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The Great Cough Remedy.
For the Cnre or
coughs, colds,
- hoarseness, bronchitis,
? Whooping-cough, croup
m. oihtth* /? -_j nnwonwroTTOH I
(4 9 A AAVAdA auu W V M M V at* a mm mm-mm ?The
anna's of medical science. affording as they
d > ample proof ?.f the power ami value of many
medical agents, have furnished no examples in
c unpare with tlie salutary effects produced bv
Tlie remarkable cures t:l the disease of th>
Lungs which have been realized by its use, attested
as they arc by many prominent professors and
physicians in th s and foreign lands, should encourage
the alllicted to persevere with t e strong assurance
that the use of the 'Cheary Pectoral' will
reli< ve and uiiiiriatelv core tlieui.
We presf nt to the public unsolicited testimonials
from some of the first men inotir counlrv, upon
whose judgement and experience implicit con
i., i
liurnuc IllttV ?r |fin^cu.
I)r I'KRKIMS, President Yl. Medical College,
one ?>f the must lea* tied ami intelligent physicians
in the country, considers it a " composition of rare
excellence for the cure of that formidable disease,
Consun.pt ion."
Norwich, April 2G, 1?46.
Dr. J. C. Ayer?Dear Sir :?Agreeable to the
request of your agent, we will cheerfully state
what wc have known of the effects of your CIlKliltY
PECTO It A L and they have lien astonishing
indeed. Mrs. Betsey Streetcr had been afflicted
with a severe and relentless cough, which reduced
her very low ; so low that little hope could be entertained
of her recovery. Numerous remedies
had been tried without effect, before the Cherry
Pectoral. And that has cured he*". Gearge VV'atkinson
Esq., had to our knowledge keen afflicted
with asthma, for eleven years, and grown yearly
worse, until the Cherry Pectoral lias now removed
the disease and lie is as free from any of its symp
- 'fonts as we ere. The Itev. Mark Dane had been
f. no severely attacked with the Bronchitis, as '.o disable
him from his duties, and nothing had afforded
him relief until I (Mr. Tborniag) carried him a
bottle of your Pectoral, which cured him at once,
and he now officiates as usual in this place.
'',|'AOA ''"OO ,,f iho rauoe ill which We llSVP
A ?ICI*C n IC IUIVW ?>| im, v?.v. ...
kdnwn it successful, but never tail. NVi have
great pleasure in certilying ,o these facts ; and aie
respected air, your Jiumble servants.
rer. i), thorning:
Among the distinguished authorities who have
given their names to recommend "Cherry Pectoral,"
as the best remedy that is known for the A:
lections of*the lungs, are "London Lantet," "Canadian
Journal ot medical Science," "Boston Medical
and Surgical Journal," "Charleston (S. S)
mnd ral Review," "New Jersey Medical Reporter,'*
Prof. Webster, Harvard College, Prof, Bat.
lett, Transalvania University of mccicine. President
Perkins, Vermont medical College, Dr. Valentfiie
.Volt. New York City, Parker Cleveland,
Bowdon College. Prof. Buttcrfield, Willoughby
College, Ohio, Prof. Brai.hwaite, Leeds (Eng.)
medical School, Sir Richard Kane, Queen's Col
lege, Ireland, Prof. Roscnbaum, Leipsic.
The public have but to know the virtues and astonishing
success of the "Cherry Pectoral," in
- - - J! ,k" lliau Will feel I
curing uiseasco ui mc uiijjk) .
secure from these dangers, whenever tins remedy
can be obtained.
Prepnred by J. C. AYER, Chimist, Lowell mass
and so d in Camden at McK AIM'S Drugstore and
by Drugi*t?gerjerally throughout the Unite States.
Dec. 10, IM*. 97 a.u
For Females orly,
Invaluable to youns, married and single.
Restorative and .^loathly Pills.
Price 25 cts. a Box.
ACCOMPANIED with a 6mall pamphlet, containing
full directions, useful hints, infortna
tion and advice tc Icinales from youth or puberty
to old ago.
"Nature will be much assisted by their use, in
anticipation of certain periods, or where there is
irregularity, suppression or absence of the natural
k changes, and will relieve the suffering, pain and
distress common to many at those periods. There
are other times, also, when the married and single
will find them useful
Mothers do not mistake the ailiugs of your
daughters; when atHicted with 1 lead-ache, Dizziness,
Fainting. Loss of Appetite. Sickness of the
Stomach, Pains in the Sales or Breasts, Pains along
the Back, Spine or across the Loins, Uystcri
eal or Nervous feeling, Depression or lanvness oi
tlie SpiritH, Melancholy Dislike to exercise and
society, Palpitation of Heart, Bleeding at the nose
&c. Too often are medicines given tliein for Civer
complaints, I) spepsia, Consumption, &.C., when
the real cause is not suspected; and through improper
medicines and tiealment their ooustitutions
are destroyed; and their constitutions are de
etrnved, and they become miserable during life.
