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t J- ? L 11 ^ ~:~L~ ^ * ' ' " L^^'"*AJtfJ?ill
-tlF^ "fiWH ffHUl SfHti!ffi sHltf!'
TEEMS?TWO DOLLARS PER ANNUM,] "Let U bo InstiUcd ^to the Hearts of your Children that the Liberty of the ProsB is tho Palladium of all your Rights."?/uni?f. [PAYABLE IN ADVANCE.
Factors and Commission
Central Wharf,
joiin a. nowik. )
John n. i.AKirrK, \ CHARLESTON, S- C.
l4. 18firt. 20. 3m
lttynolJ's St., tctwffon Jiitl;??ii find Mclntosli
will attend strictly* to llie ??1? of
Aim! all oilier produce con?ifftiod to liim. Per
snnnl attention yivicie to the fillir.tr of *11 or?
<l<-!'s for lJairijiiiir, ltopo niul Family Supplies.
Liberal Ctielt advances ninde on produce iti
June 24, 18fi0, 8 If
Celebrated Female Pills.
I?)V ^
PPATl.V'TPn P * >?.T? * v ^fTvit^rx'.
? UV1I.V11.W ^ I'l -1 l H.K3
This invutuahle rnc;ilici:>e is it 11 f.ii!iiilT in the
euro of all those painful and dangerous <3iacn?cs
in''iilt<nt to the female constitution.
If. moderates nil o.\ov?s<s and removes nil obstructions.
from whatever on use, find a speedy
*rure Tinty hi; r?-lii'il mi.
it is peculiarly suited. It. w ill, in a short time
brine op the monthly period wit It regularity
("AU'l'lON?These Pills should not he taken
by females" that are pregnant, during the first
three month?, a? tli? v are sure to bring on Miscarriage
; liul at every other time, and in every
other taso Lhev art* pet foetly safe.
In nil eases of Xervous and Spinal Affections
Pain ill the J>?ck timl ] imbs. Heaviness, Fatigue
on slight- exertion, Palpitation of the
Heart, Lowness of Spirit*, Mysteries, Siek
Headache, Whilf-3 nnd all the painful diseases
oecasioWd l>y a disordered system, thtse 1'ills
will effect a cure wlien nil other means have fail
ed. Full direel ions in the pamphlet around each
' package, whieli should be carefully preserved.
A bottle containing fid pills, and eiicirelciP
wivu me iTovcnimrin ol ureal l>rit:ini, !
snn lie sent post foje for sj and i? pfslnuostninps '
Gem-nil nirctit. for L. MiMi'slUiflicsler
Sold in Alit)i*vi!l?? i>y l);>:iald Mcl.nnclilin,
Dr. I. liriuii.li, ftful II. Allen, iiml nil Druj;gi?!s
(-verywlii-re. V?tn Scliack it Gri?rr.on, ]
Charleston, \\ ltol>-tnie Agents. 7, ]:>t
Jl JimrvoUtit hmiit'itiait cxtii/ili.f/i'ri tiji xjirrin!
r>nl'?r>nctit. for (/ir rr/irf of (fir sick and l)'tx- '
tri SXrtJ. titUirftil irilJk 1 V?v///-n/ n)../ A",,
Hit'tt m Jt.
MKDIC'AL Advice given gratis by tlie Acting
Surgeon to nil who apply by letter
witli ;> description <if their eondition, (ago, occupation,
habils of life, Ac.,) and in caws of extreme
poverty,Medicine f'irniMicd frocnfcharge
Valuable Reports on th?* New Remedies employed
in the Dispensary, sent to the ntllicted in
scaled letter envelopes, free of charge. Two
or three Stamp* for postage will be accept ible.
Acting burgeon, IInwnr-1 Association, No. 2
? j.ii
Jiy i>r<]<*r of tin- Diiv?-t?.ii>.
EZRA l>. llKAirrWKLL, PresMcnt:
Ceo. Socivtnry. [ lnn.20. l'im
" j3LTDT30-*71110, S. O.,
WOULD roppoclfully iufurin lliu public tliut
he litis
Waiting an?l Repairing of
mmm & bi*
It is opposite (hilt not oppotrd) to Mr. Taylor's
Establishment. lie hopes that l>v doing good
work, and making reiu>Qn."hlc charges, to receive
a eliare of pnhlic patrfniage.
lie has on hanfl lit thi^ time, sovoral
Second-Hand Buggies,
which he will sell very low and uu the most
reasonable tciins.
Nov. 4. 186'.'. 27 if.
