50.00
\V. U, Tel, Co., messages, 2.24
T. J. Geddings, transportation, 3.9C
J K. Bradford, transportation, 19.00
Dr. \Y ll. Burgess, lunacy fees, 10.00
Dr. C, E. King, binary lees, 5.00
??C night Pros., printing, etc. 7. !'
er. c. W. Maxwell, lunacy fee, 5.00
Dr. J. H. a: iiis. lunacy fee, . .'in
i?. W. Owens, transportation, 1.25
J. A. Reames, transportation, 3.30
T E. Richardeon, lunacy fees,
etc 30.50
Dr. M. i/. Parier, statistics, 35.25
W. J. McKageh, statistics, 127.5"
Dr. W. S. Burgess, lunacy lees, 10.00
W,,C. Harllee, statistics,' 51.50
W. C. Thomas, statistics, 49.75
Benjamin Sanders, statistics, 48.00
Dr. c. b. Epps, statistics, 127.0.)
Ralph Bill, auto tire, 1 3.12
S, P. Koib. statistics, 5 5.50
Dr. B. McLaughlin, statistics, 57.25
s. b. McEIveen, statistics, 40.75
F. M. Coulter, statistics, S.00
Beseue Orphanage. 7 children. 35.00
Rumter Telephone Co., messages, ''"?
J. H. Reale, transportation, 3?Q
Walk< r, Evans & Cogs well,
blanks, 44.57
Burroughs Add. Men. Co. ribbon, l.Oe
G. 1?. rnard <^ <"o. records, 27S.76
Miss Antonio Gibson, nurse, 10.00
Dr. B.. McLaughlin, inquest lee fc.OS
Dr. \v. B. Mills, autopsy, 10.00
E x - Con federate Veten ns.
W. H. Browder,
M. J. Morris,
H. N. Idol,
T. W. Pritchard,
j. J. P. Lawren< e,
Ij, M. Geddings,
IW. J. Ardis,
Abrsrn Ardts
jw. J. Atkinson.
; Sumter Belle,
Tom Benenhaly,
D. H. Boyktn,
M. h. Boykin,
S. J. Brown,
j. t. Brown,
R, s. Brown,
B. M. Powell,
W. J. Brunson,
P. W. Burgess,
J. C. Compion,
W. H. Cook,
F. N. Dean,
M. Dority.
J. F. Floyd,
J. S. Geddings,
J. A. Gillis,
T. J. Holliday,
J. A. Eawrence,
W. R. Backey,
T. s. McBlveen,
Cornelius MeBaurin,
S. D. O'Neill,
J. D. Pace,
J. W. Partin,
K. M. Bogers,
B. B. Sanders,
G. W. Scott,
H. M. Spann,
B. B. Thames,
I. G. Tisdale,
.lohn Turner.
A. H. Weeks,
W. A. Weldon,
I. I\ Windham,
W. M. Butler,
I. W. Thompson,
Et. V. Me Leo d,
.!. C. McKinney,
J. W. Hudson.
J. A. M. Carroway,
CO claims at $3.00 each .. ..$150.00
Received From AH Sources.
Ta::es and Penalties, $5,797.10
Boad tax, 2,160.70
Geo. T. DesChamps, Mag:
State vs. Ellison Evans, 12.GO
State vs. Burney Watts, 12.50
lt. L. Burkette, Mag.:
State vs. Thos. Kendrick, 20.00
State vs. John Gary, 5.00
State vs. Shed Mills, 5.00
State vs. Prince Stafford, 5.00
State vs. Ed Stanley, 5.00
State vs. S. J. Bangston, (2) 10.00
State vs. S. M. Moore, 5.00
State vs. S. M. Strausbury, 10.00
State vs. Wash Reams, 10.00
State vs. Evans Cabbagestalk, 4.20
State vs. Sallie White, 5.00
M. J. Moore, Mag.;
State vs. Junius James, 5.00
State vs. Bus Bell, 10.00
Slate vs. Wm. Cooper, 15.00
State vs. Shed Nelson, 25.00
Jail Boan Fu/id, 719.84
C. H. Bonds Fund, 241.69
Road Bonds Fund, 241.70
Rccn pitulation.
Mal. Ordinary Fund. Feb. 1. $16,818.11
Bal. Good Bead Fd. Feb. 1, 3,728.45
Bal. Jail I big. Fud. Feb. 1, 25,361.70
Bal. Jail Sink. Fd Feb.. 1, 4,971.35
Pal. Boad Bonds. Feb. I, 5,642.34
Bal. C. H. Ponds Fd Feb. 1, 9,153.72
Bee. from all sources, 9,325.23
Paid Roads & Fridges, $557.50
Paid Fees & Salaries. 1,774.36
Paid Alms House & Poor, 276.U
Paid Chain Gang, 911.29
Paid Public Buildings, 104.02
Paid Jail, 154.26
Paid Contingent, 1,434.79
Pd. Ex-Con. Veterans, 150.00
Bal. Ordinary Fund, 19,576.38
Bal. Good Roads Fund, 3,728.45
Bal. Jail Bldg. Fund, 25,301.70
Bal. Jail Sinking Fund, 5,691.39
Pal. Road Bonds Fund, 5,884.04
Pal. C. H. Bonds Fund, 9,395.41
C. M. Hurst, L. E. White,
Clerk. Supervisor.
We welcome your call
and your business.
Assets, March 1, 1915?$766,344.65
Assets. March 1, 1916?$914,223.70
Assets, March 1, 1917?$1,199,613.71
The Nai.onal Bank Ql South Carolina
Pres. Asst. Cashier.
Cashier. Asst. Cashier.
+4+44 4*4+4&*+44+*
t to a business community, but depositors and
$ friends tire more necessary to a bank. We
t need you and you need us. Let us work to
v gethcr. Commercial accounts solicited. We
* pay four per cent on savings deposits.
$ The Oldest Banking Institution in the Cuunty

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