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? __ - ? _ ? ? "' ' r - i ' 'i ? '
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DOLLAR afid FIFTY CENTS for the first
insertion and ONE DOLLAR for each subsequent.'
Obituary Notices, exceeding ono square
charged at advertising rates. '
Tranusient Advertisements and Job Work
No deduction made, except to our regular
advertsing patrons. .
Terms of subscription for one year
*$3,00 in advance; if not paid within threo
' months from the time of subscribing, $4,00.
Wiiy Dou'l You Name the Day.
I've waited long enough, Kathloen,
Winters fairly past,
me ifunos are piayiug on ine gro^n,
Tho swallows come at Inst.
Tho vino is leafy round my door,
The blossom's on the Way,
The waves come dancing to the shore?
. Why dou't you name the day ?
Yon know you put me off, Kathleen,
Until the earljwpring;
. The skies are tranquil and serene,
The bees arc ou the wing.
The lisher spreads his little sail,
The Mower's on the liay,
The primroses blossom in tho vale?
"Why don't you name the day ?
The thrush is building in the thorn,
Among the whispering leaves;
[ The lark is busy in tlio corn,
The Martin 'neaih' the eaves.
The iittlo birds don't build in vain,
Their mate&donT say them unr?
Beware ! I uiay not ask again;
? Why don't you name the dhy?
There are $40.000,OoO itricla;n?c<T deposits
in the savings bank" at New York.
These millions have been accumulating
for a century or-more and arc now regard*
.ed as part of the capital stock of the banks,
since there is net the remotest probability
of any one claiming the-immeDsc'fund'or
anyportionof.it. *
"Bill Arp* Peels the Bark
. off the Chattanooga
"Bill Abp."?The latest aspirant in
theT&rena of comic (?) literature has
written a letter published in the Nashville
Repablicah of Sunday, in which lie
indulges in considerable groweing at some.
thing8. ->hich do not snit.' hrauR.the reconstruction
of the country. Perhaps he
has a right to do it, but we submit Bill,
that yojir attempts at "harinojiizfng" are
not likely to succeed, while you are indulging
in such terms as calling the
Union men of the South "tories'i and "sick
hearted fellows," and the Union
men of the North' ."black republican
"r? i.i A 1 _?r
p,ups." xsecause you couiu uox kui ou
"your enemies as fast as they were im*
. ported, is no reason why you should keep
up an ill feeling, which true men are trying
to smooth down. Do you expect to
bette? the matter by the use of such langunge
as this:
?I'ru thankful I ain't a black rebublican
pup. I? m thankful that Thad Stc^
>venB and Summer and Phillips nor none
of their kin ain't no kin to me. I'm
thankful.for tho high privilege of Latin
all such."
You undoubtedly Lave the privilege of
hating whom you please, but will quietness
?7er come while you and those of
your friends who h^p as you do.'givc
such expression to their feelings. Again
you say:
Well, .if the war is over, what's the
use offilin up our towns and cities with
soldier* any longer. Where's your rekonstrufction
that the pa pets say is going
on so rapidly ?" 4
"Then what's the soldiers here .for?
what gooj are they, doin?who wants to
see 'cm nky longer. Everybody is tired
of the watand we don't want to see any
' more signi of it. The niggers don't
want 'em fcid the white men don't want
'em and for the wimtriin?whoopee."
- Let ns 1st you a question: Who*
brought the soldier into your towns and
cites ? In mother place you use the foL
lowing language"And
bertfs your Harper's Weekly
ahcadin all &cbi?S gassin lies and slaa^
der in every isjue?niakin insultin peters
in every slieet-t-brecdin everlastin discord,
and chawin bigger than ever since we
got licked." . . \.
