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faundkte, 5>j?peps?a, Chrome or tferDis^aies
of the
AND Af.r.
dironed nr:? iti-r
from a disordered J.iver
or Stotnucli. sun'i a-;
Constipation, inward JMes.
fulaass or lllo'd lo the I If.id.
ncidftv af the Stoumoh. N:ia?ea.
Hoar.burn. disgust fur IV.?i. fullness
or weight in the Sl unacii. sour
eructation.-:. sinking or (lettering at the
Pit of the Stomach. sw imutnif of the
Head, hurried and dilTienlt. Hrcnihiti". fluttering
at'lie Heart. Hoiking or sullVaiini;
tensaLio.il> when la a Lying Posture, dimness of
vision, dots or well., before the higlit. Fever and
dull pain in the lo-ad, deficiency of Perspiration,
yellowness of ihe skin and eyes, pain in the side, back
ehdst and limbs, sudden flts>hos of the Heart, burning in
e flesh, imagining of evil nitd great depre.'.-itm of spiiils,
? ? ? ? ? ?
ritEPASKD av
!>IE. C. ?i. JACKSOTT,
123 Arch street, Philadelphia.
^ Tlieirpmver over the above diseases is no; ? xc? l!o<J. i(
* equalled, by any other |.reparation in the United Slates
as the cures alteit, in many cases after skilful jihyn-iius'
had failed.
Those Hitter^ are worthy the attention of invaliR Possessing
great virtues in the rectification of diseases of the
Liver and lesser glands, exercising the most searching
powers in weakness and affections of the digestive organs,
they are, withal, safe, certain and plc-u^anl.
Chas. Robinson. Ksq , I'a'ton, Md., in a letter to I r.
Iiiekson. Jan. 1350. said?
" .AIy ivife and myself have received more benefit tn>m
your medicine than auv other we have ever taken tiir the
Dynpepoa and Liver di?; i*e."
"The Tenth legion," published at Woodstock, Va.f
Jan. 10, 1850, said?
"a great medicine "
"We have uniformly refrained from recommending to
the public any of the various Patent Medicine* of the day,
unless thoroughly convinced of their value. Among those
we consider worthy of notice is the German Bitters, invented
by Or. Iloofland.and prepar.-d by Dr. Jackson,in Philadelphia.
One instance in particular, in which the superior
virtues of this medicine have been tested, has fallen
under our observation. Duiing the Just summer, a son of
Mr. Abraham Brabill, of this country, was very seriously
afflicted with l.ivt* Complaint, and after trying in vain
various remedies, he purchased a bottle of the Bitiers and
after n*ing it. was so much rclie\ ed of hi< distressing malady
that lie procured another bottle, and is restored entirely
io health.
head further a few facts.
, The "Philadelphia Democrat,'" the leading German journal
of Philadelphia. The editor said, .Nov 21th?
"We again call attention to the removal of the German
Medicine store, the princijial <fe|>ot for the sale of Dr. Hoofland's
German Bitters, from 278 Race to 120 Arch street,
one door below Sixth. Owing to the increased demand
for this medicine, and for the accommodation of his runnerous
patients, Dr, Jackson iias been compelled to occupy a
larger store. We wish him success in his new quarters;
he is deserving of it. The Bitters Mixture is without doubt
the graatc.it medicine extant for diseases of the Liver and
Bowels. A stubborn case of Chronic Diarrhoea lias come
under our notice, wherein the patient hud exhausted ll.e
Materia Medicnsof the different schools ot medicine who
no apparent benefit, lie was induced to use these hitters,
and a few bottles of tliein have entirely cured him: Many
uch cases we could refer to. We hope our reader* wi.l
recollect this great restorative, should they be so unfortunate
as to require it* use. Dr. Jackson possesses tile originaJ
tutpublistied receipt of l)r, llooflaud, at.d he prepares
this medicine with this care. Those purchasing should
call at his store, or see that his name is written upon the
wrapper outside, aud blown in the bottle, as imitations of
? all good articles are common."
Judge M. M.-Noah.agootfeman with great scientific and
literary attainments,said in his "New; Vork Weekly Messenger,
Jan. fi. 1!?W, ' f ''
"Da Hooplaxu's German CiTTEns.?Here is a preCration
which the leading presses in the Union appear to
uuanirnous in recommending, and the reason is obvious.
It Is made after a prescription furnished by one of the most
celebrated physicians of modern limes, tlie late Dr. Cltristopher
Wiliiefin llooflaud, Professor to the University of
Jena, Private Physician to the King of Prussia, and one of
the greatest medical writers Germany has ever produced.
He was emphatically the enemy of humbug, arid therefore
a medicine of which he was the inventor and endorser may
be confidently relied on. He specially recommended it in
liver complaint, dv?pe|)sia, liability, vertigo, acidity of iho
stomach, constipation, and all complaint* arising from a
disordered condition of the stomach, the liver and the intestines.
Nine Philadelphia papers express their conviction
of its excellence, and several of the editors speak of
its effects froiu their own individual experience. Under
these ciicuinstauccs we feel warranted not only in calling
tho attention of our renders to the present proprietor's (L?r.
C. M, Jackson's) preparation, but in recommending the article
to all afflicted."
