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^k"Grandest In T1
^ W
Mrs. Simmons Says She Feels Better
I Than She has Since She Was a
"I don't believe there is another
R medicine in the vr..,: ' that er'ttllst
ft Vitona, and I revc,.* intend to be
B -V Itbout it as lorn- as I live," said Mrj.
B Alice Simmons who resides at 17
B South Lawn Street, Atlanta, (la, a
few days ago. "I am giving this
H statement simply because I feel it
my duty so other sufferers may know
what this wonderful discovery will
' "For thirty long years?nearly
my life?I suffered with kidney
trouble. My condition kept getting
worse until my health became almost
completely shattered. I had
awful pains in my sides and back, and
r had such terrible headaches at time
B my head felt just like it would burst
I open. My limbs ached and 1 was ner
vous .and irritable all the time, and
I didn't know what it was to get a
good night's rest. I would get up
every morning feeling tired and worn
^B out and would .just drag myself
? around the house all day feeling
I about half dead. I seemed to be losB
ing weight and strength every day.
B "I also had stomach trouble and
^ lost my appetite almost completely.
What little I ate did more harm than
B good. My blood was bad, too, and
B there just didn't seem to be any end
B to my troubles.
"I will always thank the friend
j who told me about Vitona for it has
almost made a new woman out of me.
In fact, I feel better than 1 have
wsinee I was a girl, and I think this is
wonderful after being sick so long.
- I don't have those awful pains in my
- back and sides now, the headaches
have disappeared, nr.d 1. ive more
[ strength and energy ihar. I have had
in years. I have also gained a great
^KBfe.' deal in weight. I sleep well, have a
^9^ .good appetite and am not nervous
like I was. I feel just line.
: "Aly husband and children have
also taken Vitona with wonderful
results, and I have recommended it
to many of my friends. .It overcame
my troubles after everything else
failed, and I urn sure thut there is
not another medicine in the world
that equuls it."
Vitona is sold in Chesterfield exclusively
by D. H. Laneyjand by McBee
Drug Co., McBee; Ruby Drug
Co., Ruby; T. E. Wannamaker and
Bon., Cheraw. Advertisement.
Constipation, if Neglected,
Causes Serious Illness
Constipation, if neglected, leads
to almost innumerable complications
affecting the general beaitk
appendicitis ? d
year*. and at tlmas became ?<> bud I
H Would become unconarlotie. I have Ix-'-n
B found In tliat condltl many tlm -a.
HI Wiyalclane did not eeem to be Bble
HB do me any good. I would be'
Hf waak and for daya at a time could
BO worn. Not long; -k a ' a b >*
K Of Dr. Miles' laxathe Tablet a, and
HK after using them found I had nevrr
jH tried anything that acted in atl
mild and effective manner. I believe
I have at laat found the remedy tliat
I suits my case."
?E Thousands of people are sufferers
Hk frotn habitual con tipati
Mr while possibly realizing tomethinit
B of the danger of this condition, yet
oealect tr?,. -
_ ..... .?,,K n? riiipi,>y proper
fteasuret until serious illi
result*. The advice of
ans it, "keep your bowels
d it's good advice,
es' Laxative Tablets are i
1 druggists, at aj cents a
lining doses. If not
i&factory, your money it
KOICAU CO.. Elkhart, InU. ,
oriel," She Says
Christmas holds a unique place as
a yearly celebration. The observance a
of other holidays has changed, but d
Christmas has yielded none of its t
original sacredness as a religious day.
It is now, as at first, essentially a re- ^
ligious day. Its reality voices a song
of fraternity; people grow at this 8
season more generous, more indul- r
gent, more human. It is evangelistic I
for the destruction of malice and ill- 1
will?differences between one and
another are forgotten. '
Year by year Christmas devitalizes 1
selfishness, and consequently the day 1
is a powerful factor for good. Great '
characters step from the spiritual at- 1
mosphere; majestic deeds of charity '
leave their blessing and example everywhere.
