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T: v "ur.? ? "T^>
?* * i ^ *
For tlie Removal and Permanent Cure of ill
And of Ulnae Complaint* which are canted by an impaired
weakened or unhealthy condition ol the
Thi* beautiful and convenient application of the mvcteriooa
power* of IMLVANI8M and MAUNKTISM, hav been pro.
won need by. (listing<ii?bed phviician*. both in Knmpe and the
failed State*, to he the moil raiuahlr mrdicinal Hhcoetru of
Mr .?<e.
to Rwd with the moit poifcrt and certain auccfu iu all
en .en of
Strengthening the weakened body, giving tone to the rnrinua
organs, and invigorating the entire system Also in KITS,
EROY, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, which complaints arise
from oi.e simple cause?namely
A Derangement of ti e Nervous System.
ft?-In NERVOUS COMTL/ I NTS. Drags and Medicines
iticrtr.it (Ac di trust, for they we ken Uie vital enorgie. of the
already prostrated system ; wh'le under the stiei.gtheniug,
life-giving, vitalising influence nf Galvanism, as applied by
thia beautiful and wonderful die every, the exhausted patient
and weakened sufferer i? re?tnr? d to termer health, strength,
lasticity and rigor
Ilia great peculiarity and exre lonee nf
trv- rtVn.iida R?h ?ic Curatives,
eontixU, in the fact that t':or arr#?t and cure disf^ae by nU
ward nirnlicaiian, in place id the oanal nu.de of lin.egmg and
pkyaicitmg the patient, till exban ted Nelnre iiuka hnpeleealy
ttrenflkm the whole ryiffH. equalite the cimilalion a/
tie Weed, jtnemolt the ucrtliont, an ' never do Ike tligkleU injury
under -any ctrcnmtlmcrt. Siurt their introduction In the
?\1 United State*, ontjr three yeari ?it r.e moue than
60,000 l3 ergons
including ell aye*, etaaaee end condition*. among whMgtog*
Urge number t^Uihca^whn are peculiarly nuojwt to Xer*
When alt hope of relief had beer given no, end every thine
? ehm been tried m vain: -~L \
T? Ulnntrate the Oae-of the G A t VAlttC BRt.T, ?nppo*?
fa*. IW nf ?r erann afflicted wit that bane of CfvlUcMie*
D VATIC PS1A. or ?/iy other Chm.ni- or Xervetu Oiwirder- In
e ordinary ce?ea, atlmniBTirancf t?V?r which, bv tlieir notion on
% EaBsaggB^sa
_A_. A . Take a Lfj iprpUo auitaiei, even in the
V:i( 11|? hody.tujftg tto .Magnetic Kle d as <li:WH#tl. ft short
? period tit* insensible Miwptfatioi will afct oft the posiGvs .
element of Ue Belt, lftftebj caning ?UaWatdc circulation
wWofc Will nest onto the uegativi and thence bacti agsift to
. V?. the twilive. tW keeping opt ? ntiftoott# Gslvsnic caienlm.
p #? > DWHwSSltw N^AJJKNTV*cftlK?1 TK>TW DAV?
Mm mm CiiMMftiiwW, "
Froa all parts of ft* Country coo 1 be fitsn, sotjfciant to fill
Wjr column in this paper
5L which cooclftsirelyprovoi that
t " Truth, is stranger than Fiction."
Ber. Dr. Landis, a Clergyman
, 4. v- ?f New Mrtty, Jf iiistiiifuUhc attainments and nM
Da- A. H. Cmbu T*?Pear Sir Voe wwu to knew ?f me
what ha* been Ute . wult in my <>-. u ease, ? the an-iirotimi-ol
L" < *?- THKGALVANlChKtTAND >KtlKLACE- M? re fly itm
" "A ^ -iSBmI', '^' ^31^? ***"*' ^
For about twenty ytert ~1 had t een suffering from ?>y*]?ep.
. tia- Kvery veer the ryroptoma l.nne woree. uor could t
EEC obtain permanent relict from any course of mSftrai treatment .
(r whatever. Aboat /mortem r?u since, m eno?eno*n?* of
V frequent exposure to the weather in the discharge of wry pectoral
<tattea, I became subject t* a vevere Chronic. Rhewmam.
which for /'ear after vea , caused roc im!e?crit*bU
' / tojpwh. Farther: in the winter >t"'4J ami *46. jiicon*e<|?en^a
of preaching a great deal in my own end various other
churches in thi* region. I was attacked hj the Uroochitu,
U.\ , ? which toon became an ?everg m to require an immediate susjwaaon
of my pastoral Is bote. My noctut tyttrm mot nue
v. tknrentkiy pxottrattd, and as mj Bronrhitiv became anise, to
i*Sfo> V . . -*lsod? my Dyspepsia and Rbeui atieaflbctioti- tbiAS evincing
' >. that these disorders were coewei *ed with each other through
the medium of the Nervoot Syst m In the whole akltwca
pceia there teemed to ha no 1-Amelia' agent which could
reach end recuperate my Xerrou ftrttcm, every thing Uiat I
had tried for this pur|H?a had oni|detety foiled. At lent I
waa led by my friends toexaauue tour invention*, and ('bough
with no very aaoguine hope- of taeir Selene*.) I determined
Ju try the elect of Um awdieatm of (he <iAt,VANIC BKLT
AND NKLKLAl K, with the M AGftKTIC FU.ID This wm
In daue, 184?. To Mr oaaar asr onismMkst. in two cars M(
l)f?rt"i? had none; < rj.it t ww 1 was rjuni.ao to
aaOMK wt raaroaai. utnu ; no. Jura I utn omittjco
jv . a arnni.it Miner a. sccotr-t t tH* BiasraiTit; am rtr
rk -hiatic arescrto* it a a kvti r.lt u?> r> 10 uaftml n*
j? " Inch lathe wonderful and happr results of the experiment.
