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- . ;
Individual*, like nation*, fail in nothing tehich
they boldly attempt, when sustained by viriuou.' '
pttrpSie, and determined resolution.?Hkkby Clat. |
" Willing to praiae, y*t not afraid to Wme." I
Term*?One Dollar a Year, in Advanoo. (
SATURDAY,". ..7....... JUNE 3, 1854. ]
BST The Independent Preu will continue to i
b? published aa horctofore, at Abbeville C. H.,
at the same price, and will maintain its ehar- <
aeter as an independent, political, miscellano
oub, uisirict paper, Those whp bate paid up1 i
to the ferpici Editor X?H1 of 'courso contihuo to
receiro the paper-without extra chJirgo. ... I
' " ' * i
??T All letters oa busino&s connected with
this office should be Addressed "Indkpkkdent
Pum, Abbeville 0. tt, S. 0.," and post-paid.
In assuming the chiur-editorial, so gracefully
vacated by our predcccssor last week, it is of
course meet that wo should exchange
salutations with the patrons of the Prem, and
indicate the ecneral nrlneinlp* flint t?:n j:-??
our course.
Although wa are not of those who eeom to
regard the life of an Editor loss favored than
that <tr any other profession, still we aro aware
that attached to such a position are labors and
responsibilities that may well move the stoutest
heart to trembling. And csj>ccially <lo we
know that the. ebair of the printer-editor is devoid
of velvet ease; Hence labor and care
will not come upon us unawares, and we shall
assuredly meet 'the responsibility with stout
hearts, if not with string arms. The smiles of
Providence, the approval of friends, and a liv>
- ing remuneration .for our toil, are all the rewards
we seek?all we hope to obtain.
Our design in thb-future conduct of the rrcu
trill be to render as acceptable a District
JOutaal.as any in us State ; and to this end
toxrar general to eschew lengthy
disOohrete.onXorejgn eUbjccLsi and keep, an
eye ptioro to the' {Musing present than to the
proapective future. Everything, contributing
augWio the ini.iiMliiflgfihid \>tgeneral intelligcb^vlwitiiin
ehnir nnd room in the
Pre*4'5n& its' friends and patrons may look for
er?rythtogyviT0?4fcy of record, in its pages.
[Happily for uv *nd happily for the peace
and quiet j$f -the people of Solith Carolina, po
m.w a*m? <u vccurreaWand
ttMptcnt 'in existence. Henco it
do?fluo,t.^<M!^nily bceomo one of'the many
journnliat licro to uphold the
_v_ ev^r-.Yarj'jbig Utveto of changing parties, and
"/dlSmfc^ljoct to^e. flmharraBementfl of
, ' bitter wrangling. In other'.Statoa,- ia many
ftTi?hM>gevof ? newspaper
- " ImmJftindar clronnutaaces like
^wWnonttHho fnofit lucrative oould |
In-national' p^liUc^ iho complexion of the
~ - Pr?M fejraown to^hi^fc been tttliorto Scrthern
fitrapcraUc ; aig&m theso respects, it will
?xperlirtie\i.o change.. And whilo We hold
onnidrv?B averse to1 ^profligate abrogation of
ajij^j^t.Qsages in wr State polity, -wo do not
6?pcJttiiioU8ly cling to any eimjOy because j
tkey have the saijqtion of age, and we. do not
o^r desire ?pr cautious, con-1
wory? Uio prcas we styjll nnrelatiopB
that will
oar settled
nT principle rather than estrange a
(fnfflfajflj>^ -wielding of tbe gla_?'"
diatorial pen- Wo shall adopt and maintain
the jr^o'-fco offotid none but the offending, ad
IM^npief that true independence
language cannot be incom^WurteouB'irtfd
reopccUiil bearing,
^^g predooeator's contiaucd {>roa-^
Bojot^B'oit^rb yeaffl ih Abbeville
id hence .partial acquaintance witK
jUon, intelligence and resoureea, we
Won her abundant ability^ reward (
ojf.all her Journalist*, and only re
>IH uat wtbring ao.little of ability to meet j
titf ^ponsibilltiefl which on anticipated re- ,
these bticf remark*, wa'aubmlt our- j
^ladverte, wi& all tha grace a dkap-.a1
* jpj?.:?j; ow?- IftlLJUlMMI
laBHCyBJEKE^ '-vf?%<^ffi$:> r . ,. vt
K^-.t V ^/TCuJBBaBc^|aL -dtiOT^BffI||j
C*old?a Memories.