A13I3EVILI.E C. II., S. C-,
m.IM. JL m. A* w w y
HAS Juat received three hundred new pieces
together with the old, ticking one of Lliu
target Ktockc in tlw State which, will be sold
Ml fow m oau be bought in uoy other placi,
6 feet by 3, from (26 to $40
e f<o a ftur
iruill CO LU C~?f?0
And Funcy Head Stones always on hand together
witlrn lurfre quantity of designs, which
can he made to order at short notice.
AH Marble Cutting and Carving neatly done
Jan. 26. 1W1 40 tf
THSyTOU'LD inform the public that he has re
T turned to the village, and will continue
w the practice of medicine. Ha may he fonnd at
the MARSHALL HOUSE, nnleu professionally
Mayfchr, ieso u \C ?
4 Z^LARGE L^T ?f G'eehvilla C#rn for
s... *** H.
H?y 14th, 186? r
*Jt -
Two Dollars In Advance, or Two
Dollars and Fifty Cents at the
Expiration of the Year?*^r~
AH subscriptions not. limited at Mm
time ?>f Miliscriliini;, will l>e considered n
indefinite, nnd will lie continued until arrearages
are pni?l, or at. tlifi option of tlie I'topric?
tors. Orders from other States must invariably
Iih n(^ntnnnrii<i<l flu.
I ^ v
] Tin* Proprietors of Ilio Abbeville hutrp-nd- i
'cut I'rcxx nri'l Abbeville//"??<? bavc e?<tati!i?b- j
! oil the t'olliiwinc ratos of Ailvtfthing to be j
! / hni'iri<il In Imlli n???i.n?i
IIv?-ry Advertisement, insetted for ft lo<J9 time '
than llircv mnstlis, will Wo charu-rd liy the insertion
at One Dollar r"-M' ^q'lare. (1? in<-li
?thespneeuf 12 so'id lines or less.) lor the
! first insertion, r.tul Fifty Ceilt8 for oaoli subsequent
1 square 3 months, A5 : r. month $S ; 1 year $12
2 squares 3 " $8; i> " $1(1; 1 year $20
111 squares 15 " $10; 0 " $14 ; 1 your $25
j -1 squares 3 " #1*2; 0 " $2"; 1 year $:tO
\ 5 squares 3 " $15 : 6 " $25; 1 year $35
; 0 squares 3 " $20; B " $3<?; 1 yeur$40
I 7 sijmires 3 " $25; ft " $35; 1 year $15
8 squares 3 * $3n; 0 " $10; 1 year $50
One column, one venr SS5.
Obituary Notices
Exceeding one .-q'mrt\ or twelve lines, will
be i-1i;irged for, us nd vorii.-enienta.
All Coiimimiicntions not of general in ?
teretft will b? charged for.
j Z^tT' Announeine Candidates Five Dollars.
I All advertisements not having the nnm- i
| bur of instilions marked on the copy, will I13
j published till forbid and charged accordingly.
?3*" Money for Jol? Work and A<1 vertisinir
from any cxci-pl recnlur patrons will be considered
due as soon ?.- ihe work is done.
Por Ordinary.
Col. .1. G. BASK IN\
joii.v w. li:si.kv,?
N AT] IA NIUL MoCA NTS, P>q. * 1
For Sheriff.
M M IE @ M E
rpnrc Rnliscvi'ier offers fur sale Ins LAND,.
i_ consUtini; of
740 OR 50 ACRES,
Situated on (ireenville and BcllwHln-r rowd?,live
miles North-West of Ctvlhoun'& Mills. '.and
liounded l?y J. A. Norwood, W? McCelvey, mid *
J. A. Calhoun, in gobd ot-dcr ntid repair, wull
ditelied and drained. For
lUrtlicr information tuldrcsr. ' -
Abbeville C.41.,8: C.
Juno 2r?. isr.n, 0. l'im
Wholesale and Retail jDragjgist>
N IN ETY -Ftt X, . C.
HAVING on1nfgetL3his atotk ?f ^tjhhxo9
nnd Medicines, /ft**?tobl r^ppeetllilly c*tt
tlie nttifiition of liis friend." ami llie public generally
to liis fine ftook of the same, nnd Rolic.it
ft continuance of their kind patronage and liberality.
He proposes selling Drugs as low hs any first
elassDru?fctoro in the lip country. Hi?st?|ek
is complete, nnrl everything sold by himT'-w,
wnrra^ited to be fresh anvl genuine. At his
store rtlay be fovind
Varnishes, Varnish and l'aint Brushes,
'fcto/iees. Mace. Cloves. Peiiner T-ni
'"of all kinds, Biipgy and Cor-^s?.J?
riage (Trmsp, 'r
Also, a fine lot of CIIKWING TOBACCO,
nnd SEGARS of the beet brand*.