1 have recommended the 3M T- tad .FI-l'ID to ?i*ny a be
have bam likewise snfferng font f .'uralgic affections They
? have triad them, with *???r nee i.rs, i artier*, in umi
' '
1 am, dear air, var respectfully rout*.
KOBKRT v*. landis.
i Tic Dolomx aid Neuralgia.
These dreadful and agonizing enrnpbinta are immtiUetth/
rtUtttd fcr the application >.f th< (lairavic Bu.t. Nvc*t?c?
r".\ V *?? Fijtio. The Belt diffuses the I lectricitv tbmugh (be
. motets > the Necklace lias a lortl effect, and the Fluid act*
directly upon the affected n?J> *? In tbeee djatreesing
. ?. aflteUona the application NK Villi FAILS.
.:-d pfra and convulsions.
TVin^a alacmUiff attrl fAtmilala a* tiitnls'ihta -fhvms. al u-j v? AiMaal
$j a 4*rvugtnrui of tk* Nrrrri lis lkt? iia
racia wH care nearly every r.a no matter bow voting of
tli the patient, or how confirm?! the comnleint Numeioue
tod aetonhhing proofs a u pm>???inn of tne pmpri? tor.
Many hundred ,?rtift<mu? flow all ptula irt ?tie <*i>ontrjr
ef the poet extraonl.r'wry r.hanei?r an be giten, if re?|<iirea.
AQK So trouble at inooaveuerce attend* the uw ot fiR.
CHBl*TlK,n GALVANIC At TtCl.ttS. and the* me*
fee worn by the OMwt feeble ac J d?llc?te wit). perfect rax ?nJ
aafcly. to many cum the aewetion attending theii trie u
iig/tly fltatuni end ?fretail Tl ey can be tent to any pert
ef tbe country. ...t
The Galvanic Belt, Three Dollars,
The Galvanic NockJace, Two Dollar#,
The Galvanic Bracelet#, One Dollar Each,
The Magnetic Fluid, One Dollar.
&> lite arOrlet are aceoaipanUd by Ml and plain diretk
Bona Pamphlet* with full partici tor* may be bad of the
etborhed Agent.
Jph Btteatt #/ C?hitltr/tih and M'arlhUtt Imtlultant.
AGENT KOR' THK ? NITKf) fl tTtit.
UBS Broadway. New York.
For sale in Caradeu l?y tlie aiytohizerl Agents
In Charleston by Dr. P. M. COHEN.
tnColnmbia by BOATRIGKT &. MIOT.
Y*" Selling Off! Selling Off!
Jam now opening a Sp'eidi'l assortment of
f*adiz* Dr*** Gnmls, ai.d will "sell them off '
? rap'd-y 8* fxmoble, at a verv email profit.
Apr I t. 1*31. K W. t-UMNBY.
q BBL^. Kennedy's Boston Butter Crackers,
#f received and lor sate, <>y
Feb. 13 K tf i
la, ,T ''!-M ' ' ?
-X %
F-. * .
;' * . ;' . . ...
Memphis Institute.
Medical Department.
THE regular course of Leciu-ea in this Institute
will commence on il e First of November,
and i ontinue until the last of February.
The Anatomical department will be opened and
ready to receive students by theFirst of Octobert
The Medical Departn ent will be under the direci
ri..n i,t tim iollowiinr
J. CONQUEST CROSS, M. D. Professor of the In-tlmie*
of Medicine* and Medical Jurisprudence.
| W.BYUU POWELL, M. D., Pr-fcxsor of Cerchml
Physiology. Medical Geology and Mineralogy.
lit. 8. NEWTON, ill. P.. Professor of Surgery*
II. J. Hl'LCE, M D., Professor of Theory and Practice
of .Medicine.
J. A. WILSON. M. D. Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases
of Women nnd Children.
J. KING, M. L>., Professor of Materia Medicia, and
Z. FRKKM VN. M. D.. Professor of Anatomv.
J. MILTON SANDERS, A. M., M, D , Professor of
Chemistry and Pharmacy.
Z FREEMAN, M D., Anatomical Demonstrator.
The fees for a full course ol lectures amount to
Meach Pffeww's Ticket, ?15. jl/atricnlator's
Demonstrator's Fee ?10. Gradindi. n,
Those desiring further iuforniation u il please
address their letters (post paid) to the Meat; and
students arriving in the city will please call on hiru
at the Commercial Hotel.
