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ll [iti f# ^Itfr f^l #"|}fi piHrtr ell tMfafr TMI^f#*?)^ ' i
ty Si) r W I ? I r r t m w i r flfc lr ! I 1 lb# n wwmVm
^ iMM1^ ,^J V -!# ?s|jMSr 0 I^M* Jl^ My' S$ I
TERMS??TWO DOLLARS PER ANNUM,1 "Jjet. it be Instilled into tho Hearts of your Children that the I.iborty of the Press is the Palladium of all your Rights."?Junius. [PAYABLE IN ADVANCE.
. * fc
???? >,Tr^r-n>ir|nnwMir|-|||[||| H )<|r uTiTMiTnnyprTWfwriiWiiwwr'mwiiTW"?w??n?Ti ni animm II mi !! ? ?'?? T?????? *???* m * ???i ' .. . .
Factors and Commission
Central Wharf,
0OJ1N A. IWW1K, )
KI>WAI:D lakitte. J
Pcpt. 14. isr.o. 20. 3in !
lieyiiold'ii bt, between .Inefcsoji nri'l Mcintosh
iLriSTiista, O-a.;
will utt.cnd strictly U? the snlc of
' Ar.d nil other j?r?<l?!ec vonsigtK-tl lo him. Per!
t>or:nl attention ui^'inn to the tillinir of till or-I
dors fur Bnjrginir, Kopu anil Family Kii|'|jliv*. j
Liberal Cault advances made ?n produce in
June 24, 1R60. R tf
C'clcl)i'?l(!d B'niiak fills. j
protected letters
This invaluable medicine i* unfailing in the
cure of nil those paiuful r.iid ilnncrerous die
eases incident. to the femnln constitution.
It mo<l?:rnt?'S nil excesses ami removes nil r?V j
?tructions. from whatever cause, and a speedy j
cure may !>' relied ??n.
it is peculiarly suit'd. It will, in a sliort time
brinjr on the monthly period Tvit.h regularity
CAUTION?These Pills should not he taken
hy females that are pregnant, during the first,
three montliP, as they are sure to hrinson >5i?carriage
; hut at every other time. nt:d in every
other ease thev are perfectly safe.
In ?.11 cases of Nervous and Spinal Affections
IV in in the Jiaek nnd Limbs, Heaviness. Fatiirue
on slight exertion, Palpitation of the
Heart, I .own ess of i-p'ri?*, Mvslerics, ' irk!
llen<lnche, Wliitc# ami all iho painful ?li.-?,,isc# |
A ocPHnioned by a di^oi-Jcr^-l pys'ein, ihis-ft i'llUj
will effect a cure when :>il othermoults have f:ii! J
j ?d. Full ;Hrc(*lioits in tliv paiiiplil^i nroiiii'l cncli '
pat-kn^e, which should H<- enrcif'.l'y pr;\-<ervr.l '
A Imttie containing SO i>iil~, mnl i-iie:ivl<-<! ;
with the (rovel'inncul St umj> of Os'i'iit U:ilai:i, j
sun he sent, post- fr?*?* lur $1 nr?i! 0 |>?>-1n-v?iiiiri|'< j
'rtfiafl'Hi Hjjent. for U. S., ?\l|{oi-li?';tei- |
Soli] in AI ?l??>v 11 lo liy DohhM M"l.miciiliii, i
I)f. I. Branch. mul ('. II. Allen, mnl iili Dfiiij- I
pints everywhere. Vnn Schnck tk Orioivon, j
tlii?rl'\>lon, \\ |joi#>Fnle A^Cftts. 7, I'it
howardassocTatYon. I
Jk Jiefievolrvt ilixlihtH'in mtablixli'il hi; sv.rri,r/ !
?nd"iemi?t. for tkr rtl'f f of l/ir xirL inn/ /fix*
tresxrj. ajflictui icil/i Virulent and Jipid'mtc
MEDICAL Advice given gratis l>y the Adinc
Surgeon t<> all u lu> apply l?y l?*M?*r
with u description of their condition. (aye, occnpillion,
habits of lifi?, Jkr..) and in ruses ?>f ex
tii-iiu- piivei't)*,Me<1icinc furnished freeol'charjie
Valuable Report* 0:1 tin- New i!i?ino>lii-? ?-tn
ployed in the Dispensary, sent to the iillliv'?*>1 in
pealed lnitev envelope?, free of elmrgc. Tw??
or three Stamps fur postage will ho acceptihlc.
Address. DR. .1. SKILLIN IIutJOIIToX.
Actinir Slirtr^rin Tl.iwnril A??.n<? in I i/:n \"o > i
ftuutli Niltlli Street, Pliibolfipeia, I'a.
Uy order of the Director. <.