.. Supposing that Harper's Weekly does
all that 3*ou say h is doing, are you doing
any better by writing such letters as the
one we have alludtd to ? and suppose the
peoplifof the Norfh jyho loved the old
flag and government under which they
were born and whottuck to them through
thick and thin, eviace a laudable euthu*
6iasm.over everything connected with
the suppression of-your rebellion, i6 it
necessary for you to speak of it in this
i 1.1 lit/i . i i *
"Ana tu.ev nawiea want s jcabin a
thousand miles. W<dl! Sherman's war
horse stayed in my stable,. one night. I
want to sell the "stall;t? some Yankee
State Fair. As our people ain't the sort
' .. tha^rnns after big folk's tilings, the stall
ain't no more tome than any other stall.
State Fairs, it's fojfcsalf,. I suppose that
Frank Lesley-^Harper's Weekly will
paint a pikter of it soon, drawin on their
The faet is, Bill, simh fellows as you in
v- the South, and others of opposite tendon
cies, but equally as foolish, in the North,
do more to keep up an ill feeling between
the two sections than you do in "hnrmo-*
nizing." Be civil yourself find others
will follow your ^example.? Chattanooga
bill Arp to the editor of the chiattanooga
I Gentle Stir; 1 dont think von lots fail,
II havnnt expressed my Liberated feclins
in publik but twice s:us the Vnr- I
didewt live in Cliatfc?inoogy, and I dident
have no "Gazette. .For about three months
you bullied us in your paper to your entire
satisfaction.' Until Mr. Johnson
sorter took up for us, you never sent-a
sheet to llptnc that dident hurt our feelins
and bore into our-hearts like a cotton
gimlet. Von copied from, Yankoo papers,
and it seemed to be perfectly congenial
with your sentfmentp.
Well, sur,-wob|fc it like an Injun.?
We b ore it silentlv and proud. We looki
? .1 i i ? ?
ou ai our ucsoiuiu iuuu, umchimneys,
our gravc-yahls wheWpm unburied
our dead and sunk your rifle pits;
where you broke to'fragments the iron
railing and 'ocfk the very tomb-stones to
put in your fortifications. We read your >
exaltations of Northern bravery and
Southern treason, and we skorncd you
from the bottom of our hearts. Now
when of'late an liiuuLle individual makes
bold to bust his biler and express his
sentiments in two brcef letters, you get
up like a sanctified preacher and read him,
a public lekture about hormonizin. Gentle
sur, it don't bekum you. When I,vc
insulted you about 2.000 times wc will
be even.' But I don't iutend to insult
you at all. If you are an honest man
and a generous conqueror, I ain't after
yon. When yon make an effort to con- .
vince Harper's Weekly and the black
republkins that onr pe'oblo, from General
Lec and Mr. Davis, down to tfffr high
privates, are just as good, and brave, and
honorable as they are, I'll harmonize
with yon. '
But gentle sir, haven't you spread
yourself too.far from home? What have
you been doin about liarmonisin your own
people? Our little burnt city is fast filling
un with your best citizens. During the
war you let- em stay, but after *tlio war
they are forced to leave. Like exiles, they
are seeking refuge in Ofierokee, Georgy,
and there stands your papej^fkc a lauql*
less, lighllcss bcaken on the -shore, and
sustains, the men and measures that made
them leave* You are scciu ein day after,
cfciy de'sertin your Stale, and you look
away otf and-employ your pen in lek twin
a poor stranger about huiiuouisiv.*
_ Gentle sur^hvtcn-your sights. Begin
to work oa.your concerns or you'll lo o
all your best soeioty. They are. welcome
here, and well all stand by em, hut then
I have always thought that every great
State ought to hav sonic good men left
-in it! Don4t you? .
Gentle Sur, tote fair.
'Not vours,
BILL Alii'.
?O- t o
Dreadful Accident.
We are greatly painc-d to learn that a
^readful accident, resulting in the death
of three persons- occtircd near Hope Station,
at about 11 oclock>P. III., on Tucsday
14th ult.?The hack conveying lire
passengers from the above named statiuu
to Columbia, containing nine passengers,
accidentally fell into a gully ten .feet dec'p
instantly "killing Rev. Dr* Cohen, for the
?? ?i ?!???. I
pildlr vi iu j vun jvoiuiiji; uv?i uno piui/v1
Mrs. Van Winkle, a refugee lady of
Charleston, who has been-residing near
Lester's Factory; and another lady whose
name was unknown by our informant.
