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TERMS?ONE DOLLAR PER ANNUM,] "X*?" bo inttliled i?to the Heart, of yo& Children that thpi^TJ* ?*ftj^ FallLiium of all y^r%htp;?Ww..v?';:;;';T?^^^;;.. " - ^ (PAYABLE JWAlffifc
0?E>-m' 6. ABBEVILLE C. H., S0U$ff CAROlIJJA, .5AT^DA:Y..;.^|N!SG, ; JUNE 47y ^-^WllOLE- NUMBER' 58. > '
__ .: ^S?fr>v- ;S7 f-vJfe?Pi V*w?- "
' ioi? - i?? ? ." - -? - -" ''I--'' - -'- -**
' v.. . T-r: **
O'I Xhfl 8fli?olmuster. ?m ?
fOOJITtfnjKD.] " ?
lties Millet said: " I ?m yery sorry.that J did h
him any injury, but ifc>asin eelf-defence. But It
" . Bridget, how itf it that you know so much of It
~' *hat w going oaiu tlie Convent when you are h;
\? : o!Ut*t servicer'*
Bridget replied: "Lord MUa! thePrieats try di
4r> itAf Ann nf tla in AVam* fn?nM?r l~. 1 J
- -?v gv? vue w* Will VTCtJ IOU1UJ 111 IA/1VUt Ollli WO Ol
'<?/ are obliged to tell them all that we see and hear ?
in the family where we are. The Father never ]<;
,; found ontanything about you till Mr. Carle ton a
got another maid<; .. af
"Then " saidMisaMiller, !" Yon are placed as h<
api ea on the families whore yon are. Mrs. Carle- h<
ton was very kind to,.yon, waa it generous oi1 ,00
honest to betray one so frank and sincere bs Ja
; she is!" ' V - ed
' .. ." OH honey don't ask mo that, for I don tknow he
-'<how t6 answer you. The Priests tell me .that ,h<
' .anything that we do; even if it looks mean to qt
x us, if 4t is for the goodof tho Church it is not h<
mean.' bdt nraUeworthv: thov rav that w?t?. m
norant crcaturca can't understand these things,' ,
-l^t tb^ do, and if we?she made a pause, and th
oppe*r?d tobemuchfrightebfd, and with ranch ar
emotion, exclaimed: " For thelove of the Bless?d
Mother don't tell what Ihavotold ye ; for if At
the Priests were to find it ouV there wonld be
no more peace for me in - this world, or in the ho
trorld to^come; Oh'.-holy St, Patrick intercede yo
> -with bleated Virgin, that she may"~ask her eon; of
.--. that he may begthe Father to have (percy on co;
'm8l ;;rfelt,eo.badathavingdoneyp hand, aid '
Sy '-J. know that l am on my dying bca^iGli I-haye no
> $g?. (tinned?Paiwatory!, t6
-' ;; ?y Heir voic^^ied tirsyia'rkiad of'moan, knd -tic
r . ?pGechc<>uId not-bo understood. i -'i.V foi
popr .-woman, -yon are *;
Ttmaor TOcalatroiig excitement'.that your wound roi
.^^ ^puttencad to bleed. You jpuBtquictyaur- .. .