Thousands of Females in Philadelphia, New j
York, Boston, Baltimore and elsewhere know the
? flfteacy of those Pills, and many could he referred
* to, but dolicacjf and respect to the sex forbids it.
Sold wliol sale and retail at Dr. Leidy's Dispensary,
No 114 North Fourth Street, Plulada.?
also by J. R. .l/eKain, Cainden; Tola nil Curtis,
Columbia; Black Si Ehny, Orangeburg; Dr. P. M.
Cohen and Dr. J. A. Cieaveland, Charleston; and
by Druggists and Storekeepers generally.
*on HB 1v
r UK-? "
Tax Collector's Notice,
NOTiCR is hereby given that I will open
Books on the first day of February next at
the store of James Dunlap, in Camden, for collecting
the Taxes tor lKf?0, and will attend at the
following places on the following days for the J
same purpose?
On Monday the 3d of .Varrh at Liberty Hill; on
Tuesday, 4:li of March, at Flat Rock; on Wednesday,
5ih .March at Buffalo; on Tjulrsrlay 6th ol J
March at Lizenby's; on Friday 7th of March, at
<Schrock's Mill; on Saturday 8th of March, at j
Curcton's Mill.
After the above named timep. I will attend at
Camden, nnlil the first day of May, at which time,
the Books will positively be closed, and all defaulters
double taxed.
J. W. DQBY, t. c. k. d.
.January 20. 6 wtf
Jew David's or Hebrew Plaster.
TUB <in?ni Kemedy for Rheumatism, (lout, I'ain in
the JSide. Hip. Back. Limh*, and Joints. Scrofula,
King's Evil. White Millings, Hard Tumors, Stiff Joints,
and all Fixed Pa inn whatever
The above with most of the valuable Patent Medicines
of the present day kept constantly on hand by I
Z, J. DzHAY.
Feb. 4, 1851 10 ?
faun lice, Dyspepsia, Chronic or If ervous;
Debility, Diseases of th?
diseases arising
from a disordered Liver
or Stomach, such as
Constipation, inward Pile*,
fulness or lllood to the Head,
acidity af the Stomach. Nausea,
Heartburn, disgust for Food, fullness
or weight in the Stomach, sour
| eructations, sinking or fluttering at the
Pit of the Stomach, swimming of the
Head, hurried and difficult Breathing, fluttering
at the Heart, choking or sufTocaiing
sensations when in a Lying Posture, dimness of
vision, dots or webs belore the Sight, Fever and
dull pun in the head, deficiency of Perspiration,
yellowness of jhexkin and eyes, pain in the side, back
chest and limbs, sudden flushes of the Heart, burning in
e flesh, imagining of evil and great depression of spirits,
120 Arch Street, Philadclphiu.
Tlieirpowfr over the almvc disease* it not excelled, I
equalled, by any oilier preparation in the United State*
ax the cures attest, in mauy roses after skilful phyimns'
had failed.
These Kilters are worthy the attention of invalid*. Possessing
great virtue* in the rectification of disease* of tbc
Liver and lesser glands, exercising the most searching
powers in weakness and affections of the digestive organs,
lliey are, withal, safe, certain and pleasant.
Chas. Robinson, Esq , Boston, Md., in a letter to l?r.
lackson, Jan. 9. 1850. said?
" My wife and myself have received more benefit from
\onr medicine than auv other we have ever l&keu for the
Dyspepsia and Liver disease."
"The Tenth legion," published at Woodstock, Va.,
Jan. 10, 1850, said?
" V. e have u.?if.inuly refrained from recommending to
the public any of the various Patent Medicine* of I he day,
unless thoroughly convinced of their value. Among thus*
we consider worthy of notice is the Herman Bitters, invented
by Dr. IIoofland,and prepared by Dr. Jackson, in Philadelphia.
One instance in particular, in which the superior
virtues of this medicine have been tested, has fallen
under our observation. During the last summer, a ton of
" * "?u:" *l.io?.,untpv Ufta I'PPV <U*rioil8lv
JTir. Anrunnin Drnuui, ??i m?o ?.irv*i,v.^ 4
afflicted with Liver Complaint, ana after trying in vain
various remedies. he purchased a bottle ofthe Bitten and
after wing it, was so much relieved of Itts distressing roalady
that lie procured another bottle, and is restored entirely
to health.