They met thfeir deaths instantly, the hack
falling upon theui. There were five others
in the vehicle, who were "severely but
not fatally injured.'
Wo gain the above from a letter written
by Col. R. P. Goodlett to his family,
who was in a .hack just ahead of the one
in which were the unfortunate perrons.
No blara^is attached to Mr. J. P. Pool,
the owner of the hacks, as everything
in his power was done to prevent the- sad
occurence. . ' .
It will be a source .of much pain Jo the '
relatives and immediate friends <rf the
unfortunate persons to learn the above
tidings.?Greenville Enterprise. .
.An Authentic Anedcote.?Talleyrand
was once in the company of'Madame
do Stael and another eminent French
lady whose name we do not remember
"You sav charming things to both of
uS," said Madame de^. Stael to hira;Jr<
which of us do you Hnbest ?"
The wilcy statesmarPartfully replied
that he was delighted with both.
te 4 1. t i? L _
: uul juu prciur maiu ui ub,continued
Madame de Stack' "Suppose
we were both drowning in the Seine tonight,
which of us would you help first?';
^'1 would extend my right hand to
Madame de Stael, and my left to
Madame yonder/' '
"Ye3; but suppose .only one of us
could be saved, which would you attempt ,
to rescue ?"
Talleyrand's diplomacy was pushed "to
its severest test; but not one whjt dis- .
composed, he turned to Madame de
Stael, and replied : r
"Madame, you know so many things,
doubtless you know how to, swim."
Hon. A. G. Magratii.?Our distin-' :
guished feljow-citizen, ex-Govcrnor MaGrath,
arrived in this city yesterday, from 1
Savannah, and took rooftis at the CliaH.es- '
ton Hotel. He was warmly received and 1
congratulated on his release by his nu- 1
mcrous friends.- General Stephen Ellict 1
also arrived on the same steamer.? 1
<Joiir:i-r of 30th ult. \
Saveral local items of interest have been
crowded out of this week's issue, in consequence
oftlic paper oeing delivered one duy
earlier thanj-usunl. ... .
The election for two Associate Justices of
the* Court of Appeals took place on Thursday
the 30th nit.,which.resulted in the election of .
Hons. L. W4nn1.Aw.nnd John A. IxGfJS.
Ttianksgiviko Day.?In consequence of
Thursday-being the day set apart by the Prcsi'dent
for thanksgiving, the Journal for this
week will bo served to our J,owu subscribers
one day earliest!)an usual. ' - .. .
The votes cast.for Governor- and Lieut. Gov*. ;
efnor has been returned officially as follow.J.
L,-Orr 9770, Gen. ITamptox 9109. For
Lieut. Governor, Wm. I). Portkr 17,072. Governor
Our and Lieut. Governor Tortee was-inaugurated
on the 29th tilt.
ftrnrnrvt ftti p.Ttl'-O iTrOVT ? tito a7v>j/?
Era of Hie 5th snj's: Riv. B. F. WuiTTEjlORr,
Chaplain of the 30th Mass . Yo's., and former
Fdiioroflhc "New-'Kra/'Ims been appointed
Superintendent of Kducution-for llio Millitary
District of Eastern South Carolina.
Congressional Ei.ecvion.?In the absence
of the official vote taken throughout the State
for Representatives to Congress," we give the
vote tukoq'in the First Congressional District .
for the two prominent candidates: Gen. J. D.
Kfnxkdt Mil; Col. Dudley 1239?giving
Gen. Kexxedy, 155 njajoritj'.'
Essentiar< Etceteras-?*Pni"Os? Medicines
and Nigiit-Lamps? At the store of Mr. 11. F. ,
Hodgson may be found lamps and- lamp cliimnic's
of every description, large and small, with
a choice article of ki-rostno ail and wicks to
suit. Also, every-art ic'o .desirable of drugs,
medicines and extracts for toilet purposes.