This, out first paragraph for the J'rtin, is
rfrittan with flna fold pap, a praeont from
onr aataenad friend And former neighbor, D.
Vi H*w*ho*k, of Dne West
A pen and scissors are two indispensables to
mi editor. The firtt especially should be a
;ood article?ono that glides smoothly across
the sheet, and that will retain a sufficient
quantum of ink to jot down several lines at
i>nee without returning to the iuk-bottlc. Such
a ono is that wo now hold. It will not however
glido along all tho while without cessation ;
for sometimes tho ideas stop and who could
blame a pen for tardiness >vlicn the power that
moves it refuses to act ?
But we said an editor's pen should be a good
one. Who could maintain his good humor
when trying to write with a mcau pen f and of
all inert perhaps the oditor has most :<ced of all
the appliances to induce an even and good.tem-)
per. It is bis vocation to -write of men and'
things; and if anything disturbs his mental
equilibrium and "raises liis dander," ho is very,
apt to speak more harshly than he would doBiro
to do. Perhaps our friend Hawthorn
knew something of the irascibility of our nature,
and knowing a good pen would aid in
rendering 'diX* prospective labors more agreeablo
to ourselves and more tolerable to others,
kind\ ietermined to put an instrument into
our hands that would cut Bmoothly.
May our pen last a hundred years, and the
donor as long, and every time we sco it may
we gratefully remember him as tho ono who
first threw h. golden light o'or the path we have
nnnn A ?. ? 1 I
Local Statistics.
Tho following interesting items of statistical
information linvc been kindly communicated
by o?ir worthy Tax Collector, lie anticipated
our wisli, as wo had thought of apptying to
him for something of tho kind, and ho will
please consider us obliged. t
Marriages in Abbeville District from January
1st, 1853, to January 1st, 1864, 51; Births
during the same time?Males 68, Females 107
?173 : Deaths durinor the snmn time?MiiIm
53, Females 45?98. Births among tbc colored
?Males 848, Females 856?703 ; Deaths?
Males 148, Females 162?810.
Taxable property in Abbeville District:?
98 fre? persons of color; 19,481 slaves ; $415.iog
otTTOiiuL oi sales; $ 12,130 professional;
$21*7,660 town and village lota; 3,250 acres of
bottom land ; 6,440 acr?s 1st quality npland ;
91,787 2d quality upland; 625,630 8d quality.
Early Cotton.
iuk. uahhib, residing near h niLcnaii in una
District, has shown us several stalks of cotton,
taken from hUr farm on tho 28th alt, -which* is
ahead o?any "w? liave ecen or heard of the
preaent season. They are some ten or twelve
inches in height, and upon each stalk arc several
squares. It was onr surmise that these
plfcnta had been grown upon soino favored spot
of^iis firm ; .bat he informed .us that it was
not so?the field had not been manured Jn several
3'ear*, and ho contends the superior growth
oi Dis coiion is owing mainly to bis manner of
' ^*ive him.a
Dispense the Light.
With pleasure wd comply with the request o!
a friend to direct attention to the notice of the
approaching anniversary of the Abbeville Bibio
Society, to be seen below. Let every one
who has a dollar or more uninvested rctncmbci
the day, and come up prepared to aid a cause
so eminently worthy of support. Distribute
tho Bible plenteoualy, then prevail upon the
great mass of the people to read it, and onehalf
the number of prisons, poor-houses and
infirmaries that now exist-? ai., hauled
down to give place to tho school-house, ~~ the
eollego and church. God speed tho noble
work I
"Bujlk Society.?The thiKy-first anniversary
meeting of the Abbeville District Bible Society
will be held in the M. & Church, at the
Court House on Wednesday, the 26th of July.