A large ami varied t?toek ot excellent
lie also offers Coflfeetionarre*,
I'urc Old l'ort, Madeira and Maliiiga
-mw K?r BrCfftgi
At exceedingly low figures. Also, a good article
of Apple Vinegar, Kerosene, Oils anil
Fluids. Lumps of all kind*. Wieks for. any
kind of Lamp?, and everything usually kept
in a first class Drug Store.
Prompt attention will be given to all.
May >l>, 1860-1-tf ,
no U/M M Al I CM
uiii with ?1 nlltiij
- surgeon dentist.
%r >.
($' 1>TK ITAVINO graduated in the !
Dental College of Philadelphia.
XjtXj-Tr offers his services lo the public.
t5eic? thoroughly posted in all the'tTSfortmenls
'f l.ii profession, ho flatters himself that ho
<ill be enabled, to give ent ire satisfaction to J
those who may favor him with their patronage.
ffiT'liooni?Over the new -Book and Drug
of Mr. C. H. Allen, in WhitesBuilding.
April 4. 18tf0 50 ly
U. s. Marshall's Sales.
tfftY Virtue of cuodry writs#f
JLP issuing out of the U. 8. Court, *nd to
n'fl direcied, 1 will bpTI at Abheville Court
Honee on ?he FIRST WEDNESDAY IN -.NO-*,
VEMBER next, the following erl.t
1 r f- ?
? "ip?"??o in ureel)wood, oontnining
la Acred, moro or le??. upon which
W. W. Waller resides.
t .
2d. One Store Honpe and hot in the Village 1
of Greenwood, containing Two Acrcs, more
or lew, irf which ferryman, Waller A . Co. are
do ng busiueae.
8d. One Tract ofL?nd-?t or near Hew
Market, upon which W. W. Perryrpan retire*, *
containing 000 Acroe, more or leu.
The above have been levied ?pon aa the
property of W. W. Perryinan, at tho suit of
PergratQ, Paynt^rfk Davie, vs. Perryiqap 4
Tarrant, and Cod?y? P- Waaler ve. Perrymap
<fc Wellar and T. O. Orewe.
cirpfeuMa CASH. ,
^ T. A,ao?M?r
?. ?r Dep. U*1*U.
Oci 11, I860,24> 8k ' '
Wo have Won friend* together.
In eutishiuc and in shade,
Since first benenth tlie trees
In infancy we played ;
15ut coolness dwells within niy licurl,
A cloud is on thy brow ;
We have been friends together,
Shall a light word purl us now?
We have been friends together,
We have laughed at. litt'e jf-ts;
Fur tlie font of hope wasguching
Witim and joyous in ourhrcnsts;
But laughter now hath Hod thy 1 |?s.
And sulton gloom is on lliy brow ;
Wc have boeo gay Idgclliur,
iSlia.ll a light word partus now?
We linvn been Pad together.
We have wept with bitte'r tears
O'er the grass grown grave where slept
The liopc of early yenrs.
The voiuc which is tilenl thero
Would l>itl tlit'c clear thy brow ;
We have been sad together,
Oli, what shall part us now?
BY I.onil MACAl'LAV.
O stay, Mud on n u ! htny,
'l is not the dawn of day
That marks the *kies with yonder opal
The stars in silence shine:
Then press thy lips to mine,
And rest upon my neck thy fervid cheek.
() sleep, Madonna ! sleep ;
Leave me lc> watch and weep
O'er the said memories of departed joys,
O'er hopes extinguished b am,
OVr fancy's vanquished dreain,
O'er oil thul nature gives and man destroys.
0 wakc. Madonna I wake;
Kven now the purple lake
la dappled o'er with amber Hakes of light; |
A glow is 011 the hill,
And every trickling rill
In golden threads leaps down from yonder
V height. I
O fly, Madonna 1 fly,
Leat day oml envy spy
What love nnd night may safely kuow ;
Fly, and trend softly, dear!
Lest those yMio hate us hear
The sound of thy light footsteps u3 they go.
The doing of the House of .^presentn- I
iiv?.-s linve been np^ly.. ijhislratc-d by the
Philadelphia Journal iu a new vorsion of
'Mother Goose.'
"There wera Congressmen in Washington;
And they were wondrou.s^so,
T,hey balloted until they found
TSiO}' eould not orgnnize;
And. wben they found this would hot do,
Witl^all their might atld main,
Th?y got advatroea on their p?Vj ?
And balloted njjaiti:'*
"Iley diddle 'diddle.