His sti ck is complete and his prices moderate
Town. Money.?During, the present week
small bills of change, jn municipal currency, is
being signed for circulation in 'our midst. This
is a great desideratum, and we have no doubt
will be acceptable to the merchants ofCamden,
and others in-local trade. Tho-basis on which ,j
tins money is issue-l cannot be doubled, and the
security for its redemption as jjood as any chartered
banking institution in the Slate.
Oi'R MFiir.uns of CoxGREss.?Tlie Charles- ;
Ion Courier says: The following is the result
of the vote f< r Members of Congress in this
I'btrict: Hon. win. Aikkn*,7SS; Gen." Stm'UEn
E1.liott, CCD; lion. IVst.. Wjuiey,'<422; Hon.
L. M; Avkii, 1(5. The .vote is ipriu ^ smalls j
and in several oflltc precincts no polls| avere
opened. The other members 61ect ore General'
Kexnkijy, in the ilrsi, General McGowAX.in 1
the third, mid JTo:i. Jajiks Famjow in the
lonrlh District*
AVy learn from the New York IfcraUt of the '
27th. Hint the reportc^i participation of Amcri 1
can soldiers in the recent assault on Matomoras
by the Me.viimi Ih publicans has, it sets!)?,-pro* 1
dueed a y|tisii|;.rc2ii).ile cjlee^ upon the Imperial- J
is*?, and they are said to fcrr .hot our Govern
iiiciik ovt <wur*n iiji; ?j>aica uiuuvnn^ u* uuuuji
of president Jnan z. Kvcn .thc abandonment '
of MiiximilliiijiVi jouruey to Yucatan is ascribed
to AppreUar.sious on the part of his Cabinet*of ^
difficulty with the United States, and it is staled
that Marshall ltizino has ordered several
important positions to be strengthened. Maximilian
is'said to have lately received* an auto- J
graph letter from Louis Napoleon, urging him
to nioro energetic measures toward the.firm j
establishment of tlio empire.
Owing: to the mcagreness of tlic statement
in'the dispatch: frorp Mississippi,
purporting to gtvc the substance of Pros- ,
ident Johnson's instructions'to Govein.or ,
Humphreys, wc give by authority a full (
copy of the dispatch, which is as follows; .
Washington, November 17, 1805. ,
B. Q. Humphcys Governor elect^ Jack- ,
son, Mississippi. I
The troops will be withdrawn from ]
Mississippi when in the opinion of the \
Qovcrnmcnt, peacc^and order aiid the j
civil authority has been restored, and can (
be maintained without them. Every step }
will be taken-while tliey are there to en- ,
force strict discipline and subordination (
to the civil authority. - (
There can hu no other or greater as- ?
surance given than has heretofore been
on the part of the President or Government.
There is no concession - required
on the part of the people of Mississippi
or the Legislature, other than a loyal ]
compliance with the laws and Constita- ,
tion ot tho United States, and the adopt- c
ion ot such measures giving protection to (
all frcedmcVi an'd freemen, iii person and ]
property, without regard to color, hs will f
ehtitlo theui to resume all their coDsti- g
tutional relations in thtf Federal Union. 1
The people of Mississippi may feel well \
assured that there ts tro disposition arbi- ;
t'rarily on the part of the Government to (
dictate wlia^ action.should be had; but, t
on the contrary, to simply and kindly
jidvisc a policj'.that is believed will re" i
suit in restoring all the relations winch \
should exist between* the S,tatc3 compos- 1
ing the Federal Union 1
It is hoped they will feel and appreci- c
ate the suggestion herein made?for they ,t
are offered in that spirit which should
pervade the bosot; t)f all those who. desire
peace and karjnony and a thorough j,
restoration of the Union. ** a
There must be confidence between the ^
Government and the States: while the
Grovcrmcnt confides in the people, thepeople
must have faith m the Government.