EZRA D. 1IEAUT WELL, rresi.Ient
Gko. FAincsm.P, 2?'.l'2ni
AlolTOvillc, S. O.,
^k.\7 OULI) rcBpoctfully inform the public tliat
TT lie l??9
ITIakiiig and Kepairing; ol
It is opposite (liut.nof opposed) to Mr.Tnylor's
Establishment. lie hopi-s tliAt. by iloing u?i?,il
( <= work, ami making reasonable charges, to receive
a share of public nntr?rai?e.
He has on hand ut thUtiai". several
Second-Hand Buggies,
which ho will seil very low anJ on the most
reasonable teiros.
Not. 4. 1850. 27 tf.
T"~l"AS Just received three hundred imw plows
I I tuMlhor with tliA nlri. m.'ifcincr ftn?* r?f I hu
largest Htocka in tli<> State which will he sold
pa low aa can be bought in any other place.
6 foe t by 8, from $26 to $40
from $8 lo $25.
And Fancy Ifead Stoima always or hand together
With a lartre quantity of deeigoiijWhich
can H^rrikde to order atahort notice. -MKl lJL
All Cmt i p ga n d Cnr?in'g
J. D. Uli ALU Kite,
J?p. t*. I860 40'tf
'"TUST Reoaitsd. a supply nf tb?. following
?boic? ?varieties: Large White ftloLe,
Large Erigmh Norfolk. WhU* Flat Dutch,
Skirwing'a YwTlC* Kuwait, W^eWHfoia
Bag*, White BtoneTurnip, Yrftow;.Ab^Em
Tarn ip. For tale by
4 "'ft AtAf
Augnet ft, I*, tf ' 7fi"
Two Dollars in Advance, or Two
Dollars and Fifty Cents at the
Expiration of the Year.
All t-ulijUM-iptious not liruilfil at the j
fiinp of (iulisr-riiiinc, will l>c eonsMloivd aj
iudvfinil", mill will lie continued until nrronrapro:?
ore |>ni<l. or at tli?? o|>'i'>n of the 1'ioprie- 1
tors. Orilorn from Slates mint. invariably ]
be accompanied with tUn Cn>h.^f3
I'rojiriftors of tli? Abbeville huhp-ndml
Press nn 1 Abb<*vi!'?- Ji-ittnrr have cst itilisli< 1
tl.e followinir rntcs of Advertising lo be
elian?i-<l bj both pi?pi-r?:
Kv?-ry A<lvcrti??iin?nt m?ortcil for n lees time
tlia.ii tliroo nioiitlt?, will lie eliargO'l bv the inpe;t!on
One Dollar Scjiiftre, (1J inrli
?Ihc s|i,i' C(>l l ifo'i'l lil.>-S or if*?,) for the
firi>i inj-Tiion, n:itl Fifiy CcilcS for cneli eubs-efjiK'iil
1 s<jiinr<- .1 uuntlitf, ?."i ; f> niontb S3 -, 1 year $12
2 sqwiivs 3 " ; 0? ' Sit); 1 year $ !') i
3 s?piftr.-s 3 " $10; C " $14 ; I yi'ar ?25
4 Rqiitirvs 3 " iJU: 0 " $2i>: 1 yunr 8=30
f> squares 3 " $'.5: G " $52'?; 1 your $35
0 fijua?v? 3 " $20; 6 " $H?(; )Tt*?r$ni
7 s?]iinr?'? 8 " ?23 ; C " $35 ; I year#IS
8 mimi cs 3 " $30; 0 " $40; 1 year $50
One column, one yenr $S5.
Obituary Notices
Ex-r i'<1 iiii/ one ni'iaiv. <>r Iwoive lines, will I
lie charged lor, utf advertisement*.
E3T All (.'oMimnnicalinns not of general in- I
lert si will t>o c' :iirge I for.
C3T A niiouncintr Candidates Five Dollar.*,
All advitrtisenmnti not having the number
of insertions marked nn the copy, will 1>j
published till forbid and charged accordingly.
C3T Money for Job Work arid ^Advertising
....... ....J | "* ' * * ...... --..o .. vuu.iuorvd
tine n." sut>? na llie vork i* tlone.
Por Ordinary.
('?'!. J. (.. H.V-KiN,
JOHN* W. 1.1M.F.Y,
For Sheriff.
Wll I 1 A \l tl V I." * T
r?^MK SnliwriliiT''ITcrs for s-.ile liis LAND,
L. P.HlSISl mi; ?.f
740 OR 50 ACRES,
>iinnt.-l <-n ( i>'"i!fin<] roads.
tiv?> milf* Ni?!'!!i W?st of Calhoun's Mil's. ?iul
!>cii!nt<*-i l?v J. A. Norwood, W. M? (. *. Iv?-v, nml
.1 A. (.'iilhmiii. in eooi] ouler nii'l r?*puir, well
iliK-hed nn<] draiiii.-<l.