The * Philadelphia Saturday Gazette." the hest fatnilv
newspaper published in the United Suites, the editor says of
'It is seldom that we recommend w itat are termed Pat
ent Medicines to the confidence am! patronage f our readers.
and therefore, when we recommend Dr. Hoofland's
German Bitters, wc wish it to he distinctly understood that
we are not speaking of the nostrums of t!i day. that are
noised about fora brief p riod and tin n forgotten inter they
have done their entity race of mischief, hut of a medicine
long ?Haelislied, universally prized, and which has met
the hearlv approval of lhe (''acuity itself."
Evidence uj?on evi lance has bean received (like tic
foregoing] from all sections ?d the Union, lite l.i-t three
years, and the strongest testimony in its favor, i*. that there
is more of it usep in the practice of the regular Physician*
of P!ii!ads|p!iia than all other r odium* combined', n fact
that can easily be established, and fully proving that a
scientific preparation will licet with their quiet approval
when presented even in this form.
Thai this medicine will euro liver complaint and dv?pepla,
no one can doubt. alter using it as directed. It ads
?..:c??ti,. tin. t oinio'li and liver?it is nr.-fer.ihle in
calomel in all bilious disw-s?il,?* effect is iumi--iiiut".?
They can he administered I<? female or iaf.inl with safety
aud reliable benefit, at any time
This medicine lias attained that high ciisir:ict -r which
is necessary for all medicines to.iiluia in induce counter
feitcrs to put forth a spurious article :u :in- ri: k of the lives
of those who are innocently deceived.
Look wki.l t?? titj-: makks of tub u km* ink.
They have the written signature of C. >1. JACICSO.N
upon the vv rapper, and the name, blown in the bottle, v\ itliout
which they are spurious.
For sale, whofe-nlc and retail, at the
GKlt.Vl.W MIMMriM: eplltK.
No. 120 Arch street, one do-..- he low Sj\:h. (late of '27.1
ita.ee street.) I'hilaijclptcii. nik| by respecluole dealers cunerally
throughout the country.
For sale in C'amdkn. by James It. AI'Kain- ^nlmnhui
by Boaiwriglit At Hint?t'hesler (.'. 11 bv IJecdv At nlf.
and by respectable Druggists generally throughout the
United -States.
Aug. 13. _ CI
SsiSj:!;. Qtiaaiittf.
TIIK .Subscriber has just received a fotv tiuecso
of RosRiiTirlen & Denis's Superior Quinine
which be offers at prices as low as it can be possibly
aflorded hi tins market, lor cash or short c edif.
_ J/..J. DbHAY
y Domestic Items,
BROWN and bleached fthoelinge, every width,
Ticking; English Long-doll,?.; Counter'panes,
plain and figured curtain Dimity; garmjiit Dimity;
colored Homespuns and Denims; plaid l.inssy.
Flannels and Blankets, at all prices.
a i.so
1150 pieces of bleached a:i(i brown Home spuns
as low as tliey can be bought any where in Ainer
Hardware, Groceries, Bagging. Roj?e
and Twine,
RRADY-tnade Clothing, Mais, Caps, Bonnets,
Boots and.Shoes &.c. Just re- oived and for
sale at the ^Wlrest prices possible hv
P5" C4f i:n.
A few Boxes new Jtai.uiis, just received by
W C. MOORti.
I Upward of Ten Thousand Cures,
C'oii'iUttiptiott cap be Cnrcd!:
M VESii\YG3?T A :\ TASS,
For the cure ol' ('<>;isuDij>!iou ntsd ali Diseases j
of the Lut.jis and ISrea-?t.
. FROM DR. HIRAM ( ?>X. |
j Lah: Professor in Cinrinnnh Rcicc'ic Medical \
C 'olln r
.Mr. A. f. Kcnvili: However re!iicIhnt I have
| liceti to j ertni: my name to he attached to patent
medicine, I consider it a dntr to the community to
' state that in three citses "/ incipient consumption,
! \|/. : Miss i?ei!, .Miss Burger, aii?J Mr. it J I. Co.\\
| one of t,ar Oiiy otincil, tli.it Dr. Rogers' l.iveru
ort am! Tar operated more like a specific than
) iike sny other retticJy, that I ever tisctl. One oi
! the case.-, viz: Miss Bell, pronounced hy several
; i'iiysiciatis :o he laborintf under the last stage ol
i .Scrofulous Consumption. She is now in good
ht'.-lth. iroin In; nsa.of n few hollies of the above
i syrup. * IIIRAM COX, .1/. D.
Cmritin'.>li, Jan. 25, iS lT.
- - i I. I\..
Mr. A. Scnv II : J iim won actpiamie;: wim m.
j Hmin Cox aim laid practice, lie ?aviiig been my
i ph\s via 11 for many years, and can cheerfully say
iIj.ii J have as much confidence in lii^ skill as any
man living IlRXItV MOUSE. *
Ciiicitmar, Nov. 8th, 1817.
Despair r.ot though your Phyeicians a ad Friends
give you up to die!!!
Your condition cannot be more helpless than
thai cil Mrs. Kowe.
This is to certify that I was taken with a pain in
my side and breast, attended with a distressing
cough, and tor the space of one year grew rapidly
worse. Although 1 had in attendance three physicians,
one ol whom was considered very skilllul,
all of their efforts proved alike unavailing. At
: last one of the physicians came it1, and decided that
| 1 con id not live more than one day longer! All
of my friends believed that a lew days at most
wcniiu end my earwny career.
