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By Archie II Cohen
Wo are nearing the day of
Passover thai clay which is com
monly understood to bo the day
of our deliverance from bondage
If that is true then why are
we the only people with the excep
tion of the negroes the most re
cently emancipated people who
observe a holiday of that nature
And by the way this is only in
the South For most all people
in existence today have at one
time or another throughout the
different years of history been
slaves and are all a free people
today And we hear of no cele
bration as a memoral of the day
or time of their emancipation
It may be that with other na
tions their deliverance being cen
turies old has been forgotten and
their liberty accepted as a matter
of course If that is so then the
emancipation of the Jews is still
older than the most nations on
earth and why this rejoicing for
2500 years every year as the day
arrives For apparently all other
people who were freed had more
to be thankful for than the Jew
All other people were elevated
from slavery to socalled equal
rights or citizenship on their own
soil while the Jew celebrates the
event of his escape from a home
into the wilderness of Africa
Other people were alloted land
while the Jew escaped and left be
hind for his oppressors that which
people generally fight for and are
thankful for land and home
But theremaybe a reason for us
in rejoicing more than for theirs
For in no nation can we find a
parallel to the Jew Wherever a
people were emancipated they
still remained in the land of their
former slavery and the pressing in
fluence always hung heavy on
But the Jew left behind his op
pressors and went to make for
himself a home in foreign lands
Most all people have after their
emancipation as with the negroes
were still slaves only in a differ
ent form But the Jews rose from
slavery to be master at one stroke
And still if that Would be all
this holiday would have been long
forgotten But theieal signifi
ance of this holiday emancipation
but the freedom of the spirit For
all other people after their eman
cipation were still left under the
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Eureka Laundry We mend your clothes Old phone 565
influence and customs of their for
mer masters not so with the Jew
When the Jew was once free Pro
vidence so guided him as to put a
safe distance between him and His
former masters so as to wipe out
all traces of ever having been
slaves At the same time to erase
all customs and influence under
which they had been living here
tofore To be sure it took them
many years of pneumatic life it
took two generations to change all
that but when they entered Ca
nan they were clean as new born
babes Yes it is the spiritual
freedom for which by right we be
thankful for and with just cause
we may say not only the Jews but
the world at large may celebrate
with us
But what does this holiday sig
nify to the Jew which different
from all nations is that were not
only delivered from body slavery
but our soul wis freed The Jews
were free to think for themselves
and they adopted the grandest re
ligion of all faiths the belief in
one Supreme Being on earth and
Heavens above God Almighty
They have risen from tne ootiim
rung of the ladder to the top and
their morals and beliefs are the
most elevating and inspiring of all
religions on earth
For the Jew never established
a monopoly on wisdom and right
eousness Yea he treated his
neighbors with those blessed gifts
which his God blesseth him Yes
it is through the Jew that the
unity of God was proclaimed to
the world The holy day of rest
for master and slave as well as
the beast was established by the
Jew And as well as all other
commandments which are abided
by Jew and Gentile alike Thus
laid the Jew the foundation of
that great structure of civiliza
tion In that wide desert of Sa
hara the Jews had ample room to
develop a spirit When we look
over the Holy Bible with all its
events all the wisdom and good
ness expressed the great truths
and teachings thereof we must
exclaim that only a great God
taught it to a great people
There are laws of life whereby
if lived up to man can be happy
and nations blessed That much
came to us through Moses and
that spirit did not cease in the Sa
hara but kept on developing The
beautiful psalms by King David
the proverbs song of songs and
This week The Girl of the Hour
4 qqtmitW > + t 2hi
ecclesiastics by King Solomon are
today as inspiring as ever And
who could speak like that prince
ly prophet Isiah lament as Jere
miah and preach as Bzekiel and
prophets and teachers we have
had who taught the world of law
oratory philosophy science and
art and that spirit which devel
oped in our forefathers 25 cen
turies ago is still in us today
Few are we but our deeds are
many weak bodily but intellect
ually strong In all branches of
art science theology industry
and commerce we have by far
more than our share of represen
tative Jewish characters And it
is all development of that spirit
which was liberated in Egypt 25
years ago for which we are thank
ful as yet and will forever be cele
brating this great memorial day
of Passover
The following taken from the
Jewish Independent shows how
mistakes often occur in newspa
pers and some very laughable
ones at that
The Jewish Independent proof
reader is not a Jew and of course
doesnt know Kol Nidre from
Lcho Dodi and thus it happened
that he made a grievous blunder
which almost succeeded in break
ing into the paper had it not been
for the watchful eye of the editor
This is what happened
The Coliseum theater sent over
an advertisement in which various
Yiddish plays were announced
one of which was Kol Nidre
The man who wrote the ad was
all right in his spelling and so
was the typesetter but when the
proofreader saw the word Kol
he murmured to himself Funny
way to spell colonel with a k
and he had no business to abbre
viate it anyhow Guess Ill just
make him change it so he mark
ed a correction which obliged the
printers room as fast as his legs
When the proof came into the
editorial rooms the editor hap
pened to glance at the Coliseum
ad proof an < d imagine his as
ed I understand wouldnt look
well in print Anyway the read
i kttitrf iWAT
ers were not given a chance to
laugh at tlie colonel
The annual meeting of the Tem
ple Emanuel of Beaumont con
gregation of the Reformed Jew
ish church was held yesterday af
ternoon at the temple on Broad
way at which time the officers of
the church for the ensuing year
were elected
II A Perlstein president
Maurice Motlmer vice president
W M Gusfield secretary and 1
Rosentrauch treasurer
Rabbi Ileiman J Elkin who
has served the congregation for
tlie past year as rabbi was un
animously elected as rabbi for an
other year while his occupancy
of the pulpit has been eminen
satisfactory to and appreciated
by the congregation
The following were chosei as a
board of trustees for the church
R M Motlmer J J Nathan Joe
Rosenthal and M Goodman
The annual reports of the 102
retary and of the treasurer were
read and approved These 13
por s showed the temple to be in
better shape financially than for
some time past and it was de
cided that certain improvements
would be made to the temple
such as repairing the exterior and
wall papering and other adorn
ments within The meeting of
the congregation was character
ized by much enthusiasm and was
largely attended by the member
Dr Israel Friedlander of the
Jewish Theological Seminary pre
sided at a meeting of 1000 Jews
in Cooper Union last Thursday
night says the American Hebrew
and introduced as the principal
speaker Mme Sohana Buchmil
tonishment when he saw the who recently arrived from Pal
words CoIoiiqjI Nidre in the estine as an advocate of Jewish
largest and blackest type
Great Scott Whats that
he exclaimed and grabbing the
proof he rushed down to the
priters room as fast as his legs
could carry him What follow
colonization in that country Mme
Buchmil advocates the holdq
an international pJebiiScjite
interest of diverting all
used by the Jewish Colonizalii
Association toward Palestine
Phone the Herald for Joh Printing
Alhambra Musical Comedy

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