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VOL. 40?NO. 13 ~ " CHESTERFIELD, S. <1, THURSDAY, March 30, 1922 $1.50 A YEAR IN ADVANCE
rAnrv Ti**r 1*1 fp/\nn ?
uuuu iiivic. m o
The Club women of Columbia have
just organized to act as hostesses to
the Queen candidates, and are making
every preparation to give them the
best time possible. And, of course the
men are making their own preparations
too. We have been asked to keep
the many good things in store for the.
young ladies a dark secret for a while
loncor un ? L - ?
?? v..ouipiiHe may Dt' complete
. !
The Palmafesta Association has re
ceived ntfmbers of letters from form- (
er Queen candidates expressing their j
unusual pleasure last year and they
are unanimous in saying, "It was the :
best time I ever had." Queen candidates
have the best seats already reserved
for them at every stage perf^
formance at Palmafesta. They will sec
the spectacular fireworks display, the
If georgeous exhibit of wearing apparel
at the style show, will hear the beautiful
music of bands and opera star now
being engaged by the chairman of the
entertainment committee, Mr. L. L.
Propst, who is in New York with the
determination to secure the best star
irrespective of the expense or trouble.
There will be dinner, dances, balls and
what will be the most beautiful of all
events?the Queen's Coronation will
be enacted by the Queers themselves,
arrayed in the court finery which chart
acterized the coronation of the Queen
of England in the days of chivalry and j
Knights Errant.
Do the girls of South Carolina want!
to be at Palmafesta? Interest is run-I
ning high all over the State. (1 iris J
want to enjoy this good time?and'
there is the $500 diamond ring await- j
ing the fortunate girl to he chosen i
Queen of Palmafesta. Last year the J
contest was close. Up to the very last
minute a dozen or more of the young
Mrs. Violet Welsh Hurst
Miss Dorothy Lucas
Miss Hilda Burch
Miss Elizabeth Evans .....
Miss Estell Tiller
Miss Ethel Lee Holley ....
The Chesterfield Advertiser,
Chesterfield, S. C.
My choice for Queen of Palnii
Name .
I This coupon good for one vote. A
tion to this newspaper counts lOOv
Last Sunday Sheriff Grant and
Deputy Sellers visited the farm of
Doc Hendricks near Patrick. Within
600 yards of the house four gallons
of whiskey was found and about 100
yards from the house n small still was
Doc wus placed under $300-00
bond to appear in court. This is the
second case of a similar nature
against Mr. Hendricks.
Weigh from 1,000 to
| Prices F
Of Hartaville
tuKt ruK
ladies had practically the same number
of votes. Who knows but what this
county will be the honored one and
our candidate bring back the distinction
of being Queen of 1922 Palmafesta?
All of the young ladies will assemble
in Columbia on Monday, April
the 17th when Palmafesta starts and
will be the guests of Palmafesta until
Saturday the 22nd ot" April when
I 1922 Palmafesta will close. All ex|
penses will be paid by Palmafesta and
j all the young lady must do to win the
distinction of being Palmafesta Queen
is to be elected in her own county and
go to Columbia and compete with the
other yourg ladies assembled. Tha
candidates do nothing in Columbia to
win the ruling place but appear before
the voters and be introduced.
The beauty supplement thJs year
will be widely circulated over the
State and the County Queens will not
only have their pictures in this beautiful
page but their pictures will be
put in the Palmafesta program to be
preserved in permanent form.
All of the young ladies will be personally
conducted about the big show
of automobiles and trades displays
where the man industries and products
of the State will be demonstrated
to the public. ,
The $500 prize for the best County
float is bringing many registrations.
Hambone says, "Last year you
couldn't buy niithin for a dollah. and
this year you cain't get a dollah to
buy nuthing with," but here is a way
to get $500 in gold. This county can
easily design a good float to show the
natural resources, the industries or
some historical event and have as
good a chance to win the prize as
anyone. Just write to Mr. James G.
Holmes, 1215 Lady Street. Columbia
and tell him you want to enter a float.
The parade will be on Thursday, April
the 20th and will be a mamouth affair.
i i rwi
afesta is:
yearly paid-in-advance subscrip>otes.
