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The Jewish herald. (Houston, Tex.) 1908-1914, October 29, 1908, Image 4

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The Jewish Herald
Published Weekly by the
707 Fannin Street
Phone 5G4G
Subscription i00 per year
Every now and then our at
tention is attracted by the press
of this or that community whose
people are apparently deviating
from the paths of righteousness
Often when it is suggested fcc
build a new house of worship
there is a big hubbub the Cry
of waste of money Again
when a club builds or suggest
the building of palatial quar
ters Why it will be only a gam
blinjr den for the rich Or wher
some improvement is suggest
ed of benefit to ourselves anc
a pride to the community there
is always some howl why i
should not be
That all communities are la
boring to get the best there is Of
life is not to be questioned foi
they certainly do Every com
munity that has a congregatioi
finds the rich and poor doin
their share towards that congre
gation Certainly the rich should
be called on to contribute more
than the man of lesser means
and more than ofter he does it
In our charities you will also
find the rich and the man of me
dium and small means and here
too the rich should be called on
to bear the heavier end and
more than often he does it
In all enterprises the rich are
expected to be more liberal than
the man of lesser means and the
number of times the expected
does not come to pass i3 extreme
ly small
But we do not see the neces
sity of any body or set of bodies
cause of 3Qme discontented dis
ItfSfeM M > 4 4iwttsfls3 bete
Eureka Laundry We Mnd Your Clothes Old Phone 566
or set of bejiigs who always
manage to get their Views into
print lambast and h l
Miserly Jews are a raxety But
cxactingin matters of business
are not all denominations equal >
ly as exacting You can not
cheat the moneyed Jew of His
just praise however you may
envy him j
We would not encourage gam
bling Yet because a paltry few
do gamble is it necessary to1
lambast and flay an entire club
or society or niake a public ex
posure of the fact Docs it do
any good It makes the fact no
torious and thats all
Why not look on the brighter
side These same men vho gam
ble contribute liberally to their
various associations and bear the
brunt of the same and should
they choose to chancel some of
their surplus among themselves
were the public lambaster at
tending to his own affairs would
le be aware of what was trans
oiring Remember that as ven
> nous as is the snake his skir
and body can be used for the hide
and oil
Throw away your hammer
jo unto others as you ivould thai
they do unto you
Rabbi Musi Excel
Time was when the church
was the sole depository of learn
ing and the clergy constituted
the most educated class The
masses were ignorant and sub
ject to their superiors the keep
ersf of their souls The preroga
tives of the clergy soon became
iroh clad privileges and the
training of the masses was done
with the aid of the iron rod of
superstition Threats took the
place of truths the shepherd be
came a butcher With the ad
vancement of popular education
with the spread of enlighten
ment the crown of learning was
snatched off the head of the ec
clesiastic Today the average
imi knows n ° much as the av
riliust ti one r3p cl
iiIy can the minister excel and
that is in spirituality as the art
matician excels in his particular
sphere If the spiritual guide
were more spiritual men would
seek the law at his mouth as
eagerly as they are wililng to
listen to the performance of th
gifted musician With the in
crease of knowledge and witr
the progress of the world there
is a corresponding demand for
religious truth not the dogma
or doctrine or credd manufac
tared by theologians in coUricil
assembled but the pure truth of
God as conceived by the spiritu
ally endowed sincere modest
humanity loving man the trut
which is true for all men of al
time3 of all climes
The efforts of such a ministr
are bound to bear fruit and tr
result in a golden harvest of di
vine jdy Bennet Grad Austin
Texas in American Israelite
Literary Board Meeting
At their hall in the MasoE
building on Tuesday night the
Dfficers and board of directors of
the Jewish Literary Society held
a well attended and enthusiastic
meeting The members are dis
playing much interest in the
transactions of their board of di
rectors and the room was com
fortably well filled with those
iesiring to see how is it done
Not alone is interest nianifestec
n the attendance but in the ac
luisition of new members also
learly a dozen new applications
being received and three previ
ously recorded elected to mem
bership An emigrant studj
class was formed with Dr Barn
stein as superintendent to be as
sisted by volunteers of the so
ciety The committee which
was appointed to confer with
congregation Adath Yeshurum
had its powers enlarged and
now if possible may buy a lot
Through the courtesy of Mr Joe
Finger the club rooms are orna
mented with an enlarged draw
ing of the proposed new home
The work is a credit to Mr Fin
ger and a compliment to the so
It was proposed to allow the
Sons and Daughters of Zion the
use of the rooms twice a month
for meeting purposes but owing
to the nature of the lease defi
nite action will ho tnkon later
1 e Ttr 1
will meei v ry iuuu v
p m
It was 10 s30 when the West
Wheji Inst wo heaid of little Johnny
Literary v i > M
116 hiul been transformed into a bril f
Hunt luminary
frogetW with the stars s unand moon I
he ruled tile season tj f
flashed across the sky of man a grafter i
cr nobler visicn
Little Johnny Literary
While watching from his observatory
Discovered a new luminary
A portentous star of noble size
But he could not tell with his naked
Mwkher its naturo was of manly Nop
TSftune or lovely Venus fair
Whether a fixed star or a comets Shag
gy hair
3o little Johnny rushed to earth
To be present at the happy birth
s the star fell from high heaven
On Sunday October eleven
Amidst temple dedicated and spacious
New splendor in a splendid homo
Sappy mamma Houston stood
perfect picture of > motherhood
Beside her stood Papa Henry Donney
While rushing rushed came little John
While with perplexion far perplexed4
Every living face was vexed
Little Johnny took his place
iark perplexion shadowed on his face
But forthwith and anon
Like the booming of a cannon
A voice trundered forth
The loud and joyous report
nd bade lovely Venus her banner unfurl
nd shouted Its a little girl Its
a little gi l
Then canletho doctor in solemn prV
cession 1
To name the babe according to his pro
followed Papa Henry Donney
followed Little Johnny
Mamma Houston fiilled with pride
Sariled the little bride
n gocmetric progression
vVent the procession
Then with a solemn unctious bieatk
he doctor named her little Miss Beth
srow Papa Henry Donney was sorry
Mttle Miss Beth could not be named
little Johnny
Vnd the doctor with the religious
Deprecated Pates ignoble choice
That little Miss Beth was not born a
But little Johnny was overcome wltn
Little Johnny dreamed of a home and
dreamed ipf love
And blessed the thousand gods for
sending the little dove
And he stroked her black and beaute
ous hair
With a wondrous wondrousmagic
And he looked into her black dreamy
And saw visions of paradlSQ
And ho picked her up in his hand
And thanked the gods for sending th <
littlo friend
Little Miss Beth Literary < l
Promised bride of little Johnny Ll
FJRBE 12 dozen Photq
graph See special offerjn tfti

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