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Continued from last week
That reminds one of the saying ol
a converted Jew I never knew what
a good Jew I am till I became con
verted Before I became converted I
was continually called a Goy and
since I became converted they say In
spite of everything he is still a Jew
So return to the Dreyfus affair
about two years ago after Dreytus had
been pardoned and vindicated occur
red the removal of Bolas remains to
the Pantheon and while attending the
ceremony Dreytus was tired upon
Said the would be assassin in extenu
ation I attacked Dreyfusisro not
Dreyfus whereupon he was set free
Dreyfusism of course means justice to
the Jew For no one ever had any
thing against Dreyfus personally and
although ha has been for fourteen
years the most hated of his race
which is saying a great deal the only
thing proved against him was that he
was not culpable
Some Russian minister once re
marked that he wished all the Jews
had had but a single neck so that he
might behead them allwith one blow
Dreyfus would be assassin must have
had some such idea And only a few
months ago a midnight attack was
made upon Dreyfus and his family
who escaped by the merest chance
The blow was aimed at Dreyfusism of
The Dreyfus case is responsible for
the return of our presentday Jew to
his pride and selfconsciousness for to
any thinking Jew the causes of this
national tragedy is self evident
While the Dreyfus case was in full
swing so to speak there was in PariB
a brilliant young writer and play
wright a Jew by birth only who was
the Paris correspondent of a Vlena
paper the Neue Prole Presse As
such from an impartial viewpoint he
watched brooded over and studied
closely the intricacies of the plot and
was perfectly astounded to discover
that the emancipation of the Jews did
not commence with the breaking down
of the Ghetto walls that the emancipa
tion of the Jews was nothing but a
farce For to his keen observation it
appeared plainly that Dreyfus had
committed but one crime that of being
born a Jew Then that man felt with
in him the reawakening of his dorm
ant love for his people a people who
had borne aloft the torch of civiliza
tion and had been a nation long before
Greece and while Rome was still bar
barious The knowledge that the Jews
would be reviled and despised so long
as they were considered as strangers
among the people with whom they had
cast their lot despite the many cen
tuiies of residence in that country so
long as they were a wandering na
tion without a country burned with
in him That man was Theodor Her
Nor was Theodor Herzel the only
man in this maelstrom ot Hatred and
prejudice to observe the full signin
cance of the Dreyfus case There were
other spectators of this horrible trag
edy who had long been lost to Juda
ism upon whom the idea was forceful
ly thrust Those men were Max Nor
dau and Bernard Lazarc
The significance of the Dreyfus case
is only too evident to the thinking
Jew AntiSemitism does will and
must exist wherever the Jews exist in
any perceptible number Here in the
United States the Jews number some
million or more or about oneseventi
eth part of the population True Anti
Semitism Isnt strong yet but it u
pretty much in evidence
At the last meeting of the Jewish
Literary Society a gentleman gave an
interesting talk on the life of a Jewish
student in the University If we desig
nate ourselves as Jews religiously it in
selfevident that our Jewish college
students are not Jews According to
the gentlemans statement the Jewish
students are not tolerated are barred
out of all social clubs so they must of
necessity get together and torm their
own social clubs In the Northern
universities this has resulted in the
formation of the Menorah Societies
which take up the study of Jewish
history Jewish culture So that Anti
Semitism isnt such a bad thing after
all if it brings back our selfpride and
selfconsciousness and brings more
closely together such people who would
be drawn away if they were but toler
ated in circles where they wish to be
The so called better class of Gen
tiles who live in New York do not
send their sons to Columbia Univer
sity where the educational facilities
are equal to Yale or Harvard because
on account of the large number ot Jew
ish students attending it It is called
the Jew college
To come nearer home AntiSemitism
is becoming evident at the University
of Texas All of which but proves that
AntiSemitism exists even among the
entelligentia of the United Stages
Some time ago the Jewish immigra
tion was diverted fiom the North to
Galveston where the Jewish congestioi
is not great The immigration through
Galveston is directed West where th3
Jewish population is sparse How
this plan works is shown by the follow
ing figures The number of Jewish im
migrants arriving at Galveston port
las t month was 27 in the port of New
York 432S of whom 3328 remained in
New York The 1000 who left New
York went mostly to the oter
congested cities Chicago Philadelphia
and Baltimore It was hoped that the
Impetus to the Galveston immigration
would help to solve the problem and
that is how it works
The persistency of the Jews to settle

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