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Malleus nf Local Interest.
The Sketch of Simpson Bobo Concluded
By Major William Iloy.
Mr. Editor-In my recollections of
llr. Bobo 1 stated that one of the men
that Ford at'sinpted to implicate in
ibe eounterfelt business was in college
with Got. Noble and two others bad
been iu the Ltglslatuic with him. The
way the sentence stood la print, it
Uiinbt bare beiJn inferred tbat Ford
bad been in tbe Legislature with Gov.
Noble, whieb would have been lneor
reci. roru nai never a rntmutr ot the
Mr recollections of Mr. Bobo already
publiabed reached up to 1800, a few
years before the eomuiencement of the
Confederate War. Hie ud, Edwin Bobo.
r as associated with the old firm of
Bobo, Edwards b Carlisle, tnaklDg it a
very strong law flies, la 1860 the 8e
cession moTiiueut that had beeu prououaeed
dead sprung up wiih renewed
strength. Mr. Bobo, up to this period
cf his life, had been nothing but a private
citizen, but his f-rce of character
e eated a atroDg ceaire all ovsrtheSta e
to know which side of the questien he
would take. Profeesor DuPre received
niuuy Utters of inquiry a* to what
?<> true Mr. Bobo would take. Several
cf the letters wore read in public, lie
promptly identified himself with the |
Soe? Sdion party, and was elected to the
Secoslou sourention almost by ace'.?a.a
iou. I will sps&k of bit* success
in ih? sourention aud legislature fortbar
ou aud give some incidents about
h.m aa a lawyer aud business nan.
His cucceia with tha irouworka waa
pheuoEneual, making it tba strongaat
facter iu tha Stat# In tba support of
tha war, though highly injurious to hia
private fortuua. taklug Confedtrate
mom y until it waa not worth tha papar
it waa printed on aDd making
auoroioua credits which tha parties
sera unable to pay without tha debt
h ug scaled down to ruinous figures.
Xha tedious lawauit that had lasted
more than twenty y?ara between Mr.
firings and tha Biringarille manufacturing
company came to a close in 1863,
Mr. Bubo being the leading oounsel for
tlis defense,
i 1 bappensd to hear two apeschea for
the defense, Mr. Mobo's and Wallaco
Thomson's, There was ao bsltrrneaa
^Bin Mr. Bobo'a. It waa alt conciliatory.
^Hliomsou'a spaach waa abort aud waak.
Bmi.li soma insinuations againat Dr.
wiiuoui luruismug OQI lota cf
|>f to suatalu his insinuations. Dr.
lib M*im'ii"4 Hit 'Mr* but
company, or, in other words, had sued
himsele, and, bring the largest stockholder,
was liable for laiost of ths costs.
Dr. Birings took uotico that 1 was the
only parson that liiaid Thomson's
sptech thai was not iute:estod iu the
case and ealled my attention to it. I
onaoe the doctor easy on iliat point
and told him that no blemish on his
character wou>d go out from me. What
1 meant when I sxld Thomson's speech
was wrak, ho made insinuations and
furnished no proof, making his speech
Mr. Bebo's character as a lawyer, I
th nk, Mr. Editor, ressmbled Patter*
eon's, though Paitersou was fond of
^clitics and was for a quarter of a eentury
president of the State Senate. 1
> ??_ n.ii II i. i
ii.?W Mr. I'kuii'iuu ?uu limn aeou niiij i
iu court, but never herrd liirn make a
speech. > .a public speaker he was
aid not to be good as Mr. Bob*.
O'Neal tells that Pat e.sou's practice
a' the bar brought him f*iu'* ai d
wealih. So did Mr. Bobo's. T:teCh <f
Justice told that Mr. Patterson, t o g i
ouly a schoolu aster until he was tlnr
ty-three, by hi* diligence ai d perse
werauce in the practice of law that lie
couui successfully bieak a Uute wi h
aacb men as Pettigrew, Chevis ami
MoDudle. The Justice may luvi
extravagant ia his praise of Mr. Paiter '
u But lu the extent of Mr. Bobo's
1-1 * I r Ckice he was fully the eijual of
Mr. Pattarsou. I heard him say that
the largest fee he aver received was u
t et. of laud sud he had at Id live
thousand dollars worth of it mid still
had iotas of the land. I heard him ruv
that if the clients of his fl>.e weeks'
r\f I nrlva I Irr's <*f.m t tiu<) Lean
able to pay it would have been a good
livitiK for the who'e tirui. 1 know tl
h ?? ' ?d?of la-/' cusps Mr Hobo in.in
a^-td without pay. He was tr.iubl t:
{iViuK advice al out the drouth in 1845
poiutii g out the i est nouriti f> r pcoi
people (o puraua. Hat lie gi\e it cheer
tally. I think tha wsakist point o
Mr. Hobo's eharauter wan iu clicosiiij
jurors. He often had to look for joa
>e to the 6 ppeal courts, and wna aoine
times disappointed iu this r?j| eet.