>. let jne stpp tho-LeDiorrbwre. f'Youare fch<
\ ?"}.^danger,<>J?dyirtg, if you wfltfollow niV
v. directions?yoli bare 'oommittediViio sii), ;but no
^rather doacra^aetoT justice. ijnd it .i
- rl'let ma examine your wound, or yoii miay-bieed hit
death." > ' .- v,V. ,r r
- She becam$ quiet, and.Tre<irio 8aid: /' Yonng do*
ladies, leave the room,"' . -' - '" -Ci'V- , .th<
y ; "V M1M iiuier said: " J^t me'stay and Bin
;^yoo.?v-v .jvv yu**:-VV'Vj jn
, .Fredrio eaidt ^'Oh no, I- nhnll need no asaiat- sfc*)
fttiCS, but such as one of this negroes can render, he
' ;-Vi butyou my dear gentle couain-irtand more in jjo
" need, of being. naraed yotinelf than to nnrao ^
otberg^j^oh^doyn and roiftyfor yon look quite aid
away tho fliea" ?: % , "f:* the
,^- - Fanny eaid: " Yd*; borne dear cousin, let ua htt
/g?, lean on me.""- '- ', '- ' ' -do,
,*'/> . "And I-wiU belp yon tbo,^ aaid tbe re'tj^'en at
' Sericfb^d^ %
' ' trior c orb tUJBtbd than JlriJgefc.,* Ha did not tow- th<
- ever presflribo an opiate ifor her, Injt-o gljisd of nv?
Sey fir
.< mt&. withim hit^dv/ledge- : -ggi
' was immediately acted upon, atid. in' t$r odayfc ho'
all wu complet^iUad^laofedrtii^ ?i,a
attired in sable^^rt^fcSfc^d jn(
fectionately, and gava Frederio a^ tol?n *>W ^
. wm not a wordMUd*. but there-were -many hu- j?i,
mideye&Kvaiii^i^^londer^aWoretruUi- 2j
, fnl itan $Swl?& P^e ^'uSA <prietudo war ?'f f0l
length restored to mohw* family. y . - frc
| at)
r ^2wB^^^^11eSHSE^0K8BISB8HH8MEBBH?9c2H?oB^b
a \-?j2r5SHtfSnE3BRIBtt^UUi^^^^^M
beir father, \vaj?Mtackfid with the disease. 1
unily. Were thro wrilna panic, they did r
now what to do, for they had b?en taught i
lung hut obedience to their parent's i n j u n? ti o
.<9\View be could not have proper attenti
Aid him, aa there wm no woman at th^e hoi
'here he boarded. They tried to get some o
> f?A Dtiil anA LS?M. 41 ' _f . >:
. bv DUU dcc uiui, uui> me uiana was so gre.
o.one Would ran the risk.
Miss Milldr .then said: "Well, children,
ould be wrong for oay of you ..to go, ]but.
e baa not forbid me, I .will go and. nurse jd
it the consequences be what they may, for bi
not bcciTforhkn, what woula ,my situatii
iveb'een ndMrt"
The girls were thrown in a quandary, th
u w.' . * -
IUUv. .11 ww wuevuer cousin.jane should |
not, so many obstacles presented thmjaelv
-decorum-?the riskue ene run, <fcc/^?6t
hgth, lore for their suffering parent prevailc
carriage waB. procured, and Miss Miller w
pin on.tho rbad. Now, that, she coiisideri
(tprotftctqr'a life jn danger, and thoug
i stood in need,of her services, all person
moderations ' wete lost sightiofc The Jim
ne became ns fearless as a 1 ion, and she launc
l&rtho)iher journey without a protect
icdless. of consequences.. Aarriving safely i
ir place of designation,'the carnage stop
thfi V?*to JomM P~i? t-./
, wmvuw *-?n? n yuv . W UUb UOIOI
! gpt half-way, Miss Miller enquired how M?
orgih was. Pr&t told her he was rery ilL;
Jane, with much impatience, said: "Do op<
e door that I may 'get out, I am a relatio
id am corae to riurso him." r
The Voting Ijachellor was somewhat startle
this announcement
Whiio he was fumbling ai'tiie carriage doo
said : " Yea ma'nin, by oil meu ns m nam?gl 11
n arecorno ma'am,' fo* the MaJ.'stands in net
ra ffood niinipj Knf nnr ?u>?? ?"> ~ !- -?