This inustlc mutual and reciprocal,
or all that has been done ' will Be . ,
thrown away. ANDREW JOIINSON, &
President United States. 'n
Governor's Message. |
Executive Department', )
South Carolina, November 27. j*
To the Honorable the Senate and House
Gentlemen: In- obedience to yonr
directions, I forwarded to tie Secretary
of State a certified copy ot' }tlrc
Constitution of the. United States
abolisliinor' Slavery^ I bad 'previously
telc'grajibed Mr. Seward-that the amendrocnt
bud been adopted by you, and in
Teply he stjjjed tllat "the President and
the whole country are - gratified that South
Carolina lias acceptedb- the Cons'tittftion
abolishing slavery. , j
* I hove likewise. communicated-to tlie
President your resolutions in reference
to the postponement of the sales of lands
in Beaufort District, aud have the gratification
of informing you that I have
heard, through our agent at Washington,
hot tliACA pal.Q li?i lift t>Aa'n nAimfar.
niuL . inv-oy pciuo ua>u uvuu v/uuut^r
In rcgly to my letter to the Secretary
of the 'Jre^sury, in relation to the State
of South Carolina assuming her portion
of ihc direct tax, and giving her bond
for the same, I have been info! hied thatthis
cannot be done "unless sanctioned by*
an Ac? of Congress." The letter of tRe"
Acting Secretary of State is herewith,
sent you.
I have received no communications
froiff London in reference to the bonds
of South Carolina, due in England, which
are herewith-sent you fur consideration.
The bondholders propose "that'the whole
arrears and the dividends to Jannury
18G7, inclusive, should l>e -fuuded into-a
bonded uett, carrying the' same rate of
iu"tefekt as the bonds of- stocks, on which
the arrears-.have accrued. That a-sinking
fund shall bo established (accumulative)
of two per cent, per annum, which,
n a five per cent, stock, will pay off the
debt in twcr.ty-fivc and three-quarter
veal's.'' You will probably receive ,a "
communication from the South Carolina "
Railroad Company in connection with
tlr's bonded debt, ns^ the State has en- ;
dorscd two millions of the bonds of that |
Company, which fall due in January!
if xt.'ai.d no provision has been made for
their payment by the Company.
1 forward you also* the resignation of
the State Audit. r, James Tapper, Esq?
with his views as to the continuance of ,
the otllce. He thinks the office un-- ,
iic'Ci Esnry, and at some future time he 1
will make-a report on the serious matters
cojuutcicd with the "Giecy.
I hope yon ill appoint an early day
for tlie inauguration of the constitutional
Governor. The commissions of the
members of Congress have to he signed
by him, and if they are lo be in Washington
at the opening of the season, I hey 1
will have to leave here iti two or three
Jays. ' . '
1 have been iris'rnc-od by the JVesi
ib-nt "to remain in the exercise of my 1
Functions as provisional Governor, until ;
icli< ved by his express directions." But ,
ifter tlic Governor elect has qualified, 1 (
ihall recognize him as tlie Chief Magis- (
tratc of the State, and make all my communications
lo him instead of the hegisiaturc.
' B- F; FElUtY. ]
Important from North Carolina.? i
E'alkioij, N. C., Wednesday November <
:9.? tlie following dispatch from I'resi- <
lent JohusotPto Gov. UolJcn, appears '
ill (Ji'c Horning papers: 1
Washington, -Novcrhb-r 27.
To W. IV. IJold.n, 1'ru visional Governor: ^
Accept my thanks for tbo noble and. ;
?flicient manner in which you have dis- .
charged your duty as Provisional Gov- |
;rn.or. You will be sustained by the |
government. The results of the recent .
elections in North Carolina, have greatly ,
latnngnj the prospects of tlie State? in i (
die restoration of-its governmental rc- (
ations. Should the action and spiVifc of j
;he Legis.ature be shown in the same [
nanner, it will greatly increase the mid- |
thief already done, and .might be fatal. t
[t is hoped that the action and spirit
nanifested- by the Legislature, wifl he so
lirected as rather to repair than to iniicasc
the difficulties u-.der which the |
State has already placed itself.
.President of-the United States. ?
