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Rejri stert d at the Postoffiee in Union
S. C., as second class matter.
One Year $1.0(
Six Months .5(
Three Months .21
One square, first insertion $1.0(
Every subsequent insertion ..r>(
FRIDAY, MAY 10. 1916.
The prardeners throughout the coun
ty are having a hard time keeping u|
their spirits. The dry weather ha:
simply put an end to all operations.
We feel sure that Judge Sease wil
receive the commendation of the
worthy citizens of the county in his
strict handling of witnesses. The time
of the court and the inconvenience oi
the many is too often interfered with
by the tardy witness. Judge Seast
will have no more of this, hut, if necessary,
will lock such tardy ones ir
jail. He is right in this determination.
We beg to suggest to our city authorities
the necessity for putting an
end to the needless noise caused by
the automobiles and motorcycles taking
Main street with the mufflers
wide open. It is a needless disturbance,
and could be suppressed with
out hardship to anybody. Every automobile.
motorcycle and motor driven
vehicle should be operated with closed
muffler in the city limits. The city
ordinance, if we mistake not, is quite
specific in forbidding such praatice.
We respectfully urge that the city
authorities enforce this regulation.
There will be many citizens who will
hold you in lasting remembrance if
you so do.
One feels desirous that all citizens
might be willing to conform to the
law. Nobody desires that anybody
should be made to suffer. But the
blind tiger is least to be pittled, for
it is a violation lof law for personal
gain that is the basis of this nefarious
btififiifiSV?"Tft~nTIrivBVi 'of cases against
blind tigers word tried in this week's
court. Some plead guilty, some were
acquitted, some were convicted. One
thing that the blind tiger operators
seem to have overlooked is the fact
that the law now is a dangerous
thing to tamper with. It is no longei
possible to viojate the law with impunity.
A man who sells whiskey i'r
South Carolina now is a candidate foi
the chaingang.
The farmers of Union county should
he interested in creameries which arc
being established under the Extensior
Division of Clemson College. Recently
there has been established such ar
institution in Spartanburg and effort.'
are being made to have creamerj
routes not only from the various sections
of Spartanburg county, but
from Union county as well. Unti
the movement gets fully under way
Union could not support such an enterprise.
There would not be feeders
enough to make it a success. But it
is an easy matter to pet into the
Spartanburg system, and then, when
many farmers are enlisted and the
outlook warrants it, a creamery could
be established here. This movemel
on the part of Clemson College is
one that should lead to great results
Next week we will publish articles
bearing on this subject.
Oreenwood, S. C., May 15, 1010.
Mr. L. M. Rice,
Union, S. C.
l>ear Mr. Rice:
1 have intended writing you a letter
all this session, especially about
our ball games. We played Porter
Military Academy last and sure did
beat them. They beat us in foot ball
but we played them three games of
ball and won all three of them. It
was the heighth of our ambition to
beat them and we did it. Hurrah!
We worked harder than we ever did
and the game resulted in 4 to 1 and
we celebrated that night as it gave
us the prep championship. Our man,
Hough, struck out 16 men and is the
best prep pitcher in the State. Our
team is batting over .'100. Out of 140
runs we scored 86, playing 13 games
and losing only three.
We have won from Erskine, Porter
and Linwood. Erskine won the State
championship and we challenged them
( for a game, but they would not play
Hope you will get enough out of
this to write a few lines for the dear
old Times. With best wishes,
Yours truly,
J. H. Bartles, Jr.
Buffalo, May 16.?A protracted ^
meeting began last Sunday at the w
i Methodist church. The pastor, Rev.
B. H. Harvey, is being assisted by
Rev. J O. Burnett of Wilson, S. C.
, He is a forceful speaker and a gentleman
of a very pleasing personality
and his able discourses are at- q
' tracting large crowds at each service.