--.-7 rrjrvv? uvuoo JO 1U DUv
nftision, that I
MiBs Miller interraptcd him by saying: " O
vcr inind ubout your house; ~ T nave com
attend-on my -<ou8in; >nd shall not be pa
ulnr about accommodations, if ho is con
tably situated.""^
By tnjs timo' they had arrived at Morgin
am door/"' " * x~ j
Prateaid: Walk in ma'am, Maj. Horgtn isi
jre.""*- ': ' ' Vv
Hiss' Miller- hesitated,' and ?a!d; '" Would i
i J? -?? * *
? vd iiuaiuuui w gyrourupujT .Hi aim, Tom
lot be better' to announce me first? Say t
n,-hia cousin Jane has come to nnfse-Iilm."
rhe faot is, for the fi n>t t ime at the threthliol
?r 9f the sick man's room,-the propriety; c
i" Act she was about to commit Tor the firs
ie, fiitted across her mind, and lier dclicac.
36 ?Sid !sJ^#3hk'sm. it ?<ln)l4 Vitt nf nin nu>
W'o^kndw yoa ; ^is oufc. " of "his senses
oto jt: aqdentarid, ma'am.*/ She hesitate,
ronicr, but Wnt in, and going to Lib bed
e placed her soft linnds upon hu brow. Bu
knew not thafthe,vjehV,tru/his constan
me.in his delirium, was near him. Yea; ii
wanderings Jan e Mi lie r -was h is onlr. tb em (
nctimes he ^.puldreproach. tafr for. hit cm
p to him / yndld Bay ho was always th
ftt of Portnne^?that^'8h4 fickle jade, woul
(d out toBU Yierw'this most : allurirte ^objecb
1 jtut' aa he was about to g'raap them, w'oul
sh them JfW)hr Kira. v^Aad"agai n, lie wonlcl b
S happiest ?creffc$c onrr sattb,? for .'JanVbo:
iled oh him and jav9Md hla, rait; brit-?tii
iwrttpontiiMe-; barrU
gyOTwqg^ueir- muotv ana then het woul
feahoat ;tl? Bomish' .prfeate-^-talkof cor
ate- <^fln?awnt,- fiUhyjdupgcona^Ae., non
Wtoh^te^ipteUigiblo to any but Miaa Hi
jV'.jPodr'gtrlI her'wtaatiqn can: be better in
ined.thAta deafcribec& Tlie only- female in tli
nse, among atrangcrfy -. and tlion to hear h<
me br&thed'foim-witli. so muoli ..tcndernes
tp eee Morgm's sympathy
.re go-strong?h^. inhis'-deranged atato-c
nd, he alluded to then>~0h her portion wt
ng onfc?-she buried her face-in tl
I ov, *t?lV keeping her brad on MorginV. fori
sd/Va&d $bad:? cop! o 09 . flo" o d o f' tears. ? Mo
Sho prayed most (etreaSy, -fin
the sufferer, and-then for aid: and suppoi
m avpti For f.Tinf. jJi a'*hn at
ted to discharge her duty feithially anc* fea
siyi' ~Sh<y. raUed. her-head,- iomfor ted < |iii
lie speak, but when she took hie Land, ho gave
iot her's a gentle preaayfe as a ti^eicof ifecogni,o
tion. . . ? 3
04. ^ After Boe had moistened hia lip* with sonic
on wine arid. w.ater, ha was able to articulate-and
igo said in almost a whiaper : "Jenny, my darling
ne cousin how come yoalhere I" ^
at, She replied: "I heard that yon were sick
and I'came to nurse you. Thank God. von ?r?
it better, but "don't speak, you are too weak, only
aB Ml me what you want :
m. He said i ".Yea, 1 am rery ..weak?I thought .
ad I was . dead?givo mo some water." A .
