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ri TT tti cn * it A TT r*ri A ~TVT
d the UOUK8 oftbe pfM, fe B ftI B?<4 .^BfcS/i !? >WI jp-M B ^ B / m I I 1 and truaiworihy. All :
1 pie; and la therefore the f IB B 1 A 1 V ' J% I ^ I / m ! ^^1 Ord-rs receive prompt
m heet available /-.dv-itls t H ft ft ? 1 J k ^R*'; /r"~^ft B R B I Bu ; *-d Oah*F' i. *t?entlon
-*- A J*-* kjJL-jxxt JL_ilA_JLll [
\ [ .... OUR MIDii
J Beginning this morning at 8 <
I most sensational Mark-down St
J en* s and Boys'Fir
^ w Fiirni?hinor<
J | Ever held in the history of Spa
' for tremendous business? Nev
, j for so little. A record-breaker.
^ cut nearly in half raga'rdless of
0 rifice every item in our ft ore
(> Spring goods \ re#d?st?iir?^-ajrba
(i the room. Prices *ha]Ll be tfa'e
(> Prices quoted herd tell but half
< > great values in this sale you i
(| early and get the crehm of the s
" " p? iiiMnrnmsii^yjo?HiufWua??ii>Maiipoijuiiiif|wiiiWBe
i \V? ptMf witb
o 11 T" CJ car of 56-r?r-*>*?nt. I
II K/UlbOwoifdi OMira'?
(I fli.T-O S.ti'*. eo?i?l?tl?n{ rf Cha^lota, \
[ > Plaid* a' *7 98} *16.60 $16 Ml, $18 50
t ) etc., haud?<>ui?ly td'ored *ad
( I $20.00 and $18 60 Snica minv of th?m
. Hm?t donnle hremtel fcnf eo
. w?ar Salt* in tbe ohy, crto ca $18 60.
!! Overr.nats-:
well known. Nothing gors quicker a
(* C^itd ?nd Overcoats. tt-duii?i?n* *vi
I i $25, $22 And $90 Overcoats $12.08; pIi i
i \ OvercoatB ?t $9V.08; choice of oT *1
| | Our $10.00Oveisoat* *** to go ?l $0.C
i T* Our Tr<
!! Trousers m,
II now J?nt w"h*t 'he ratio)* would txwbu
. hay two V9.*t* of the?e arid an
0 ] ' and efcrfcr xo*10'0" W #5 *nd $8. $7 a
' ' finished* Vfelnnrs, choice $4.50.
I During this Sale Every Garm
ji Furnishings
J new clothln?r emtomiri begin ^"^wit
'J b* a strong m*irn<>t dnriDg >he sale.
i \T \ Shirts.
\ S*vt$l 25 an?r$l white D-es? Shir s. I
L rg
r- a Jff
V J Gloves. $
* 5 Onr $1.75 and $1.50Swede Mocha J
5 a-(! ,?!^, ? mn"6',1 * ' ? I
h Hose.
^ O-ir entire stock of 25c half Hon* I
J lit 15o a pair, and 15c Hope at 9?. I 4
? Terms of Sale Cash, and no Goo
ii Floyd L
j1 January 28th, 1898.
The Legislature Will Probably Adjourn
Monday's KeaUter
We have stood on the State Housetops
as thj sun was sinking to sleep
b?\ond the Congaree hi Is, turning the
uay ight hours into night. We had
watched him rise in the morning from
his sea-sprayed couch in the east,
transforming drowsy dark to dewy
d-wn, and dawn to day. We watch-d
him elimb the eastern slope reflectinr
his splendor upon the handiwork or
nature and shedding his warmth in
the h?*ri> of nan. We watehtd him
gliding down his western descent, until
the stars carne out. and, peeping
through the chink holes of night,
mocked at his (light before the gloom
of the sable cooqueror. Another d?y
is done. Another added to the dead
and soon forgotten past.
We watched an aged man stumbling
along in his inlirinity. Hoon the horrizon
would be readied and he would
sink gently into tbe azure depths ol
the great beyond. Once in the in< rnino
of his life time he had brought liie,
light and j y 10 many hearts like tlx
new born gun. Ooou does morning!
bright golden glide away, aud he be
gui> itin painful aecent to mennood
The top is reached; he osb'h a reflect
iug glnnoa down the long bue of lif
en 1 receives the suiil'tf an aduiirini
aud grateful world.