? '
For creating a disturbance on the
streets of Patrick Tuesday, March 14, ^
Doc Hendricks, Clayton Hendricks, '
Scab Davidson, and Will Campbell ^
were up before Magistrate Teal yes- <
terday. They plead guilty to disorderly
conduct and were ordered to '
pay fines aggregating $115.00.
"mules j
1,100 Pounds '
:r stables
, s. c.
The Rev. B. S. Funderburg filled
his appointment Sunday afternoon, i
We hope to have him with us again J
We are sorry to report Mr. A. B. J
Osbourn very sick at this time. We 1
will be glad to see him up again soon.
Quite a crowd of the Mt. Croghan t
boys went to Hamlet last week to the | <
baseball game.
Sam Timmons has a Barred Rock. (
nen that has layed 225 eggs this
spring. s
Oscar Osbourn spent a few days
outing this wool:. Oscar owns a p an- J
tation three miles out of town on the
Spring Creek road. 1
Arthur Jelks and Brad Moscley re- I
turned home today after three days
visit in the Capital. A rood tir..o was '
had by both. c
Mr. Chewning preached a tine sermon
at Friendship Sunday morning s
and it was enjoyed by a large crowd, J t
Sunday School next Sunday at 3!
We are sorry to report that in1 I
this community Mrs. J. A. Siwwine, ^
Mr. Frank Sellers' family and Mrs. K
Joe Johnson, are sick with the flu.
Mrs. Jessie Baker and son, Harry, >1
were visitine Air. and Mrs J P Parte-I
er Sunday. ! d
Miss Ailecn Huneycutt entertained
a number of her friends Saturday a
night with a sowing. AH enjoyed the
occasion vei> much. t
M ss Ruth Cason of Chesterfield 1
visited in this section last week.
Mr. Bud Gulledge of the Wamble
Hi!! section was in this community
Sunday. j f
Misses Ethel and Vera Miles of - 1
Rockingham have been visiting at the 1
home of Mr. Huneycutt. !
Miss Mary Sowell, teacher of Wamble
Hill spent Saturday and Sunday I
with home folks. U
Rev. J. R. Milliard filled his regular
appointment here last Sunday
Mr. Ernest Sims of Hartsville visit- (
ed in this section Sunday. i
Miss lituMwu T rut-It. of White Oak r
spent the week-end with her brother,
Prof. L. T. Truett of Jefferson. (
Mrs. John Ratliff and son, Vernon, I
visited in Cheraw Sunday. c
Messrs. M. W. Sutton and Van f
Rawlings of near Center Point spent
Sunday with Mr. J. R. Sutton. h
There will be a program given here ii
for the benefit of the Near East Re- 11
lief Friday afternoon, April 14. We e
hope to tret a bitr collection. t<
The farmers in this section are <"
rapidly preparintr the soil for plant- n
intr. f
Mr. Berrie Tarleton of Wadesboro,
is spending a while with his daughter, n
Mrs. Lonnie RatliflF. c'
Miss Susie Lowry spent last week- f
and in Cheraw, the guest of Misses tl
\tha and Willie Threatt. h
Mrs. Emma Moore of Wexford visited
her daughter, Mrs. W. L. Moore
Sunday. nr
Mrs. Hugh Sellers is visiting her c<
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sellers *1
lear White Oak. a
Mrs. M. F. and Mrs. A. B. Sellers, *1
vere the dinner guests of their broth;r,
Mr. S. J. Huntley Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Eon Sellers of Ruby
,'isited their daughter, Mrs. Cyrus
sellers Sunday. v'i
Mr. J. W. RatliflF of Cheraw visited ?
lis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Ratiflf
Sunday. j f
Mrs. J. W. Lowry spent a short ||
vhile with Mrs. Oscar (Iriggs Wed......I....
Mr. and Mrs. Broughton Sellers vis- |
ted Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Moore Sunlay
'EANUT SEED carefully graded i
and handpieked. White Spanish or
Georgia Runers. In the shell, fie.
per lb. Shelled fresh at planting i
time, 9c. Prices for immediate acceptance,
check with order. Pea- |
nuts are proving most profitable
money crop. We are always ready ,
to buy them. Write for information. |
Sea Island Cotton Oil Co., Charleston,
S. C., 31-14
State of South Carolina,
County of Chesterfield,
Town of Chesterfield,
Notice is hereby given that the annual
election of officers, intender.t
and four wardens, for the town of
Chesterfield will be held at the court
^louse April lltl;, 11/22 between the
iiour.i of 7 A. M. and 1 P. M.