Tiie Question LeCall? Decided?,
[a the Alexcandiia courts the tedium of ^
?rcen-fing proceedings is relieved by an ^
iccaaional uprightly turn. Recently,
Catharine Evitt was on trial for seizing '
Bridget O'Gormai* by.the hair. Counsel
or the defence moved the court to instruct
the "jury that if the defondent's 1
tusband was, at the time, present, she *
vas to be considered as constructively ,L
inder his coerciotf, on well-known prin-t
:iples of law, citing BackstoDe \Yhar- ^
on, etc. ' a
The Presiding Justice?The difficulty
n this case is that, in Blacksf one's time,,.*
vomen were controlled by tlrcrr husbands I
iut in these times women control their {
nisbands, andTsuch an instruction ft these
lays would be very dangerous. (Laugh- 1
er.) The instructions we: refused. e
<???. ^
"With a little house well filled, a little s
and well titled, a little wife well willed, .
, husband well skilled, and servants well c
trilled?a . little time may he well' ?
illed. .
i m i ?
The Mississippi House of Reprcso'nta- =
ives has reversed its refusal to allow nc;ro
testimony against whites. It has v<
,ow passed the bill by a vote of 47 to 43 ^
A New,Speculation.?Since- the way
closed, and the lines of travel North and^
South have been re-established, a class
of specu!alers"bas sprung; up in this vicinity
that war alone could have generated.
?They flood the country with circulate
headed, "The Fallen Brave," The Hots
orcd Dead," and so on, annonncing fhatj
for consideration, thiy v. ill exhume, box
up and forward the remains of any. afficer
of soldier to liis fiiends or relatives. .Of
course a bo'dy is found, no matter in
what battle tin'brave man fell,; or bow
vogue the particulars furnished. The
speculator gets a handsome fee, the express
company a round freight, and the
Lorraw-ingl friends the identical remains of
the loved lost one?so tli'cy believe, -Pe
tcrsburg is.at present thciicadquiftris of
this new and- thriving trade.?Richmond
Times. ' ; "
Anticipating Evil.?Enjny the present
whatever it may be, and be not- solic-:
itons for the future; for if yon take your
foot from the present standing andthrast
it forward towards to-morrow's event;
you arc in a restless condition. IF it be
well to-day, it is madness to make tliie
present miserable by fearing that it* maybe
ill to-morrbw. . I Jo, therefore, is wise
who-enjoys as much as possibb-; and if
only that:day's trouble leans uponfHuj
it is singular and finite. ^Sufficient to
the day is the evil thereof;" sufficient
hut - not intoler ble. But if- we -look
abroad and bring into one day's thoughts
the evil of many, certain and uncertain,
what will be," and what will never be,
our loud will be as intolerable as it is unreasonable.
Lkttjju fuom Gen., Sherman.?The
following is. a copvof a .loiter written l>v
Gnu. Slierm.itt to aTWothodi.st Minister in
Baltimore, who complained to l.itn of his
refusal to allow agoufs of Ma?achw ott.s
to enlist negroes in his department itc.:
. - Ati.anta, 13 tli Septi
To ???, No. ? Caiverj St.,' Bait.
S.ir: Yours of Aug -29th is re.civcd.Thank
you. for your kind - cxprrs-ions.
Iron is iron and steel is steel, and ajl
the popular clamour on earth,- will lu-f*
impart to ore tffe qualities of- the other,.
mi, u ' i JIIvri id liui a \\ u I v iuuh, ?uu aw
the psalm singing on earth won't uiokc
liitn so. -It "is strange to use t'lis.t among
the people North' and South, who liavCmuch
coniinoti scifSo; 3*0:1 can,t*-say
"nigger," I)ifthot.h parties make fools of
ihemsclves-fnml'vt i^lia'rd .to tell whbh.
W?on^c,'Mif( lo
tie fight on hand," tlie great, 'mifger"
oucstoli will lie found settled also. ;
y 1
The ?.Iknt? !U Altar.?Punch gives
rouic g "Oil ailvi.ee to women iu looking
for Fuitab'e husbands. Among 'other
D ,
tilings ho says : *?