For lurtliiT iiiformniion n<UreM
Abbeville C. II., Ji. C.
Juno 00, isr.f>. P. 12m
Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
nini:TY-KIX, t*. c.
etunrt'Oil m* Mock ?t limits
and Medicines, would respectfully cull
tlx- a'teniion of liis friends niul the pnldic generally
to his f>i!K Mo"k i>f the SHine. and solicit
h continuance of tlicir kind palionnge aud liberality
He proposes Felling Drugs aslow ns 003' first
class Drug Store in the up-country. Ilis stock
is complete, tun] everything sold by liint is
war incited to he f resit and genuine. At his
slore'tVSay he found
Varnishes, Ynrnish anil Paint Brushes,
Spied-, Mi.cc, Cloves, Pepper, Te is
of all kinds, Buggy nt-d Carriage
Also, a fine lot of CHEWING TOBACCO,
and S KG A IIS of the host brands.
A large and varied stock of excellent
"P "R 1-7VT 7 A'fl ^ T ? ~V.
lie also ofFi'i* iViifn-'.iiMiiirieB.
33 H..A.3NT 3D 133 S,
Pure Old Port. Madeira und Muliugn
w J* iw KjHre&s
A * exceedingly low iigin cB. Also, n good article
of Applfl Vinegar, Kerosene, Oi!a and
Fluid*. Lamps of .ill kinds. Wicks f'?r mi)'
kiiid of Lamps. and everything usually kept
in a fi r>t. i liiso Dnitf Stnr.x
Prompt attention will be given to all.
May 2o, lsOO-1-tf
burgeon dentist.
jgr- njJTJt HAVING gradunted in tlio
Dental College of Philadelphfc,
l i.fferj *hm services to tfle public.
I ti^iu^,thoroughly pysted in all the departmcu'i
?f Li-i profdflAioii, 1m flatu*rj himself that he
be enabled to give entire eatiuf^ctipn to
iho*e who may favor him villi their ptftronnge.
I^T'Rooni?Over the new Book and Drug
Store of Mr. C. H. Alter., in White'# Building.
*pri1 4; I860 50 fv
Warranted-oftbe best Quality.
- m i u *
thin method of informing life friend
v ^n^jj ' fatdio IhuthU Stock of T5UU4s
is nov quite complete,
##very tfrtfele having henn selected with groat
"cure as to pprity. PhysiofuMB* prescriptions
on r? fully put up at any hour of tbe' dtj -pr
t " 0." H. ALLEN.
Jaufi 1, *800, 6 tf . '
" nB.iJAatKS F. WAHHpnsT
MXFOUKD- inform the pablie that be Jim ftSMrY
JjHglAft.tbe vMljge, *nd will ooiitisue
the prAm^il^Jedicins. He may >>? fouftdjf
thfti^AKiilTALL HOysJ^uwUes professional?^
"TBSSl, 1W044 tf. '
i . *
Tin; stininior days are fioi-iing l>y
On bright mul go!?leii wing;
The brooklet lnutrhs u? it lipplee by,
The Muriiifs" blithely *i?g;
Tlie goiitb- zephyrs softly |*!ay
Through whimpering leaves i.n<l flowers '
That thus n fceming eoneert liulj
Wjjliin their sylvan bowers.
But oh! tly>ngh nntuic's fairest chnrms,
Tluis ^rtiisprea'l lo view.
They ilqpii?.t seem \<y far so sweet, ]
Art whuTi they're shared with j,ou.
Encli morn when fair Aurora gilds
This ski*9 with.rosy light,
Gives welcome to the new-born da}*,
^Prtil bida filrevcH'to night.
The nmnyjinied^llower hells,
With dewy fingratice wet,
Seem weeping f??t thy iib3enco,*love,
l:i tea'8 of 'Ucp regret.
And when ul l.wiiight'ssnered hoiir*"'^
The vesjie.r chimes are jiciiling, i
O'tr nien'luw, field anil flowery bed '
111 inpllnU'oi) unlitiooa clnnlirn*
I tliii.k bow oft, nt that nweel hour,
W o \v at cited together, love,
Tim nn^el? light their silvery Innij>?
In tin ir bright home above.
Ami when fair Luna, queen of night,
Sails through the ether blue.
Ami sweetly binilca on me, 1 know
Shu smik-:; alike on you.
Oh. then, I think tl' ' li!;e mo,
Gaze on li lT' .air;
And though vay, methinks
Jn fancy U- ^ar.
But oli! there is n sweeter thought,
Much sweeter fur tbiui thi*,
Tliu/ soothes the pangs of absence, love,
So full of joy?of blis? :
It in, ere many months have flow-o,
When ntituum'a ypiritu breathing
Through wild wood iield and forest glen, j
All in herg'oiies wreathing;
Oh, then once more I'll see they form? i
(JiiZe on thv dear, eweet fnee?