Mv brother at this crisis, hearing of the astonishing
cures marie by J Jr. Rodgers' Liverwort and
Tar, went to Citiilirollie, distant thirty miles, to
procure the above medicine; and, strange to tell,
bclore I had used half a bottle iny cough was entire
y cured, and when I had used two bottles '
was able toattend to my family vocations asneua
Mr. Merriweather writes a3 Follows:
Mr. A. L. Scovill, Dear N.r?Dr. Rogers' Liver
wort and Tar came sale to hand. I have sold a
i number of bottles. 1 has met with great success
A young man ot this place, supposed to have the
consumption, has been entirely cured,
j ?>. ilEiUJ I WEATHER.
Denmark, Tenn, June 31), ltJ-lS.
OCfTiie following certificate from one of the most distin.
guisiied physicians in Ciiiciimuti, is entitled n> great credit:
; 1 feci constrained trout a sense of duty to make too fob
: lowing statement, conscious tlint it may appear unprofessional.
.Mr. Charles Wade, of i ds city. wus quite low
| with Pulmonary Consumption, for which 1 had been
I treating with less than usuul success. At his request, ami
! that of his Irieuds, I permitted him to try Ur Rogers's
Liverwort and Tar; and I must confess that its effects
were really surprising. After using tnc second Ixiitle my
j visits Were discontinued, and he was soon restored to
pculih. i do coiwictiiioiisly recommend inv brother practdoners
to prescribe this remedy in all pulmonary coinilauiU
whicli buflle the orJinarv mode of treatment.
WILLIAM J. itk llARDS, M. D.
; Cincinnati, Oci. 1st 1814.
Extract from a letter dated Jarkson, Tenn. Oct. 20,1818.
Mr. A. L. .Scovill, Ciueinuali:
j Dear .8ir?I want you to semi me one gross of Dr. Ro;
ger?' Liverwort and'Jar. I am eiitirelv out of it, and
! have constant cubs for it. The remarkable cures that it
j has nude here, has made a g.'eat deinaml for it.
Vours. ?Jc.. U. W. HiTTINUTON, Druacist.
j !Zf lb-ware of (JouMerlcth, and b;uc Imitation?..?3
.V IJ.?The yenuintf articles is signed, Andrew lingers,"
tin the engravoJvvrhpper around each bull It*.
JO"Price?SI per Route, or six 15 >it!es for $i. .Sold
1 wholesale und retail by
sr-OVIL MEA1),
12 ?Viai'les st., New Orleans.
Vd?? Orvral Atreiits for the Southern Mates.
Sold by J. U. .UoiCaiu, Camden: A. Iitch. Columbia:
11.1vila:. J. Ilumtli & Co.. aod I*. .*1. Cukest, Charleston:
jlamisel Hull, Wiiufli'iru.
U'Call oti the .\goul f??r a ji niijdilet, and see
thfi above > eriiticatus in lull, and a vast number of
.Warrli 'id. St wfnn
A T;> tsb? Ai FiJciLi).
'iiii: CLLEliKATF.D
A cT'.am rem *dy, |?ir all fixed pain- hi I In* Mde, Chest
I.oins. Ila. k. lit v 1-. .M i chu, lilietmiatisin in all us varied
tonus. .Nervous < ti dions. I.m e and Liver Complaint*.
S|ii- al Alio -timi*. I'enmh- \\ eaknesses. etc. etc
For the ah" e c aplasias ti?i-? j??:i*i.?r has no u-arvi.?
Til" ureal eleb iiv which it iir.s already acquired. not only
in ilii* d, b a in the new world?tin* extraordinary
cures ii ha- pert* lined in the most i-xtieiue eases of sutler,
in!!. have aupoivd lor it such a repuiulion, liiat the pro
pr.etor has not? un-.il recently?been aide to supply liai*
The sales ^liroti{hniM every eitv. t-'ivn and village in
the ( niti-d State*, am \viiii"Ul a paralli I!
A eireiimsisiiice not siirpri-iie.;, \vh?-ii the vast amount of
human siillerine relieved by its use is considered. In opinnl
defects, t lie heneflt usually is of I lie most decided character.
fu Nerveus Complaints. niaeu-eu eases out of
twenty rcaddy yield to the penetrating s'.iniuln combined
in tin- xaluanle preparation.
In il! < iiuiatism. t itlier acute or ehronie. tin: claims of
: the Hebrew I'laster have loin.' since h. en universally tic
lilMW IM.I-IMJ. I IliTl" ..IV mi-....., .
i no waiter front what cause the vveaki.es* may have ??ri-^iiiaieil?'-vert
if such person* have been misguided in pre]
\ i. it - applications?in ibc use of the Hebrew Plaster they
I will lind llicWtieoled part suddenly awluri'd to itk oriaij
! A> 'i supporter iti ca?esof constitntioml vvealtue* i! will
i be fettiitl ni "leal- advantage. |i is particularly rmiin*
: iii>*nile-| to females w ho no- sttlll ring from stable weakness.
or 'jein r.ii il' hiliiy. In short, it embraces uii tin* virtltes
vvhieli the most semantic moid was capable of? compounding
from \altiuiii" >ol>sla: ees Joond in the old world
anil wi!t h found entirely free from those objections
which tire a sour eoiu;i-niut with the numerous spreadplasters
How liefnre iiie |illhlie.
Where tin* I'luslci is applied, pain cannot exist.