Hut, on, how soon must th<* decern
commence! A loving providence cat
not permit hiin to fall precipitate 1
trom the pinnacle of overcome din
cultlea into the bosom of the lougtdcei
Hie life begiue to loae its brlghtnei
and aoon muat tlud rest beyond ttis
horrizon, whence, unlike the run, 1'
cannot return, tint as the aim, I
setting, loses Its nob!e eyminatry iu tl
WINTER .... 2
a'clook we will inaugurate the 2
lie of S
ie Clothing, Shoes, 5
> and Hats 5
irtanburg. It is a bold stroke J
tsr ugain win you ouy so mucn i
Former low prices have been a
cost. We are satisfied to sac- ?
order to make a clean sweep. 2
;dy in eight. We must have y
"teiTer to move them at once. y
tfc~'^tpry. To appreciate the ^
nust seq them. Be on hand T
(election. *
1 ' 11 1 1 S
8nhs Some cf the price* abow a T
111 0'?. $10 00 and $0 00 Homm?pun*, T
?, Scripts and Cheoka ar $5.98;
Vnr*t?o*, Tweed* and new Broker
Wor?t8f|?, Cberloti, F?rrls m
lined to nerfeciou, at $9 98;$22.50, m
i imported fabrics, some silk lined, Z
taway frock suit*, best ready-to- X
!o not think any extended remarks ?
i?*ded here. O tr Overcoats have J
e thei' reoota'ion. They are very T
,t. oar Winter 8a es than our Top If
sraite 40 psr cent. Choice of our y
i'ce of unr $18 50 $16 50 and $15 00 M
8 50 and $12.50 Overcoa's at J|? 48. l,
IS ^ ' A
Mine-* are not. cot from pafterra *
and \?<r nui, but fallow co*rlv I
or'- rtyl a. We are ofT<*riog you J
to your ordor, bnt hla pric-s would ^
. nr. $5 Wnriit'd Tw? eJa, eheoka T
yd $0 Englig.i Worsteds and glova- ^
ent will be Altered to Fit *
HtooununnnmmmammmmmmmmmmontmmQaowo*&mmm*wmmoaamo ^
All the ye ir round our bright ?
[ and busy furnishing department v
I attracts paaaera-by, and manr f
h aa tbare. That department will
Hats. 5
tft 8t?'s">n Hats at $8. #
'$4 and $3 Hats at $2 and other .
H'stt i-"a'sra%i?4.TX' fi*y
tf D*rbv-r>bW?l Wool * 50?ts.; A
1 25 CiBhiueres Ht.75e; $1 50 H'Mltti
jn rw.yr it 98c; 75'*. Dow et 1" ian p
el Night lto es a* 45c; $1.50 Eaucy J
i <g'^iirHo,':t^H.tl7^;;. . ?
~!>hoes. , *
*(5.50 Shoe-, choice $4.50; f<> ana ^
4.50 Shoes. choice at $3 25 ^
oc wooooooooooooewe?it?opoo?oooooocipoooooopo ^
ds Sent Out on Approbation. ^
.. Liles :
G2-64 Morgan Square. ?
glorious fl ods of succeeding lights aid
colons, so does the man of ehapelv character
and wrll rounded m uihood, sleeping
In the cold embrace of death, reflect
hia personality upon the bright blue rf
lite and love, and the memories of bis
kind words and gentle deed4 live after
him, a lovely sunset unbroken and od:
d'pmied, s*ve, perhaps, by the rising
of another life as beautiful, as good, as
~ -?a$aUa/5 f Ka nraunnt T
W H imvc nnvvil-vu IUV vvuu a^ofiin
lature, born into the day of public confidence.
We have watched it in its
progress; and now that ita inn of office
tenure la declining, we wonder if, like
the inn, ita members will eome again,
or will thay sink bevond the horizon
of exa'tat.lon to the hnmble plane oi
humble eltlzanshlp? Will they, in parking,
leave behind them a glorious record
of great accompl'shments of dnty
faithfully performed, or will the'r day
li ?ht of existence be but. a mat< ori<
flash across the legislative sky?
The principal matter of Interest ii
the proceedings in the House of Kepre
' sentatlves last week was the disposl
* j ti n of the Ohllds bi'l. It baa hern r?