K. S NEWTON, M. D.. 1 Van of the Facoty.
Ij \ V. mjm'jtrjiL n K k
HON. E. W. M. K)Nl?, Professor of Theory an Prae1
tico of I-?\v
; N'OH* V. D. DARRV, Professor of Commercial Ju;
Tekms?$")0 per Session.
Ail communications pertaining to this departmeiit
must be addressed to
E. W. M. KING, Esq.
Memphis, Tenn., March Itfik).
Tim Faculties, tor intellectual abilities, moral
worth and professional acquirements, will compare
j f.ivi ralile with the must distinguished in our conn
try. The medical faculty constitute# an anomaly
! m this or anv othi r country?all ol them are able
: lecturers and the best of teachers.
Those who will contemplate our geographical
position, and tlie extent ol our population, can ha\c
no doubt as to the eligibility ol'uut situation for an
enterprise of the kind. As to health, including
ali seasons of the year, we deny that any* other
" tl.rt rrnnrlc nf moni/
A C" Million error cAimo umuu .j
students relative to the placeofstudyiug medicine;
. ihose xrho inland practicing among i.tie dtseasesoi
the West and should vcerutinljr educate
Uiewaelv.es ata school whose faculty arepracticalt
ly acquainted with those disease*..
Tnai the public may be *ati*ticdof the permanency
ff flu* Feb o!t We tool it our duty to state,
that the Trustees ^r.d Facolty fbrm a unit in action
which augur* well for it* tuture success; and thai
the peculiar internal organization which < onuects
them, cannot be interrupted. - v ? . % - f - i
E. W. At KIIW3.
President of the Memphis institute.
July 17,1851), 18 ly
? 5?;
tSfcarff lleckrrY Farfna for PtaMiog* Ac., reeehed nnd
tor t*ie by 8HA" dcAH8TlN.li
Aprils 33 '
~ AAA liWTujWOj IIAJIS, prime,
/^vrV/v/ Bit bb!s extra Family Flour
boxes Adamantim Candle*- For safe hy
1BRL. dried Beef and Botngim Saiware*. received and
for try 81IAW & At 8T1N.
April 25. 33 ??l
BBLS. Konneiiy'd Ronton Butter Crackers,
7 received and tor sale bv c~ ;SHAW
April 2* 33' . ~ A U
Ii ,.r,. $> .
f A BBLS. Planting Potatoes, received nnd tor
1U sale, b) SHAW & AUSTIN.
Feb. 18 14 . V T tt
M. Drucker & Co. "
4 RK Jnns k larye and new uwtortnien*
nL of Spring1 and Summer Clothi' g, of every
lencripfinn :
Ready Made fHiirl*,"
Sillc and Muslin Cravat? him) 'Ltiulkerchiefr,
Kid. Stlk.and Thread Glove*,
Roots and Shoe*,
Moloehin, Panama, leghorn and Straw Hat*
of the newest sryle.
They have received a great qnanfify of
Hiai > imH finer Pairnlnon* Stuff*, and
Veering*. Linen Drill*, and a very prettty a*,
eoriineiit of )ri*li Linen?.
And invite tlcir friends 10 rail and examine
(Iteir ??!??rk. bring certain to bo able to satisfy litem
in rv??ry m a\.
AprillS. 30 tf
ANOTHKR lot of that Supe-ior Family Flour,
in pacl;ages of 50.1b Received ami for *<ile by
April 25- 33 If
? .?
ICaae Pio Fruit a** rted. remived and fw sale
April 2f?. 33 tf
For Female* or ?y,
Invaluable to young, married and tingle*
RevtoraUrc and 3Iontlily Pill*.
Price '45 el*. Box.
ACCOMPANIED wuh a *maii pamphlet, con*
Uinirig fall direction*, ?i*cfui hin'-e, inform*
lion am) advice t? fcmalce from youth or puberty
to old tyre.
Nature will be much anaigted by their use, in
anticipation of certain period*, or where there it*
aurvm.n Ul UIV j??? IUI?I
changes, hiwI wit! relieve the suffering, pain and
distress romomn to many at ltome periods. There
are other times, also, when llic married and single
will find them useful
Mothers do not mistake the ailings of yonr
daughter*; when afflicted with !iead?ache, Dizziness,
Fainting. Lomi of Appetite. Sickness of the
! Stoniar.li, Pains in the Sidea or Breasts, Pain* ai
long the Beck, Spmo or across the Loins, tJystcrical
or Nervous fooling, Depression or Lowness nl
the Spirits, Melancholy Dislike to exercise and
society, I'nljMt lion of Heart, Bleeding hi the nose
&c. Too often are medicines given them for Liver
complaints, J) spepsia, Consumption, &r , when
i ho real cnuso is not suspected; aud through im.
proper medicines and treatment their constitution*
are destroyed; and their constitutions are dej
ftmveri, and they become miserable during lite.
Thoumnris of Females in Philadelphia, New
York, Bnston, Baltimore and elsewhere know the
efficacy of those Tills, and many could be referred
to, but delicacy aod respecl to the sex forbids it. 1
Sold wliol sale and retail at Or. Leidy's Dispensary,
No 114 North Fourth Street, Phil-ada.?
ulwii hv J. R _ A#<*Kain. ('anrulnn: Tolantl it C.iirfic
Columbia; Black & Ehn}\ Oranjrebiiqj; Dr. P. A].