on She placed a glass of water to his lips, and said:
"Dont drink much yet. Oh I thank God you
ay are better,''
ro Morgin took a swallow or two and said; "Yes,
ca 1 4mbetter. God's will be don<?t Put;'a&Wn
at the glass and lay your hand onmybroW"; I
aui much exhausted and need rest" She obey- ;
05 ed mOsi^readily.v and ho said: "You ate so
3d gooa to me, I mast try 6nd live for your sake." I
ht' She said: "Hufih and and go to sleep." 1
al i He did, go to sleep, and slept quietly for
id about* an hour. He awoke quite calm, aud {
h+ much refreshed. _ The first thing that arrested i
}r his visioii,was liias Miller still watching over 1
at him, with much solicitude depleted on her couii- ]
tennnce. . - 4 1
:0 He said: '-Jenny, how long havo you beon
kj. here I"
. She roplied: "I got here yesterday about J
,n one osclock.M "* - : 1
n "And," said Morgin, " have yotf been by my
' bed-side all night? t
,1 She nnewucea : "YeS." c
1 ' * ? IaaU :-A ? ?
, t u VM.v. ^ JLUU wait uooiau lilyr
memory.' I have ah indistinct recollection of s
[g what took place when I woke before. 1 >
,d thought I heard the voico of my doarestwife; a
:h I tbonght her pure spirit had been sent to cs- I
r c'oit me to ^he ' mansions of bliss. Was that
h nothing but imagination ?"
10 Miss Miller answered: ":W>hen you awoke, s
r you spoke to one whom you addressed os Ail- I
i. na, in the moist endearing terms. You a'pi i:
pcared transported with delight. But I aeaure c
's you there was no one in but you and-Irand it t
must hare been my voice that disturbed V<ap,
n for I was incautiously Whispering a prater I
when "y ou awoke*-'* . * a
It Morgin said:-"Your voice JennvlOh. it
A was bo much like my own Anna's.silvery tones 1 ii
0 With what delightdfd I listdh'to itI'- . After a 4
rV pause he added: 44*Jennyxhad you known mjv a
d charming" Auna, y#u would not wonder at my f,
if devoted attachment to her now, after a sepata* j&
,t tion of eight years. But God's 'will l>e a6no!
? There is more work oa earth for me ycC 'I;be|
-v lievcl am delegated Ijy.lleav^ritoprotect hn.<| qjj
. defend you: yflii poor, -innocent^permutes >thing
W\th Ileavo&^^todTwill db^itef-. I
(| -feetually." A'gentle preiStfW of bis hand-was ;
1. her dnlv response. v/','. r ' I
t Just then, Jnmcs Prat came in to '6eo how Ij
Morsin was. hftiwofl delimited to find him hat-1
n" ftt whatr' timQ
o hoar" for," eaid he t
d bc^B-thnbh boliiad that time Worebfc ja forfe"
V ^ ,Sb&.thcn took u basin ftnd ^t some fresb =
a b*tt?6 Morgtf?? face ian'dJiands.' "-.'< ' -.'
d Pratfollowed hei^di>Wv(Sd.s><\Vhy ma'am, ,
j ia not the patient .bolt#.f -r
U she rppUod^o^g}^^U I
r '.^by then^do.you loolf^ lnbttoy^^n. J
d $&%*?> earnestly; abouUfoDoetor I
i- ^aiwvgred. ?.( waitfSspImow.: oi>ini^, A
? and then-I. trill 1 Certain: rTnow^nfe^MiinV *
I- , ?
i- .' She thengdttf towel; -wet, lttandwupcd his. u
0 face and iadM > Wiile she wnfl^engnged in
,r tho ablutJoire/he wotild ezelaiapr-." Oh I. IiuV i
? boforo X>r.-WilaioV f
j ;?&r^>^ fden4-arriycd.-,J,rftt onnodocd hirq |
m v*i*Jbo>'said;* 1'Oh 1 Doctor, I art j
ie *o glad'y^o have coine! n>y cousin appears to; e
bo botter, but I am not sure. Ib he. better, 1>6<$- -i
r. to>r* Db.tell mo."- >..' ; - - I
d ii-'fY^ JPaadam,"'Wilmot replied, '.'tlie crisis J
jt i? paaVandjMtoosider him aufc.of danger." ^He ?