M j corded, a strong fight was made npoi
this me&Hnre on the ground that, it wi
* ?ot an absolute prohibition b'll, j^iviu
drugstore* the powtr to sell wbivke
* for medicinal purposes, such power he
* log subject to pervrrsiou by unprioc
pled wen. However, that appears t
have been more of an excuse than
> reason, for Mr. Livingston's amenc
* inent, even more stringent in its restri<
i tlons, w*? overwhe'mit gly d' feated.
! Mr. Pollock's substitute bill suffere
'* the same ftte. His bill Droviried f<
it the dispensary to remsiu nnchengri
ie save to pay 20 per cent of the gro
in receipts to the county treasurer, t!
le same provisions affecting the origin;
paok?ft* shops slmllfT" ~ .
the oriitloal Obilds b?llT'y' . , *n I
? . mntouched by
atnmdtnsnt*. Mine to beT . '
" i . , .Irotcd apou.it
wee kfll*d by * rote of St ??
Mr. Vsrnsr's bill, howT;. _
? i ^ _ Frr, was ranch
mora fortunate. It nrrJ. *
""""" ~~ ii^fldes that the
countle. of OcOnee, Plcl Rnd York
be exempt from the oyi tJon8 Qf ,h?
dispensary lew. Theprll ,nvolved
we. that .ocbcountlee Jhed prohibition
before the day. of ? dl
should not be *<^** owed to have
dtopeosarie. within thel^Jdeni The
countle. above named ai P t uuRn.
iiuou.ly In favor of prr ytion
The leeislattre appr ' . biU ha>
passed Its sroood and t' (t^Dgt in
the Hoase. It ^.bj. OQ adjourn.
ment on the 16th, ad* < ^ i(J nQW Ufc_
tie doubt bat "htl rwl Auembly
will come to I a that dny
The county gov?BhL bU, wh,ch
ii Ar nnni.fi tna II
1-1 t. n?* i" ?he
floa,. peeelu*
own father wouldJB \.Coguli. i>,
eo wonderfully ljM amended.
There are no radW a th.
as amend-d, 8av??w Jr
. , .fiprca ?nt s\8tarn
of drawls ?ge Th|B
hill does away E? an
, ? . , Beauty Bofcrd
of CuiuuiissioaeiflQ^HiC EF #
, . . ffcitof asaptrTk
t SR Tr.rh .owe.hip
board, anjffit (or a
ealericd eupofy a
eomuiWe oner^rc-a dolla/,
K",?aI n?J? "tie claimed
bylUfrUnd.^1 w will be a
ffr<*at reouuuiicdtl
Last Monday's _ ...
the hu-deet day In *e. po^ly
four third r20 f ' Tw.U.JraartioB
bill. * |-t.o ercond
When the appi |MI
turned f-omth, Z.
EST?V V- had
prert . he house
biit Sh* -* f*> JBO.WO.
'en* (ltd aiflFtli ?-iouh- murtf
to the senate's amendment. 'The senate
alt-o granted $2,500 the State
f *ir tts-8 >ci?Mcn, but thA house does
not approve of tliis eliMer. However
the adjutant peoersl willl yet liie $500
f jr holding iusjn'ctiou*. V|
Two new counties fougmt for a foothold
in the house tliii wMek. That of
L^a, composed of parts of Suurter.
Darliogton ?md Kershawl. was pasted
by a ve-y flattering iwnjerlty. Pee
Dee, to be composed cf p irt of Marion
failed, but a concurrent r ^solution has
passed the house by mors than a twothirds
vote declaring the i ilectiou fraudulent,
void and no elect<o i and requesting
the governor to order a fair election
to be held at a convcniei t date. This
resolution is now in the senate with
every indieat'.on that it i ill pass. The
capital of Lea county will be Bishopvilie.
And this suggests ho^ few of our
counties bsar I ad 'an names. They *re
Oconee, Saluda aud Cherokee. Those
named for grest Carolinians are Pick?
ns. iantens, Kershaw, Marion, Horry,
Hampton and Sumter.
Will the legislature aJj >urn Wednesday?
Many representatives think It will
while a number of others are of the
' opinion that it cannot complete the
work now in hand before the end of
> the week.
' If is understood that a motion will be
made in the bouse this morning to
st r.ke from the calendar all bills that
- have not their second rending, and for
t e legislature to remain in session un
til Frida> and wind i-i' matters iu
good shape and * ithoat haste.