Cohen hji?1 Dr. J. A. Cleaveland, Charleston; aed
by Druggists and Storokeeporw pneeraJly.
/ug. 20 W j/s.V ly ,1
fnnudice, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Ner*
vous Debility, Diseases of the
diseases arising
from a disordered Liver
nr Stomach. sucli as
Constipation, inward Piles,
fulness or Bloodjo the Head,
noidlty sf the Stomach. Nausea,
Heartburn, disgust for Food. full*
ne-s or weight in the Stomach, sour
eructation*, sinking or fluttering at the
Pit of the Stomach, swimming of the
Head, hurried and difficult Breathing, fluttering
m 'lie Heart, choking or suflbcaiing
sensations when in a Lying Posture, dimness of
vi-inn. dots or welw before tbe Sight. Feter nnd
dull pain in the head, deficiency of Perspiration,
Yellowness of ihe skin and eyes, pain in the side, back
ciicft and limbs, sudden flushes of the Heart, burning in
e flesh, imagining of evil und great depression of spit its, i
A - Tll.lln j?,nh;n
IA#61F iircu & #i?Kiuvi|?uau*
Their power over the above diseases in no? excelled, jj
i equalled, by any other preparation in the l-nited States
| as the en re* uilest, in many casfltoftcr rkilful phyimns,
had failed.
There Hitter* are worthy the attention of invalid*. Possessing
jrrr?t virtue* in the rectification of diseases of the
i Ijrrr atid lesser glands. exercising the most searching
power* in weakness and nfTeetionsof the digestive organs,
thcyarc, withal, safe, certain and pleasant.
Cha*. Robinson, Esq., Raston, Md., in a letter to I'r.
Jackson, Jan. V. I35t). said?
" My wife and myself have received more benefit from
\onr medicine than anv other we have ever taken for the
Dyspepsia and Liver disease."
The Tenth legion," published at Woodstock, Va.f
Jan. 10, 1950, raid?
"We have uniformly refrained from recommending to
the public any of the various Patent Medicine* of the day,
j unices thoroughly convinced nf iiteirvalue. Among tlmse
' we consider worthy of notice is the iSennan Hitters, invented
by Dr. Iloofland. and prepared by Dr. Jackson, in Philadelphia.
One instance in (artienlar, in which tlie snpcrior
virtues of this medicine have been tested, has fuilen
under our nliecrvation. During the last snmmer, a son of
Mr. Abraham Hrabill, of tlii*country,?? very seriously
afflicted with Li\er Complaint, and after trying in vain
various remedies, he purchased a bottle of the Pit! era and
after oi: g it, was vn much relieved of hi* distressing malady
that he procured another bottle, and is restored entirei-lv
10 health. X '-'1. "*
nrad^mrfnrit a few fact*.
The "Pl;i!u<icl;diiaf>eiiiCM'mt,,r the k-ndiiicOerman journal
of Philadelphia: The editor said, Nov 24th?
"We again rail attention luMie removal of the German
Meiiieinc store. tile principal iir|:?ot for tho sale iH'Df Il"?>flood'iliernmn
BilierHrfmm 278 Rj?j to J2d Arch-street,
one deor below Sixth. Owing to ihe. increased demand
tor this medicine, and forth.} accourn.?lation of hi* numerous
patients. l)r. Jarkxni ha* hern cnmpen.il to occupy a.
Janrer store. We wish him menu" In Ins new quartern;
, h* b deserving of it. The Hitters Mixture is wiilmotdoubl
the greatest medicine extant for .Usm#** of the Liver and
Bowels. A rinbboni case of Chronic Diarrhea has come
under our notice, wherein the patient had exhausted the
Materia Jfedita* of Uie ilUJewnt arhndfs of medicine with
n? appan-nt benefit. He Was induced to use these bitters.
1 _ t.. .i?.m ii?t? rltmli enrml him? Mnnv
OJW a lew WHKT^ Vi *??% ag*. ? 3 - ?... - -r /
belt ca?e* we. roald refer to. We hope oor readers wi 1
recollect this great restorative, should they he so niifi?rtt?rate
as to'raqnire it* ttse Dr. poocm the original
onptiWiKiiwI raeeijn of Dr. Iftjofiand^at cr-he [Hepnre*
this medicine with this rare. Those purchasing *)it>tthi
call at hi* ?nra, or see that his name is writ (en upon the
wrapper ootajde, and blown in the buttle, as imitations of
all good articles are common."
Jtklfe M. M.Noalt, a gentleman with grant scientific ruul
literary atiainnte?t?,.w't<J in lib "New York Weekly Messenger.
Jan. f?. 183'J,
"I?r llopgMMr's GlCftMAJi Rittkrs.?Here is a prntnitiun
tihielt the-ieatjine pnws in the ijnuni appear to
nr unanimous in recommending. nis>t the reason b obviiin*.