Messrs. A. W. Hut's* y II. M. Riv- j
crs and O. L. Barentine are hereby
appointed Managers of said election.
L, H. Trottf, Intendent,
B. P. Teai Cork of Council.
The books of registration for town
of Chesterfield are now open at the
Mr. C. D. Johnson and faipily vistod
at the home of Mr. Hu^h Morris
Sunday afternoon,
Messrs. T. W.' Sunday and Glow
lohnson visited at the home of Mr.
3. C. Alexander's Sunday.
Mr. W. C. Burr and wife visited at
he home of Mr. Glow Johnson's Sunlay.
Mr. C. D. Johnson is working in
Born to Mr. and Bflrs. C. D. Johnion,
February 18, a boy.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Hutfh Morris,
uarcn ? ,a boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Johnson and
>Villie Thomas attended court the
>ast week.
We have been having lots of rain
or the past few days, but the farmts
busy again.
Sunday School at Wilkes Chappel
very Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. P.. C. Alexander and daughter
pent the past week with her daugher,
Mrs. Hugh Morris.
Misses Vera Watkins and Jaunita
la.swell from Coker College spent
ilonday and Tuesday with Miss Mar;aret
Miss Irene Howe spent Thursday
n Columbia.
Miss Margaret Rowe spent Saturay
afternoon in Hartsville.
Mr. M. W. Out/.s attended services
t Wilks Chapel Sunday afternoon.
Sunday School at Middendorf Bapist
Church every Sunday morning at
0 o'clock.
Bids will be received for supplies
or chain gang for one month, Aprii
st to May 1st. Bids to be submitted
jy Saturday morning, April 1st. Ap?
400 lbs. strip meat; 300 lbs. lima
cans; GOO lbs self-rising flour, (best
rrade) ; 80 lbs. Snow Drift Lard; 12
:nls. Karo Syrup; 8 bushels meal.
J. A. Teal, Clerk.
At a regular meeting of Chesteriield
Council No. 87 Junior Order United
American Mechanics, the following
csolutions were adopted:
"Whereas, It has pleased Almighty
Jod in His divine Mercy to take unto
Iimself our beloved friend and brothr,
M. I). Gardner, and remove him
rom our midst, therefore be it
"Resolved: That in the death of M.
ute to the departed one to say that
r? regretting his removal from among
s, we mourn for one who was in evry
way worthy of our respect and eseem.
"Resolved: That in the deaht of M.
). Gardner we recognize that this
ouncil has lost an upright faithful
lembcr, and the Order at large, a
earless exponent of its principles.
"uesoivett: That in their bereave-j
lent we tender the family of the deeaseci
the universal sympathy and
riendly feeling of our council, and
lat with them we mourn our mutual
"Resolved: That as a mark of esicm
our Chattel be drape 1 ir> |
lourning a period of thirty days, a j
:>py of thoii resolutions be sent t'>
le family of the dec ased bv.f.er
nd inscribed on the memorial page of
lis council."
W. R. Huncycutt, Councilor,
I. J. Davis, Recording Secretary.
Committee, F. W. Rivers, F. L. Daidson
and I. J. Davis.
April ]
| Miss Louise Steen tias been spending
a few days with her daughter,
Mrs. L. V. Railings. j
Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Railings.
March 11, a girl.
Miss Ethel Sutton was the guest of
Miss Lola Railings Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Q. W. Railings visited
the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. V.
Railings' Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. H. J. Sellers and daughter,
Mrs. Huntley visited Mr. and Mrs.
L. V. Ralings Sunday afternoon.
Miss Naot.ii Sellers was the guest
of Miss Lela Railings Sunday after
Little Ruth Lee Railings, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Railings, has
been quite sick but glad to report she
is some belter at this writin *.
? 1
The farmers in this section are
preparing their soil for another crop.;
Mr. W. J. Tiller made a very interesting
talk at Bethel last Sunday.
Misses Ida and Dois Shaw have re-:
turned home after spending a few i
days in the White Oak section.
Little Miss Inez Davis has hton
quite sick for the past week with
? i
I Granitoid
Floor Paint
Put it on today?