Prof. Merritt of Camden, S. C.. has
charge of the singing, who delights
the congregations with his wonderful
) voice. It is not known now when the j
> meeting will close. It is hoped and
> believed that much good will be accomplished
during this revival, as ^
there is much room for improvement
) in Buffalo, spiritually.
) Mrs. Ceo. Ladshaw of Spartanburg
. visited her nephew. Rev. B. H. Harvey.
at the parsonage last week.
Mr. B. F. Scarboro and family, who
; are very pleasantly remembered here F
having lived here a number of years
nuc ior me last tnree years have
' lived at Franklin, S. C., arrived
3 Tuesday and will make this their fu- w
ture homo. They have numerous J;
friends here and at Union, who are r<
I glad to welcome them back. li
Mr. Fates, father of our esteemed si
" townsman, Mr. J. J. Bates, and Mrs. p<
5 W. H. Straley, died Saturday at his c<
i home near Paeolet in his 77th year ei
f and was buried Sunday. Quite a M
( number from here attended the fun- tl
eral service.
5 Several from here are attending si
court in Union this week, some as F
i jurors, some as witnesses, while oth- M
ers are spectators.
Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Hundley and b]
Mr. H. T. Higgins and Miss Annie el
L. Green motored to Goldville, S. C., yi
' last Sunday, reporting a most delight- re
i ful time. Pedestrian.
; Adopted by Mr. Joy Lodge, No. 203,
of A. F. M. Helton, S. C.
Whereas, it has pleased our Heavenly
Father, to call from our midst
into rest, our beloved brother, F. M.
Adams, on March 6, 1910, a faithful
member of our lodge for a number eh
of years, a great leader with us, he
whose council was always good, rec- wi
ognized leader in his church and in fij
his community, always trying to help in
bear the burdens of his neighbor. As wi
a Christian, he stood for those things a
that are holy, pure and good. As a ca
citizen he stood for the things that pc
were always best. In business, hon- mi
es twith everybody; a man who loved ch
everybody, and was loved and held in bh
high esteem by all who knew him; wl
to Know mm was to love mm. Truly ba
a prince, a preat man has fallen. fo
Therefore be it resolved:
1st. That we bow at the will of
: Guarantee
, To be more than a mere"sc
tee must be absolute?and bi
i and willing to make it good,
The General's guarantee is
backed by a business operai
roofing mills,and makingonc
! ing made in America. Thai
! The guarantee is for 5, 10 or IS y
or 3). There is no evasion ab
stitute a high-sounding somethin
no substitute for a real guarantee,
tee on CERTAIN-TEED beca
no better roofing can be made. I
of manufacture are both certtfie
graduate chemists, and he knov
guaranteeing them to you. 1
TEED" means?certified and g
proven that the guarantee is cc
TAIN-TEED will outlast the p
The roofing felt, as it comes be
given a thorough saturation of a s
the formula of the General's boa
then given a harder coating of
This keeps the inner saturation
ing-out process so destructive to
is impervious to the elements c
saturation lasts. CERTAIN-T
tion, and is in good condition foi
kinds have become useless.
CERTAIN-TEED is made in rolls
There is a type of CERTAIN-TK
with flat or pitched roofs, from the 1
est residence or out-building.
CERTAIN-TEED is sold by respoi
at reasonable prices. Investigate it
of roof.
General Roofing Manu
World's Largest Manufacturers of
NMrYtikCMr CMcai* Philadelphia
muhuh Dmia 9a* Fruckc
MlaaaaiiiKi Kaa?a
AMUat* a?lmnd hmii
OopTrtcfeted 1918, QutnlBw
im who makes no mistakes
ieps the mystery of his provid*
i himself, who thought best to 1
lis life of sunshine and beauty f
2nd. That in the death of
aod man, whose life had so m
larms, will be greatly missed;
3rd. That in his death we have
loyal brother, a faithful frieni
hristian soldier;
4th. That we tender his beret
idow and children, our praye
empathy, and pray that God will
ow those blessings upon her
promised a widow, and children
5th. That a copy of these res
ons be spread upon the minute:
\c lodge, a copy be sent his wi
rid also to his county paper.