*i he 1na.11 wlio don't take tea, iil treats
the cat, takes snuff, ami stands with his
haele to the fire, is a brutcf whom I would
not advise you to marry on any consideration,
either for love or money, but decidedly
n-'t for love.'' J>ut the man who,
when tea is over, is discovered to have
had no: c, is very .mug to make the
best husband. P.it:encc like liis deserves
being rewarded. wijli tlie best of wire?
md the be^t ot' inothcrsMii law. My
J car?, when you, meet with such a man,'
jo your best to marry him. Jn flic .-e
re rest winter he wuuld not mind going
Lo bed fir-t," ' ?
" 7" ? .
A Conf.-.k in a CakPF.t-Kag.?The
following fact, though horrible, has in it
something ludicrous: ,
A gentlenian visited one of the baJtteIclds
near Petersburg not long shied, for
die purpose of recovering the remains of
i brother, ki led in battle dur.iug Vhe last
iiontji of the war. Having obtained
hem, he made inquiries'.as to the cost o?soffin
and transportation, and finding
hat this mode of conveying them would
>e very expensive, he put. the hours in
lis large traveling b ig, aud thus carried
hem home.
?T ' '*"
Cirr Improvements.?We arc highly
dcascd at ]bx;in.Gt able to testify that Colltnbia
is fast ris'iig from tlig ashes; the
'era of small things" is passing away,tn'd
substantial brick' stoics' are being
irectcd. May one and all, in a very
horfc time, be filled to overflowing with
foods, and the proprietors thereof weary
hemsclves in .supplying cash customers,
s thf* earnest wish of the '"local."?Co/
imbia Phoenix.
* in
Later From Europe.?Portland',
sTovcmbcr 28.?:Tho steamer Nova Scoiaalias
arrived, having left Liverpool
November 17.C
The schooner William and Frederick,
rom Mobile to Cardiff, was abondonecl
t sea?only.the master' saved. j
The London journals publish the corcspotidcnce
between Mr. Adams and :
jord John.Iinssell in reference to the
Alabama claims. .. I
*Tbo Time* earnestly hopes that Capaiq
Waddcll and his men were not libr .<
rated without communication with. Mr. ^
Vdams, and at present declines to accept (
is true the statetn.cnt of Wa.ddell.
Bullion in the bank of England incrcns- .
d ?371,000. Rosin-unsettled. Turpentine
larkct bare, holders demand an advance,
lice, srrtall sales.
Married, on Tact-day evening, the 7th NO- \
smbcr hy the Rev. W. JHoward, Mr. TITOS, t
. HE.RSHMAN and Miss JENNIE Av- t
H0MPS0N, both of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
# " /
' "t
Announcements !
. . i
. ; ' ". FOR.8HKRTPF. . . V'j
Tho undersigned announoeB-liimsoTfa candl- '
date for Shen? of Kershaw District; at f ho
"ensuing election. '*
November 10.. . ?
Special Notices.
ATTEilTlb?WATEREE VOI> : i' \:'
are earnestly requested to- meet at .Curetoh'tif^'
Mill on'Saturday tlielfllli inst., mounted nntPprepared
for drill sijd inspection.
- 0?*inc *5:-' " .
> } " -'; 'THOS.5JQOTE;.0/f?. -j[; * " v,
December 8. " 2. . +.
For Sale. .
/? ftf Pompon '
. December 8: ' * ' *-tv:
School Notice. '
School will be resuificcl on Tuesday U?'V
2nd of January next.' Te>ms,$l2 pel-quarter'.'
- ^French taught,-if di'sired. . .
' "RbsideDca over Bank, next to Post Office. . *
December-8.. !. ; .
Estate Sale- Wfc,
JD 0. K. D., on Tuesday next, 12th inst, will
be sold at the plantation of tl'eJisttfte of "J. J*!.