Yuletide is not merely a '
period of gift betowal or solely a '
time of thoiichtfiilnpRs Ifq niirnifi. '
I cancc is profound. Feeling is immersed
in kindness. Conduct is adapt- *
ed to what is highest and best.
The first plain Christmas, of which (
that of today is rf sublime issue, dignified
sacrifice. The Good Book says;
"And there were shepherds watching,
and keeping the night watches over
their flocks." A manifestation of per- 1
sonal sacrifice. Those who would be !
rich must give. The gift need not be (
monetary. Giving is without limita- '
tion?if a singer, give to others a
glad-song; if a millionaire in experience,
give freely of advice; if a table
of plenty, share the repast with those c
who are not only physically hungry, 1
but thirsty for sympathy; if invested 1
with geniality, become a prince giver J
of laughter, of service, of encouragement.
Be constructive. Followers of 1
this doctrine draw from the season a
j rich return in happiness. 8
By Charles F. Thwing. '
The angels' song, "On Earth Peace, "
Good Will Toward Men," can also be
translated "peace to men of good
will " TM? Uur.un *:?i.. -- ?it
I ...... ? f v? oivu to viiiivij', no wen
as correct for the Greek. For peace
I can and shall come to men of good
I will, and it cannot come to men of
. bad will.
Who is the man of Rood will? It
| is he who has a choice of happiness,
' or righteousness, of goodness for all
men. It is he who desires that men i
may be blessed, and who tries to
make the desire effective. The man
of good will dots not hate. Neither '
does he incarnate hate in any weapon 1
offensive or defensive. He is free
from revenge, and it full of forgive- j
ness for the penitent. He may not
j forget injuries, but, what is more iml
portant, he is eager to make injury '
j the occasion for helping the offender <
] to overcome the evil within the heart '
or will out of which the injury <
sprung. He is capable of mighty in- 1
dignations, but he does not suffer a
himeslf to be conquered by them. '
Without being impassive, he is calm '
in the face of wrong, and he is very ^
patient, being more willing to he the '
victim than the agent of evil. His '
hatred of all sin and his love for the '
man who, despite his manhood, is r
guilty of sin, are alike strong and
lasting. He is free from suspicion, ?
ho thinketh no evil. He loves his
neighbor, not only as himself, but
even more, being more eager to do *
justice than to receive justice.
The qualities and elements which
constitute the man of good will also ?
constitute the commonwealth of good 0
Such a commonwealth is a com- >j
monwealth peace. Willing good to
others, others will good also to it.
I Armaments in such condition have ^
. o longer function to play, and they o
| molt away. The battleflags are furl- I t!
cd. Wars cease and rumors of wars '
are not heard. Men become brothers
in mutual service and happiness, as 1
they are brothers in origin and c'Ws "
tiny. ^
j '.i
Don't Really Mean It. ''
"Wishing your friends and neigh- |
l?ors a 'Merry (Christmas' is a pleas- ^
ing custom." a
"True, 1 have conscientious scru- J
pies against doing so," answered the a
thoughtful man. ti
"What do you mean?" 1<
"1 fear a great many people say ir
'Merry Christmas!' in much the same a
spirit that they ask, 'How do you do?'
They don't care a hang how you do." 1
?(Cxchange. lt?
irat?Don't Delay. Second?Don't
If you suffer from backache headches
or dizzy spells; if you rest porry
and are languid in the morning; if
he kidney secretions are irregular J
,nd unnatural in appearance, do not j
lelay. In such cases the kidneys of
en need help.
Doan's Kndneys Pills are cspecialy
prepared for kidney trouble they
ire recommended by thousands. Can !
'esidents desire more convincing
>roof of merit than the statement of
i citizen of this locality.
A. W. Chance, merchant, Main St.,
Lancaster, S. C., say: "I have been
ising Doan's Kidney Pills for year,
ind they have always strengthened
ny kidneys. I am satisfied that they
ire a Rood kidney medicine. I have
felt much better since usinR them."
ZJhance said: "I think as highly of
Joan's Kidneys Pills now as when I
irst recommended them."