And elnsji thee to my doting heart
In uric long,*fond embrace.
The following paragraph from Mr. Everett's :
"el'tfrof acceptance, presents the fallacy of j
coercive measures to keep I lie Union to gether j
in h forcible miinner. When l lift SI (ties are to '
be kept together only li\- force, it will be quite j
iiin?> lor litem to separate. Mr. Everett save: j
Tlie Ba..'g?#t.on tl.At t,|i? Union can be main- J
tained by the numerical prniloniinanee and !
"milit;iry prowe.-? of o:ic section, exerted to ;
ooorce the other into submission, ia, in ruy judgment,
asfceif-contradii-tory na it is dangerous.
It eotuea loaded with the deatli-smei! from Helda
Wet with brothers' blood. If the vital principle
of all republican government "ia the consent
of ilic governed,'' mucli more doea a union
nf coequal sovereign States require a? its haaia ;
thy harmony 01 its members and tl.eir vo^un
I ?* > ui; U[.r, iiin;u ill lt?<>rgniim Iunciimis.
U. S- Marshall's Sales.
D BV Vir'ue of Mimlry writ* of Fieri Facias
EZ i issuing oil! of Ihf I*. S. Court. nnd to
me direoicd, I will soil nt* Abbeville Court
:iext-, the following named property:
1st. One House and Lot i:i Greenwood, con- I
tninuig 10 Acre*, more or 1cm. r.upon which '
\V. \V. Wuller rcsi<l es.
2d. One Store Homo and T.ot in the Village
of Greenwood, containing Two Acre*, moro
or in which I'errynian, Waller it Co. are
do ng business.
Sd. One Tract of Land nt or near New
Market, upon which W. W. lVrryinan reside*,
containing Gui) Acrpo, moiv oi-Ik&i.
Tfee ilwrc have been levied upon as the
property of W. W. l'erryman, at the suit of
I'erflriun, i'ayntcrA Davis. vb. Perrjman it
Tarrant. ami Coil us D. Waller vs. l'erryman
<fc Waller and T. C. Crews.
U. S. Dep. Marshall.
Oct 11, 18G0, 24. 3t
Fall and "Winter Stores
1"4 Bioail Street-, opposite the Augusta Hotel,
Augusta, Ga, und CoiumbiiQS. C.
JU.'-T RECEIVED, the following new good?:
Gents' Fine Moleskins, Cai^inier^# ?Dd
Soft Hut?, .various colors and styles with a
completo etnek of flents' Fine Boy# and Children's
Fancy CAPS. AI?o, (Jountry-modo
Wool llalH for Plantation use.
G ranitevillo Hats,
ITo is now manufacturing all qualities of Fur
Hats, as Low as $1.60. My Goods aro all
made to ot-der, and warranted for s?yle and
durability. The public is invited to oull and
examine for thonrr'elvcs.
Oct 6 I860, if C. P. REMSEIT
' ** * -
d& 160 TW? II0RiiE PLOWS, ;
' ^or sale low by f
Sepl. 28, 18SO, 2*4m
, . .. .? 1
- mTsr&w mat, <
Jo*. 87, 1860, 19m - * '.' *
A flPWCATION" teiH bo made at tlie ne*
x\. Smmod of llie Legislator* to aaimiil th
Ch?rt*r ef the Ma*oqic ferial* Inetitate, Cokes
bvy? . > M5fr\t*o#nrt H' i??a <?.
A LARGE LOT o/ Ors^ATai#. Corn JCw
M?jr 84th, 1?W ^
The old man loves the sunshine and the
fire, the arm-chair and the shady nook. A
rude wind would joslle the fnll grown apple
from its bough, fnlh'po, full-colored, loo.
The internal characteristics correspond.
General activity is less. Salient love of
new things and of persons which hit the
young man's heart, lades away. lie thinks
the old is better.* Lie is not venturesome ;
he keeps at home, l'nssion once slung
11 1 it 1 nil icL'ann/l nnu* t licit
- -J - '" *?
is no more buzzing in Iiis ears. Madame
de Stac-l finds condensation in silence fur
the decay of pass-ion that once fired her
blood ; heathen Socrates, seventy years old
thanks the gods that ho is now free from
that 'ravenous beast' winch has disturbed his
philosophic meditations for many years.
Romance is the child of pa?sion and imagination
; the sml.len father that,thn longprotracting
mother rtiis. Old ago lias little
romance. Oil I v some rate man, like WilTietni
Von Humboldt, keeps it still fresh in
Lis bosom. In intellectual matters, tlie ol*l
man lov<*s to recall the old time, to review
his favorite old men?no new ones half so
fair. So in Homer, Nestor, who is the
oldest ofjthe,Greek?, is always talking of tlie
olden timef>l>^foro the Grandfathers of the
men theft living hail come into being; 'not
such as had degenerate days.' Verso loving
John Quincy Adams turiyj off from liyron
and Shelley, and Wiuland and Goethe, and
returns to Pope. * * * *
Elder Brewster expects to hear St. Martin's
and Old Hundred chanted in heaven.