The "clihir" in the middle!
The ''Congress" will organize sodo^ ^
The Inhbymen laltgli to gee the fcporfc",
And all ft-cd from the National spoon!"
all aiicl 'V^Tinter S'tvles
, iff ft t' ftEMSEiYS
LJf ;
1*4- Broad Ktveet., opposite the Augusta Hotel,
AugitsO. Gii-t and Columbia, 8. C.
JUST RRCRIVED, the following ne^^oods;
(i?uts' Fine Moleskins,. Cun/'itucrta mid i
Soft Hut.*, various colors nnd styles With n
complete stopktjf Gents' Fine Boys and Chil"dreii's".
Fafloy CAPS. Also, Country-mndo
Wool Huts-for Plantation use.
Gri^ftniteville ^tETats,
He is now WtftnufiMituring nil qunlilies of Fur
Unts, ns Low ifs *1.50. MytGoods nr^ all
made to order, and warranted for sty-Te and
durability. The public is invited to call and
famine Tor themselves.
t>< t. 6, 1EC0, tf C.JP. REMSEN.
Office Court of Common Pleas and (Jen'I Scaxions
E. Noble, )
vs. V Avt^ubment.
PeferS. Burton ) ,
WIlKRliA^ the Plaintiffdid. on the fonrtecnlli
llilV of VavorriliMr ln?r./l?.v,l *....1 I
J -., . .b...vw.. ..u..u.cu uiiu
fifty nine, file his declaration against the Defendant^
who, (it is paid) is absent from end
without tho limits of this State and has neither
wife nor attorney known within the same, upon
whom u co|fy of said declaration might he
nerved:. It is therefore ordered, that the said
Defendant do appear and plead to the said declaration,
ou or before the fifteenth day of
November, eighteen hundred 'and sixty, otherwise
final and absolute judgment will then
be given and awarded against him.
Clerk's Office. Nov. 1-i, 1869". 20, 1'Jns.
<iaa a'm'hi imnow ntainn
<1111 unn nunoiv x laj n r\
For sole low by
S<?pt. 28, I860, 22-4m
ninbtt 6x3:, s. a.
Jan. 27, 1860, 12m
a Dbr irtimmv ?1 in.v.. ?.J. ..
AX I UlVAAlVi^ win?VO Iiinuo nit? ucx
Ses?ion of Lepjialatwr# to amend th
Charter of th? Masonic Female Institute, Cofcea
bury. [Aoggat 10, 1860, 6hi.
rimiST. Abbeville Cr/H.VS fc. Officii
over Branch & Parjftr'a Drug Store.
May SC. 1360,4, lira.
' i^jfcilUfcW >M In _ fZb'irti "
w*. m^piioejE;-5ftc^*iSipt<wp.
Sever*! distinguished members of the
Russian imperial family are at present staying
in the beautiful watering-place at Torquay.
His imperial highness the young
Prince Etigeno, lives with his brother,
Pri?ce Nicholas, at the .^i|>)la Syraeusa;
and U'c Grand Duchess Mario, the young |
Prince Seme and George, with the suitp, |
occupy a mansion called the ,-Covc." The '
Distance between the two places is about
a third of a mile. The Pri'icc Eugene,
who is about fo-ineen 3*ear.s of ago, was
returning from a visit to his mother, the
Grand Duchess, to his own residence,
which adjoins that lately occupied by the
Prince of the Netherlands, and is at the
foot of dad lyliole Plain, which is much !
frequented by the gentry occupying the !
surrounding villas. The Prince,, who was
unattended, was here overtaken by a man, ,
described by his highness as possessing a (
foreign appearance, not very tall, with j
sandy hair, and who he thinks, was a
Pole. This fellow who was armed with
a walking stick, advanced toward the
Prince,' and without saying anything,
struck him a violent blow on the arm.?
VV hftl.Knr !l??? ' 4l.?. 41 I
.. v..^ u.uiiu nuw V/UIUU I.IIU.1 ?llt JICK j
a defenceless boy desired to plunder his
highness, or whether, if he was a refugee
Pole, lie had any revengeful feelings toward
the imperial iatnily, is not ascertained.
Bur, at. all events, lie followed up the
iirst blow with another. Ilis highness?who,
although so young, possesses cou^
siderable courvge and pre.-.ence of mind?
defended himself with an umbrella which
l._ t ..i : - i.: t ? -
iic ii.iu in ins nanu, ana strucK Ins assail- i
ant a blo?v on the mouth, at the same time
telling him that he wag a Russian Prince.