The "Philadelphia Democrat," the leadinc German journal
of Philadelphia. The editor said, Nov 24tlt?
44 We again call attention to the removal of the German
Mdiicine store, the principal depot for the sale of Dr. lloofland's
German Bittern, from 2?8 Bore to 120 Arch street,
one door below Sixth. Owing to the increased demand
for this medicine, and for the accommodation of his numerous
patients. Dr. Jackson has been compelled to occupy a
larger store. We wish liirn success in his new quarters;
he is deserving of it. The Hitters Mixture ?? without doubt
the greatest medicine extant for diseases of tlte 1 jver and
Bowels. A stubborn case of Chronic Diarrhoea has come
underour notice, wherein the patient had exhausted ll.e
Materia Medico* of the different schools of medicine with
no apparent benefit. lie was induced to use these bitters,
and a few bottle* of litem have entirely cured him: Many
uch cases we could refer to. We hope our reader* wf I
recollect this great restorative, should they be so unfortunate
as to require its we Dr. Jackson possesses the original
unpublished rereipt of Dr. Hoofland. at.d he prepares
this medicine w ith this care. Those purchasing should
call at his store, or see that his name is written upon the
wrapper outside, and blown in the bottle, as imitations of
allgnod articles are common."
Judge M. M. Noah, a gentleman with great scientific and
literary attainments,said in his "New York Weekly Messenger,
Jan. 6. 1850,
"1>*. lloorUA.Ku's Gkkman Birrraa.?Here is a preparation
which the leading presses in the Union appear to
ne unanimous in recommending, nnd the reason is obvious.
It is mad* after a prescription furnished by one of the must
celebrated physicians of modnm tim s, the Inte Dr. Chris
topher Wilhelm Hoofland, rrotessor to me (.uuven-ny <>i
Jena. Private Physician to the King of Prussia, nnd one of
the greatest medical writers Germany has ever produced.
He wa* emphatically the enemy of humbug, and therefore
a medicine of which lie wax the inventor and endorser may
be confidently relied on. He specially recommended it in
liver complaint, dyspepsia, debility, vertigo, acidity of the
stomach, constipation, and nil complaints arising from a
disordered condition of die stomach, the liver and the intestines.
Nine Philadelphia papers express tlieir conviction
of its excellence, and several of the editors speak of
itx effects from their own individual experience. Under
these ciicumstances We feel warranted not only in calling
tho attention of our readers to the present proprietor's (Dr.
C. M, Jackson's) pre|>aralioii, but in recommending the article
to all afflicted."
The " Philadelphia Saturday Gazette," the best family
newspaper published in the United States, the editor says of
'It is seldom that we recommend what are termed Patent
Medicines to the confidence and patroiiAge four readers.
and therefore, when we recommend Dr. Hooflnnd's
German Bitters, we wish it to he distinctly understood that
we are not speaking of the nostrums of the day, that ore
in ia<-d about fur a brief period and then forgotten after they
have done theirguilty race of mischief, but of a medicine
tongeltarlished, universally prized, and which has met
the heart v approval of the Faculty itself."
Evidence ii|sin evidence has been received (like the
foregoing) from all sections of the Dnion. the last three
Years, and the strongest tesiimony in its favor, is. that there
is more of it ltsep in the practice of the regular Physicians
of I'hilailslphia than all other t oxtTums combined, a fact
that can easily he established, and fully proving that a
scientific preparation will meet with their quiet approval
when presented even in this form.
That this medicine will cure liver complniril and dyspep*
la, no one can doubt, after using it as directed. it acts
I specifically nnon the stomach and liver?it is preferable to
calomel in all bilious diseases?ihe effect is immediate.?
They can he administered to female or infant with safety
and reliable benefit, at any time
This medicine has attained that high character which
is iiecesflnry for all medicines to attain to induce counter
feiters to put fortli a spurious article at the risk of the lives
of those who are innocently deceived.
They have the written signature of C. >1. JACKSON
upon the wrapper, and the name blown in the bottle, without
which they are spurious.
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the
ton Arch street, one door below Sixth, (late of 278
I (ace hi reel.) Philadelphia, and by re*peclable dealer* generally
throughout the country.
For nale in Camden, by James U. M'Kaik?Columbia
by Boatwright & . Mint?Chester C. II. by Iteedy &, Huff,
j and by respectable Rruggbu generally throughout the
Cnitcd Stales.
Aug. 13. 64
THE late rains have given the Snntee Canal an
an.pie supply of water, so that Boats can pass
without (Jolay.
R. PRESS SMITH, Superintendant.
Jan. R. S*
BRASS Fenders, pierced Iron do.; folding Nur
sery do.; Fire Dugs and Fire Irons, of every
descri lion. McDOWALL&.COOPER.