To him heaven * comns in the long-used
musical trSMition. The middle-aged man
looks around ^5t the present; ho hopes Jess.
Hii'.l works more. The old man luoTis back
on the the field ho has trod : 'ibis is the tree
I planted ; this my footstep and he loves
his old home, his old carriage, cat, dog,
staff ami friend. In lands where the vine
grows, I have seen an old man sit all day,
before his cottage, door, in a great arm chair
bin old dog lay couched at his feet i^the
genial sun. Tho autumn winds ^Hed
with the old man's venerable hairs: ou?ve
birn on tto wall purpling in the BUtiligh.
hung the full cluster of the grapes, ripening
and maturing yet more. Tho two were
ju?t alike ; the wind stirred tho vine leaves
aud tb-'y fell; stirred the old man's hairs,
and they whitened yet more, lioth were
waiting for the spirit in theuuto bo fully
ripe. The young man looks^Wward?the
,l i i. l. i i_ ir l - ' i
win iijuii luuiv'j u?u:k. now Jung me siiauovvs
lie in the selling *uti; tlio steeple a
mile long reaching across ihe plain, as the
sun stretches out the hills in grotesque dimensions.
So are the events of life in the
old man's consciousness.
Major lloriuio Alien, the engineer of
the New York and Krie Kailroad, in a
speech made during the recent festival occasion,
gave the following account of the
first trip made by a locomotive on this
continent:?"When was it? Who was
it? And who awakened its energies at;d
directed its movements? It was in tie
year 1828, on the banks of the Laekawaxen,
at the commencement of the railroads
connecting the canal of the Delaware
and Hudson Canal Company with their
i : j l _ ...i - _ i ' _ ..
cuiti iui?'f3?miu lie who miurcsses you
was the onty person on that locomotive.
Tlie circumstances with l*d to my being
alone on the engine, were these : The road
had been built in the Bummer; the structure
was of hemlock timber, and rails of
large dimensions notched on cap?, placed*
farnpart. The limber bad cracked and
warped, tram exposure to the sun- After
about 300 feet of straight line, the road
crossed tlie Lackav.axeu creek on trestle
work about 30 feet high, with curve of
355 to 400 feet radius. Tlie impression
was very general that the iron ouster
would either bjeak down the road or it
would leave the track at the cu-*- > and
plunge into the creek. My reply to such
apprehensions was that it was too late to
consider the probability of euch occurred.ce;
there was no otherscourse than to bavd a
trial made of tlieistrange animal, which
had been brought here at a great expense ;
but that it was not necessary that more
than one should be involved in its fate;
that I would take the first ride alone, and
the time would come when I should look
back id the incident with ' great interest.
'As I placecf flVy hand an the throttle valve
handle, I waa flndecided as to whether I
should move slowly or with a fair degree
ofepeed; bt;t believing that the road
would prove safe, and preferring, if we
didjjo4?^^ go.handsomely, and with*
oovapf'ejridence of ti{i}h3?t?r'I started with
considerable velocity, passed the curve
over the oreek safety, and wa? ebon ottt of
or fferee nfllesl reversed tlw valve, and
^ei'-med without an accident, hating thns
made the first railroad trip, by locomotive
ion tip* Western hemisphere.';; /
ftTi about wf liup?l? a Uttk to get i
; rich woman ia live 4 life of oonjroon wftws
^ miido ^kti&iata
* *
_ , mii moaaag
I Where do men usually diavover tlie woI
men who afterwards become their wives?
| is a question we have occasionally heard
| discussed ; and (he result invariably come
I to is worth mentioning lo onr young lady 1
J rear!iris. Chance has much to do in the \
| jifT.tir, but th*n there arc important govern- j
; in" circumstances. It is certain that a fow !
mull make a selection from ball-rooms, or j
| any oth'jr place of gaiety, and nearly as j
i lew are mllneiired by what may be called
j showing ofi' in the streets, or by any allure.
ments of dress. Our conviction is, .lhat
| ninety hundredths of all tlic Gnery with i
j the women decorate or load their persons, |
go for nothing, as far a3 hii.-band catching !