nsvar iieard Mr. Hobo say what ho Its
by tb* result of the war, but it w?
'ilia Air Line llailroad lunniui
through his Ian Is war ? f g rat adsrau
to his es'ata. If it lia 1 not beei
/or iiie uiode-ty ho might haw la*
(iiwrrtor of the S ate at tha time c
the surrender. II s seusil is course i
tun convention and Legislature ha
attracted tha attention of all good eiti
xens and be was urged for tbat office
Dr. Bivlcgs was strongly in his favor
He said lie bod proven himself one o
the strangest in on in the State.
I have now, Mr. Editor, brought iuj
reminiscences ot Mr. Bobo up to a dat<
that there are hundreds of people no*
living who were well acqaaiuted witt
hiin. He w?) a poorer in beiping t<
irit the Kr*r- nnt ?!>? ? ' ?*
? ww va iu? vunvrui U1 H I
Carpetbacgee. I think Mr. Bcbo dice
about 1880. Hi* venerable lady tur
ived hltn a few woutha.
flajor C. Q. Petty.
The Gnatonla Gazette, of Thursday,
haa the following eketch of MaJ >r C y,
Petty, wlio"e death oecurad at bin home
n?ar Howling Green on Thursday of
laat week, and whore reoi^iua were nterred
in Bethel ceuietery on Friday,
with rellRloun services conducted by
Iter. G. A. Sparrow, aaaiated by lUv.
D. 8. MeAllater:
Chares Quiun Petty wraa born in
Spartanburg eoun y, South Caroliua,
Sp ember 20, 1880, and died at hla home
| in Gascon couuty, n?>ur Bowling Green,
| S. C.. January 27, 1808, aged 67 yean* 4
months and 7 days.
In his youoger days ha foaud cougeuial
and profitable employment in
teaching school. Tliouifh a native of
South Carolina, he cast his
fortune, after ha married Miss J*no
Cobb, of Gaston oounty, with the state
of his life companion, and lived and
died a loyal citizen of North Carolina.
When the war broke out he was just
passed 80 years of age. At the call for
\olnnteers, be dedicated his life to the
came of the Confederacy. On the 82nd
day of March, 1862, Company H. of the
40th N. C. regiment was organiztd in
Dallas with Charles Q. Petty asoaptain.
On the first day of April he and his
company left for Raleigh, and from
that day to the end of the war heshowed
hiwstlf a irood soldier. Anumt. ft
1994, he wu promoted to major of the
40th regiment, which rauk beheld with
ever increasing repatation uatil ti e
end of the war. At Petersburg, December
14, he was wouuded. At the
battle of Fire Forks, to quote from
Major Patty's writings "we lost all bnt
90 of our men, and never reorganized
after that?the end had coma."
The 49th was a regiment of Ransom's
brigade, Bushrod Johnson's division.
The distinguishing traits of Mojor Petty
as an officer were his pradenee and
his eool bravery inaction. The hottest
Qirht appeared to calm rathm- than
used to say of him that hT^oold dodge
an old chimney or falllngtreebntscemed
to have no fears of flying bullets
His soldiers lia*e spoken also of having
a-en bins in the m dst of hot and dangerous
lighting quietly take a che* of
tobacco aud go r i*h. on with his d*adiy
work agalnet the enemy.
As ion'' as he lived Major Petty look
an uuu'ual iuteieit iu tho atiairs of the
county veterans'association. He never
rorgoT ttiai nt) nau iieiu u. nuiui>r. m
Angnit, 1HU3, he publiahed in The
Gazette a carefully complied io?ter c(
hit* e>inpany, and In July, 181)4, be followed
thia with a diary kept by J. E.
