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(Continued from preceding page) I
\ luried her head on his shoulder and
e e e e e e e I
Without losing an instant the conrlct
set himself at the climb. Ills
laste, the swift glances shot behind
him, the appalling dread that made his
nerves ragged, delayed his speed by
dissipating the singleness of his energy.
His face and hands were torn
with catclnw, his knees bruised by a
slip against a sharp jut of quartz.
When he reached the top he was
panting and shaken. Before he had
moved a dozen steps a man caine out
of the brush scarce seventy-tlve yards
away and called to him to surrender.
He flung his rifle to place and fired
The man staggered und steadied
himself. A shell had Juramed and
Blackwcll could not throw It out. He
turned to run as the other tired. But
he wus too late. He stumbled, tripped
und went down full length.
The man that had shot him waited
for him to rise. The convict did not
move. Cautiously the wounded hunter
came forward, his eyes never lifting
from the Inert sprawling figure. Even
now ne nun expecieu nun 10 spring up. ,
life and energy in every tense muscle.
Not till lie stood over him, till he saw
the carelessly flung limbs, the uncouth
twist to the neck, could he believe thnt
so slight n crook of the finger had sent
swift death ncross the plateau.
The wounded man felt suddenly
sick. Leaning against a rock, he steadled
himself till the nausea was past.
Voices called to him from the plain helow.
He answered and presently circled
down Into the gulch which led to
the open.
At the gulch mouth he came on a
little group of people. One glance
told hliu all he needed to know. Kate
CalUson was crying In the arms of
Curly Flandrau. Simultaneously a
man galloped up, flung himself from
his horse nnd took the young woman
from her lover.
"My little girl!" he cried In a voice
that rang with love.
Luck had found his ewe '.arah thnt
was lost.
It was Curly who first saw the man
approaching from the gulch. "Hollo,
Cass! Did you get him?"
Fendrlck nodded wearily. "Yep.
He's up there." The sheepman's baud
swept toward the bluff.
"You're wounded?"
"Got me In the shoulder. Nothing
serious, I Judge."
Culllson swung around. "Sure
about that, Cass?" It wns the first
time for years that he had called the
other by his first name except in
"Let's have a look at the shoulder." !
After lie hud done what he could for
It Luck spoke bluffly. "This dashed
feud Is off, Cass. You've wiped the
slate clean. When you killed ItlnckKodak
season is on. We handle a
complete line, also Films.
c n 1 r\ /- i
uijuarc 1/cmi i/rug v^o. |
lOx J:/2 CJooil>
labric, All-Wc
10 x l'/2 f?ooib
habric, Anti-SI
? -WijynglfiJ" 1
aaa 1"" ??
Loo?e Threads.
Those who knew about Sam's share
In the plauulng of the Tin Cup holddp
kept their mouths close. All of the
men Implicated In the robbery were
dead except Hutch. Culllson used his
Influence to get the mnn a light sentence,
for he knew that he was not a
criminal at heart. In return Dutch
went down the line without so much
as breathing Sam's name.
Luck saw to It that Curly got all
the credit of frustrating the outlaws In
their attempt on the Flyer and of capturing
them afterward. In the story
of the rescue of Kate he played up
Flondrau's part in the pursuit at the
expense of the other riders. For September
was at band and the young
mnn needed all the prestige he could
get. The district attorney had no
choice but to go on with the case of
the State versus Flandrnu on a charge
of rustling horses from the Hnr Double
M. Hut public sentiment was almost
a unit In favor of the defendant.
The evidence of the prosecution was
not so strong as It had been. All of
his accomplices were dead ami one of
the men implicated had given It out in
his Inst moments that the young mnn
was not a party to the crime. The
man who had owned the feed corral
had sold out and gone to Colorudo.
The hotel clerk would not swear positively
thnt the prisoner was the man
ho liuft ?i>?n with the other rimtlerw
Curly lmd one Important asset no
Jury could forgot. It counted for a
good deal that Alec Flandrau, IMlly
Mackenzie, and Luck Culllson were
known to he hacking him. hut It was
worth much more that his wife of a
week sat beside him in the courtroom.
Kvory look and motion of the girl-wife
radiated love for the young scamp
i 1
A5> 1
WW ?