Th Plasters possess the advantage of h"iii!i put up in
air-tight hov s, leuiee ihey retain their full virtues in all
l lillioles. We have j?l-t received tile billowing teslimo01.d
fromC C .Ve'ders an eminent lawyer in successful
practice in Wilcox county. Alnhtimn. He is a gentleman
in high standing, and one whose influence has great
Camden, Ala., Nov. 21, 1818.
Messrs Senvil \ INead : G -iilleioen?Having been rei
quested to stale what has been the result of ntv experience
; by tlie use of your Hebrew Plaster. I eliecrftilly comply,
bybsayiog thai I have lound it to he a*1 heretofore recommended,an
invaluable medicine. Indilbrcti! rases of niv
family I have applied tin- Plaster to chronic sores, tumors,
ami pains, and it lias irvrr failed to alf >rd iusiani relief.
1 have also used it Willi good eiject upon my own person,
i in t.ie cure of ulcers, with which 1 have hunt severely
I afilicted. lie?|>eetfully, etc.
Ilfrinarr OJ I Ojnuciyens turn int.-" iniiitiitiiiif.
(ACTION?The Hubseribero are the only General
Agents in the .Southern A'late* for the rale of this truly
j valuable Plaster; ami i-n'oriier t?? prevent jUMTiinsors being
imposed ii;m>ii l?v a counterfeit article, sold ill this city and
I elsewhere tor the genuine. ;t?ev int ite particular attention
| to the following murk* of the genuine ;
1. The genuine is juit up in smooth, engine-turned hotturned
boxes, lint snider'':! ill.
The genuine has the engraved head nf Jew David
| on the direction* around the box. ?? itli accompanying Re'
curd of Court, to Jv ']'n /lor, Roe inner.
113 Cliprires si.. New Orleans.
Sole Geifral \;"%nt* for tl.e S-uitln rn States.
Sold liv .1. R. M.'Knin Camden: A. Fitch. Coltiinhia;
Havil tn.! Il.trmll ,v Co. mid i . i?f. C?>hu:i Charleston;
JLiosei Umi. W ii!'ishor.ii:;;li. (.'n'dwell & James, New- I
h-rry; Reedy Kuif, Chotert i'le I
Mothers,- Read This Attentively.
C ASiJi S .\A 'AA V il.
For ilie speedy anil [H-riiiiinvnt cure ofDiarri.rpu. Dysentery,
Cholera. ln:aii'u:u. Clinleia .tho'liu-. Clmlic, Summer
C'i iii;/!auiis, Flatulency Pains in the Stomach. &c.
arid from all derangement nf stomach ami bowels from
I Teothimr.
U.'i" liio lime has a vain arrived \\ belt diseases of the
stomach ami I'uv.cl.i curries it' th.nrands tu a premature
I grave. 1> there in remedy to stay lire march of death?
We answer, Vlis?the Cordial will cure ami prevent
I nine-tenths iifail case-' ofdaseose uflecliiij! these organs|
More tii-ari ir.e then-and eases of disease were cured by it
I during tin; past year. All families consul tin1' the. weli
litre of ii.eir children and selves, will act wisely to have
I this article hy them, lit all cases of failure the money
j will cheerfully he returned, and to those who ure unable
I tonureliKse.it will be cheerfully bestowed.
From the Spirit of the Times,
j l)r Kccler's Cordial and Carminative, is certainly a
; valuable desideratum iu every faniilv, to the young and
j to adult, hut particularly' wheree there are children. We
speak .dvisedlv, l>ecnusc We have thoroughly trieil it. and
j proved its healing and ellieaeioiH properties in our latnily.
I >S e would most cordially reeotimierid the public to give it
a fair trial, which is only wanting U. appreciate it" value
From the North American and l.'nited States Oa/.etle,
: Sept. -tilt IS 17.
In these days, abounding in fruit, it behoves every one
: to he prepared w itli a remedy li.r the evil lice is which it
! soill lili'.es producer?we ItaVe heen told hy tliose that
knew and w ho have tried it?that KcdcFs Cordial is an
' ait.cle winch has been used in some of the severest cases
of Summer Complaint, Imtii in infants and grown persons.
The Cordial can he procured at the curueruf Tt.irJ and
South Streets.
From Neal's Saturday Gazette August 23lli 1317.
Pr. Feeler's Cordial.?We would rail the intention of
j our readers to this invaluable medicine, which will be
! found advertised at length in our columns. As a corrective
l in rases of Dinrr'.wn. a disease very prevalent at the pres.
j ent time, it i.? highly spoken of by all who nave used it.?
I It is perfectly sale in its nature, and we speak experiineni
tally, when wc say that it alibriisimmediate relief.
From the Pennsylvania Inquirer, Sep. 1st. 1817.
Dr. Feeler's Cordial and Carminative This article is
i advertised in another (.art or our paper, it is warmly re|
commended by families who have tied it. It is especially
j useful among children, and has effected hundreds of cures,
j The doctor is abundantly supplied with testimony upon the
! subject some of which is very strong. The Cordial is not
j a quack nostrum, but u carefully prtqiared medicine,and
j perfectly free from any thing injurious.
From the Daily Pennsylvauian, -Sept. lGth IS 17.
We tire constrained to say that the ''Carminative"'of Pr.
'"ecler's now extensively used in this City, is rapidly
making its way l" public kit or. Its ingredients are o
| course unknown, but it is mildin its operation, pleasantti
j the taste, and a remedy quite as good as any now used for
1 the same complaints.
From the Daily News, July loth, 1850.