Doby Stock'of fattemng^Hogs,, Cat tie; Mules,
Corn, Fodder, Peas, rouglwllicV, Leather, cott ou
Seed, Syrup Boilors, Sorglmm Mill, lManSiiioiv
and Blacksmith Tools, !c\, belonging to thO
estates of J. E. and A. E. D'oby..- Terms. cash.
A. M. KENNEDY,. Adm'r estate of A.'K Doby.
/. DHEYARD, " "< J E. DOdy..^
December 8.- i . ' L';T.
Writ of Election. /
-pK?:iisiuwDisTaicT. . .
Otfici C<\urt of O'eiCl 'jjjteipiu aitdCom.JPIcas. a
J'"'. W. v;LYB.yRN, CL'-IRK .OF ^SAID.
^ Court, .in pnrsuitnceuf thj Direations of'
the Act of the l.cppHtoturo iu fufli <^e.jhadb.
auvfprovided, do hereby.givc public iiotice;t!iht
mi election for! Sberifll for Kershaw List rici, '
will behold on Mondnj lhe 5th dny.ofPebnnny
tf.xt, at the usual pi- cos ofelection, throughout * .
thesai-i District.. . . . .
Wi tness uiv hand .at Cam leii, this t he {5th ddy
of Dccdnibpt*. A D. 18U5. . - ' - .
.*' w nrVnrov
, . II,,. Vli* ll-rtj.
; : ,C. G. S. SO. P.- . - Dec.mber
8., . ->*. -2b;ok
1 ? " ' -r- 1 *
South Ciiro!iua^KiT!i)Httv Dist.
i?Y aA. Mcpo;;,VtD, ttSQUXii'S, OHlUNAHY. . .
i T nnij Mrs M. M- .Kirkiar.fi applied
to ine fur Letters of A<iiui nisti-iition on
all and Singular" th? goods and chatties, .
rights and1 credits of IVJ. Withers, late '.
of the district aforesaid, deceased. ^
These arc, therefore, to cite and ad?
moiiisli all, and; singular, the kindred and
creditors of the deceased to be and appear
before tne at our next Ordinary's: Court <
for the said District, to be. liofdoiiat Kershaw
Court house on the 22 J day ;
of December instant, to sh ov cause if
any, .why ill sab1 administration -should,
not b'c granted.'.
?Givcn under my Jiund and .Seal this
Stji day of Decern Dor, in the year of-our
Lord one lliouftfend eight hundred and
srxtv-fivc, and of the ninetieth year'of .
the Independence and Sovereignty o/tlic ^
State of South Carolina.
AIjKA. L. McIJUA AL1); L>. 1).
December 8. 2.
Grcoerias, Wines and
rpnii: uynnnsiiixnn iias onuykd
1_ a complete and choice selection of all kinds
of light Orotif-ries, Wines' pn.l Liquors, which ?
he p:oposes Celling at u Very reasonable figure, * # ,
for cash. W.DAASCll.
December 1. tf.
"dr\/U\y at low prices.
1000 vards Flannel?all colors. For snl'fe
by . - BAUM, 13110. & CO. ,
December 1. "
Family Flour.
t) U For sale by . ; .
October 2(1 . II. BATJJf, BRO & CO.
Plantation for Sale. '
six miles from the town of Camden,
on Sanders' Creel;, on which is a com- fortable
and commodious re.-ddence, in a
good condition, with all necessary outbuildings,
quarters for servants, &c. For
furtbar particulars apply to
; D. C. TRYON.
$3T Terms will be made easy to anr
approved purchaser.
December!* 3
Town Taxes. .
?- give notice. that payment of tho
Taxes for 1865 will be rcnuive?L?on nnd
tafter the 1st December inst. Offico attb'c
Brick Hotel, 'near the Court House.
R. M. CANThY,'
December 1?4 . Tax Collector.
TATIC of Thos. F. Brace, (deceased) either
>y noto or necoutit, nro "requested lo come forvard
and settle the same, u.#i any personalia vvg
claims against said decease-f vi 1 present
hem to mo at Liberty 11 ill and receive payneat.
December I. 3.

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