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Published Weekly by ihe
Goldberg Kacner Props
616 Fannin St Old phone new
number 5383
Subscription 150 a year
All communications lor publi
cation must reach tlie office not
later than Wednesday at 6 p m
Entered as second class mallei
November 20 1908 at the pose
office at Houston Texas under
the Act of March 3 1879
The truth in the mediaeval
conception of life is this that
life is noblest when it is absorbed
in some noble and worthy aim
Without a cause a man is com
mon He becomes heroic and di
vine only when some high en
thusiasm possesses him sweeps
him out of the common herd
separates him as a soul lifted
above common wants and pleas
ures and consecrated to burning
ideal Eabbi Abraham D
Price Baltimore Md
Eternal life is a development
We grow in knowledge and our
powers become enlarged The
child develop es into full man
hood With every revolving year
of eternity our manhood contin
ues to rgow and all childish
things are past
Old age often brings feeble
ness owing to the limitations un
der which we live but in the
Eternal City of God we will meet
free from these limitations Eter
nal life true to its nature con
tinues to advance in knowledge
in its powers and in its blessed
ness Rabbi Abraham D Price
Baltimore Md
The beauty of holiness is the
beauty of purity Sin is filthi
ness Sin is deformity It de
forms the body Sin has made
many human forms and forces
hidcoup Sin mars the soul Mul
titudes < f ojreaL men have been
marred by sin Some of our fav
orite pets arlsts and patriotic
heroes have been tarnished by
sin They possessed more genius
and mental beauty but in spiri
they were wicked
We dislike to think about it
They sang sweetly painted won
derfully sacrificed grandly but
Eureka Laundry We mend your clothes Old phone 5t35
j trj L IVd 1 itaWa fc iJAi i
they were lepers Sin is vile
no matter whom it touches
Rabbi Abraham D Price Balti
more Md
Geneologists are reaping a
large harvest from men and wo
men whose credulity is more an
noying than their attempt to ar
rogate themselves above the so
called common rabble Men who
through genius and other circum
stances become possessors of vast
fortunes are seized with a desire
to climb their family tree and if
possible to pluck a nobleman oi
two from its boughs This in it
self may be a commendable thing
but it has its serious aspect
phase of life fraught with many
dangers It is not what our an
ccs tors were The world move a
too fast too many events have
transpired since then and they
belong to the forgotten past The
World is solely concerned will
their descendants The mass ol
people eager to ape their ways
have likewise given themselves
up to this worship and a char
acter of snobbishness and sup
planted the unaffectedness of our
race All this has led to a vulgar
display each vieing with the oth
er And the American home is
being confronted with the grow
ing national problem the dearth
of posterity Our genealogists
have failed miserably for if some
of our wealthy citizens can trace
their ancestry back to the feuda
lords they have evidently for
gotten that we all have a com
mon ancestry the aborigines
and if our impulses are not
quickened there is a possibility
that we will revert back to that
type Rabbi Abraham D Price
Baltimore Md
Many men through superficial
training and as a consecuience a
similar judgment have fallen in
to the sad error of loud asserva
tion and bitter denunciation of
the existing order of things and
logically their lives are but a re
flection of their minds
Doubt has given way to dis
trust and to them life in the ag
gregate is a hopeless proposition
Religion to them is not the poetic
iw jjLtia M turAi iw
expression of the soul but a rel
ic of barbarism and their con
tinual cry is non plus ultra Ir
many instances their denuncia
tion that the world is hopelessly
wicked is an attempt to justify
their own evil tendencies in other
cases through their lack of faith
they fail to see any utility in life
And as a result an erstwhile vir
tuous mortal gives himself up to
a complete abandon But noth
ing can ever extinguish the spark
of divinity that is implanted
within us and with the gathering
of the mist of years comes the
full realization that we have
wasted our lives and cowardly
shunned the duty that was allot
ted to us in the struggle for ex
istence When they turn back
through the flood of tears am >
realize though imperfect we arc
striving for a definite goal anc
thai the ways of the Father arc
inscrutable it is then at the clos
ing scene of their lives that the
lips utter what they have deniec1
and then the phantoms of their
folly rise before them and with
bithr s lf i proach they go down
into ete1 iy to await their judg
ment there They had eaten of
Dead Sea Fruit and its taste was
bitterer than gall and worm
wood Rabbi Abram D Price
Baltimore Md
Rabbi Harrison Advises Hus
bands to Consult Them on
Business Matters
The Ideal Wife was the sub
ject of Rabbi Leon Harrisons
sermon Sunday morning at the
Temple Israel In substance
advised husbands to more often
consult their wives in matters of
business especially where a ven
ture is to be one of importance
In part he said
The true wifes distinguish
ing note is not amiable happi
ness but resourcefulness practi
cal judgment She buys shrewd
ly and sells too She undoubt
edly has her own money and she
knows how io invest it sensible
Her husband does not exclaim
My dear what do you know
about business You must leav
that to me But he must ac
knowledge rcluctlantly or proud
ly Well wife although a Wo
man you really havesome prac
tical business sense
She is not careless of her
beauty because vof her service
She does not think any dress is
too good for her husband as it
was too poor for her sweetheart
Sfhe wears her best and looks her
fcjest and knows how to retain
love as well as to win it Didnt
I adorn myself for my sweet
heart she thinks Shall he not
be as proud of his wife as of his
There are two distinguishing
traits that stand out in an ideal
Wife practicability and affec
tion St Louis Star
Jewish Literary Societys Dis
1 cussions on Bible Themes
The Jewish Literary Society
is busying itself with debating
exercises during the past few
weeks and some interesting and
novel discussions have been had
Next Wednesday night there will
be one of these debates the ques
tion for this debate being Re
solved That Joshua was a great
er warrior than David
The questions for debate are
limited to Biblical questions to
subjects relating to Hebrew his
tory and religion the idea being
to develop the members in the
knowledge of Israels history and
religion The questions already
debated are Resolved That
Moses was justified in killing the
Egyptian Resolved That the cir
cumstances justified Jacob in
buying the birthright of Esau
Resolved That it was necessary
to exterminate the original in
habitants of Canaan Resolved
That Moses was excused under
the circumstances for breaking
the tables Resolved That Solo
mon was wiser than Moses Re
solved That Abraham should be
praised for offering Isaac as a
The debaters for next Wednes
day night are Affirmative I
Tiras captain Miss Celia Co
hen Max Westheimer Joe Wein
garten Henry Nussbaum Neg
ative Archie Cohen captain
Miss Maude Deutchner Miss
Gertrude Levy Joe Finger Sam
On account of
moving into naw
quarters the Herald is delayed
m coming out this week bufwSil
be on time in the future

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