Summer Complaint..?'The season when this complaint
! exists jsnow lu-re. if persons having it in their families
| would oniv purelnce u bottle of Dr. Feeler's Carminative
| Cordial, lliey would save mot li expense and trouble. c
] peak of the virtues of this medicine knowingly*
j From the Spirit ol the Times, Futztoun, July 13, I8J8.
We wish to direct the attention of the readers of this
i pape r to Dr. Feeler's cordial and Carminative, advernised
j in another column. It is a medicine highly esteemed by
I everyjotic that has used it in Diurrlurn. Dysentery. Cholera
infantum, cct, which at tiiis season is so frequent. It is a
I |s*rfeot innocent medicine and gives immediate relief.
Prepared tuid sold -UI .Market street Philadelphia?
I where may also lie had Dr. Feeler's Cough Syrup, Vermii
I'mrM SJtpiiM- It in>i)mnti<* l.nfinii. Livt*r iiiui Nniuilive Pi?5>.
I Medicines ofeflirut-.y. cy* Also Dr. KerWs
! SAUNA I'A HI I.LA, ft celebrated remedy in all Scrofula
' und Constitutional Disorders. It is, without doubt, the
cheapest and best remedy lor C'hrotiii: Disease of the Client
j Striuaeh. Liver, and skin known?mil admirably adapted
j fur all derangements nrri-i ni; from Impurities of the blood,
i females sUucring from the I/>ss of Appetite, Nervous DcI
hility. Irregularities. Pains. Pimple*. Blotch*. Sallow Com!
plexion. I'estiveoess. etc., Will find the Sar*aparilla decidedtythe
best remedy in use for their removal. Xo one
! should lie without Dr. Heeler's Patnniilv Medirinrs.su
l)etii !:cia! in many diseases. Brim SI per bottk?6 bottles
For sale by Z. J. DellAY, Camden S. C..and by DrugI
gwts and Stores throughout tlie eountry. Price *25 rents
per bottle?see circulars A:r., in bands of lite agent*.
July it. pstV). 51
.SSKS.JLjl. OTIift:stf*.
.tn.- >r ~ 11 73:11 WnniifaMarara
'I'll" Ciivy ui'eui a in iiiauuiuvwiviu)
, i) i:iii?c are safer, better awl more efficacious than
I > : and b-cuiise the public i\ill take no uthj
i-r-il' he. ran obtain th'.'in.
500,000 Jinxes
. Iiavehe fi l l Mitiuallv for the last five vetirs.
VtH NU \.M) OLD. M \ l.F, AM) FEMALE,
rati always take thein with ftjiiiiI snfetv. without fear.
ii imi.ls p.i: xi:ci:ss'\kv
for purging and cleansing the Sioinarh ami Bowels. and
purifying the Illnoil nnil fluids of the body, take no others
?for no other pills produce those combined eHoots, or contains
N:ir?:i;>:tri!i:i in them
i.'at, Drink aiul live as usual,
anil purine your ustfil occupation whilst taking thetn
without fear of takingcold.during all kinds of weather.
are wagered that more genuine certificates (from pltvsi
ciatts. Clergymen, .Members tif Congress ami respectable
' eiti/.CIls) call lie prnellreil of their ellieticy than till)' oilier.
Forty rills in a Ifox !!
and sold at twkntv-kivk ciixts a ho*, with directions
and much w lu'lesnme advice nccompiiiiying each box,
'1 hey no taste <?r unplensnnf smell.
Free from dust or powder of any kind,
j Do not gripe the Stomach or Dowels,
Produce no sickness, vomiting or bad feelings,
*l*i i'.v a h k i too i at a i.i, ti31 ics,
And adapted to most diseases common to mankind.
No one Ii.t. ingonce taken them will In? willing afterwards
to lake titty others, because ihev always do good, and if they
do not then no others will.
i)r. H. LEIDY I'roprictJ anu^Innnlacturcr,
i> ti regular Druggist. Chemist uml Physician, of fifteen
years experience in I'hihulelphitt ; (Irtulitale of the I'ni
vcrsity of I'eniisvlxania: Mcndier of drllercnt Medical Inj
stitiitions of Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Baltimore
and associate and eorresponding tnemlHTofsever.il
Medical Institutions of Isindou and Paris?hence the reason
of the greater confidence placed in his pills, and their
being recommended in the practice of most respectable
physicians throughout the Failed States.
Q3F Principal Depot, t'r. i.kiiiy a imspk^saky. r?u. u-?
North Fourth st'. I'hiladeaphia?and sold wholesale and
retail niMcl&AiN'S Drutj Store. Catndeii ; 'POLAND <k
CIRTIS, Colutnhia; Mild ERA HOSSARD. Sumter
villi*; Dr. M A I.I.OV.Chcraw: PR ATT & J AMKS, Newberry
; RUFF A REF.DY.Fhe: torville ; J. L. YONGUK,
Winshnro; H. II. WEST. I'nionville; Dr. P. M. COII
EN ami ('I, I*. V EL A.N D, C'harlejiton; and by most Druggists
& Stitrekcnpcr* inthe United Suites.
Aug. 20, 1850. 0(1 12m
.Mario Calf anil (ion! Walking Shoos
Kid Tins and Slippors.jtisl received Ity
filxcriilor's i\?Ht;'?.
