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Merchams & F
"The Ol
i The Oldest and Large
; Is a member of the FED
; the United States of Ame
thing like 8,000 other NAT
: RESERVE BANK, and ge
i x' ?TI/\V * o :
g; { nave a iirtuw/iij ouvi
I money is absolutely safe,
I I any time you nee.l it?w
; you DO NOT need it, it is
! ily, both night and day.
And deposit your money 1
j F. M. FARR, W. F. G
I President. Vi
| T]
I "Old H
1 Wa
| Has Led Thei
? Than FOR
| And St
$ ^IrVfTia
I: The Peoples
?IT<r^r 4 <r% %T
With Presto Light E
Starter. $490. plus $50
With Electric Start
$55o.OO, plus $50.00, a to
I urge upon prospect
uk- t? demonstrate the
this car. One of these
nv.r gallon of gasoline v
nary road twenty to tw
j Look at1
ifr.er you have used our meats
I them considerably less than foi
meats than ever before. The 1
flpv>d that every ounce of ther
waste, a'd the stoppage of wast
City Market
member, bank under
federal reserve act
'lanters Nat'l Bank
d Reliable"
?st Bank in Union County
rica. It is bound up with some- <
ION AL Banks in the FEDERAL
[ we can go to our FEDERAL
t ALL the money we need. We ;
njjs Department in which your I
and you can get your money at
ithout any question?and while
nilimr nn int.prpst. for von st.ead
where it will be absolutely safe
ce-President. Cashier. J
*3* + ^
HE |
lickory" |
igon |
tn All For More |
ill Leads |
: Supply Co. |
TFo ur-^tirtet?'
quipment, Without Electric
.00 freight, a total of
,er, Complete Equipment,
ital of $000.00.
ive buyers that they allow
many superb qualities of
appealing qualities is that
/ill drive this car over ordienty-five
<J, Local Dealer
^our Table
awhile. It will surprise you to find
rmerly. Yet you have enjoyed finer
reason is simple. Our meats are so
n is eaten. There is, therefore, no
e is saving. The best is the cheapest.
and Cattle Co.
United States of America,
Western District of South Carolina,
District Court of the United
In the Matter of Lawrence Smith
Lumber Company, a Bankrupt.
In obedience to an Order made in
the above stated case, we will sell P
at Union, during the legal hours of d<
sale, before the Court House door, on
Salesday, Monday, June 5th, 1916, the
following described lots of land, to
wit: \\
"All those certain lots, pieces or
parcels of land, situate, lying and be- ('
ing in the Town of Union, County of tl
Union Sfafo nfornoai/1 Kntnr*
WV.U5 ivvo |J
numbered 35 and 36, as shown on may ,
made by John L. Young in Decern- "
ber, 1896. The original tract of b'
which this is one of the subdivisions NV
being the land known as Tract No. 2
of the Dawkins land as surveyed by Q'
John L. Young in January, 1892, and u
conveyed to said Lawrence Smi'th -<
Lumber Co. by The Union Construetion
and Real Estate Company on the a:
9th day of April, 1914." The said
lots above described shall be first sold ,,
each separately, and then sold as a '
whole, the sale bringing the highest a!
price to be considered the legal sale, cj
the other sale to be declared null and .
Also, "All that certain lot of land, e.(
situate, lying and being in the Town
of Union, County of Union, State
aforesaid, known as Lot No. 52 of the 31
L. G. Young , Dawkins Tract No. 2? ai
as subdivided, and fronting sixty-six .
feet on Culp Street beyond Crawford
Mill and running back to Young Ave- ill
nue." tt
Also, "All that certain lot or parcel
of land, with improvements thereon,
situate, lying and being in the w
_ City of Union, County and State n(
~ aforesaid, fronting on Culp Street
one hundred feet and running back U
to Young lot." cl
Terms of sale: Cash. Purchaser ,i.
to pay for papers, recording of same,
and the necessary revenue stamps. V<
G. 11. Barron, p,
R. L. McNally, J,
Trustees for Lawrence Smith Lumber
Co., Bankrupt. pi
J. F. Walker, Jr., rp
> Attorney for Trustees.
1 Calomel sa]Lvates! It's mercunf.
(!alnmp! /Ivnomifn An ?
gish livev When calomel comes int. > ai
contact X-ith sour bile it crashes int< > i
it, cafsing cramping and nausea. ?