Price 60c at all dealers. Don't
limply ask for a kidney remedy?Ret
'Joan's Kidney Pills?the same that
Vfr. Chance had. Foster-Milburn
So., Mffjrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Adv.
Wanted?Old False Teeth; don't
matter if broken. 1 pay $2 to $15 per
jet. Send by parcel post and re:eive
check by return mail. F. TERL,
103 N. Wolfe St. Baltimore, Md. 42
Why will you suffer from this most
Ireadful disease when L-Rheumo has
irnven tVi?> r.rnutuof 1?"?
? u.vuwQV AkWIIICUjr IV/t IHf
past 25 years? Thousands of people
testify to its wonderful cures,
rhis- famous prescription should be
n your home. Have it ready when
fou feel that first pain. Ask to be
ihown our money-back Guarantee.
For sale by?The Chesterfield
Drug Co., Chesterfield, S. C.; J. T.
lowers & Son, Jefferson, S. C.; Morten
Drug Co., Morvcn, N. C.
Twenty shares Mt. Croghan Drug
Co., price $500.
Ten shares Bank of Ruby and Mt.
Croghan, price $500.
Portsmouth, V.a
State of South Carolina,
County of Chesterfield.
J. W. Atkinson as Assignee of F.
VI. Moore, and Lula G. Moore, Pluin,iff,
vs. W. M. Taylor defendant.
Pursuant to a decree rendered by
lis honor, Judge R. W. Meminger
>n November 11), 1917,1 will sell to
he highest bidder for cash before
:he Courthouse door, between the
egal hours of sale on the first Monlay
in January, 1918, (same being
re 7th), all that tract of land in
ibove State and County bounded as
'ollows: on the North by lands beonging
to John Wesley Church, East
>y lands, of J. W. Laney, South by ands
of Chesterfield-Lancaster pubic
road, and West by lands of W. M.
Paylor, containing forty-six acres
nore or less, and being the tract of
and deeded by W. M. Taylor to B. C.
Special Master for Cheserfield
Itate of South Carolina,
'ounty of Chesterfield.
J. W. Atkinson, plaintifT vs. W. M.
'aylor, defendant.
Pursuant to a decree rendered by
is honor, Judge R. \V. Meminger
n November 17, 1917, I will sell to
h" highest bidder for cash, before
lie Courthouse door, between the leal
hours of sale on the first Monday
n January, 1918 (same bring the
th), the following <hscribed ti. et of
?nd in the above Stitle and v'aunty,
ounded on the No rth by land of
ohn W. Churcl^ on the East by
irds of H. D. Taylor, on the South
v * *
J I nriu-^jllH ilSUT pu 1)1 H' road
nd on the W?S#t by lands of A. 11. I
ohnson, containing twenty eijrht
cros more or less, and beinj? the
pact of land upon which W. M. Tay>r
lived in the year 1913, same havbeen
deeded him by B. C. Moore
nd D. W. Mclaiurin.
Special Master for Ches;rfield
We Are Now Ready to t
The splendid results obtained by plantc
has earned for this cotton a popularity i
strain of staple cotton we have yet prod
pert breeding are behind this strain of c
have .'elected and improved this variety,
yiei<l, a stronger staple <>- uniform lengtl
ties?a cotton of higher money value
mills. Our Ilartsville No. 11, distribute
first time, has closely met every require
thi spinner. This varie ty is very produc
tons makes a lint of 1 3-8 inches, of
strength. It has large bolls, it is easily
pror?f, and always makes a high grade a
tons picked at the same time. It is highl
(it is not wilt resistant) and stands ?
tions better than any other staple vai
drought resistant of any long staple co
cotton always brings top prices on staple
PRICKS: $2.40 a bushel in lots of twenty
bushel for one to twenty bushels.
Our Ilartsville No. 12 which we offer t
the earliest and most productive strain c
vet produced. Its nedicree tr?rn? linnlr
and makes a higher percentage of lint (a
strain of Hartsville we have previously 1
ton is open growing with rather light
that open wide and fluffy, making it mu
strains with more pointed bolls. The li
runs about 33 per cent., including the 1
which is about 11-2 better than our oth<
good conditions the staple will run full 1
ductiveness and earliness of this cott
percentage and length, makes it the moi
ville cotton that we have yet offered.