I IjL IItnHC who were indcbicd !o the late James
1\ K. AlcKain, at tlie time ol his death, are hereby
called upon in come forward ami make sett lament,
j And those having claims against his estate will
i please hand litem in properly atlcslod,
Sept (?. ISoO, 71
(Ojlice immediately in rear of the Court House.)
wii.l attk.vd thf. c00ut8 ok
nnrllnprton and Snmter Districts.
Business enirustod to hint will meet with prompt
I nod careful attention. July 26.
1 HI
I (i^i^^^EV?^%RKT?XSr^^
For the Ki-moval nrd Pcimni*mt One of'aM
Di?eases iirinin?, Ircin ui* linpnro mate
oi'llic Diced or lusbit oi" tl:c
System, vr/
Scmfnlii or Kins;'*1 Iaii. KlK-uiiiaiiMii.^osmintc. t inane.
oiim Eruptions. Chronic Sjore Ew, tti:iv Worm nr'IV*:
Scald ilea.!. Enlargement and I'.iiii of tii? hum* and
Joints. Si iibWn I i leers, Syphilitic !>\mplont-s. >riati<\i
or Lumbago ; aii'l Disease* arising from aa inja Jinioas
use ofJIercnry, Acidities orJJropsy, Kx|>oh:i'c or Imprudence
in l.ifi':a!so,(!hroi'ic(?!?ustiiiiiii:ia! Da-orderr, &c
The value of this preparation is now widely
known, and everyday the tie Id ol its usefulness is
extending, ii is approved and hn/h'y rorouureu
ded by i'hysicians, and is admitted to be the most
powerful and searching preparation troni the ri ot
that lias ever been employed in medical practice.
The unfortunate victim ul hereditary disease, with
swollen elands, contracted sinews and bones hall
carious lias been restored to health and vigor.?
The scrofuious patient, covered with ulcers, loathsome
to hit.iscll and his attendants, lias been made
whole. Hundreds of persons, \i ho had groaned
hopelessly for years, under cutaneous ami nhnuiular
disorders, rheumatism, and many oilier complaints
springing from a deraiigc'ueiil of the serrei
live nivalis and tlie circulation, have bcei. raited
: as it were imin the rack ol die-ease, am! now, vviiii
regenerated constitutions, gladly Us.uy to the el:
iicary of this inestimable preparation.
The follow ng oertificaie from vol. .Samuel G.
I Taylor, a gentleman of high standing ami exteu'
sice acquaintance through liic southern stales, and
| lately appointed consul to New Grenada, com|
mends itself to the attention ol all.
New Yrrk, January 7, I^ IS.
Messrs. A. H. &, 1). Sands?Oed leinen; Having
used and witnessed the effects of your va liable
preparation of Sarsaparilla ou different persons
in d herein parts of the southern cout.try,
viz?Viginia, Ijouisiaii, Texas and Mexico, 1 fee!
| much pleasure hi slating the high opinion entertamed
ut its medicimd value. In my own case, it
acted almost like a charm, removing speedily, the
enervated state of the system, ami excu nig in the
most agreeable manner, a tonic and inv igorating
Your Harsaparilla is highly approved and extensively
used by tin- army in .Mexico, and my cousin,
| lil'II* f-.is\V II ill \ J ll? l?/h liac IU< UIV |/nr-i 111*- l ITIM r
been in tiic habit ol using it, and recommends the
fame; lie ami myself adopted the article at the
same time, and it is now considered an almost in
disjiensable article in llie army. In conclusion, 1
would say thai tiic belter ii is known, tiie more
highly it will be prized, and trust that its health
restoring virtues will nuke it generally known
throughout liie length and bread:h of our widely
extended country. ^ nu s very re-mcct fully,
fc>. C. TAi'L'.t", U. Cur.Mil to N. Granada
itKM.utKAni,:-; ta'Rt: of ?ko\turns.
I Now York, Teii. 17, lH-le1.?Messrs Sands: fI?|
viiifr sttlfered in i iv years with a d.se ise of my
| throat, affecting tiie laryi x, during winch time i
I was treated Iiv the m.st einmeiit physicians in
j Hurope and ill United Slates, without receiving
I any permanent benefit, but all the time my genorI
ai health and strength declining, and tin* disease
| making le.irlni progiess; caustic application- were
used, and what' ver e'se was thought most etlicient
, lor producing a cure; hut I am c.miido.it the do.
plorable situation I was in, the laryngitis !? ingac.
J companiod with phthisis and great difficulty in
! breathing, would soon have terminated u.y life, had
i I not obtained rebel through your invaluable Sari
saparilla. 1 must say, gentlemen, when 1 eoin|
inenceil using the Sarsaparilla, J did not place
; much confidence in its virtues: and this will not
^ CiiH it ItAit I Oiln-Iii V .11, 1 ], ,,? trirtH
?UI |H >?U " IICII A I 111 > ill ii..? it ? IIIVM
more llian lif.y different remedies during the pa.lour
yours without any snores.-; hut a tier taking
I your Sarsapariila a lew weeks, [ wasobli.edto
I yield at last t-> evidence, 'i'iiis marvellous spe jfic
I has imt only relicvd, but cureil mo; and I therefore
i think it my duty gcnt'emen, fur the benefit ol sttfj
I'ering humanity, to give you this attestation of iny
'cure. Yunrs very trim, I) J'AUKNT.
Cms til ult: of France in I he Li. Stales.
The above statement and signature were acknowledged
in our presence by Air. I). Parent, a.true.