^ thon addressed Morgin, and said: "Major, how t
K 5
^ cousin M<?? fiiHcrl"' ^Re^wed;J
iSn InMinaiinifi nf Afta hr>firt:,. 3ty>i4nn nhunrmT 1
Tliia opt)eared to aootjio linn, an'd so I continuod
it until Wfell asleep."
"That is it, tbafcia itj" said the Doctor; "the
room did Require purifying. And thoja your
hand?are you dfmagnctizer f" , vMiss
Aj^Uer etiid: "No, not that I am awaro."
"jbatP* said tbo Doctor, "you thought of nothing
but the Major's recovery."
"Oli no," alio replied, "of nothing el00; and
I hoped that the diseoso might leave him and
cleave to mo; for his life iBinuch moro valuable
than inin<?"'
This was ?nid in perfect simplicity and earnestness.
Prat looked first at Miss Miller and
then nt the Doctor. Tfie Doctor had his eyes
riveted on Miss Miller. He observed:
"My dear young lady, did you know that
Ilia ia trninr /innfnnpinno 9'* '
"Yes, oousin efiarlcs wrote liome, telling us
it was, and forbidding liis daughters to conic ;
but as lie did not forbid me, I came. And in
fact if he .had forbidden me, I beliQVO I should
have rjui thc risk of disobedience for once.?
When wj^Jioard that he was so ill, some of the
rirls wished to come also ; but I told them that
it would bef,wrong, and one was enough. But
[ wish to write to them, and relieve their suspense.
IIow can I get a communication to
Sorgoville spec
Prat said that one of his servants and a horde
were at her service. She thanked him, and
ivent infco' Morgin's room. Ho held out his
innd.t^her, and she took it and said:
"Where will I got writing materials f I wish
write to the girls and tell them that you are
mt of danger."
murgin prcasoa nor nana ana said: "You arc
o considerate I Yes, write, and say that I am
veil. On that table my writing utensils were ;
ce if they are there yet" She went to the ta>lo
and said: ,r
"Oh yes, hero they are." ....
She wrote a hasty note. Morgin told her to
ay to the girls that they muH not como to
lim, of he was out.of danger; and if 'hoy eairib-,1
nto the infected district tlicy would be almost:!
ertain to take the disoaso. And then ho. said.
oMiss Miller: _w,\ > "
"My dear Jenny, you should "not havo oojfTo,
am veryijifleasy about yon, I- am" so mush
fraid you have taken the infection." . ,?v
Mias Miller said: "Ohno, I don't think there (
} any danger. I'bave taken every precaution,
nd.;I have.be.cn where infectious* diseases were,
ria-did not thkc them. Pray, don't be uneasy."
>.>Voll, well." saidMorgin, "God'e .^ill^bc ;
Ipijfo. i-Butl pray Heaven you may Be snared."
^MiBsMillcr eaid: "I v?iH" go and Bend-"the
orail- Mr, Pnit ha8 kindly offered'6b'a messcn>
' ^Spb - '
Morgiu ^tyd; '/That J^mmy isagoodfellow."
a ?few momenta Misa Miller returned. ",rMorgipi
said to her: "J^oj^.Jenny; I vj&nt
ojuto do a little aibre'fo'r mej and then :I wJU
: ..ig? |
"Whatfii.it von w?b .me to doEfeMiig.