It i* owde after a presrriprtnn furnished by one of tlte most
eelohratHl phvrirhie ?.f modern tint a, the late ))p curb*
inpher Wilbeltn Hnoflnnrf. Pntf.-fsor to the verity of
Jena, Private PhysictW) rathe King <.fl*ry*rhi. ,-jMrl mie of
the greatest ni-<li?ul writers lieniwoyha* ever pmdiwrd.
f{ew?serep):a;kaltt tlfeenetnr'nfhumbug. ijntltherefi>ra
a medicine of w Itiflt he ?w the invsmr awl *ftr|msec may
be confidently relied on. IJv speedily npeornraend-ti inn
liver complaint, dyspepsia. ?b*h?SUy? vertigo. acidity <>f .he
stomach. cnitttip?:i"i.. and all nin>phtiiii? uririn^ frnina'
disnrdered esiiidUkui oftlie M/Miwu-ti. lit? lift? awl the|i?Nim-.WitiaiMphi*
paper* ejcpres* theic oonciethtti
of its excellent*. ami several "of the editor? speak id"
it* effi-et* frtuu tbHr own individual experience. Under
thwe ritcimvoaiice* ai fee iwur rati ted not only In railtit?
tbo ntfetit.on of our reader* to the present proprietor* fll r.
C. M, Jackson V)! ppcjtaraiino, but in recommending the artiele
lu all afflicted '
The V Philadelphia Saturday family
newspaper pttMithcd in the United States. tl?e editor say* of
'Ir is m-ldum thnt we i-rommetxl wJ?at at* termpj Patent
Jleilifriwf t?t the confidence and |iatnmasc ftmrrcad/;
its. ittul thcreftfe. vvlirn we recommend l)r. Hi* din ml"*
Gentian Binotv. wv wi?h it to be distinctly uwh?*tood tliat
arc not spenkui* of the uosmi.n* of fh- tlur, liiat are
trfcetl about fir a brief period atrJ then forgotten aticr they
' t??>--1^.,;.. ? nr>k ntM.t
Ml VI* linnr t ?iru mw ?n mu? ?m ?? im-unaiic
long nltaclHiudj onivermUr prized, and which has met
the hearty appnuat hfilte faculty itself.'
Evidence ujtta evidence ha* been received (like ttic
forcing! from all section* ?VfRe fbiion, the Ium {href
year*. and tlte-tdrnngert tedinumy in its favhr. i*. th.it tle^e
i* nvuv "f it mop in tlw practice of t!ir regular Phystcmu*
>f 'Philadelphia. than alt "titer t iMrn.r.* coniwneil, a hurt,
that ran wi^V he e?tafei?hed, and fully pruvhig tl^t a
vcieniitic preparut on will avei with their quirt appMval
w hen piv.?eiileti even in tld* furnt.
That thin medicine will cur* Uvcr complaint amldyvprpta?ni>
one can shmtu. after n-lnjr it a* dirc??ied. haei*
specifically r.:*irt the rnmarh ana liver?it i* preferable tu
calomel in all hdlone ?Jj*eOH*?ihe effect in Immediate.?
They can be administered to female or infant with safety
mm] reliable liencCt. at any ?itn?s
"*TW* medicine has attained tlrnt high character which
ir necrswy for all medicine* to attain to induce counter
feitcrs to put forth a sparine* article at the risk uf the lives
CM IIU/FC" wini ??iw uu cin w.
Tlicv huve the written wgnatnre of C. M. JACKSON
upon the <v?*pp<?r.aiicl tlx* nnine blown in tlie bottle, without
whieh tliey ore?puriiHi>.
For rale, wl?nlc?ale bjm! retail, at the
Nn, 190 Aiyh etrwt. one door Mow Sixth, (lair of J78
Uare ?trr?.) Philadelphia, and by reopectuble dealer*generally
tiirongbnnt tie* rotnjlry.
For tale In Cxubts. by Jams* R. M'KAtit-.-Columbia ,
by Boaiwiight A M lot?Cheater C. If. bv Reedy Ac liflT,
and hv rrtpeetable DraggiaU generally throughout the
Cnited State*.
Aug. 13. 64
Temperance Hotel. [
THE undersigned would respectfully inform hi? ;
friends and the travelling public in general,;
that he has again rented the above lintel for a
short time and would respectfully solicit a portion
of the patronage so liberally bestowed upon him
heretofore, as no pains will be spared to make the
traveller comfortable and at h me.
The Stages, and Omnibuses will call regularly
at the House for passengers, going by Railroad.
Also, Horses, and Buggies, caii be had from him |,
on reasonable terms, to go in the^couniry. (
J. u. jr. uuuiMi,
Feb. 11, 12 tf r
Freucli 12 randy. {
Superior French Brandy, for Medicinal purpo- (
sea. For sale at ' !
FruitsTFruita!! 1
J3INE Apples, Iknannas Plantains and Weat^j j
1 ? ?moork.s. {
rtk n it if. 1
. 1 ^ " .
s. a
111111,1 I g*BBggg?i
For the coreofall diseases or disorders generated n
by impure blood. Its gr at success justiy entitles a
it to the name o.rthe 1
So far as it is known it is universally aporpcia. n
tod. and many eminent physicians use it daily in ^
their practice with the most happy effects, and cex- 5j
tify that it if the best extract in existence, and the j
onlv one that & fi
Every year adds to its great popularity, and niul- J
tinlies its astonishing cures. The victim of
Willi suppurating "lands, honey-combed flesh, and '
caries e*tlPg into his tones, finds (Juysou's
Yellow Hock and Sarsaparilla a halm for his afflictions.