Khyue auppleuieuted by noUa of bia
u?u, lr coat biin labor to pr-pare
ttieae article*; but lie waa alive to their
hUtoricnl interett and f >und their
prrpa i a'iou and i reservation a labor
of love.
Major Petty for many v*>ara li? Id
| membership in tic Providence jlhtp 1 t
i church in Spur .iiIh.ix county, S. C.;
| hi at t if line ? f ha d?utn v.us a
iij?ui; e. r f liio c iu cu at Clover. He
exprras 'd hie cm ire trust in (ioi, and
calmly anu delib rat ly uia. 1* hia prrparx.'n
ii4 for etern'ty. An hambl*.
nduhborly man ? tone. A bravi
no d,?r Iimh hnstvt r tl 1 i-< Uat eirthlj
roll-call end foti^c t hi- las' titfht. Maj
God cc uifort hia b?r?a.ed one a auc
abide with IPs eomiadea.
The at? cicui. vjie^uo believed that tV?<
P^uutes \v? re the tfoal* wbci attended to
th?> welfare Mid pr< sp rity of the fain
i ih . They were worshipped as house
( ! liold gods in every home. The house
I ' hold {.'od of of to day is Dr. Kind's Nei
r ' Din'ovcy, For consumption, coughi
colds and for all affections of Throa'
. fJhts; a'lad Lungs in is invaluable. I
j has boon tri?*d for a quarter of a cei
' tn>y and is gua*aiit"ed to cure, <
in ney returned. No hou ebold sboul
j bu ve itlioat this good auuel. Ji ts plea
ant t > lake and a sale and sure reined
( for old nun yon lip. i<veo uiju nuuif i
H. A. Li^oii'n lirup mo/e. Keu^.'ur h';
j r,Ou HU(1 $1.00. 2
I - ? ^ ?
1 (
s | W. II, Tanner, o c cui'liii-r of tl
Ann*riceu Tfatiorai H-nk <f Nm-IivM
X j u i<l Tre*?Bir<*r of the (J- nt?isiii*l r
i- position, committed mi. i le !?m hc
ii j in toe lioiihe of Birdie t* iiu aio??. }
ii cou'd hunilc thousand* of duller* aif
| account for every eriif. He ?i
n educate I au i ivtined iu lining ?, l>
i w t; too u-'.icl; fjJ Iiiin.
Tk? En Nul?ce.
"Ooa featnra? ?he "a,on'? eonoerta
t in New York ia i BT* Pr?uooneed than
evar bafora. imW th* euoore nuiaanea.
? "The encore ia IvP aD ?nmlt igated
r b ?re. but never Mjf 11 Rrown to auch
? proportion* as tMj winf*r. The hot?
bed in which t plant
? spring, to full i?Tri7 " lU# "P?PU1
lar" coucrt; aodl>fr# il fca? *rown \?
- abnormal propolf11"' ,0 tbat P?PU
of normal s.n.ibiW" awa* Uom
tk. popular con.lf'no how attr.etW.
th. pro J?11 may ba* ,T? ha"
two hour, of nnffjc whIfh jmi?hl b#~
and u.nally dra out
' lato thrs. or f J|b?ur* ?' " ar'ne88
' by rsa.cn of rk^Tt,0f and r#aal,"? U
: a thing to bs ?nf"*d ncomplalnintly
only by P?oP) J?f ? at# |
d 'iraues and, p<T,b,y' ? ??""r dms'ly
largo mnticK .. ,
Tlis aboTe i. |noted from a tini#,y
sditorial In Manf7'* M.g.sin. and reprintsd
for itae hi" flt of Spartanburg
audience.. TfrJ000" nu,san|?* to not
alons o,mflnsd?^I*at cikl"' but
ha. re.chrd tlMF"' tow" ln al1
it. magniiuds. V8 W'U no?Kh to
.kow one's ap,^B|,ou of a ?ood thlu?
b.tM.n Sn.?r? audience. h.Ye
b-angniltyof^B0* ib# encor. di..
gutting. I.i tha**'- ?t*r?*lnn?euU
tuat tha public r>k,n* forward to
let the people le^? their ostrich appeti?M
for mora, J0'*" iharn.
~ Nat L|l|.