Execntor'ii Notice.
1 LL those who were indebted to the late Jaines
il R. iMcKain, at the time of his deafh, are hereby
called uj>on to come forward and make settlement.
And those having claims against his estate will
please hand them in properlv attested,
Sept 6,1850, 71
JUST Received a fresh supply of ASSORTED
? do. Jam and Jellies,
Mustard, Brandy and Fruits,
Fresh Salmon and lobsters,
Eng. and American Catsup,
Candies, Plums, Kisses, <Lc., at
Feb 11 12 tf 1
Upward of Ten Thousand Cures,
Consumption can be Cured!!
For (be cure of Consumption and all Diseases
of the Lungs and Dreast.
Late Professor in Cincinnati Eclectic Medical
Mr. A. L Scovill: However reluctant I have
been to permit my name to be attached to patent
medicine, I consider it a dutv to the community to
strte that in three cases of incipient consumption,
via: miss Bell, Miss Harder, and mr. II H.-Cox,
one of our City oiinr.il, that Dr. Rowers'Liver
wort and'Paroperated more like a specific than
like any other remedy, that 1 ever used. One or
the cases, viz: Miss Bell, pronounced by several
Physicians to be laboring under the last stage ol
Scrofulous Consumption. She is now in good
heulth, from the use of a few bottles of the above
syrup. II1RAM COX, .1/ I).
Cincinnati. Jan. 25, 1847.
Mr. A. Scovill: I am well acquainted with Dr
Hiram Cox and his practice, he having been my
Dhvsician for many years, and ran cheerfully say
that 1 have as much confidence in his skill as any
inan living. HENR\ MORSE.
Cincinnati, Nov. 8th, 1847.
Despair not though your Physicians and Friends
give yoo. up to die!!!
Your condition cannot be more helpless than
that of litre. Rowe.
Thin is to certify that I was taken with a pain in
my side and breast, attended with a distressing
cough, and lor the space of one year grew rapidly
worse. Although I had in attendance three physicians.
one of whom was considered very skillful,
all of their efforts pioved alike unavailing. At
last one of the physicians came in, and decided that
I could not live more than one day longer! All
of my friends believed that a few days at most
would end my earthly career.
My brother at tins crisis, hearing of the astonishing
cures made by Dr. Rodgers' Liverwort and
Tar, went to Chi JI icot he, distant thirty miles, to
procure the above medicine; and, strange to tell,
before I had used half a bottle iny cough was entire
'y cured, and when I had used two bottles 1
i was al le to attend to my fainilv vocations as usual.
Harriet rowe.
Mr. Msrriweather writes as Follows:
rnr. A. L. Scovill, Dear Sir?Dr. Rogers' Liver
? .-.ii i _..i.i ?
wort and J ar came snie 10 nana, i inne *uiu *
number of bottles. 1 has met with great success.
A young man nf this place, supposed to have the
consumption, has been entirely cured.
Denmark. Tenn., Juiip 30, lSltJ.
tiyTlie following certificate from one. of the most dixtin.
guished physicians in Cincinnati, is entitled to great credit:
I feel constrained from a sense of duty to make toe following
statement. conscious that it may ap|>ear unprofessional.
Mr. Charles Wade, of thin city, "as quite low
with Pulmonary Consumption, for which 1 had been
treating with less than Usual success. At bis request, and
that of his Irieuds, I permitted him to try L>r Rogers's
Liverwort ami Tar; ami 1 must confess that its effects
were really surprising. After using toe second bottle my
visits were discontinued, and he was soon restored to
penlth. I do conscientiously recommend my brother practtioncrs
to prescribe this remedy in all pulmonary comilaints
which baffle the ordinary mode of trenlment.
Cincinnati, Oct. 1st 1844
Extract from a leUer dated Jackson, Tenn. Oct. 26,1848.
Mr. A. L. 'Scovill, Cincinnati :
Dear Sir?I want yon to send me one gross of Dr. Rogers'
Liverwort and Tar. I am entirely out of it, and
have constant calls for it. The remarkable cures that it
has made here, ha* made a great demand for it.
Yours, 4-r.. R. W. HITT1NGTO.N. Druggist.
r>*T-ru-wnre of Counterfeits and base Imitations..X*)
N.B.?The genuine article* i* signed, "Andrew Roger*,"
on the engraved wrapper around each bottle.
Price?ill per bottle, or biz Unities for Sold
wholesale and retail by
13 Chartes *t., New Orleans.
ViIp General Agent* for the Southern State*.