His horrible torments are assuaged, and J
his maladv not only relieved, but s
It may be safely asserted, from the results of
past experience, that MI>r (Juysott's Extract of
Yellow Dock and SarKaparilla," is, beyond all com- ,
parison, the
.Most Wondkrh l Rkmddy on Earth ,
for the following diseases, and all others proceeding j *
Scrofula or King's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate j'
J Cu'aneous Eruptions, Pimples or Pusile on the | 5
! face, Biofclres, Roils, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring- j
worm or Tetter Scald Head/ Knlargnen^au^;
Putins of the IJniiee and joints, stubborn Ulcers, i 1
Syphilitic Lumbago, and Disease* arising from j J
I an j j
Injudicious use of Mercury, Acites or Drops}-, j I
Exposure, or Imprudence in Life, Liver Com- j j
j plaint, Ague . nd Fever, Intermitting Fever,;
Cholera Morbus, Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Ple'.ll j I
ora ol Blood in tiio Head, Piies, l'aius in tiie | J
Bark. Sides, Breast or L-hns, and 1 i
ali forms ot Muscular, Glandular and Sktij^J
Diseases. .1
I' is a sovereign specific for General Debility, '
and t|,?? liest renowitor lor a Broken Cnostituiiou.
Il braces and re-i. vigorutes every ? guv, pro bte>
activity ami-regularity in every iu k-ii-. i, r?i:d pro,duM?s
that condition of the whole jrhys.i-.ul system. ,
which is the beet secpritF for v" ' i
Let all .who -with iq purge t he blond troru the- im-.
purities contracted from (r e indulgenceot the ap.
petite.during tiie winter, and to prepare the svsteui
BEnsroT cnMUcn WPincifiifijt i
|r>5-; 1 ovjuivtuu.Mi -.
Resort now to "GtiysoitV Kxmctof Yellow Dock '
and Sanr?par?H?," yrtttcjt is provtrtjr tse.lf an -J
doto for manyot ilire n.wt iiialiL'itRiR'd.sn'aae* -Mil?
rt^h ic heir- to, and they will tteter be dhtajx'inied; i
for itT this remedy- the .public latto ,W*? tiov? r n v. t'
vcred? never con waver: tor it w toumfeii oitespe- j
rienre, jus=t as their want of in miter and spu- i
r'nun OtnnpuuiKJa is-uieq founded m oxperieiKM!
2 liny
to peek hope, lire n <i vijrnr from?hia
i TI,awi?k. hnu-Ptnrhn.kciKlott-n ill Health and'
?piriit?, however loathsome to himself and "t>:her*,
lef 110 one diapnir of recovery, let patient V?iiK
uwlpfst&uKthat hi* hopeaf. :?ej?forHioi .
lea only mi "Gu'ipbU* Extract uj -Itelfoto'Dock and i
HarsitvariUaand pore wade him for hot '*
/ LIFE'sfSAKE ; . J
to try if; and we have no f.esi!ati>>;i, in prsdictifrj?
lit# wfiee iy r?*!?t?iration to iieeMv '' &* > i :
A# n mean# of regulating; all the fwiiCttdtti of | I
- . WOMAN'S Diiti&TK f&iJAxrz.VTtoy, j
it ha? no equal i:? t?M? materia n.cdiua. a?:d at that i
rritVal period 01 fih?, when th^ firrt of hpi j
deeljtpt vmutrvnccf.. it* rorduii and XfcV'?vfj
jias$ J,WVri?q?. eui^rly. !
O-'Xa'ae ?entiine u?.f b ' pat up" in iar^e hutUef I
< ? (junrt. Mid n'.i.ie of ihe Svtup bfovyp j
in the v'JaM ttirti liso written signal we ft. F. Ujenhett
on tlie?iut-<We wrapper.
I'rire, 91 per buttle?nr (5 bottles for
3..1U by SfOVH.it MKaD,
-113 Charre* street, No* Orln.ui*,
&>! Genp'hi rttfcnin tor the Southern St-itex, to
whom allorders inuxt he adore-jo'd.
SoliI at ?!eKainV f>ra; ("am i , s. if.. Hall a
Rope?t. AVjhn<b<?m\ Jii. <A. Hrch. r.diiwh':, S t'.
Kench <St Ehney.Omn?ebnrtr. X. Huvjland liarniUW
Co ,-<uul P. M. ColwnV Oharh^Jon. S/ C. ...
lev Davidf.or Hebrew Plaster, ,
For Rheumatism, Gout, Vain in 'dw. Side,.Hip,
R:rrl\ Limbs and .Joints, Scrofula, King** '
Er.ily White 'StrfHinps, Hard Tumors, S'if \
j Joints arid ajl Fixed Farhs irhsite.cer. Where
this Plaster is applied, Pain cannot exist. \
TVIFSF. PL ASTERS twsm> the advantage ef Ivini
JL >nt ?f> in ?ir-fiffhi boie*?bent* tlx-y nsuin their fall '
\ in ell clinwt". i
11 avK voc t-fcusxos ooixg ?o California?