Colombae, (^E?h ?T 7.-Rapra
eutatira parW^BClaaalsnd haa introdoead
a bilPWtentir#,T ohanB ,
the rniuuar of rr^^H^0'1' in*rr'aB#*It
proaid.a /0r?Hr^?PPoJl?t'1?*?t by
thaprobalecourff?' #ack ??n?7 <f *
board of mania J* ompo*"d of Pedant,
ta whom V**"100* w^? wlah to
marry can application. The
board will raft*^*"4 a "cane, in
aaaa aithar dipsomania,
kleptomania, ir>^^Hw' or h*r(,dior
blood diataaa It will
eharga $2.00 and 011 * of
tha fond to
boatd will ba ?' tl?000.
Thara 1* pro*^^^Bkn*thod ot *ppeal
to tha ata^^^^^^ ?' h?alth in
aaaa of any r^BpkDt th* ^
From the
not fetl ?aiy^W^ew there was eod*
of this ralaableR'eaaedj In the lions*.
I have given it; B f?ir teat and conaidrr
It out of the Bwry bast remedies for
c oup that 1 Hive ever fouod. One
doit has alwflla hem nuflcieut, although
I mi 1 Bfreely. Auy c >ld iuy
elrldren contra? yields very readily to
ttiis mediciuy. ( can conscientiously
rer tuiueud it fir croup and colds in
children. Voutl respectfully,
Grorgr E. Wolff.
Sold by H. A.lLtgcn, Druggist.
William M.x* el! Evarta ha?just pats
d his eigb th birthday. Tlia veuer?b
e 1 twyer and s'atsaman is one of
Au eric ?' uio?t haling uithed ootcgman*u?.
H thai i>< en out of the uii at
t iik"d ot in-ii .11 the country, the only
lavyi-rwho eve* got a single fee of
$(500,000, the tuai i alio helped to make
Ku'hvif rl H. H ayes preside at of the
| United S a'es, v bo defended President
I Johus' li on iiupetchment eharges, who
'lii s all _ 1 VTT M L J Al .
| umn ten neury waru nctouer id me
I Tiiton a 'audal, who represented the
United State* in arranging the $16,000,000
Alabama claima, who delivered the
| wonderful craton at the Centennial
r io Philadelphia n 1876, who waa aeeretary
of Htaio tiruldr, Hayea and United
j fckaUa senator from New York.
From ell the cotton atatea com' h the
cry that the cotton acreage muat be reduced.
The w*y to do that ia for each
h farmer to reduce fouiawhat. If eaoh
? one ib retfish c iioagh to believe that all
i- ott.er* will mince and that be can
' UlN ke a good thing by doubliug bU
' c op. eleven million balea of 4-oeiit cotA
lou will he made.
l? rrom every WD0f? oin?? wom ?u
't p*?,j?o for < junbwrltkiu'H Cough Renil*
ttlv. "A low id# to eongra ulate you
>r <r. tl;? OKIiti of your Remedy. It
(1 cuieil inn < f clirJi io bronchitis when
B" tlie <1 i*tor eouid do nothing for me."
'y ?Jnam.K.i I'. iikmliL>, Toledo, O. For
jt h*;? by H. A. I.igou, Druggist.
I'lM'tjo iiu t vegetarian re?(&ur?nt
win id no iiifAis are i. it >a **id
* to l?i jioj ulur aud quit* amce-atul
li;.?iiK-iuliy. fcoiud Beaton people ure
x t vlk on about tisiabliaiiiug one in 'tliAt
k oily ' I ai.j braiua.
i 9 . I ? > ? ^
<t L t tin oLt waata bis fcuano after he
! 1 B''f n k pj> ou very thin land
ui ilo'trl aI?o.i; tao iuclua deep it v.ill
te I -at..
The February Outlook.