Fur the Consul (Jen rai of France,
L. IU)R'.', Vice-consul.
The following interesting case is presented, and
the reader invited to its careful nerusal?connnent
on such evidence is umtc.'essary.
.New York, April 2(5, 1S47.
Messrs Sands: Gentlemen?H iving long been
I atllictcd with general debilty, weakness, loss of api
petite, &c., receiving no benclit fr- m I lie various
j remedies prescribed, I concluded, about three
I months since. l?? make use of your Sarsapartlla. I
I now have tlie nleasure of inter :imr vou tint its
effect* have been attended with the happiest result*
in restoring my health, and I am induced to
add my testimony to the many others you already
possess, and those desiring further information, I
persanally give the particulars of my case, and the
effects of this invaiuab'e medicine, by calling
285 Bowerv, New York.- Yours respectfully.
This certifies that M ss Janet JAIntosh is
known to me a member of the church in good
standing, and worthy of confidence.
J. s. SPF.N'CRR,
Pastor Second Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn.
Prepared and sold, vt holesalc anil retail, by A.
B.&D. SANDS, Druggists and Chemists, 100
Fti'ton st, corner of William, New York. Sold
also by Druggists generally throughout the United
States and Canada*. Price 81 per bottle ; six
bottles lor 85. ?
.Sold at James It. MeKain's, Camden,b"y Dr. A.
Ma Hoy, Cneraw, A Fitch, Columbia, ami ILvilamJ,
llarral tf* Co. Charleston.
Oct. 8. . 82?\v3m
Segars and Liquors.
SKGARiS. of favorite brands; Brandy; (1805)
second quality Brandy; Champagne ami other
Wines* Porter and ale; choice old Port Wine,
Millar's old Rye Whiskey; old Along. Whiskey;
New England Rum. For sale bv
Nov. 18. II. LEVY & SON.
for l!;c Knnoral and PcrinaRfnt Cnre or all
And of tlowe 'miijilniuU wtiioli are c?'i?cd br mi impaired, %
weakened or uiiIichIUijt coudititrt) of tl.e
I Tliin beautiful and coin anient hj>|.ligation of il.e mj sterioua
jamais of (illA'ANISM sun! MAUKtmitAt, !?? I'een j?ro>
i tumuccd liy dixUuguMieil |iliy?iciau?,.t?otli in Kuio|m- nudtht
Lulled Staffs to ke the mini e*lnMr atriUiv*! itihurny ?f
and ?
31 A d X E T I C V L U 11>,
ja n?ed Willi tin* moat jicffei-l anu cenain ihmtj ui an .
case* ill"
? H X K It A I. 1) K BII.ITY,
Sttengu.ening '.In; weakened body, git ing time in Ike rationa
nigans, and invigorating the entire system. Alao in KITS,
i of the SPINK, HIP CUM PLAINT, OISBASKS of tl?e Kit). V
KROY.and all NK.ItVOl S DISKASKSfwhieh complaints ansa ,
from one Kini|>le i'.ium? -namely, I
A Derangement of the Nervoua System.
I (HJ- In NS.lt VOUS COMPLAINTS. Drugi and Medicine* >
I iiictfint l/" .fiVair, lor tkey w eaken the vital energfeadT tba
] alieady pro.tratcd system; while tinder the tiengtlieniaf, *
j lire-giving, vitalising influence of daltonism, as applied by
I this beautiful nnJ uonderttil di?cnverv, the evbojntUd patient.
ami weakened sufferer i? restored to former health, Strength,
elasticity and vigor
The gient peciiiiarily and excellence of
Dr. Christie'* Galvanic Curatives,
, consists, in the fi.ct that they arrest and enre diseaae'by >hf
tear J uanfica'.eu, in place of the usual mode of dragging and
; physicking Ih* patient, till exhausted Nature aiiika bopalMsly
Under tlic luUn'tion.
.. . . .1, It.. r;rrut?u'*n at
! lAri/eed, promMt thr tea rtiaui end Merer da Iht ilifklttl fnfltrg
I Mil iff an'/ cireumstmrrt. Since their introduction Mk tho
L'nitcrt Htntea, only three yeam ?iore. umr* than >
6<),()0 0 Persons
I including all age*. ciasves and condition*. among which vtn
| a large number of ladies. who are peculiarly subject to Noff
j not 1 nrnplainl*. have been
| when all hope r.f relit f h.id been given up. and every thing
1 el?e been tried in vain i
To illuetiate (be nve of the (iALVANIC HKt.T, ?oppose
| the cave of 1 person aid it-ted with that bane of civili/alioo, ~. .
I DVSI'KPM V, or tiny other 1 hrniiir or Nervous disorder. In 1
ofilinftrv rn***. nr* tnhon trliirli. Hjr tliair actinium
| the nerves aud muscle* of the ttomacb, afford Irmpnrmrj relief
1 but which leave the patient in a lower state. and with injured
i faculties, alter the action thus oxcitcd has ceared. Novrcom|
pare tin* with the ed'cot resulting tiom the application oLihe
: GALVANIC BKLT. Take a Dyspeptic vulteier, even in the
j uuitt aymptom* of nn attack, and (imply tie the Belt around
toe body, using the Aiognetic Fluid a* directed, lu a short
i period the insensible perspiration will act 011 the positive
| element of the Belt, thereby causing a Galvanic circulation
w hich will puss on to the negative, and thence back again to
J the po-ilive. thus keeping up a continuous Galvanic circaJoj
lion thioughnut the system. Thus the most sever* casonof
Of tlie moat Undoubted Chnrnctcr,
From all pint* of the Country could be given, sufficient to SO a
every Column in this paper 1 .