B? ?n w.in<i advice litem t" tnkrUmta*np|dy ??f thir a
pta?ier, it may rave tbetn Inindn-bi ??f dollar*. ft* not their <
livw. a? the ospnanivk which they hnve ox endure in tlte <
min"* i? wire to hrjnrr ?n <li?euce ?hioh might he easily
cured hy the turn of litis celebrated plaster. for tjto want or a
which many have heen obliged to tjttir their labors and full o
into tbo hand* of the I'Kjfrirmns. who, hy their extmvatantly
high ehoqpwao rooniake away the hard-earning* of
Um tmiatl lahnrmff man. fty ?ieeping in tent* or on'th*
it mum!. RhcjuisAifcnn, Spinal Disease. SrilT Joint*. Lame
Back or Stic. and nlMike disease* aresnmtA i rt uti tietl?ein.
and-many time* entirely hty them up. when the simple
application oT tlii* ptaatrr would give them immediuta n> ?
lief, and enable tltcni to proceed with their labors without u
delay. . * d
It hasheon very beneficial in tap* of weakness. such o? I
Pain and Weakness in the St?ruHeh, Weak Limbs. Affeo- ?
ti<?n? of the -Spine, Female Weakness. &r. So female, y
subject to pain'and weakness in the hack or rido.rbnnld v
>* without it. Married ladies. in deliinta situations, find *1
greet relief from constantly Wearing thin Plaster. A
v^Thc application of the Punter bo'ween the slioulders ba* N
jbffn found n certain remedy for Colas, Coughs, Phthisic. ?
and Lung Affection*, in their primary t?i'39?. It destroys 1*
iiiflamraa'ion hy perspiration. pi
Mmr*. ^covtt.L A Mkai>: I liave been troubled with {?,
the chronic rliewnaitem ft the Inst twelve year*. On the
Jsf of Jtily. IHVJ. I wan so bad that I codM hot turn tuyself. V
In bed. and the pain no revere tlmt I had not slept a wink ,y
fir six dav? Attiits time mv attending phvieian prwri- ,,
bed the "Hebrew Planter," and it acted like a charm; the *7
pain leftuv. nnd I slept more than half of, the night, and ht 8"
three day* I wi? able t<> rhlc out. I cwM'tar the1 IchreW
Piaster" the be?t remedy for nil sort* ??f iwn^ovv^n^re, T
llcndersonville, N. C., Aug. 16,1350.
^ Q 9 ??. q .q 9 fr
bkwark or coe.vritRyEiTS and dafr imitations!
OT" The genuine will in fttture havo the rignaturajpf E. I'
rAYLoa on tho steel plate engraved label On the top of f
racb box. ed
Purchasers are advised tlmt. a mean counterfeit of tliis ?u
Lttirlo i? in existence. i
Tlie genuine Is told only by us, and by our agents ap- a'
xtinted throughout the fcmuth-?Aniino NCOLae rs allow.
to to srLi. it. Dealers end purchaser* generally ore iii
aiutimied ngainst buying of any bm our ftjgular agents, lu,
nberwise tlioy will be imposed mmn with a worihlfss or- r.
id-. SCOVJI, . i?IKAl>. fr'
18 Charm*s street, N. Orleans, Sole Geneml Agents for
the Southern Slates, to whom all orders must invariably
w addressed.
Sdd at Mclvnin's Drug Store, Camden, S. C'.; Hall A; T
lopeat, Wlisnsboro', S. v.{ Beach <fc Eliney, Oranreburr, f
[. C.; A. Pitch, t-olombia, 6. C.j Sold at wlwl^hr ?y J
K Ar fnTTiiviland. Hnrrail 4l Co.* Charbi.
i?n; Havilnmi. l{ro'? itCo., N"\v \wfc.
Juno* 41 Sm '
For the upmiy am] permanent cnre of DifUTlOT^IgH I
ntery- Cholem, Infantum, Cholera tforiiua, Cbolfe, gfiBB I
IT Complaints, Flatulency Faiim in the gtamayh,. jffil jg
nd from all tierangetn< nt of stomach and bowel*
33^ Tnc time ha* again arrive*! when diseases MSfe
tmnach and bowels carries it* tbonsands toupre<a?Mi
rave. Is there no remedy to stay the march of death ?
Ve answer, YES?the Cordial will cure and prevent
line-tenths of all cases af disease affecting these oruonsrlore
than five thousand cases of disease were cured ny ||
tiring the past year. All families consulting th* wejare
of tlteirchildrea and selves, will act wisely to Iumm
his article hy tiiem. In all cases of failure the money
vill cheerfully he returned, and to those who are unaba
o purchase, it w ill be cheerfully bestowed.
From the Spirit of the Times.
Dr. Heeler's Cordial and Carminaltre. is certainly k
alnnhle desideratum in every family, to tli? young and
0 adult, but particularly wheree tiiere are children. W?
ipeak advisedly, because we have thoroughly tried it, and
iroved its healing and efficacious properties in our family.
We would most cordially recommend the public 1o give
1 fair trial, uhich is only wanting to appreciate its value
From the North American and United States GawrW/
$cpt. till ld-17.