Walk on it tomorrow.
like enamel. 3
Rurtees Flat I
Tint I
A soft velvety
finish of unsurpassed
beauty for
walls and ceilings
Kurfees makes
Kue-Fa-Cite Enamels
Varnish Stain Auto, Truck,
for floors, Tractor, 1
furniture and Furniture, I
woodwork. Woodwork. c
r a * a
Carolina's B
? - _ wor
L7-22 S
To Come And
pneumonia, but we are glad to re-]
port she is improving. i s
Rev. Henry Parker spent the week- '
end at Mr. D. A. Campbell's. j t
Miss Viola Campbell is visiting
friends and relatives in Chesterfield
this week.
Miss Irene Campbell spent Sunday;
with home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Campbell spent ]
Saturday and Sunday at Mr. Philip
Black Creek has been quite a hin- t
drance to us. Glad to say that the' j
waters have about subsided.
There will be preaching at Bethel ,
Sunday at 3 o'clock and Sunday! j
School 2.
' - <
Miss Kate Pressly, who has recently
undergone an operation for, t
appendicitis, at the Charlotte Sana- j I
torium, is back home again. We are '
glad to see Kate back. s
Mr. Marion Smiih ??#i i
_ . - ----- - w"? fSmith
Irom the Shiloh community i
spent the week-end here with rela-!
tives and friends. I (
The Rev. Mr. Snyder will till his i
regular apointmcnt here next Sunday!
afternoon. Come and hear this able' <
preacher. It will do you >*ood.
Pu re P.
Requires fewer
LEAD has two virtues.
It's the amount of lent
termines its covering
its the quality of lead that
life. Kurfees Paint contai
gallon. Compare the forn
Pure Carbonate Lead
it r* ^
rurc /,itic uxiilc
Tinted with Pure Colors,
with Pure Linseed Oil and
More pure lead per gallon mea
lace protecting-value in every ga
of service. That is real econom
- than the ordinary kind, and it is
quires to paint a house right,
tities for you . and show thejl
a Paint for every Purpose?
Auto and Wagon Paint Porch Paint
Carriage. Saves dollars All Colors
'aints and in repairs and for porch
Enamels. All replacements floors.
ii i i =====
* La
ig Festival V
and the Queen's Coronation pal
lish custom with all the pomp a
land; the bip: three-section sti
ens on County floats; the Baby U
ks display witnessed last year bj
istrial Exhibits; the Style Show,
s. See the vaudeville features ai
nd Opera Star Nitfht. Palmafesl
li Gras. I>on't miss it.
Bring All The i
Prof. K. O. Green, principal of our
ichool will conduct an afternoon singng
at Black Creek church, Pageland,
he second Sunday in April beginning
it 3 o'clock. Bring your "New Perfect
Praise" song books. Everybody
:ome and take part in the singing.
It seems like spring has come at
ast and farm work has started un in
Some of the farmers, believing that
he early bird gets the worm, havo
ilanted corn.
Glad to report Mrs. D. C. Sowell
,vho is at the Anson Sanitorium, for
reatment, is getting along nicely.
Mr. A. N. Stroud and family spent
Sunday with his brother near McFaran.
Mr. and Mrs. It. E. Vaughan of
he Cason Old Field section visted
VIr. Vaughan's parents Sunday.
Rev. Chewning preached an ablo
ermon to a large and attentive congregation
at Friendship Sunday mornng.
Mr. and Mrs. 1*. L. Griggs of thft
Jason Old Field section attended Sunlay
School at David's Grove Sunday.
Mr. Bud Threadgill of the Deep
Creek section was dear hunting ip this
section Sunday.
ainV I
It hides and protects.'
i in any paint that deeliding)
capacity, and
measures its iength of
? ?
ns more pure lead per
aulas?here's Kurfees;
- - - - 80%
.... _J0% ||
Ground and Mixed
' Drier? That's A11.
ns more square feet of surillon.
It means more years
y. Kurfees costs no more
t surprising how little it reLet
us figure your quanDeautiful
color selections.
- We have them j
Roof Point I rak-Seal
Coats less Stops Lenks.
than new Makes roofs
IE CO.jj,
v ;
n each county in the State I
tterned after the old Eng- |
nd display of Merrie Eng- j
root parade with County I
arade; the mammoth fire- I
/ 20,000; ttye Auto Show;
Hear the daily band con- j
nd be on hand for the big !
ta rivals the New Orleans
Folks I

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