This announcement had an extraordinary
eflVct upon the coward, who at once fell
on his knees and begged liN pardon, after
wliicb.be decamped. Prince Kugene hastencdMlcir.e
and gave information of the
assault. The circumstance is much re"retted
llV tlifi inlial.itanfo nf ilio
as the Prince has much ondeured himself
to thcni by lna amiability.
A Heart in thk Right Place.?1
am wedded, says Coleridge. to the-fortunes
of iuy sidter and my poor ol8 father. ^.Oh,
my friend ; I think sometimes could (I re
call the da3'9 that v. ere. paaaqd, which
among tljein should I choose? NotUio-n i
merrier (5ay?j nut the pleasant days of
hope, not those wanderings with a fair
haired qnaid, which I have su. ?>f ten arid so
feelingly regretted?but the' duys, Colenjlge,
of. a mother's fondness for her school
boy. ^hat would I give to call -hgr
b&ck to earth for one day, tjiat I might 55Vi
my knees,.ask her pardon for all th?tse little
asperities of temper ^'hich frojii time,,
to time have given her gatitlo spirit p^in t'
And Iho day^my friend,. I Urn-st may
come, when tliere will be kind offices of
love, if heaven's eternal years be ours.?
Oh, my friend, cultivate the filial feeling!
Let no man think himself^released from
the kind charities of relationship ! These
are the best foundations of every species
of benevolence.? Churles Lamb.
Central IIeat of the Earth.?The
rate ot increase or heat is equal to ono degree
of Fahrenheit for every forty-five feet
of descent. Looking to the result of such
a rate of increase, it ia easy to see that at
seven thousand and ninety feet from th?
surface the surface the heat will 'reach two
hundred and twelve degrees, the" boiling
point of water, At twenty-live thousand
five hundred feel it will mtjlt lead J^t seven
miles it will maintain a glowing red heall
twenty-ono miles melt gold; at seventy-four
miles east iron ; ninety-seven miles soften
iron; and at one hundred miles from tho
surface all will be fluid as water, a mags of
seething and boiling rdck in a perpetually
molton state, doomed possibly rifcver to be
cooled or crystalized." The heat here will
exceed any with which man is acquainted;
it will exceed the heat of the electric spark
or the effect of a continued voltaic current.
The heat which melts platina as if it were
wax is us ice to it. Could; we visually Observe
its effects, our intellect would afford
no means of measuring its intensity. . Here
is the region of perpetual fire>, the source
of earthquake and volcauic.powor.?Recre
alive Science. . , ,
Fanny Feun'h "Awe" otf a Ticsband,?A
lady Iwwng remarked that awe
19 the most delicious feeling a wife can.bplri
toward her husban?|4fc?nny Fern thus comments:
' ** *"
Awe of a man whose whiskers you have
(rimmed, whose hair you have ctit, whoto
crdvat-^ou haV? tied, whose ibirfyou have
put into wash, whose boots an^oboos you
have kicked into the closet, whot?ec.dressing
gown yoo hfcve itorn while combine your
hair, who has betsu down in Ihp Kitchen
with you at eley??, o'clock at nigbf to boot
ifl b UUII-IU)^ WIW| WHO ll(H)K9(l yOlir
dresses, unlaeed your boots, and tied yofcr
bonnet, who has stood before jdur lookiitggbuM
witli tbt>q&.?D<S JU>g?r. oa.. j>rob<?cit,,
scratching bis cBin, whom yoa ^jt(?'boftered.
iflad tewed? whom yop ha*e teeo H
uleop fciUi hia moutb' Wide open; ridica- j
lou?f i; -* }
?? rqrgrmiK. muyinii > i pb?i mmj
Tlie Homo Journal thus describes the
Summer Skate:
Among tho novelties of tbo Season?an ;
invention destined to act an important
part in tlie physical education of children
fs a skate adapted lor the house, which can
he used on a carpeted or uncarpeled floor.
With a pair of these skates on her leek a
voting lady can soon learn the art of skating
to a degree that will etijible her successful!
v to accomplish on the ice. and with
slcel skales, 11]hL which lias heretofore l???en j
to her a much-coveted but almost despaired- j
of obtaining eniovment. All the benefits !