The annual sermon will bo preached by Rev.
A. D. Montgomery, and the address denvered
by R. A. Fair, Esq. A full meeting of the Board
of Directors, consisting of T. C. I'errin, A.
Giles, J. Moore, E. E. Pressly, 1L A Jones, J. T.
Gibert* W. R. UcmpbilL F. G. Thomas, J. Dontr
m m -? ?
iu, u. a. oiouu. a. weviin, J. M. latimor, O.
W. Pressly, J. Dickson, i. Gillom, N. Harm,
A. D. Montgomery, R. C. Qrior, W. T. Jones,
J. 11. Pcrrin, E. H. WardUtr, and Isaac Branch,
is earnestly requested at the counting room of
Q. H. Wardlaw, at 10 o'clock, on the morning
Of the meeting. . Isaac BnANcn,So?..
May 18, 15fi^ - ^
Vl' , Taking- the Stump.
. The Southern Patriot leartis that in Laurens
District the Electoral question is exciting considerable
interest. Stump speeches,.pro and
??, are-being made at every muster. Messrs.
Juixivak and II kn demon advocate the reform,'
irtum Meaara. Iur ud Calhoun oppoae.? j
rheaawreable men, and more than that, they
ire men tit dignified bearing, ao that vhllf
nuch light m?y be elicited from the discuseion,ittle
fear need be entertainedjof an In temper*
ite, fanatical canvaae. ."
ng of thia question will engender any dJsajreeable
atrife or diaqtiietade in onr midst. The
enfrment of the peopla. we believe t* be in
irror of the change hot inasmuch aa the "withaiding
it iavolrt^Jttle more tlin?
QOvfralenoc ao^PjftTtfaea, arid a little expense
?O* SUU/tty^rifi be alow to maaifeat
?? : r~
- A Barber Ranted. ? i
Tho wktber'iB'grOwing rati)or warm it op?
pears in Edgefield for longhair and whiskers*
Oar friend of the Advertuer is authorised. to
say that an "export shaver and hair-dresser"
can find plenty of work at his village.
Aaurcsa "UOD wi1wker8, or "UIABLIE IHUStaciik,"
Edgefield C. H.; no matter about the
postage. ^
Is there anything more to be mado at hair
clipping thah can bo mode by pnper clipping,
brother Advertiser f If so, tee might be induced
to invest..
The Eclipse.
True to arrangement, the eclipse passed ofT
on Friday evening last There was a brisk do
mand for smoked gldsscs, and wo believe the
spectators generally were pretty well satisfied
with the performances oh the occdsioq. .
tJf-It ia rumored thai the administration lias
sent' down a seoret compiiuiober to* St'Domingo,
tho-republioan end - of the islarwl of Hiiytl,
to sound tho official of that Country in Regard
to annexation to the Unitod States.
The Oropa.
Fine rains have fallen in different sections of
tho District tho post week, and we anticipate a
rapid growth of all kinds of crops?grass not
Appended is a condensed view of the crops
in various sections, as reported by the newspapers.
. r" ^
Tiik Crops.?From what wo can learn from
our farmers and planters, the crops of this District
bid fair to lie abundant, '1 lie late rains,
however, have given the weeds some advantage,
ns the ground is too wet in many places to
allow of plowing. Wheat looks fine wherever
sown on laud of sufficient strength to produce
it at all. We have heard many farmers say
that it promises to bo the finest wheat crop
grown in this District for ninny ycari Oats
look remarkrbly well, and great hopes ire now
AIlfAriilituwl t.liilf n full nwin will I>n ?nn,ln
Corn is doing well, and if nothing intervenes
our farmers will harvest an abundant yield,
Laurent Herald.