, Jt* you feel bilious, headachy, con th
rtipated and all knocked out, just g > jn
to your druggist and get a 50 cen t ,
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone, whicil 1,1
is a harmless vegetable substitute
for dangerous calomel. Take a spoon!
ful ?nd if it doesn't start yfr. \
ana "?lKTphteTr-^Tir-up
quicker than na3ty calomel and vfth
out making you sick, you just go bac _
and get your money. m St
If you take calomel today you'll b
sick and nauseated tomorrow; be?
sides, it may salivate you, while i i" L.
you take Dodson.s Liver Tone yoi
will wake up feeling great, full o ' Jg
ambition and ready for work or play.
It's harmless, pleasant and safe t|/> th
_ give to children; they like it. I Ui
"What is the meaning of the wor|d ^
purchase, Tommie?" |
"Don,t know, pop."
"Why, suppose I was to give your ja]
mother $'10 to go and buy herself a .
bonnet, what would she do"" r.
"Have a fit, I guess." ' a^.
is loss of appetite.
iv h acy
f sharpens your appetite, aids dipes- ha
tion, improves the health, and pives ^r<
strength and vipor. Sold only by us, th<
$1.00. Glymph's Pharmacy, Union, se'
S. C.
? bo
I thoupht you said this car was a an
self-starter," said the lady to the apent op
from whom she had purchased her ch
automobile. inj
"I did, replied the salesman, "and
you'll find it just as I represented."
"1 find that it Is nothinp of the sort.
1 have to push a button to make it *'
No. 666
This is n prescription prepared especially
Five or six doses will break any case, and |j(
if taken then as a tonic the Fever will not .
return. It acts on the liver better than *
_ Calomel and docs not gripe or sicken. 25c e'
? SI
People all throuph this section are
huyinp LV-VER-LAX because it is a ^
preparation of real merit. It is a veptable
remedy that acts naturally and
effectively, thoroughly cleansinp the
liver and bowels. It is easy to take
and has none of the danpers and bad f.
I !iffAr.Affo/>fy r\f nnlnmol I t\f \/I?D
VVI Viivvvu \/I. CMIV1IIVK /??-? jai?"
LAX will get you right, keep you 88
right and save you doctor's hills. nc
Sold in 50c and $1 bottles under an
absolute guarantee. Every bottle a
bears the likeness of L. K. (irigsby. et
For sale by Glymph's Pharmacy. 18-4 y(
Dm (Mains That Data Nat Affaot Dm Nsatf n<
Because of its tonic and laxative effect. LAXATIVE
BROMO QUININE it better than ordtnar*
Quinine and doea not oanae nervousness not n(
ringing in head. Remember the full nsmeaM f
look for the aicnature of E- W. GROVE- He. y<
i i
A Progressive
The Bailey Undertaking Cornany
has added a first call anil
elivery motor car to their equiplent,
which enables them tc
each any point in the countv
dthin an hour after they arc
ailed. The car is so arranged
lat, in addition to the embalmlg
outfit, a full size casket can
elivered on short notice anye
delivered on short notice any
here in the County. This is
uit.e an addition to the already
p-to-date equipment and efcient
service of this Company
nd they propose to furnish
leir professional services
iroughout the County the same
3 in the City without additional
larges. The Bailey Undertakig
Company is among the old?t
and most reliable establishtents
of the kind in the State
tid with their long experience
re prepared to give their paons
valuable assistance in makig
appropriate selections for
le occasion. This Company is
icognized for the high plane on
hich they conduct their busi2ss,
their square dealings and
le reasonableness of their
larges; and notwithstanding
le fact there has been an admce
of from 10 per cent to 25
2r cent on all funeral supplies,
lis Company has not advanced
rices on anvthinc in thpir lino
hey mark all graves, of funals
conducted by them, free of
large, with a Marble Slab, en'aved
with the initials and
ite of death of the deceased.
Their Undertaking Parlors
e open all the time, night or
ly, and a phone call will bring
em to any part of the County
a short time after they receive
e call.
Office Phone 106.
Residence Phones 88 apd 242-J.
;ate of South Carolina,
County of Union.
Court of Common Pleas.