*;??? ?. ! ,ut.; like dyn
calomel com
crashes into
Take "Dodson's L
If you feci bilious. headachy, con
gtipatcd and all knocked <>ut. just gi
to your druggist and git a bottle o
Dolson's Liver Tone for n few cents
which is a harmless vegetable sub
stitutc for dangerous calomel. Taki
spoonful and if it doesn't star
your liver and straighten you uj
hotter and quicker (han nasty calome
i ?n II ????
for the v
With Got
SS^\ In using its
\ skill to buil
\ 11.
k,? siblc mt? f
X'm\t its work "
$#< Tires for th
Thesc have
M? l|| com petenc<
I 1''I i ties of the
I fe' world's larfi
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; The sum o!
|j able to yu
| I I re, Iv
I E I sizes, at the
/ jl 1 I Dealer's pk
j/ 0 I i Go to this
j? , tir?s, arid Co
| $ I Jrie is ready
W. J/
'/ -1' '
f^ / v\Y
car Do)i?>!o>Curc $^>O 50 Oood^
4ther'J :i tj ^ L.y? reir.to
n: r Sin -Cure 1 SO than (
'.ij Tre^J 1 proof
|H||RPfMP9^pRB ?
He Turned to Run m? the Other Fire#.
well you put mo out of a hostile camp."
"I'm glad?eo glad. Now we'll all be
friends, won't we?" Kate cried.
Cass looked at her and at Corlf.
both of them radiant with happiness,
and his heart ached for what be had
missed. Hut he smiled none the less.
"Suits me If it does you."
He gave one hnnd to Luck and the
other to his daughter.
Curly laughed guyly. "Everybody
satis lied. I reckon."
, mm?
,tlivates! It's mercury. Calomel
.unite on a sluggish liver. When
ics into contact with sour bile it
it, causing cramping and nausea.
iver Tone" Instead 1
ind without making you sick, you
) just go back and get your money,
f If you take calomel today you'll
he sick and nauseated tomorrow; besides,
it may salivate you, while if
you take Dods.oij's ?/iy.cr Tone you
will wake up feeling great, full of
ambition and ready for work or play.
1 It Is harmless, pleasant and ante to
1 give to children; they like tt.
Smaller C
>dyear Me
immense resources and ir
d the highest relative va
. f' *
res, tnis company Has nev
lore effective than in G
ie smaller cars.
the full advantages >f O
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factory we are devotinj
;est production of 30x3-,
nch sizes.
r i. extraordinary effort
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-y. Jly or other car usii
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: 'v " '
| who had won her. And slnco they
were tender-hearted old frontiersmen
they did not Intend to spoil her joy. j
Moreover, society conld afford to take
chances with this young fellow Flan- ||
' drau. Long before they left the box
each member of the jury knew that he
was going to vote for acquittal.
It took the Jury only one ballot to c
find a verdict of not guilty. The
judge did not attempt to stop the nproar
of glad cheers that shook the ;
building when th* decision was rend.
He knetv It was not the prisoner so
much they were cheering ns the brnve
girl who had sut so plucklly for three C
days beside the husband she bad made
a man.
j From the courtroom Curly walked
I out under the blue sky of Arizona a
free man. But he knew thnf the best p
of his good fortune was that lie did not !
go alone. For all the rest of their '
lives her firm little steps would move ' w
, beside him to keep him 'rue and
steady. He could not go wiping now, a
for he was anchored to a responsibility
that was a continual Joy and wond<- ?
tO hi hi. _
(Tin: kn?>.) l
Plant Food And Intsec.icide jj
Protect*, the cotton plant from dam- ei
age by rust, insects and shedding in 'r
h >t weather; invented and patented. v
Any farmer can manufacture it. Cost ti
about $2.00 per acre. Farm rights, ^
$r?.00 per horse. Guaranteed s. tisfaction
or money refunded on return of '
' formula. For sale by
S. J. Sellers and D. II. McGregor,
Ruby. S. C. jj
Froai utree Years' Suffering. Sajs u
Cc.rdui Made Her WelL u
Texas City, Tex.?In an interesting s<
rtr.teme:!4, Mrs. G. H. Schill, oi thistown, tl
says: "!'or three years I suffeteJ untold
agony wilh try head. I was unable to ?
do any oi my work.
1 just wanted to sleep all the time, for
that was the only case I could get, when t'
I was asleep. I became a nervous wreck
just frcsn th? awful suffering with my
I wrs so nervous that the least noise o]
would make mc jump out of my bed. 1 j,
had no energy, and was unable to do s,
anything. My son, a young L- y, had to
do all my household duties. 4,
I was not able to do anything until I
took Cardui. 1 took three bodies in all, ?i
and it surely cured me of those awful ol
headaches. That has been f'"rce years ir
r.go, and 1 know the cure is permanent, 11
f ir I have never had any headache since
taking Cardui. . .