J. M. Little,
S. R. Garner,
M. V. Going,
The Fair Forest chapter, D. A.
as delightfully entertained on
ay afternoon at the home of
?gent, Mrs. L. J. llames, Mrs. 1
na Rice and Miss Vivian Sarratt
stant hostesses. Interesting
arts from the D. A. R. Congress
;ntlv held in W"shim?ton. were
a by Mrs. Hames and Mrs. D,
Wallace, who represented our cha
"The Star Spanpled Banner"
inp by the chapter, led by Mrs
rost Walker, Mrs. C. H. Peake
>s. F. H. Garner. Mrs. Peake s
America" to the new tune ado]
/ the Daughters, after which
ection of officers for the next
ears took place with the follo\
Repent, Mrs. Landy J. Hames
Vice repent, Mrs. Christopher
Recordinp secretary, Mrs. Danie
Correspondinp secretary, I
rederick H. Garner.
Treasurer, Miss Carol F. Robert
Historian, Mrs. Lucy Barron.
Repistrar, Miss Minnie Lee Wal
This beinp the first birthday of
lapter, the hostess had a larpe
autifully iced pound cake, on wl
as one blue candle and minial
cures of Georpe and Martha W>
pton. The vice repent, Mrs. Pei
as asked to blow out the candle
pood wish for the chapter,
ke was served with delicious f
inch. A number of toasts b<
ade. The repent presented to
apter a pavel made of oak, the
em of the Fair Forest chap
lich came from Blackstock, the <
ttle Union county is given cr
r in the Revolutionary war.
Mrs. F. H. Garner,
Cor. Se
/rrgrw &
rC| |
rap of paper," a guar a Flicked
by a concern able
not only absolute; it is
ting the world's largest
:-third of all the roll rooft's
the guarantee behind
ears, according to ply (1, 2
out it?no attempt to subg
"just as good." There is
You get an absolute guaranuse
the General knows that
ts raw materials and method
d by the General's board of
is he's taking no chance in
rhat's what "CERTAINuaranteed.
Experience has
mservative, and that CER>eriod
of guarantee.
>ne dry from the rollers, is
pecial blend of soft asphalts,
rd of expert chemists. It is
another blend of asphalts,
soft, and prevents the dryordinary
roofing. Roofing
>nly so long as the asphalt
EED retains its soft saturar
years after the harder, drier
; also in slate-covered shingles.
ED for every kind of building,
argest sky-scraper to the smallisible
dealers all over the world,
before you decide on any type
factoring Company
Roofing and Building Papon
St. Loai* Barton OitilMi
Clncl?H Now Or loom*
i City fltolllo IrtiaaaptlU
ten London Svdnor
<flng Mkuufocturloc Co
^\vas ' aild
kthe pHfa
and R ~" th?US
llich I J 'M anpU
ture 1/ jl a A Othe
ash- I jg), 0J 5c ai
ake, ImhmL
>nly -=^???.
-Keep Koo
I The Weather's Fin
I i
| I We have all the requisit(
E for the Keep Kool propos
Palm Beach and Kee
Kool Suits, "Alco" Tropic?
Worsted Silk lined Coat an
Pants, the last word in Ger
teel Summer Clothing.
Panama, Leghorn ani
Straw Hats, $1.00 to $6.0(
Kool SOX. Shirts tin,
Neckwear, Featherweigh
Pajamas, Night Robes, Un
, ion Suits and Two-piece Un
Don't let the weathe
worry you. Come her
where the breeze flows gen
tly all the while. Look a
these Keep Kool offering
and forget your trouble.
Clothing Co
D. W. Mullinax, Manager
|| For Sprains, Lameness. II
Sores, Cuts, Rheumatism
Penetrates and Heals.