. i
lliat ate to be derived from that healthful
exercise, are now placed within tlio reach
oF the most delicate ; and floor-skating will
henceforth bo .included among home
amusements. to tho delight of childhood
and tho gratification of age. The floorskate
is simply a frame"of ornamental iron,
nearly the shape and size of the wood part
of the common skate, with, instead of the
.Meel runner, four rollers or wheels of crnitu
perclia, measuring about three inches in eir- |
cumfprt-nce, each of which revolves on n
separate axle ;^these rollers of course, rest
on the floor, and turn with the movements
of the skn(er. skate is strapped to the
foot in a manner similar lo th.? ice skate,
with wide leather-bands, superior in every
respect to the common strap. The iuhabi- J
tants of thrftoothfhkhose facilities for ska- |
ling i;lo been limited, may now
rival in this exercises*amid orange groves
and bahny breezes, their Northern brethren,
surrounded by ice and snow and (hilling
winds. A waxed floor is, perhaps, the
best adapted for this sport; a long Irdl cov
ered with oil-cloth is; probably, the next;
uui ii uioso aro not accessible, a carpeted i
room of any kind will answer. Being daslie,
the rollors do not wear thfc "carpet, as
they would if formed of wood or mental.
We never read the scene in llenry IV.,
where Falstaff and Prince llenry exchanged
character, without thinking of a similar
oMe said to have occurred in an ancient
personage a gieat while ago." The .lvev.
Mr. lvfgulr.s was rn excellent man, rather
eccentrii;aud some-what Ccoromieal. -icons
a finttier's boy, used sometimes to go with
presents to the parsonage,-n sharp-eyed little
Icllow, hut rather uncouth in bis manors.
One day he brought in a leg of mutton,
laid it down without ceremony, and was
making ofl". vf
'I'll teach tli.it boy a lesson in good man;
ners,' said Mr. IlegUTus to Mb wife.^ "Ho
needs to Lave the clown rubbed off a lit?
, tie.' ,r
'Jonas! come baok here a moment.
Don't you know, to^ fine fellow, that you
shouldn't come into a T boose in this way
without knocking, and with your. hat.tin.
Sit down my arm-chair. Imagine yourself
tiie minister, ano I'll come^in "with (he
mutton, and show you how a boy ought to
Jonas sits up gravely ju tlie arm-chair,
air! Mr. Regulus goes out with tho leg of.
mutton, - ?
En:er Mr. -Regulus, in tlio character of
Jonas. Ho tukcs off his hat with a low
'My father sends his compliments to Mr.
Ri-gulu?, nnd asks bis pabt(tft?o accept a
token of his regard.'
Jonas, from the arra-cliair:
'I thank you. Mrs. Iiegulus, just gitse
that boy a uifiepence.'
The lesson was mutual.?[.Monthly Religious
Poktry.?Dr. Reese, of the Melhodiat
Protestant, liius confesses:
'We acknowledge that as wo grow older
we become more fastidious about newspaper
poetry. Mere comrponplaces, strung
tOgethor In rhyme, do not please us. And
yet it paina us to reject what is often timidly
presented by young^ writers, We remember
when wo made our first efforts in
that line?how anxiously wo looked for the
paper that was expected to qpntain them,
and how unjust seemed (o us the decision
that consigned Them to oblivion. See, there
wo have betrayed ourselves. Yen, in mo?
than one instance "were our boyish verges
tossed under the table by editorial indjjffere(ib6.
The editorB were right. We tbank
pvprv hndv wlin ?nn/to n?'?
^ ',? ??W .'VMVJU HQ ? UUUI 11 I U 11
And it would afford'us pleasure to insert
every article sent to us, if we oould do 60
in good conscience.'
Verv good.?A minister'* wife aaysr4?,
The first time I took my ebfot boy to
oborob, when he was two Tears and a half
old, I managed *&Ub cartas and /towns
and candy-, to keep him very still tHI-aba
sermon wu.Giir donA> Btf this iim? -li!?
pplteoce wa??xl)*usted, and b? climbed to
^is.feet,' and stood On t ha. seal, looking at
the pr*U?h* (^'8 inteut ly.
Th^n. mci| JS? b?d hit opon a certain relief
for bit ttoub1*vbe pulled we .by tbe cbin to
!?&<* ,fi?/ ^ot'on, exelakDid, in a di*~
jljngt voic^ 'ifatfima, make prfpft say AP*S
Many gentlemen of tiuiicution and cullure
lmve experience! the sad fooling of
having wives or children come to the table,
onlv to fret and prowl, ntiri complain, and
snlk. It ia horrible to think of. And yet
it may ho presumed that the happiness of
<jnite as excellent wives is marred, if not
wholly eaten out, by husbands who come to
me tabic wUU a terrible dignitv, or with
selfishness so predominant that it places
everybody else ami everything under tribute
to its supreme gratification; moroseness
stamped on every feature; a belittling
cpicrulousness in evciy uttered sentence.
Here one comes now as stately as n turkeycock,
as cross as a bear, and as a corn-cob.