if concerned. When and Iiow, then, do |
men find thoir wives? In tho quiet homes j
I of their parents or their guardians?at the
j fireside, where the doinc.slic feeling and j
j graces are alone demonstrated. These are ,
j tii? charms which most surely attract the :
| high as well as the humble. Against these I
| all the finery and airs in tiio worid sink inJ
to insignificance. We shall illustrate this j
! by an anucdote, wliicli though not new, j
will not be the woi.-c for being agaip lohi. |
In the year 1T78, Peter liuruull, E-q., of j
Rockingham, in Kent, whoso health was
rapidly declining, was adv"i>edby his physicians
to go to Spain for the recovery of his
health, llis daughters feared those who
only had motives eutircly mercenary would
net pay him that attention which he might
expect from tliofe who, from duty and affection,
united would feel the greatest plea
sure in ministering to his ease and comfort;
they therefore resolved to accompany him
?They proved that it was not a spirit of
! dissipation and gaiety that led them to
Spain, for they ere not to be seen in any
[ fashionable circuit'; they nevr stirred from
their homes except to alien*] liiin either to
take the air or drink the waters; in n word
they lived a most reulnse life in the midst
of a town, then the resort of the most illnstratious
nnd fashionable personages in Europe.?The
exemplary attention to thei<
father procured these three admirable sisI
lets tl;e admiration of id! the English at
Spain, aud was the cause of their elevatiou !
to that rank in life to which their merits
gave them so jus*, a title. They were nil
married to noblemen?one to the E"U'l of
Beverly, another to the Duke of Hamilton
and afterwards to the Marguis of Exeter,
j hiiu it iuiru i? me uuiie ol iNortliumberlatid.
And it is justice to say, that they
reflected honor on their rank, rather thnn !
derived any from it.?Spirit of the Age.
Intellect without heart.?Woe, woe
for that mortal whose intellect outgrows his
<1 j- -1 r '
iiivimi Ottiicig unt il iiiu UIJU btauus UWRneU 111
the growing shadow of tiio otlieV. A t?eing
thus Constituted is'no less a roonster,'
some one has said, 'than the big-headed
child of the fair, or the weak kneed gian^j
of the circus.' Saturn eating his own children
is a type of men of this stamp. Humanity
recoils from them when once they
unreil their remorseless egotism, their sublimated
sophistry. Voltaire, Rousseau.
Napoleon, Robespierre, were monsters of
this class, scarcely less hideous to me than
Ualigula or Heliogabahis. Yet bow attractive
until the Mokanna veil is lifted, is its
glittfiiing light; and the soft breathings bf
the voice beneath, and the graceful, sinuous
motions of the draped and stately form it
fiOVCffl. firA?nil lintv
ing! It becomes a question here, how much
of this is perishable, how much immortal.
Can evil be perpetuated in accordance with
our conception of a just, n purifying God !
At what point does soul take isrue with intellect?
And if ilu-y be the 6ame, then,
then indetd. is hell a neecssiiv. not an in
volition of the alarmist ?r tbo melancholy
Sanitarv Precautions.?In summer
all pereons are especially caller! upon lo
look around their dwelling* and consider
* .
whether there is'not something unfriendly
to health that might and ought to be re
,, moved without delay. Constant atf-Vhtion
is requisite that nothing offensive he suffered
to remain within doors. Liquor in
winch vegetables have been boiled, sonpouds,-dirty
water of every kir.d, should bo
jmroediataly^thrown away; also, cabbage
stalks, potato-peelings, and offal j>f every
kind. Tlio liquor, in which greens have
been boiled, if suffered to remain "even -a
few minutes,-&r thrown down a scullery
drain, emits a most unpleasant and ilnwhor<esbm9
smell, which pervades the whole
bousd. indeed,.where there is the convenience,
all water in which vegetables have
been boiled should only be thrown down
an oufc?door drain, wheo the atmospberio |
air wijj^&dily disperse the nox-ous v^jxir.
Man/very cleanly people are not attentive
to this parficotar. Among other ibipga
require attention, fallen leaves should.!
be frequeqtly*w?ipt qp and properly dls
posed ?? In-door? every roomebou'd be
awejpt end dusted daijy, car* totog taken
net merely to make* decent aqrtece, But
tb^roogf^r te oWaa oat *H cloicU ^odtaai*
The Carl of Caithness has built a carriage
which is to he propelled by steam (
power upon ordinary turnpike roads. On /
a recent occasion be made a trial trip, ami "5
though,as the local pnper says:
"The roatl was filled with horses and '
conveyances of all kinds, his lordship passed
through them all without any raoru in
convenience to the general traffic or alarm
to horse than if ho had been in his car- (
riage and four. So perfectly Jiad he the (
whole mSvtng power under tho control 1
that he slopped more quick'y than an ordi- '
nary carriage and horses could draw up, ,
and-this ho did as often as he-saw the least j?
dan?er of anv hrtrsn hwni? fri<rliipni?.l 1I? I 1
c -- J # ? " ^ ? ? J
readied Buauly, a distance of fourteen miles
in :m liour and twenty minutes, notwith- 5
standing the frequent stoppages, and fifteen |
minutes lost in getting water. Alter leav- I
in<j Beauty, on those parts of tho road
where some distance forward can be seen,
he attained the speed of eighteen miles an
hour, and could have kept this up for any
distance with case and safety.