P. Carwford, Plaintiff,
imes .VI. Gist, Defendant.
In obedience to an order made in
e above stated case, I will sell at
rnon. before the Court House door,
i Salcsday, Monday, June 5th, 1916,
iring the legal hours of sale, the
Mowing described property to wit:
All that certain parcel or lot of
nd with dwelling thereon, located
ing, being and situate in the City of
lion. County of Union, and State
oresnid, fronting on Porter street
e hundred (100) feet, and running
ck two hundred and twenty-five
25) feet, and known sis T.nt Vn 9tt
Plat No. 1 of the Mrs. M. L. Gaire
ids, made by J. F. McPherson, C. E.t
Oct. 15th, 1902, and beinp: the
me lot of land conveyed to James
Gist, by T. A. Murrah.
Terms of sale: One-half cash, the
lance on a credit payable one year
>m date of sale, with interest
srein at eipht per cent per annum,
cured by bond of purchaser and a
>rtg:aKe of the premises sold, the
nd and mortgage to provide for the
yment of ten per cent attorney
bs, in case of suit or foreclosure by
attorney .purchased to have the
ti'on of paying all cash, the puraser
to pay for papers and recorder.
R. ('. Williams,
Fficers Seize Twenty Barrels and
Thirty Cases of Eiquor in
Farmer's Cellar
Atfusta, Ga., May 7.?The first
juor raid in Richmond county since
e new prohibition law went into
feet was made Sunday niffht by
leriff J. T. Plunkett and four depubs,
who arrested T. P. Mosely, a
irmer living several miles from the
ty. Armed with a search warrant
e officers broke into the cellar of
osely's house, taking possession of
> barrels and .10 cases of whiskey.
osely was placed in jail.
When the search warrant was
irved by the sheriff Mosely stated
tat the whiskey had been placed in
s cellar by Ben Willis, an Augusta
iloon man, who told him there was
) danger in storing the whiskey.
In Indianapolis there's a picture of
monument on every street car tick.,
and if you are not careful how
>u get on and off the cars, you'll
ied one! _
It's the thing you don't want the
sople are always willing to hand
Mrs. Rota A.
Kits. 818 Clinton
Place, Kansas f f mm M
City, Mo.: "I had fe ft || T~ I
a cold In th? head. MJf ? _ Bd
I used Peruna. Z I |1
Was well pleased I lg I |
with the results.
CRsSlstwed Trad. IV
| / Coughi
/ Stomach
, / and Catarrh
/ Remedy can
/ Peruna The .
' State of South Carolina,
County of Union.
. Court of Common Pleas.
G. B. Barron and R. L. McNally,
irustees or Lawrence Smith Lumber
Company, Bankrupt, Plaintiffs,
J. T. Murdock, et al., as Trustees of
l "Caldwell Chapel" of A. M. E.
! Church, and Peoples Building &
Loan Association, Defendants.
In obedience to an order in the
above stated case, I will sell at Union,
during the legal hours of sale, before
the Court House door, on Salesday,
' Monday, June 5th, 1916, the following
described lot of land, to wit:
All that lot, piece and parcel of
land, situate, lying and being in the
Town of Union, with church building
, thereon, in Union County, State
aforesaid, fronting fifty feet on Jentry
Street, and known as Lot No. 9
in the survey and division of the
Brown and Powell land by Kennedy,
recorded in the office of the Clerk of
Court for Union County in Plat Book
No. 1, page 41, and being the same
lot conveyed to us by Mrs. Forestine
Brown by deed dated January 19th,
Terms of sale: Cash, purchaser
to pay for papers, recording and
R. C. WUliams,
State of South Carolina,
County of Union.
Court of Common Pleas.
E. W. Parker, Plaintiff,
James Henry Herring, Defendant.