Crops and Fruit.?We understand that tlio
wheat crop is pretty good, and very little Injured
by the cold spring. There ib sonic rumor
of rest in the wheat. Corn and cotton
are growing finely, and wo have lately had a
fine season. There is still fruit in many portions
of the country?some pcaches, and*ajiplcs
in great abundanoe?r-(7r?(*?t>W? Patriot*
rnosrEcr Brmuitkking.?Since' thfr timely
rains of last week, oats and corn have taken a
start That will almost orutnre full orono* Our
exchanges from North Georgia report nne rains
in that section, and speak more hopefully of
the prospect ahead. These rains appear to
have been general; if so, planters and fconsu
mem. will take courage.?Ororgia paper,
Tiik Chops.?A brief visit to tho parishes of
"West Baton Rouge arid Point Coupeo, enables
the editor,oC'jtiie Baton Houge Advocate to
speak from observation of tho crops in those
parishes. The stands of cane and corny where
well worked, are looking fine and flourishing,
although they are of course somewhat backward
from the tripling spells of cotd we^ther
which have OccasiflnaUy- intervened ?
Wft liPArtfl (t'flfjitixl iknt anmo
toiplantcorn m many four oip
At' preeenl, however, general ^ncdnr^Smeni ia
felt at the proepeot of the crope.-^-JV.(0. DiUa.
Whkat Crop rw Missouri.?'The, St tiouis Intcliigenger
of the 17th' alt, ill speaking of the
. quarter nrc expecting to cut their wlufct and
have it in market by the 25th of June. . . #
Tho Shreveport Deraocrftt says the soDsaofor
crops Itas been fine thus far, good scn.ofT$$fe
rains and weather warm enough geitrall^
Wo have had a few cold spells, and i littl6:
frost once or twice sincc the first of Apll, but
not enough to injure the crops. Our ppnters
everywhere seem satisfied ; they bavfl good
stands of cotton, aud corn looks rcmi*kably
thrifty. The corn on Red lliver is ji<w'full
waist high, and will be in tassel ia the course
of ten days. J
[ ~--&mnra in T*xab.?Tho Shelby R?veille.of tho
6 til BAJ Si " "~0 Brer lumnnnl r?tliaurrh1
out tins county look remarkably well, ayd that
our planters havo larger and finor crops uf" cotton,
corn, ?fcc., and that they are nioro Jromiaing
than at any former period in the history of
Shelby county.
Tho Chattanooga Advertiser says tint the
present indications arc tntuli more favortble to
the whont crop than it had anticipated, a^d that
several farmers had pronounced the prtspects
as quite flattering.
The Newberry Sentinel of the 80th ifaforms
us that the Corn and Cotton in that dUtejct
are improving very much, and'from present apEearance
indicate the proinuo of a )x>unti(ul
arvort. *" v'^(
Bow to Stop this Oars.
A vast amount of iejqtyj to railroad* iffalna
and loss of lifomight bo prevented were'eyerybody
as oarcful'ahd heroin m Hi? in^?
, ??~ w yww,f
nnmed. There arc doubtless some who would
not care U? prevent any accident, however terrible,
so long aa their own flesh and bones aro
out of harm's way. Such ones could see nothing
to imitate in the following paragraph,
which we oopy for those who under similar
;cir?nmstanoes would wish to act similarly.?
Such deeds deserve record. /
"Oae day Ia?fe week Mm Horiop., who rebi<m&
about threo'miJes west of .Osw&ro. **?' -
large pinertre?rf*H directly iuroM the railroad
tatofc.^She instantly laid down thebaby,
called her basband from hia work, and thev
bbtbrritffu, the railroad, a dirftoeTef
hundred yard* taking an axe wffh them. But
thetave wu Kw^ and not l?3*than three
feet in diameter where it crossed the trae^ the
o^^vie-fcm ?rt tnrTa ia1^? road?' and
hand. Probably at the ?tgg<*iion of the vife,
to wnmen toe al^ ?
florton immediatftlv look
r More Candidates Wanted.