{ which conclusively proves that
" Truth is stranger than Fiction,." <.- & j
clke OF
Rev. Dr. Landis, a Clergyman
; of Now Jersey, if distinguished attainments ami exalte J
teputbtmnr-Jf d i|
SinxKt, N'exv Jersey, July li, 1848.
! Pi; I! I'iihi i>- Pear Sii : You \vi?h to know of ma
what has be?n the . r.-nlt In mv own case, of the application ol J
TilK tJALVAMC bh.l.l' AND NKCKI.ACK. Ml reply isas
follows: I
j for about firmly yctirt I Ii.iil lioeri Suffering from Dyspcpi
si.i Kiery jour the symptoms became worse. nor could 1
! obtain pelniamoil leliol iroui any course of medical treatment
whatever. About faurl'nt years since, in consequence of
I frequent exposure to the weather, in the discharge of my pa? I
; toral duties, I became subject to a severe I'hionie Itheuma- j
ti-.ni, which for year after year, caused me iudescribohW t
j anguish, farther: nillie wintcrof '4A and *-W.irt^mseouence
! of preaching a great deal in my own'anil tVHoiu otiier I
| elm relies in this region, I was attacked by the Bronchitis,. s
which soon became so severe as to requite an immediate setj
pension of my pa lot at labors. My ntl imit tyslrnt was nam 4
tharauehly proitriHtH, ami as my Bronchitis became worse, so I
also did my Dyspepsia ami Rheumatic affection?thus evincing I
; that these disorders were connected with etch other through J
the medium of the Nervous System. In the whole nharmaco- 1
at 1 - I- Uirnol isiklistl rvtnM V
|?HH IIICVQ M-CTILU lu iIV liu iciimrai -a"". r.
rciicli and rocunorate my Nervous System ; orery thine "ut I 1
j ha.! tried for this purpose had completely foiled. At last I I
* ? led by my friends to examine yctir inventions, and (though '
tvith no very'sanguine hopes of their ettlcioncy.) I determined
i- trv the effect of the application of Uie OAtVANIC BELT
AND NECK I.At'K, with the ilAU.V'KTfC FLUID. This wts
in June, IStti. To mv hbkat tnoMSNiir-VT, ix two oats mt
Dnmnt iisn owi; at hoist oats I was kxamlkd to
riai-uk mt risroRAi. i.anors ; jior hatk i sixes omittko
a sixoi r. sKnricK ox accooxt or tii* Broxchitha; axd mt
R MM'Ma TIC AFFIX MUX HAS K.XTIRS.lt cs'.asko to tiohslk MS.
Sueh is the wonderful and happy results of the experiment
I have recommended the BELT and FLUID to moay^rho
have been likewise suffering from Neuralgic affections. They
have tried them, with hsrrv aripi.ti, I an.irvc, its nm
I am, dear sir, very respectfully yourt,
Tic Doloreux~and Neuralgia. 1 M
Theso dreadful and agoniting complaints ere immtJialeif (
rrtierrii by jl?e upplicntion of the Galvanic Bkl/, Nkcklacs i
%m? kii'iit. the Belt tlirtiiset the klectrieity through the i
erinm . fh.s v??.sLlart? has & local efleet, and tho Fluid ffRl, 1
directly nioii the affected nerve*. In Uiete d'streaaiof
mnieiious tiic iii j.licati.m NEVER K.VII.3.
Then* aiatmiug on.I terrible complaint! arc aluaya caa;ef
By a dt> an*tmtr.t nf ihr Xerrei. Tlie Bklt, Brjo ltt! ikd
Ki.fin will cure nearly every rase, no matter how young or
1.1 the patient, or how confirmed the complaint Numerotti
Irnl astonishing proof! a.? in poesetsion of the proprietor.
Qn- .Many hundred Vrtiflcatea from all parta of the country
nf the moit'extraord.r.ary character can be giren, if required. I
0'7* trouble or inronrenience attenda the naa of Off. I
hp worn by the matt feeble and delicate with perfect eaae and 1
safety. In many cave* the sensatioo attending their ase if I
highly yUatohi end agrtrahlt. They can be a an I to any part I
oi the country. m I
Prices: ^
The Galvanic Belt, Three Dollars, J
The Galvanic Necklace, Two DoIl*r*i 4
I The Galvanic Bracelets, One Dollar Bach.
The Magnotic Fluid, One Dollar. I
(Kf~ The anirli-i a&ttrompanied by toll. and plaindireo- I
linna. Pamphlet! *ith full particulet* a?ay ba had of tfca I
authorized Agent. 1
OC?- Btwmt of Co'interftif tt'oithkll Imiimttmi.
1353 BroiKhT*r,.S(w York. I
i For sale in Camden by the auatohized A?ent$
' - F. L. ZEMP
In Charleston by Dr. P. Ml COHHJN.
InColnmbia by BOA TRIG HT & MIOT.
I * ' SARiTJEE < A;m AJL.
Tun into rains have given lite Santee Canal an
ant|)Ie supply of wafer, so that Boats can pnai
I witliout delay. * Wi
R. PRESS SMITH, SifyeHntendant.
Jan. 6. S
French Braarfr. J
Supe-ior French Brandy, for Medicinal puree. , 1
: cca. For sale r.t J

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