"Get tfya^Bibk," said Morgin, ''And read to
te the Ufth psalm." Sho ... oboyedj ;>nd 'rfi^d
be psalm^ith a gropt deal of -
"- Speech& Mx- Eharundi&:?: V 'j
Mr. Borrttn^l^ mmi8tcr.plemi>otentiury of ?
lopducas, upijn th?.?<:cwon of>Jiia^puresoiiting
lU^rcdcnUalSifosUip JPreM_doa^.4mfwtedthe.1 h
allowing apcefen:'?-" i.'j*-:-$ &. " . ->
I-have tho bono? tg present herewith to your r
XcelloDcy iny credential tie minister plcnipo
entiary.of Honduras near the.government of '
he UnjtMvJBtateN Theirsobji&cfci^jiapotme
a ft poaftfaffioi^fobl iah .
efcnal' relaUoiMtobotw^on'Hondni^i^na ;thfe a
Inited Stdtta.' ?<THe peculiar. circtnnstadppfl of '
ftrnduras; th^atruggle in whiofca&ie'fcfcibeejri
hinged by h^^^exous.^QrtjKjAr^-isi&bliBB J
be. national Union and the litftjrty of Central
Vmerictv^ffcr^'titifofhinB^ybor ypapatby
and odmirAtion for tb?g*88i and free .
reonlo which hero proacatfl to tlx? <#Wtld a'polmble,
an unprccodonted example o/ progress in.
("Annexati6r^ok Hosnuius.-^Joso Barrundia,
Minister to Washington, wlfo and son,' are in
Mobile, to Washington. Gen.'-Barrnndia,
it is paid, will present, by tbe authority
of the government oT nip Bepublie, ^proposition
for the gratuitous v and unconditional annexation
of IJonduras'v'to this Union.'? Not n
penny is asked for tho gift, and llnclo Sam is
expected to put it in his pocket as a lucky
windfall of wluch no questions are to bo asked
Honduras was discovered by Columbus thrco
1 1 1 T I* r.
uuiiiucu uuii ujty-two years ago. its area is
nearly 70,000 square miles, or nearly as great
as the States of Ohio and Indiana united. It
is inhabited by about 800,000 people, most of
whom are Indians, or a mongrel* breed of Indian
and Spaniard: Its chici productions have
been cocoa and cholera, earthquakes and cineutcs,
fevers and fustic, ,mahogany and malaria.
It abounds in rivcr&and mountains, and is said
i-u uu wry acn in prccious mcuiis; Out though
discovered by Columbus in 1502, nothing has
ever been made out of them by the inhabitants.
Ifc has 11 capital callodSnoayagun, which boasts
of a catlfcaral, a college^ u hospital, and 12,000
inhabitants, chiefly copper-colored. It was at
this great city that tho Xegislature, after solemn
dieliberation, instructed Gen. Bnrrundia to
hurry to Wasliiggton, and lay tho'State at the
feet of Uncle Sam.?Mobile Jifgistcr.
Nullification.?Tho Richmond (Va.) Despatch
contains tho following truthful and<just
remarks in speaking of .tho opposition to the
laws of tho land in Massachusetts:
"No.ono'can road-tho . aoconnta of the popu
lftr demonstration throughout Mn?anMnio?tf. J.?
opposition to the laws of tho Innd -without being-satisfied
that Miisynclni.sefh; fa more of a
nullifying State and nioto thoroughly disloyal
to tho Auiorie'au Constitution than was over
South Carolina, Tho only difference is, that
South Carolina never madii any pretensions to
the love of thotUnion. If the tree States follow
?ho lcad which the Massachusetts people are
'setting.JJiem, the South will not. in.il tte their
example irf tho ease of 9$jith Carolina, and* try
krfceep them, in tho UnionHiy bayoftcts and artillery.