I r.. <=. l.o - ?- - J
. J.vi.ivo III OMIMI, r.iusiv ?UH1S , lllU III ?
noeent prattle uf liis children is an apparent
torture to liim ; there must, not bo ? wtifa-per
or a whisper, for lie is poring over u
newspaper, or in the midst of some plan or
project for gain or fame. Ilis very pre,
Pence is felt as a cloud, an incubus, an ieoI
berg; and tliere is only gladness when lie
| is gone ; it is then only it at the sunshine
. of family affection and love comcs out, and
I filial and motherly sympathies swell up
: fiotn loving lieai ts.
To meet, nl llm Krool.-f.icf f..i1.
- ?v..?..wm .iwk, .n.nri,
mother, child run, all well, ought to be a
happiness to any heart ; it should be. a
source of humble gratitude, and should
wake up the warmest feelings of our nature
j Shame upon the contemptible and low-bred,
cur, whether parent or child, that ca'n ever
I come to tho breakfast table, where all the
family have met in health, only to frown,
whine, and growl, and fret! it is prima
fucic evidence of si mean, and groveling,
and selfish, and degraded nature, wbenc.esoI
ever the churl may have sprung. Nor is
j it less reprehensible to make such exhibij
tions at the tea-table ; for before the morning
come?, some of the little circle may
be stricken with some deadly disease, to
! gather around that table not again foreVer!
I Children in good health, if left to thera1
selves at the table, bccome, after a few
1 mouthsful, garrulous and noisy ; but if
| within at all reasonable or boa ruble bounds
it is better to let them alone; they eat less,
because they do not eat so rapidly as if
compelled to keep silent, -while the very
exhileration of spirits quickens the circulation
of the vitid fluids, and energizes digestion
and assimilation.
The extremes of society curiously meet
in this regard. The tables of the rich and
the nobles of England are models of mirth
wit and bonhommie ; it take9 hours to get
through a repast, and they live long. If
anybody will look in upon the negroes of a
well-to-do family in Kentucky, w hr*|at
llipir mprila tlior ^aniiAl Knf
? | ? v<"i* ?? V w i'-4b uu lllipit'.mvvi
with the perfect abandon of llieir jabber,
caehination and mirth ; it seems a& if they
could talk all d.?y, and they live long. It
follow?, thetyfhat at tlio family table all
should meet and do it habitually, to make
a common interchange of high-bred courtesies,
of warm affections, of cheering mirthfulness,
and tliat generosity of nature,
which lifts us above the brutes which perish,
promotive as these things are of good
digestion, high health, and a long Jife.
Cleanliness.?Compare thedirtinessof
the water jn which you have washed when
it is cold without so.'?p, cold with soap, hot
with soap. You will find the first has
hardly removed any dirt at all, the second
a little more, and the third a great deal
more. But hold your hand over a cup of
hot water a minute or ^two, and then, by
merely rubbing with tj^e finger, you will
bring off flakes of dirty skin. After a vai
por bath you may peel your whole self
cl?an in tbis way." What I mean is, that
by simply washing or sponging with water
you do not really clean your skin. Take a
rough towel, dip one corner in very hot
water?if a littlo spirit be added to it, it
iv i
..... wv vuvuiuni n11VI llJt'U IUU HS II
you were rubbing the towel .into your skin
with your lingers. The black flakes which
come off will convince you that you were
not clean before, however much soap and
water you may have us$d. These flnkefc
are what require remoxiug. And you can
really keep yourself cleaner with a tumbler
full of ^iot water aud a rough towel and
rubbing, than with a whole apparatus of
bath and soap and sponge without rubbing.
I( ii'quHe noai(irt% fo say that anybody,
nepd be dirty." Patients have been kept as
clean by tbese^mfejifis on a long voyage,
when a basit^^tT of water could not be
afforded, and when "Ibcy could not be
moved, out of their berths, as if all theappurtepiffyccs
of home -had been at -hand-.?Wasbing,
however, with a large quantity
of water, ha* quite other effect* than those
of mere clearness.The skin absorbs the
water ahd beeomeKmof**ofl and more perspirable.
To was^ritli^loftp and soft water
if, therefore, detl^ble from other poiote
of view than tbt^t of cldanlinees.?JVbfcb
on Nursing by Jfytfbnce Nightingale.
When does,the farmer, act with trro&t
pdaoeu hw
til ??r?. -.v ,,/, Jc ' M.J
c ^ <v .V\W :
It is a common error to suppose that insanity
and imagination go oflenest together.
I, for one, have rarely seen them' allied.?