Sold by J. R. McKain, Camden ; A. hitch, Columbia;
Haviland, Hnrrall <fe Co., and P. AI. Cokea, Charleston t
Alannsel Hall, Winnsboro.
0*l,all on the Agent for a pamphlet, and nee
the above certificates in full, and a vast number of
March 26, 24 w6m
A certain remedy j for nil fixed pain* in lite fide, C1ie*t
Loins, Bark, Bnw N, Mn'iim, ilheumntism in til it* varied
forms. Nervous MFctioim. Lung and Liver Complaint*.
Spina! Affection*. Female Weaknesses, etc. etc.
For the above cninplaini* this planter has no f.quai.?
The i;real celebrity which it has already acquired, not only
in the old, hut in the new world?the extraordinary
cure* it has performed in the most extreme rases of suffer,
irig. have acquired for it such a reputation, that the pro_
prietorlms not?until recently?been able to supply ital
The sales throughout every city, town and village in
the United States, are without a parallel!
A circumstance not surprising, when the vast amount of
human suffering relieved by it* use is considered. In spinal
defects, the benefit usually isof the n.nstderided rha*_
v n cnwtt mil I?f
racier, in i^ervmn v^t/uipwun*, iihkiwm ??.%. ? ?
twenty readily yield to the penetrating stimula combined
in this valuable preparation.
In Rheumatism, either acute or chronic, the claim* of
the Hebrew Piaster have long since been universally acknowledged.
Those who are laboring tinder weak backs,
no matter from what cause the weakness may have originated?even
if such persons have been misguided in previous
applications? in the use ?f the Hebrew Plaster they
will find the affected [tart suddenly restored to its origi ouikimm.
As a supporter in rases of constitutional weakncs it will
be found of great advantage. It is particularly rocommendcd
to females who are suffering front sudde weakness,"Or
general debility. In short, it omhraces all the virtues
which the most scientific mirul was cajtable of compounding
from valtmbie substances found in the old world
and will be foititd entirely free front those objections
which are a source of complaint dtitli the numerous spreadplasters
now before the public.
Where this Plaster is applied, pain cannot exist.
These Plasters possess the advantage of being put up in
air-tight boxes, hence they retain their full virtues in all
climates. We have just received the billowing testimonial
from C. C .Sellers, an eminent lawyer in successful
practice in Wilcox county, Alabama, lie is a gentleman
in high standing, and one whose influence lias great
Camden, Ala., Nov. 21, 1848.
Messrs. Scovil <J- Mead : Gentlemen?Having been requested
tostate.what has been the result of my experience
by the use of your Hebrew Plaster, I cheerfully comply,
by bsaying that I nave found it to be as heretofore reenm
j;-:? l.. .iut: r
mended, an invaluaote meuicioc. iiiuuiuninTOin my
family I have applied the Planter to chronic sore*, tumor*,
and pain*, and it lm? never failed to afford instant relief.
1 have also u*ed it with goixl effect upon my own person,
in the cure of ulcer*, with which 1 have been severely
afflicted. Respectfully, etc.
Beware nf Counterfeits and Base Imitations.
CAUTION?The subscriber* are the only General
Agent* in the .Southern .States for the sale of this truly
valuable Plaster; and in order to prevent purchasers being
imposed upon by a counterfeit article, sold in this city and
elsewhere for the genuine, they invite particular attention
to the following murk* of the genuine;
1. The genuine is put up in smooth, engine-turned bottomed
boxes, not soldered in.
2. The genuine ha* the engraved head of Jew David
no the directions around the box, with accompanying Re
eurdof Coa?,,.E.T.,l?.R^?'L & jb] KAD,
113 Cliarire? fi., Now Orleans.
Sole General Agents for the Southern States.
Sold by J. R. MeKain Camdon; A. Fileli. Columbia;
llaviland Harrall Co. and P.M. Cohen CUartfljlon;
Mantel Hall, Winntborough. <'aidwe Me Jamea, Newberry;
Reedy k, Rufr .CheatervtMe.
Mothers, Read This Attentively,
For the speedy and permanent cure ,of Diarrhoea, Dysentery.
Cholera, Infant, m, Cholera Morbus. G'holic, Summer
Complaints, Flatulency Pain* in the Stomach, &c.
and from all derangement of stomach and bowels from
Feethins. ....
{jy The time ba? again arrived when diseases of the
stomach and bowels carries its thousands to a premature
^rftvc. Is there no remedy to slay the tnarcl, of death !
VV.. nn?ivr. VF.S the Cordial will cure ami nri.imni
nine-tenths of all cases of disease affecting them- organs.More
than five thousand cases of disease were cured by it
luring the past year. All families consulting the welfare
of ihcir children and selves, will act wisely to have
this article by them, lit all cases of failure the money
will cheerfully be returned, and to those who are unablo
to purchase,it will b_- clieerlidlv bestowed.