The nay Festival. *
Single tfoktts ate now on sale at
- DuPre's Fook Store. All persons who
i- h tve heard Campauari ' * the Daui
' ? ?emu.. Ontr.i Combination in
U * BUII JUI I v V r
h New Yor* give hitu tl)?* bigbfBt pr?i??
g Prof Oee?ir Ehrg'tt, who w*h ?ha
y hurltou * in the litMay Festival jn a
i. letter to Dr. Peter?, fay*
I- "With great plottare 1 reoaived your
o circular of your CHiuiug F-s<iva| and do
a most sincerely coimratuUte you ou the
1- progress you are inak urf. A better arB
ray of erfistH it would bed ftioult to And
on a programme of onr large city festi<1
J, Atlanta, Oa., F*b 14?An auti
m marriage club wi?* org*n'*?(l here tole
day. Its member* aro auioug the most
al prominent >oung lueuioAtlanta.
damson's araduat.es.
Cleimon, February 0.?To-day's ex
ercises ciores tbe s*coiid ?nnnal com
mei.ceioent of Ciwursou, ami with it
twentv-flve yooi'if tuen uo our with rh?
oo'y degree tl at the College couf?ra
that of bachelor of science.
The exercises to day consisted < f si]
orations, delivered by the graduates
who bad not prepared these, and t.b<
presentation of diplomas. Tbe orator:
were Mergers. A. B. Bryan, of Barnwell
J. 8. Garrls, of Colleton; C. W. Gentry
of Spartanburg; R. T. Halluiu.of Pick
ens; D. H. Henry, of Abbeville; J. H
Hook, of Orangeburg. Mtssrs W. J.
Sa'ratt, of Cherokee, and Percy W.
Moore, of Greenville, were to hav?
spoken also, bnt w?re prevented bj
slokness and absenoe. Most of Hit
young oreto'S acquitted tbemselvet
well and tbeir efforts are oousidsred tc
bs above the oidinary and especially
good were the speeches of Mr. J. 8
Garrisaud Mr. R. T. Hsl'uin
After speaking was over Col. R. W
Simpson give the graduates a short ad
drees'ard delivered the diplomas, whlcl
ended the exercises of the morning.
The following gentlemen preparec
ne'es on anii?r?ut subjects, most ol
them, however, being on dynamo de
signs: I). O. Browne, Anderson; G. A
Hanvey, Abbeville; O. B. Mahaffey
Anderson; W. H. McFadden, Chester
J. P. M-nui, Jr, Dorchester: D. F
Holers, Marion; J. B. Smith, Barnwell
R. L Spencer, York; G. H. bwygerl
Lexington; A. D, Talbert, Edg*fl"ld; T
R. Vogel, Barnwell; T. J. Wnlker
Bamberg; G Wiggins, Berkeley ; J. T
Wise, Aiken.
Mr. Ivy Manldin, of Pickens, deliver
ed an address last night to the alumni
To-night a ball is in prog-ess. giv-i
" 'in honor of the graduating class by th
juniors.?News aud Courier
i t mm i i ?
De Lome's Offense.
I ?
^\Tlie foUfewinr f* th* p*rag-a~h froi
^ l?e?ae-Tn?i.^ _N ,v,w
coar?eii?88 with which he ripWCwl an
that the press ami public opiuion of
Spain has said of We> ler, it shows once
wore what McKiuley is; weak stid
catering to the rabble; aud, besides, n
low politician, who desires to leave a
dopr open to we and to rt ind w eil with
the jincoes of his party.
Neve theless, as a ma'pr of fac*, it
will only depend on ourselves whether
lie will prove bad and adverse to us. I
agree entirely with you, without a
wilitary success nothing will be accomplished
there, and without military
aud political success tlierw is here always
danger, that the insurgents will
be eucouraged, if not by the government,
at least by part of the publit
compare with the v)l
tender self-sacrificing spirit '
of the weary, watch-worn
mother by the side of her
Buffering little one ? Such mothers take
little or no account of their own weariness
and weakness, but keep on until they drop.
They seldom realize how completely tlieir
baby's health depends upon their own.
Kvery mother, and every woman who exCeets
to be a mother, ought to obtain the
ealth - bringing, strength - creating assistance
of Or. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
It gives elastic endurance to the organs
concerned in motherhood, and nourishing
vitality to the special nerve centers.
Taken early ntmng gestation, u makes
motherhood perfectly s ife and almost painless.
Its beneficial effect is transmitted to
the child in increased constitutional vigor.
It protects the mother against relapse and
Improves the quantity and quality of nourishment
during the nursing period.