'They may go and welcome as soou Os
they-nre reauy, and if the-rights of tho. South ;
are to bo trampled uudcr foot, the-B^oncr^tiic
Gotten:. H 1
sags as
^ ^soEiitAinr^
Divorce ETTiuoupiKAy.?A woman'applied to
onc of our attorn ioftnot long since to take steps
towards procuring a divorce pn account of habitual
drunkenness .pud ill-treatment in lie?,
liege lord. Tlie attorney, who is a strong temperance
man, was much impressed with tho'stcri
ryT?f_lioij wrongs,-and-engaged to commence
-vwv^ui, uu ungu- ^1. low Clays
ajs^tbo fair, -piaii'itiff./yjjpfj _jigajn to coriiuJt
floWt tho case. and at the close of the interview
Inquired how long before the mafcteiT-woUld
^o.Asl^^yi^o^nuniiM. Tbo attorney.V;*opjied
thaj; He^ahicercly. commigoratod Uor, aituation,
.and -would do* alT bo 6onld to delK<?r bcr
from it in (fteubortbst powible tune: - Helliought
hewxrould bo. ablo-to dastfo against tbeaet of
September, at fart>ea^?OKl'^id;eb*vbcr
roNjp -bott ay in gitbe deepest cmoJ^Bj^flaa'tXt
be done soiier, W I'm engaged W&f&ft, anoth
2?}^r Tbo attorney caulmoword.
-~~XAlfa.VAtt&SJfaA. .TWnimif,:*-*3fc ' ji.W,
.':'.IL .'A * *+ ,> . . i _V A? ?*?
' 8r(14?Jlt'"? class (Iiia ycar
gonsiBw of 'forty-aix mcnrtfors, ?Ol>but six'' of
Ow^ng tp idleness'
KUWKr ^niu.iovvuf^ *MW?av W* uu w>>ui>pmutiBfnte
cojitni qs^the. t naraea' of/^01 represcnt atives
from alnioat:ji^ery State flad '"Jjyritoi'y in
tho VnibflV Among thorn are J. JtfjMycrs, L.Iiollcnquist,
and l^Trydn, .c?f Sotith' Carolina.
Tlioir appointments tako. ?ffecy.from the 20th
vmg . fifty _ fiSH
>cni<ub by.ftdiflSfl
Sasl^MHSSSBBHHBHaW#^ juclgo itrkfirtototi
?P*yyfla^^w^S^tfM?aiwi mep^di^r
MP" n?JvahS6/ti^^H
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. ' DI&JOVEUY OP. A Dulmojcd.?Tl^o i&chmOnd,.
Penny ^o*?(*iv'ea tho following accotmt of the
diBCoyeiry.of a valuable diamond in Manchester:
A man nnwl Moore, in. the eninloj-mcnt
. of Mr. Jamos Fisher, Jr?, wm, engaged ia levelling
a hill near the stable which belonged to
the lati Samuel Taylor. Que of tho -workmen
. engaged with 1dm ii? throwing rip a quantity
of dirt, discovered amontf it n.
stance, whi<sh he thr?(w asule ns qf no value.? .
Mr. Moore took it up, and upon examination
was so much impressed with tbe singularity of
its appearance, that he determined to keep it..
He submitted it to several jewellers," toll of
whom said that it ~wa? cither a .diamond o*. ?
topaz. Subsequently Professor Dewey tested
it and said it'Waa a -diaroondr^o .gem of the .
purest wator ana of. exquisite b^jvuty, weigh-* ; *
nig nineteen citrata?the largest ov&dlsqo.vered .. 1
in North America. What ft? valtto m*y?fe<^ir^, ..,r
have rio means of ascertaining, forthe.yajaeoit
mvviucs luuouima wiion tha;<1reight- *" ,
oxcocds t<$ carats. It ia -worthy howereroi a ^
place itf'thc most superb cabiaot of jeygglji, upon
earth, and would form a conspicuojtW ornament
hi tho richest Imperial diadem of modern
times.-- It is of a rich amber color, /Tumbling
in this respect the diamond of thd<;?)ipfU HoguL
Tho Eoucn((French) jqarnaVi gMij^he partfcnlnrs
of a strange affair -tfhiell hiir^ceutly occurred
near that city. A younjf^rotnan in service
nt Fall on evert, a f^wdaVKwlil^o got leayo
to visit her father^ who-residiAia a neighboring
hamlet. Tho day: after, ^fMuo^ted her
father to aiiconjpany her to. a?pe?t Sard by, to
gather flowers for her mi9tr|gSi.' Airriy$d in tho
woou, Bue crioa ajr at ono|f^'<Father,, J .rami.