After reaching Allnuss Ilia lordship turned
lo til'* left, ami took the road direct fur
Bannr Dtidjie. Here tlio carriage had a
~ V- j
severe lost applied to it, hut lie drove it ,
lip the hills without difficulty, and coming
down tliii very stofp declivity near where
I lie road joins (lie load from Tain the control
liis lordship had over-it was most satisfactory.
and enabled hiin to descend at
any rate ho wished, and with perfect ense '
and safety. Leaving tho hospitable inn at '
Ardgy, Lord Cathness crossed Bonar
Bridge, and drove off to Clasbmoro, after '
a successful drive of nearly seventy miles. '
Saturday being very wet he remained th?re
till tlio afieriK.on, and then drove on to
Golspie to remain over Saturday, a.id having
perfect confidence in his carriage from
its working on Friday, lto expects to reach
Barrogill Castle, a distance of eighty
miles, ami over the steepest roads in Scot- I
land. Tlis lordship has made this bold j
step of applying steam as a propelling
power to carriages on common ro;;d? for
any long distance, and the results of the
j first day lias more than answered the ex
I pectations of its warmest promoters, and
left no doubt as to its being not only practicable,
but useful, when so applied.
A man full of charity, of humility, and
all the examples of a virtuous* pastor.
Without pride, without arrogance, and
without hypocrisy, there was a beautiful
simplicity iu his life arid aclions, a kindness
a gentlenoss, a forbearance, harmoniously
combined with a holy zeal, a never-tiring
industry iu doing good to all, that marked
liiin out as one of those chosen shepherds
sent by Ileavon as a blessing to some chosen
flock. Cheerful without levity, he joined
in all the innocent amusements of his
simple parishioners, and happy himself in
the consciousness of a useful and virtuous
life, as well as in the rational anticipation
of a blissful eternity, he walked among his
people, not as a shadow, darkt ning all
around, but as a snn, cheering animating,
blessing those who basked in his sinues.
Careless of his rest, and his personal labors,
he was ready at all times, by day and
by night, to go forth to comfort the afflicted,
relieve the sick, and soolhe.the dying.
He asked nothing for himself, and gave
everything to others; labored not in his
own vineyard, but in that of his Master,
and the fruits of his exertions soon became
visible to avery eye. A cheerful, innocent,
gavety begun to appear again in the village';
thejpeople went forth to their daily occupations
with smiling hopes, that caused
nil lo exert themselves in their various
pursuits. Begging took refuge in the labors
of its own hands, and found itR reward
rn tho comforts of independence, and the
approving smile of the excellent pastor, 1
who never lost an opportunity of rebuking
the idle, or npplauding the industrious, for ^
well he knew- that among all classes of
m'i rtfrin/l an#l .-vnMAxi n 11 r? I It a IaK'vvaiki ir) In.
I iuituiwiiiuf nuu vopcuimiv vuo muuitm, ium
ness is but another name for sin and mise 1
.Id abort, blessed .bjt such an example,
and led by such a guide, it waa not long
before Edinburgh became the model of a
virtuous and happy village, and it might
be said with tiuth, that neither poverty nor
vice was any longer known among ita in.
habitants. Such are tbo 1yneQt*bf A good
example.combined with good precepts, and
such 111* blessings of a pious shepherd, who 1
A.IAI. k:. ,V_?t i- I-!. II-1 ?? A
lutuin uis <iuut;s 10 u,ih nRKBT) iwua iw>?*
turet, aodjx^tbe ho}y 'c*UI^ by^hfyh to. ^
iaftimotitfW Aid eonoWed. - ^
A Newcastle blackMnith wceotJy q^ada '
out ft t?i|l *$ei0*& oWeof hi* cUslQnj^r^ for
steeling two irmi locks ', but the eon of Vul- '
Wtoifoare ,
sledge-hammer tfiao atudyiag. Dr. Keprickf j
wrote oat Aajteti} fi? ibe fo'lowing maa n?r-'T*
stealing 2 mad duck*, taro bft-ftKaga.?
. * " ' '
* . <1^'
' *>
Snough of benuljr to eeeurc affection
Snougb of pprightliuess to cure dejcction,
)f modest di(iid?'noo to claim protection,
i docilc mind subservient to correction
fet stored with sense, with reason, and reflection,
knd cverv passion lield in due subjection?
u-t faults enough to keep Iter from perfection ;
Vlieu such I find, 1*11 make ber uiy selection.
)f beauty just enough to bonr inspection,
)f candor, sensp. nnd wit a good collection,
Enough of love for one who needs protection,
To scorn the words 4 'I'll keep her in subjection ;
Wisdom to keep him right in ench direolicn,
S'ur claim ? weaker vessel's imperfection ;
ihould I e'er meet with such in my connection
Let him propose. 111 offer no objection.