^ Tlio subjoined fftrtigraph 1ms been communjcated
for. publication. We shall bo pleased j
to- hear. not only from Messrs. IIearjbt and K
Vanck, but from any and all others who mfcy ol
be disposed to take the field: j|r
Tiik friends of tlic South, coll upon Dr. J. W.
Hearst and CoL J K. Vance ?o anuounco tlicm- tli
selves as candidates for the Legislature, at tlio ci
next election. }"
Senator Butler.?Wo are gratified to meet
our faithful and esteemed Scuator, Judge But- !"
ler, here yesterday, looking well and in fine ,z
spirits. Ho is on a brief visit to his home iu .
Edgefield. 18
iiojf. Angus i attkrson.?He regret to learn
from the Bnciiwell Sentinel, that this gentle- tl
mop, so long the President of our State Senate, 1and
one so universally esteemed, expired at his
residence inJDfarnwell on Friday evening lost
Wkll Done.?We are truly gratified lo per- P
ceive that in rfc'cordance with the desire expesscd
thrortgh resolutions adopted at a public meet- w
ing of th'o Citizens of Charleston, held on the 81
10th ult., the City Council at their meeting on ?'
Tuesday last, resolved to subscribe $260,000 to *1
the Charleston and Savannah Itail Road, in or- P
Jn. n ,,?. tl.o ,<t !,? .n:A I>^?,1 C.I
uvt VV OVVUt O VIIV V1IHI Vt VU\> DUtU Ituau* ""
A pantlicr measuring teven and a half feet
from the tip of his tail to the nose, was rccent- n
ly killed in a cane-brake, about threo miles from ot
Cross plains, in Ilobertson County, Tenn. He
was tracked by a fine hunting dog, and driven
to a tree, from which he was dislodged, and af- q
tor two or three "bouts" with the aog and negro
man, who was unarmed, and in which his
assnildnte came off second best, he was finally
brought down by Mr. l'evit Fry, who lodged a c(
rifle-ball amonghis face and eyes. lie is sup- 0
puitcu to novo uccu a traveller. p
Punishment Commuted.?"We lenrn that Wm,
Fowler, convicted of murder, and sentenced at P
the lato term, of the Court of Appeals to be "
hung on the 28th of July, has received at the
hands of His Exccllcncy, Gov. Manning, a com- 1|
mutation of his sentence. Instead of being ?
iiung, he is to be imprisoned six months.
Productions of Cuba,?Tho annual produc- ?
tions of Cuba aro Bnid to comprise $13,300,000
worth of sugar; $16,000,000 of tobacco ; $2,- <1
Q 1 A AAA . ftQ AA/I AAA ?
$7,000,000 worth of other Agricultural pro- v
duce. The grand total of its productions, in
eluding dairy and domestio animals, average t!
ft59.600.0Q0 per annum. Tho population is
over ono million. ? ? . .. tl
' Small Nutes in Virginia are 'prohibited on 81
and after the first of June. The Richmond and *
Petersburg Railroad Company, it is said, have "
anticipated -tho measure, ana stopped taking
llwra on tlx?Both ult, The butchers r>f Win- v
chestcr have also refused to take them any ri
longer, and tho prospect is that the law will be
generally observed. "
A number of citizens of Columbia upa rrof.Hnr.
? ;--o "t> m
up a memorial to.presqnt to the Legislature at a,
its pext session, praying an act for . incorpora- r,
ting a Mutual Life Insurance Company.
The Sfartanbubq Mutk Asylum.?This important
Institution, situated about four miles
from Spartanburg, under tho direction of N. P. d
Walker, Esq., was the scene of much attention
and interest on Friday last. "
In accordance to an appointment, a regular c<
fecundation of the student* in their several de- ^
Caftroetfta ^ofettfdy.eame off, before A very
?rge and influential portion of the citizens of ?'
tho District.., *: 'J
Tlie students wcro examined principally hy "
Messrs. Hughs ton and Springs assisted by the 11
two Misses Wal&erand Migs Cunningham. Geo- n.