Nothing relieved me until 1 took Cardui. J,
It did wonders for ine." f,
Try Cardui for your troubles?made ti
from medicinal ingredients recommended n
in medical books as being of benefit in
female troubles, and 40 years of use has 0proven
that the books are right. Begin
taking Card-.d today. NC-134 !'
_ tl
ars? :
' (l
iventive M
lue pos* b
er made j?
oodyear o
oodyear ?
rn fedliI
to the
30x3V2-, !!
: is availChevro*
ig these j?
i sfatirvn ! ''
or these *
t Tubes,
ng tubes that '
casing with m
Mt little mora
,tmr- $^50
^ . *
r -v -i - ""
By REV. P. U. FITZ WATER, D. DTeacher
of Ensltah Bible In the Moody
Bible Inetltute of Chicago.)
LESSON TKXT?Judgee 4:4-3:31.
GOLDEN TKXT?Ood le our refuge and '
trength. a very present help In trouble.?
e. 40:1.
1-3; Heb. 11:32, 33.
PRIMARY *1?- PIC?A Brave Woman
letplng a Oenernl.
JUNIOR TOPIC?A 8tory of a Hero
nd a Heroine.
-Fighting on Ood's Sldo.
The 8ervlcee of Women in National
The hook of Judges covors fhe pelod
from the couquest of Canaitu and '
enth of Joshua to the judgedtilp of
aniuel. While Joshua and the eldrs
of hl9 generation lived the people
l sopie measure remained faithful to
od In ohedlence to his Word, hut the
pry next generation went Into apostsy.
Tholr deelenslou may be ao*
nuntnil for an fnllftivo.
1. Failure to drive the (Jonnanltes
rom tlielr midst.
2. Tlielr amalgamation with the Cannnltes.
Their close proximity to
te people had Its leavening effect, for
ley rooii Intermarried with the henthn.
Tolerance with the enemy Is closer
followed by union therewith, and
nick disaster comes In the wake of
ik'Ii union.
3. Tdolatry. Intermarriage with the
esithen was soon followed by the
-orshlp of the heathen cods. Thus Isicl's
pow%>r was gradually weakened.
i that Instead of being conquerors
hoy became the conquered.
In chapter 2:0-9 is given a synopsis
f the hook of Judges: '
1. The sin of the people (vv. 0-13).
2. Clod's Judgment for their sin (vv.
I. 1r>).
3. Repentance of the people (3:9).
4. God's deliverance at tlie hands of
to Judges (w. J6*10).
A repetition of sin. oppression by the
Homy, repentance on tIn* part of the
ooplc, and find's deliverance. Is the
!ory of the hook of Judges.
I. The Judgeship of Deborah (4:
Iler name means "Roe," suggesting
nlerly Instincts. As suggested-by anther,
"Slie answered her nanie by her
idustry, sagacity, ami great use to
te public." The period was marked
y awful oppression. The Israelites
ere helpless, for the enemy had 900
harlots of Iron. Deborah was an
nlque character. Clod raised her up
>r such a time us this. Under a palm
*ee she held an open court for the
(hntnistrntlon of Justice.
II. Deborah Summons Barak (4:
Barak means "lightning." Deborah,
elng a prophetess, was able to select
ip ntfip 'wlpisp gifts vypuld enable him
i rally the forces needed to gain the
Ictor.v ovor the formldahlo foo.
1. Deborah's call (vv. 0, 7). It was
od's call through her. She gave deflite
Instruction as to the number of
ten and the strategy to he employed,
ssurlng Barak that God would deliver
Isera, the captain of Jahln's army,
ito his hand.
2. Barak's reply (v. 8). Expression
f unwillingness to go unless Deborah
-ould go with him should hardly he
onsidcred as cowardice or weakness,
s It Is a well-recognized fact that the
resence of a woman, especially the
rophetess, would Inspire courage ou
tie part of the warriors. However, he
houb) hnvp bMlpyfcfl fiod'g ahiljfy fp
Ivr the viutory wjthqqt the g|d of *
8. Barak's rebuke (vv. 0. 10). Do*
orah yielded his request, but made It
lain to him thnt It would detract from
Is honor as a conqueror, "for the
,ord shall sell Slsera into the hand
f a woman."
III. The Defeat of Jabln's Army (vv.
Slsera, the captain, gathered a
llghty army and went forth with full
ssuranee of victory, but he made a
ad mistake; he did not consider that
t was Ihe Lord's battle (v. 1R). At the
syrhologlcal moment Deborah gave
lie signal to charge, assuring Harak
hat tlie Lord would give the victory
v. 14). Through supernatural Interosltiou
the enemy hocame panlOtrlcken
(sen ft :i!Q).
