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TheJewish Herald
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Often yes only loo often do we
see some one or other seeking notori
ety through expressions from the pul
pit and eventually the press Why
do such men as Dr Ilirsch for
stance give utterance to such
pressions as were credited to him re
cently We dont believe that he
means a ward of it lie is seeking
notoriety as we stated before If the
Jewish press would unite and pay no
particle of attention to such remarks
it wouldnt be long till the tenor of
his lectures changed and such action
would be ablessing for our people
A newspaper is supposed and ex
pected to tell the public everything
within its power but they are not
supposed to bo the guileless prey of
some soulless hypocrite seeking free
advertising so that when he makes i
lecture tour he is the noted Mr so
and so or noted Mr somebody
else Lets unite and quit dis
pensing free advertising to notoriety
seekers whether they be ministeis
editors or in other walks of life Ab
long as we countenance it so long
they will continue it
Unite and turn the current
Every sense brings to us the mes
sage of duly in this great world As
we look out upbn that expansive field
of labor we perceive in this corner oi
that a work that seeingto accord with
our desires or capabilities and we fix
that corner as the profitable field in
which we shall engage In other
words we set before us our ideal
more Mel
jA l v ak
Last Friday evening Rabbi Will
ner delivered the third of his series
of lectures on the Dogmas of Juda
ism He touchel on only two sub
jects The Unity of God and the
Probability o Miracles lie said in
part The idea of unity is opposed
tq the trinity of Christianity and the
dualsm of the Persans These lat
ter were monolators and therefore
found themselves in some things
agreeing with Judaism They wor
shipped Ahura Mazda and detested
Ahriman Judaism protests against
this dualism but its influence was
keen in shaping the christian idea of
God and Devil Whether we believe
in angels or not is immaterial the
angel is supposed to bo a messenger
of God But to believe in a devil
means to subscribe to dualism or
two dominations The Satan of the
Bible and Jewish writers isnot a
power of evil working against God
but so to say the executioner of God
he fulfills his Mastersmessage
Going over the belief iii miracles
the definition of the word was devel
oped and it was shoun that a miracle
is an event which is remarkable be
ing contrary to our expectation based
on our known laws of nature This
definition corresponds with the ideas
of Locke and Huxley But some
times one law counteracts another
and then something unusual happens
not contiary to nature but contrarp
lO our ex2ectation
What to us is a common everyday
occurrence would be considered mir
aculous by our great grandfathers
There are miracles of three kinds
Natural phenomena occurring just at
the opportune time uncontrollable
by mere men J laws o yjnature cour
teracting each other uncontrable by
and unknown to man unexplainel
and unqxnlajnable events Much de
pendson the veracity of the witness
and the element of legendary ac
counts springing up around certain
characters Another < aloment in thp
probability ofthe phenomenon is the
necessity for a direct interference of
divinity A nunibr of the miracles
oftthe33ible were analyzed and thill
eiiisslfied The speaker warned
against explaining a vay the mir
aclcs as such a method often leaver
many details unnoticed and increase
lather than diminishes the probabil
jlp of its occurrence
eaw jt in The Herald
Rabbi Harrison SaysRiches and
Standing Ejontj Ocnmt in
Sermon on Atonempnt Day
Rabbi Xcon Harrison delivered
a sermon of forceful appeal to his
congregation at Temple Israel on
the occasion of the eve of Atone
ment Pay Xoin Ivippur After dis
cussing 3that Jhe elayv means Dr
Harrison declared Hfcof equal value
no matter of > how littlevalue it may
be jn this world that it ismore ac
ceptable to see Qods temple filled
only by the poor than only by the
rich hpnored by those who haye lit
tle rather than tliose who have every
thing In closing ho made an ap
peal for the unitingof families < rent
asunder jmd friendship again be
tween thcse twho have been old
frjendsjjut whoserelations have been
The sermon in part follows
What js the secret and power of
this wonderful day that still draws
every Jew to the house of God that
fills the most irreverent with solemn
emotions Why is atonementstill
thp annual revival almost the resur
rection of Jewish feeling in every
Jewish heart
It is surely not because we believe
artlessly with our fathers that the
Book of Life is closed andsealed
with the shadows of the coming
night that it is decided on thisdayj
who arc to livq and who are to die
who are to prosper and who are tobe
afflicted whoareto hecast down and
who aretto be exalted
Nor do we assemble thus solemnly
and universally with the supersition
that prayors uttered now have a niag
ical ef ficacy in thenisqlves to re
move moraLguiltiand win divine par
don for every sin
The secret of this sublime andj
tquchijig service is not to be found
simply or mainly in those naive con
ceptions For were thatHrue only
the ignorant and superstitious would1
gather together now but enlightened
men and women thougltful cuV
tiyated having outgrown these prim
itive beliefs ypuld not be found this
evening inr the religious assembly of
We calHliQsesupreme occasions in
our Jewisli religious rlife the ajvful
days the days of awe herefore
a thrilling sense of rfwe and revor
jjtAik ijfH M irf iiarits
tions in their appointed orbilsjjliai
fills cradlfc ancl grayesaiiclbcfore
whose eternal t beingr we are but n
passing shadows this deepest emo
tion qf all overwhelms us on this day
of awe the sense pf awe the sense
of reverence Anl is that at little
thing in this generation that has be
joomq soflippant that is sq cynical
that seems incapable of taking life
earnestly of considering thejuiivorso
seriously and asking hqnco rthey
come and whither the go and what
purpose they serve arid in whoso
hands they are
In the intoxication of the wild
chase for the worlds prizes you
pause for a moment therefore not
for superstition simply or ancient
custom or fear but because a sub
lime and sorely needed apeal to tlie
younger generation and to all our
All Lives Count Equally
Every man should seek musk seek
to be at one with theHighest tpxrise
again to the level of his own best
self in religious language to be re
conciled with God Every man Not
some men who believe certain things
as in other religions not a few capri
ciously chosen by the Deity butev
eiy man for every man s life is of
unspeakable importance Yea incon
ceivably great as the AllPcrtvprjiul is
insignificant as each man eems to
be yet cveiy human soul is precious
You may have almost lost this sense
of the unspeakable value and divine
npss of your own life You anay
have failed you may be a broken
man You may be crushed and spir
itless Ygu ma3r have fallen behind
in the procession Youmay betmedi
ocre or even less The glittering
prizes of life may have eluded your
grasp altogether In the cynical lan
guage of some you may notCQiint
youivlife maynot count
Yet your life does count equaly
with any more perhaps than those
fortunate the is harder
more for < fighi >
er and the strain and the manly vir
tues are sublime and Gddliko that
are absourc anl unheeded ancl unre
warded The world may not regard
youbut this holy daynnieansJnvits
very name that Gocl does care exceed
ingly that God regards you Jii the
sight of Almighty God it were more
acceptable to see his holy temple
filledonly by the poor than tbnly by
the rich rather lot thesanctuary be
honored by those that Jiaye little or
nothing than by those that have ev
Tvl1 ing Here at least this day
Ufc L AK
4taeto 0
rm I ii Vf iWi > fttlfc l iaS >
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