Cunningham and the other to Mr. llughston.
At the close of the examination, S. Bobo, Esq., ^
delivered an Address on Education, which is
said to have boon woll received.?Spartanburg r.'
JExpreu. ^
Presbyterian O. S. Genebal Assembly? c,
Bu?Valo. Mav 28.?The Asseinblv. after a wnrm ..
debate, broke.up tbe large Synod of Philadcl- fc
phia, making a new Synod out of the Presbyteries
of Baltimore, Carlisle and the Eastern Shore, ],
to bo oallcd the Synod of Baltimore. p
An overturo was received from the Sccond
Presbytery of New York, in referenco to tlie
clergymen withdrawing from the church with- a
out corcmouy. A resolution was adopted tbat tl
tire rule Ira to erake the name from the roll. 0
The report of Board of Domestic Missions 0
was read by the Rev. Dr. Musgrave. o
- The receipts of the yenr were $75,000. Lai- I
an ce in the treasury $11,000. u
The report proposes raising $100,000 as an s
extra fund during the year for Church extension Bj
purposes. o
. The Assembly is now engaged on tho subject <j
of ministerial support. 0
Defalcation at tiib Unitkd States Mp*r.?It
is generally reported that one of thac lief clerks I 81
of the United States Mint, well known^U'cito *
of the most experienced in the institution, is a *
defaulter to a large amonut* which is Tvieculy "
reported at from $15,000 up to $100,Oft).-Tho "
circumstances have not folly tranajxred, butt it 0
is understood -the frieAds of the officer w\[U n<
make up the losses. The alleged defaulter htrs
linrati>fai>a kama 1 5? ? ^
MWi vw?v*w MVi HU u*uu tVJ^UWVtVIJ, BUU U a
strict member of the cliuw*, He had been ab-M
sent from the Mint for two weeks.?Carolinian.
Charleston and Savannah RailhoaS.?The
Savannah Republican, of "Wednesday, says'that
the subscription by our City Council of (360,- u|
000 to the Charleston and Savannah Railroad fo
has placed, the completion of a railroad connexion
between Savannah and Charleston be1 y<
yond doubt or uncertainty. Tho corps of engii
neers having dfo-veyed three differeat routes.
1 have now left.the field for office work; and
the Chic? l&r. McRae, is preparing hfa report .
that will determine the selection jot route. go
The Ope]ilea railroad- will be' finished this
year, and the direct road from Charleston to ^
Wilmington will be completed, during the year. m<
Thus, la ftitiort nmo ? ?- *
ins through Charleston wffliwiid, he
completed to Mobile, within p?*?od
years. The? o?n hardl*J? ? donbt th?i U?* ry
road from Columbus to Motile will be opened
within thai period. ' tic
The two cities of the Atlantic will thus * ? Tt
cover the mails aod pass^n^ers, which now- pass
"VTehavo received from Mr. Brook* tb$ No oaka
BilL The menxuro 'provides for the ormiration
of tlie territories of Nebraska and
ansae. It confers the richt of bu (Trace and
igibility to officoat firtl election, and the
ansformation of tlie Government, npon every
eo white male inhabitant above the age of
yenty-ono years, who shall be an actual reslBiit
of said territory. This is the principle of
10 fifth section, establishing squatter sorer*
gnty. But the qualifications of voters and of
aiding office at all subsequent elections shall
3 such as shall bo prescribed by the legislative
sscmbly. Here was interpolated tho Clayton
rovininn aa fnllnwa'
" Provided, that the right of euflfraco and of
aiding office shall bo exercised only by the citcns
of the United States." * *This
provision is rejected by the House, and'
expected to constitutda subject of contention
zaiti in the Senate. 1
The clauso of tlio bill vhich proved the great
ionic of debate and sttffo is ineludVA^p^tllV
Itb ecction, and is as follows: . - i
" That the constitution, and all the jMjlrgjf
le United States which are not loeally^M^
licable, shall have the same force ana Wm
ithin the said territory of Nebraska as I&m
here within the United States. Except tfeft
th section of an aoi preparatory to the admission
f Missouri into Iho Union, approved March
io sixth, 1820, which was superseded byrthe
pinninloa of tlta lA?loUii?n lOKA
illed the comproniso measures, and is hereby
eclarcd inoperative."
