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Read at the Fourth Annual Conention Texas
Continued from last week
This state of affairs continued for
five years Turkey led the Zionists
to believe that she would pait with
this narrow strip of land if she could
secure her price that it could easily
be walled off from the balance of the
Turkish Empire She pointed out the
fact that the country was very valu
able on account of its relative posi
tion being midway between Europe
Asia and Africa and in close proxim
ity with the busy Suez Canal the
point where the East and West unites
Not only was the country valuable
did Turkey claim for its admirable lo
cation but on account of its fertility
its rich mineral resources and its
beautiful climate
At last the day did arrive when
Turkey through dire necessity grew
impatient and finally fixed a price for
the desired piece of soil and oh how
well 1 remember the day Alas it
would have seemed that Turkey want
ed to be relieved of her entire monied
obligation through the sale of her
poor neglected Palestine However
to many this outcome was expected
and looked for and the proposition na
turally i ejected Crestfallen were the
brows of about eight millions of our
race when they learned the truth then
came the hour when the winecup was
shattered To the balance of our peo
ple > who were dwelling in lands of
freedom or Jands of tolerance and who
did not expect to abandon the coun
tries in which they lived the tidings
brought good cheer for they readily
could foresee the beginning of the end
Buoyant and radient with hope the
leaders braced up their energies and
impetuously set to work as there re
mained much to be done before the
final consummation of the deal but
they were satisfied more than ever
that labor would conquer all things
Among tha first important work
State Zionist Association held at Waco Texas January 34
done was the drawing up of a treaty
which vouchsafed protection to the
firesides property and government of
this Wandering Tribe should they in
habit their own soil This petition was
first presented to our own dear Amer
ica with the fullconfidence that our
government as it has done in the
past would render such assistance as
was consistent with the laws of a
land of perfect freedom Looking
back now my heart leaps with joy
at the rememberance of the ready re
sponsiveness exhibited on the part of
our blessed country in signing the
tieaty and in its untiring efforts
which aided in bringing about an end
to the mounted horrors upon horrors
heaped upon an innocent people at the
slightest pretext How earnestly did
our great land of freedom take up our
cause with the other powers Then
with as much earnestness and pleas
ure did England sign then one by
one country after country avowed pro
At last was approached dark Russia
the stepfatherland of over onehalf
the Jews of the entire world the
country which has left a lasting stain
upon her history on account of the
brutal atrocities towards the children
of Israel Russia the bloodthirsty
kingdom wherein the misery of the
Jewish quarters surpasses the worst
scenes that can be witnessed in the
slums of Paris and London For
over a year the treaty was in her
hands and no action taken Matters
more pressing serious international
problems involving the peace and tran
quility of the kingdom required the
attention of the dignitaries Appeal
after appeal was made for action un
til the storratide of indignation and
pity had been steadily rising in favor
of the Jews by the other powers Rus
sia was pressed to the wall and the
information circulated abroad over
1909 by Miss Lydia Littman of Austin Texas
land and sea that the Jews were go
ing to leave the country then Rus
sia bowed to the hand of Fate and
signed the dicument Russia then
for the first time was confronted with
the knowledge that shewas going to
lose a vast amount in taxes agoodly
number of the growing men who
fought her battles and were denied the
right of < itizenship who gave every
thing and got nothing in return an
element of her population whgovwere
lawabiding citizens and last but by
no means least she was about to lose
that race of people upon which she
allowed her serfs to appease their ap
petites for brutality by torture plun
dering without mercy and massacreing
without scruple On whom would
these bloodthiisty mortals spend their
wrath if not on the Jews That was
a serious problem for Russia
Shortly after the signing of the doc
ument by Russia thiough a sort of ar
bitration the Turks sold toithe Jews
the land of Palestine for a sum of
money easily obtained
Prompted by my desire to do what
I could for the movement I can look
back with pride now on the fact that
I was among the first to go to the
Land of Promise and many times
have I taken the voyage since in the
last quarter of the century toview
the steady progress for my own satis
faction Many years ago wo1 came
into the possession of the property
How much has been accomplished
But I cannot lose sight of the misery
caused many of our race when they
left Russia Yes misery in living
there misery in leaving there Look
ing back now I am dismayed at the re
membrances of their great suffering
The horror of the scenes yet appalls
me Men women and children bat
tord and torn with scarcely sufficient
covering on their backs landed Their
leports of torture and escape wore ter
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