IV. Sisera Killed by a Woman (vv.
In Ida flight he took refuge In .Tad's
nnt. Under the guise of friendship,
he committed the most heinous murer.
Hhe fastened hlu head to the
round hy means of a tent pin.
V. Deborah and Barak's Song of Vicory
(chap. ft).
This was composed and sung in eelhnitlon
of the marvelous victory
vhlch God had wrought.
Robbing Real Inward Life.
He who Is rich for himself, laying
ip treasure for himself, Is l?y so much
ohhlng his real Inward life of Its reources.
Timd Never Lost.
The stun of wisdom Is that the
line Is never lost that Is devoted to
Being a Great Bout
He who would be n great soul In
he future, must ba a great soul now.
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of this paper will be
leased to learn that there Is at laaat
ae dreaded dlseaae that eclenoe haa
een able to cure in all Its stages and
iat Is caterrh. Catarrh being greatly
ifluenred by conetttutlonal conditions
quires constitutional treatment. Hall's
atarrh Medicine la taken Internally and
Cts thru the Blood on the Mucous Surtces
of the System thereby destroying
lie foundation of the disease, giving the
atlent strength hy building up the contltutton
end assisting nature In doing Its
rork. The proprietors have so much
kith In the curatlva power of Halt's
atarrh Medicine that they offer One
lundred Dollars for eny case that It fails
j gj.i'" ' l .' j.'.ri
J. T. RUTLEDGE, D. D. S. |
Dentist :
Having taken over the office of Dr.
R. L. McManus, I will be at Pageland
Tuesdays and Mt. Croghan Wednesdays.
remainder of the time at
office in C l:csterfield Bank building. I
Dental Surgeon
Chesterfield, S. C.
Oifice on second floor ' in Rosi
All who desire tny services will
please see me at Chesterfield, as 1
nav*? discontinued my visits to othei
fnw 11.
Office in Courthouse
Chesterfield, S. C.
3 ) Dcz. Overalls r.t $!i.50 the pair,
"Hirts end Work Pants just as cheap.
A. NICHOLSON & SON, Jefferson
I Money to Loan on Easy Te
Near Chcctc
1 ' J. C. RIVERS, Prcvi 'ont.
('. C/. DO tJCrDAS?
| 9ke 9eopl
I or CHES'
| Will Appreciate Yi>ur l.usir.
| $200,C
' Our customers and hiend.s lu
j need of accommodation or ym
j to see i.?. C 'ir jd >|
| Let us show you this voiu rr.
I Ii. It. I.ANEY, President
I Cashier
r ==~~
Szcmk of %
The Oldest, Lar^>
Bank in Che,<r
4 Per Cent. Paid on Savings Dc
C. fc!. ttouf
R. E. Rivera, President.
M. J. Hough, Vice-President.
I Chesterfield I
LJ D. H. DOUGLASS, President
K| W. J. DOUGLASS, Vice- Pres.
9 W. Buy mud Sell R<
. '
?Attorney*? . j1
R. E. Hanna. C. I,. HXinlev.
Cheraw. Chesterfield '^|
The Courthouse, Chesterfield
Bank of Ch?row Rldg., Ch?rsw
ROCK Hd.L. S. C.
Join the Navy at 132 Railroad Ave.,
Rock Hill, S. C. office No. 11 up
Recruiting officicrs N. A. Kirklcy and
J. H. Lee, of this State.
The books of registration for tho
town of Chestorfield are now open r t
the Clerk'a office. You had bettc're
;i;:ter if you desire to vote in the
town election.
F. M. Cannon,
If You Can
rms to Build Homes in and
:rfield, S. C.
B. C. MOORE, Vice-Pres. I
Scc'y. & Treas. !
cj" $jarik |
i'liRHBLD !
era. Total Resources Ov< r |
>00.00 !
Ipctl us to do this. When in
i have money to deposit, come
far proof end fi e proof saf?. I!
A cot dial welcome av\ aits you
G. K. LANKY, V..President
Assist. Cashier
' ' ilJW ! ?I 1W
est and Strongest
lerfield, S. G.
posits. $1,00 Start* An Aucount
(lass, trashier ..
D. L. Smith, Assist. Cashier 11 ;
'" - II
THY for the WIDOW
) for the WIDOW
IE for lha WIDOW
joan 8 Ins. Go.
C. C. DOUGLASS, Sec'y & Mjcr.
GEO. W. EDDINS, Treasurer.
ml fcetale If oaey Lmm4

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