The whole country will feel some relief that
?e bill has been got rid of in some way.?Car'inian.
From the Baltimore Sun.
treat Excitement in Boston?U. S. Officer
Boston, May 27.
An alleged fugitive slave, named BurnB, was
jnfined in the Court House. The building
a the 2Gth was attacked by a mob, for the
urnosc of rescuing him.
The doors and windows were broken, buf the
olicu having made a dozen arrests, the disturance
was quelled.
During the riot at a still later hour, James
intchelder, a special officer of tho UnitedStates
larshal, was sliot dead. At midnight two mil
,atj t;vui|7i?uiVO IUUV1IUU LUC COUTl 9(JUflrC, film
rore quartered in the City Hail and Court
A large force of officers were detached for
uring the night outaido the Court House, and
throughout the whole night an additional force
ras inside fully armed.
At an early hour this morning, a mob of
hree hundred was assembled in Court Square.
When the examination of Burns commenced
be mob had increased to two or three thouand.
A company of United States Marines
rere stationed in the Court House, and an aditional
regiment of infantry ordered out . <
At 12 a. ra. the examination wm proceeding
ritll intensu MXcftAmntifr. nnil "
. ^ ov v v* a A uivto
iotcrs were arrested.
A dctachment of United States marine?, nner
Lieut. Bird, were on duty inside the conrt
ou8c parading the passage ways. The multiide
continued to increase, and Mayor Smith
ddrcssed them, after which..the riot- act was
Batcheldor, the deputy mornhall who'wos.shot
saves a family.
The examination will not close before Monay,
at the request of Bnra'ajcounsel. '
Account ok tiik ARnEa#&pr Bobns.?The
oston papers of Friday givolKe following ac<
iunt of tho a met-of Burns, the fugitive, which
>o)r nln/>hAn
Considerable excitement was caused in our
ty yesterday, when it. became known thjit' a
igitive slave"had been arrested, and Waa in
te custody of the United States marshal Free*
ian. The name of the alleged slave is Author
y Burns, a negro 25 years of age. He . was
rrested in Court street, on Weahefldw^;?^j
ing. and escorted to the Court House, wtipd
? waa kept during the inight. ' V
. Yesterday1 morning be was brought-before
\**S& Apkil
3lL hearing ni had in u? If a Ued State* court
mn. Mr. Seth J. Thomaa and Ed ward C. PnrK
appeared as oounafel for the <rtaimaat, and
In Richard H. Hana, jf., and' C.^BL IQHa-Tolun:crcd
for the prisoner.
Mr. Parker produced and read copies of the
scora oi the oircuit court of Virginia, id seson
on the 16th instant, at Alexandria, certiring
the fact of Mr. Suttle concerning the esupe
of Burns from service, after which he call1
ns a witness William Brent, who testified as
illows: ' * " * 1
I reside in Richmond, Va.; am a merchant;
avo resided'there four years; know Mr; ChaB.
. Suttle ; he now resides in Alexandria; he u
merchant; know Anthony Burns, (witness
lentified thoprisoner as Burns; now see him
t the bar in front; he is the man referred to in
lie record which has just been read; he is
wned by Mr. Buttle as a slave; ho wasformorly
wned by Mr. Battle's mother; Mr. Suttle has
wned him for the last twelve or fifteen ygmfc
onco hired Anthony of Mr. Sattle;
uttle for hit) services; know: ifrniIwtryoit
tig from llichmopd on or abooi^fho siitu dpy
f March leat ; have sine* uallFV
ay night -I hea*&A$Bxbj?