Female Education.?An essay on this
important subject has just fallen into our
I)and-) which ranks ameng the best it lias
aver boon our privilege to road. It is from
Llio pen of one of the most accomplished
find successful educators in America?tho
R?*v. D. C. Van Norman, LL. D., Principal
:>f tlie Van Norman Institute for the cducrlion
of young^ ladies, West Tliirty-eightjtreet.in
this city. An extract or two will
ronvey a moro adequate idea of itsoliaracler,
and of the author's views on wbat may
b? called the philosophy of levelling, than
iny description tlint could be given in the
amn space. There is no intelligent parent
ir gnariliiin who will not readily assent to
jvery word in the^ following extract:?'In
ho education of girls, it is ^especially important
that the mode of instruction, as
well as nil the arrangements and exercises *
at the school, have constant and studied
regard to the distinctive and essential characteristics
of their sex. These may bo
comprehensively exhibited in the terms,
Modesty, Tenderness, Graco. These should
bo guarded as vestal fires; for tlioy constitute
the vital essence of womanhood, investing
it with all its beauty and loveliness.
Like the bloom and fragrance of the roeo
whenor.ee impaired, tbey can never bo
r^aiAru/1 T/\ ?.A'*? fn ~ ?4
WW wu? AV vuy >13 HJdUU iu lejlrlir, clTLL *
Gcially, injuries done to these vital elements
of the female character by the methods of
instruction, and the machinery of schools,
may be referred the affection, boldness, prudery,
sontinvntality, or mannerism, bo often
observable in young ladies.'
birtn and death-.?Birth and death
are alike blind and insensible. The first
two years leave almost nothing to memory.
Th<;n come only a few clusters for the memory.
Wo arc five or six years in the world
belore we have brain enough and never
enough to recfeive durable impressions.
Aod, looking the other way, by far the
greatest number of people die without apparent
pain, without, mental sensiblity?
apparently as little conscious of failing lifo
a* flowers are of the loss of their petals,
wben ripeness plucks them one by one.
In a short speech made at Chicago by tbe
Hon. Will;W11 II. Seward, on the evening of
the '2d inst., he Acclaimed :?
From the mountains of Maine to the shores
of the Missouri, I have not heard a Republican
doubt our succcs9. I heard that the mischief
was out in New York. This is liko the
search for the fiver and ague in the West.
You can find it in no pince yon go to?but
about four miles ofF they have it tonihly.
(Laughter). Be of good, cheer about New
York. I know its hills and its valley?, its cities
and its hamlets; and I tell yon that there are
bat seven counties in New York tbsfc toill mm
anti Republican majorities. They may strike
hands with iht-ir Duiiglas and tlicir Jirookses;
but they cnn carry but seven eountics in tlio
Stale ; and every fusion they makes but confused."
(Roars of laughter.) *
Amcric.w Gcaxo.?It will be remembered
that considerable sales of'guano from islands
in the Pacific were made last Spring, to Southern
nlmif?M .Am mhAa* 4- '
v*? ?UV V|I9 USD UC^IIiavng . IU
ripen, we now have opportunity to observe the
results. Th% Mneon (Ga.)!T*flef;rrtph says "we
nre glad to henr'genewilly'favorabte accounts 6f
the inf^pence of the American Ooano upon tho
crop*, pnr^icnlarly as doubts have been expres *'
sed in regard to it as a fertiliser."
The Savannah News publisher a letter from.
Clias. A. Peabody, of Columbus, in thj samo
State, wliioh speaks of.the- "magical effeete" o
this peculiar sobstanee latoty imported in largo
qOautities from the Pacific Mean, and calls
the epeoial attention ofthe press to the fact,
that "cotton', rivaling Sea Islitpd for many purposes,
is 'grown in abnndanoe on vary poor
lands, with the aid of Atmrican guano."
Faots oTthis kind go to establish the value
of the numerous islands (contain inat guano deposit*)
>whioh have been appropriated by
A*ne*i??? merchant* and sea eaptaioa, under
a special law of Congress passed at a recent
leasioj?? V- j
?r? ** * **
SOOrH Caholtka . Saoxs.?Several excellent
ItyfcecMirogans ore made in the State, and
the makers Will-dud .it'-profitable lo advertise
khelr btwlaeas at tfcfc- time, and to exhibit
tpecfnfem at *11 fairs and in the leading ciiiea
and'towns. * 'r' ~ - -:'
- ntAuvfliM ttf W utimI rJ Omm
fc?tori**, on^ of vMeh hiw Imh ion* ottd
CtvtSrably kfcojcs \fad?r*hb control F, J-tkot
|o Qtamw, in tho Mmo ditflttW
to b? mm* down t stake.a
MwriH?>fc? AwaUqws too ipftRy of?
J.'.si-.iiiv *w uj

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