The February Magazine Number of
The Outlook eontaius an unusually
larga number of stories, sketches, poeais
and light articles. Among the Illustrated
articles will be found a paper ou
''Lincoln as a Literary Man," b? Hamilton
W. Mabie, with a por'raii and a
facsimile of the Gettysburg address; the
s'coud installment of Dr. Rdwarrl
Everett Ha e's "James Kuscll Lowell
and Hie Frj*?uds," whleh deals eliirfly
with Lowell's life In college and at
Concord during the period ef his rusticatiou;"
an artiele on "Municipal
Toronto," by Mr. W. D. Gregory, a wellknown
Toronto journalist, who here
makes a special study of some peculiar
features of the inuneipal administration
of Toronto; and an extremely readable
paper on "The Highlauds of Kentueky,'
by Grace F. Ryan, accompanied by
several picturesque illustratiens. Tkls
Magazine Number also contains one of
the addresses by Dr Lyman Abbott on
"The Life and Letters of Paul," whleh
are sttracting much diaeussion. Stories
by Llzette W. Reese and Earle Tracy,
a talk about "Life at a Frontier Fort"
by klaria B. Kimball, an account of
iom? of th? romantic legends connect
ad with the Palisades by C. Da F
Hoxia, and editorial reriews of tha re^.?
oautly published Letters of Mn. Browning
and Mr. WyekofT'a ''The Werkens,"
are among the ether faaturea of the
number. ($3 CO a yrar. The Outleok
Company, 13 Asto* Plaee, New York.)
Raise Wheat.
There is a promiae that tone of the
euiepriaiu^ people in the up-couutry
will atttle the "adultera'ed Hour"
quetliou for thia State in the beat possible
way?by maklig pure (lour, and
a plenty of it, for home conaumptloo.
Our YnrkrllU ?nrrae?mr*^a?*t i
t?int an unusually large area has bsen
planted in wh^at iu Yoi k Countj, and j
that thaie aia three new patent piocea?
roller flour uiilia iu the county, and
thera in goi-ei rtaiou to believe tbaru j
will at ou ho anoth- r. Thera are several ,
aoeh uiilia iu Spartanburg County, alao, J
aud our eorraapoudent at Spartanburg '
reports that one, which will make sixty j
barrels of flour a day, will be ready for .
work by June 1. A few more auoh
enterprise# in the same section,
and the eo-operation of the farmers,
will make us as independent of
t>ie North and Weac for flour aa we y
are now for hog and hominy. "Small 1
sapitaliata" will take notice that there t
la room and a good business iu every a
ilJ UOUle A
tt^ffnVlla?News aud 0(^V. j
It may lio worth s)in?-tiiing to know I
mat uie \ery o^et medicine ror restoring'lie
t.'red cut nervous syttoin to a
sieji'ry vigor in Electric Hitteis. This
m^dicineis ju e'y vegetable, ads by
g;vi ig tone to the n?rve centres in the
stein ich, i en'ly siiuiuiaies the Liver
a ad Kidneys, and aids these organs in
throwing off impuiities in the blood.
Electric Hitters improves the appetite,
aids digestion, and is pronounced by
tbosi who have tried it as the very
best blood puriQer and nerve tonic.
Try It. Lold for 50c or 1.00 per bottle
at H. A' L'gon's drug store. 2
After the freezes last week the plows
started again in this county. Farming
in the right way is a very existing
buslr.es*. No one can fool around the
tsirna* rt rt ruilwsv atn f Inn n fho 4\ +
three months of the ye*r and make a
erop. The fact is such men make nothing
bat poor husbands and a character
for idlanats.
A few months ago, Mr. Bryan Every
of Woodstock, Mich., was badly afflicted
with rheumatism. His right leg wss
swol en the full length, causing him
great sufTerli g. He was advised to try
1 Ohambfrlaiu's Pain Ba'm. The Qrst
bottle of It helped him considerably
and the s<eoud eflfroted a cure. The
25 and 50 ctut sizes are for sale by H.
A. Ligon.
?-^e^e-e^>?-a ? ?
Let thn farmers finish sowing oats as
soon as possible. Then prepare the upland
e irn at < nee by bedding out the
rowa live to Biz faat apart. Bear 'n
mind that a well filled corn erih isa grest |
comfort tha first day of March. It i
baatn linu^iy homes and iiau eorn fciiil
1 ay.
A Woadcrfll DlMOvrry.
The last quarter of a century records
many wonderful discoveries in medicine,
but none that have accomplished more for
humanity than that sterling old household
remedy, Hrowns'iroa Hitters. It seems to
contain the very element** of good health,
and neither man, woman or child can take
it without deriving the greatest lienetit.
Hrowns' Iron Hitters is sold by all dealers.
Hh? your preacher railed on yon this
year? Auoi tier question is this: Have
you cal'ed <>u your preacher? That
I'Utdiiofee cf pastoral Tieiiiog works
both ways. Mni.y of tlie lay urea are
I wo h zy, or iudifToro.,t or worldly eveu
to call ou their pi^tor.