' - - , w&**
Burns came to the city iik March liut, and has
inc? boen in th) etmiloyment of Coffin Pitta,
soond hand cloWdSW, in Brattle street.?
lo CAm^by^WS^er, having sailed from Richmond,
VarvWrtnanlfested a deaira to return to
MlTCmtiu. wllTch WO lieurd vp*t/>r?Jrv
Buttle (to Burns,)?have yon not always revived
kind treatment of met ' >/; .
Boms?Yob. - .
Buttle?Have I not always permitted von to
? where and work for whom you pleaaeaf
Suttlc?When vou Were sick, did I not triva
[> myown bed that yon might be made as oomrtableaspotsiblef
40 ** * )?Yon did, master,
>U did, kind msjUr.
Suttle?Do yda want to go baek to Virginia
Buttle?Will yon go back?
wHl. '-Twait.iojjo to-day. I am a
*od deal happier ai hom?.
Prom this it will apjttar that hi will readily
advertisement "
married u> a Mr. 'Fye:*l
Here's a cUance for little PumpkiaPyea^t&*
Pumpkin 1s good. ~
' Tli? Market. I
AuncviLLE, Jane 3, In
Cotton.?Prices rang*' f-iui 5 to 8 conH
Columbia, May si."
til a !- -1 " *'
*,,u u??auu id rcprivu uiui, ana I Ormorquotations
are still tlio ruline nteK vii:*-'
.6 to8 1-2 cts. jggs:
Tlio cotton market in active?sale of the da\
860 bales prices 7 to 0 1-4'
? ???.
will sustain her two existing papers, (and w?
hoposhe may,) it will be ample exercise f<W
her liberality. C'
To those gentlemen of the preM -wh#v
so kindly hailed my prospectus, I ol "
ranees of my profoundest thanis. V 4,
c. a Poc4^ V
|ENOUGH of Charles Morgin lias been nnh. .
1 'J lislicd to cnablo its readers to determine, *
whether or not, it is worthy a place id their
LIBRARIES. If a eufficicnt number of NAM BP
bo seat ino at Greenwood or to-the Press Offico,
to insure the paying for tho Publication,Jp
BOOK FORM, I will publish?but nc^|^Vr%
wise. <3#'? >
The BOOK will contain 260 pogc/gK; '
PRICE cannot exceed FIFTY cent^g^si*
Less. w S"
1 liavo bVcn induced to this sten br aX..
, received from a distinguished graOfaW&k.
Charleston, making the suggestion. v VSjj*
j ? tiie authors
June 3, 1864. 56
"DETURNS thanks, for pvt.Uroi% and r?- %
AVfapectfully salioiUacontwnince of tfoMtnafT^r
He kmpd cohttfcriily on hud, ofl&WWamiuitff?
a^hrrs, stirk'up*
1-iiu muortiu, crcaito^
concern will t?ke notiee, >fifc^fc5S^rSK7^
tlepent of the Estate Of Thom<? O/llwJW^ 1
ceased, will toko place in the Orfin*^!?,3pi4(R|?'; Spat
Abbeville Court House, on the twenty-fourth <j?j|
dny of August next; and in the mean time, it..
is expectxia that'bll demands wflfhe. rwoitf^
oPU, 24UjJ8^ J0HJ* SADLElt, j
" -Notice*
A LL persbni Indebted to.the firm oTjNU|M!w??,
jm,noar Scufffetown.'in Abbovillo
Saluda River, containing a boat
Wine Handred
Ono hundred ncres of BOTTOM," aad'tw^WR
dred acrea of "Wood Lnnd. '
Screw^ Thrasher, Ac, on tho =8*eldWy
Very much dec ?y eJPj^d^T^Iz/
He says that he ran away from Aw HiMff
Green^ county, 6?*?ho^i't?a^i|
Qougn* wn rom * Uendcnso"
county, Jforlh Carolina. YThfin
wa? on Ins way to IfortJiCarolina.- Ho lutd
paw badly -wntten, ?Dd da^^twenty Boraijt
vu wmi vnmum UMnoOfDsMflBMCHflBH?
Myi the

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