In obedience to an order made in
the above stated case, I will sell at
Union, during the legal hours of sale,
before the Court House door, on
Salesday, Monday, June 5th, 1916, the
following property, to wit:
All that certain lot, piece or parcel
of land, with a brick building situate
thereon, lying and being in the Town
of Jonesvflle, County of Union, State
aforesaid, and having the following
metes and bounds, to-wit: Beginning
at a stake in the gutter on West side
of Main street opposite the ^nill ai>d
gin house of Jonesville Oil Mill and at
the intersection of Harris street;
thence in a Southwest direction with
Harris Street sixty feet to a stake
in Harris Street, thence in a Northwest
direction towards the dwelling
house of W. H. S. Harris forty feet to
a stake, thence in a Northeast direction
sixty feet to a stake on West
side of Main street; thence along
the gutter of Main Street in a Southerly
direction forty feet to the beginning,
and bounded on the East by
Main Street, South by Harris Street,
and on the West and North by lands
of W. II. S. Harris, and being the
same lot of land conveyed to James
Henry Herring by Alexander S. Foster
by deed dated 24th May, A. I").
1907, and duly recorded in the office
of the Clerk of Court for the County
of Union. State aforesaid, on the 22nd
day of November, A. T). 1911, in Hook
Z, No. 44 at page 435.
Terms of sale: Cash, purchaser to
pay for papers, recording of same and
necessary revenue stamps.
R. C. Williams,
State of South Carolina,
County of Union.
Court of Common Pleas.
W. E. Thomson, Plaintiff,
J. D. Charles, Defendant.
In obedience to an order made in
Healthy Old Agt
Simple Remedy Promotes Health by
Overcoming Tendency to
Advancing years impair the action
of the vital organs. Old age should
be the period of greatest happiness,
but good health is necessary. Constipation
should not be tolerated?it
! is often the direct cause of ill health.
Headache, belching, biliousness,
bloat, drowsiness after eating and
other symptoms of constipation can
be readily relieved by the use of a
simple laxative compound sold in
drug stores under the name of Dr.
^aiaweus syrup irepsin. Mr. J. H.
Bristol, 1412 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor,
Mich., who is 83 years old, says
"Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is the
best remedy I ever used for consti,
pation and I always have a bottle
of it in the house to uae when I feel
, the need of it; it nevef disappoints."
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is a
mild laxative preparation, positive in
its effect, acting easily and naturally
> without griping or other pain or dis|
comfort. For over a quarter of a century
it has been the standard house%
Mr. Wllllaiu E. J
Penny, 1023 Park n
f I I H II II troubled with ca- Q
III 111 U tarrli of the head. I
I %# llfl note, throat and I
atouiacb. I am
lark U. 8. Faint O?oe) g?,^?UtJved b*
v. pexuna.
9, Colds, X.
Troubles \
l Relieved. No \
Compete with \
Ready-to-take .. \
the above stated case, I will sell at
Union, during the legal hours of sale,
before the Couri House door, on
Salesday, Monday, June 5th, 1916, the
following described property to wit:
, Those two certain lots of land in
the Town of Union Fniint" IT-i ?
.... w wuuvjr UX Ulliuil)
State of South Carolina, known as
Lots Nos. 61 and 63, in the W. E.
Thomson first addition to the Town
of Union, a plat of which subdivision
and addition is recorded in the office
of the Clerk of Court for Union County,
and said State, i'n book of records
of Real Estate Conveyances, T 37, P
i 590, with all buildings and improvements
thereon, and bounded on the
West by Scott Street and on the
North, East and South, by other lands
of W. E. Thomson and by Samuel
Gossett, and containing seven-eights
(7-8) of an acre, more or less.
Terms of sale: Cash, purchaser to
pay for papers, recording and stamps.
R. C. Williams,
j# Yours, |
{ for those light, \
| brown breads and S
| pastries, with the 5
| tantalizing odor J
4 and delicious fla- J
1 vor? j
| Rising Sun l
| Flour a
| Self-Rising and J
j Ready Prepared J
jl First aid to tedi- f
d ous baking and lag- S
I ging appetites. J
i ? - :
J ? our Grocer jf
j Knows a |
1 ^ (
A married man can always feel
sorry for himself when his wife is
sk'k in bed.
The Best Hot Weather Tonic
GROVK'S TASTELESS chill TONIC enriches the
blood, builds up the whole system and will wonderfully
strengthen and fortify you to withstand
the depressing eftect of the hot summer. SOc
3rings Happiness
hold remedy in thousands of homes.
Druggists everywhere sell it for fifty
cents a bottle. A trial bottle of Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin can be obtained,
free of charge, by writing to
Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 464 .Washington
St., Monticello, Illinois.
' ' I

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