In these tlavs, abounding in fruit, it beijoy** every am
? be prepared with a remedy f<>r the evil effects w hich it
oriietimes produces?we have Wn |o!?l by tln~e that
tnew and who have tried it?that Ke- h-rV Cordial is an
trttcle which bus been used in some of the severest cases
jf Summer Complaint, both in infants ami oruwn person*.
Hie Cordial can be procured at the orn-ruf Thin! ami
South Str.-et?.
From Nettl's Snfurriay Gazette August 23th 1847.
Dr. Kaeler's Cordial.?We would call the attentifdpf
ur readers to this invaluable medicine, which wi'ffp
build advertised at length in our columns. As a corrective
n cn?es of Dinrrho.'a, a disease very prevalent at tliepmi.
*nt lime, tt is liiuhly spoken of by till who l ave iwedjt??
[t is perfectly safe in its nature, and We ?penk einerfmetlaliy,
wheh we say that it afford* immediate rciM^.
?*i*fi?ij?fM?w ti? rc. if pctvnrai 1;av?:?:'ft it:
ivotifct wily f?t:rflin?e a Icrttle o( Dr. Keeper's Cartrifl^^Hj
r'or<ll*l,^-y would -at u wncU^ifvrtn.-wxi tj-tebfc:
We wisli to tiirm the ajten?i<Mi of tiiTMaiers'df^Kt
mper to Dr. ttoW?<r'?ulfeI<i!ti! Cannfon twyaft jajliy4
riM>e i'jvt^
{ Vm.i't* of A
??MsiM >e without Dr. Keller"* Fa-umii
i*MWpi\ in many dftearet ...
rt?t* and Store* thnnsrlioiu tip 45
wt !M,it|'.^.? t-uriilaiT Ac., in |?nn<i* <?f the agwit^, # ^|
^ If-wSls f*m 1,
"|T ntircrin<Tliil'! plMimnitllw StlimAtth a I Iff Boww. dnu?' "i
vtrifvin? the W?kk} r.nd floi.w of the body. tnfce n<> bitei, '
?for no orVr-jtifU- prodore thos<e rombiofrd
aina i'nrw. arilto in tii.-m
Lai. Untikand KveflmtwcaV .-.m:
ind -ptnvn? your c*mmI 'wupntjon whilrt taking
villioui fi-nr.V Kikinif'M-iJnrinar a!llur?l*(ifwSMlir,.
ire wye-rett that now pvftttwio eerjiffefues
inn?. C^rpriiKyi. Member* pi" Conere**' a*3 re*f>M?tfiM? *1
ran nrocot-oo of their efficacy tHtui am otter*
Forty PiOs in a Rox J!
ndaold -at nrexTy-nvj; csvrs a box. with strwsij*
ind ronrli whoieaome n.-Jviecaeroinp?njin?carJib(<tv
'I liftfno ta*tenr nnpfwaru- '/yaffil
ffYw* from tiqvt nq?mv,!er of any kind,
iDonot pri)* tii- Stomach or Bcwel*; '
pPrbdnre noxirkns.-*. vomiting ?>r had fee)i?s*;-3ij^^^B_ 1
Tr.it Attn uooo Kt-At.fc Ttancn,
Ami adapted to mo*: di-rnee* common p? lu uiku.u- '^jr/
to one having tmr?: taken them will bevvilllngaflertMtfiie
?take any other*. l?ernu*e i Mev at ways do guerf.aud ff rtfer
onot than no t ihrn % ? iil.
)r. N. B. I.Ef DF Propriety antt.STenomotBre^
i a regular Druggist, Cliamiv; and Physician. a? fiftee?
tun e*pertr-:-?- in Philadelphia ; (irndnato of
rrw'tvof Pcnhsvivnnkt: Member ofdUfcnent MediealJo-j
ittitiom of Philadelphia, New York. Boston. Baftnanv"
r., and associate un-i corresponding member of sevrtttil
ledirtU Inttireoonji of tendon and P aria?hence the ?e?.
m of the greater confidence placed in bhr piU*v and thai r
ing recommended in the practice of most respectable
irsicians throughout the United State*. "
bzr Principal I'enoi, Dr. Letor's DtflrE.vsARr No lit
?rth Fourth nr. Philadcnphia-end mid wMcWttad
tail at .VcK AIM'S Drag Store, Camden ; TOLANI>3k 1
ITRTIS. Colnmhin; Mil-LKK* BOSSVUD. Suiter >
lie ; Dr. ttALLU Y.Ohemw; PR/VTT & JAMKS, N*g.' 1
iusborn: if. If. Wtk>T tinionville; Dr. 1
KN ami CLEVELAND. ChaHepton; and by 4
itst&Srnr?<fcr;api'nimho CnilH tJtaten. j
Antr. 20, IH;^ 66 I2>fr
>RASS Fender*, pierced Iron do.; folding Nw
J ncry do.; Firo liogs end Pirp' Iron*, of *v?ey
idcripj ion. Mrlj>0 IV A LL &r
Camden Bazaar- ?
fTr ^oroL' tntliltJ f11 P(ia<iurW)M *\r>A it\A I
at the very lowest Cash prices p-saihfe. *. 1
have ^alg^'receved a^ aesortairt^^^
i .iBf*

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