The boiler seldom bursts that possesses a
safety-valve. ^{|Tlio inmates of lilhatio
asylums are usually personsof finely strung
nerves and limited ideality; the most unfortunate
of all combinations. the effort
of the dumb to speak that oVereets tbo
brain. When imagination is true it is very
stable, as well nf very demonstrative.?
! Could anything fiavo driven Voltaire crazy ?
Was not Byron tho coolcst gf practical
self-lovers ? \V ho so rational as epicurean
; ?om iMoore ! >v iio so real as loyal Wjdt?*rS?*otl?
Who so self poised as Wordsworth
and Southey ? Overwork did, ind'^&Lpoftcn
the brain of some of these, but
come from any continuous exerjfofe-:',"
nursing the sick, setting up typo
reading loo continuously, digesting 01, being
annoyed by debt, puzzling out problems.
! Madness is a thing apart from tho physical
condition, as I consider it. Tho idea of
| Tope going ernzy, or Shakspearc, or old
1 S;irn Johnson. nnppr n? 1>? woo
T , .. .,W ou>
preposterous that it make? one smile ^to
think t of it. And as fdr Charles Larub,
the home Lero of the agb* tho hereditary
taint took the foim.of genius wiih biro,
evidently, and found its safety-valve thus,
or he n.ight have been as wild as Bridget
Elia. Cowper, too, was half-saved
i om m win ess by Ins genius alone. There
stands before me, as well.as I can remember,
but one exception-to this ordinary julo
in ihe history of thegiftedjin the person of
Dean Swift. lie rises to niv imagination
like a gigantic blasted oak-tree, standing
out lone and lightning scathed in the midst
of a bare and desolate health, a mystery
nnd a warning. Somo cleaving curso was
there. ^
Wellington and Washington.
Lord Brougham recently uttered the
following nobla tribute to the character of
The history of latter times, iradeed of
our own country, affords a contrast to.the
I failings and the vices which we have been
| viewing, and the contemplation of which
' I ! - f? ~ <
uicsjr UC4I OUMUVY iUl IIIC ^rtsau
genius which they perverted, and abhorrence
of the mischievous uses to which
| they turneil it. Of our own illustrious
| captain and statesman, who defeated &11
j Napolron's marshals in the cau*=o of his
country and !ier allies, and who ended by
! overcoming Napoleon himself, it might
| not be fit to speak in this way ; because,
! though no one can have the least doubt
how ho would have acted in a like posi- .
tion, yet he never had tho opportunity of
declining an assumption of power beyond
the law. But in Washington we may
contemplate every excellence, military and
civil applied to the service of-his conntry
and of mankind?a triumphant warrior,
unshaken in confidence when the most
sanguine had a right to despair, a successful,
ruler in all the difliculte? of a courso
wholly untried?directing tho formation
of a new government for a great people,
the first time so vast an" experiment "had
ever been tried by man?voluntarily and
unostentatiously retiring from supreme
power with tlio veneration o? all parties,
of all nation?, ot all mankind, that the
rights of *bion might be conserved, and
that his example might never be appeal*
eil to by vulgar tyrants. It will be the
dut/-K*f the historian and the sage, m all
agds to omit no occasion of commemora
ting this illustrious man ;and until time
shall be no more, will attest of the pro*
g'esa Which our r.nco h-v mado in wisdom
and virtue, be,derived from the venera*
tion paid to the immortal name of WasS-/
ixoton ! . ' : *'
Woman bv a hick man's cquoh,?It baa
often been truly remarked that in?ickneos
I there is no band like ft women's liand?no
i ? i:i.? ? - --- f
ucun u?o ? ^wvln" ? "??" uu tJJ'O ?p UlT?
tiring?no hope so fervent. \Vprajtn J?y
a aick raau's couch is divinity1* impersonate!).
A young fellow having been charged
with getting drunk the night .bqfore, and
'wishing to justify himself, declared thai he
never was drunk, nor never meant to be,
ror 11 aiwaya mn<ie Dim leel so Dad the next
*i ?
WoaTH niitBMBBiuNG.?It is not what
we but what we save, tbat roa)c68 lis
rich. It is not what wo eat, but what wo
digest^ tbat makes us fat. It i* not what
we read, but what we rernember tbat wakes
us leaned. ., - di v, -r
A printer's apprentice saye tbat at lb a
office tbey chargebiia With alJ thfl jn|U??ijr
rfoftod, and at the bouse they charge luw
: - ~r?f i*.*'*;1, i
A person ioquiritfg( at one o# our r?\L'
v 1 . & ' "' v-ii ii> i:':.^' . t--' ' ' ki' . *r:.:'k^v>

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