From the Spirit of the Times.
Dr. Heeler's Cordial and Carminative, is certainly a
valuable desideratum in every family, to the young arid
lo adult, hut partieu.arty wheree tiiere are children. We
apeak sdvisedly, because we have thoroughly tried it, and
proved its healing and efficacious properties in our lauiiiy.
We would most cordially recomiuetid the public to give it
a fair trial, which is only wanting t<> appreciate its value
From the North American and United States Gazette,
Sept. 41 It 1317.
In these days, abounding i/i fruit, it behoves every one
to be prepared with a remedy for the evil rfleets w hich il
sometimes produces?we have been told by those that
knew and who have tried il?that He ler's Cordial is an
art.cla which hit* been "used in some of the severest cases
of Summer Complaint, both in infants and grow n person*.'
The Cordial can be procured at the corner of TnirJ and
South Streets.
From Neal's Saturday Gazette August-23th 1317.
Dr. Kyeler's Cordial.?We would call the attention of
our readers to this invaluable medicine, wrhich will be
found advertised at length in our columns. As a corrective
in cases of Diarrhcca, a disease very prevalenl at the pres ?
I" Ll.sLlir enr.lron nf Kir all ulin huiV 11S (*( I it.?
III. UI..C, IH- ?7
It is perfectly sale in its nature. and we sjicak expcrimeiitally,
when we say that it affords immediate relief.
From the Pennsylvania Inquirer, Sep. 1st. 1S47.
Dr. Keeler's Cordial and Carminative?This article is
advertised in anuther |wrt or otir pa|>er, it is warmly recoininendcd
hy families who have tied it. It is especially
useful among ehilJren. and has effected hundreds of cures.
The doctor is abundantly supplied with testimony upon the
subject some of which is very strong. The Cordial is n?t
a quack nostrum, hut a carefully prepared medicine, and
perfectly free from any thing injurious.
From the Daily Pennsylvanian, -Sept. lGtli 1847.
We are constrained to say that the '( anninative"4of Dr.
Keeler's now extensively used in this City, is rapidly
making its way l? public lav or. Its ingredients are o
course unknown, but it is mild in its operaiion, pleasantt i
tlie taste, and a remedy quite as good as any now used for
the same complaints.
From the Daily News, July 15th, 1350.
Summer Complaint.?The season when this complaint
exists is now here. If persons having it in their families
would only purchase a nottle of Dr. Keeler's Carminative
Cordial, they would rave much expense and trouble. e
peak of ihe virtues of this medicine knowingly
From the Spirit Iy 13, 1843
We wish to direct the intention of the readers of this
paper to Dr. Heeler's cordial an I Carminative, adveriiised
in another column. It is a medicine highly esteemed by
every one that Im* used it in Diarrhoea. Dysentery. Cinder:
infantum, ect .which at this season if so frequent. It is a
perfect innocent medicine and gives immediate relief.
Prepared and sold "21)4 Market street Philadelphia?
where may also he lwd Dr. Heeler's Cough Syrup, Vermifuge
Syrttp, Rheumatic Lotion, Liver and N'n native Pills.
Medicines of unsurpassed efllrary. Cy Also Dr. Heeler's
SAIINaP ARILLA, a celebrated remedy in all Scrofula
and Constitutional Disorders. It is, without doubt, the
ehea|>est and best remedy for (-hronic Disease of the Chest
Strmach, Liver, and skin known?and admirably adapted
for all derangements arriving from Impurities of the blood.
Females stillerine from the Loss of Appetite, Nervous Debility,
Irregularities, prtins. Pimples. Blotchs. Sallow Complexion.
Cosiiveness. etc.. Will find the Sarsaimrilla decidedly
the best remedy in use for their removal. N? one
should lie without Dr. Heeler's Fammily Medicines, so
beneficial in many diseases. Pricn$l perbotth?6 bottles
for ?3*
For sale by Z. J. Die MAY. Camden S. C..and by Draggist*
and Stores throughout the coonfry. Price '25 cents
per hoitle?see circulars&c., in hands of the agents.
July 9. 13G0. 51
The envy of all Pill manufacturers,
Bemuse thev are safer, better and more efficacious than
any others ; and because the public will take m others
if they can obtain them.
500,000 Boxes
have been sold annually for the last five year*.