eivo .you end and dreadfit&p,qwa i^v'/ What Is
it?" inquired the fl^ta^dpgucnt?^''JNln<)dayii
ago," continued thegirl, jiEOataa Bitten by a
mud dog-, and ! feel thatvgfcjfl&'riovr beooming *
enraged:?savo yoirrBolffflS^SSii^thn* raging,
she rushed at bor" excttcd^Kftlor, fastened hor *
tectli in bis cheeks, bit hi^m.a allocking manner,
nud endeavored to. farther injury.
Tho poor man shouted fngtjwp, and his cries
soon brought soverill pcragflfco hisi' assistance;
the girl was secured afUir.j^A^uggle, and_blea
jj u mcuiviu uiau luiuMunuw^^na alter being
tied band and foot, so that s&j^CouM do no far- *
tlicr injury either to licrsel^m^iotliera. alio was
carried off And confined ofNeufchntol.
It baa since tranapHwtthat tho wholo
story of tho girl waa nn^e,?uiij^iat jber atr
ttt^c ofy tojrephoUi*- IPs enltipfoifed, m ord?r
that' she might; ao severe pe?GKI..3nol6neo to
her father, against whom ene hog^some jill TjilL
HciStempor ib described as being 1ja3,
and she hud often threatened her^fifthtjsf .with ?
vejlcgance. More than this, it hed ^ i
that'no mad dog has for yoars in tfia _ 'rfyvillage
where she resided, aarnra^fenlier .
been well ascertained that she BaibtjM^a.Uibtanat
all.?jY". Q. PieaytyM.fy^
"ga* iw? 3'?ung nurn, coffis^aiudont^'-a^i-. " /
18 jjcSts of ago, yont omBEf* akiff oyo*tt& .;. '
ba^- on a shooting oxciir^JSjv.' I>arlritfiljk-xjiy ' "" *
Umy wont round Light ^^se^oiiiti and -wlien
thoy desired to prgTqq^dby
a ntrong head wind. ;:: AflaH?aifata^to rtfiffid tho .*"* ' -.
point being fruitless,: tBHffif<rW^Bira themsc-lvos
to Uie^<?nitol'tiffB|^feTfiout^-To add^
to Ihcir hcIp.IeMn)^iht^^mj^fflWatTi M well
ns tlieftgnus. Left to jMW^Iu^tover Vav tho
wind might take thoniMB^tfere forced in the
direction of Port afa'dv.ithen they
w?ro within fere
filled "With wa?Jr. OniwSffthe yoqng men becaniaalmost
riolnle<wfr6?%Wd; <; Tho othorswc-.
ccedod in righting* tMH ?gawanct^pltvomg^lijS
cpmrndc in it. Wh^t bo.donot, 5litfy <.-store
five miles from Iangjffife hpttnqff'" ?
one of thorn negliy"x;* qylij^iJyjf
The o titer resolve elipr??rirruF" ?strange
tawy, hc.6ucce^?ljES6t'"ohIjSiA awlmmingtu^diutonce
of fivo^*jPffj^pj>
distance! Hots- ho mal4l|j^|-fhigj" #?.ipo Hot
informed; but tliore d$4fco^"\,?eern $6 bo any"
s p|:id &
ba'tlmt swpni tho flvo'^^^i'etntefc^Sb tho "
MnzMtnii. Tli11 nlin'ii ^'iliin in i'nl Pi i i (T i n
lion rub eola, audcrtake (
wijfflEffiaBpBjMBwWBw^wiriiiitiBiffff^iwfflBSi^^^^*^ ^
H^^^^^EBfiMMEiwtttBBBa^B^^BM^^^yW^ ?
'^ "fitar J

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