PRCES: $3.00 a bushel?any quantity.
Write for Pries on Othei
and Short Staple Gottor
All our seed cotton is ginned at our s
neries. Between runs of different var
cleaned of seed and lint. The seed comini
blasts all light and immature seed and
I blasts all light and immatur seed and
seeds run from the separating machine
are immediately sewed up, branded and
We guarantee our cotton seed pure,
We make actual germination tests a
fall below our high standards are disc
guarantee is placed in every bag. Th?
registered trade mark?our guarunte of
Wo soil nnv nnonl ifn 1
w.j Mu?invivjr, iiuin uill' |M?UIMI
wo soil thousands of bushels throuehot
every cotton section those seeds have tfi\
don't sell any cotton seed except that
under our own personal supervision. V
tfood. Every bap: we ship out is our owr
Book your order AT ONCE. Send a
per cent of the amount. Shipment will
December 1st to February lf>th, accord
Real:/ n,; that tilis vo ir, the next a
3 7
' American f trni'v will 'jo called rpoi
i tion of tlm peoples of Tin- t'arlh, v <
reaec*": <o alsc aeeive The I'ro^rr
j ojfnJ'.'O .? ns i!ie Sc nib's lor'
uocirinc?: of crr$ r. ~
. .
cv> i/Mi. . tot row 'if.osv problem;
iacnt th.it hi; I: a fvi .1.1 appeal !
1 teed itee!f * i"4 have something M-.-n?
jj friends iuaus:. Ihe Seas.
As ycT v \Tri si:r Jutv equlo j >ur
?md gi;id nc! of II. s standard fai n
1 one do'le." a yt ?r and may be bu.t
a noun* ; -a. id Loiow,
Sofcfi Paperj
iook Orders For
TSYILLb No. 11
;rs of our Hartsville No. 1 1
not surpassed by any other
uced. Eleven years of exotton.
Year after year we
breeding to secure a bigger
h an<l better spinning qualito
the farmer and to the
id by us last year for the
emcnt of both grower and
tive, and under good condiremarkable
uniformity and
picked, is practically storm
s compared with other coty
resistant to most diseases
infavorable weather condi iety.
It is also the most
tton we have tested. This
i markets,
bushels and above; $2.50 a
his year for the first, time is
r ii 4 ? :ii- -..A*? i
'i (lunaviiie cunun we nave
1902, but it in much earlier
bout 33 per cent.) than any
jred. The type of this cotfoliage,
large round bolls
ch easer to pick than other
nt percentage of this strain
weight of bagging and ties,
sr Hartsvlle Strains. Under
5-16 inches. The type, proon,
combined with its lint
st desirable strain of llartsr
Varieties of Long
i and ?eed Corn
pecially equiped private nineties
the nms are carefully
? out of the K'ns run directly
any burrs, trash, etc. The
any burrs, trash, etc. The
into the sacks, and the bans
sent to our large warehouse,
true to name and of high
,f every lot and any which
:arded. A card giving our
?se seed are sold under our
' quality.
to several cars. Every year
Jt the entire South, and in
:en satisfactory results. We
raised from our finest seed
/e don't buy ami sell cotton
t product.
deposit of not less than ten
bo made at any time from
injj to your instructions.
s. c.
nd the next mr?>bo, fho i|
> to iVod the ma.ior p>r- ll
; have nrri.ii?wl .or ;
ssivc l ariiua*. \* c i co j
of 4l?t i?a'.v itai
A M( '1 I O'.l .?J.a CC- - "
rm -? ,-s ~ 1 V-. *"> ?
* 10 OUT i'7*c Sfo
ti>" H'ut'i to not only |
for rur r.jrcAy r.co- ;:i{;
s-hv the auvice I
i wrs kly which * ells for
wit:: car paper for the
s $1.50

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