* ?- * ? ? * %r r\ nnu irr
\ Ol'NG AIMIJ UIjD, MAI.Ei ftiii/ rriitiniin,
can always take them with equal safety, without fear.
for purging and cleansing the Stomach and Rowels, and
purifying the Blood and fluids of the liody.take no others
?for no other pill* produce those combined effects, or contains
Snrxnpnrilln in them
Eat, Drink and lire a* nsnal,
and pursue your usual occupation whilst taking thera
without fear of takingcoM.during all kinds of weather.
are wagered that mora genuine certificates (from phvsi
cian*. Clergymen, Members of Congress and respectable
citizens) can be procured of their efficacy than any other.
Forty Pills in a Ilot'l!
and sold at twentY-fivk cents a box, with directions
and much wholesome advice accompanying each box.
They no taste or unpleasant smell,
Free from dust or pow der of any kind,
Do not gripe the Stomach or Bowels,
Produce nosickness, vomiting or bad feelings,
Tiiey are uood at am. times,
And adapted to most diseases common to mankind.
No one having once taken them will be willing afterwards
to lake any others, because they always do good, and if they
do not then no others will.
Dr. N. B. LEIDY FroprietJ atit^Mannfactnrcr,
is a regular Druggist. Chemist and Physician, of fifteen
years experience in Philadelphia ; Graduate of the Uni
versity or Pennsylvania; Member of different Medical Institutions
of Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Baltimore
Ac., and associate and corresponding member of several
Medical Institutions of London and Paris?hence the reason
of the greater confidence placed in bis pills, and their
being recommended in the practice of most respectable
physicians throughout the United States.
0T- Principal Depot, Dr. Leidy's Dispensary, No. 114
North Fourth st , I hiladeaphia?and sold wholesale and
retail atMcKAIN'S Drug Store, Camden ; TO LAND A
CURTIS, Columbia; MILLER A BOSS A RD, Sumter
villc ; Dr. MA LLOY.Charaw; PRATT A JAMES, Newberry
; RUFF A REEDY,Chestcrville ; J. L. YONGUE,
Winsboro; II. II. WEST, Unionville; Dr. P. M. COHEN
and CLEVELAND, Charlepton;'ond by most Druggists
A Storekeepers inthe United States.
Aug. 20, 1850! 66 12m
PraoK fiord on QeAri.Q.
mHE subscriber has just received a fr#nh and
J. full supply of every variety of GARDEN
SEEDS, which can be depended upon, consisting
in part of early Mohawk, French, speckled,
yellow six weeks, early white and cranberry
BEANS, Bishop's early prolific, early charlton,
dwarf strawberry and tall marrowfat I'EAS; earlyMay,
early York, early Dutch, early large York,
sugar-loaf, drumhead, Battcrsea, green glazed
and mountain CABBAGES; long blood, white
nnntnu T? 1? /~i A?
sugar and turnip urocoii, v^arrois, \^<?uliflowenOelery,
Collards,Cucumber, Squash, Egg
Plant, Ceituce, Kale, Sugar Corn, Pal*ley, Parsnip,
white and brown Mustard, Okrn, Onion Batons,
Bell Pepner, sweet Spanish Pepper, Radish,
tarly spring Turnip, Vegetable Oyster, Spinage,
eomato, Hemp and Canary Seed?also, an asTrtmentol
choice FLOWER SEEDS. For sale
so F. L. ZEMP.
Dec. 18 96 tf
For the; Tlrmova! and PermW?t Core of all
Diseases' arising from an Iouutre fcrtUe
of the Blood or habit of
System, .?
Scrofula or Kind's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cuiane?
oum Eruptions. Chronic Sore Eyes, liing Worm or Tetter,
Scald Hem), Enlargement and Pain of the Bone* and
Joint*.Stubborn Ulcere, Syphilitic Symptom*. Sciatica
or Lumbago ; and Diseases arising from an Injudiciooa
use of Mercury. Acidities or Dropsy, Eipostn* or Imprudence
in Life; also.OhroetcC"n.'tittiiftnal "Disorders, ice ,
Tlic value of tliii preparation is now widely m
known, and every day the Deid id it* usefulness is
extending. It i* approved and hijhjy rceomrrended
bv Physicians, and in admitted (vjfejbe most
powerful and searching preparation-from the root
dial ha* ever been employed in mediei) practice.
Tiie uufortunnte victim ot hereditary disease, with
swollen gland*, contracted sinews aritTDSife* half
carious ha* been restored4o health and rigor ?
The scrofulous patient, covered with ulcers, loath*
some to hir.isell and his attendants, had been mada
whole. Hundreds of persons, who had groaned
hopelessly for years, under cutaneous and gfandolar
disorders, rheumatism, and many other complaints
springing from a derangement of the seen,
live or.ans and the circulation, have been raised
as it were from the rack of disease, and now. with
regenerated constitution#, gladly testify to the el*
ticary of this inestimable preparation.