Breeding and Feeding in Human
A*N?w Powerful Genu Destroyer Discovered
Uow MlcrolH'H Are Killed While
You Sleep.
There are seventy-five different kinds of microbes
In your mouth alone.
Auy one of tlieni under proper conditions can
develop Into the cause cf serious Illness.
Millions or microbes, bacteria, ptomaines,
disease Kertns of every kind, live and feed aud
breed lu the stomach ?nd bowels
For their propagation It Is only necessary
for the liver and Intestines to become lazy and
operate Irrevularly The uudlKested food then
remains In the stomach aud bowels and rots.
formlnK a perfect hot-bed for the cultivation
of disease breeders. They Ret Id to the blood,
poison the brain, the heart, the whole system.
Skin eruptions, liver spots, Kreeu complexion,
fever, bad breath, belchlnK. sick headache,
Keneral lassitude, loss of enerny and a thousand
other serious symptams are a consequence.
Modern science has been at work to find a
means of killing microbes, and the most successful
destroyer of all Is Cascarets Candy Cathartic*
They slaughter bacteria wherever
they tlud them, are antiseptic, stop sour stom
sell, make the liver lively, the blood pure, the
bowels regulur, everything as It should he.
do buy and try Cascarcta today. It'a what
thev do. not what we nay they'll do. that prove*
their merit. All druKKlstK, 10c. 25c, or 50c. or
mailed for price. Send for booklet and free
sample- Address, The SterllnK Kemedy Co.,
Chlacgo; Montreal. Can.: or New York.
.Harris Lithia
Why Buy a water whose analysis
show* i hat it is worthies aster being
shipped? There are a great many
waters of this kind on the market.
Harris Lithia Water analysis shows
that It retains its virtnes after heing
h'pped. Does the analysis of the water
yon are drinking r>ro*e the same? If
the Harris Lithia Water is not ?nr?ario^
to any oti er water on the market, do
yon think such eminent physicians aa
Dr. A. N Talley, Dr. S. M. Darrga, Dr.
bowe, Dr. O. B. Mayer, Dr. Tbomaa
McLevy au'i hundreds of other noted
physicians in South Carolina beside*
such phjs'cians ns Dr. Thos H. Powmi,
president of Southern Medical College,
of Atlanta, Ga.; Prof. Joseph
louts, of Tulane Medical College, of
New Orleans; Prof. Theo. Lam, of
Arrprists, Ga., and many o'her just as
boted w? md certify to it if it was m t
joY The\ have no interest in the
Harris Liiltia Water. It seems that
w<th the anid} sis and these testimouilis
you oupLt to he convinced of its superiority.
Testimony of Dr. A. N. Tallev.
Columbia, 8. C.
After a lonp and varied experience
n the use of Mineral Waters from raaDy
lources. both foreign and domestic, I
im fullv pursuaded that the Harris
liiihia Water possesses efficacy in the
rratment of sfTections of the kidney J
md the bladder nnequaled 1 >y anyji
MhM|tt'r of which bave made trial^^^H^ M
is bused upon/observ&tioj^^^^B^Jfl
have prescribed it freely and almos '
uniformly with benefit in the medical
maladies above mentioned. A. N. Tallev,
M. D., Columbia, S. C.. October 8,
Testimonial of Dr. S. M. De*
vaga, Chester, S. C.
Dear Sir; For the past tight months
I have been using Harris Litliia Water
with the most excellent results where I
have been able to get my patients to
drink a budlcieut quantity daily. The
carbonated i as no equal in gastrio disturbances.
It is a pleasant laxative,
and Is a sure cure for Flatnlant Dyspepsia.
8. m. Davkqa. m. D.,
Chester, 8. C.
Jones & Henderson,
Headquarters, Heinitah's Drug Store
Phone VI, P. O. Box. 8.
nnpTniw fiii 11
Quit Taking uyspepsia
Build up your body for the Bpring
by using
i?? i i ?
i-ranKiin s Whole
Wheat Flour.
Endorsed by eminent Specialists
throughout the country as a perlect
food fcr the Hrain, the Hone and the
M oscle.
To lie found with every other delicacy
for the table at the Old Reliable
(Jrocery Store of

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