It reinforces tired over-wrought women at
every critical stage, and heals the special
diseases to which they are subject. It was
designed for this express purpose by an
educated physician and skilled specialist.
Dr. Pierce has devoted thirty years to this
particular field of practice. His thousand:
page book, the "People's Medical Adviser,"
will be sent free, for 21 one cent stamps to
pay the cost of mailing onlv. Or. clothbound
for t? stamps. Address R. V. Pierce,
M. D.. Buffalo. N. Y.
Mrs. I. B. Clough, box 10%, Lisbon, Grafton Co.,
New Hampshire, writes : "I am the mother of
nice baby four and a half mouths old. He is a
perfect child and weighs about eighteen pounds.
If you remember I wrote you nbout a year ago
bout my condition. I rannot give too much
praise to your ' Favorite prescription ' as it saved
tne a great deal of suffering. I got along remarkably
well, this b^ing my first baby."
Royal makes the food pare,
Absolutely Pure
* HOY At bakiwo rowot A CO., WW VOIIK.
1 r
r List of L?tt?rit.
B?Miss Carry Bald win, Miss Lonisa
Bagwell, Claud Buzz-II, Mrs. Jennie
Belle, J. P. Bunnells, Tom Brown,
i C?J.GK Cole, W. W. Odessney, Wint
I D?Mrs. Nettie Davis. W. T. Dillard,
Miss Lizzie Dobison, Faunie Dobson,
Miss Helen Dupres.
* I F?Jno. D. Fowler.
*| (J? Martin (ireen, W. F. Gaston,
' S&ml (iodfrey.
;i H?Mim Mathia Hisrh. Mr. 8. H. Hop- I
* | p-r, E. H. Hopper, John Hick?, Un. P. I
I M. Hineon, 8. 8 Benson, Maggie (
' Harvey. J
J?Mies Rosa Joues. J no. L. JacksoD*
' L?Mr*. Auuie Littlejohn, John
' Littlejohn.
M?Joe Morgpu, Enoch Miscnlieiiner,
- M ins Laura Mosteller, Mies Ida McDau
iel, MirH 8ebbie McDowell, Marou
II Moore.
v P?W. A, Perry.
It?Rev. 13. P. Robertson, John Roe- .j>
enthal, Laruiie Repley.
8?Tom Strange. John 8izetnore,iav?,
Benjamin Sirk, V?ck Smith (col.), lbrttf^t
" I T?iMiss Nina Tb'jfcnson.
?LL . as'J-ii. -v- - a ^
ph-ase state that they whph advertised
in the Spartan of Feb. 10. 1898.
H. L>. Floyd, P. M.
Tillman s Bill Killed.
Washington, J_). Q., Feb. 11. ? The
House committee judiciary touay killed
the Senate bill to permit the State of
South Carolina to control liquors
brought into the State in original package.
The motion to report it favorably
was lest on a Me vote.
The action of the committee today
end* a long cod test that has att racted
national attention. One of the principal
objections developed is that it
would give the States the power to
control inter-State commerce and might
lead to the invocation of power in the
case of other coiumoditieg. Before the
direct vote was taken today an amendment
to the bill providing that the
8ta'es should not discriminate against
the liquor of auy particular State was
adopted by a vote of 7 to 5. The vote
I uii (no motion 10 mvumniy re(,on me
bill wan then lost on a tie vote, as It
requires a majority to report a bill
? amm wm
A Fearful Bntranca Into the Future
Sumter, February ?.?Thomas 8.
j Drayton committed suicide at his home,
o 1 Sumter street, iu this ciry, between
tne hours of 10 and 11 o'clock this
morning. He was nlon* in hie room
when lie tired the fatal shot. He placed
the muzzle of the pistol to his right
I temple. Tl e bullet passsd directly
I through his head, leariog a gaping
1 wound in both ta inph s, from which the
blood end brains were ooziug when he
was found on the door a short time
after the fatal shot was fired.
Address by Bishop Duncan.
Last night Bishop Duuchu, by invita1
tiou. addrmse 1 a large audience a' the
I itiivutiiinlkA \f * 111 < 1 i*? t nn
the work of church societies.
The sug^et-tious of Dr. Duticuu w? re
wive uml helpful, and hIi who weri
present ?njo>ed ttie addrest, which was
sfcrinkingly practical.
' A great many were present, repreS'uting
other denominations. Biship
D i* cm ha- a wariu place iu the hearts
of Greenville people.?Gr envllle Da ly

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