The follow* ng oi-rtilicate from col. Samuel (*
Taylor, a gentleman of high standing ami exten
xivc acquaintance through the southerd states, and
lately aiq ointed cou.-ul tn New Grenada. commends
itsull to the attention nl all;
New Yrrk, January 7, 1843.
Messrs. A. B. &. D. Sands?Oed lenient Har*
in^j used and witnessed the effect* of your va'ua*
ble preparation of tfarsaparifla ?u different per*
son* in d ffercut parte of the southern country,
viz?Viginia, Louisian, Texan and Mexico, I feel
much pleasure in sta-iug the high opinion enter*
tamed of its medicinol value, lo my own rite, it
acted aluuus! like a charm, removing speedily, the
enervated slate of 1 lie system, and exciting in the
most agreeable maimer, a ionic and invigorating
nfluence. . % H
Your Sarsaparilla m highly approm* and extensively
used by the army in Aicxtco, and my cousin.
Gen. Z;ichary Taylor, has tor the pest five year*
been in the habit of using it, aud.recdtntnemis the
same; he and myself adopted lite article at the
same time, and it is now considered an u I most in*
dispensable article in the army... ,Io conclusion, I
would say that the better it is known, the more
highly it Will be prized, and trust that its health;
restoring virtues will make it generally known
throughout the length and breadth of our widely
extended country. \ ou a very respectfully,,
8. G. T.VVLOK, U. 8. Cu:uul to N..Gnmada *
~~ ' * " Hr
New York, Feb 17, "H4HL?tneosrs Sands: Ha*
viiiir suffered unny vears with a disease of my
throat, a tier ling the laryrx, during which time I
was treated hv the most ciiiinent physician* hi
Europe and the United States, without receiving
any permanent benefit, but all the time my general
health and strength declining, and the disease
making tearful progress; caustic applications were
used, and what' ver else was thought most efficient
tor producing a cure; hut I am confident the deplorable
situation I was in, the laryngitfs bring accompanied
with phthisis and great difficulty in
breathing, would soon have terminated my life, had
I not obtained relief through your invaluable Sar* *
sanar lla. I mu.-t say, gentlemen, when I commenced
using the Sarsaparilla, i did not place
much confidence in its virtues: and this will not
surprise^ you when I inform you that I had tried
more than til' y different renrdies during the pa*
four vmtrs without any success; but after taking
your Sarsaparilla a lew weeks, I was oMigedto
yield at last to evidence. This marvellous specific
has lint only relievd, but cured me; and [therefore
think it my duly gentlemen, fur the benefit of suffering
humanity, to give you tliin attestation of my
cure. Yonrs very truly, D 1'A RENT.
CrnsuJale of France in the U. Statu.
The above statement and signatnre were acknowledged
in our presence by mr. I). Parent, aa
true. For the Consul (Jen ml of France,
L. BORCi, Vice-consul.
The following interesting cape is presented, and
the reader invited to its crrefill nerusal?comment
on such evidence is unnecessary.
i^ew York, April 20, i847.
Messrs Sands: Gentlemen?Having long been
afflicted with general debilty, weakness, loss of appetite,
&.c., receiving no benefit fr> m too various
remedies prescribed, I concluded, abput three
months since. make use of your Sarsaparilla. f
now have the pleasure of informing you that its
effects have been attended with the happiest results
in restoring my health, and I am induced to
add my testimony to the many others you already
possess, and those desiring further information, I
ii.. rariirnlana of mv case, and the
persaitiuij g.,c h .. .
effects of this invaluable medicine, by ctlling
283 Bowerv, New York. Yoinvreapectfullr.
This certifies that nr'ss Janet mclntosh ia
known to me a member of the church in good
standing, and worthy of confidence.
Pastor Second Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A.
R. &, 1). SANDS, DruggisBrhnd Chemists, 100
Piilion-st, corner of William, New York. SoW
also by Druggists generally throughout tbe-fclriletl
States and Canadas. Price $1 per bottle; ?tx
bottles lor 85.
Sold at James R McKain'e, Camden, bv Dr. A.
Malloy, Cnrraw, A Fitch, Columbia,and H viland,
Ifarral if Co. Charleston.
Oct. 8. 82?w3:n
Sulpli. Quinine.
? v ? ,? . __t a few nuecno
fl'Mll'-i StiDscriwr (litu jaov
JL of Roscngnrtcn & Oonis's Superior Quinine
which lie offers at prices as4low as it can be possible
aflorded in ttiis market, for cash or short nedir. w
Z. J. DillAY.

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