Stops Pain At Once
For Man and Beast
25c. 50c. $1. At All Dealers.
^ W ? M ^ Is!
J J Ml ^
lie Girl and tye <
t's nearinp: the end, only one more. Y<
ee these two chapters, so come out. In ac
ire, we have "ACCORDING TO ST. JOH1
Three Reel Drama, thrilling and full of h
uring Annie Little and Jack Richardson.
arie Doro in "THE WOOD NYMPH," a 1
5 in Five Acts. Supervised by D. W.
ux\ X *J IVI7A I
eystone. This is the day you laugh at
e out, you fellows, who suffer with the b
hing. Of course we have ^THE BRO!
there is a thrill in every inch of this seri
Comedy and Thrills. Six Reels.
addition to our regular program we will,
at the Baby Show, and all parents at
r on this day will receive the Slide Pict
. You can keep this for a lifetime, it bei
> or you could send it to friends or rela'
lands and then they could have it thr
m and see just how baby looks.
ingle Photopla ys, "THE GREEN SWAI
, with Bessie Barrscales and Bruce McR
le green-eyed monster, better known i
tone Comedy, "BECAUSE HE LOVED 1
: Fred Mace and Polly Moran in Two i
sand laughs. Ladies, ask your friends tc
s Photoplay just once and let them be
r cities charge 10c and 20c for this show,
nd 15c. Try one.
As /V /V 7WV yv- A."
| You Cai
: Black W
5 You Cai
? Water j
P Hill :
Which is just the same
something for nothing.
People have been wantii
thousand years, but they
d won't be likely to soon.
). For twenty years we ha
^ for twenty years we hav(
Cheap as any concern in
^ stay in existence ever coul
i- you honest weight and me
l- I We are better prepared
! frive VOU flssnvtmoni
? vciI
reasonable prices.
If a Square Deal, the B
ica, or imported to this 0
vice and as much appreci
t give appeal to you, we res
y eery Business.
The I
i The Home of Evprvthim
? , w. ^ ?I
I / Square D?
Phone 10
Invigorating to the Pale and Sickly
The Old Standard general strengthening tonic,
GROVK'8 TA8TKI.K8B chill TONIC, drives out
Malsria.enriches the blood^ind builds up the system.
A true tonic. For adults and children. SOc
It's the thing you don't want ttie ,
people are always willing to hand i
Same" ffifra
t>u will want lyYWjO <
Idition to the I//U0 *
eart interest, 1 ^ ^
'riangle Fine I //^ - I
Griffith. 5c
the Grand.
lues and see sm"L*&' Ao
l your sides sgS^
, by request, -jC/^rjiill
tending the 5 -? JfiJ/fi
ure of their WutfUf *Jy/m
ng taken on lyw
tives in dis- I (fr \ P(/1
own on the I fvj\ U(^/l
4P," in Five ^ 1
ay, a story jM
as jealousy.
EiER," feat- JUMfjlAa
\.cts with a 'ZZZj ^ 111--*
> see a Tri- El
s convinced. Wr\ k 11yu
We charge M./B
n't Make
Kite, and
i't Make
Run up
! as saying, you can't get
ig to do these things for a
haven't done it yet, and
ve been your Grocers, and
3 sold you Good Goods as
existence or expecting to
Id or can sell you and give
a . i ' * *
Loaay tnan ever before to
iety, quality, service and
est Goods made in Amerountry,
with as good seration
as it is possible to
pectfully solicit your GroJnion
ry Co.
? liood to Eat and the
ial Store.
0 or 80.
Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Take Grave's
The Old Standard Grove'a Tasteless
chill Tonic is equally valuable as a
General Tonic because it contains fee
well known tonic properties of QUINDf V
and IRON. It acts on the Uvw, Dai via
out Malaria, Bnriches the Bleed and
Builds up the Whole System. SO cents.

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